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10-04-2013, 05:24 AM
My goal is to work up to an hour of cardio...lol....

This is what I did today...first day:

6 mins on Arc Trainer, weight loss function.
1 set of 8 reps of 25-40 lbs on the Basic 8 machines
10 minutes on stationary recumbent bike
1 set of 8 reps of 25-40 lbs on Basic 8 machines
6 mins on Arc Trainer
5 min cool down on recumbent bike

I can't do more than 6 minutes on it yet :(

I am 33 years old, 5' 6" and I weigh 276.

Any suggestions? I also drink a low cal/low carb protein shake after I workout, and take a multivitamin every day.

10-04-2013, 06:54 PM
it sounds like you are doing good...as long as you are pushing yourself and really working at it, which it sounds like you are...and when this routine gets easier, up the time, weights, distance etc until you are pushing yourself again...i did that with running for a few years and, when i hurt my foot, switched over to that same concept with weight machines and i've had alot of success that way

10-05-2013, 01:32 AM
Good for you. Don't start out too fast- or trying to work out every day of the week--pick 3 or 4 days out of the week to start with, then increase your weights, distance as you go along. You can do it.


10-05-2013, 07:23 AM
good point. i think i am trying to make it a habit to go to gym everyday, even if its for 15 min on a machine. im afraid if i stop, i just wont go back.

10-10-2013, 02:01 AM
good point. i think i am trying to make it a habit to go to gym everyday, even if its for 15 min on a machine. im afraid if i stop, i just wont go back.

It's tough at first for beginners. Exercise is not something they're accustomed too, so it's often all to easy--to say I'll skip today and go tomorrow, then tomorrow comes--and then it's well I'll go tomorrow and workout longer to make up for the one I missed. It can turn into a cycle--and then it becomes easy just to quit altogether.

But believe it or not--once you set a schedule of exercise--you actually get addicted to it. Now there will be times when there is no way you can go--either because of catching a cold--or other change in your routine--but once you're addicted to it--(because it makes you feel so good) you will stick with it at that time.

The best thing to do now--is find an exercise routine that you actually "like" to do. Everyone is different. Some can workout on machines and are fine with that. I get bored easily with machines. Myself I have to be around others who are doing the same workout routine as myself. I like the company--I like showing up at a certain time for class. For me it's Jazzercise-for others it's Zumba. Others like sports and swimming--and there are many on this board that are runners. And if you read their comments--they hated it at first--and love it now. Everyone has that same emotion when first starting out. It's the ones that stick with it-and get through the hate portion of their exercise routines-that find real success.

Just one more thing--be realistic with yourself. Can you really go to the gym everyday? I know I couldn't so I try to do 3 to 4 one hour Jazzercise class's a week--and I don't kick myself if I can't get that 4th workout in. I still feel great if I do 3 classes.


10-23-2013, 02:00 PM
Sounds awesome. The only thing I would ask is why the protein shake after the work out?