100 lb. Club - I'm back and need help getting going again

Judy Lynn
10-01-2013, 09:03 AM
Hello, I used to post here, but haven't in a long time. I have gained a lot of weight in the last year due to emotional eating. I had two major deaths in my life in 2012 (my Mom and my husband), and I comforted myself the only way I knew how, the way I have always dealt with my emotions, with food.

I thought I was back on track last week. Had what I thought was a good week of controlling my eating, but by the end of the week I hadn't lost anything and I was so upset that I proceeded to eat my way through the weekend. Stupid! How do you all handle disappointments on the scale?

Anyway, I really need to get back on track. I am back up to my all time high. I feel just awful. And I look just awful. I am busting out of a 24W. My fitness is near zero. I am a mess. Any words of advice or encouragement would be gladly accepted.

Today is a new day, and I am going to try again.

10-01-2013, 09:41 AM
:hug: Welcome back, Judy

I don't have any advice but wanted to give you a hug. You have been through a terrible time and it is time to take care of yourself. You can do this. I look forward to seeing your posts here.

10-01-2013, 09:57 AM
I'm not one for advice here, either (in fact, I think if most of us had the answers we probably wouldn't be ON this forum like we are - I think emotional eating is what really challenges a great deal of us!) ... but I know exactly how you feel with not seeing what we want to as the "reward" of healthy eating/portions on the scale ... and then going straight to the, "whatever" mentality. I've found sometimes that if i just wait it out and say three more days and then a reweigh that i've bopped down solidly. Of course there are the times when I say that and then still eat!!

What you've gone through had to be so, so tough, day in and day out. Take care of yourself and if you're interested in following or learning about the Beck Diet Solution, we've got a great forum over under that thread with very supportive, sharing folks.

10-01-2013, 11:54 AM
I am so sorry for your losses!

We are here to support you anyway we can. Good luck!

10-01-2013, 11:57 AM

10-01-2013, 01:36 PM
Judy-Lynn, welcome back. You have been through a very stressful year. This can play havoc with your body. If you don't already, I recommend that you start taking a really good multi-vitamin. Also, have you had your D and B vitamins tested? Making sure these are in check can really help

10-01-2013, 01:45 PM
Big hugs Judy! Sorry for your losses.

I think 5 days in a row of controlled eating is a great start. I think one day of controlling emotional eating is a "win". I'm also an emotional eater, always have been. One thing that is important for me to remember is to not continue to emotionally eat once I've started. Don't get into the mindset of "oh well, I've already screwed up, might as well just finish off the (insert food)." You have to have the mindset of "ok, I ate a piece of (insert food) because I was upset, finishing it off is not going to help me in any way."

Good luck!!!

10-01-2013, 01:54 PM
So sorry for your losses.

You can do this, we are all here for you. Take it day at a time, and when that isn't working move to taking it minute by minute.

I was recently told "a piece of cake isn't a deal breaker, just a deal slower downer". I think it's the most perfect advice in the world for anyone struggling with their weight.

10-01-2013, 01:55 PM
For me, it's a mentality of "one day at a time." Can I give up sugar forever? No, but I can do it today. Can I work out like a fiend long enough to get to my goal weight? Well, that's a long way off. Can I do it today? Yes. Doing my best in day-long bites is the only thing that works for me...otherwise I feel overwhelmed. GOOD LUCK!

10-01-2013, 02:21 PM
Welcome back, and I'm so sorry for those immense losses, unimaginable.

Such dramatic losses like that are, thankfully, not a typical occurrence so I wouldn't beat myself up too badly about coping in the only way you know how.

What I would recommend is possibly seeing someone, a professional, who can help guide you through loss, but also guide you in a way to see things a bit differently (day to day things I mean) so your "go to" response for minor daily stresses isn't food.... That's always my soap box, fix your mind and the body is easy ;)

10-01-2013, 03:18 PM
Yes this is a one day at a time. You cannot be perfect always but if you can pick the right choices 90% of the time you will see progress. Join one of the challenges. We have a fall challenge going on right now check and love to have you we weigh in once a week and you can post for support anytime.

10-02-2013, 07:31 AM
Ah, Judy Lynn. My heart is breaking for you. I'm praying for better days ahead for for you.

I so get emotional eating. Today is the one-year anniversary of my mom's death. She was only 65 and it was six months from diagnosis to death. Also, a year and a half ago I moved all the way across the country to a place with no friends and no family. Also went back to work full-time leaving my kids behind (or at least that's how it feels to me). And, while my husband didn't die, a month ago we separated and are filing for divorce. So I really, really get needing to find comfort in food. My only salvation has been exercise. I walk a lot; I burn up frustration and sadness. And I still emotionally eat. Some days I'm like, F it, I'm having Ben and Jerry's or I'm having a whole pizza or an entire pan of brownies. Luckily I've been able to stop myself at a third of a pan of brownies or just half the pizza, etc., then I get up the next day and pretend I a good Weight Watcher again. I just keep telling myself, one foot in front of the other, little bit little bit.

You deserve a big hug. You did a whole week of new eating. It's freaking hard. But you did it (the weekend was a blip). The scale was a lying ******* and not your friend this week. Just keep plugging along. The scale will come around. A few months from now you will be tossing those size 24Ws in the donation bin. I promise.