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10-01-2013, 02:58 AM
I know you suggested a thread title for October and while I generally am happy to accommodate, I just wanted to dedicate this month to Mel - good wishes, good thoughts and a few miracles if by any chance possible. :crossed: :angel:

Shad - when you correspond with Jen please pass along our love and strength to her also. I echo what others have said - she has her own trials as well as keeping it strong for Momma. I wouldn't be telling the people in the building either as the poor girl is not strong enough to fight off the tenants.

Let me go finish setting things up...

10-01-2013, 03:21 AM
Ohhh man, closed the wrong window - the one I had been updating my post in. Don't really have time to re-do it as it's getting late, I will just have to pick up in the morning. Good night ladies. Rest well.

10-01-2013, 04:26 AM
Okay all,
I am about to reply to Jen and let her know I got the email and have told all the people and to pass on your wishes to her Mum. I will alert her that Mel will have mail in the next few days or so - if your posties are not on strike that is or shut down or whatever your rather ridiculous politicians are doing.

I'm back in the training room and we've had a good day today. Only 5 in the class so it was an easy enough time to ensure everyone had a good grasp of what we were doing.

The power bill raises its ugly head again. Back to the drawing board. They have added extra charges to about half the credit amount I am due. Someone will get it in the neck when I get to sort out this latest bill.
Geez they are useless.

Damn I forgot to go back to the other thread to make notes back shortly.

10-01-2013, 04:42 AM
Annie - happy birthday to C. May there be many many more and may he stay your sweetheart for ever. I love it when you two are billing and cooing all over my facebook or in here. It's so nice to have something good happening.

Michelle - congratulations on the weight loss. Doing well. I'm doing the abs challenge from Laura but so far no loss here. Just rock hard abs under a thick layer of splodgy fat.
Jen will let us know as soon as she knows when Mel will move. Soon as I know you will know or if she approves I may get her to add you all to her address list so you can see them straight off. I don't think she is thinking too straight right now. But I will pass on any messages you wish to give either here or through my email or through PM's.

Happy - thanks for starting up the new thread. Good choice for title. Good pictures on facebook today from both you and the dh

Ceejay - the abs challenge is murder the first couple of days. Then it gets easier until you get to about day 14 or 15. I find I can no longer complete it in one go. I need to split it into groups of 20 or sometimes even 10 and get it done over the course of a day.

I'm presuming Laura is still away. Hope she is having a great time with her Mom.

Ruth - thanks for coming on over and checking up on us. I'm so far away I can't offer much support or help, but I will do what I can.

Mary - are you still keeping up with us. I know you said you had heard the news or rather seen the news so I gather you check in once in a while.

Carla - the above applies to you as well. However we do email from time to time.

Time I was off here and completed todays ab challenge. Poor me.

10-01-2013, 09:31 AM
I like the title of the thread Happy and thanks for starting it. We all need to stay strong for Mel and Jen.

Ah 5 in a class room will be a breeze for you.

I forgot to measure last night but will tonight. I'm counting carbs as my plan of eating.
Decided to do 40 reps of crunches last night, which will consist of my ab's challenge this month.

10-01-2013, 11:47 AM
Happy...thank you for the excellent title for the thread.

Shaddie...sounds like this job is a bit easier than the last. Thanks for the update on MELLIE/JEN.

CEEG...good job on exercising.

Hello to all you all. Thanks for the HB to my Curtis. It was a lovely evening.

Not much into posting these days...very upset about out Mellie.

10-01-2013, 12:53 PM
Good morning all,

Today and tomorrow - still lovely days, sunny and warm during the day, cool for sleeping at night. Unfortunately as life goes, cold and rain are moving in late Thursday to ruin the apple and cranberry festivals that are being held this upcoming weekend. DH and I were going to go to the cranberry festival, we'll see how crummy the weather actually will be. Sunday we went for a long (over 4 hour) ATV ride in the forest. Trees are turning - some places (around the lakes) more than others. It was a gorgeous day, we had a good time. I'd like to take a ride up north to check out some of the apple orchards before the weather turns but I have to work this afternoon so not sure if we will make it.

Yesterday was busy. I went through my bin of tomatoes and of course 2/3 of them are ripening just like I DON'T want. I heard if you kept them in the dark they'd stay green longer and then I could let small batches turn as I needed them. Of course you know if I just put green tomatoes all over my window sills hoping they'd turn, they wouldn't. So now I have far more tomatoes than I will ever use sitting in my kitchen. I did make a green tomato bread - a bit on the sweeter tea bread side - think banana bread without the banana flavor. It smelled good baking and you'd never know it has tomatoes in it. Just a subtle sweet flavor and hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Nice but I wouldn't make it again. I also made a batch of dog treats - one of 3 batches to make as they are going to sell them at the cranberry festival this weekend. Stripped the linens, did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the cat potty room, wrote out some cards and did dishes about 19 times (or so it seemed). Talked to both my Mom and sister yesterday to round out the night. Long day, I crashed into bed. My back is seizing up again, this is getting frustrating. Thinking about seeing a chiropractor although the last one messed me up big time. And that's about it for me.

Sent Mel a card to her apartment - hoping that Jen will deliver the mail to her where ever she may be hanging her hat and calling it home for the time being. I will try to get a letter to her by Thursday.

Annie - I can understand being bummed by Mel's situation but remember that she would give you the old rolling pin :rollpin: if you fretted too much about her. Be strong and send those good thoughts her way. Happy BD to your man - hope you had a nice celebration. Don't understand your cougar comment - aren't you and C close to the same age? Forgive me if I am way off here - have to think hard to remember how old DH is :lol:

I have to be careful going to the last thread to catch up on personals - that's how I lost my post last night.

Ceejay - be careful with that fluid in the ears. Seems like once it sets in it's so hard to clear up. I imagine with the cotton pickin' coming it will also add to the runny eyes and tight chest. I think it's a good idea to get the car paid off before you retire - have as few of bills as possible. Have enough saved so that you can be comfortable but "get out of Dodge" while you are still healthy and spry enough to enjoy retirement! ;)

Ruth - good to see you again :D

Michelle - congrats on the weight loss - keep up the good work. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures - I love the autumn season best of all and don't think I'd like living in a place like CA or AZ where you don't get much of a seasonal transition. I know Christmas didn't seem like Christmas with no snow. Come on, you know you'll miss those snow boots, heavy coat and most of all - hat hair :rofl:

Shad - is Jen's last name the same as Mel's? I'm thinking maybe she could use a comfort card too - I'd just send it to Mel's place. I do feel so sorry for the poor girl - wish we were closer to help out a bit - I hope some of the building people - the few who looked out for Mel will help her too - the travelling must be hard on her. Thank you for serving as the communications lead - sometimes too many people can be overwhelming. I'm glad you have a small manageable class this time around - and that you get all your logins working as they should. How frustrating that you have problems with the power company AGAIN. That has to be difficult trying to get through the queues when you have to work for a living.

As to your comment - even though the government is shut down, we will still get the mail as that is handled from a separate self funded group. The post office is actually not part of the government per se. So keep sending those cards and letter. Just don't plan on visiting a national park, museum or federal place of interest for a bit.

Ok, 'bout time for me to grab something quick to eat and get my stuff ready for the shop. The new shades just arrived - guess DH has his task cut out for him this afternoon.

Have a good day ladies. Love to Mel and Jen :grouphug:

10-01-2013, 05:56 PM
Nothing new today. Finished and balanced the monthly report. I've been balancing weekly so it didn't take as long today.
I'm on a 6 day stretch at work, and I've decided that I'm not going to overdo anything at home or work this week. I'm tempted to try a salad tonight but I ate a raw apple today and I'm not sure how that's going to affect things.
I really think that I should try to eat a light dinner instead of counting carbs.

I'm not very talkative today.

10-01-2013, 06:36 PM
Hi everyone -

I could've sworn I posted. But apparently it didn't get posted. I'm busy as ever at work, but that's a good thing. Planning to get to the gym after work for biking and treddie.


Happy - Thanks for starting the new thread. I really love the thread title. The autumn photos on Facebook are lovely! I hope it doesn't rain all weekend and totally wash out the festivals. So sorry to hear about your back! I hope you're able to get relief soon. I had to laugh at your comment about missing the snow boots and heavy coat...yeah, right. And I WON'T miss shoveling or digging out my car.

Ceejay - Glad your report balanced. 6 days in a row? And you work long days don't you? If you're not used to eating A LOT of fruits and veggies, it's best to work them in slowly. I hope you have a yummy light dinner. 40 crunches is really good! Well done!

Shad - That's awful about the power company. I hope you don't need to bash too many heads to make them see reason. As Happy said, the Postal Service is still running, despite the partial government shutdown. I wish I had rock hard abs even if they were under splodgy fat. I guess that's the first step, then to just try and shed the splodgy. Thanks for the warning about the abs challenge being tough the first couple days. I can't do full situps, so I'll just add those to my crunches...and of course do the planks. Those long planks at the end will be the killer for me. Thanks for the updates about Mel. Please tell Jen that our thoughts, prayers and love are with her and her mom.

Annie - I understand about being so upset about Mellie. I'm going through all the emotions (anger, denial, sadness). Happy is right, though, she would give us all the :rollpin: if we let ourselves get and stay too upset.

Sending bunches of love and many hugs to all, including our dear Mellie and Jen! :grouphug: :love: :hug: :grouphug:

10-02-2013, 02:39 AM
No word back from Jen, but she is probably busy with visits to Mom and trying to fend off the seniors who have lost their teeth or something. They unfortunately wont care if Mel ain't around as long as Jen is.

Training went okay today. Sometimes I wish I could pick my class. I was practically dealing with two classes - those that had no idea and were therefore dangerous and demented and those who had some idea and were dangerous, demented, and querelous. Spelling doesn't like right there but it hasn't come up with a red line under it. I'm getting rave reviews in the evaluation sheets but that is only because not only are they dangerous, demented, and querelous but they are also confused. Nothing like confusion in the ranks to make me seem sane.

Ceejay - yeah five in a class is great. I see you are dealing with the abs challenge as a one exercise challenge. That is not so bad an idea. Keep it up and do the abs crunches as in the challenge. You may feel at a later point that you might like to add another exercise like the leg lifts or the plank.

Happy - I've mentioned to Jen that there will be mail. Carla sent something to Mel apparently before the diagnosis was in so I put in Jen in the picture about that. I will try to get her a group entry for her email so she puts us all in the picture at the same time. However I don't know how computer savvy she is. If we speak, I might talk her through it. Long distance training you might say.
Sorry to hear the festivals are ruined by rain. Here we should be into the Spring festivals such as the Toowoomba Flower Festival, but lack of rain has slowed down a lot of the gardens - we've had the warmest Spring on record and temps in the western part of the State have been reaching 41C -110F more or less - regularly. Going to be a long hot summer.
Jens surname is Laine.

Ceejay - shifts like yours can be hard work. I've done them as well over 7, 14 and 21 days. End of the shift, this zombie shuffles back to base. Men seem to manage okay, but then they don't have to go home and do housework or cook meals etc. A beer and a burger seems to be their life.

Michelle - with the sit ups, I start with my feet against the wall and my knees bent and I lean back to where it starts to hurt and then forward again. Perhaps we could call mine lie downs??? After a while you find that you can go back further and further - however for me they still remain the worst of the exercises. After day 14 the crunches overtake the sit ups then it is easy. Also once I got past about day 7 or 8 I decided to do the exercise in batches of 10. 10 situps, 10 crunches, 10 leg raise. Repeat. Sometime I do half before work and half after. So you can taylor it to suit. Yesterdays 60 second plank defeated me, but I did it again this morning and it worked. Today was a much needed rest day.

Annie - left you to last because................ Take a moment to reflect on your being upset about Mel. Yes you can be upset, but it doesn't do her or you any good. Send her a funny card, remind her of jokes that you have shared. Enjoy her for what she is, will be and has been. It's hard. Keep it together. Say your prayers for her. Love your man. It's times like this that we should hug those we care about. Can't mourn her yet. There's life in the old girl yet.

So I wrote to Jen, passing on all the wishes, prayers, hopes, and friendship that I saw on both facebook and on 3fc. I said we would like to help them out and how could we best go about it. I wait her reply. We need to target where it will fit best. So just hang in there.

One thing I thought might be nice to do- I have one of those digital photo frames. You load a memory stick (usb) with photos of flowers or the family and it plays the photos for you. Just scrolls through the usb. I wonder if we could put one together for Mel. Annie could put in photos of her wedding and the taters wedding, ceejay pictures of herself and her workplace and car and nephews, nieces whatever. I thought that if we all send a stick complete with photos to Happy or Michelle or anyone who wants to load the photos onto one memory stick usb thingy, we can arrange for the frame to be sent to her and she can see us all in all our glory. What does anyone else think of this idea - as a starter anyway. I'm happy to spring for the frame and we can probably find one on Amazon or somewhere with American electrics. If I sent mine I would have to send a special plug as well - I well remember the fun Happy, her DH and I had in Chicago trying to find an adapter for my phone charger. D'oh.

Right well I am off. I've blethered enough. I still have work to do before I go home. And tomorrow I am going to have to beg a lady to do some printing for me. I might have to get down on my knees.

Cejjay should feel special I've given her two personals.

10-02-2013, 03:18 AM
Shad I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the frame. Remember how when Mel was sick before she would amuse herself with travel videos and such? And she always seemed to enjoy it when some of us would send her pictures. I was planning on sending her a letter with some pictures of the wildlife around here - including me and DH before we've combed our hair (northwoods wildlife ;) ) just to make her smile. And you are sooooo right. I do remember being in one of the biggest shopping malls in the country and not being able to find a bloody adaptor. Maybe it would be better if I shopped for the frame ;) But I think that would be such a nice idea. If only we could get a pic or two of Igor - I know you said you have some lookers out your way Shad - who cares if they don't have brains or teeth????

I am doing my homework on apple knowledge - the fruit not the PC. Seeing that some of the best apples had their origins in NZ and Australia. Funny I don't think of those places for apple orchards. My next adventure - make some fresh apple sauce. It just seems right.

And now I need to get to sleep. Good night all. Thanks for keeping the thinking cap on Shad - you have made me laugh tonight with the dangerous, demented students as well as the toothless seniors hounding Jen in Mel's absence - sometimes you just have to smile even though you might be sad. Mel - you are making me appreciate things again - even if you don't know it. :hug:

10-02-2013, 07:01 AM
Don't think of us as apple country. Tasmania is known as the Apple Isle although these days they are better known for grapes. New Zealand has some of the tastiest apples. Last time I was there, there were a couple of new varieties that were superb. Yummy.

Glad you like the idea. I'll go out and pick up a usb stick and start putting some pictures on. Might have to caption the Igor photos.

10-02-2013, 10:14 AM
Morning girls,

What a night. Lately I am dead tired but as soon as my head hits the pillow, I toss and turn for at least an hour. Melatonin didn't do anything for me and I hate to take the Benadryl if I don't really need it. I think I fell asleep close to 3am and then woke up at 5 for a potty run. Could not fall back to sleep. At 6 I went into the guest bedroom where I was followed by cats but lay awake until 7 when I decided this was getting no where. So I won't be firing on all pistons today. Pity because it's going to be another gorgeous day and the rain, winds and cold yucky weather move back in tonight.

Shad - say hello to Carla from me - she popped me an email a long, long time ago but have not heard anything since. Sorry to hear that it's been warm already and little rain - hope you are not in for a drought season again. The world's weather is all topsy turvy no matter where you sit. Good luck with those classes - perhaps you need to snap a candid pic of the demented and deranged titled "my coworkers" ;) :lol: Finally I'm stealing the phrase splodgy fat - so appropriate.

Michelle - you're welcome about the new thread. I don't mind doing it, just mostly I don't pay attention to the date and don't notice the changing of the calendar much any more. How's your back been holding up? And how's the new job going for you? Longer commute?

Ceejay - ugh - 6 long days of work. Poor kid! Good luck counting carbs - I find that when I do I dearly miss every one I have to give up :lol: Yay on getting the monthly report done - much easier if you can do it a week at a time as you've done.

Annie - come out, come out - don't be hiding. Bad enough we're down one without Mel. Don't make us come look for you :mag:

Laura - back to reality eh? Hope you had a nice time with your Mom and got to celebrate her big birthday properly.

Geez I've had a big cup of coffee, DH is about to get up and of course now I'm sleepy. :rolleyes: Maybe if I take a shower I'll wake up - too pretty of a day to waste it. Have a good one chicks.

10-02-2013, 10:47 AM
Love the picture idea And do find one of Igor.
It's going to be Friday before I can participate in any of this. I need to go to the Post Office and mail some things to my nephew's family also.
And you are correct, Mel still has life and we shouldn't be mourning her. She'd sure be using the rolling pin on us.

I love festivals. I know Mel would enjoy seeing pictures of the wild life.

Yes work does keep one busy. I like work to be busy but I dislike the phone with irate customers on the other end. Had to deal with one of those yesterday after 5 p.m.

I remember you telling that you were a cougar and that's okay. You got a good man.

Did my 40 crunches, day 2, last night and I measured my waist only which is 45 inches. UGH. This is the area where my doctor is concerned with the most since my mom had heart disease. I also ate an individual container of Greek Activia after I got home from work last night. Was completely satisfied.
So far the apple hasn't reared an ugly head. So tonight I'm going to try a small salad tonight.
Was in a mood to clean up the kitchen. Tonight I'll do a load of laundry. Believe it or not I was in the bed by 9.30 p.m. However, this morning I woke up with a huge headache. I've taken Bayer Migraine and it's easing.
Have a good day.

10-02-2013, 11:23 AM
I am here, was a long night. Curtis cut the top of his foot taking out the trash. Something in the bag swung across the top of his foot and layed it open like a filet of fish. Was in ER at St. Frances. Took xray, whatever cut it was not in there. Gave him a tetnus shot, cleaned the wound and gave him eight stitches to boot. Guess I won't have to gripe about meeting the deductible as I am sure this will get us pretty close to the 4800. mark. Along with my 1000. already reached from meds I take. Good thing Wednesday is his day off as he is in pain, in bed, taking ibuprofen. Sassy is playing nurse.

SHAD...I love the idea of the picture frame. My mom and dad had one but barely used it as they thought it used too much electricity. haha. I know I am just an emotional child and things make my heart hurt to easily. Better know as a big baby. lol

HAPPY...I really am not hiding, just dealing with work and home at the moment. I am in pretty good spirits really as my ankle/foot arthritis is barely bothering me with the regimen the doc gave me and the new arch support sketchers with memory foam. Yeah!! Pix of your foliage would be great for MELLIE. Good idea.

CEEG...may the force be with you on your 6 day stretch. Are those days 10 hour days?

CHELLE...good job on the exercise.

LAURA...hope your visit with momma is going well.

Chat at cha later girlies...hugs to all,,feel betters to MELLIE and strength to JEN.

10-02-2013, 01:07 PM
Super quick post for me as things have been crazy busy at work since I walked in. The website is having issues and it's because half of our website is on one technology and the other half on the other (two different vendors/hosts) and normally this works seamlessly, but today the two halves aren't talking to each other, and this morning we have online webcast classes that our customers can't access...hence major crisis! I'm in the middle because there's nothing I can do in the code to fix it, so I've opened support tickets with both our vendors to get them to figure it out! But tempers and the stress level are both running high with the folks around here. I'm so looking forward to my workout tonight.

My back was bothering me last night, but I got myself to the gym and did 20 min. on the bike hoping it would loosen didn't. I did my ab challenge right before bed.


Shad - I love the idea of a digital photo frame!

Happy - I'm having similar sleeping issues...I'm tired and can barely keep my eyes open, but as soon as I lay down...I toss and turn.

Annie - So sorry to hear about C's foot! That sounds so painful! I hope he's resting, keeping it elevated and using ice to help the pain and swelling.

Ceejay - Good for you on the Abs challenge! I hope your headache goes away.

Gotta run....I'll try and get back later.

Much love,

10-03-2013, 09:46 AM
Ouch on Curtis' foot. But I know he has 2 excellent nurses, you and Sassy.

Nothing much is happening except for the bad thunderstorm that moved through yesterday. Sounded like the clap of thunder/lightening strike was right above me. And put out the power. It tripped a breaker at one of the sub stations. I'd been watching the radar and had the tanks full and plant shut down.
Did day 3 of ab crunches last night. Also washed and dried one load of clothes and vacuum up some stuff on the living room floor. If I wasn't such a messy eater I would have to do that. My coffee table has become my eating table. Bad choice. I did eat my chef salad. So far no major consequences except for constipation. tmi I'm sure.

10-03-2013, 11:14 AM
Not much going on around here. Gray, rainy day. Thank God Sam and Jacob are coming up and meeting me for lunch. Will check back later. Hugs

10-03-2013, 11:48 AM
Morning everyone. Sorry I've been scarce around here. I really didn't want to post much while I was at my mom's. Her computer isn't set up, likely never will be, much less internet service. And I don't like typing on my phone much and didn't want to bother with the voice feature. And finally, I don't have an unlimited data plan/package for my cell phone, and I hit 65% of my allotted amount at my Mom's - and I still have 13 days left in this billing cycle.

My visit with my mother was pleasant enough. Or should I just come out and say she. drives. me. crazy. ?? :D Anyway, she's 80. Her knee was bothering her while I was there, but she insists on trying not to take anything for the pain. And then she might forget to take something when she decides she will. But she generally got around okay. However, the house is way too big for her, and she needs to move to a small apartment. I think she doesn't feel secure being alone, so being in a complex with other people would be better for her. She's been thinking about it, but in a "someday" kind of mindset, not "it's time". Have to move her along the timeline somehow.

Shad - Thanks so much for passing along our well-wishes for Mel to Jen. I'm still so sad over her diagnosis. But you're right, we need to buck up and act with all the spirit and strength Mel herself faces in her everyday life. I really like the digital photo frame idea. Safe travels home. Your work schedule doesn't sound quite as stressful, but it sure doesn't mean those training sessions weren't challenging! Sounds like you've got your ab challenge under control. Honestly, the situps are the worst because they take the longest. I have been doing the situps with my feet under a chair or sofa. Once the reps got larger, I limited the traditional situp reps I do to about 75% of the total and then substitute the remainder with another ab exercise, such as one that targets the obliques. It's all good.

Ceejay - Is the power back on now? Good luck in your ab challenge. :)

Michelle - I hope things have gotten fixed at work - bad to have the site not fully operational. Good luck on your ab challenge. I hope your back's feeling better today.

Annie - I'm so sorry to hear about C's foot injury!!! Ouch! And that's a good amount of stitches. I hope it's feeling better, healing well, and doesn't keep him from doing what he needs to do with work, etc. I'm happy to hear your foot/ankle are feeling better in new supportive sneakers and with the doc's regimen.

Happy - I saw the pics on FB - lovely fall color up there. I hope you get to enjoy it for a lot longer and that rain doesn't spoil the festivals going on up there. There really wasn't any color change in my mom's area, but back here at home, things are definitely changing, and the past two day's weather has been just gorgeous. Sorry you've been having trouble sleeping. I usually don't have issues, but did have some early wake-ups while at my mom's place. I think you asked - my mom wasn't keen on any shows in Branson, so we didn't do anything special while I was there. Meals out, a visit to the botanic garden (another gorgeous day), and we went to a dog festival at a local park where they featured dachshund races - very cute. Did you make any applesauce yet? Bf's mom just makes it in the microwave I believe, but doesn't season it at all. Rather bland. What's really peculiar about this woman is that she doesn't own a cookbook or follow a recipe for anything. Even people who can't or don't cook a lick might clip a recipe from a newspaper or magazine if it looks really tasty to them...odd. Anyway, good luck with your applesauce. I heard someone mention a recipea while back with ginger in it - yum.

Yesterday morning I went to a WW meeting in my area. Of course I'd taken my WW record card out of my purse before my trip & had forgotten it, but the woman still let me weigh in and gave me a sticker to paste on my record - I don't want to miss any meetings and not get reimbursed by my employer for my fees. I was up .2 pounds. Not bad,given I wasn't doing any of my usual walking/cycling. I probably should have visited the restroom before stepping on the scale, lol.

Went out to lunch with bf - Thai food, yum. After that, stopped at Bath & Body for some liquid hand soaps. Then to Mariano's, the fancy grocery by our house that we rarely go to. Bought some salmon & green beans for dinner & a couple other things. We finally used the new carpet shampooer to do our living room area rug. Wow, it sure needed it!!

Late afternoon I took doggy for his walk, did my ab challenge and went to my barre class. I tell ya, that ab challenge has become quite time-consuming now that I'm at the bitter end - I've been doing it all in one go, but alternating sets of the situps and crunches. My abs are pretty strong now - I have to take advantage of that and get going on a push-up regimen. I swapped out day 27 (which was Tuesday, the day I flew home) with day 28, which is a rest day, which is fine because I was down to only three days after that. Now I'm on day 29 and so looking forward to finishing up tomorrow!!! :)

This morning I'm relaxing, reading a book. I prolly should go out and pick some tomatoes. Bf didn't water at all while I was gone, but claimed it had rained on Monday. I did see water in the saucers of my potted flowers, so I guess I believe him, LOL.

BF and I might go to a plumbing supply/showroom today to check out what we need for our half bathroom update. It's overcast and gloomy with rain in the forecast, so good day for that. And maybe just watching a movie at home. I have a taste for some hot buttered popcorn...oops, sorry for the food porn. ;)

I also promised a letter of encouragement to the daughter of my neighbor - she's finally getting some help with her problems. I wrote up some notes over the weekend but need to put it together as a letter.

Okay, I'm off to make a mug of tea. I bought a tin of pumpkin spice rooibos tea bags yesterday at Trader Joe's. I hope I like it! TTFN!

10-03-2013, 02:37 PM
Not much new here...just plugging along at work....I've been going to the gym after work despite not feeling like it. I force myself to do 1/2 hour on the bike and then go home. I'm just tired.

It doesn't help that my stepbrother somehow got a virus on his computer and then got a warning to call "Microsoft' to have them repair it. Well the company that claimed to be Microsoft is actually located in Mauritius...somewhere off the coast of Madagascar. After my stepbrother paid them $100 and allowed them to "fix" his computer, they downloaded all kinds of spyware, malware, etc. on the computer, including a program that would AUTOMATICALLY connect to this effin' company EVERY time he turned on his computer. I spent over an hour trying to remove all that crap and then kicked off a major virus scan of the entire system. That ran overnight and thankfully came up clean. This morning, I kicked off a spyware scan and it had already found over 25 instances of spyware in less than 5 minutes. I told my stepbrother and stepmother not to touch the computer until I get home as I have to see what the scan says so I can fix it. If I can't fix it, then I'll have to wipe his computer and start with a fresh install...which wouldn't be so bad except my stepbrother got this computer used and he doesn't have the Windows or Office disks. What a nightmare.

I told him he should call his credit card company and dispute the charges as fraudulent. I also told him NEVER to click on any link that says your computer has been infected or give anyone remote access to his computer without talking to me first. So I'll be tending to his computer when I get home...then it'll be off to the gym and then pick up Santa.

Much love to all,

10-03-2013, 04:57 PM
Going home day.
All packed and ready for the last session this morning. Oh joy. Not that it has been a hard slog, but it's always somewhat stressful. Today's session probably won't make much sense to them until they actually get to do it for real. It's mostly setting up reports, planning and scheduling work and getting parts. Then we get to finish at lunchtime. I have to pack the training room and get to the airport before 2.00pm. It will be a running exercise.

Happy - you are welcome to the words 'splodgy fat'. In fact you are welcome to the splodgy fat if you haven't got enough of your own. Hope the applesaucing goes well. Since it freezes well you can have some well into the winter. Yum.
In the sleep department, I'm a bit like you, but for some reason, I have been falling asleep straight off and going to a deep sleep. Then about 3 hours later I am awake and I mean wide awake, not just potty run awake. So what can you do in a motel room at 1.00 or 2.00 or 3.00am when you gotta get up shortly after 4.00am anyway.

Annie - hope C's foot is healing well and he is able to work again. We don't realise how much we rely on arms and legs, hands and feet. Have a great lunch.

Laura - welcome back. Glad you had a good time with Mum even if she did drive you crazy from time to time. It's her time to p*ss people off. It's called eccentricity when you get old. It's just rude when the young ones do it. I've been sticking with the sit ups, and yes they take the longest and bring the most pain. But as I said, I do over half in the morning and the rest after work or before bed. The 70 second plank today was somewhat of a pain. Good luck with the letter of encouragement.

Michelle - hope you fixed the glitch between the clients. Nothing like a computer to stuff things right up. I'm surprised that people are falling for that computer scam still. People here lose their savings on things like that. Your stepbrother is lucky they didn't hack his bank account.

Ceejay - okay, back to the dining table for you. I was like that too. Always dropping food on the floor or over myself. Thought it was just me. Now I sit at the dining table and eat my food slowly to minimise the clothes washing and the floor wash. Just need to wipe down the table.

And that's about it from me. No word from Jen, but I will get that memory stick tonight and load on some pictures. Is someone volunteering to merge the sticks into one? And is someone volunteering to get the digital frame - Happy - was that you and what is the best way to send you some money. I'm out of here - got to get one the road.

10-03-2013, 08:10 PM
Hi everyone -

I'd be happy to merge the photos off the USB flash drive onto one. That's what we're talking about right? Not memory cards? If we're talking memory cards...I don't know if I have anything that would read one or transfer from one to another. My digital camera is a cheapie. But if we all send the files on USB (thumb/flash) drives...I will gladly compile all the photos.

Since I live in Silicon Valley, I can pretty easily find a nice digital frame for around $45-$50.

Let me know.


10-04-2013, 09:51 AM
Morning. I'm praying that L doesn't call and want me to finish out her work week. I'm exhausted.
Did day 4 of my ab crunches. My abs are a bit tender, sore but not as bad as I thought. Today is my rest day.
Don't think I'll be going to Paragould this week end. We're supposed to have a cold front move in Saturday with heavy rain fall and turn cool. I need to rest.
You know I just thought of something. I may go over to the fire dept and make a couple of pictures of a fire truck. We sure don't have any hunky guys, more short and chunky guys. and I'll try to get a uniformed police officer. We do have some good looking officers.

Know you are glad to be back home.

Did you get your step brother's computer up and running? I don't even like to have the company such as Dell to go into my computer. Most of the time the techy is from another country and very hard to understand.

10-04-2013, 12:16 PM
I got my step-brother's computer up and running. We'll see how long it lasts. He called the company that remotely installed the software...and he's convinced now that they are legitimate and wants them to put the software I removed back on his computer. I'm not convinced as to their legitimacy or whether this is a good idea. But if worse comes to worse, I can always reformat the hard drive and start from scratch...or he could use it as a paperweight. :rofl:

Ceejay - I hope you don't have to work for your co-worker. You need to rest. Just take the weekend and relax.

10-04-2013, 12:57 PM
Morning all,

Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday. I needed to bake up a bunch of dog treats for the Humane Society to sell at the festival this weekend and they had to be delivered before 3pm yesterday. Since each batch is over 4 hours of work, it's really time consuming. Been baking for 2 days. I was able to make 23 bags and was just 2 ounces short of a 24th bag - but they can use that for samples to visiting pups. I noticed a lot of people bring their dogs to the festivals and outings here. I wanted to make some cookies or something for the people bake sale for them but my oven was quite occupied and I just didn't have enough time. When we dropped off the treats we got to see the new cat room expansion area. It was really nice and big and bright - hard to believe they had all those cats in 2 small rooms. It's really nice now. And we got some tips from the cat manager on trying to groom Meadow who is acting more and more like she'd rather be a feral cat.

We are in for some cold and rainy weather which will put a real damper on the apple and cranberry festivals this weekend so on Wednesday when it was still sunny, warm and gorgeous we decided to take a ride north to Lake Superior and check out the apple orchards. 2 really cute quaint towns up that way - we stopped for lunch in an old restaurant that must be 100 years old. And we checked out 4 orchards. Got a bunch of apples as well as some baked goods, local honey, granola and some apple flavored mustard which sounds weird but actually would be good with sausage. It was really a nice outing - the weather was perfect, the trees are almost peaking their colors here and the area is quite pretty. I've been up that way before blueberry picking but DH has never been there.

Today I have laundry and more cooking to do - apple sauce, some Polish soup my cousin is jonesing for, a citrus tomato jam, salsa, a pork roast and maybe some cookies. House will sure smell good. We have really bad weather moving in from a snow storm out west - no snow for us thank goodness but plenty of rain. That will ruin the festivals tomorrow as well as an ATV outing DH was hoping to attend. Got our new shades yesterday - DH put up the first set - he was worried he'd have to grind the edges off to fit the window but don't know why he was thinking that because he checked again just as he was about to take them outside to grind them and they just snapped into place. We did have to take off the fancy wood trim we have on the top of the windows and it was an all day job for him - 1 set down, 2 sets to go!

Ceejay - I sure hope you don't have to work any more days than you already put in either. 6 days straight is a long enough time. No wonder you are tired. I think it would be cute to get pictures of the firetrucks and the hunky police guys.

Michelle - that would be great if you want to pick out a photo frame and merge things. I hate to sound like a dork but the more I looked at those frames and comments, the more I got confused about them :dizzy: I will send you money and pictures. The only things is... will you have enough time to do this??? You are quite the busy lady lately. Bummer on your step-brother's computer mess. Even though they give a bunch of warnings about hackers, I guess there are enough people who trust enough to get themselves into trouble and make things lucrative for the hackers. :mad: Glad you are still pushing to get to the gym even though you'd rather not, every little bit helps ;)

Shad - I agree with you about waking up at the wrong time in a hotel room. Nothing to do and it always seems about 3 hours before you have to get up anyway. No coffee to be had and if you turn on the tv, it seems about 45 minutes before you need to get ready, the sleepies come back again. Hope you were able to get everything wrapped up and get yourself to the airport on time. I always thought that was the worst part of the vendors and trainers that I worked with. Business dictates that you have to serve the customers even in the back of your head you are hurrying off to catch your flight and run through the airport. Worse when you have to deal with unpredictable traffic too. Seems like they were always on the run. As for transferring money for the photo frame - can we send money to each other via PayPal accounts??? Again, I am showing my ignorance.

Annie - I am sorry to hear about C's foot. When I was making sauce and my Mom was here, she was hollering at me to put the can lids back into the bottom of the can and stuff a napkin in them so you wouldn't cut your hand digging through the garbage. I obliged to avoid a fight but since I'm not in the habit of digging through the garbage bin I thought that was overkill. However, her advise also makes sense considering what innocently happened to C. Ok, so Mom is right again (but shhhhh don't tell her because she gloats). Did you have a nice lunch with the kids? What did your doc have you do for your foot besides the new, supportive cushy shoes?

Laura - I never realized how cute weenie dog races are until we saw them at the festival here 2 weeks ago. Glad you had a good time with your Mom. Sounds like you and I could swap a lot of stories with Moms - good luck with that :lol: It will only get WORSE I tell you. :^: I can't believe you guys are still getting hot weather - heard it was going to be in the 80's a few days over the weekend. You guys will never get tree color if this keeps up - things will just dry up and fall off! As for the applesauce I am going to try one small batch using just a mix of a couple of varieties of apples and see how that comes out. Then I have a nice looking recipe with some cinnamon, sugar, cloves and orange zest. If the first batch is too bland, I figure I can add some seasonings and cook it a bit to add more flavor. Everyone - including Shad says it's simple, fast and easy.

I do want to see that new movie Gravity. It's in town but only for 1 week so we'll have to make plans. I think DH really wants to go on this ATV run tomorrow but with a 70 percent chance of rain and only a high in the mid 50's - that's not really my thing. Can't imagine driving in the rain, we do have a windshield but no wipers and the UTV is open like a jeep would be so the body parts facing the outside of the vehicle would get quite wet. No fun going by yourself either, especially when you don't know anyone else on the run. Basically it goes from 10am to 6pm so it's a long day of riding (from bar to bar) in really junky conditions. We'll see.

Anyway I need to get cracking here. Have a good weekend everyone.

10-04-2013, 01:50 PM
Just a quick check in to assure Happy and everyone that yes, I can make time to do this. I'll pick up the frame over the weekend, and people can send me the photos on a USB flash drive (aka "thumb" drive and sometimes called "memory sticks"). Please do not send SD cards, because then I'd have to purchase an SD card reader. The key here is to send me the photos on something that's USB or to upload the photos to a DropBox account that I created, and I sent you an invite to upload to a shared DropBox folder called "MelsPhotos". You will be getting the link to the shared DropBox folder via a Facebook message.

As for transferring money...yes, you can transfer money to my PayPal Account. I'll PM you all my email address that's linked to the PayPal Account.

10-04-2013, 06:40 PM
So far so good. L came to get something out of her locker today and no mention of me working. Fingers are crossed that she doesn't wake me up at 6 a.m. in the morning.

Our temperatures are supposed to drop down in the 40's Saturday. We must be getting that same cold front.
I also want to see the movie Gravity.
You could always bake an apple pie. Mom used to bake an apple cake that was divine.
You mentioned that your mom was reminding you to put the lids in the can's then throw them away. Evidently my mom taught me to do that.

I wish I had part of your knowledge on computers. I hope that your step brother doesn't screw up his computer again.

Hope you have had a safe flight home.

How is C doing?

Laura :wave:

10-04-2013, 06:49 PM
Ladies -

I'm getting notifications that Shad is already posting photos in the DropBox, which is perfect because I created the DropBox account for her photos especially because I had no idea how long it would take a USB drive sent through the mail to arrive in California, and quite frankly patience has never been my strong suit and I'd like to get the digital frame shipped off to Mel by the end of next week if possible.

With the DropBox folder, I can get her photos (and yours once you upload them) instantaneously. :D

Also, I really like that Shad included some photos of herself. And I'm sure Mel will appreciate that too. We are her Worldly sisters after all. So even if we don't like how we look in photos (and I surely don't), please include at least one photo of yourself if you don't mind.

I'm so excited!

10-04-2013, 07:24 PM
Some there of the family Michelle and a few of the garden. I have some wonderful NZ photos which I will send over in the next day or so.
Just be careful - those of you using the dropbox - that if you drag and drop, you lose the photos out of your own albums. Try copy and paste instead. Can't lose those precious photos.
Back later. Shower and dressing necessary to go get some food. Nothing in the fridge.

10-05-2013, 12:51 AM
Good evening/morning everyone!

I purchased the digital picture frame on my way home from work. Including tax, it was a few pennies shy of $50.

Do you think y'all will be able to get the photos to me by a week from today? Either put them on a USB flash/thumb drive and mail that to me...or copy them to the DropBox folder as Shad has done. (You should've received a Facebook message with the Drop Box Info).

Shad, can you please share all the pertinent info with Ruth, Carla, Mary (Java Turtle) and whoever else knows Mel that might want to share some photos?

I did not want to go to the gym tonight...but I forced myself to and did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike followed by 10 minutes on the treadmill at a 6% incline. I'm practicing for when I can finally hike up some of the hills around here...of course I'd be happier if I could walk for more than 10 minutes. There aren't many hikes that only take 10 minutes round trip. LOL

I'm gonna relax with a good DVD or book.

Love to all,

10-05-2013, 02:18 AM
I know a few addies for the above people, but can I actually share your dropbox with them?

10-05-2013, 03:37 AM
Thank you Michelle for getting the photo frame. I have sent you money via PayPal - not sure how fast it shoots through but I hope it's immediate. And thank you Shad for the tip on potentially losing your files in the Dropbox. I made copies - a bit tedious but at least I was able to get captions on them too. And after much head scratching (but I did persist!!!) I finally got my photos uploaded to Mel's folder.

I have to say Shad that your scenery pictures are downright stunning!

And if some of the other ladies were unable to get pictures to you perhaps we could swipe a few from their Facebook pages. Might not be fantastic pixel quality but hey - some of mine are less intense too just to save on space.

I think this is just a fantastic idea and I'm sure she will really enjoy it. I hope the jpg titles show on the picture frame so that she knows what some of the stuff is - otherwise we'll just have to compile a "Hitchhikers Guide to Mel's Pics" :lol:

Thanks a million for pulling this together Michelle and for the idea Shad. I do agree that we should get this put together and off to Mel as soon as possible and even quicker than yesterday. ;)

Michelle - I know what you mean about 10 minute walks. I am still having back / spine / leg issues occasionally and I sure would love to be able to walk more than a block without looking like Quasimodo. But we just keep pushing along as best we can. And thank you for mentioning about including pictures of ourselves - I really hate how I look right now, good motivation to change. But I did include pictures :D

Shad - hope you got some nice groceries. Sophia is such a cutie!!!!

Man it's late and I was supposed to shower but I got caught up with the pictures - I really wanted to finish them tonight. So maybe just a fast "rinse me off" as DH would say.

I did make some Polish soup for my cousin. Funny I made a recipe that I haven't had in over 35 years and I'm not even sure what it's supposed to taste like! I also made a pot of apple sauce and got a bonus container of "cider" from the drippings as one of the apple varieties was quite watery. Both came out delicious. I have more to do and my kitchen is a DISASTER. I think I washed every dish, pot and spoon at least 3 times today. Dishpan hands - I've got 'em. :yikes:

Anyway - good night ladies - sleep well. Enjoy your weekend at home Shad.

10-05-2013, 04:28 AM
Donna, I really like that pic with the slightly longer hair. Might have to pinch that before the drop box goes off to Mel.
As for the copy and paste, I just made both files a bit smaller (maximise/minimise button) so I could see both the dropbox and my photo folder on the same screen. I then selected a photo from my file and right moused on the one I wanted to copy. Copied it, then pasted it onto the dropbox file. Had to change the odd name or two, but it worked well for me. If you have several to upload at the same time, you can select all of them, then right mouse, copy and paste. They will all come across.
Sorry if I am preaching to the choir here.

10-05-2013, 06:31 AM
Okay, so I have spent a lot of time today on the drop box and my photos. I even uploaded one of Jen. That should give Mel a smile or two. Bet she didn't know I had that. I have a couple of photos (not digital) of Mel herself so maybe I should look for those and see if they will scan.

So I have done the shopping and the laundry and sort of cleaned the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. Tomorrow I better go see if my mining gear still fits - geez I hope so. No pants might be a bit much for the poor old planners.

Ceejay - hope you didn't have to go to work

Happy - I liked the Autumn photos you posted and the one you put on (or was it Michelle) of Annie, Laura and Michelle. That's a really good photo. They look pretty happy with each other.
The apple cooking sounds so nice - and some cider to boot. Yummy. Some apples really aren't good for cooking, but apples are so good for you. What was it that Bob Harper said in his thinking think articles. Apples and berries - Every. Single. Day.

Okay, better go look like I want to do something. Always the same first day home. If I go shopping, then I don't want to do anything else for the rest of the day. Naughty Shad.

10-05-2013, 08:44 AM
I am stupid

10-05-2013, 02:21 PM
Me too Annie when it comes to all this digital stuff.

Didn't go to Paragould this morning. I slept till 11.30 this morning. I was exhausted. Told my aunt not to look for me. I know they are all talking about me today but that's okay.

Your soup sounds good. May make some this week end since the weather is turning cooler. The rain is on it's way.

10-05-2013, 02:57 PM
Just a quick post before I get ready for the day. I did my laundry. Did the vacuuming. And have to get a quick shower before my stepbrother and I leave for San Francisco. My stepbrother's b'day is tomorrow and I purchased a "Wildlife and Eco Cruise" of the SF Bay. It's 90 minutes and we should see seals, sea otters, sea lions, birds and maybe some dolphin and whale. Should be a great time as it's sunny and gorgeous out and should be in the mid-70s to nearly 80 by the Bay.

Happy - I did get the money last night. Thank you. I haven't checked DropBox yet to see everyone's photos.

Some of the photos I take today may get up to DropBox as I think my phone syncs with it automatically.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Much love,

10-05-2013, 05:37 PM
Annie - you are not stupid, nor is Ceejay. And I won't have either of you saying so. So you are not digitally inclined. That is why we are here to help. Geez I often wish I could cook as well as you. I can cook, but I am the Klutz cook coming from a family of superb cooks. Ceejay knows far more about electricity and water than I do. So where's the stupid????

If you have a problem with the drop box or putting pics on a memory stick - flash drive or whatever you call them over there, let me know because if you send the pictures to me then I can put them on the dropbox for you. Just ensure that you only email a couple of pics at a time and I will do the rest.

Poor dog next door has been barking all night. I think they may have gone away for the long weekend and left him to do his own thing. I'm about to swing over the fence later to see if he has water and food. If not, then I won't hesitate to phone the pound or the RSPCA and get them on the job.

I'm up to day 19 of the 30 day abs challenge. It now takes up a fair bit of my time so it is done at intervals. Sometimes I find however when I am off to bed that I still have the last bit to do. Damn. I hate exercising at night.

Ceejay - not surprised you slept in. Rest should be on your menu for today as well. As we age, it takes a lot more out of us with the overtime, long days etc. I know I feel it as well.

Michelle - hope the cruise does well. I went on a harbour cruise in SF. It was good but didn't really go far apart from around Alcatraz.

Okay - lots to do today. And I need to go talk to the dog again, so I will go and do the next 20 sit ups and crunches and leg lifts. The plank comes in the next session of exercises

10-05-2013, 06:13 PM
the cruise sounds like a lot of fun. Make pictures. And I'm going to mail you a check via snail mail. I've used paypal to purchase but never to send money.

Thanks for the offer to help. Maybe I can figure out something to send to Mel. Not sure about getting pix of the fire truck. I am resting today and tomorrow also.

This will be day five. of the ab challenge. Went to the grocery store today and go some things for next couple of days. I want to make some soup.

10-05-2013, 09:23 PM
Hey guys - I have been in I.T. all my life and I had a bit of a dickens trying to figure out how to get the pictures set up. I felt like I should have had to turn in my I.T. card. :o I did contact Java and OneDayAtATime via FB and they both identified some of their FB pictures which I uploaded to the picture album. I will be happy to do that for anyone else who needs help. I can also send you a link so you can see all the pictures if you send me your email address - just bear in mind that I can only receive about 4 more private messages on 3FC before my account fills up.

10-06-2013, 01:34 PM
Back again.

Rained like the dickens yesterday. Awful day for outdoor festivals. DH was hopeful it was just a cloud or two and wanted to check out the cranberry fest so off we went. It was poorly organized. According to the website you would not have to walk more than 3 blocks to get to the festival. Bunch of hooey. We got about a mile and a half out of town and there was a sheriff's car with a sign "road closed to through traffic". So we thought that was as far as we could go and parked there and started walking. And walking and walking. I wasn't really up to going because not only was it raining but my knee and ankle were really hurting. However DH gave up an ATV ride to go with me to the festival so I felt I had to go. All this walking was not doing me much good. Seemed like we'd never get to town. Finally got there and things were spread all over the place with no real maps of where to get to what. Being a cranberry festival we expected and wanted to find cranberries. We walked up the hill where there were some shops and turned off at the vendor and craft booths. This time of year we have a lot of fall festivals so you see the same vendors and very similar things that you saw at the last 4 festivals so I wasn't as interested in the craft stuff. Particularly if I had to lug it back a mile and a half to the car. We did find one Amish tent in the middle of the bunch and purchased a fresh pie and some strawberry & cranberry jam. At one point I couldn't help it but had to use the porta potties - ewwww ewww ewwww. Lowpoint of the trip :lol: Even with the rain it was crowded and people were standing in front of the booths chatting with their friends :mad: or just kind of gawking and not paying attention. Either way it made it difficult to view the booths so after walking around for about an hour, DH and I both decided it was time to leave. The festival is really huge and it winds up and down the streets of town, in between that there are residential streets where people are having taking advantage of the crowds to have garage sales and sell crafts of their own. The town is very hilly also which adds to the fun. If the weather was a little better and I had been better prepared I think I would have enjoyed it more. When we were getting ready to leave we noticed that some enterprising people were shuttling people back and forth between the fair and the parking lots using ATVs and golf carts - you just tipped them whatever you felt appropriate so we took advantage of that - thank goodness because the climb back was muddy, slippery and up hill! I would have preferred if they had a map of the grounds (it was big enough to constitute that) and if they had clustered food, baked goods, arts & crafts and rummage sales into various sections. This way you could spend your time in the areas that interested you most. We might go back to the town next week to sample some cranberry wine at the winery as well as find a place which sells fresh, locally grown cranberries. We were both disappointed they didn't have more in the way of cranberry goods. Afterwards we went to Famous Dave's restaurant for an early dinner and had a nice meal. I just love their cornbread muffins!

Called my sister for her birthday, got a hold of Java Turtle and Patty and got some of their pictures for Mel's album and before I knew it, was time for bed. Today I have laundry and I really need to get cracking on those leftover tomatoes. They all ripened even though I had them covered and in the dark and I've already pitched the cherry tomatoes - you can only eat so many of them and they don't really lend themselves well to cooking. I'll probably pitch another 1/4 of the regular tomatoes - those getting spots or soft. Going to make some citrus tomato marmalade, perhaps another try at a batch of pasta sauce and some salsa to go with chips for the footy game today. I'll also make another batch of apple sauce for freezing. There were a lot of time dependent things I had to do this week (ie. things needed to be done by a deadline) so my schedule was set and rather hectic. Between all the stuff that needed to be cooked and the mess with the new shades, my living area and kitchen are a total mess which is bugging me. By the end of today I should be able to put everything away and get things tidy again.

My neck and both knees are tight and pinched and quite achy but I'm just going to have to power through it. I did use a heat pack last night but might try some cold ice rub that I have to see if that makes a difference. Who cares if I smell like wintergreen - just me and DH and the cats today :lol:

Michelle - Patty said if you needed more money or were collecting for anything further to let her know.

Ceejay - hope you got some rest and were able to make some soup. It sure is great tasting on these cooler fall days although I'm not sure it's much cooler down your way. Are you getting any rain from these latest gulf storms?

Michelle - how was your cruise? Did you get to see anything good? I'm so glad that we did the photo collection - I am really enjoying seeing everyone's pictures.

Shad - what happened with the neighbor's barking dog? I would be so upset if people left the poor pooch for the weekend and went away. I don't even like leaving the cats and they tolerate a day by themselves much better than a dog does. I love looking at your photos - the birds is the bowl is a favorite as well as the landscapes. Heck, even I'd nick a few and run a screensaver of them - no wonder Mel liked looking at them. This Drop Box is a great idea just to share photos, especially for people who don't use FB much or at all. I'm glad you posted a picture of Jen - she is not at all what I pictured and I can see a lot of Mel in her. Nice to put a face with a name at long last. Thanks for the tips on the drop box and moving photos. Helpful to me and others I'm sure. I am starting to feel technically inept as I get farther and farther into retirement and away from the modern world. In fact I had to laugh - my sister ordered an iPad type of tablet for her birthday and the more she tried to figure it out, the more she got confused and decided to send it back. :lol: I told her I could totally relate to that! Thanks for the compliment on my hair. The darker, longer style is my go-to cut that I generally wear. I just lighten the color as we go through through the warm season and I'm out in the sun a lot and then go to red and then chocolate brown in the autumn and winter. It's about time to pick a new color but I think I'm going to leave it on the longer side of short. I noticed with it being short I don't leave as much of it in the hairbrush as I did before and I'm all about saving every last hair on my head at this point :rofl: I'm quite surprised to hear you describe yourself as the klutz of cooking - I dunno, many of the party items you describe sound quite lovely. I can see though if you are just cooking something for yourself - particularly after a long day doing house or garden work - just not worth the effort to make something elaborate. However, Annie can still have the job as the cook at the commune ;) :chef:

Well things are not going to get done by themselves so before I waste the day away, time to get off the computer.

Hope all you ladies have a good Sunday. Catch up with you later.

10-06-2013, 03:19 PM
Just a quick hello. Managed to get a few pics into dropbox. Great idea Shad. Thanks for stting up dropbox, Michelle. And buying the frame! Ill send u some $$, probably via mail. Already Sunday & the end of my vacation time. 2 do some laundry and maybe watch the Bears game today. TTFN.

10-06-2013, 03:30 PM
oh forgot to say the picture of Annie, Laura and Michelle I grabbed from FB when those 3 got together last year. Very nice picture.

10-06-2013, 06:16 PM
Whew, I finally figured out how to get a couple of pictures in the Dropbox.
Sorry I don't have more. The one of my nephew and myself was taken on my last trip to MO. We were acting goofy that day. I thought I dragged them down to the bottom but they flew in where they wanted to go.There is some neat pictures too. This is a good idea.
My friend that moved to Jonesboro is not liking her new job. She's been coming back for the week ends to check on things at the store and have some down time.
After talking to her I know it's not time for me to retire. I pray that I can continue to do my job.

We got some rain last night but the rain from Karen hasn't made it this far yet. We really needed it too. I just noticed the different avatar. It's cute. Missing Mel's graphics.

Enjoy the foot ball game.

10-06-2013, 08:56 PM
On the run again. Time is getting tight for getting to the airport and lots to do before I shut up the house and go off for my last week in Rockhampton.

The dropbox is looking good. Michelle if it okay with you, I will send my paypal money next week when I am home and will have some time.

Gotta go. Be back later at some other time and some other place

10-07-2013, 09:15 AM
Happy Monday All...

Was a very lazy weekend. We babysat lil man Saturday night and all day yesterday. He was so good and so funny. He is really talking now and putting words together. Nanna, What happenend? Oh my goodness, Papaw. Too stinken cute and so much fun.

HAPPY, I love your avatar. Did Nina pose for that pix? lol I know probably not. We had rain like the dickens also. I think the entire yard is flooded. Putting the tomatos in a dark place MAKES them ripen faster. Just FYI. Hence placing them in a brown paper bag. THe method of choice for me. Your festival sounds a lot like our Covered Bridge Festival that we all are going to next Wednesday. My DS says they always have a lot of craps (crafts) at those festivals. haha

SHADDIE...Home again, home again, jiggity jig. You are our gadabout. Safe travels. Any news from Jen?

CHELLE...I will send you a thumb drive. I am not as handy as you all on the puter stuff. I also cannot guarantee it will get there by this Friday. If you want to pull some pix off of my FB page that's ok too.

CEEG...may the force be with you on working until you are ready to retire. Some days my mind says ok you can do this, other days my body says you've got to be kidding me.

LAURA...our exercise queen and almost at goal super lady. Hope your weekend was marvelous.

Hugs, Loves, Strength and Healing prayers to our MELLIE.

That's it for me for now. I have a 4 day work week. My BFF is coming in from St. Louis this week and I am taking Friday off to spend some time with her. THat should be fun.

Loves and hugs.

10-07-2013, 12:01 PM
Morning all. Back to work today. Mt. E-mail to tackle. Bleh.

Annie - sounds like you had a good time with the li'l guy over the weekend, and you have another fun weekend coming up with your St. Louis bff. Yay for a short work week!!

Shad - hope your travel went smoothly and that this week's work is the same! Great photos in dropbox - stunning scenic ones and I really like that one of the family in which you're holding an earlier family photo. And nice to put a face to Mel's Jen!

Ceejay - I had a couple fits and starts with dropbox, but managed to get my photos on there. Of course, right when I was ready to upload them, I realized my photos were high in pixels and therefore high in the kbytes, so I decided to re-size them so they didn't use up too much of the allotted space. Oh, and I believe the pictures are in order by the filename you've given them. Have you fully rested yet?? Six days of work in a row, with those long workdays you put in - I'd have been exhausted too!!

Happy - Sorry the cranberry fest was not as organized as it could be. Long walk from the parking!! Nice you got a ride back and didn't have to walk it - the weather sounded sucky. You sure did a lot of cooking & baking!! I picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes the other day, but just one big tomato (but a nice one). Looks like I'll be snacking on the little ones until they're getting to be past their prime. You sound all achey - all that walking, as well as all the standing when you work in the kitchen. I hope it's eased up by now. Do you ever get massages? Sure sounds good to me, and I don't even have any aches at the moment!! :D Love the pics you've posted on dropbox! You don't look like you've aged a bit when I compare the 2003 pic with the more recent ones! Nice of you to get Patty & Java's pics on there too. :)

Michelle - How was the cruise? Sounds fun. What a great idea. I've been on a boat that went to Alcatraz, and a ferry over to Tiburon, but a wildlife/eco cruise sounds so interesting!

Gosh how quick the time off flies! My Saturday began with a full morning of sorting through the mail basket. Oy! But I got through that and a lot ended up in the recycling bin. And I could have sworn I'd purged the catalog pile not tooooo long ago, but nope, there were a lot of holiday catalogs in the pile. Have to keep up with this so I don't need a 5-hour session again!

After that was a hair appointment. Touch-up and cut, and it took a full 2 hours. Seemed like I sat with the color on for longer than usual, and then after I was rinsed & shampooed, I waited some more for my cut - my girl had to make an appointment for someone because another employee was busy. After that was a late lunch - we went to a place near a bathroom/plumbing showroom that we thought we'd visit to see if they have the recessed wall soapdishes for our 1950's bathroom. However, they closed at 4 pm and we were too late. We discovered this while we were sitting in the car in their parking lot waiting for the rain to let up before going inside. And guess what - it just kept raining & raining like cats and dogs almost all the way home. So much rain so quickly that we made many detours to avoid flooded roads/underpasses, but we still drove through one section in which our car was so deep in the water that I thought for sure the car would die and we'd be stuck. Thank goodness we made it through!!!

Of course it had stopped raining completely by the time we got home, so I put on my crocs and took doggy for his walk.

Yesterday was a lazy day, just did a dog walk and a couple loads of laundry. Bf was not feeling well all day, but finally got out early in the evening for something to help his stomach and it seems to have worked.

Tonight's my pilates class. That's about it for me. Back to catching up!

10-07-2013, 02:20 PM
Good morning ladies -

I'm exhausted. I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Had a great time on Saturday when my stepbrother and I went out on the San Francisco Bay on a catamaran. It was supposed to be a wildlife trip with the chance to see seals/sea lions, whales, dolphins. Well, we saw some seals. They were very cute. Anyway, it was beautiful (nearly 80), which is practically unheard of in San Francisco at any time of year. And it was lovely to get out on the bay. We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, but not too far out into the ocean. I took lots of photos, some which I will include on Mel's digital frame. Sunday, I went to the Packer bar to watch the Packers beat Detroit with the other Packer fans. It was a lot of fun. Then I went to Costco to pick up some healthy items for portable breakfasts, lunches and snacks. I picked up Santa from day care and got home...only to feel like I was having a blood sugar crash. So I ate a greek yogurt, and took a nap. I still didn't feel right for the rest of the day - and I'm not feeling 100% today.

Speaking of the digital frame...It looks like a lot of you have posted wonderful photos! I'm really enjoying looking at them! I hope there's some way I can have the filename display on the photo or a way to easily add a caption, so Mel knows what she's looking at. I must confess, I haven't gone through my photos yet. I'll do that this week.

As for those of you who are having trouble with DropBox...I second what Shad said. No one is stupid here! And I won't have anyone saying so. We all have our talents and areas of expertise. And like Shad said, if you want to email me the pictures 1 or 2 at a time, that's fine. Or save them to a USB thumb/flash drive/memory stick whatever the heck it's called and mail it to me.

Sorry to hear about all the rain everyone in the Midwest got. I hadn't heard about all the flooding. I'm glad you all are safe. I heard about the 3' of snow in one of the Dakotas...and I just thought to myself "I am SO glad I don't have to deal with snow anymore!"

Annie - Friday is not a hard and fast deadline for the pictures. I just wanted to give folks a guideline because I'd like to get the frame sent to Mel sometime next week. Let me know when you send the thumb drive so I can be on the lookout for it. Glad you had a nice time babysitting the lil man. How fun that your friend from St. Louis is coming for a visit! What a wonderful time to look forward to!

Shad - I love the pictures you've posted. And good for you for doing so well on the Abs Challenge. I haven't done any since Day 2, and with today being Oct. 7, I'm several days behind. I'll just kick in from where I left off. Thanks for posting a photo of Jen. She's doesn't look like I pictured her. I don't know if I've ever seen pictures of Mel either. I really like all your family photos. Sophia has the most beautiful eyes! She's just adorable! I also really like the photo of you and your siblings holding a photo taken when you were kids. :)

Ceejay - Good for you for sticking with the abs challenge. And sending a check in the mail is totally fine. No worries. The photo of you and your nephew is really nice! Bummer that your friend isn't liking her new job.

Happy - Thanks for uploading some of Patty's and Mary's photos. Sorry the festival was difficult to navigate. I've both bought and sold things at festivals and craft fairs, and the people that choose take up residence right in front of a booth to have an hour-long conversation with long lost friends...ugh. :tantrum: That and the people pushing strollers that hit you in the ankle. I do appreciate the people on ATVs and Golf Carts who shuttle festival goers. Was this the Warrens, WI Cranberry festival. That's the biggest Wisconsin cranberry festival I've heard of...but I have no idea where Warrens is in relation to where you live. I hope your knee and neck pain have eased up. I'm enjoying sharing all the lovely photos too! You're looking as great as ever! And I love the photos of your home and the critters. And thanks for posting the photo of me, Annie and Laura! :D

Laura - I love your photos! It's so nice to put a face to your "bf" finally since I didn't get to meet him when you, me and Annie met up for lunch. Vacations always fly by too quickly...and then there's always Mt. Email and Mt. Piled Up Work to catch up on. Enjoy your pilates class tonight. I should go to the gym tonight...but it will be a "game-time" decision as right now, I'm exhausted and not feeling all that great.

Well, I've got to tackle my to do list.

Much love to all,

10-07-2013, 02:25 PM
Morning all,

I just noticed Carla's pictures on the Drop Box. Sorry that I recognized her cat before I did her (I've never seen her before :o) Just have to say that it's so nice to see everyone's pictures. I have really enjoyed this.

Also ... I don't want to be pushy :o but do you think maybe you can get this frame to Mel as soon as possible? I don't know what kind of shape she's in. I'm a little worried that we have not heard from Jen although I know she's probably running around like a maniac - I know myself that when you have someone in the hospital, it totally takes over your life. I think Mel will really love this, just wouldn't want to get it to her and she can't view it because her eyes are bothering her or she's doped up.

My neck and hips are really hurting so last night I slept in the guestroom so I could use the heating pad (they don't recommend using any heat on our memory foam mattresses). I woke up to a noise at 2:45 - thought the cats had jumped on the bed but no cats. Next thing I realized was this horrid smell in the room. I grabbed the heating pad controller and burnt my hand on a hot spot. As I was waking up and recoiling from the burn the thing popped a blue flash, smoked and died. :yikes: I bolted upright and all I could think of was thank you Jesus that this thing did not start on fire and burn us all down. :hot::flame: I have to admit it really kind of shook me up - the smell was awful so I got up and not only opened the windows but had to get a clothespin to pull the curtains back to get more air into the room.

Yesterday I made a batch of tomato marmalade - it's a sweet based jam with fresh lemon and orange slices as well as cinnamon and clove and a bit of ginger for good measure ;) I picked through the tomatoes (which have to be blanched and peeled) and first used up the meatier Roma type of tomatoes. You blanch them, then chop them and let the excess water/juice run out. I didn't have enough Romas so then I moved on to the beefsteak tomatoes. Blanched and cut them up and darn if they weren't 80 percent juice and very little pulp once I pulled the skins off. No wonder my batch of pasta sauce was so watery. So I still have about 20 pounds of tomatoes left but not much else I can do with them since they are the beefsteak kind. A few can be used for salads and sandwiches but I'm afraid there's a bunch that will simply be tossed in the back. :( After a second year of gardening, I'm not sure I will devote an entire bed to tomatoes again. I can always supplement from the farm vendors on the streets in town.

DH is about to go out and rake pine needles - thank goodness that's what we have instead of mountains of leaves. I'm sure he'd like some help but I have a kitchen to clean up, lots of laundry to do as well as vacuuming and dusting. I will get out there later if I have some time. Tomorrow is a work day and we might go to see the movie Gravity afterwards. Wednesday if the weather holds up we might go for an ATV ride. The leaves should be at peak color so I'll try and get more pictures. DH put up the new shades which are a bit crooked because the window frames are crooked. That is bugging DH so I hope it's an easy fix. I also realized as I moved things to give him access to the windows that I have squirreled away at least 50 books I want to read "someday". Now that the cooking season has ended (although I still want to make homemade pasta), I need to buckle down and set aside some time to read.

Laura - thanks for the compliment! I know I am getting older. I can see that my face is getting that old lady puffy from loss of elasticity. Maybe I should try some of that Oil of Olay Regenerist stuff they advertise on TV for youthful skin that they use 19 year old models for !!!! They think we don't notice that???? They were doing chair massages at the cranberry fest. I would have loved one but we were carrying several bags and I didn't want to saddle DH holding all the stuff while I got massaged (bad enough he had to be the dutiful husband while I did the potty run). There is a place in town that supposedly does lovely massages - I may check that out next month after I save up for it. Bummer that you just missed the plumbing store closing. Hope you find the soap dish you are looking for. A friend of ours who has some great ideas is remodeling his mom's very old house. He retiled the shower and put in a "grotto" where the soap dish was. He put a cute tile inset in there and it looks really nice - still retained the vintage look of the bath, yet was more practical to hold today's liquid soaps and shampoos and such. We put a "soap shelf" in the corner of our remodeled bath in TN and were surprised that there was a very limited selection of ceramic corner shelves - we went to a supply store and the owner said people were favoring the gotto/inserts now. :shrug: It was nice to see a picture of your BF on the Drop Box - I feel like we are an even bigger "family" now :D

Annie - no, Nina didn't pose for my avatar but if I could get her to wear a hat, she'd look something like that. :lol: I'll bet that Lil Man is at that age cute as can be. Just the perfect age. How nice that your friend is coming in. Hope you have a great visit.

Michelle - how was the cruise? Did you get any good pictures?

Shad - hope you arrived safely. Will this be a hectic week to get 3 weeks of training compacted into one?

Ceejay - sorry your friend does not like her new job. I can relate - there is a certain restlessness in changing things up before we find a nitch to settle into. I think you are wise to skip over the occasional frustration of wanting to retire THIS VERY MINUTE and instead wait until the time is right.

Well DH is making ALOT of noise downstairs. I need to go see what that's all about. Have a good day everyone.

10-07-2013, 03:38 PM
Friend boss brought a couple of book's over for me to read through this week for my continuing education hours. So I'll be busy doing that later on.
I've only completed 10 of my ab reps last night. I hadn't really felt goo this week end. Not sure if my abs are sore of if it's something else. I'll make them up tonight.

I'm glad in more than one way that I've decided to stick things out till I retire. Wow, glad you woke up in time to get that thing unplugged. That's the main reason I don't like to use those electric blankets. One did me that way.

Sounds like you had a good outing Sunday afternoon.

Ah, you make me smile when you speak of the lil man. I know he brings a lot of joy. How's Sissy doing.

safe travels.

10-07-2013, 03:44 PM
Happy - You bring up a good point. I was really hoping to get the picture frame off to Mel ASAP because the sooner she gets this, the longer she'll be able to enjoy it. But I wanted to allow time for people to mail their USB drives. I'd like to get more photos from Ceejay if possible, and from Annie, and from Ruth too. If no one minds, either I (or maybe Happy) can pull some off your Facebook pages. Yikes, Happy, that's so scary about the heating pad. Does the heat help more than ice? I've found with my back that while heat feels good at the time, it actually makes my back worse because it increases inflammation. The tomato marmelade sounds yummy.

10-07-2013, 04:20 PM
Morning all, from sunny and scorching Rockhampton. It's going to be a very long hot summer. We are already experiencing temps which are breaking records. My city (Logan) was 10 degrees C above normal yesterday - we reached 38.5C or about 105 and this is Spring!!!!

Happy - its a bit worrying about not hearing from Jen. I will send her a message today asking how things are going. As you say, she is probably not interesting in anything but Mum at this point. We can always send the frame with the usb stick. I presume the one that Michelle bought uses a usb stick to hold the pictures. And then we can send more later.

Michelle - unfortunately the wildlife don't always perform when we go out there to look. Just have to hope. We have a whale watch boat down on the Kaikoura coast in NZ that guarantees you see all three. Most of the time you do, but there is one very lazy whale who is obviously star struck and who will wait around for the boats. Dolphins are always fishing around that coast and the bloody seals live there. So much for that guarantee. You don't actually have to pay for the boat to see the seals. Most tourists don't know that. Not far from where I used to live in NZ there was a colony of juvenile male seals. You could actually walk among them (if you don't mind the smell)

Ceejay - sometimes we don't give enough thought to what is going on when we shift to someplace else. As someone who shifted countries, I can tell you that no one ever does enough homework on either a move or a retirement. You think you have got it, but something always comes up.

Laura - Mt E-Mail, Mt Papework and Mt Washmore. Poor you. Sometimes you have to wonder if it is all worth while going on leave.

Annie - lovely to have time with the littlies. Wish I saw more of mine, but then again, maybe not. Families, gotta love them.

Okay, time for the last run of the morning on this Abs challenge. Up to day 20. Only 30 sit ups, 40 crunches and the 80 second plank to go. Can't wait for this to finish. Then I need to shower and get on with the day.
Got to go find this place I am meant to be working at. I love it that I'm told that I am to go out to xxxx Railway workshops and full PPE gear please, but they don't tell you how to get there. Should have taken a dummy run last night I suppose.

10-08-2013, 08:27 AM
CHELLE..PM me your email addy, not FB or 3FC, so I can send you some photos, this will be faster.

10-08-2013, 08:34 AM
Cottage cheese with yellow and red tomato from the garden for brekkie. YUM, funny but I think about getting to work so I can have it for breakfast.

Last night I made cukes and onions out of the garden with vinegar etc. Then clean an entire whole watermelon. That was dinner. C said he had a big lunch and really didn't want any dinner. So that is what we had. Quite good too. Watermelon was juicy and sweet. Tis what I brought for my lunch also.

Weather is shaping up quite nicely in the next few days, at least dry until Saturday. 78 on Friday when I meet up with BFF and running around. That should be a perfect day.

No time for personals right now, will try to come back later on today.

Loves and hugs.

10-08-2013, 11:36 AM
I don't have any photo's on FB I did add a few from my uncle's area and other places.

Guess I'm going to have to buy a small water melon to get a good amount. Those in the individual containers do not look good to me. I love watermelon.

Switched up my ab challenge and am doing chair sit ups this week. I did make up my challenge for the sick day I took. Also rode the bike for 10 minutes. I had an abundant amount of energy last night.
More later.

10-08-2013, 12:08 PM
Morning all.

Michelle - Sounds like you had a fun weekend - maybe too much fun. Are you feeling better today?

Happy - OMG, thank goodness nothing worse happened with that heating pad!!! How scary!!! Maybe icing your aches would have been better after all, haha. Your marmalad sounds tasty! What a shame a large quantity of the tomatoes will go unused, but that's the way things happen. I will likely stick to only one or two (or three) tomato plants next year. Re the moisturizers/anti-aging products - every once in a while I do wonder how old the women in the commercials & adverts are. As for the soap dishes for the half bath - we really just want to do a quick update without too much expense. Soap dishes, towel rods, light fixture, medicine cabinet, paint.

Ceejay - Glad you're being realistic about your retirement plans. We've got longer life spans these days and more expenses than ever!! Retirement may not be possible for a lot of people. Glad you've modified the ab challenge and are back to it!! Go girl!!

Shad - Sorry you're getting this hot weather already! You've already got the high electric bills to sort out, you don't need more! :yikes: I hope you hear something from Jen soon. Good luck with the rest of the ab challenge. I don't think I reported here that I finally finished it last Friday (whoo!!!) - I found the last part really difficult and time-consuming. But I did end up with a much stronger core. Definitely worth it, wouldn't you say?? I would, however, like to incorporate more back exercises into my life.

Annie - I had the cottage cheese/tomato combo the other day. Yummmm. Cukes and watermelon for dinner - sure healthier than mine - we had frozen pizza. :( Reminds me, I better guzzle some water now and see if that flushes the sodium out of my system before my WW meeting this afternoon.

Found out yesterday that someone at work that I was friendly with got fired last week. Not in our department, but the department I used to work in long ago. Not terribly surprised, because she did tick off a lot of sr. people, but still sad to hear it.

Pilates was good last night. I have some muscle soreness today. I'm thinking of what my next challenge will be. I will likely create my own this time.

WW meeting today. Coming to the end of this session and haven't much at all to show for it. I need to get my head back in the game if I'm to make progress in the next one. Oh yes, I'm definitely signing on again.

Tonight I'm seeing the movie "Don Jon" with Joseph Gordon Leavitt. I've seen the preview a lot and think it'll be good.

Okay, better get this posted before further interrruptions happen.


10-08-2013, 12:53 PM
Morning people,

The guest room still smells faintly of burnt electrical - I think I REALLY dodged a bullet with that one. :faint: Made a chunky roasted pear and apple sauce yesterday. This recipe called for peeled and cored apples so I went looking for the apple peeler/corer I purchased on a whim after we moved here. Found it without too much looking and gee was that fun! Took me longer to figure out how to use it than to peel my first apple. The sauce was interesting - chunky as I wanted it but a bit too tart for my tastes. It has firm but ripe pears we got at the orchard, I used 3 kinds of apples and has zest and juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons as well as cinnamon, brown sugar and some cloves. DH said he really liked it although he's going to use the hand blender to smooth it out more and said he can really taste the pop of orange (I couldn't). Labor intensive work tho I tell you. Took me almost 3 hours to make the stuff and clean up and an hour and a half to bake it up. No wonder pioneer women spent most of their time cooking :yikes:

Talked to my Mom yesterday - she got the results of her bone density test and has deterioration (or destruction as she called it) in both her hips. That's why they are bothering her so much. I have a spot in my neck and my right hip that are pretty gruesome right now - nothing relieves the pain and I'm hoping that is not bone loss causing it as I'm sure it's some sort of spinal thing at this point. I do admit I stopped taking calcium years ago - could not remember to take the pills as I was supposed to. I did have some bone loss after I stopped taking hormones but was still in the "green" part of the range when I had my last test 8 years ago. Shucks. :mad: I can't think of any logical reason for this pain and by now I've quite had enough of it.

Laura - I caught Jay Leno I think and he had Joseph Gordon Levitt as a guest promoting that Don Jon movie - it looked good. Let us know how it is. Good for you for sticking with the exercise plan and especially those challenges. I understand about the WW - like the challenges I imagine - easy to get off track and one has to make sure they stick with it to see results. Many years ago on this board I ran a fitness bingo type challenge - we blocked out each square of a bingo card with a specific item like hold a plank for 90 seconds, do 30 sit ups, drink all your water today, etc. And then you put slips of paper with each of those challenges into a bowl or something from which to draw from. Each day you'd draw and complete that challenge. I think it was a 5 x 6 squares - so 30 day challenge. Since the tasks all differ, it kept it from being routine or boring. And it isn't really BINGO! since you're not trying to fill in a line like bingo - kinda like the cover all squares game. Just a suggestion if you were looking to create your own challenge this next time around.

10-08-2013, 12:53 PM
oops - hit enter too quickly but at least I didn't lose my post this time. Will continue personals with another post.

10-08-2013, 01:05 PM
Now you guys have me interested to try the tomatoes and cottage cheese - I usually have fruit with it instead of savory. Reminds me of the old "diet plate" at Woolworth's lunch counter - dry hamburger patty, cottage cheese and a tomato slice :lol: I'm sure this is much better and I do have those tomatoes to use up.

Ceejay - sometimes I have purchased the small pre-cut cartons of watermelon only when the sliced big ones were looking pale and yucky - but the pre-cut are really expensive. Good for you for hopping on the bike again.

Annie - sounds like you had a nice crunchy dinner yesterday. You have given me hope that the watermelon I bought last week from the farmer may still be tasty - haven't cut into it yet. You certainly are still getting some nice warm weather. Is the garden still in?

Shad - wow talk about hot! I'm trying to imagine you in full safety gear down at the railroad. I thinking welders suit or space gear :lol: You certainly have some interesting challenges in your line of work. Makes for being extremely resourceful I imagine!

Michelle - yes, I don't mean to make you hustle, I was just going through some past threads looking for something and reading posts I was reminded how when Mel's sensitivities kick in, it takes her out of the ball game. I'm not sure what sort of medications or treatments she's on but it certainly would be a shame if she is in a position where she can't enjoy the pictures. :( I very much appreciate you putting this together for us :hug: I've heard of the Warrens cranberry festival also - I think it is bigger - by a little - than the Stone Lake one - Warrens is about 3 hours south of here - half way between us and the WI/IL border. I'm glad you had such a nice time on your cruise and got to see some interesting stuff. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Time for me to get something to eat and get ready for another day at the thrift shop. We are going to see the movie Gravity tomorrow - I'm excited about that. Have a good day everyone.

10-08-2013, 01:54 PM
Good morning ladies -

I'm feeling better today. I got a pretty good night's sleep last night, despite being woken up twice by Santa and once by my stepmom. She was supposed to have an outpatient surgical procedure done this morning and needed to get up by 5 am. So I set my alarm because her alarm doesn't always work. Anyway...she came downstairs at 4:30 to tell me that her surgeon had an emergency surgery so her surgery was being postponed. So, Annie, that's what I was doing up at that hour. LOL

I'm in the process of trying to find a good doctor that accepts my insurance. The doctor I had is not on the plan. What a pain in the arse.

I wasn't planning on going to the gym tonight so I could come right home and look after my stepmom. But now that she's not having the procedure done today, I will go to the gym. After the gym, I'll start working on transferring the photos from the DropBox to the digital frame.

To answer Shad's question....yes, the digital photo frame does accept photos on a USB so we can always send more later.


Shad - Is Mel's apartment address the best address to send the frame to? Or do you have Jen's address?

Gotta run for now...I'll try and do more personals later.

Much love,

10-08-2013, 06:19 PM
I like the idea of the BINGO challenge. May start that too. I'm bad on drinking my water. Guess I'm around it all and day don't think about drinking it, just treating it.

Be back later.

10-08-2013, 09:31 PM
Ok - I just posted a few more pictures and unless we get some drop dead gorgeous fall color pictures tomorrow - I promise I'm done ;)

Ceejay - glad you like the Bingo idea. I got a BIG laugh about you thinking about treating water more than drinking it :lol3: - that's putting your all into your job.

10-09-2013, 02:40 AM
Sent a note to Jen last night, but as yet no reply. I'm hoping that things are okay and they are all wrapped up with moving Mel to the hospice or something.
I may have a couple more to add then I will be done since I have hogged the drop box continuously for days.

10-09-2013, 08:30 AM
Good Morning/Evening Everyone...

Sassy decided to spend the night at Sissy's house last night so we were furry free last night. I got home a little early and decided to cut the much needed grass as it was hard for Roo to go poo. Fixed baked pork chops and sauted zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, onions and baby portabella mushrooms..added a bit of garlic, oregano, pepper, was very tasty.

I looked up what gas stations were in and around where MELLIE/JEN live. Shell seems to be the only one my area has in common with them. I put a Shell gas card in the mail to Jen to help out that way. I just don't know what else to do.

I am way over this govt shutdown. I also know they said that the US Mail would not be affected, however our neighborhood has not received any mail in two days. Which is a bunch of bunk as I am looking for a package from Kohls with two new bras in it. Could care less about the bills and other stuff. lol.

HAPPY...the garden is still intact. I usually leave it until the temps dip below 40 at night. So far we are at 45-48 at night. I am going to bring in a haul tonight and may just wrap it up over the weekend. How is Nina doing? DH?

CEEG...Sissy is still doing great. She has her next check up on the 17th and we may be able to tell the gender at that time on the ultrasound. You are doing quite well with your exercising also, good on you. that enough pictures that I sent you. I can always find more if necessary. I dropped an envelope in the mail yesterday to you for the frame.

SHADDIE...I hope all is going well with MELLIE and JEN. Jen is probably too busy too worry about emails. I am guessing you found your way to work. bleh

LAURA...I know what you mean about people getting let go, whatever the reason, it is just a tough world out there and way too much saddness. You are doing terrific with your exercising and will be at goal in no time.

Better get busy, waiting to hear from my boss in LV, I am requesting an hour of PTO this afternoon.

Loves and hugs

10-09-2013, 09:48 AM
I was thinking on the same line as you about sending a card for things for Jen. Think I'll get a Walmart card this week end and mail it. She can use it for whatever. And some have gas stations. I'm with you on this gov shut down. But it seems we've had them in the past. But the President usually steps in and does his job.

It's really sad that people get fired from their jobs. How was the movie?

Is Nina doing better?

I'm glad you are putting a lot of pictures in the frame. Did you find you way to work?!!

Are you going to rest this week end?

I've found that if I balance weekly it's not as hard when the end of the month comes. I do double/triple check things. There hasn't been any communication between operators for comparison in balancing. Last week L made some changes that were incorrect and now I'm wondering just how many of these incidents have occurred in the past. I'm not leaving anything to chance. She's still sneaky. This is where my "CYA" notebook comes in handy.
More later.

10-09-2013, 09:55 AM
CEEG...what is "CYA" notebook...did I miss out on something?

10-09-2013, 11:44 AM
Morning kids,

Short post for me - we have a few items on the to do list today and hopefully tonight will meet some new friends at the movies to see Gravity. It's been breezy the last 24 hours - the leaves are falling off the trees now :( Nothing like a "look" of autumn when colored leaves are swirling on the streets. Things will be bare soon and you'll be able to see through the trees at things you forgot were there. That's why I'm glad I live in a pine forest - we will always have privacy among the neighbors ;)

For those asking - (and thank you for that) Nina seems to be doing very, very well. She is back to her usual frenetic energy into everything and anything. Lately she is going neurotic chasing the random flies and ladybugs that are all but impossible to keep out of the house. I think we finally got the right combo to keep her as healthy as she can be and happy. Thanks for prayers answered. DH is doing ok - the rash on his legs only seems to appear when it's warm out AND he's doing a lot of standing with yard work. He said his legs were fine and he spent quite a bit of time outside raking pine needles the last few days. He got the all clear on his heart - everything is in good working order :crossed: so hopefully we can both stay healthy. I just wish I could figure out this kink in my back as I am annoyed at the neck and hip pain. Maybe I will check out a chiropractor although I'm not a fan of that regiment for me in particular.

Annie - a CYA notebook is something in which you keep notes on what's going on in case one day you get blindsided and pulled into the office and accused of something that you need to defend yourself on. I had a steno book filled with details my last year on the job. Sad but a necessary thing in the new corporate America. Good for you for thinking ahead Ceejay. Good idea with the gas card for Jen. Glad to hear that Sissy is doing well in her pregnancy.

I'm go over the circus that passes for our government. The only time our vote means anything at all is to vote every single person in office OUT next election. Voting them in they obviously don't have any regard in supporting their constituents so maybe voting them out will send a message too. The end of the world comes closer... tick ... tick... tick.

Shad - thanks for sending a note to Jen - I am hoping that not hearing anything means that things are status quo, she is stable and Jen is just busy running back and forth taking care of her.

Gotta run - hello to the rest of the chicks, will catch up later.

10-09-2013, 11:55 AM should really try rolling on an exercise ball. Lying on your back on it and rolling back and forth. I do it close to the sofa in case I need to catch myself or steady myself. Curtis is really good on it and has no problems balancing. I guess it is his strong, musclie legs from all the walking, stooping, and getting in and out of the box truck. Tightous I say!

10-09-2013, 11:58 AM
Morning all.

This week I lost the 0.2 pounds gain I showed at last week's WW meeting. Next week is the last week of this session. Since 6/25, the beginning of this session, I've lost a grand total (net) of 1 pound. Really??!! How lame. I need to make this week count and show a "real" loss next Tuesday!! Plus I have a follow-up appt next Wed. with my doc re my bp (no issues, just the usual), so it would be nice to show some more weight loss when I step on their scale.

I'm signing up for the next wwaw session since I'm still not at goal and need the help and structure. We may have a smaller group next time, and we may have a substitute for a good portion of the next session unless we change our meeting day. Many of us would welcome a new meeting day, including me! This next session will take us through the holidays and right up to my cruise in Feb. - a good thing.

Walked doggy after work since bf was off at the gym. Just out of curiosity, I started the timer on my cell phone and this walk turned out to be 22 min 51 seconds. :D That's about right for a "normal length" walk. On really nice days or when we go by the creek, it's longer.

The movie "Don Jon" was very entertaining. However, this is a movie about what I'll call a "pornaholic" and there was a lot in the movie about his "habit" - more than I needed to see. Also be warned that the characters are what I imagine the "Jersey Shore" people are like (I never watched the reality show), the guys have foul mouths and like to go out clubbing and get laid. But the story is pretty good, I really liked the direction it took. I really like that Joseph Gordon Leavitt - he also wrote and directed this movie. I think he's very talented. I still remember the cute kid he played in the sitcom Third Rock from the Sun with John Lithgow.

I dug through a couple boxes of photos last night/this morning to find an envelope my mom had sent me with some of my childhood photos. As part of a fundraising kickoff event at work, we were asked to submit a photo of ourselves from age 5-18. I think mine might be 2nd grade. I took a photo of it on my cell phone just in case it doesn't get returned as promised, so I'll try to get it on dropbox, just for kicks. It was the only one I considered submitting. The other pics I have feature horrible hair and/or giant coke bottle eyeglass lenses!

Annie - CYA is cover your a$$, so I get the idea of what Ceejay has in her notebook. I guess that's why I keep my desk files so long - some of that can be considered CYA material. Same for the e-mails I archive. Love the photos you posted on dropbox! I suppose I should try to post some more. I do have some nice scenery shots from my 2011 vacation in the Pacific Northwest... Gosh, hope you get your mail - only the good stuff, not the bills and junk mail. :D Good idea to send the gas card - who couldn't use that?? Yeh, my veg garden is still producing, so I'll leave it up a bit longer and enjoy the last of the tomatoes.

Ceejay - Good of you to be keeping a CYA folder for yourself. I'd hate to have anybody change the type of data you have to record - particularly if they are sneaky and incorrect in doing so!!

Shad - Hope we hear from Jen! Your flower photos are just stunning.

Happy - Love that tiny frog photo!! Definitely try the cottage cheese and tomato thing - yum. Give it some zing, maybe with italian dressing/herbs, or some balsamic vinegar. I'd stopped buying cottage cheese because it has so much sodium, but I'd heard in ww about adding tomatoes & balsamic and had to give it a go. I also like it sweet, with some mandarin orange segments. That applesauce sounds tasty - like the citrus zest addition, and a teeny clove flavor too on top of the usual cinn./brown sugar. I've heard only good things about Gravity, so I hope you enjoy it! Re the bone loss - my grandmother had it and so does my mom. Mom takes one of the pills for it - fosamax? I hope to avoid that as much as possible with calcium supplements and exercise. :crossed: Time for you to get another bone density test and see what the doc says??

Michelle - So when do we get to see some of your pics?? :) Glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope you find a good doctor that you like. So important!

Okay, back to biz now. Happy Hump Day to all. :)

10-09-2013, 01:34 PM
Hi everyone -

After work, I stopped at the post office to get the dimensions of the various Priority Mail boxes to ensure that the digital frame would fit in one of them (it does), otherwise, I'd have to find a UPS place. Then by the time I got to the gym, picked up Santa, made myself something for dinner...I was exhausted. So I didn't get to work on the frame. I know we're all anxious to get the frame in Mel's hands. And originally my plan is to move all the photos on it tonight and send it off tomorrow after work, so it would arrive by Monday (or Tuesday at the latest). But now I'm thinking it makes sense to get more photos uploaded, and I'll drop it off at the Post Office on Saturday morning, and it would get there by Wednesday. Let me know if the mailing Saturday, arriving Wednesday is ok with y'all.

I've got an appointment with a new doc on Friday morning. I want to review my issues with her and find out her recommendations for improving my health so that I can move from having my issues be well controlled with non-existent and/or under control without meds. I decided on this doctor because she comes highly recommended and she's a Stanford doctor. For those not familiar with Stanford Hospital/University, it's an outstanding hospital/medical system and is always on the leading edge of treatments. I'm finally completely willing to do whatever it takes to reverse my diabetes and get my health back.

Sorry I can't do personals today. I've got a ton of things to get done before my meeting at 11...and no doubt a ton of things after the meeting too. But I'm not complaining...being busy is a good thing.

Much love to all,

10-09-2013, 06:10 PM
Just wanted to add one thing...if you go into dropbox and notice that the names of your photos have changed, I did that. I did that for two reasons...1) I'm hoping that the name of the photo can appear as a caption when it displays on the frame...not sure if it can though; and 2) I thought it would be nicer for all of each person's photos to appear together (for example, all of Annie's, then all of Happy's; etc.) That way, Mel is less likely to be confused. So I added the person's name to the beginning of the photo file name. I hope you all don't mind.

10-09-2013, 06:37 PM
Thanks Michelle. I actually did a slideshow of the dropbox last night. This may have been before you did the captions. Nothing showed up as far as captions were concerned. I'll do it again tonight and check. It was fun to see Annies big brown eyes and Happy's blue ones and see Ceejay cuddled up to her nephew. What a cougar! Laura I had forgotten that you and Patty met up - good to see that photo. I should have one with me, Hollyhock and Madcat somewhere. Must see if I can dig that out tonight. Lucky I brought my back up drive with me.

Second to last day on the job. I can't really tell how this is going to work out. My gut instinct is that they need further handholding, but........ that costs so I doubt that they will get it. Going home day tomorrow.

Anyway, time to go do some work. I'll be back later when my day is done.

10-09-2013, 06:58 PM
Shad - I'm hoping that I can configure something on the digital frame to display the file names on the photos. I just finished adding the person's name to the beginning of the file names. And I added some photos of my own - the ones I have on FB, but I'll put more on this evening from my computer.

The more pictures the better...that goes for EVERYONE! So far, we've got roughly 200 photos. I'd love to get a lot more if possible.

gotta get back to it.

10-10-2013, 08:54 AM
Good Morning Everyone...

Half day today and off tomorrow to spend the day with BFF from St. Louis. I am looking forward to that. THis afternoon I am taking Miss Sass a cakes to the vet for her yearly shots etc. Cannot believe she was a year old in July. She is unaware of this appt. lol.

I may make it back later to do personals. I do want to shout out to CHELLE with a HUGE thank you for getting this all together. Be sure to save all the pix on a stick/flash drive or something. I would like to have it also. I already have the digital frame that Sam got me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Loves and hugs,

10-10-2013, 10:49 AM
Hello. I'm not new to 3fat chicks but I am new to this thread. It seems like you all do a great job supporting one another!

I'm looking for a thread that is very active and "fits" me. I have found all of your posts very positive to read.

How do you feel about someone new joining? Also, can you tell me a little bit about the thread. It seems like you start a new one monthly? Where did the name come from?

I will check back. Have a great day everyone.

10-10-2013, 11:44 AM
Hi Susie, we would love to have you join us. We do start a new thread monthly, I supposed we go by the name Worldlie Chicks since we are from all over the states, Australia and maybe some that pop in are from Canada. I joined in after this thread had already been established and love it here and the girls too. Please let us not a little bit about you...married, kids, hobbies, type of eating plan, exercise (which I am not very good at), that type of thing. Hope to see you around here.

10-10-2013, 11:59 AM
Woke up to fog this morning after sleeping in till 8 a.m. Put my work clothes in the washer and almost have my bedroom cleaned from to bottom. Need to make a couple of phone calls and run a couple of errands and that will be it for the day.

Welcome Susie. We are glad to have you join us.

I know you will enjoy the time with bff. I need to check on the one in Jonesboro to see how she's doing.

More later.

Thanks for getting all this organized. I've really enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

10-10-2013, 12:11 PM
Morning all.

I stayed up too late on Tuesday night (after the movie), so yesterday afternoon at work I was really dragging. I left about half hour earlier than I usually do, but right on the dot as far as official office hours go. Of course I was waiting at the elevators when the boss, heading to the restroom (before she left for the day), saw me and gave me an odd look. Made me feel like I was sneaking out. Bleh. Whatever, she's basically checked out on everything except a couple major projects she needs to get through before she retires. Otherwise communication between us is just about nil.

Okay, I'll stop whining. I have a good job with a good company, good pay & benefits. Everyday isn't roses, it's work. Get over it.
Perked up just a bit on my commute home, then changed into workout clothes right away. Prepped the onion and carrot and got all the other ingredients for the Middle Eastern lentil soup recipe out on the counter before I went to my barre class.

Barre class was fine. It really works the feet and legs a lot, and they often feel crampy and tired after the barre portion of the class. I need to remember to warm them up before class starts.

I put together the rest of the soup after class. I used my immersion blender to puree it, but I blended it a bit too much and the texture is smoother than bf & i like, but still tasty.

Hi Susie, welcome. :) I can't give you the history of this thread, but we do start a new thread each month and I find everyone to be very supportive! I'd say this is an active thread - daily postings for sure; can be a bit quiet on the weekends though...

Annie - Enjoy your time off today & tomorrow. :) Hope Sassy does well with her vet visit. :crossed:

Michelle - Thanks for all the work on dropbox, etc.!! :thanks: Mailing on Saturday is fine. I finally have a free night tonight, so I will look through my photos some more and try to upload more. I hope you have a good visit with the doc tomorrow.

Shad - I'd love to see more pics of our 3fc friends. :) Think you have one of Mel? Safe travels to you!!

Hi Ceejay!! :wave: Is it your weekend yet? I'm jealous!!!

10-10-2013, 12:31 PM
Good morning all!

Welcome, Susie! :welcome: We're happy to have you join us! This is a wonderful group of ladies, very supportive, lots of fun. We chat about everything from eating right, exercise, movies, work, the weather...pretty much anything.

I'm exhausted today. For some reason, I can't get to sleep before 11 or midnight lately, and I guess 7 hours sleep just isn't enough for me because I'm really tired lately. I've been eating right and exercising...maybe my body's in shock! :rofl:

As for the digital frame, if I can get all the pictures together tonight (by 7 PM Pacific Time), then I'll try and drop it off at the post office on my way into work in the morning.
Oooops...after reading Laura's post....I'll just plan on putting the finishing touches on organizing the photos tonight and tomorrow and mail it first thing Saturday morning.

Please add more photos between now and Friday night. Ok?

Well, I'd best start tackling my work to do list. :D

Much love to all,

10-10-2013, 12:46 PM
Annie - Have a wonderful time with your bff!!! I hope Sassy's vet appt goes well. My doggie day care reminded me that Santa is due for his bordatella next month.

Ceejay - Are you going to Jonesboro or Paragould this weekend? Or are you sticking close to home? Enjoy your days off and try and find time to relax.

Laura - I know what you mean about being exhausted. My boss is out today, and I'd love to leave a bit early to beat the traffic...but I'm worried others will notice. The soup sounds yummy. My immersion blender is in storage. Speaking of storage, my stepmom, who knows I have quite the Halloween collection, asked if I had any Halloween stuff she could use to decorate. I would love to be able to decorate with my Halloween stuff...but it's packed so deeply in storage that I don't think there's any hope of finding it. I'm fairly sure it's not anywhere near "the top" of the pile. Your Barre class sounds interesting. Is it mostly stretches and plies? I may have to google it to see what it's about. I can understand how your feet and legs get crampy.

Sending a big :wave: to Happy and Shad!

Much love to all,

10-10-2013, 01:08 PM
Howdy Chicks,

First of all Susie welcome and we're glad to have you. I was one of the original of the group and we had adopted the name Worldly Chicks because a bunch of us came together from all over the world - The States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and England. We've been together over 10 years and in that time people have come and gone as life has gotten in the way of posting on the Internet ;) While we are mostly based in the U.S. now, we have occasional visits from our Canadian friends but the duty of "Worldly" falls to our one international friend and initial founding member Shad - who is a native New Zealander living in Australia. We change our thread title monthly only because at one point 3FC made you close a thread and open a new one after 500 posts. I would say we are more social and supportive than a full on diet and exercise challenge group - but we are really good at cheering each other in our efforts. So come on in, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and tell us a bit about yourself.

The biggest thing going on with us right now is that one of our good friends Mel has been diagnosed with some very serious health issues. She is in the hospital right now and we are putting together a photo slideshow for a digital picture frame for her to send her some cheer.

In the spirit of yin and yang had a good day and a bad day yesterday. DH and I went out for a long ATV ride. It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day. This was a trail I'd not been on before but he had and it was narrow and winding and with the trees in color it was just spectacular. I was hoping to get some nice pictures for the frame but the colors are past their peak and while there are still some pretty bits out there, they don't come through in the pictures. :( Michelle I did add 3 more pictures last night - used your naming convention and hopefully you can look at the time stamp to see the newer stuff. I'm only doing that because you asked for a few more pictures. Back to the ride - along the way a deer jumped out in our path, we flushed several grouse out of the brush including one poor scared fellow who ran along side the UTV for a minute or so, there was a huge snapping turtle in the middle of the road. DH stopped to get a picture but that turtle had some moves on him and scooted into the brush. We also saw some turtles sunning themselves on rocks, a pair of swans in the lake as well as a bunch of ducks. Every SINGLE one of them scooted away just as I turned the camera on. We stopped for lunch and then hurried back as we were supposed to go to the movies. Got home and I got a call from the person we were supposed to meet up with - they were not able to make it. That sort of started the downhill slide. I was a bit miffed the way this all went down - lets just say we sort of put our plans on hold waiting on someone else several times only to come up short. I would have actually preferred going to the movies on Tuesday but we changed plans based on them. We were tired after our ride and barely had enough time to clean up and get to the movies but the movie is only there until today so DH said let's just go.

Ok, review of the movie Gravity. The scenery of earth from space is SPECTACULAR. The first 40 minutes of the movie are very gripping. George Clooney is his usual charming self - his character is a total Clooney fest (which was fun and entertaining). Without giving too much away, the second half of the movie was about Sandra Bullock trying to get out of her predicament. I hated the end - it was like all of a sudden they just wrapped up the movie fast forward and suddenly you're staring at the screen credits and the movie is over. They had spent so much time at the front end building the premise (and a good one at that) and then it was like, ok - what else you got, don't know so let's wrap it up. Disappointing. I thought the special effects for showing zero gravity and weightlessness were amazing. There was only 2 very short pieces of the movie where the 3D effects were interesting. Yes, at one point I did flinch when the space debris was coming at me ;) They said they were talking about Oscar contender for Sandra and while she played a good role - darn that girl can do serious character like few others - I wouldn't call it Oscar worthy.

We got out of the show a little after 7 and headed over to Perkins - a family restaurant that serves breakfast all the time - for a light dinner. We walked in, there were about 5 people in the restaurant and were seated promptly. The person seating us asked what we wanted to drink and we said coffee. He said he'd be right back. 10 minutes later our waitress came over and gave us menus and asked what we wanted to drink. We said we ordered coffee. 10 minutes later still no coffee. Waitress came and took our order and we thought she'd bring us coffee. Nope. She went in the back and was talking with the other servers and we had to get her attention to get some coffee. As she set the coffee down I asked her for more creamer (the coffee for a change was rather strong). She said sure and never brought us any creamer. After about 20 minutes she brought my eggs benedict and DH's French toast. She said they were still working on my side of pancakes. I had just about finished my eggs when she brought over a plate of the blackest pancakes I had ever seen. It was obvious they were burnt. I said "don't you think these are a little burnt?" - she said "yes, I would not eat them - let me get you another order". As she walked away I began to get fearful - I don't make it a habit of sending food back because you never know what people do in the kitchen when you send food back. I would have told her to forget it but she disappeared in the back again. Meanwhile I took a bite of the cantaloupe in the fruit cup and had the most horrid crunchy, didn't belong there feeling. Had no idea where that came from. The waitress brought a new stack of pancakes fairly quickly but not only was I afraid to eat them, DH had used up all the maple syrup leaving me the yucky fruit based ones. I figured if I asked for more syrup she'd probably leave it right next to the coffee creamer we asked for an never got so I just skipped it altogether even though the reason I walked in the place was that I wanted some pancakes! Got in the car, ran my tongue along my back teeth and discovered that the "crunchy" thing in my fruit was my back molar disintegrating. Half the tooth is gone. :mad: I just made an appointment with the dentist to replace a broken crown and now I have another one. Good bye $2,000. :tantrum: DH used the medical insurance this year and I guess I'll be using the dental insurance. I'm still mad today thinking about it. And I guess sitting in a bumpy UTV seat for 5 hours yesterday did not do my back any good as my neck is horribly painful today. We were supposed to check out another trail today - saw a trailgroomer (caretaker) at lunch and he said this particular trail was really pretty and the colors were only going to last for a few more days so he highly recommended it. But I told DH there was no way I could do this as I was afraid of having a bigger issue. Heat did not help, I used some icy rub/linament and took 4 pain relievers and it's eased up a bit. So tired of this already. Bah.

10-10-2013, 01:48 PM
Back for personals. Geez I talk too much!

Michelle - that's unfortunate that your Halloween stuff is buried in the storage unit but I know how that goes. Did you take the Christmas penguins too? I'm still having trouble sleeping too - maybe it's just this time of year and we are restless during the transition of summer to fall :lol: That really is a hassle when you can't seem to wake up. And coffee doesn't seem to help but kick in when you are ready to shut down for the day. :rolleyes: Thanks again for putting the pictures together. I'll see if I can come up with something else. Wish I had access to DH's butterfly pictures he took in Chicago but we lost them when his hard drive crashed a couple of years back.

Laura - you mention Fosamax for your Mom. Might want to do a little research on it. They are finding that a certain class of bone density medications - FOSAMAX being one of them, Boniva another - have been linked with causing extreme bone brittleness in some women. The dentist had mentioned it to my Mom when she was considering some dental surgery. That's a shame about the odd encounter with the boss but sometimes it does get odd like that - I think it's just better if they announce they are leaving and are gone in 2 weeks to the month or keep things under wraps. There is generally some weirdness on both sides for everyone. Your soup sounds good - reminds me I have a bag of lentils I need to do something with. Thanks for the movie review too - I may wait for that one to come out on video - he did say it was real "Jersey Shore" sterotype. I loved your hydrangea picture - gorgeous colors.

Ceejay - sounds like you got a good start to your day and are a busy bee.

Annie - hope you have a wonderful day off with your friend - the weather is so nice right now, anything you do will be great. I can't believe that Sassy is a year old already. She is just adorable as are your pictures. Thanks for the tip on the exercise ball - is that to stretch and pull things out? I know I have one in the garage somewhere - a nice one too but like Michelle - it's "somewhere" but looking for it will give me an excuse to get in there and do some organizing. I noticed when I went to dump the trash the other day, DH is arbitrarily tossing things in the garbage - wish he'd toss his own stuff.

Shad - I have to tell you that one of my favorite pictures is the "Not Igor" one :rofl: And then I noticed Carla's "This isn't Igor either" :lol3: Poor Igor and all the Igor wannabe's. I see you are home safe and sound. To you have your time back to yourself again or do you have more work lined up? I hope they retain some of what you tried to cram in their heads in a short while.

Ok, I should get busy - sitting at the computer I think is part of the problem with my neck. Have a good day everyone.

10-10-2013, 04:46 PM
Sassy's vet appt went very well. She was rated a perfect lil girl....her weight is maintaining for the past year at 8lb8oz. Very trim and just well, perfect. Teeth nice and clean, ears clear, skin smooth, heart rate excellent. Nails clipped, shots. Trifexa for heartworms and fleas. Cost 280.00, love and affection priceless. I just love my puppy!

10-10-2013, 05:06 PM
Happy - I added the "This Isn't Igor Either" to Carla's photos. most of her photos just had numbers as the file name, so I tried to add descriptions where I could. And I just didn't know what to say about that guy other than definitely not Igor. LOL As for the outdoor lawn decorations, I left most of them with my ex. And as it turns it it was good that I did because my storage unit is packed to the gills, and I wouldn't have been able to fit them. When I get my own place, and unpack what i do have, I'll determine what I want to add.

Annie - I'm so glad Sassy's vet appointment went well. :D 8.5 lbs, what a teeny little baby! I need to get Santa's nails trimmed and the hair pulled out of his ears.

Gotta get back to it. It's been a crazy day so far.

10-10-2013, 06:45 PM
Hi, quick run through. I will get to personals and stuff from home. Still haven't heard from Jen and am beginning to get a bit worried. Don't know who to contact since Jen said in her last note that she hadn't told many people about Mel's condition and I don't want to rock the boat. Thinking cap on
Michelle - Carols photo of 'its definitely not Igor' is apparently something she snapped in England at some time. I called it the 'beached whale'

Welcome Susie.

I'll be back later with some more. I think I have a photo of Mel somewhere in the house. I saw it only a month ago when cleaning out the files. If you can wait another 24 hours, I will try to find it and scan it into the dropbox. I can probably find another couple of photos of stuff as well. I was looking at the properties at some point. How are we going for size for the USB. Yeah I know we can get ginormous ones now, but.........
Anyway, gotta go get on with it. 4 hours to go and counting

10-10-2013, 06:57 PM
Decided to mow only the front and side lawns today. Last week I over did it. Today I reached down to move a pine cone out of the way and ugh something stung me. It's still painful. I got it back as I stomped it. It was yellow so I'm not sure if it was a yellow jacket or hornet. I put a baking soda paste on it. I'll put and ice pack on it later. Should have gone next door to get a cigarette butt.That's what mom always used when we got stung in my younger years. I'm finishing the back lawn tomorrow.
No I'm not going to Paragould or Jonesboro this week end. I'll try to go next week end. My uncle said he ate my share of food last week end.

I will more than likely wait till that movie comes out on dvd. I may watch Peter Pan tonight with Cathy Rigby. I bought a DVD for my neice who was her protogie (sp) while her show ran in Branson. I also bought the cartoon version for my nephew's son.
Wow when you go on an ATV ride you see lots of things.

Glad Miss Sassy had a good check up.

By the way I bought a gift card for Jen and Mel from Walmart. I'm going to send it to Mel's address.

10-11-2013, 11:26 AM
Thank you all for the nice Welcome. I am having fun reading your posts and getting to know you.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Mel. I think it is wonderful that you are putting the slideshow together for her. She will love it. It's all very thoughtful of you all.

Some of you asked about me so here it is. I'm 48, live in Ohio. I am a Administrative Assistant and I work at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati. I have a 1 hour work commute each way and so I'm always tired when I get to Friday! ;) I'm married. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary just this week. We do not have children (we tried but never could get the deed done! lol). We have a lot of friends and family who share their children with us and we feel blessed and happy that we can sleep in whenever we want! :D

I have battled my weight all my life and I really don't want to weigh close to 300 lbs when I turn 50 in a couple of years. My goal is 180 by my 50th birthday.

I love to read (mostly fiction) and until this past year I loved to workout. I'm trying to get back to that. I attend TOPS for my weekly accountability and also motivation. I am also using My Fitness Pal to help me stay on track daily.

I try to post daily..I'm someone who needs daily motivation but sometimes after being on the computer most of my day, I usually get a post in 4-5 times a week and I catch up on everything I missed over the weekend.

I love the energy on this thread!

This is my last day of "stay-cation". DH and I have had a blast being at home and doing what we want, when we want. We cleaned out the garage yesterday and it looks so good and organized (I'm a bit of clean and organization freak). This morning I'm going to clean up the cars inside and tonight we are going to a high-school football game to watch my cousin's son play. Tomorrow, I'm going to a TOPS rally.

I'll most likely check in on Sunday but might make it on Saturday too.

10-11-2013, 11:51 AM
Shad - umm why are we including a picture of Mel in the slideshow? Did she forget what she looked like? :rofl: :lol3: Actually she sent me one years ago - I think it might be on my old computer although I did look through it last week for the picture of you, DH and I to include and I didn't come across it. I'll look again. If nothing else then the other chicks can see what Mel looks like - or wait... was that your intention in the first place? *slaps her forhead for being a B-O-Z-O * :^:

10-11-2013, 12:34 PM
Morning all. Called in sick today. I woke up in the middle of the night and after a bathroom visit it became apparent I have a UT I. Haven't had one in so long, forgotten what a PITA it is. I didn't sleep much after that & decided to stay home instead of going to the office like death warmed over.

Went to the drugstore & picked up a "urinary analgesic" to ease that gotta go feeling. Just started reading "Following Atticus". Will be back later with personals. TTFN.

10-11-2013, 12:41 PM
Good morning happy chicks,

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday so I get a bonus Friday today :yay: :dance::woohoo::cheer3::cheer2: Of course I am retired so every day is Friday to me.

Susie - nice to meet you - good to set a goal before your milestone birthday and you are giving yourself a reasonable time frame to meet it. Not like deciding a month before your birthday you want to magically lose 50 pounds. ;)

Quick about me - I am married - been with DH for 41 years, married for 36 of them. He stole me away when I was just a teenager ;) No kids - we were almost afraid of what the two of us would have produced :devil: besides the fact that both of our moms said they hoped some day we'd have kids just like us :yikes: We do have fur babies and always had. I was born and raised in Chicago, DH hails from Rhode Island originally and came to Chicago to escape a small town. We were both in I.T. In 2004 my company got bought out by a large paper company and they were closing the office. We were offered jobs but they insisted we relocate to the company headquarters in Memphis. DH's job with IBM was on shaky ground as they kept moving more jobs offshore and the job market in Chicago was getting bad so we decided to move to TN. We thought Chicago winters were bad but were not prepared for the blazing heat and humidity of the south. Lived there for 8 years, DH got his walking papers shortly after his 25th service anniversary and my job got eliminated almost 2 years later. We had been looking for a place to retire for the last 15 years and found what we were looking for in far Northern Wisconsin and bought a home here which was originally going to be our "summer retreat" while I worked for 2 more years. When my job got eliminated I looked for other positions but in the end we talked it over - neither of really fit into the southern way of life so we decided to dump our house, take an early retirement and high tail it back to the north again. Freedom day for us was 11/11/11. DH is quite happy here living in the forest with lots of animals and wildlife for company. I am still trying to find my nitch after working my entire life. But we are both happy, reasonably healthy and while not rich, we have "enough" to get by and enjoy our life. We joke here on the thread that my place is the "commune" that all the Worldly Chicks will eventually retire to so we can all be hippies again and live off the land. :grouphug: It's funny that you say you work for PnG. My "6 Degrees of Separation" to you - if you want to call it that - was that in Memphis I worked with a girl who was my mentor on a new project. She left the company and moved to Cinn and went to work for PnG. :lol: She stayed there for a year and a half and then decided corporate life was not for her and left to pursue her artsy passion. Feel free to share some good ideas you get in your TOPS meetings. Welcome again.

Yesterday we went to the next big town because DH's bathroom faucet broke and they don't have much of a selection here. We stopped at Applebee's for an early dinner. They have a whole page of the menu dedicated to WW meals so I decided to be good and order the shrimp parmesan with rice. It was very good but honey, that was NOT a WW 550 calorie meal! It had sautéed onions, herbs and diced carrots in the rice mix and there was quite a bit of oil on it. The parmesan sauce was the same high fat sauce that DH had on his steak and there was melted parmesan cheese over the whole dish. I daresay that was 3 times the calories it should have been. Disappointing because here I was trying to be good. On the way home we saw a sign for fresh cranberries in the town that had the cranberry festival last week. We took a ride down the road and found the nicest couple selling cranberries fresh picked from their bog. I bought 10 pounds to which DH replied 10 POUNDS! but hey, since they are machine harvested you have to sort through and pick out the not quite ripe ones, stones and those that might have some soft bits on them so 10 pounds is not quite 10 pounds. I will use a pound for some fresh cranberry orange sauce and will freeze the rest of the berries in 1 pound packages to use throughout the year although I am debating about trying to make a batch of fresh cranberry juice too. Today we might go for an ATV ride - it's the last nice day - rain is moving in and the temperatures will drop substantially. I was just out on the deck and while it's nice out, there is definitely a cool undertone in the air - you can tell the weather is about to shift. And it's breezy again so the leaves will be dropping. I love wading through crunchy piles of autumn leaves :D I'd jump in them too but I know I'm at the age where things break easily, heal slowly and take lots of money to get fixed again ;) so I'll be satisfied with just walking through them.

Ceejay - ouch on the sting. This time of the year the hornets come out. Have to watch what you touch. I think Cathy Rigby would be perfect in Peter Pan!

Shad - I'm not sure who else to contact about Mel. Was the office manager (whose name I don't remember) her friend or her enemy? All I can think of is Willie.

Michelle - was probably better you left the decorations back with the ex. If you move to a condo or apartment, having lawn decorations would just be a waste. Sort of like the guessing game with furniture - what to keep and what won't fit any more. That was funny about Carla's Not Igor picture - maybe we should devote a couple of pics to Not Igor themes - no wait, that would just be too ugly - my eyes, my eyes :lol:

I will look for a few more pics to add by the end of the day today.

Annie - glad that Sassy girl checked out just fine. She is a real cutie. I'd love to see her in the Weenie Dog races. :lol: Have a good day with your friend today.

Hello Laura whom I have probably crossed in transit.

DH is calling - gotta go. Have a good weekend.

10-11-2013, 12:42 PM
Laura - sorry you are feeling bad. Rest up, drink some cranberry juice. ;) and feel better quickly.

10-11-2013, 03:24 PM
Hi everyone -

My doctor appointment went REALLY well. I really like this new doc, and she's thrilled that I am so motivated to reverse my diabetes and lose weight and get my back better. So she'll be hooking me up with a nutritionist, and with physical therapy. :dancer: In the meantime, I'm going to be taking my blood sugar twice a day (more if I feel a crash or get lightheaded), tracking everything I eat and drink, and I'll give all that info to the nutritionist. She's also going to schedule me for a mammogram, and a colonoscopy (ugh). She said since all my annual gyne exams have been normal, once she sees the reports she will likely let me go 2-3 years before my next one since I'm post menopausal.

Tonight I'll be compiling all the photos and hopefully be able to upload them to the frame so Mel doesn't have to keep the USB plugged in. But either's all getting mailed to her at 9 am Pacific Time tomorrow.

After the trip to the post office, and dropping Santa off at Day Care, my boyfriend D and I will be going to a Library Book Sale and then to the Renaissance Faire! I'm so excited. I used to love to go in costume, but alas my costumes are in storage and I'm a bit too heavy to fit into them....certainly a good incentive to lose weight for next year! :yes:

I can't say enough how pleased I am with this doctor...she wants to treat ALL of me. A holistic approach to health and really help me achieve my health goals rather than just throw pills at me. Granted I take a lot of meds and it may be awhile before I can get off them. But I really liked her positivity and her determination and dedication to getting me more mobile (so I can walk and hike) and more healthy overall! :dancer: :dancer: :woohoo:

Gotta run cuz I got into work 2.5 hours late due to the doctor appointment! :yikes: So much to do.

Feel better Laura!!! :getwell:

Ceejay - So sorry about the sting. Watch it close and if it starts to swell a lot or gets hot or worse..turns black...get to the doctor QUICK!

I'll try and do personals tonight.

Much love and many hugs,

10-11-2013, 10:15 PM
Ugh on the UTI. Glad you stayed home. Feel better soon and I second the motion on getting cranberry juice.

A doctor that will help you get to your goals is awesome. And it's so nice to see the words "my boyfriend" in your post.
Believe it or not my hand did swell a bit but mainly hurt like the dickens. A friend told me to put an anitbiotic cream on it and that really helped.

I actually saw the hornets today and called the landlord to see if they would do something about it. I told them I was stung. But of course it is Friday afternoon.

You gave me the incentive to finally clean out the shed. I have a few very old paint cans that I need to discard but need to call the sanitation dept to see if I can put them on the road or in a dumpster.

A bit about myself. I'm single, never married, came close a couple of times though. The term "old maid" applies :lol: and I'm 63. I have two siblings both female one who lives in Texas, the oldest sibling and the other who lives in Missouri, youngest sibling. I have no children. I am a middle child. I am a licensed water treatment plant operator. I've worked for our city 22 years as of December 4 of this year. Sure would like to retire but with the economy, I'm going to try to stick with it until I'm 65. I live in Arkansas.

Finished the lawn this afternoon. It was really nice to be outside. Then decided to start on the shed. I threw away 1 big bag and part of another of things and called my neighbor to see if she wanted the rest. She came and got it. This morning I started to clean my home office, went to the P.O. to mail my nephew and neice's dvd of Peter Pan and Mel a thinking of you card. I put a gift card from Walmart for Jen and Mel inside.

10-12-2013, 03:16 AM
Hi ladies -

The total number of photos was just over 300. I'm downloading them from DropBox now, and I'll be putting them on a USB drive (flash drive/thumb drive). I was hoping to be able to load them onto the frame itself but it could only hold about 10 photos. I'll be sending the USB drive in the box with the frame. And I've got a card to go with it that's got a very nice message saying we all are thinking about her and sending our love. And I've got instructions for the photo frame. It will go out tomorrow Priority Mail and should arrive by Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest).

For any future/additional photos to send to Mel, I would suggest just saving them to a USB drive and mailing it to her. Or we can do another compilation of photos on DropBox.

Laura - I'm glad you're reading "Following Atticus". It's such a wonderful book. I encourage you to follow the Facebook page as well. Tom Ryan, the author, posts often about the day to day lives of Atticus and their senior citizen Schnauzer Will.

I'll be going to bed soon...hopefully will be able to post more tomorrow night.

Much love,

10-12-2013, 12:52 PM
Morning all,

Happy weekend. Always something to see here. We are currently inundated with lady bugs - although they call them Asian Beetles which I guess are the "new" lady bugs. They are all over the outside of the house clamouring to get inside. In addition to that we also are supposed to get an invasion of stink bugs - how nice. They are small angular bugs which are devastating to the garden - I first noticed them this year in the cucumbers and tomatoes as they are migrating up north. Very destructive to gardens and called stink bugs because they emit a strong odor if crushed or disturbed. When I saw them in the garden I just picked them up with a trowel and flung them over the garden fence. Everything is trying to get into the house for the winter - and it's the worse I've seen it as we head into our 3rd winter here. Hope that's not a bad omen. :yikes:

Yesterday DH and I just had the best day. We took the UTV out on a new trail and it almost started out as a disaster. We were riding along on a narrow trail and some other people were out also but going in the opposite direction. I realized this can be kind of dicey because the trails are narrow and winding and the UTV/ATVs are loud enough to drown out the sound of someone approaching. So... one must drive carefully and PAY ATTENTION. We came to a bend in the path and one guy driving far too fast for conditions nearly sideswiped us. We barely recovered from him when a late teenage / young 20 something kid driving even faster came around the corner driving in the middle of the path and lost control of his ATV - DH swerved off the path or we would have hit head on, banged into a metal trail sign on my side and the kid hit us on the drivers side. AND HE RODE OFF!!!! DH was cussing a blue streak and I don't blame him. We turned around and went after them. They had stopped and the kid said he got confused and sped up instead of releasing the throttle. You could see they were the second worse kind of ATV rider - gun the gas and drive like a maniac so that you fly into the air hitting bumps and such and make big splashes in the water and mud. The worse kind of ATV rider is this kind of person that is also full of beer. Nothing wrong with having a good time rough riding BUT you cant ride that way when there are other people on the trails. If that's what you like - go off roading away from the trails. This idiot darn near tipped us over - good thing DH is such a good driver. After that I was admittedly rather flinchy as we came across other riders but thankfully that was the only goofballs on the trail. And the older guy who was with them just kept grinning at us all the time DH was yelling like he was a goober fool. DH said he figured the guy didn't know what happened with the kid however I did point out the old guy was going too fast also and sideswiped us so the kid was probably just following his lead. :rolleyes: After that things calmed down and we had the best ride ever. Leaves were blowing all over as it was getting gusty and the weather was warm and gorgeous. We met some other folks at rest stops and were chatting - everyone remarked about how nice the trails were groomed (there are volunteers who ride the trails and remove dead trees and fill in holes and such). The weather turned cooler today in advance of the rains but we all agreed that yesterday was just the last perfect day for a ride.

Today is catching up on housework, laundry and I need to cook up some of the cranberries I bought as well as bag them and freeze the extras. Also need to cook up the rest of my apples. Going to divide it between sauce and maybe try an apple/pear/cranberry juice blend. So much better than the store bought stuff.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures on the drop box - I will make some notes and comment later on some of my favorites.

Michelle - one of my favorite photos is the one with you standing in the ocean / bay - the one titled MADE IT TO CALIFORNIA - it's soooo cute. I'm glad you are happy with you new doctor. It means so much when they are interested in helping you with all your goals - and keeping you as healthy as possible. It sounds like you have a wonderful support structure. :hug:

Hope you are feeling better Laura.

Shad I was not able to find any contact info for Jen other than the building address. She and Jen must have unlisted cell phones. That's one bad thing about going away from landlines. Harder to find people. I hope you hear something back from her.

Guess the rest of you are busy with your weekends and I need to get my act in gear too. Have a good time. :wave:

10-12-2013, 08:04 PM
Morning all,
Just doing this while drinking my cup of tea before dressing and getting on with my day.
I've been going over what Jen told us about Mel and the hospital. Since I can't seem to get a reply from Jen (and Carol is wondering whether she has made herself sick with the worry) I am thinking about ringing the hospital. However I can't work out whether she meant that Mel was in the Pallisades hospital and going to the Harborage Care facility from there or that she is to be moved to that hospital and then to the hospice. I looked at the map from Google and the Pallisades appears to be the only hospital within cooee of where she lives, but I really don't feel like ringing the place to try and see if she is there. Given that I speak English and you lot speak American, I would probably waste an awful lot of time trying to understand and be understood. Anyone interested in giving it a try??? who speaks American?
Most of the time I don't have problems understanding you lot - well Happy and Mel and Carol who isn't American but I sure did have with Daisy Mae at that place we went to in Arkansas if you remember Happy??? Porched aigs indeed.

Michelle - thanks for all you have done for the photos and the frame. Since I am home next week I will get the money over to you. I couldn't lay hands on that photo of Mel. No doubt now you have sent the parcel, the picture will show itself soon.
It's good that you have found a doctor you like. Seems lady doctors are the more caring type. My new one is doing all sorts of things that my old one didn't do, and I liked him as well.
Maybe you can make the dropbox visible to Suzie so she can see what we all look like. Or maybe not. That might frighten her off.
Carols definition of 'definitely not Igor' or as I termed it 'the beached whale'
The beached whale was spotted in England, and I couldn't resist - in North America even hot-bodied guys won't wear budgie-smugglers, hence the pic. I was actually a long way off but cropped the background out so Mel might be able to see him. He'll fit right in with the firemen she usually goes for. LOL

Ceejay - well done for cleaning out the shed. That's my next big job. DS2 has left a real mess in there and I am compounding his lack of sense. Wanna come over and do mine??

Susie - Nice to have you on board. Sounds like you and Annie will be swapping tips. She's a cleaning whirlwind. The invite to CeeJay extends to you as well. I'd love to have my shed cleaned up. But I guess I will have to do it myself. Lots of things to chuck out there.

So since you asked. I'm 64 and work for myself. I train adults in computer programs - Microsoft, SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle etc. I work away from home mostly, in mines and refineries and manufacturing plants and also utilities such as power, water, railways etc. and not to mention some Government departments and retail giants. I'm hoping to scale back this year working toward semi retirement. I can no longer do the years away from home and the long flights to get to the remote places. It's been fun, but I'd like to get some projects finished around the house and sort out where I want to spent the next few years. No point in just retiring. One needs a purpose in life.
I'm single now. I have 2 sons, 37 and 39, soon to be 38 and 40. I have no idea how they got to be so old and I have 1 grandchild. I don't see much of her since she lives in Adelaide and I live in Brisbane 2500+ kilometres away. That's her in the picture in my signature and in the pink hat in my avatar. I have 2 great nephews who I have never met thanks to a nephew who prefers not to communicate with the family, and 2 great nieces who I see quite frequently since they live up the road. I am also to be blessed with another great??? through my other niece (no idea what it is and I'd rather not know. I am partial to surprises).
I also have a cat - currently on vacation at her second home (my second son DS2) I had better get her back this weekend.
I never battled weight as a kid, but early in marriage and a sedentary job, I stacked it on and have fought it ever since. I'm now about 20Kilos away from my goal weight. It's becoming an ever increasing battle. I got close once but then it come back and brought a few friends along as well.
I read - it's due to all that time in aeroplanes - so I have a Kindle to keep me out of trouble. Otherwise I'd have to move due to all the books. I garden a lot and keep a healthy vege garden when I am home - and sometimes I get it all planted out and have to go away again. The neighbours and friends who look after the house love it when I go away and they can raid the vege patch.
We usually try to check in once a day - since we are a bunch of worriers and wonder where everybody is particularly as we have been here forever it seems.
My weight loss journey will probably never end. I tend to get discouraged from time to time and the girls here put me on track. So more or less that is me. Oh yes as Happy pointed out, I am a Kiwi now stationed in Australia. Someone has to lift the IQ over here.

Laura - so sorry to hear that you have an UTI. That hurts. Hope it gets better soon. That'll cut your exercise a bit I'll bet.

Annie - where'd you get to? Sleeping off the St Louis adventure? Good to hear both Sassie and Sissie are doing well.

Happy - stupid kids, seem to think they are immortal. Glad DH ripped strips of him. Also hope you didn't damage the ATV or do yourself any further harm. Stink bugs and lady bugs - how nice! NOT. :lol: Join the club - we seem to be getting spiders and bloody cockroaches. It would seem that one of the jobs next week is to 'bomb' out the house. I found a cockroach on the toilet seat last night. Flicked him into the loo with one hand and flushed with the other. However where there is one, rather was one, there are a cast of thousands.

Okay time to go get on with it. Got a list of things to do. Got up the power company AGAIN on Friday and now should start to make a list of all the times I've called and tried to straighten things out. It's all on bits of paper. I might add that the man I got on Friday (Hugh) actually sounded like he might have something between his ears. But I will wait for the answer before I make that a definite statement. Also need to finish up some doco - that I have now written 3 times. Unfortunately Microsoft managed to screw up the formatting twice (what you get when you go across Word versions) and I need to reformat and put back the dot points etc. It's all too hard. Okay I am off.

10-12-2013, 08:07 PM
Afternoon all. Doggy and I just got back from a walk. The day started off nice enough, but clouded up later in the morning, then rained up til just when we got home from lunch. Glad I was able to get doggy out for his walk.

Michelle - I'm so glad you like your new doctor. It'll be good to have her support on your journey to reverse the diabetes. Hope you're enjoying the Renaissance Fair.

Ceejay - Sorry you got the bee sting! Hope the pain and swelling have gone down. Good job getting going on the shed clean-out. :)

Happy - Terrible you and dh encountered idiots on the ATV path, but I'm glad you had a nice day otherwise. Even though you'd mentioned the leaf display is almost finished up by you, I'm sure it was still plenty beautiful. Yum, cranberries! Love them in sauces, quickbreads and muffins. One time I made a cranberry-apple pie and that was tasty. I'm not a huge fan of drinking cranberry juice straight though, so when I do drink it, I might just add a splash to some seltzer water or mix it with some orange juice. I don't drink it on a regimen to prevent UTIs - I had a couple 1/2 cup servings of it yesterday, but only because I thought it might help flush the infection out of my body. Ick re the bugs, but it seemed like the other night I saw a couple miscellaneous bugs around the house - they must be wanting to escape the chill at night. Thanks for your review of the movie Gravity. I love Clooney, sort of "meh" about Bullock in some roles, but I've heard a lot of good things about this movie, so even if the ending is disappointing, I'm still planning to see it. Bf wants to see it in an IMAX 3D theater, just not sure when we'll get around to it. He seems to want to go see it with a couple we know, but I can't see them having the time at the moment. Plus, the hubby is being affected by the partial govt's tight for them always, but especially now I imagine.

Susie - Sounds like a nice staycation. I just took some time off and part of that was spent at home. Not sure it was a staycation - didn't do anything special. We probably should have cleaned out our garage. It's needed doing for quite a while! So we have another Worldly in the general Midwest US region. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with my boyfriend and our dog. I work in downtown Chicago. I take a commuter train to work and by the time all is said and done, it's about an hour each way. But I don't drive any of my commute, and about half of it's on the train (the rest I walk and cycle), so I generally don't mind it at all. I'll be turning 50 next July and it seems you and I have the same thought re going into our 50's weighing less and being healthier! :) I've lost about 30 pounds since last September, partly on my own and partly through weight watchers at work. Still trying to hit goal - I'm getting close - but have more new habits to form, so I shouldn't try to rush it I guess.

Hi Shad - Hope you're enjoying your weekend back at home!

Annie :wave:

So I called in sick Friday. There was some kind of animal altercation outside our bedroom window in the middle of the night Thursday that woke me up and I had to go to the bathroom again even through I'd just gotten up to go a couple hours earlier. Not a good sign. So I didn't really get back to sleep that night. Tried for a bit, but then got up and read for a bit.

I got to the store for the meds, stopped to pick up a doughnut (feeling sorry for myself, turn right to eating, bleh). A bit more reading and then showered. Bf and I met his mom for lunch at an Italian restaurant near her place. Really good food, I'll spare you the food porn details, lol. After that we went straight to my doc's office, where I gave them a urine sample . Of course the OTC med I took turned my pee orange, but they could still somehow tell there was something off, and the doc wrote me an rx for Cipro. They are sending the sample out for a culture to make sure Cipro will deal with whatever type of infection this is. (forgot to mention: between the OTC med I bought and the cipro, I'm feeling much better today. trying to glug a lot of water as well.)

Didn't do much of anything after that - stopped by the library and home depot, watched part of a dvd we borrowed from the library. Conked out about 20 min. from the end, so I guess we'll finish watching that tonight.

This morning was generally lazy, and then I sorted my laundry and did a couple loads. Picked more tomatoes and some of the fresno chilis from the veg garden before the rain came. Did two workouts from my new BE dvd.

Bf and I went to lunch at a place by the house and afterwards stopped off at the doggie daycare (and boarding/grooming) facility nearby. I'd been curious about it for a long time, especially after the good reviews by our neighbors with the puppy. It seems like a really good place to go. They were having an adoption event today, along with a priest doing blessings, AND a bake sale (human and dog treats - we ended up buying a mini-loaf of apple pie quickbread). I was surprised by the number of dogs in daycare on a Saturday, but I guess it makes sense - people work on Saturdays, or are out of town, or have days full of activities and don't want their dogs to be left alone - just like they do on weekdays. We spoke with an employee and have decided we'll get Coal in for a behavioral assessment and if all goes well, buy a package of half-day visits just to get Coal some dog company once a week.

Suddenly feeling tired again - all this typing!! :D When Coal & I left the house for our walk, bf left to go to the last few hours of an auto auction being held in Schaumburg, so it's nice and quiet right now. Think I'm going to watch some tv and/or read in bed. Just don't want to fall asleep for too long and have trouble sleeping overnight!!

Okay, off to fetch my book. Everyone enjoy the rest of their weekend. :)

10-12-2013, 10:40 PM
Had trouble posting earlier.
Finished my laundry and ironed my work clothes for the week.
A friend stopped by earlier for a visit. I was glad to see her. I told her to call me if she wanted to go eat Thursday.
Text with my friend in Jonesboro.
Nothing else is going on.
Back to work tomorrow.

10-13-2013, 03:13 AM
Shad - I can give it a go with Mel on Sunday. I re-read Jen's note. Seems like Mel is in the medical facility and is awaiting a place at the assisted living place next to the hospital. There is no need right now for you to spend time and effort trying to cross international date lines to get through to the hospital. I can speak American and New England and so can DH although I think we are both woefully out of practice speaking 'Jersey but can make do. I will let you know what I find out. If they give me any information at all. It would be nice to talk to Mel if that's possible. I will try around noon my time on Sunday.

10-13-2013, 03:15 AM
Shad - this reminds me when we were trying to get information about your friend Chris in Japan and you could not get anyone speaking English so I put you in touch with Red Balloon who startled poor Chris but was able to get the message through. :lol: Never underestimate the Worldly Chicks ;)

10-13-2013, 04:40 AM
The Worldlies and their associated fan club are just the greatest. We can and have done, and will do again make miracles. Thanks Happy.

Isn't that Joisey and not Jersey?

10-13-2013, 01:18 PM
Just called - neither the hospital nor the extended care facility has her listed as a patient. I doubt she changed her name. I wonder if the insurance / medical care had her transferred to another hospital.

10-13-2013, 02:11 PM
... and yes - it's Joisey - the people I talked to sure had their Joisey going on :D

10-13-2013, 03:16 PM
taking a break from getting the week end paper work balanced.
Yep it was back to work for me.
Felt good last night to get all things completed on my list.

I'm wondering if Mel is at home. The gov shut down may have some bearing on things.

How are you feeling?

10-13-2013, 03:43 PM
Called Mel's cellphone but as expected no answer. Left a message but I'm not sure if anyone is screening calls.

Short of driving over there - not sure what else to do. I hope the lack of communication is not an indicator of something really bad.

10-13-2013, 05:12 PM
Thanks for trying Happy. Guess we will just have to try the office at the apartment block. Something has happened there. But what I have left a message on Mel's phone. It's as if someone was on it as it went to voicemail almost immediately.

10-13-2013, 10:56 PM
Hi. I am morning the end of my vacation. Thinking about going back and catching up is a bit daunting. I will just do what I can.

I have made a pack with myself to make time daily to log my food so I know where I am and be aware of my weight loss goal. Also to get exercise in at lunch 3 to 4 times a week.

Thank you to all of you who shared your personal introductions with me. You all are so interesting and have so much energy!

Laura: I hope you are feeling better. I too deal with uti's. I actually have a bladder conduction called interstitial cystitis and it feels like a uti's when it flares up. I take a daily medicine to manage the disease and also follow low acidic diet.

10-13-2013, 11:29 PM
Shad - phone rang twice and went to voicemail. Seemed quite typical to me as if the phone was not being monitored. How in the heck would we reach the office at the building???

10-13-2013, 11:31 PM
Happy and Shad
Maybe Jen is checking Mel's phone for messages. I'm getting more than anxious to here from her.

I had to play catch up today at work.

Just realized that I'll be on vacation soon -starting Thursday as a matter of fact. Yippe :dance: This will be a stay-cation, unless I can get some on to go with me up to Hardy, Arkansas for a couple of days. I'll text my cousin tomorrow and ask her.

10-13-2013, 11:33 PM
Happy and Shad
Do either of you have Jen's cell phone number?
What about her email???????

10-13-2013, 11:42 PM
As far as I am aware, Jen doesn't have a cell phone. Mel told me ages back that it had been cut off.

I've used Jens email several times now and there is no reply.

10-14-2013, 09:45 AM
Good Monday Morning Everyone.....was a very busy 3 days off...sorry for my absence, everytime I sat down for a minute I thought of posting but was too tired to get back up and turn the darn computer on.

Guess I will go back to BF, her mom (my 2nd mom) as I have been under her influence since about 4 years old, my DD and the babe showed up at the house around 10 am. We sat and had coffee and decided where to go for lunch. Blueberry Hill Pancake House. They have all kinds of great food. Some of us got lunch some got breakfast. I had BBQ chicken, mashed tatos, mixed veggies and salad. I brought a breast, two wings and the tatos home to C for his dinner. No cooking on Friday. I was too full to eat dinner. We went to Kohls for a bit of shopping then back to my house for iced tea and great conversation, mostly laughing.

Saturday, my brother came over about 10, we had a "session" for he and his wife's new Life Coaching business. I am his first client (guinea pig), it is for free however I think this well help with my understanding myself and losing weight. We shall see. He left around noon and I did laundry, cleaned the oven. My semi-annual job as I don't like the smell of Easy Off. Fixed pizza noodle casserole and garlic bread (buns) for dinner, Sissy called and want to stop by to get the carpet cleaner on their way home from Ainsley's volleyball game. They ended up staying for dinner and taking the leftovers home with them.

Yesterday C and went by to see dad's house and all the work my bro/SIL have done. OMGoodness you would not believe the difference. Actually you would never known my dad/momma lived there. New carpet, all the wallsceilings painted, cabinets in kitchen taken down, cleaned, sanded and repainted a very lovely shade of grey. New tile in kitchen, bath and entry way. All they have left to do is put new closet doors in all the rooms. From there we went to lunch at Red Lobster...yum king crab legs and salad was too full for the corn on the cob and roasted potatos. Had a full pound of the crab legs. Then on to Menards to get a new water faucett for the bathroom also got a new shower curtain. Off to Gander Mountain as C had a 20$ gift card burning a hole in his wallet. A little Walmart and home again, home again jiggity jig. A very full day. In bed by 9pm.

Which brings us to this morning chatting with you lovely ladies.

HAPPY...glad you got some really nice ATV rides in. The wreck tho sounded scary. Kind of like on a motorcycle, you have to watch out for everyone else. Boo on the restaurant visit. Sissy and I had that sorta same kind experience the last time at Denny's. I tell you it is no longer about customer service. Some wait staff are too dumb to know that if you treat your customers better you just might get a nicer tip. Bleh on them

CEEG...nice to get the shed cleaned out. St. Vicent DePaul finally made it to my house on Saturday when my brother was there to get our old sofa and loveseat out of the garage. Thank God so C can now start parking in the garage again. Enjoy your staycation this week....

Going to post to finish as I don't want to type this again.

10-14-2013, 09:58 AM
SHADDIE...hmmm, I am beginning to worry about MELLIE and JEN as Jen is our only life line to MEL. If JEN is down we may not hear for a while. Are you home now for a while?

CHELLE...glad you found a doctor that you like. I just love my doc. It makes all the difference in the world when you doc WANTS to help you. I really think it motivates us to do better also. THank you again for all the work you have done with the frame and shipping. Hugs glad you are feeling better. I have only had a couple of bladder infections in my life and don't care to have any more. Goodluck at WI this week. Stay strong and focused.

SUSIE....a little about myself. I am divorced after a 21 year miserable marriage, however have two wonderful children...Samantha is 27 and Jacob is 25. Samantha has my only grandchild, Jacob who will be 2 on the 19th of this month. Sam is due again in March. We may find out this week the gender. I am remarried to a wondefully, loving, caring, kind hearted man. It will be one year in April. I am 53 and work full time for a major insurance company. I have 3 older brothers. 63, 61 and 58. Life is generally good here in Indiana. I am very blessed.

I will be on vacation this Wednesday as finally the Covered Bridge festival has started. We did have DD/babe and a few others going with but all have backed out and it will just be me and C. Most likely because it is supposed to be rainy and 60 degrees...funny same forcast we have had for the past two years. Thursday is DDs doc appt that I will be attending just in case the gender is revealed and also to corral lil man.

That is my catch up for now. Everyone make it a great Monday/eve and a very good week.

Loves and hugs

10-14-2013, 12:06 PM
Morning all. I did some internet searches and found a possible phone number for the building where Mel & Jen live. I don't know how easy it would be to get someone to give us any info, but are we at the point yet where we should try? I'm worried that we haven't heard anything. That said, it's Columbus Day and I wonder if anyone would even answer the phone.

10-14-2013, 12:11 PM
I hope we can reach Jen or someone in the building soon. I'm getting worried.

If Jen doesn't have a cell phone...does she have a land line? Maybe we should call the office. Surely someone would have to be there in Mel's absence.

10-14-2013, 12:15 PM
Hello all, long time no post. Most of you don't even know me anymore, although Happy and Shad and Mel do mention my name from time to time, and you've probably seen me amongst the Dropbox photos. But the Mel crisis has finally dragged me out of lurker mode, at least temporarily.

Anyway, even though I have a bit of a phone phobia - don't even use a cell - this morning I put on my big-girl panties and called the number I found on-line for Mel's building, and got a recorded message that the office is closed. Would any of you know whether the governmnent shutdown would have an impact on a state housing authority office? Or are they maybe just taking the day off to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving??? Anyway, I'll keep trying.

For those of you who don't know me, I know you! Even tho I stopped posting a good while ago I have kept up with your trials and tribulations since then. A few years ago I met Joy and Ruthxxx when Joy came to Canada, and later on I bused over to NJ and spent the day with Mel when I was visiting New York.

If I find anything out about where Mel is or how she's doing I'll either post again or let you know via Shad. I just hope she's not going downhill even faster than expected.

10-14-2013, 12:19 PM
Columbus Day! No wonder no one answered. I do wonder who's running the place these days - Mel used to be on duty whenever the office was closed, and the other residents must be missing her more than ever. I'll try again tomorrow, unless someone beats me to it...

10-14-2013, 12:36 PM
Hi Carla...I do remember you....we have chatted back and forth several times.

Everyone please keep trying. I am going I-Spy this afternoon and see what I can figure out.

10-14-2013, 12:38 PM
Hi Carla - thanks for making that call. Hopefully we can reach someone tomorrow!

10-14-2013, 12:42 PM
Dinners the next two evenings...

Roasted Chicken Dinner

<li id="yui_3_9_1_10_1381764367790_263">1 (3- to 3 1/2-lb) chicken, quartered and wing tips discarded<li class="alt-col">2 tablespoons olive oil<li id="yui_3_9_1_10_1381764367790_221">2 1/4 teaspoons salt<li id="yui_3_9_1_10_1381764367790_231" class="alt-col">1 3/4 teaspoons black pepper1 lb boiling potatoes, cut into 1-inch wedges
<li id="yui_3_9_1_10_1381764367790_233" class="alt-col">2 zucchini (1 lb total), quartered lengthwise, then cut crosswise into 2 1/2- to 3-inch lengths1 medium onion, halved lengthwise, then cut crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick slices
<li class="alt-col">1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth<li id="yui_3_9_1_10_1381764367790_235">1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice<li id="yui_3_9_1_10_1381764367790_237" class="alt-col">Special equipment: a large roasting pan (17 by 12 inches)Garnish: lemon wedges

Put oven rack in upper third of oven and preheat oven to 500°F.
Pat chicken dry, then toss with 1 tablespoon oil, 1 1/4 teaspoons salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper in a bowl. Arrange chicken, skin sides up, without pieces touching, in roasting pan, leaving a 2-inch border around edges of pan.
Toss potatoes, zucchini, and onion with remaining tablespoon oil, remaining teaspoon salt, and remaining 3/4 teaspoon pepper in same bowl, then spread in 1 layer around chicken, arranging zucchini skin sides up. Stir together broth and lemon juice and pour into pan around chicken and vegetables.
Roast, uncovered, until chicken is pale golden and cooked through, about 30 minutes.
Remove pan from oven and preheat broiler. Broil chicken and vegetables 3 inches from heat until chicken is golden brown, about 6 minutes. Serve chicken and vegetables with pan juices

Roasted Cod with Little Tomatos andAssorted Olives

1 pound assorted grape and cherry tomatoes - different colors work beautifully
3 cloves garlic, chopped
4 tablespoons olive oil
1/1/2 -2 pound cod
30 Assorted Olives, kalamata and nicoise work well together
1 handful chopped fresh herbs (basil, thyme, mint and oregano work well)
1 cup chicken stock - depending


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Place tomatoes in overproof dish and toss with garlic and two tablespoons of olive oil. Roast for 25 minutes on lower rack in oven.
While tomatoes are cooking, cut fish into 4 equal sized pieces, rinse and pat dry.
Remove tomatoes from oven, nestle fish into the tomatoes and their juice, scatter olives and return to oven for about 25 minutes but of course this depends on the thickness of the fish.
Test for doneness - cod should separate easily and be just opaque. Remove from oven.
Sprinkle fresh herbs, and salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle last two tablespoons of olive oil all over. Serve hot with quinoa, couscous or crusty bread.
Extra note - juiciness of the tomatoes can vary - when adding the fish, if the tomatoes are not seeping, add 1 cup of chicken stock to the dish.Only on the fish recipe I am going to use the fish C caught and also only using black olives as I do not like the others named. Also only using the cherry tomatos out of my garden....HAPPY this might be a good recipe for you to use your cherry tomatos. :)

10-14-2013, 12:43 PM
Yikes will repost the chicken dinner.

Roasted Chicken Dinner

1 (3- to 3 1/2-lb) chicken, quartered (see cooks' note, below) and wing tips discarded
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 1/4 teaspoons salt
1 3/4 teaspoons black pepper
1 lb boiling potatoes, cut into 1-inch wedges
2 zucchini (1 lb total), quartered lengthwise, then cut crosswise into 2 1/2- to 3-inch lengths
1 medium onion, halved lengthwise, then cut crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick slices
1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
Special equipment: a large roasting pan (17 by 12 inches)
Garnish: lemon wedges

Put oven rack in upper third of oven and preheat oven to 500°F.
Pat chicken dry, then toss with 1 tablespoon oil, 1 1/4 teaspoons salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper in a bowl. Arrange chicken, skin sides up, without pieces touching, in roasting pan, leaving a 2-inch border around edges of pan.
Toss potatoes, zucchini, and onion with remaining tablespoon oil, remaining teaspoon salt, and remaining 3/4 teaspoon pepper in same bowl, then spread in 1 layer around chicken, arranging zucchini skin sides up. Stir together broth and lemon juice and pour into pan around chicken and vegetables.
Roast, uncovered, until chicken is pale golden and cooked through, about 30 minutes.
Remove pan from oven and preheat broiler. Broil chicken and vegetables 3 inches from heat until chicken is golden brown, about 6 minutes. Serve chicken and vegetables with pan juices

10-14-2013, 01:11 PM
Good morning ladies!

I had a good weekend, despite Santa and I both getting ill on Saturday. Friday night, I went over to a friend's place to watch movies. Once I got home, I started compiling the photos from the DropBox onto the USB drive. Some of the photos had a large file size and so when the digital frame was accessing them, the screen went dark for several seconds. So I opened the largest files in Photoshop and compressed them a bit, but they still looked great on the frame and loaded much faster. Saturday morning, I dropped Santa off at daycare, mailed the frame to Mel (I really hope Jen gets it and it doesn't get "opened" by any nosey neighbors or office personnel). Then D picked me up and we went to the Library book sale where I picked up a few books on reversing Diabetes for 50 cents a piece. Then it was off to the Renaissance Faire. At the Faire, we got to see the knights on horseback, which was fun (good looking guys on beautiful horses!). And we walked around a bit. We were at the fair for about 90 minutes when the daycare called me. Santa had gotten sick 3 times. They isolated him from the other dogs to ensure they wouldn't catch anything. They said I didn't need to pick him up early, but they were just calling me to let me know. After the call, I was too worried to enjoy myself, so we left the Faire and picked up Santa. Shortly after we got home, I had a blood sugar crash or something. I was feeling very weak and lightheaded. I ate some string cheese, some fruit, and when that didn't help, I made myself a chicken sandwich. After a few hours of resting, I felt better. Yesterday, I got up and helped my stepmom clean in preparation for guests arriving later that day. Then I went to Costco and ran a bunch of other errands while she and my stepbrother watched Santa. Santa ate a little bit yesterday and didn't get sick. And he seems to be doing better today. :) :crossed:

Susie - To give you a little background about me. I am 51. I've been married twice and divorced twice. I got married the first time at age 20, and it lasted only 4 years. When I was 28, I met a great guy and he and I were together for 23 years and married for 17 of those. We had a lot in common, had a fun life together, and we were really happy. We moved to Wisconsin 12 years ago. Over the last few years, due to health and financial issues, we drifted apart, and he told me a year ago that he'd fallen back in love with his ex-girlfriend and he wanted a divorce. It's been a difficult year (especially last autumn and winter). The divorce was final in February, and in May I moved back home to the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm so glad I did. It's been great to be back with family and so many wonderful friends from grade school, high school and college. In the divorce, he got to keep two of our dogs, and I got to keep Santa. He's such a wonderful dog...such a love. He's an 8 year young white Miniature Schnauzer. Since I've moved back to the Bay Area, I started dating "D", a guy that I used to date in my mid-20s. Hmmmm, what else about me? I'm a web developer by profession, and a writer by hobby (hoping one day to make writing my profession). Now that I've made it through the emotional turmoil of the past year and am much happier, I'm in a much better place to deal with a couple physical issues (diabetes and chronic back pain)...both of which I hope to have kicked to the curb by Spring, so I can hike in the beautiful mountains and along the oceans of California.

I've got to sign off for now...I have to call my doc because while she prescribed for me a blood sugar testing kit, she didn't prescribe any test strips or lancets. :dunno:

Much love to all,

10-14-2013, 01:20 PM
I found where Mellie is....Every time they try to transfer me to her room I ges cut off. Now it says all circuits are busy now. I will try again later and let you know the results.

10-14-2013, 01:27 PM
Hi Carla - thanks so much for making the call. yes, please try again later today or tomorrow. And I do remember you, and also enjoyed seeing your photos!

Susie - If you're interested in seeing what we all look like, if you PM me your email address, I can forward the link to our DropBox full of photos.

Hugs to all,

10-14-2013, 02:12 PM
Hi all,

Bah - had a long post, had 2 windows opened, clicked twice too fast and lost my post. :mad:

I did find a number for the building Mel is at - didn't call yesterday because it was Sunday. Guess they are on holiday today as well. Thanks for trying Carla and great to hear from you again :hug:

I'm thrilled you were able to find Mel Annie. Will be on pins and needles waiting to hear. I will be SO MAD if she's at the hospital we thought she was at and the people I talked to said they didn't have her as a patient. How did you find her Annie???? God Bless you for that. And thanks for the recipes. I'm just wondering if cooking that chicken at 500 degrees for 30 minutes won't burn it and the veggies. Have to try and see I guess...

I tossed a big bucket of cherry tomatoes out as well as quite a few big tomatoes. They were just going overripe faster than I could eat them. I tried a few recipes but wasn't very thrilled with any of them. Also not sure if it was the variety of tomatoes or the weather we had but most of them were watery and not very pulpy which makes for bad cooking consistency. Next year I will not be planting as many of them - will supplement with the farmer's trucks in town even if they are more pricey than the grocery store.

Yesterday even though I had lots of stuff to do in the house, I did go out and help DH rake pine needles. I was thinking I'm glad that some of you like yard work once you move up to the commune ;) :rofl: I was also thinking that I should probably go out and do this for at least an hour a day to build back strength in my arms. :jig::lifter: It was nice to be outside even though it was cool and the rest of the week is supposed to be quite cold and rainy.

Did I say I got cranberries the other day? Sorted and packaged and froze up 7 pounds - will probably get a bit more - I'm thinking one pound a month would be good for sauce, muffins or the like but shhhhhhh - don't tell DH. :lol: Pomegranates are coming into season too - yum - love the crunch on salads but I guess they get mushy when you freeze and thaw them :( Good for cooking but I like them raw so I'll have to eat my fill for the next 2 months.

Got to go to the grocery store today and drop some books at the library as well as gathering trash and doing laundry. Working tomorrow and I have some declutter projects for the rest of the week. I have promised myself to get more organized as I feel that I am getting too scattered lately.

Sounds like the Worldly Ladies had themselves a good but busy weekend. Sorry that I don't have time for personals right now, will try and come back later.

Will be checking in to see if Annie was able to get hold of Mel - it would be wonderful to hear something. Thanks again Annie :hug: I don't want everyone bombarding the place with calls so I will patiently wait in line to hear something.

Later chicks.

10-14-2013, 02:22 PM
Annie - I'm so relieved you found Mel! I look forward to hearing an update when you get one. Thank you so much for your I-Spy talents and persistence. I hope Jen is holding up ok under all the worry and stress.

10-14-2013, 02:52 PM
Afternoon everyone.

Yesterday I lazed around a good part of the day. Then while I was talking to my mom on the phone, I pulled a bunch of shoeboxes sitting around in the front bedroom and in the closet I use in that bedroom. Removed and recycled all the insides - tissue and cardboard. Stacked the boxes - about 10 of them! Took a look in the linen cabinet and the office closet to see what I could possibly re-use those boxes for.

I ended up using three of them for bank statements and checkbook registers. (Not sure why, but I do like to keep the bank statements for a few years after I've reconciled them to my checkbook.) Now the stacks of envelopes are tucked away.

Bf and I discussed cleaning up the garage before winter sets in and with it the need to park the car in there. And then we hit upon the topic of bf's basement workbench. What a mess! We will use the leftover shoeboxes for pre-sorting the clutter on top of and around the workbench. We think we might need another storage cabinet for a lot of that stuff, as well as some smaller containers. I have a feeling most of the mess is in the category of nails, screws, and other types of fasteners, hooks, and picture hanging doo-dads.

Later we went for a dogwalk and an early dinner. Didn't do much else yesterday.

Back to work today. Re this UTI, I was feeling much better over the weekend, but of course today I feel like I did on Friday. Sigh. If nothing else, I will finish off my cipor rx, and then I have a bp follow-up appointment with my doc on Wed. evening. If this infection is still evident, we'll see what she says to do about it.

Tonight will be my Pilates class. I suppose I better phone the park district because I can't remember what was said last week about class or no class on Columbus Day.

Busy catching up, so I will save personals for later today or tomorrow. TTFN!!

10-14-2013, 03:00 PM
In thinking about Jen's email, probably shouldn't call the building where they live as Jen stated she didn't want them to know much for fear of being bombarded with questions etc., and she is not up to answering them. Just a thought.

10-14-2013, 03:18 PM
Annie, calling Mel's building was a bit of a last resort. But now that you've found her hiding place it shouldn't be necessary. In any case I was just going to tell them that I hadn't been able to reach Mel or Jen and wondered if they could ask Jen to call or email Joy or me. I didn't meet the staff while I was there but I think Joy did, so they might be willing to give us info despite privacy regs. I have a feeling by now the office staff know what's up anyway, and once Mel's in hospice care she'd probably have to give up her apartment anyway as DSS is unlikely to cover both. I was all set to mail a letter with phone card to Jen but will wait to see if you can maybe PM me with Mel's current address or phone number. Mel definitely won't have her cell phone with her as it was tied to her job at the building.

Happy, on another subject, I can't get the "good" allergy meds here any more either. I really wish I'd made a stockpile before they stopped making it!

10-14-2013, 03:55 PM
OK, I got through to Mellie's room. It was intercepted and I was told that MEL did not want to receive any phone calls except from her daughter. Back to square one. I asked them to give Mel and Jen a message to please email us with an update. All we can do is sit and wait at this point.

10-14-2013, 04:12 PM
Annie - That's a bummer that Mel isn't taking any calls....but I totally understand. Otherwise everyone in the building and their brother would be calling her.

Can someone who has the phone number for the apartment building please get a message to the office that Mel will be receiving a package sent by Priority Mail (and it should arrive tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday at the latest, and to please hold on to it and give it to Jen?


10-14-2013, 04:15 PM
Annie - can you please pm me the name of the facility Mel is in so I can at least directly send her a card and letter. Thanks for trying!

I can understand why Mel doesn't want a lot of phone calls - not sure she feels like or is capable of reaching the phone and talking. Moreso I'm sure the building people would be bothering her with nonsense B.S. stuff. Just frustrating because Jen is our only link and if Jen isn't up to talking it leaves us hanging. :(

Had I gotten a hold of the office I was going to ask for the manager specifically as I think she and Mel are buddies.

Carla - yes, bummer on the allergy meds - I still have a couple of pills I'm hoarding from when you last sent me a box :lol: The company came out with a reformulated version but it just didn't work as well so I guess they decided to stop trying altogether. Pity because the stuff really worked...

I just got off the phone with my Mom, now I have to get over to Walmart and then go return some books at the library. One is a new release and it's due today - no renewal and they charge you big bucks for fines if it's late. As it should be I believe when lots of people are on a waiting list. So off I go - just wanted to check in and see if Annie was able to get any info. Thanks again for trying!

10-14-2013, 04:41 PM
Yeah for Annie for finding Mel. Makes me feel a lot better. I mailed her a card to her apt so maybe Jen will get that and take it to her. Can you send us her address of the facility she's in?

Sorry you and Santa were both sick this week end. Rest this coming week end.

Hi. :wave:

We're supposed to get some rain over night and cooler weather.
More later.

10-14-2013, 06:03 PM
You done good you lot. I was beginning to believe the worst. So continue to keep sending her cards and letters and we will hear what we will hear. I'm going to continue to try and get hold of Jen.
Annie, I will pm you when I get the chance. Got a lot on today.

10-14-2013, 07:18 PM
Hi Annie - As the others have said...thank you so much! And can you please PM me the name or address of the facility? You're amazing, sista!

10-15-2013, 08:14 AM
I will get to the PMing just a bit. Right now I have to finish my report for the 7:30 meeting.


10-15-2013, 09:28 AM
SHort Meeting..yeah!

I PMed those that I did not PM yesterday with Mel's information.

Ladies, I made the Roasted Fish and Tomato recipe last night. YUM. I also added green pepper from the garden and an onion to the veggies, and as I said only cherry tomatos and black olives. C was in heaven and said I outdone myself. It was a really EASY recipe and tasted great. Also I added the herbs at the time of roasting the veggies instead of waiting. I didn't use COD I used the Crappies that C caught and we froze.

That was the highlight of the evening. The Colts played awful and lost the the worse team in the league. I dozed off and on while watching it but woke up for that last 10 minutes. Why I do not know as they s*cked.

Tonight I am making the roasted chicken recipe. Tomorrow a easy crocker recipe that will be ready when we get back from covered bridge. I will not be on 3FC tomorrow so if there is any news could someone please text me the info or at least tell me to go on line and read it???

I have to hit the loo, the coffee has kicked in. Yikes...

Loves and Hugs, Prayers and Good THoughts for all.

10-15-2013, 09:33 AM
Thought maybe you did a lot of research online. Thanks for Mel's address.

Going to be a tough day. Rain is on the way so I'm going to have to pay more attention to the radar and run the plant accordingly.
Stopped by the grocery store last night and bought a few groceries. I always forget to plan for the evening meal.
Should be ashamed of myself cause I haven't done the challenge in a few days. but I'll start back tonight.
More later.

10-15-2013, 10:44 AM
Michelle, I just called and spoke to Mel's friend at the office of her building. She'll keep an eye out for the parcel and will make sure Mel gets it. She also said she had gone to see Mel yesterday - one of the only people allowed in to see her - and she was doing reasonably well. Basically they're keeping her comfortable, and she'll be with us for a while yet. So at least she should be able to enjoy the picture frame, as well as any cards or notes sent to her at the nursing home. I did ask that she mention to Jen or to Mel that maybe they could add Joy's name to the phone list, but I don't know whether it'll happen or not. I also asked about Jen and was told she's managing all right so far.

And now I have to get out to an appointment and then off to work. Joy, if you read this, I'll email you later, no time now.

Annie, thanks again for tracking Mel down, you're an absolute star!

10-15-2013, 12:03 PM
Thanks Carol for your help.

10-15-2013, 12:26 PM
Carla and Annie - You ladies are amazing!!

Annie - Thanks so much for finding Mel and getting her address to us!

Carla - I'm so glad you were able to reach Mel's friend at the office. I'm so glad she'll be on the lookout for the package, which should arrive today...or tomorrow at the latest. I'm glad to hear that Jen is managing ok, and that Mellie is doing reasonably well.

I was going to rant on about my insurance and how they don't pay hardly anything for my asthma meds or my diabetes testing supplies. Luckily my asthma isn't too bad and I haven't taken my meds in I guess I'm ok. As for my testing supplies...I can get them on Amazon for less than half of what the insurance co-pay is. A friend of mine suggested looking into the prices at the pharmacy at Costco (sort of like a Sam's Club).

Time to get some work done!

Much love to all,

10-15-2013, 12:34 PM
'morning kids,

Well done ladies - thank you very much for the sleuthing - I am thrilled. And a great big thank you to Carla for the update. I am so relieved to hear that Mel is holding up well - and Jen also. I realized that our conversations may be a little one sided but at least we can communicate and that's all that matters to me. I wrote her another letter last night and will pop it in the mail on my way to the thrift shop this afternoon. Thank you too Carla for calling the office and getting things straightened out. I'm sure Mel that photo frame will give Mel lots of smiles and will at least help to while away the time. You girls are fabulous :grouphug:

Michelle - I know you mentioned this before but the senior moment keeps me from remembering - were you able to get a caption on the pictures to somewhat identify them?

Even though I felt like I should have been doing things around the house, I'm glad we took some time last week to take a few drives. It truly was the last week to enjoy nice weather and the last remnants of the color season. There is a heavy cold rain today which will continue on and off throughout the week. Temperatures are dipping down and they are talking about snow flurries on Saturday. :( No I am not ready for this although I wouldn't mind starting up the fireplace again, especially if I decide to start reading the 50 or so books I seem to have squirreled away. I got the fresh cranberries bagged up and frozen and got myself to Walmart and bought wayyyyyy more than I planned to. Found some interesting things like a boxed mix for the famous Cheddar Garlic biscuits they have at Red Lobster. I have not found a cheddar biscuit recipe that could come close to there's so I have high hopes. Can't wait to make some soup to go with it. We are well stocked for the Armageddon now, can't fit one more bit into my refrigerator or freezer so I'd best get cooking.

Carla - you are a star yourself. Can't tell you how much your update about Mel cheered my heart. I was bracing for not good news if I have to be honest. Thank you for coming out of lurk mode and helping out :hug: Was also good to see your pictures. Are you still swimming in half frozen lakes? :lol:

Ceejay - are there tropical storms headed your way or just the fall rains? I have not been paying attention to what's going on in the country I'll admit. Stay dry and hope you don't get any flooding rains. The most important thing about the challenges is to get right back up and moving again. Time spent fretting is time wasted. :D

Annie - thank you again for everything you have done :hug: means a lot. I don't want to bombard everyone with lots of calls - am happy to just get some news. Thanks too for the recipe reviews. Now I will have to try those although you can have all my olives. Beets and olives are something I've never taken a shine to. Have a good time tomorrow. This weekend we went for a UTV drive and stopped at a bar to have lunch. As we were headed there we passed a home that had a real covered bridge as part of their driveway. It looked authentic - as if someone had carefully relocated it to the property. It was REALLY COOL looking. Take pictures!

Shad - are you all settled back home now? I imagine you have a huge list of things to do, particularly outside as spring must be in full bloom or did you move right into summer? You said it was warmer than usual.

Michelle - sorry to hear that you and Santa weren't feeling well. Is he better now? I had gotten a few books on Diabetes - seems like it really comes down to keeping a proper weight and getting exercise. Also if you were a junk food carb junkie which I don't think you are - the McD's habits have to go. And I still feel stress contributes a lot too. I would hope that your numbers have come down a bit just because you are at a happier place in your life right now. Thanks again for getting, assembling and shipping the photo frame.

Susie - hope we haven't lost you in the ruckus but occasionally we get distracted for a bit. And when the Worldies are on a mission, we're like a bulldozer. :lol: At least you know we stick together! Now that your vacation is over :( how are you doing on packing lunches and meeting your exercise goals?

Laura - your post reminds me that I have a bunch of boxes to clear out of my closet. I generally save the box for a bit when I get a new appliance like a hairdryer - just to make sure it works. I have a bunch of empty shoe boxes too - am trying to replace them with more practical plastic boxes but it seems like when I toss them, I inevitably look for one the next day. As for BF's workbench - DH took plastic (cleaned of course) mayonnaise jars and nailed the cover into a 2x4 of a wood plank. He then fills the jars with screws and nails and such and screws the jars into the wood plank so they appear to be "suspended" from the shelf if that makes sense. He was using glass jars at first from salad dressing but said he likes the plastic ones better because if they hit the cement floor, he doesn't have to worry about plastic breaking. Just a thought...

Well I'd better get off my butt here - I have a few things I want to do before I head to the shop today. Have a good one all - stay dry if the skies are crying out your way. :rain:

10-15-2013, 12:39 PM
Michelle - just a thought but if you have the option to set aside pre-tax money for the health care spending account - you could use that for your testing supplies. That's what I did. I used Amazon for the strips - just be careful because some of the cheapest prices were sending out strips that were close to their expiration dates which can affect the test results.

And one of the things I've heard people most complain about with insurance is the high price of allergy and asthma meds vs the tiny amount that insurance reimburses. In fact some people said the only reason they had insurance was to afford their allergy meds. Crazy, crazy...

10-15-2013, 12:47 PM
Morning all.

Annie - Enjoy the covered bridge festival. Fingers :crossed: for decent weather!! Thanks for Mel's addy. Good work! I sent a card last week to her apt, but will switch to the new addr. That fish recipe sounds tasty (except for the olives, I'm not a fan of them) and would have been good with all the cherry tomatoes I had on hand last week, but now those are coming to an end... Looking forward to hearing about the chicken recipe.

Carla - Thanks for the news on Mel. Such a relief she's being kept reasonably comfortable, and probably a good thing her calls are being limited. We all know people in the building pestered her to no end even when signs were posted that she was off limits.

Ceejay - Hope your day at work isn't too bad. You'll get back to the challenge when you can. Maybe you can split it up to make it easier? I'd suggest you do some of it at work (since you do some of it in a chair), but it's probably not a good idea since I recall they have you on cameras... Went back a ways to the posts - not long til your vacation/staycation. I hope your cousin can travel with you if you decide to leave town. :yes:

Happy - Sorry your tomato crop was disappointing, as well as the outcome of the recipes you tried. Time to find a new batch of recipes to try for next season! I agree it's a good idea to plant less. Why subject yourself to the stress of trying to use up the excess and/or the guilt when you're unable to do so?? I've been mostly eating my cherry tomatoes out of hand for a snack at work and in cottage cheese and salads. The remaining large variety tomatoes that I've picked have had splits at the stem, so I will likely not try to use them - not sure what made that happen. A lot of the cherry tomatoes also split when I was picking them or after I got them indoors. Wouldn't mind knowing what causes that. Have to research if it's a watering thing or the extremes in temp between day/night, or outdoor/indoor.

Michelle - Sorry you and Santa weren't feeling good over the weekend. I hope you're (both) feeling better, and that the testing kit helps you avoid the crashes you've been experiencing. Sounds like the Ren fair was fun, and you got some good books at the library sale. I read a couple chapters of the Atticus book over the weekend, but just finished another book last night, so I'll be digging into the Atticus one this week. So far, so good. :)

Susie - I hope being back at work hasn't been too hellish for you. Good goals to track your eating and get in your exercise. I do find tracking helps me a lot, but I'm not being very consistent with it at the moment... Gosh, I hope my UTI is just a UTI and nothing more. :yikes:

Hi Shad!! :wave:

Nothing much to report. Pilates was good last night. Next week is the last week of the session for my Pilates & Barre classes, so I'll have to figure out what to do next for exercise. Not sure if I'll continue with either of those classes or buy a punchcard for the other group fitness classes. I want a balance of strength training and flexibility/stretching.

Yesterday was a bad food day, but I tried to finish up better by having the lentil soup for dinner. It's almost gone since we gave bf's mum a good-sized container of it too. I'll make some more - it's generally quick and easy. But I want to make another variety of soup as well. Maybe I'll pick a recipe today and run out to the market after work and pick up whatever I might need to make it and make something tonight.

Not going to the movies tonight, they chose Gravity, and as I mentioned, bf wants to see it at a super duper 3d/imax theater, and I guess our local theater doesn't have that.

WW weigh-in in 30 min. Last meeting of the session. Hope we have a good-sized group for the next session.

Our fundraiser kickoff is this afternoon. Part of it is off-site nearby, but I'm not too enthused to have to walk over there - it's forecast to rain today. We'll see.

Okay, better get this posted and get back to productive endeavors. TTFN.

10-15-2013, 01:18 PM
Laura - IMAX might be a good idea for the Gravity movie - the 3D effects might be more enhanced. I was thinking of travelling up to Duluth to see it at a show there but when we had been making plans with the other couple, we just decided to see it here. Maybe wearing eyeglasses diminishes the effect of the 3D glasses for me but I just don't seem to see a lot of "reach out and touch" something that I expect.

As for the splits in the tomatoes - I checked that out earlier because I wanted to see if I was doing something. Turns out it happens because of a sudden growth spurt in the tomatoes - generally caused by a heavy rain (Mother Nature vs us with a watering can or hose) or sudden favorable temperature shifts -as happened with us - it was on the cool and dry side and then we got a good rain followed by temps in the 80s and suddenly everything started popping. Literally. So not much you can do to control or prevent splits. If it hasn't broken the skin it's ok to eat they say but deep cracks or where the flesh has been exposed, nope.

10-15-2013, 02:12 PM
Hi Ladies,

We are having lunch together today! ;) I am working from home and decided to take a 30 min break and check in and eat.

The reason I'm working from home is we had a plumbing issue and I needed to call the plumber. I'm thrilled he was able to come this morning and the repair was just a little over $100. You just never know with these things!

I'm having a wonderful salad. I have cranberries and blue berries in it and some feta cheese, also some sunflower seeds, it's a mix of lettuces and spinich leaves and I'm having a poppy seed dressing with it and big glass of water.

I'm excited about the Biggest Loser tonight. Is anyone else planning to watch it?

I'm also excited because my DH told me he wanted to go with me to the Y tonight and get a walk or bike in. I'm so excited! When he used to work out with me, I really strayed on track and I was only 25 lbs from my goal. The past two years he hasn't worked out much and I let those lbs pack back on.

I wanted to share something from the TOPS rally that I went to on saturday. One of the favorite things I like to see is the before and after parade. It is inspiring to see this! A couple of the gals talked their "story" with us and one stood out to me. She had 75 lbs to lose to goal. She would yo-yo back and forth so she set herself a goal of 1/4 lb loss a week and as long as she averaged 1 lb loss a month she was happy with herself. She came up with that because when she didn't see a big loss on the scales she would go off plan. Most weeks she lost more than that and sometimes she had a gain..but she kept that 1/4 weekly goal in mind and it took her just at 2 years to get her weight off and she looks good!

I am amazed at this group of women! The way you all found Mel and Jen and the way you are supporting Mel is amazing!

I'm trying to learn all your names and who goes with which profile name.

Michelle: I think you were the one asked me about my email address so I could see what you all look like. I will PM you with my email.

Laura: I'm sure your UTI is just a UTI and I hope you are feeling much better by now

Ok..time for me to get back to work. I'm working on a Powerpoint for our Dept meeting tomorrow and of course everyone is sending me things at the last minute

10-15-2013, 02:56 PM
Gain of 0.6 this week. Aaargh. Grand total loss for this 17-week WWAW session is a measly 0.4 pounds. Sigh. But I have a total of 13.8 lost for both ww sessions. And I'm still down 29 pounds from when I started my journey last September. Next week, new session, fresh start. I will make headway during session number 3.

Oh, and the leader threw out this statistic: Americans (at least I think it was just the US) gain an average of 5 to 15 pounds during the time between Halloween and New Year's. Wow. Let's not do that this year Worldlies!!

Susie - I'm glad you were able to get the plumber in and it didn't cost an arm and a leg! So great you and dh are going to the gym together. I wish my bf and I could do that, but it just doesn't work out like that for us. Bf likes the gym - strength training machines, pool, raquetball, etc. I prefer group fitness classes. The last gym we belonged to was inexpensive, but didn't have classes. The gym bf just moved to is brand new, very nice, and has classes, but is expensive. For him it works. For me, I probably wouldn't get the value out of it. I don't watch The Biggest Loser (TBL) consistently, but I would like to catch the first show - I might dvr it because I feel it's entirely too long and I like to fast forward through a lot.

Happy - Let us know how the biscuit mix works out - I just love those Red Lobster biscuits!! Okay, I do recall now you saying that about the causes of the tomato skins splitting, but I suppose there's nothing to be done to prevent it??? :(

Michelle - Yeh, Costco has good prices. We save a ton on our contact lenses there (vs. the eye doc). That said, I might be switching from my 2-week contacts to dailies and it's more than double the cost...even if I buy an entire year's supply all at once and get the 25% discount offered by Costco. I'll have to call around to other places and think about this. Very interesting about the high cost of the allergy and asthma meds even with insurance. I almost never use my inhaler, but I feel I should have one around, and I recall being shocked at the cost. What's with that??

10-15-2013, 03:04 PM
Happy - Unfortunately I wasn't able to configure the frame so that it would display the file names with the photos, so that would identify the photos. I thought about adding them in Photoshop, but I knew that would take time with 300+ images, and I wanted to get it mailed off ASAP. I still could do that and just mail a replacement USB. Perhaps a project for this weekend. As for me being a junk food junkie...yes and no. My faves are the McCafe Mocha Frappe (large size), and the Wendy's frosty. I also LOVE sweets (cakes, brownies and ice cream) and breads. Those are my downfall. I have checked out numerous books (and audiobooks) from the library about controlling/reversing diabetes, and you're comes down to limiting starches and sweets, and exercise, exercise, exercise. I also just bought 5 or 6 books on diabetes at the library book sale. They were only 50 cents a piece and were published recently, and those that I don't like I can donate back to the library for them to sell to someone else.

Laura - I hope your UTI is doing better.

Susie - I sent you an invite to the DropBox. Since it's free, I'm not in any hurry to take it down or remove the photos. And if people want to add more photos, they can go in the next batch. I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser, and I have it set up to DVR in case I don't get home from the gym in time to watch it. That's really smart about the woman who set a goal of 1/4 lb a week. So nice you can work from home. At my former job, I was able to do that...but not at this one.

Laura - Santa and I are both feeling better. As for the testing kit...yep, I've got one, but I'm still waiting on the test strips. I did, however, finally remember to pick up some glucose tablets for when I get a crash. I've gotta hand it to ya' for doing the Pilates and Barre classes. Pilates is a killer class. And I'm sure Barre isn't easy either. I may go to the gym 4+ days per week, but I still think you are the exercise :queen:

Gotta get back to it.

Much love,

Not sure who mentioned "Gravity" first, but my sister saw it and loved it! I'd like to see it...maybe even in an IMAX 3D.

10-15-2013, 04:02 PM
Could I get Melody's address as well, please? Thank you in advance. You could send it to:

Thanks again!

10-15-2013, 04:06 PM
Hi JavaTurtle,

I just sent you Mel's address.


10-15-2013, 04:59 PM
Morning all,
Message from Jen.
Hey Joy....sorry I haven't written...the last 2 weeks have been a blur...Mom's doing ok....just trying to keep her out of pain right now...they are going to switch her over to "long-term" care around November 1st. Sorry she isin't up to phone's hard for her to talk for more than 5 minutes without throwing up...I'm only there 20 minutes a day...mostly she just sleeps. When she switches over and is a little more settled in....maybe I can try and set up a phone call for you. she had the phone removed from her tell the others they can stop calling there..there is no way to get sorry about that..her visitor list is restricted too. I promise I will let you know if anything worsens.....Love to you...hope all is well as can I'll write u soon...u can pass this along if you wish
Talk 2 u soon.....Love ya,

At last. A message. Ill be back later with personals and updates - got a 7.00am appointment today and better look like I am interested.

10-15-2013, 06:37 PM
Maybe these phone calls has prompted Jen to send an email. Thanks Shad for sharing. At least we are beginning to get some news.

Thanks for that tidbit of information. I don't need to gain that much weight.
That's awesome that you've lost a total of 29 pounds.

Thanks for calling Mel's building and talking to her friend to find out more information.

No, the rain is from a front marching across the mid south. It's been a slow steady rain too.

Wish I could work from home. Glad the plumbing cost wasn't to high.

More later.

10-16-2013, 11:27 AM
Morning all. Meeting at 10. Just a quick hello. Now back to meeting prep. Be back later. :wave:

10-16-2013, 12:08 PM
Hi all,

I'm on a super high priority project and I have to have it mostly done by end of just a quick check in to say that I'm relieved we heard from Jen. It must be so rough on her to see her mom on the decline and that she's only able to be there 20 minutes or so per day.

I'm not surprised that Mel sleeps so much, as they are likely giving her meds to help with the pain and those meds may make her drowsy.

Sending many prayers to Mel and Jen.

And sending much love and many hugs to all my Worldly friends!

10-16-2013, 12:30 PM
Just wanted to add...I'm not sure if y'all watched Biggest Loser last night. I did, and it was really good. I really enjoyed the new twist....the trainers not only selected the contestants, but they also got to pick the teams after the first group workout.

I was so motivated that even though I DVRed it, I didn't fast forward through the commercials as I usually do. Instead, I used that time to do crunches, planks, pushups and squats. Still couldn't do more than a 30 second plank...but I did several of them throughout the commercial breaks. :D

10-16-2013, 01:20 PM
Morning all,

Thanks for the update Shad. Glad Jen got back to you. I don't expect to be able to talk to Mel - although that would be nice - I just appreciate getting some news about how she is doing, no matter what way we get it. Now I just hope we can get word back on Mel getting the photo frame. :^:

Michelle - I stopped watching Biggest Loser years ago. Hated when they switched to the format of yelling at the contestants and thought the 10 - 20 pound a week weight losses were unrealistic as well as some of the "tricks" people did to win weigh ins. I just feel this show is very "staged" for reality tv and in some ways dangerous as when they first start out and everyone is so overweight and out of shape yet they make them work out until they vomit or do a 3 mile hike in the hot sand. Unrealistic. I still stand by my wish that I think this show would do a greater service to the public if they would devote even 10 minutes to giving realistic tips on eating (instead of harping sponsor's products) and as trainers give some examples of workouts that in home viewers could use in their own weight loss efforts. Sorry - I know you didn't ask for a soap box opinion, it's just that this show has a huge following and I really, really wish they would do more to help the people who find this show motivating. Anyway I'm glad that you were encouraged by it.

Happy Birthday Java Turtle :bday2you: - saw that Pooh Bear gave you some fun gifts. Enjoy!

Laura - I will let you know how the biscuits turned out. Trying to figure out if I can make just a serving at a time instead of the entire box. They are much better fresh (and less tempting) if you make a one hot serving at a time. While you may not have had a big loss this past WW session :( I'm sure it's much harder trying to get the last few pounds off. Congrats on the 29 pounds you've kept off since last year. Maintaining is it's own challenge. Hopefully you can find some motivation through the next session which will be super challenging I imagine because the weather turns colder (which always made me hungrier), and the sugar holidays are almost upon us - starting with Halloween. But then there's also good things like turkey and cranberries, apples, squash, sweet potatoes and warm soups to help keep the temptations at bay.

Susie - that's good you were able to get a plumber so quickly and with minimal damage. As you said - you never know with plumbing jobs - sometimes it gets really expensive by the time you know you have an issue. Lunch sounded really tasty the other day.

Ceejay - stay warm and dry - are the leaves starting to fall yet?

Hi Annie :wave:

Need to go find some lunch and get busy. I have lots to do around the house today.

10-16-2013, 03:18 PM
was going to comment on the cheddar cheese biscuits. My nephew's gf made these and she was giving it a high rating. She's an excellent cook, so I trust her opinion.

I'll have to watch the BL via the internet. I forgot about it coming on --really haven't seen any information on when they were starting. I've got a couple of BL DVD's.
Good luck with your project.

Hello's to Laura, Susie, Shad and Annie.

The rain has finally ended, cooler weather is predicted this week with highs in the lower 70's and low's mid 40's. My kind or weather.
I have a trip planned for a couple of day's to Hardy. I'm hoping that the leaves have begun to change. I've seen a few tree's starting to turn here.
I'm on vacation starting tomorrow.

10-16-2013, 04:18 PM
Okay, I totally lost a completely finished post when I went to preview it. Grrrr! Here's the jist:

Ceejay - Have a nice vacation. Hope the weather cooperates for you.

Happy - Have to agree with you re TBL - could be so much more than the ridiculous amount of time they spend shilling products and airing melodrama. And how do the show's medical advisors go along with those extreme workouts with a clear conscience???!!! Those good (& good for you) fall foods you listed made me hungry as I read your comment. I'll add them to the shopping list!

Shad - Thanks for sharing Jen's update.

Michelle - Good for you working out through the TBL commercial breaks!!

Annie, Susie: :wave:
Off a wee bit early from work today to go to my doc - I have a bp follow-up. Uploaded and printed my bp readings year to date from my bp monitor to bring to the doc. The culture of my urine sample came back negative - WTH?? But I am still having "discomfort"; The Cipro isn't doing anything, but then again there's apparently nothing for it to do. Definitely being discussed with the doc today!!

Hope to make it to my Barre class after the doc appointment.

In discussing park district classes vs. gym membership with my bf, the membership is actually cheaper over the course of the year! The new gym (LA Fitness, bought Bally's and built a new facility) has many nice amenities AND group fitness classes. I will get a free 3-day guest pass and give it a go.

Okay, gonna post and get back to it.

10-16-2013, 06:40 PM
Morning all,
Yesterday went by in a bit of a blur. Sort of no day really. I went and washed the car - yes she has had her first bath and I filled her up with petrol. Then I had a long conversation with a financial advisor who is wanting me to put more money into superannuation which I feel very jittery about. I'm really conservative when it comes to my money and lately it seems every one wants to put a finger in the pie. Guess I need to keep working for a while.
After that I checked out the food list for the week and made some stuff for breakfasts and lunches. This morning I get to have Mexican eggs for breakfast although seeing as I had a late dinner last night, breakfast may become brunch. I am definitely not hungry yet.
After lunch yesterday I went off to the doctor. The one I had seen for the last couple of times has moved on. She was doing her six months in GP training and I really liked her. But I got another female doctor who seems to be really brusque and in a bit of a hurry. Not sure I liked her that much since she seems to be of the same ilk as my old retired doctor. Just write the prescription repeat, take the blood pressure and get rid of the patient.
Following that I mucked about the house, wrote a list of things to achieve today and called my niece to invite her out to lunch today along with her gorgeous girls.
Dinner last night was quite yummy - pork fillet medallions with a honey mustard dressing and a warm red cabbage salad. Think I might have overdone the vinegar in the salad somewhat but it was nice and I get to have it again tonight.
Watched a bit of mindless tv and went to bed with the cat still yelling in my ear. She hasn't shut up since she came home.

I don't know who to congratulate for getting Jen moving. I think we all need to take a bow and congratulate ourselves. Hopefully we will be able to talk to Mel at some stage. Meantime we might need to calm down and wait. Keep calm and hang on tight for a miracle or two. Carla tells me she was so worried that she was checking the obits in the Weehawken area papers. Must admit the same thought had crossed my mind and I was about to start looking myself.

Laura - interesting that you lot gain that sort of weight in 2 months - I guess that Halloween is not so much of a big deal here. Well the supermarkets would like it to be, but it hasn't really caught on. I don't see the 'special carving pumpkins' on sale this year, just displays of masks and costumes and a mountain of sweets of one description or another.
I'm still finishing off the abs challenge. Got 3 days to do, and I keep having a rest day since it now takes up so much of my time to get these things done. The easiest one - leg raises - don't rate the same as the sit ups and crunches. The plank is not too bad either.

Susie - So glad that the plumber didn't cost too much. Always a bit of a worry that. I guess I'm a bit lucky since I am pretty handy with DIY and have a son who is fantastic with renovations. He is also an Electrician which makes life much simpler. Move that plug and point to there please. Can I have a light up in the roof space please. Bought a new exhaust fan for the bathroom, can you spare some time to install it please. He gets paid in Bacon and Egg pies - which apparently no-one can make as good as his Mum does!!!! :lol: :lol3:

Happy - yeah I am hoping that Mel will be able to enjoy those photos. Sounds like she sleeps a lot at the moment, but lets just hope for an adjustment in meds so that she can become a bit compos mentis for a while anyway. I'm sure either Jen or Antoinette will let us know that it has arrived. I wonder if Carol got an email addy for Antoinette. I'll pass on any information I get asap.

Ceejay - have a great holiday.

Michelle - Hope the project is done and working. Tight deadlines hey? Seems that things go along and along and all of a sudden everything must be done yesterday. Gotta love projects.

Annie - those recipes sounded great. Might try the fish one when I sort out next weeks menu.

Guess that's about it. Can't think of much more. I have a card here for Mel and I should write her a letter. I'm just not much good with sickness. I keep putting things off. Anyway I'm off. Got laundry to do. Need to clean the laundry, bathroom and loo (my favourite jobs NOT). But at least I get to have lunch with 2 gorgeous girls.

10-16-2013, 06:55 PM
Ceejay - Have a great vacation!! I'll have to look on the map to see where Hardy is.

Laura - I'm sorry that you're still having discomfort. :( Yes, episode 1 of this seasons TBL was definitely more motivational (I thought) than previous years, at least in my opinion. Like you and Happy, I dislike the product shilling and melodrama. I mean really? On what planet are canned soups (even the low calorie ones) healthy? If they're going to highlight products, they should make some sort of mention that the processed foods are high in sodium.

Happy - I agree with all you said about TBL. There's not as much yelling. Jillian's gotten softer since she became a mother, and the other two trainers (Bob and Dolvett) don't yell as much. I like that they do get the contestants to think about the underlying causes of their weight problems. And I like that they do have medics there for contestants who work out too hard.

When I watch TBL, I realize that some if not all of it is staged, that I won't achieve the 15-30 lbs per week weight loss because I don't work out all day every day. Nor do I have a personal chef. And even with all the staged melodrama, product shilling and insane workouts (and they do frequently show what people can do at home), I get a lot of motivation out of it.

When my life was so up in the air last fall/winter and I didn't know where I'd be moving in CA, I actually considered applying to be a contestant on TBL. I wasn't sure if I'd get picked due to my back limitations, and I wasn't sure how I'd deal with the workouts if I had gotten picked. But I was willing to give it a try and reveal to the world my weight and my figure in a jog bra and bike shorts :yikes: if it meant getting healthy. I may still apply to go on next season if I haven't dropped the weight. Then again, given the starting weight for this season's contestants...I may be too thin! :dunno:

10-17-2013, 10:00 AM
Good Morning Chicklets.....

Well we didn't going to the Covered Bridge Festival. Instead we got up and decided to go fishing. Bad day for fishing, only 7 fish caught. Should of went to the festival. haha. All and all we had a very nice day together and really I don't care what we do, as long as we do things together. On the way home C bought us dinner at Applebees. I had the half order of the grilled oriental chicken salad. Very yummy.

Baby boy stopped by before going off to plumbing school. I love his Wednesday evening visits. He was having hemmie probs so I went to CVS and got him some baby wipes and hemmie meds. Never stop being a mom and I love it, even if he is 25.

Today is Sissy's ultrasound to maybe find out the gender. 18 weeks and 2 days along may be a bit early. She has another usound scheduled two weeks out, that one will tell for certain if the baby is facing or should I say b*tting the right direction. lol.

CHELLE....I used to watch TBL back in the early days but have not watched it in years, lost interest. I may try it again since you are giving it better reviews than before. did the visit go with your nieces? You always make food I like or would like to try. Do you ever just take a day to do a whole lot of nothing? You are always making lists and checking them twice. Thank you for the update from Jen/Mellie.

LAURA...sorry you are still under the weather. How's the BP? Did you get new meds from the doc?

CEEJ...we had a break from the rain yesterday but it is back today and through the weekend. bleh. I think that is why I am havingn sinus issues lately. Who knows probably just more old age sitting in.

HAPPY...funny you got the ingreds and recipe to make the cheddar biscuits and I was at Red Lobster last weekend and didn't even eat them. Believe you me, I love love love those biscuits.

SUSIE....I looked up the TOPS meetings around Indy. THere is one about 2 miles from my house but on Wednesday nights. Weds are Curtis and I's night together as he only has Wed and Sunday's off. I think there is another one about 5 miles away. I may try it just to keep myself accountable.

Make it a great Thursday/evening.

Loves and hugs.

10-17-2013, 10:36 AM
Think I would have enjoyed the time at the covered bridge festival but I understand spending time with C is more important. And in my honest opinion 7 fish caught is not bad.

I watched the BL on the Internet last night. Yes I agree that some of the weight loss is staged. Nearly fell out of my chair at the guy who lost 38 pounds. That one had to be staged. I thought wow he had a lot of fluid pounds. But it is motivational for me as well.
Hardy, Arkansas is in the foot hills of Arkansas. It's known for it's shops, and recreational type things. It's located on the Spring river. I'm going to enjoy my 10 days off.

I haven't thought about the TOPS in a long time. Not even sure if they are in our area. I really do wish that there was something closer than and hour away for me to be accountable to.

So the princess got a bath yesterday. I need to clean up my vehicle today to get it ready to take on my short trip.
I agree that we should hold back trying to contact Mel. Kinda sounds like we may have hit a nerve with Jen.


10-17-2013, 11:02 AM
Tell the others to stop far as I know I was the only one that called.

10-17-2013, 12:09 PM
quick check in before I put my nose to the grindstone...

Didn't get to the gym last night. I was just too tired. So I picked Santa up from day care and headed home. I watched the first half of the movie "The Help" on DVD. I'll finish it tonight. I've seen it before and it's a good movie.

I'll be going to the gym tonight as I have a free personal training session. Yes, I know they'll try and sell me more personal training sessions, but they better make the prices pretty reasonable for me to even consider it.

No big plans for the weekend as of yet. D has to work the next four nights, so we may be able to get together Sunday morning. :crossed: That's okay. I could use a relaxing weekend. :D

Hope you all are doing well.

Much love,

10-17-2013, 12:13 PM
Morning all.

Shad - Busy as usual, huh? Re the retirement funds - when I hear and read how much money you're supposed to have, it's so big and seemingly impossible to achieve. And another suggestion I hear is to hold off taking social security as long as possible, to age 70, when the payouts are largest vs. the actual age you qualify, which would be somewhere between 65 -67...sheesh. We'll be working forever!! It really makes me realize how important it is for me to find a career in something I'm really interested in and will enjoy doing!! Sorry you new doc is more about getting patients in and out than focusing on you in your time together. :( Re Halloween - it's really become a huge thing here. It's getting closeer and closer to Christmas for $$ spent on it.

Annie - Too bad you didn't get to the festival yesterday, but it sounds nice just to chill out with your loved one. I can't say I'm much interested in fishing, but the other parts of it - being on/near the water, hopefully in a quiet, pretty place - that appeals to me. Yeh, I don't think any of us called at Mel's place except you - you were the only one who'd tracked her down at that point. I'm sure it was all the people in her building making pests of themselves as usual. Or meaning well. Re the doc visit - no new meds for anything. My bp is very well controlled, doc is pleased with that. I'm on the lowest level/dose of med, one step above a plain old water pill, so there's really nothing to reduce to, darn it. Let us know if you go to TOPS!

Ceejay - Safe travels!! Ten days off - nice! :)

Michelle - TBL has been going with the extremes for many years now, I just don't think you'd qualify as a contestant! I'm glad you find it motivating, I know it's important to keep the motivation going - struggling with that right now. It would probably be a good thing for me to tune in to TBL, and do more reading about weight loss, etc. Keep the focus!

Hellos to Happy & Susie!
Doc appointment was fine. Doc suggested a lot of water and cranberry supplements for me, which I wil do. Also said to see how I feel in a week and if there's no improvement, go see my gyne to see if there's anything going on down there. She was also going to order bloodwork, but I'm having it in a week through my work, so she was fine with that - she gets the results sent to her. I'm stopping with all those cherry tomatoes I've been eating just in case that irritated something. Otherwise I just don't know what else to do.

Barre class was good - again feeling it a lot in my feet and lower legs.

Nothing much else to report. Getting my flu shot in a few minutes, so off I go. TTFN.
:coffee2: :coffee2: :coffee2: :coffee2: :coffee2:

10-17-2013, 12:41 PM
Tell the others to stop far as I know I was the only one that called.

I have to admit that I was offended by Jen's comment myself. Pardon us for caring I suppose. And I had no intention of bothering Mel, was only trying to get some information about someone I cared about. Geez.

10-17-2013, 01:22 PM
Annie - that's unfortunate that you didn't get to the covered bridge festival but you spent the day with C which as you said was the most important thing. I agree that 7 fish is a good catch unless they were all small catch and releasers ;) I'm glad you get to spend Wednesday suppers with your son - it's nice that even with busy schedules you can manage to spend time together - we all have a tendency to drift off as we get tangled up in the day to day stuff of life. It might be a bit early on the ultrasound. I have a cousin who focuses on fetal ultrasound and she said on more than one occasion early on they've been "fooled" by a winkie that turned out to be part of the umbilical cord instead :rofl: But what with the 3D ultrasounds, perhaps they can be more accurate or do they only do those of the face?

Laura - I see articles all the time about holding off on SS benefits. I have to be honest, while it makes sense with all this hoopla with the government, I'm probably going to start drawing mine before I hit 65 because quite frankly, I don't believe there will be much money left for me to start drawing the maximum if I wait until age 70. Just something to think about. We started saving for retirement in our mid 30's when we realized we probably would not have a family. Twice we have been massively hit due to the market - in one instance we lost 10 YEARS of our savings, never to be recouped. So there is good and bad to savings. We learned a lot about financials - namely no matter what anyone - E.F. Hutton, Fidelity, Schwaub etc says - no one cares about your money as much as you do. We have done much better on our investments since DH manages them and he is no expert. A lot of it involves being conservative, watching for and being prepared to move in market fluctuations and having a steady hand. I'm glad he's doing it and I'm the one who worked at the Options Exchange for 8 years :lol: Actually because if it - I was working there Black Friday when the market crashed - I am much more conservative than he is so I am glad he is handling it. So my advice is to save and keep a close eye on your money. It's good that you and BF are conservative spenders already. I think it's wise that you look to the future for career/work type options. A lot of it depends on where you decide to live in the future - even if you semi-retire. Where you are now is expensive to live, however work is plentiful. It's somewhat cheaper where I am now however I live in a play town - jobs are few and tend to be minimum wage jobs - and we have noticed that groceries and gas are a few cents higher here than in some of the surrounding towns. So we get gouged with higher prices the tourists will pay. That was a surprise to us. However I'm not up for driving an hour or more to save 5 dollars on my groceries or gas, so we deal with it. I think the biggest block to retirement (pre-65) is health care costs. I have several friends around my age who are stuck working or just scraping by because of that. We're the people I was hoping Obamacare would actually help out. Bottom line is that I don't think you have to work until 70, but you have to plan things out, be willing to give some things up and be realistic about it. Most of the friends and family I have in Chicago (with the exception of my Mom) are making plans to book out of the city eventually - because it's just too crowded but mostly too expensive to live there if you aren't working a career job any more. The big question is... where's the next move? Ok, I'll get off the soapbox again. :^: With fresh cranberries coming into season right now, I'd be into making my own juice and cranberry products over the supplements. It's really very easy to make juice - I was shocked. And you can adjust the sugar to your taste. Cranberry and some orange zest is delicious. I loved the apple/cranberry/pear juice I made and the strained pulp made a wonderful sauce that I portioned out and froze. And I think the cranberries are full of anti-oxidants and good for you stuff too. You may be on to something also with cutting back the cherry tomatoes. They are quite acidic. My Mom went crazy eating bing cherries when they were in season. Eating something like 5 pounds in a little over 2 days and surprisingly or maybe not so - she actually had problems too. That's sort of why I tossed a bunch of my tomatoes out too - didn't want to be eating a pound a day even if they were low calorie. :lol:

I did sign up for another online class - this one is about writing for magazines. Thought it might be interesting, we'll see. God knows I have enough magazines here to read :lol: Guess I'd better get off here and get to work. Floors to wash, furniture to dust and some general tiding up to do.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies :wave:

10-17-2013, 01:57 PM
I don't think Jen was trying to insult anyone with her comment. Don't forget she's probably pretty frazzled and distraught dealing with Mel's illness. She has no way of knowing who's been calling Mel, and I agree it's probably people from her building, but since Annie called the nursing home one day and then I called the building office the next I'm not surprised she suspected the Worldlies. The woman I spoke to at the office doesn't want to be bothered with multiple calls either, but she did say it was okay if I call again in a couple of weeks and I'll do so. And of course I'll pass on anything I learn at that time.

Gotta go. The brick workers fixing the building cladding have arrived at my level and the drilling is driving me nuts.

10-17-2013, 02:05 PM
Back again.

Shad - I've written Mel a couple of letters. I too feel awkward around subjects like death/sympathy and terminal illness so I just opted for a chatty letter about what's going on - just like we'd post things. I hope it's enough, my intentions are sincere. Your dinner the other night sounded delicious. Did you make the honey mustard dressing yourself?

Ceejay - thanks for the biscuit review. Hope you have an enjoyable 10 days off.

Michelle - hope they can come up with a reasonable cost on the personal training. It is a good thing but as you say, pretty pricey.

10-17-2013, 03:14 PM
Hi ladies -

Turns out, I'm going to be working from home today...and maybe tomorrow too. Santa got sent home from day care with a cough. The day care is affiliated with a vet office, and the vet there diagnosed him with a mild case of kennel cough. He's been vaccinating for it, but it turns out the vaccine while a good preventative measure is not always 100% guarantee that the dog won't get it. :(

So Santa is on antibiotics for the next two weeks. I'm hoping I'll be able to take him back to day care next week. I'm depressed that my baby is ill.

10-17-2013, 03:24 PM
Do not read this post if you don't want to know the gender of the baby, however I cannot guarantee that I will not say something further down the line about it.

The new baby will be a BOY...and there was absolutely a little winkie dink, seen from various views.

I was not offended by Jen's message, just thought it kind of strange she said it to us. Oh well, her mind in probably in many places at the moment.

10-17-2013, 04:03 PM
Awww, Annie, Congrats to you and to Sam and Chris!

10-17-2013, 04:17 PM
THanks CHELLE...Sam is thrilled, as is Chris, she cried he grinned from ear to ear. Sam..Jacob, do you want a baby brother? Noooo hahahah

10-17-2013, 07:02 PM
Congrats on the newest grandson. When my neice had her ultra sound done last year and sent me the picture I thought wow looks just her dad. And she still does. These new imaging devices are spectacular.

Sorry Santa doesn't feel well but I know that hs will be taken well care of.

Yes, I think that high income bracket is for the "rich". I'm very conservative. I was also concerned about the 401K that we have at work. and if the stock market happened to take a dive. I've been tempted to pull out of it and put it into savings. But i will not do that yet. If it starts to lose then I will.

Let me know how you like those buscuits.

Shad:wave: Hope that Jen does set up a time to where she can call you.


Did a 25 minute cardio dvd with the BL and a 6 week ab for 30 minutes with Jillian. I was tired afterwards and thought I'd be sore this morning but thankfully just a bit stiff. I've cleaned the living room and bathroom, and ran the vacuum. and washed two loads of laundry. I really didn't need to do any of this but my friend is going to spend some time here. I told my aunt today that I'd be there to eat with them on Saturday but since B would be here I wouldn't stay.

10-17-2013, 07:43 PM
Morning all,

Annie - good news. I am happy for you and your little family. Hopefully it will all come together and carry on as it should. Nice to have one of the kids dropping in for dinner once a week too. Nice that you and C spent the day together out on the water, even if the fish were not co-operating.

Michelle - hope Santa gets better soon. It's great that you can still work from home. Gotta love the technology. Working from home is the best. Also means that you can get over your tiredness somewhat as well.

Happy - the honey mustard sauce (according to the recipe and for 4 people) is as follows:

3 Tablespoons of salt reduced Chicken stock
3 Tablespoons of Honey mustard or seeded mustard
3 tablespoons of lite sour cream.

so that's the recipe but as you know they aren't always made to be followed. That particular recipe was from the CSIRO diet book. My take on it was that I didn't have any honey mustard, but I did have seeded mustard. So I put in 2 tablespoons of the mustard and 1 tablespoon of local honey that I picked up in the Northern Territory. It was nice. Not too mustardy and not too sweet. I hope you enjoy this new writing class. Did you get anything out of the other one you took?

Carla - I agree. Jen is just too wound up to be anything like a sensible person who thinks about how other people might take her words. At least we now have an idea about how things go with Mel and Jen. I'd love to just talk to Jen. However I don't think she has a phone apart from the ones she and Richie have inherited from Mel.

Laura - as far as the retirement fund goes, I think I will just stick to my original estimate. Work until 70 be dead by 74. Bah humbug. And I would predict that thanks to your stupid government not being able to come to terms with what would be good for the country rather than what's in it for me, we will have another dive on our superannuation accounts.
Hope that the cranberry and water intake will alleviate the symptoms. That can be painful.

Yesterday I went and had lunch with my niece and her daughter - my gorgeous great niece and introduced them to my new Princess. We had a nice couple of hours together. May there be many more of those. Also yesterday I had a chat with the accountant re this bloody trust fund. The lawyers have got hold of it and now it is nowhere near where I wanted it. It's a real pain. Think I might have to get in touch with him today to check out some new options. Freakin' heck.
Then I went out and watered the pots and now it has rained over night so I don't have to water the yard today. Which is good because I got my rates notice yesterday and the price of water is sky high. It just gets worse. Now as well as thinking about getting the guttering re-done, I have to think of ways to collect more water for the garden. I'll make some enquiries about recycling grey water as well. Something has to give. I want a vege patch!!!!

This weekend I am going to DB2's place to watch the last big footy game for the year, and to celebrate his birthday which is next week. The kids are providing dinner although I will take along something for dessert or a salad or something.

I've just finished breakfast this morning - recipe also from the CSIRO diet cookbook. I had Mexican eggs. It's basically a chunky tomato sauce with a bit of chili and a dose of cumin and you bake an egg in the sauce. I cut the recipe in half and have had it the last two days. It's actually quite nice. I am not a big chili fan, but I didn't put much in so it had a bite but wasn't overpowering. A real change from my usual cereal, fruit and yoghurt or toast and vegemite.

Right I had better get on with it. I've only got two days of Laura's abs challenge left and I sure won't be sorry to see it go. It is tough at the end. Have to go back to my walking challenge again for 30 days and see if I can still run a bit. Todays list is not big. Just a few things that I will get on with this morning so that I can have a rest and read this afternoon. It's cool and overcast today. Lovin' it.

10-18-2013, 09:12 AM
TGIF yeah TGIG yeah!!! and PF-Pay Friday!!!

Colder than I like it this morning, however the moon was full and beautiful on the way into work. Almost stopped and took a picture of it with my phone, but didn't want to be late to work.

Am meeting up with some buddies from the prior job for lunch today. Have not seen them in almost two years. Yikes They probably won't recognize me as I have gained 35 lbs since seeing them last. Kind of embarrassed to even meet up with them...

Tomorrow is lil man's birthday and party. I am making a cheeseball, braunsweiger ball, deviled eggs and bringing tiny little weinies in sauce that you make with the grape jelly and chili sauce. Sam is having it at 4 pm so that C can be there as he works on Saturdays.

SHADDIE...Happy birthday to DB2!! Man your water prices are crazy. My plumber son fixed both of our toitie as they were double flushing every time. Our water bill cut in half this last time. Sometimes when I think about retirement and money for the future I get sick to my stomach. It is just ridiculous, I too, will work till 70 then die at 74. bleh

CEEG...have fun at the Aunts and visiting with your friend. Funny we clean our house like mad women when visitors are coming. is Santa feeling? My co-worker was saying her little doggie, a snauzer name Newman, had the poopies and was a mess when she got home from work the other day and had no idea what caused it. I haven't asked her this morning how he is doing yet.

HAPPY...Sam will have a mega ultrasound at 20 weeks that is the 3D thing, that will be the most positive result. Altho the one from yesterday there was no denying the winkie dink. lol Good luck with your new class, who knows some day you might be writing for Cosmo mag or something.

LAURA....sorry to hear you are still having issues with the UTI. THey can be tricky. My son had UTI when he was about 2 years old and both times he had it, it settled in his lungs and got pnuemonia. SHeesh, take good care of yourself, drink that cranberry juice and water. slurp slurp...

Make it a fabulous Friday ladies of the World!!

Hugs and Loves.

10-18-2013, 01:22 PM
Morning all. TGIF!!

Annie – Congrats on the grandson to come! Now to get going on picking names! Enjoy your lunch with your former co-workers. I know the feeling of being self-conscious about weight gain when you’re seeing people you haven’t seen in a while…but then that’s over with shortly after saying hello and you can just enjoy each other’s company, unless weight gain/loss is a topic you always talk about when you get together, LOL.

Ceejay – Good job on the exercise. Enjoy the time w/ your family and your friend during you time off. Yeh, I suppose the figures they quote for retirement needs might be for wealthy people... But I just get nervous because even if there’s retirement savings, a pension, and perhaps social security and medicare, there’s still all kinds of expensive stuff to pay for – dental and vision care, new cars, etc. You’re much closer to your retirement, so you're probably smart in considering less risky investments, but I don’t think the puny interest rates on savings accounts are even keeping up with inflation these days!

Shad – Nice you got to spend time with your niece and the grand-nieces. Re water conservation – I’ve see a few people around the neighborhood with rain barrels hooked up to their downspouts. I’ve read too about people who recycle the “gray water” from their washing machines. Makes sense if the climate is getting dryer or droughts more frequent. You’re almost there with the abs challenge! I have to say, I was soooo ready for that to be finished by the last 10 days! I’m not usually one for highly flavored/spiced foods at breakfast, but those Mexican eggs sound yummy…for lunch or dinner, lol.

Happy – Hah, yeh, I suppose I’ll be lucky if there’s still any SS in existence by the time I get around to retiring – and who knows about my employer's pension plan. I’m not all that interested in doing any active management of investments other than doing the homework on allocations by class/type and keeping them balanced. I wouldn’t even try to do any timing of the markets - they're way to sensitive these days! Until I get much closer to retirement age, I’ll just roll with the ups and downs. I do agree that moving to a less expensive (and more beautiful) area is very desirable to me. I suppose living in a more remote area includes higher prices because the big chain stores aren’t there, but I didn’t think about the fact that you get seasonal tourists and even higher prices to go along with them. Foods/drinks using fresh cranberries which you make and know what’s in them certainly sound better in terms of taste and health, but the idea of swigging cranberry juice still doesn’t appeal to me, and I don’t know if adding it to seltzer or combining it with another juice limits its effectiveness. Supplements sound easier to me. However, the big thing is that the doc reported that they sent my sample out to be cultured and nothing grew – so I apparently don’t even have an infection. And I haven’t had one in many years, so I'm generally not prone to them. So I’m not sure this course of treatment is really right for me. I will try to keep guzzling water though.

Carla – I hope the drilling on your building is done now. That sounds like a real headache in the making.

Michelle – I hope Santa is coughing less now. Geez, I thought the vaccine would prevent that. Then again, I’m almost positive I had a flu shot last fall and ended up with the flu in January…Are you working from home again today?

Hi Susie!! :wave:
Nothing much to report. I walked between home & the train station both ways yesterday because it was rainy in the morning. I didn't ride my bike or walk today because I was running late, so bf dropped me off. Daylight savings time ends Nov. 3rd, so I have 2 more weeks of cycling to/from the station. Then it's back to walking.

Nothing going on tonight. Bf is going to the gym with a friend, so I might ride along with him and hit some of the stores in the big strip mall where the gym is. First there's Walmart where I can get the cranberry pills and whatever else I think of. Then there's a Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls, Aldi, Sally Beauty Supply, Petco, Famous Footware, etc. Or I could just sit around at home and be a couch potato. ;)

Okay, with all the interruptions (it's that dang work again!), this has taken forever. Everyone have a good weekend!!

10-18-2013, 01:31 PM
Happy - How cool that you're taking an online writing class. I'd love to hear more about it and maybe get the link from you so I could sign up. It's so good that you and Eric planned well for your retirement. Any fun plans for the weekend?

Ceejay - I hope you enjoy lunch tomorrow and have a good time with your friend while she's visiting.

Annie - I'd say that 7 fish is a good catch. There were many times when my ex and I would be on a lake all day and not get a nibble.

Shad - glad you had a nice time with your niece and great-niece. Hope you have a good time with your DB2.

Laura - Are you going to see Gravity this weekend? I've found that gym memberships are typically cheaper than purchasing punch cards of classes...but it all depends on where you feel comfortable and what you like doing.

My appointment with the trainer last night was good. I wish there was more time spent working out and less time trying to sell me a package of sessions that I can't afford right now. But I did learn some good exercises. We focused on conditioning and core. So we started with exercise ball squats (where you have an exercise ball between your back and the wall, and then you slide down into a squat. Then we did an exercise where I laid on my back with my knees bent, arms bent up in front of my chest. The trainer put a much smaller exercise ball on my tummy, and it was my job to curl up my upper and lower body and squeeze the ball as hard as I could between my elbows and knees as if I was trying to pop it. It doesn't look like much, but it's very difficult. Then he had me get on the treadmill and without turning it on, I had to move the belt as fast as I could by walking and really pushing it with my feet. That was hard too. Then he had me take a basketball put it high over my head and slam it on the ground as hard as I could. Another tough one. All in all a good workout...but I can't afford the $70/hr that the trainers charge.

Santa is home today with my step-mom and step-brother. He's coughing more last night and this morning. Poor little guy. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. He and I are going to have a relaxing weekend. I'll do some cleaning, laundry and some writing. I wish I could work from home today...but my boss said that yesterday was a one-time thing and contractors aren't allowed to work from home. :-(

10-18-2013, 01:52 PM
Annie - I know what you mean about being self-conscious about weight gain when seeing people you haven't seen in awhile. I was like that last December when I came to CA for a visit and I was at my heaviest weight ever. But Laura's right...after the initial hello, I was so enjoying myself that I forgot all about my size.

Laura - Yep, it's difficult to find any kind of savings that keeps up with inflation. That's why my dream is to become a best-selling writer so I can work from home (with Santa by my side) and earn enough to at least live my fave author Tom Ryan. Definitely keep guzzling water. Also, do you have enough good bacteria in your gut? If not, you might try a probiotic like Kefir. Kudos on your ambition to do all those errands. The past week (especially the past day) has been so stressful, couch potato-ing sounds really good to me. Although after work and this weekend, I will either force myself to the gym (and leave Santa in the car if my step-mom or step-brother aren't available to watch him), or I'll do a Jillian Michaels DVD.

Shad - Water conservation is very important in CA, where there are way too many people and way too little water. A lot of the cities and counties around here use gray water to water street landscaping and parks. And in southern CA, which in many areas is practically a desert, a lot of people landscape with xeriscaping (drought tolerant plants). But vege gardens do need water. Rainwater would be okay...but is gray water okay to use for plants that will be consumed?

Much love to all,

10-18-2013, 03:03 PM
Hi kids,

Michelle - check out ed2go dot com. They have a pretty big selection of classes - particularly writing classes done in affiliation with several universities. The classes are $99USD each - so I consider them affordable. Search on writing. There are a number of classes and it sounds as if we have similar interests so I'm sure you will find more than a class or two that you can find useful. Classes are 6 weeks long and they have several sessions going on so you can fit them around your schedule. What is the issue with Santa? Does he not like to be alone in the house that you have to put him in daycare? Did he just get used to having other pups or you or the ex in the house? I'm a little concerned with the cats too - DH would rather leave them in the house for a short weekend trip and I'm concerned the little one will go bonkers being left alone. :rolleyes: Hope Santa's meds kick in soon - I didn't realize until we were talking to the vet that I guess animals are pretty sensitive being in a group environment like a shelter or daycare. Worse than preschoolers with runny noses - I guess they can easily pass things to one another :( Guess we need doggie and kitty masks and puppy paw sanitizer :^: Wow 70 bucks an hour for a trainer??? Maybe you need to reconsider that writing career in favor of a gym :rofl: I'm sure the gym gets a cut of that rate, I wonder if you could get a trainer on your own - the nice thing is that they push you harder and give you some options you might not have thought of but yikes that's a lot of money.

Laura - I think more companies are offering a (you pay for) extra service to the brokerage companies to monitor and manage your investments. My last company just came out with that option. It's good for people who don't want to deal with the financials - geez there are just TOO MANY options to pick from. As I said, I'm lucky DH will watch things, otherwise I might have considered something like that as I am too skittish to make any money since I tend to be ultra conservative which is not a good thing either. You can't make any money keeping your dollars in a pass book saving account or CD at .000000001 percent return. I guess the trick is to not have all your eggs in one basket and mix your investments a bit between growth (stocks), spreading the risk (mutual funds) and low risk products like bonds. Even if you aren't an active investor, it's key to watch your savings and rebalance the funds as needed. The market is doing pretty good for the most part right now :crossed: let's hope it stays that way for a long time. Ugh - my least favorite time of the year - autumn daylight savings time. I can't see well driving at night and I hated chasing the waning daylight these last few months of the year. Good for you for walking back and forth between the train station and home. And then again to the train station and office too? That's a good hike for the day. Glad that you don't have an infection but how frustrating as to what's the underlying reason for your discomfort? Sorry about the cranberry juice suggestion - I forgot you don't like it. Not sure if you'd get the same results if you mixed it with apple and pear to cut the taste. Have fun shopping - shop for me as I have nothing here and must live vicariously through you :lol:

Annie - congrats on a baby grandson for Lil Man. Will he be LM2? :lol: At least Sissy can reuse some of the stuff she already has - especially the clothing they wear in the beginning - like maybe only once or twice before they grow out of it. Will be interesting to see how Lil Man takes to sharing the spotlight with his new baby brother. How cool will it be to see a 3D picture? Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine - that has to be a relief. I know what you mean about the moon looking so pretty. There's just something about the wee hours of the morning when the night skies are so clear and pretty. Although I hated getting up early, one of my jobs required me to be in the office at 7am so I enjoyed the pretty early morning skies on the way to work and the best part was watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan from my office. I loved the peace and quiet of the early morning - until that got broken by some executive calling me and ranting about how he couldn't figure out how to use his computer :lol: Funny your comment about writing for Cosmo - don't think so. I had to turn in my Cosmo card when arthritis prevented me from wearing high heels any more :rofl: Now I'm more apt to write for AARP but that's ok - I'll take pay from anyone. I hope you have a fun lunch with your friends - I can understand your feelings about seeing them when you've gained a bit of weight but as the others have said - just focus on the pleasure of the company you will keep. You only get to feel self conscious if you are going to a try out for a bikini model for next year's Sports Illustrated magazine ;)

Shad - thank you for the recipe. I am liking the grainy, seeded mustard - developing my taste for mustard which at one time I really hated. I would probably do the honey and mustard combo myself as I have purchased a few bottles of honey mustard and didn't like a lick of them. One thing I did love and of course once they caught wind of that they stopped making it - was cranberry mustard. I think that's what got me to starting to introduce mustard into my life - so yummy on turkey sandwiches. Glad to hear you had a good time with the niece and kidletts. Hope that continues - they grow so quickly and are adorable at a tiny age. Happy birthday to DB2 - hope your team wins and the eatins are good. Sounds like you are back on the CSIRO plan - I think we tend to drift to the plan that works best for us so I have given up on the gimmicky stuff. I'm not sure I'd like the chili with the eggs but I can certainly see and have actually had aigs with a Mexican salsa which I totally love. Eggs and tomato products go quite well. Now you've made me hungry. :lol: To your question about the writing class - yes, I actually picked up some pretty good tips and learned some stuff - what I like about these classes is that they give you practical information on not only crafting your writing, but also how to actively pursue trying to sell some of your work. This last class I took actually spurred me to this one - I just took a break over the summer from studies as I knew I would not have time to work on it. Which was good thinking because I did not know my Mom was coming for an extended visit. That really would have put a wrench in the works if I had a class going when she was here. That's a crime what you pay for utilities. Why is the water so high? I thought you went from draught to near flooding conditions the last few years? Is it because it's so erratic? I remember you talking about recycling your gray laundry water for your outside plants. That was really a surprise to me because I guess we take it for granted out this way although I have never made it a habit to be wasteful with water in any regard.

Ceejay -sounds like you have been a busy bee. Sometimes it's good to have company - gives us an extra boost to tidy the place up. Hope you have a good visit with your friend.

Hi Carla :wave:

I did make some headway on the paper trails I have here. Then I called my sister and while I was working while on the phone all I could do was sort. The actual review of the contents was too intensive to allow me to talk, read and think at the same time. We got off the phone to make supper then afterwards she tried to video call me on FB. That worked fine for video but we could not hear each other so we had to call back on the phone to hear each other :rofl: And then a little while later she was on FB and I posted some old photos which she totally enjoyed. So I spend a good part of the day with my sister. I will continue more today - making headway - it's slow but I am making steady progress. I also have a new lesson today so that's about 2 hours of work. Not sure if / where we will be going to dinner tonight. I'm ok with the typical Friday fish fry. They are talking about the possibility of light snow tomorrow. Already???? Actually it's getting near that time like it or not. Time to go make some lunch. Have a good weekend everyone.

10-18-2013, 03:57 PM
The yellow jacket's nest is gone. Landlord sent one of his men out this morning. They were in deep too. Will try and up load a picture I took with the phone. Plus one of my chores for next week has been done. They were under one of my plants that was over grown. He left a couple of sprigs that were not infected with the jackets.

I've heard of brown water but I'm assuming that grey water is rain water, caught off houses etc.!!

I hope the cranberry meds help.

Have fun with the writing class. I should have brought home my books from the so called class that we're taking--more like an online class for our continuing education hours.

10-18-2013, 05:46 PM
Morning all,

Ceejay - grey water is water from the shower or washing machine. You may call it brown water. It's good on the ornamental garden but you can't use it on the vege patch. That water should come from the rain water tank. But unfortunately it hasn't rained that much and the tank is falling into disrepair. Nothing lasts forever.

Happy - so pleased that those lessons were good and you learned a lot. I guess I will have to watch Amazon to see when you and Michelle publish and I can download your books.
The Mexican aigs were good. I put very little chili in there since I am not a fan of it myself - says she who grows about ten chili plants. There was just enough to know that it was there and not enough to jump up and down and say 'oh sh*t that burned, where's the water to put the fire out'
Nice that you were having facetime with your sister. Mine is still not talking to me. That'll change soon, as I will become annoyed enough to send her a message.

Michelle - good on you for getting together with a trainer. Even if it is only for one session it is good to get a routine going. Sorry to hear that Santa is still not well, but best not to annoy the bossman and go to work. Many of the contracts I have done love it when you work from home because you can offer lower daily rates.

Annie - Yeah our water rates are crazy, but then I did overwater a couple of times and sometimes it is too much effort to use the rain tank and so the garden has had an overdose of the very expensive stuff. It hasn't rained enough to keep refilling it anyway, and one good water will empty the tank anyway. I have some plans to take the tank down the back and use it to collect the water from the shed and put in some of those funny tanks that look like lego blocks and can be added onto to pick up the water from the house. Of course if I look at that project it means the guttering will have to be replaced, and more outlay will be needed. Guess I better look for another job.

Laura - yes that challenge is really hard work at the end. Can't wait. Halfway through the second to last day. It seems to take forever now.
Hope you had a great time browsing the shops. Buy anything interesting?

Hi Susie. :wave:

Thinking of you Mel (and Jen) - hoping for some peaceful time for both of you.

Okay, so today I will finish cleaning the floors in the laundry, loo and bath. Then I might get started on the main bedroom. Not raining today but I think I will work inside anyway, catch up on the filing and the dust. The cat is home so there are clumps of fur everywhere.
And then I need to think about something to take to DB2's house for supper. Last nights dinner was a slow roasted bone lamb leg marinated in garlic, lemon juice and oil and served with a warm roasted pumpkin and tomato, spinach and feta salad. It was really nice but I think I overdid the lamb. Too much slow cooking or maybe it was the last blast in the recipe that did it. When I make it again, I will just slow bake it and not worry about trying to crisp it up. Yesterdays lunch (and probably today and tomorrows) was layered sushi which is just okay. I won't bother with that recipe again. I have made tastier sushi. This one is missing something.

With that I had better be off. Got to finish this challenge for today and then shower and get on with whatever comes along for the day.

10-18-2013, 06:50 PM
Happy - Thanks for the link to the courses! I will check those out. You bring up a good question about why I take Santa to day care. When I get my own place (if I don't have to worry about nearby neighbors being annoyed by Santa's barking), I will leave him at home. But at my step-mom's home, she has so many REALLY nice things and her home is her sanctuary. And even though Santa is really well-behaved and mostly just barks occasionally when I'm gone, there have been occasions in the past where he had to "go" and couldn't hold it or lifted a leg to wage a protest about being left alone, or he could chew on something or get into something (most of the house is puppy proof, but he'd find an area that is not. Anyway, I do not want him damaging any of my step-mom's home in the slightest...hence the day care. Cats are usually easier to leave alone...give them food, water and a clean litter box and they're usually fine. Dogs, however, have to go out to do business.

I'll be back later to check in on the rest of y'all.

10-18-2013, 09:32 PM
I'm asking a question how do you add a photo on here.

10-18-2013, 10:55 PM
If you want to add them as an attachment, click the Go Advanced button. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Manage Attachments.

A window displays where you can upload your picture from your computer. You have to have the picture under a certain size. If you resize it to about 800x600 I find they generally come up.
Click Browse and go find the picture in the computer and click the open/ or upload button. The computer path will display in the field. Click Upload, it brings the picture to the base of your post.

If you want to put the picture in the body of the post, that's a whole different story and you will need to go to a site like photobucket to upload the picture.

Try the first one and if you have problems let me know.

10-19-2013, 10:17 AM
Thanks Shad I'll play around with this later. At least I know where to go

It's rained over night and cool again this morning I'm loving the 47 degree weather.

Completed a dvd by Sunshine which is what I call Pilates. The I did part of the Peggy Cappy Yoga for the rest of us. I can tell I'm getting more firm which is what I want.

Had a suprise visitor yesterday but this may become the new norm. She'd been used to going to bff but then bff is back this week. My neighbors were probably wondering what is going on over there. I'm usually a quiet little mouse on the block. Think I've confused my neighbor also. She was curious, too. Think B is glad to be back home.

Need to get ready to go to Paragould.

10-19-2013, 01:36 PM
Yesterday they were talking about us getting over 4 inches of snow starting last night and going on and off until Monday. Now they changed it (of course) and it looks like just rain. That's fine by me. There is a dusting way north of us and it wouldn't be out of the question to see it make a brief appearance nonetheless. I know, it's time but I'm not ready for it yet.

I guess this would be a good time to skim through my closet and switch out the summery tops and trade them for the sweaters. Most of my clothes are year round now - I'd say only about 10 percent is super light or a heavier weight so that should be a quick job.

I am loving the fresh apple juice that I made as is DH. And it's so simple to make that I can easily have it for the next few months. Don't even have to keep the pulp if I don't want it. Just amazing the flavor difference that fresh gives you.

Even though it's cool and gray out there, we are trying to decide on something to do today. There is a musical performance at the local live theater tonight but it's outlaw country music - quite rockin' which also might be a bit loud for my tastes - I'm also not a country music fan. We'll see. Yesterday we went out for a fish fry. Yum yum, enjoyed that as much as the nice glass of wine I also indulged in. Reminds me that I have 3 bottles of wine I picked up from local wineries that I need to drink up - but not all in one night of course. ;)

Michelle - reading your response about Santa, I think that's probably the one negative point about having a pet - what to do with them when you have to go away for a bit. :( I hope his cough is doing better.

Since it's the weekend - I guess it will get pretty quiet in here so have a good one no matter what you do.

10-19-2013, 02:54 PM
Hi ladies -

I'm feeling blue today. I'm just so worried about Santa. Every time he coughs it just breaks my heart. :cry: He and I are going to have a relaxing weekend...though I may take him back to the vet.

I got a nice surprise last night. D came by after he got done with work to surprise me. He couldn't stay long because he had things he had a lot to get done at home, but it was really nice he stopped by. :) He and I will probably do something tomorrow. Not sure what though.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Love and hugs,

10-20-2013, 07:31 PM
Morning all.

Michelle - I hope Santa is on the improve now. It's not easy when our babies are sick.

Happy - the apple juice sounds yummy. I love apple juice. Prefer it to orange juice really. Snow - already!!!!! Next thing you will be putting the snow plough on the tractor and clearing the stuff from the driveway.
Maybe you should tackle the wine in one day. It might help the snow disappear for a while.

Ceejay - nice to have visitors and who gives a damn about what the neighbours think.

As it's the weekend, I guess most people won't get in here - indeed only 3 posts since my last. I have written to Jen and included a message for Mel. I have a card here that I have been meaning to send for a while, but it will wait another day.
Today is haircut and dentist day. Tomorrow I need to get out into the yard early before the heat hits. Mow the hedge, cut the grass, weed the garden and turn over the vege patch and mulch it thickly.

I have another job. Yep, I seem to be becoming the go to girl for stuff ups and pickled situations. My friend D texted me on Friday saying she needs me over in Wellington to help out with their dicey project. Apparently the guy doing the job can't spell. The consultant proofing the job doesn't seem to care and the mistakes just keep on coming. So I have 4 weeks to go over there and straighten them out. And maybe longer. So I have to clean up the house, shift the cat, organise the garden, find somewhere for the car, find somewhere to live and get on with the job. I need to talk to Mick and to the management company and see what happens there. Wouldn't it be nice if somewhere sometime someone sorted the project so this wouldn't happen?
Okay - haircut coming up so I had better go there. Dentist this afternoon. There goes my first weeks pay.

10-20-2013, 08:16 PM
Back from the uncles. We had a good visit. Bought a new sweater yesterday. Called bff when I got home to set up a time to go to Hardy. We're leaving Tuesday morning around 10 and will come back on Thursday.
Getting excited.

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

I love apple juice. Have you tried apple cider? Bet that would be good. I love it warm on cold nights. I'm going to be swapping out summer and fall/winter clothes some time this week. We're having a couple of cold fronts coming our way. Actually wore a sweater this morning. My uncle said there was frost on the roof of this morning. I truly believe our warm weather is not coming back. That's okay though. Please don't send us any snow.

10-21-2013, 10:23 AM
Happy Monday!!

What a busy weekend. Lil man's party was a lot of fun, as usual he got more than he needed. I spend Saturday morning preparing food for the party and was exhausted once we got home Saturday evening.

Sunday was more of the same. Rushed around cleaning, making salsa, ham & beans, cornbread, cleaned the garden out of all veggies as we are too have a frost or freeze Tuesday night. Went with Curtis to a couple of his stops as they kept calling saying they were out of bread/buns on their shelves. That just means more $$ for C. Yeah! Went over to Sam's to watch the babe while they went to the COLTS/broncos game. Yes, my friends the COLTS win beating Peyton Manning's Broncos. The start of the game was a little emotional as they had a standing ovation for Peyton. Anyway a real nail biter toward the end. Also the PACKERS win yeah CHELLE. Sorry LAURA about the BEARS. Two out of three not bad.

HAPPY...I think we think alike more often than not. I bought some of the Simply Apple juice yesterday while C was stocking his shelves at Meijer. Are you planning on tying one on with that wine? lol.

CHELLE...sorry to hear Santa is still not feel well. Bless his heart. Hope he is feeling better by now. Nice of D to stop by and surprise you. How wonderful. rest for the weary. Guess you will have to put on the working boots a little sooner than expected and make those big bucks. Must be hair time for the worldlies..I am getting mine colored tomorrow night.

CEEG...Always nice to get something new to perk up our attitude. Hope the sweater did that for you. Have fun in Hardy with your BFF.

LAURA...DD already has a name picked out that I am not too fond of but it is Chris' grandfather's name. Royce and the middle name will be Michael, after Chris and my brother. Royce Michael, I may just have to call him Ace. Ainsley just frowned and made a face about it being a boy, she wanted a sister so badly.

Hi Susie...hope to see you around here more often.

Going to make a pecan pie this evening for my friend Jan here at work. Tomorrow is her birthday and that is her favorite. We are all going to take her out to Olive Garden for lunch also.

Strength and love to MELLIE and JEN.

Have a marvelous Monday/evening all...

Hugs and Loves.

10-21-2013, 12:19 PM
Day one of vacation and I'm doing laundry but not much else. I'm getting ready to go to Hardy, Arkansas tomorrow. I hope the weather holds.
Woke up with a headache but I think I stayed up to late this morning and woke up to early. I don't know why but I simply love Duck Dynasty. I found episodes on t.v last night after 10 p.m. and watched them till one a.m. There must have been a marathon of them. I laugh out loud with these guys. Simple down to earth red necks.
I text my sister this week end about a picture I saw on FB. I thought wow the Ukraine, Russia must have really agreed with my step neice. Then I looked a little closer and saw the basket ball bump. She got engaged and pregnant while there. She also told me that my nephew and his wife are expecting another baby. Both are due in April a week a part. I'm excited.
This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. While driving back to my uncles after church yesterday I had to stop at a red light. I was behind a vehicle when all of a sudden the front side went down to the ground and then back up. I thought oh no and asked my uncle to watch also then the other side of the vehicle went down and up. Then the vehicle sat on the ground. I started laughing hysterically. I told my uncle to look at the name of it. It was callled FlexBox. I guess it was flexing it's muscles. I looked it up on line and sure enough Ford makes a Flex vehicle. It's new.

You are right who cares what the neighbor thinks. It's just that I've been the quiet little mouse on the street and they are all curious.

Ahhhh, a birthday party for lil man. Did he turn 2? We're getting that cold front tonight as well. My aunt and uncle had a light frost Sunday morning.

I hope Santa is feeling better.

Sending Mel and Jen good vibes

Hello's to Laura and Happy.
I'll be back later.

10-21-2013, 12:28 PM
Morning all. Happy Monday.

Annie - Sounds like you had a non-stop weekend. Aww, poor Ainsley not getting a sister. Maybe next time - or is the babymaking done after Royce?? ;) How was lunch with your former co-workers last week? Yeh, the Bears loss was a heartbreaker. And more injuries for us, including our QB. Guess it's a good thing next week is a bye week for them so they can get some more healing time.

Ceejay - Nice to hear you had a good visit with the uncles. You're all set for your road trip - have fun!! :) I like apple cider better than apple juice - yum. I also like it spiced. Unfortunately, we don't usually buy cider because it seems to come in gallon jugs, when even a half gallon would be too much for two of us. We like it but we just don't drink a lot of it. We're getting much cooler weather this week and the s word has even come up! :yikes: Definitely sweater weather!!!

Shad - Hope the dentist and hair appts went well. Another job. Sounds like you're stepping into a messy one - but I know you will make the best of it and do what you can. Did you celebrate the finish of the abs challenge??? :D :yay:

Michelle - I hope Santa's feeling better today. :( Poor thing. It was sweet of D to stop by and visit. What did you two end up doing yesterday??

Happy - I bet the fresh apple juice you made is yummy - who knows what goes in the processed stuff? When it's something aimed at kids, it seems like they really amp up the sugar level. I remember once years ago I bought the tubes of yogurt (called go-gurt?) and realized I made a mistake buying something aimed at the kiddies - so sweet and awful! Never again! Did you end up seeing the country band on Saturday??

Mel & Jen - Thinking of you and wishing you the best!!!

Hi Susie!
I didn't go browsing or shopping on Friday night. Bf picked me up from the train and dropped me at home and he went right off to the gym to meet his friend. I was surprised they were meeting at that time - definitely earlier than they usually do. But that's okay, I was more than happy to chill out at home.

I woke up around 3:30 am Saturday morning and knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep - this bladder thing, whatever it is, is really a PITA. So I was up, and bf couldn't sleep either. So he made eggs and we ate those. He eventually went back to sleep, but I stayed up and read a bit. Then I decided I wouldn't try to go back to sleep and got dressed and went out in the yard to dismantle the veg garden. Filled a very large bowl with mostly unripe cherry tomatoes, which I now have no desire for whatsoever even if they were to ripen nicely. Picked a nice bunch of Fresno chilies and some of the larger tomatoes. We'll see if the tomatoes ripen up - some look puny. Bf gave some of the chilis to one of his friends that was over later in the day - this guy eats chilis with everything!

Dug out the plants, put away the bricks holding down the layers of newspaper I used to keep out the weeds (worked well, btw). Tossed the newspaper - it was in thick layers and hadn't decomposed at all. Removed the little fence. Raked out the stray fallen veggies. And then I turned the soil over so it's not so difficult to work with come spring. Yay me.

I also dug up some of the daylilies that have been taking over the overcrowded flower bed - stuck a bunch of clumps in plastic garden center pots I'd accumulated and put them on our driveway. Told my neighbor if they wanted some to take them, but they didn't. I put a couple of the pots at the curb this morning on my way out and need to get the rest out there (with a "free" sign) to see if there are any takers. Not likely - the weather is going to be crummy and cold this week and while I think such late transplants could survive, people just won't want to do any planting this week. Oh well.

After that I raked up the clumps of leaves dropped by the squirrels in their quest for acorns. The way they were going at it this year, I was thinking there would be no leaves left for the tree to drop on its own! It seems to have died down the last day or two though...

I didn't do much the rest of the day - lunch with bf and then out with doggy for a walk. BF went to a concert in the PM and I watched some tv and tore one half of the zipper from a jacket that needs a new zipper. That was more work than I thought it would be - several rows of stitching to rip. One side left to do.

Sunday was generally lazy in the morning. Then it was off to gas up the car, buy the materials for a couple sewing projects and some groceries. Came home and watched the end of the Bears game. Lunch. Dog walk. Laundry. TV. Made the easy stroganoff recipe Annie provided last year. Pretty tasty, but I underseasoned it. Bf made it last year and it would have been nice if he'd written some notes on the recipe to help the next time...Hey, gotta blame someone, LOL.

Tonight is the last Pilates class. Starting anytime Thursday or later, bf will get a 1-week pass for me from his gym so I can try it out. Looking forward to that.

Going to make an appt with the gyne as advised by my doc to see if anything "down there" is causing my bladder issue. My outrageous theory is that my abs challenge built up such big muscles in my lower abs that they are pressing on my bladder. HAHAHA. More likely is that I probably have some stupid chronic condition that will be a pain in my a$$ for the rest of my life. Sigh.

On that sour note, I will finish up by reassuring you that I know I'm extremely fortunate to be in otherwise good health and realize that many others have much more serious health issues with with to suffer through. No more complaining. For the time being...

10-21-2013, 01:13 PM
LAURA...your bladder and my ankle/foot..great the rest of our lives..bleh, hopefully you will be cured in no time. I did make a call to my doc about getting into a specialist for my foot. The regimen she provided has helped however there are days when my ankle/foot just kills me. Like yesterday when I had so much to get done. Awaiting a call back with a referral. I am not looking foward to cold weather and this ankle. On the bright side there are only 150 days till spring. Yeah!! I was up Saturday night off and on also with loo issues. Sheesh. Hopefully we will both get on the right track with our health. I just feel like I am getting old and frumpy.

10-21-2013, 02:01 PM
Annie - I hope the specialist can help you with your foot/ankle - it can be depressing thinking this is going to hassle you indefinitely. Old age sucks.

Ceejay - Fingers :crossed: the weather holds out for you in your travels. I haven't watched Duck Dynasty, but my mom gave it a try and she said she can't get past those beards! LOLOL. I'll have to watch one sometime. :D Sounds like quite a tricked out car you saw!! That must have been too funny!

10-21-2013, 02:56 PM
Annie - I hope the specialist can fix your foot/ankle. :hug:

Laura - I hope your bladder issue gets better soon.

Ceejay - Have a wonderful vacation! As for what your neighbors think about your visitors...who cares! It's wonderful that your friends are coming over to visit!

Shad - Good luck on the new assignment. Sounds like it's out of control and needs your special talents to get it sorted.

Happy - I can't believe you have snow already! Yikes! And I heard from a friend that the temps in the Milwaukee area are getting into the 20s at night. :yikes: Good weather for making soups. And that pork tenderloin photo you shared on FB looked really good too.

It was so nice of D to surprise me on Friday. He came over yesterday and I helped him type up some documents for a bridge class he's teaching, and he made me a delicious lunch. Then we ran a couple errands before he had to go to work.

Santa is doing a little better, but still coughes/wheezes when he gets too excited or barks too much. It just breaks my heart to hear him like that. Today, my step-mom and step-brother are watching him. My step-mother said she can watch him tomorrow. And hopefully he'll be well enough for Day Care on Wednesday.

Gotta run, sorry for the very brief personals.

Much love to all,

10-21-2013, 06:29 PM
Morning all,

Had a long rambling e-mail from Jen this morning. I won't reproduce it all since it is the story of someone almost beyond grief.

Jen's message - ..Mom got the picture was lovely have it by her bed...yes still holdoing the "KEY'S TO THE KINGDOM" lol...that will stop next weekend...they are "supposed " to take over her chack Nov 1st...they moved her on Oct 1st, for the 30 day short-term care, then Long-term care takes over cause they can't send a paralizzed-blind women in a wheel-chair home with no help...Richard is gone too many hours (14-16 hrs.) at work (no money---but plenty of work--cheap fur's coming mink yet). Tell the girls I got all their cards...took a stack to her last week...someone sent a walmart card can't temember who...but got her some things she needed...once they take her check, she has NO spending I'm trying to get hat I can for her now while we "have" money...though she won't really need too much..just some favorite "things", I just wish she could eat more, been almost 9 weeks since she had a full meal. can't hold anything down.
lol I'm going later haven't been there since tues...I was sick & hurt my foot AGAIN..I'm going today bearing gifts..m&m's...trader joe's mineral water...fleece blankets. Please tell everyone/forward this if you want... THNAK YOU--To everyone "Yes" she does know she is "loved"...plenty cards & gifts from you "GIRLS"...NOTHING-----NOTHING----From the office---Town Hall---family(not tht they ever gave a ****) sorry---but i'll be sending the "Guilt E-Mails" out this week to my cousin's.

So that's where Jen is at. I will keep emailing her. I would give you all her email addy, but she is in such a place at the moment that I think all of us would sending love and support would have her over the top. I'll send on any messages you want to send, but keep them short and unemotional (if you can) Jen is running on tears, anger and despair at the moment. I could almost see the tear drops on the e-mail and she did admit to being in tears when typing it.

Laura - Was too exhausted to celebrate the end of the ABs challenge, but I will admit it was tough at the end. Think I might keep up the routine a couple of times a week but it won't be doing 125 situps, 200 crunches, and 120sec planks in one go anytime soon. Sounds like you had a good day in the garden - always nice to see it so tidy and weed free even if it doesn't last long.

Annie - glad the birthday party went off okay. Seems no time since he was born and look at him now. Lovely looking little boy.
Nice of you to go out with C and deliver the goods. $$$$ are good especially when they are unexpected. Until the tax office gets its mitts on it.
We are all getting old and grumpy. And pain doesn't help. Nice of you to bake a pie for the birthday friend.

Michelle - so nice of your special friend to come cook for you. Men seem to be doing a lot more cooking at home these days. Perhaps it is the only part of housework that they like to do?? I do hope that Santa gets better very soon.

I'm out there today to weed the rose garden, dig over the vege patch and put it to bed for the summer - not planting anything before I go away. My friend is coming in twice a week to water and check the house and DS2 will take the cat and come in to sort the mail etc. I've got that one sorted - today will also be to get a flight over to NZ. Since the only airline that flies from Brisbane to Wellington these days is Virgin, I guess I will be off to Sydney or Melbourne to get a flight out. I refuse to travel Virgin unless there is no other choice.
It seems I will be in Wellington in time for my nieces new baby. So I will get to see another one in the next generation of the family tree. Branches seem to be growing all over the place.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I know I have forgotten someone, but hey.... I'm getting old. Wonder if Susie is coming back or have we frightened her off?

10-21-2013, 08:07 PM
Hi Ladies! You didn't scare me off. My world gets really busy after Thursday and sometimes I don't make it back online until Monday--I try to get online on Sunday and catch up but didn't make it yesterday as I ran around with my nephews all day Saturday.

They are adopted by my brother and his partner and they are now almost 4 and the other is 2. The got the 4 yr old when he was 9 months and she was expecting when she went to prison and she asked them if they wanted the baby when he came.

We all went to a Children's Museum in Dayton, OH. It was a really cool place and they wore themselves and us out. Sunday I had to clean house and get ready to go back to work today.

I am happy to report a loss of 1 lb at TOPS on Thursday night weigh-in.

Michelle: Thank you for sending me the drop box photos. How do I get a photo of me into it so you can add me?

I'm sorry to hear your dog is dealing with some health issues. What does your vet say about the coughing?

Laura: Sometimes uti's take more than one round of meds. It's good for you to go the gyno and see if there is anything else going on. As I told you I have a ongoing bladder issue but with meds and diet, I do pretty well with it now. I've delt with it since I was 38.

Shad: Congratulations on your new assignment

Ceejay: Have a wonderful vacation. Make it all about you!

That's all from me for now. I'll try to pop in everyday. If I don't, I get way all are a whirlwind! ;) I wish I could bottle your energy.

I need to do some work from home for the next hours or bye bye until tomorrow.

10-21-2013, 08:14 PM
Shad - Thanks so much for sharing Jen's message. Poor Jen. I think we all know too well the overwhelmed feelings of grief, sadness, despair, anger, and helplessness that Jen is feeling. And she also has to deal with her own health issues, governmental agencies and no doubt the badgering of the office. So does Richie not get paid for working...but rather gets fur coats? I was a bit confused by that. Anyway, it's bloody awful that Mel hasn't gotten so much as a card from her family and those who claim to be her friends. Whoever sent the WalMart card, that was good thinking. I'm sure it helps a lot getting Mel the extras she needs, especially since starting next month, she'll get no money...which is awful. I think you're right in filtering the emails through you...we don't want to overwhelm her anymore than she already is.

So nice that you get to go to NZ for work, and you'll get to be there in time to meet your niece's new baby. As for D enjoying cooking...yes, I'm sure it's his favorite part of housework. He actually has two in Business and the other in Hotel/Resort Management, which includes a culinary degree. He's an excellent chef and really enjoys cooking.

One quick favor, time you write to Jen...could you ask her for her apartment number, please? That way we can send her some money or gift cards.

10-21-2013, 08:18 PM
Susie - I just sent you a PM with my email address. If you send me your photo in an email, I'll put it on DropBox.

10-22-2013, 09:02 AM
Tuesday Woosday....

Was a splendid evening at home. Had left over ham beans and cornbread for dinner that I made on Sunday. Made the pecan pie, cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of laundry, dry and hung/folded. Was in be by 7:30 pm. Stayed up til 1:45 am on Sunday night babysitting while the kids went to the Colts game. So last night sleep came fast and actually only woke up one time and stayed in my own bed. No living room for me last night. Feel kind of good this morning.

SHADDIE...thank you for the email from Jen. Please just send my love and prayers to all of them. Well there is some good of this next job, you will be in town to see the new baby. How exciting.

SUSIE...sounds like your weekends are busy. Two little nephews under the age of 4 can be quite a handful. Congrats on the 1 lb down. Slow but sure wins the race.

CHELLE...did you get my check? Did you get enough $$ for everything, the frame, shipping, your time? Let me know if you run short. Hugs and puppy smootches to Santa, is he any better today? was class last night or did you go to the new gym with BF? I get confused from one day to the next. Heck one minute to the next is more like it. of the morning to you sister...come out, come out whereever you are? Hugs

Everyone make it a terrific Tuesday/nite.

Loves and Hugs...

CEEG...gearing up for a little bit of safe. And enjoy yourself.


10-22-2013, 09:11 AM
Oh and SHAD...a good friend of mine that used to work with me just got back from Australia on Saturday..she and her hubby could not believe all the fire destroyed parts. They had a good time but it saddened them to see so much damage.

10-22-2013, 11:06 AM
As I suspected friend text and cancelled her part of the trip, but I had decided last night that I needed to stay home anyway. It's almost to cool to enjoy it and I would be catering to her whims. This is my vacation. I was relieved this morning when she text and said she was sick. Then she asked if we could go later and I said no. If she calls Thursday to go eat at lunch I'm saying no. I'm still having intestinal issues and I need to stick with my diet. Two can play at this game.
The guys have been here to deal with the yellow jackets again. This time they burned them out. There were a few still flying. I wish that they could burn that area for about an hour.Just checked on them and it looks like the yellow jackets have called for back up.
The cold front came through last night but it's not as cold as I thought it would be. Still need a light jacket.
Think I'll go to Blytheville today to the super Walmart or to Radio Shack to see about getting a monitor for my regular computer. The lap top is okay and would love to keep this for traveling purposes. That's why I bought the tablet but I dislike that thing. It's like a big phone. But I need to get wirelss internet for it.
More later.

10-22-2013, 12:17 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Sorry you won't be going on your road trip. Enjoy your time at home, stay warm and cozy and do activities you enjoy. :)

Annie - Glad you got a good night's sleep last night. So important!! I went to the last Pilates class of the session last night. The clock in the studio it's held in is about 5 min. fast, so I was a wee bit late. I was annoyed that the instructor started right on the dot when she must know the !@#$% clock is fast. I've no idea why I let that get to me last night. But class was good, more challenging, so that's good. Need to remember the moves so I can do them on my own at home. I won't be starting the gym trial until later this week.

Susie - Sounds like a busy weekend with your nephews! Are they getting excited about Halloween??

Michelle - Maybe Richie gets paid more for working on certain types of furs vs. others? Ah, nice to be dating a chef. :)

Shad - Thanks for passing along Jen's message. Poor thing, so sad for her to be going through this. And it's such a shame that Mel's checks will be taken over for her care and leave nothing for the miscellany she may need. Sounds like the Walmart card was useful, I'll keep that in mind. Re the abs - yeh, I'd like to keep doing some of the ab/core stuff, but not all and definitely not the situps!! Planks I should definitely keep doing. I didn't realize your assignment was in NZ - how nice you'll be there for the baby arrival!! :)

Hi Happy!!
Going to see the movie "Captain Phillips" tonight. That's about all I have to report. Gonna get this posted, just got an alert to restart the computer - IT is pushing some updates out to our computers. TTFN!!

10-22-2013, 01:30 PM
Hi guys,

Sorry for no post yesterday. This is going to be a particularly busy week for me so I'll be buzzing in and out. I stopped at the thrift shop to visit a friend Sunday only to find that they had a bit of a disaster on Saturday when the hot water heater in the upstairs apartment sprang a leak. They finished the repairs on Sunday and I would up helping them clean up. Then it started snowing so I opted out of my grocery shopping which was the original plan after a short visit. Monday did the laundry and grocery shopping as well as giving some thought to going for an extended visit to my Mom's next month. Talked to my sister - there's a lot to arrange and I need to make a decision quick. This week I am working an extra day at the thrift shop to cover for a friend, have a dentist appointment, a hair appointment and I probably should make a doctor's appointment because my back and neck and really hurting bad - waking me up at night and nothing seems to relieve it.

Laura - let us know how the movie is - I wanted to see that but DH did not and we'd have to go to the next town an hour's drive from here to see it. That is frustrating that the instructor started the class early as none of the students would be running by that clock. Hope you remember your Pilates moves - there's usually a basic set of them.

Ceejay - sorry for your buddy changing plans but as you say, probably for the best. Ugh on the bee situation - hope they get that under control.

Annie - good to hear you finally got a good night's sleep. Hope you don't have to stay up till 2 am running around with children every other day to get that sleep in! Sorry to hear about your foot continuing to give you problems. I hope they can find something more than "just learn to live with it". :(

Michelle - hope Santa gets better as each day passes - I'm sure it's hard to send him back to daycare again, hope he does not catch something else. We are having the pork tenderloin tonight - will report back tomorrow. It does smell good marinating.

Busy Lady Susie - glad you had a nice time with the kids. How nice of your brother to adopt.

Shad - thanks for the update on Mel. Poor Jen - it does sound like she's got the world's problems on her shoulders. Don't know how they will make it without Mel's checks. Glad Mel is getting cards and letters - hope that makes her feel better. Interesting that Jen mentioned the fleece blanket - when I spoke with Patty she mentioned that a soft, cuddly blanket was much appreciated as a gift to someone in Mel's situation. In other news, it's nice that you will be going back to NZ and have a chance to spend some time with the family in between pulling your hair out on the work front. You nabbed a new contract quickly - word is getting around about the miracle worker - they need more people like you especially when they muck up things big time and don't want to spend a lot of time or manpower to fix it. Good luck with that.

Gotta run - DH has a bee in his bonnet for some reason and I'm just not up to dealing with it. Later chicks.

10-22-2013, 02:03 PM
Good morning ladies -

My step-mom and stepbrother said that Santa was good yesterday and didn't cough much at all, at least not until I got home. He was very excited and happy to see me, plus it had been 12 hours since his last cough suppresant pill (and he can get them every 8 hours). I gave him his antibiotic and cough suppresant and he didn't cough much at all after that. I can't remember who asked, but Santa has "kennel cough", which is as contagious as a human cold, but thankfully not contagious to humans (unless they have a weakened immune system). Dogs get it from other dogs, usually in a day care or boarding situation. Santa has been vaccinated against it his entire life, but apparently the vaccine isn't 100% effective. It's a combination of a viral and bacterial infection, so the antibiotics should knock out the bacterial infection and prevent him from getting pneumonia, and the viral infection will just have to run its course (hopefully he'll be better by Thursday, as I need to take him to day care on Friday).

I got the money for the frame from everybody...and yes, I did get enough. Thank you! I will likely send another USB drive in the next week or two. I want to take all 300 images and add captions (based on the file names) to them in Photoshop. It shouldn't take more than a few hours, so I'll do a little each evening.

If any of you want to add more pictures to the drop box, please feel free to do so. Heck, even if they aren't pictures of us but ones you find on the internet, it sounds like Mel is enjoying them. I think it's really nice that Jen got Mel has fleece blanket...soft and cozy are important.

Tonight, I have to review a potential freelance client's website and determine if I know the technology well enough to bid on the project or if I should just pass on it.


Happy - So sorry to hear about the leak at the thrift shop. You certainly have had a busy week. I hope you get a chance to visit your long are you thinking about going for? I hope you can get in to see the doctor soon. I hate it when pain wakes you up at night. I hope your DH gets the bee out of his bonnet soon. ;)

Ceejay - Bummer that your road trip got cancelled. But if it's chilly and you'd be catering to her, who needs it? You need to take care of YOU. If you change your mind and want to go out on Thursday, do it. But listen to what YOU want to do. How awful about all the bees! I don't know if you remember a couple years ago, when I had hundreds in my house. They'd built a nest under the Bay window and came in through the where the window connected to the house (can't remember what that's called). My ex-DH and I sprayed poison on them and then using leather work gloves I smashed as many as I could. Then the exterminator came and sprayed the nest. Luckily, they didn't come back. Have a good time in Blytheville. Question about your wireless internet...does your laptop connect to the internet without being plugged into the network? If so, then you have a wireless internet router, and you should be able to change the settings on your tablet so it can connect to the internet wirelessly.

Laura - Have a great time at the movie. I've heard it was very good. I want to see that movie, and also Gravity, but with Santa not feeling well, it may be next week before I get to the theater. Yes, it is nice to be dating a chef. And he always manages to make really delicious, and healthy, meals when he cooks for me. :D

Annie - I love relaxing evenings at home! So nice that Sam and Chris were able to go to the Colts game and see Peyton Manning's return. I thought it was REALLY nice and classy the way they played the film honoring him, and the fans were so nice. You could tell watching it on TV that he came close to tearing up. He was very moved by all the fans' love for him!

Hi Shad and Susie!

Much love and many hugs to all,

10-22-2013, 02:50 PM
Well I finally got my referral to an orthopedic foot specialist. My appt is next Tuesday at 1:30 pm. I just hope there is something they can do beside me chopping my foot off at the ankle. I could barely walk on Sunday.

CHELLE...yes, I was going to sleep until the kids got home, but the game was so good that I watched the entire thing. We all love Peyton Manning here. Did you know that he started a Peyton Manning Children's Hospital here in Indy that is connected to Riley Hospital for children. He visits there quite often. He still has a lot of connection to Indy. Almost wish I were a kid and could go there for my foot. LOL. Bella had kennel cough one time also, she had had the vaccination for it too, but got it anyway. It was a horrid cough and I just held her and cried.

CEEG...sorry your trip got cancelled. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe God thought you needed the rest more than a trip. Enjoy your quiet time at home. made me laugh about getting ticked about the clock and start time. I, too, sometimes let the tiniest things pee me off and send me over the top. I laughed because I do the same thing. lol.

HAPPY...sounds like you have been the busy lil beaver lately. Has your on-line class started? DH must have some of CEEGs yellow jackets in his bonnet. lol. Bummer about the water heater at the thrift shop. Not fun.

Hey all...later chickies.

10-22-2013, 04:06 PM
Annie - So glad you finally got a referral and appointment with a foot specialist. So cool that Peyton is still so involved in Indy. When he said he really dreamed of spending his whole career with the Colts, I felt really bad for him. Santa's cough is getting a little better. When he first had the coughing fits (last Thursday and Friday), it broke my heart to hear him suffering. And of course, with a pet, they don't understand what's going on...kind of like with a baby/young child. :( Today though, I was worried when I left Santa because the poor little guy was shivering. Granted, it was probably only 63 or so in the house. I wonder if he had a fever, but his nose was cool and wet. I'll check in with my step-mom later. She's so sweet to watch him. She always tells me what a good boy he is...and how he's so easy to watch/take care of because he just likes hanging out where the people are. So whether she's in the kitchen ironing or on her computer or watching tv, he'll just lay down near her. He just likes to be near people. :)

10-22-2013, 07:13 PM
Interesting article about giving gift cards to people on SSI or gov't assistance.

10-22-2013, 07:28 PM
Glad you got the appointment with the foot specialist. And you're right it may have been in God's plan for me to stay home to rest. I'm glad I did stay home. I didn't have to drive the 3 hour trip. Plus cater to her.

Glad Santa is doing so well staying with your step mom and that he's doing better.

Saw the video of the snow on FB. It's nice to watch but please don't send any our way. However, the weather men have been predicting the possiblity of it. ugh.

Thanks for sharing the new's from Jen. I know this is hard on her. I admit that I sent them the Walmart card inside of a card.

No my laptop is plugged into the ISP server device. I really don't like my phone that well either because it's so sensitive but I like that it has a camera.
I'm not upset at all about the trip being cancelled. Infact I almost cancelled it myself last night. She text me while I was in Walmart and asked if we could go tomorrrow and I told her NO that I had other things to do.
My trip to Blytheville was good but Walmart didn't have any monitor's. They had computers with monitors. Even went to Lowe's. They didn't have a Radio Shack. That's in Paragould I think. Question? Can I buy a t.v. monitor and use it as a computer monitor?????!!!!! I know they have smart t.v.'s but really don't know what that is.
Also stopped by Verizon to have the Tablet disconnected. I asked the lady who was helpjng me if they bought them back. The woman who was helping me said that she would buy it back from me. I'm to meet her Friday back in Blytheville.
I saw some Zingers from Hostess today while at Walmart and one box ended up in the basket. And I've had my fill. I will probably pay for it tomorrow. But they were yummy.

10-22-2013, 07:31 PM
I'd written a note to Jen telling her to use it. There was no name on it.

10-22-2013, 08:07 PM
Morning all,

Michelle has come up with an article that your wonderful government will deduct SSI beneficiaries who receive gift cards. Now if that isn't the silliest thing I ever heard. However it is what they do. So............... this presents an interesting concept as to how we can support this little family who deserve better than what they are getting. Lovely idea Ceejay and well given but we better think clearly about where to from here. Don't need to cause any further distress.

Just spent 3 hours in the garden getting it ready for my going away. Now I am trying to get to the accountant to tell him I am not happy about this trust fund and that I am getting very tired of being pushed to change what I want the trust fund to do. Bloody lawyers. Get their fingers in the pie and nothing happens but trial and trouble.

Later this afternoon, I will go back out there and take to the hedge and mow the lawns. Another early morning in the garden should take care of that and then to sort the pots and the rest of the house. The house is not too bad but is dusty and has clumps of cat hair everywhere. Then I need to check all the doors and windows and ensure burglar proof. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. Ah well. Can't retire yet.

Meantime I had better go work out what gear I need to take and whether I should buy stuff over there and where I will live and how I will get there. Frickin' heck.

10-22-2013, 11:12 PM
What's this about Jen's comment about a blind and paralyzed woman??? Did something happen to Mel's eyes again?

10-23-2013, 01:59 AM
Nah, just means that the cataracts are still making her vision impaired.

10-23-2013, 08:43 AM
We Worldlie Chickies, the mom's that we are of furry or human, ARE ALL WORRY WARTS...lolololol. Mostly just kind and concerned but worry warts for short...

Gift the heck would the government even know that they received them or are using them?

Will come back for personals later...

10-23-2013, 10:43 AM
I'm curious too about how the gov would know if they got these. They could have purchased it themselves. Bahumbug. Is Jen on SSI?
Nothing exciting happened over night.
Been out to check on the yellow jackets and don't see any yet but it's still cool.
I'll be working outside today as well. I'm hoping this will be the last of the mowing. They are predicting a frost this week. It's cold this morning.

When you all think of something that we cando for them with out inerfering with the gov let me know.

Have a couple of things to do in the house and this afternoon outside.

10-23-2013, 12:31 PM
Morning all. This week is dragging. Bleh.

Michelle - Interesting article. Sadly, not surprising the govt wants to go after this, but I guess this is some sort of loophole they are trying to close when it's part of a planned strategy to not show another means of financial support that could deem SS benefits unnecessary. Yes, sooo hard to see our pets feeling unwell. I'm glad Santa is feeling better and I hope he can return to doggy daycare soon. :crossed: So nice of you to put captions in the photos. I will try to put some more photos/pics out there for Mellie.

Annie - Glad you got the referral appointment. I sure hope they can do something about it. Be forceful - you shouldn't have to live with this pain interfering with your life!! Don't know much about Manning, so it's nice to hear he's doing good things like that.

Happy - Too bad about the water heater leaking! I hope there wasn't too much damage in the shop. Nice if you'll be able to get down here to visit your mom & sis. Busy week for you. I hope the doc can help you with your back/neck probs. Anything that interferes with my sleep is a major issue in my book!! I can probably recall a lot of the pilates moves, but I do find it amazing that when I go to my classes, the classes are always different, and the instructors are always just moving from one move to the next in such a flow. I find myself wondering if they plan it, or if it just comes naturally. They must plan at least some of it in advance, because some classes we use hand weights for a few moves, Monday's we used the "corebar" for some...We always use the mini-ball - a squishy inflated ball the size of a soccer ball, so I know those moves can be determined on the fly.

Hi Susie! Hope you're having a good week.

I'm wondering how many people the govt. actually gets to report their gift cards received as income. You'd think the government has bigger fish to fry. I think gift cards are a less traceable way for folks to help loved ones (versus writing out a check). I'm not worried. I can't see the employees in that medical facility taking note of any extras patients have becoming informants.

Ceejay - I was out in the yard with the dog this morning freezing my buns off and noted the frost on the grass. Grass that is long and that bf will have to mow. I can hear his complaints already. I hope the bees are gone now! I should think the cold will eventually kill them off or send them into hibernation - whatever it is that they do when it gets cold. That's the only thing good about these frosts - killing off the bugs, and at some point the skunks will hibernate and we can relax a bit. But not yet - I've smelled skunk in our area at least a few times over the past week. These devices can get to be expensive, especially if you need to buy a data package for them. We bought a used iPad that bf mainly uses. He puts e-books on it, and accesses the internet on it via our house wi-fi connection. We don't buy a separate data package for it - if we need internet outside the house, we have our smart phones.

Shad - Hope you get all the garden and house work done before you have to leave for your next assignment. Re the burglar proofing - if they really want to get in, they will. It just depends on if they have the opportunity to go about their work unnoticed. I always hope our dog is a good enough deterrent.

I really enjoyed the movie "Captain Phillips" last night. I didn't know much at all about the actual story upon which it's based, but knowing the final outcome didn't lessen my enjoyment of it. The villains in the story were humanized and I thought the lead villain was very good. And I heard somewhere that he didn't even have an acting background! My only complaint is not enough views of hunky shirtless SEALS, lol.

Tonight's my last Barre class of the session. I've enjoyed it, but I do think going up on my "toes" doesn't agree with me. It's really going up on the balls of the feet, and this bothers my bunion. But I feel like class this really worked out my feet, ankles, and calves a lot.

I ordered a 4 month supply of daily contacts yesterday. Hope it doesn't bring my flex spending acount into deficit. That would mean I have to reimburse it. Sometimes I wonder if the hassle of the FSA is worth it....I have to complete my benefits enrollment this week, which includes a new estimate for my FSA. Bleh.

Tonight I have to start a 12-hour fast for my health evaluation tomorrow morning. This time, not only will they draw blood, but they also measure your height, waist circumference, and weight.

Today I'm supposed to meet a HS friend for lunch who has made one of her quick pops into town (she lives in the Twin Cities MN). Of course she hasn't confirmed that the time I threw out a couple days ago is okay because she might not have internet access while she's here. I'll leave her a message on her cell phone. I always feels funny doing that because she has a pay-as-you-go phone and I don't want to use up her minutes.

Eeek, meeting now. TTFN!!

10-23-2013, 12:40 PM
Morning all,

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon - she had a cancellation and I was able to grab it. Going to ask about this nagging neck and back problem, also time to make the boob squish appointment and get my meds refilled. Not a good time for a weigh in as DH made a fabulous roasted pork yesterday with bacon and soy sauce. I'm sure my cholesterol number is not in a good place either. :o Maybe I can put off the blood tests until next week. I have decided that I am going to go visit my Mom for 2 weeks next month. Apparently she is thrilled about it according to my sister. I will probably fly down there - not what I particularly want especially since I will have a layover and have to change planes but it's easier on everyone else. Haven't decided how I will return home yet - I have a few options I am mulling over. The plane ticket isn't as expensive as I thought it would be - if this works out it means I might have a few more visits with her. I just won't have a car which considering there are so many multi families crammed into single family homes on her block that I can't park there anyway so no problems. I'm glad I will get to see and spend some time with my sister again.

As for the gift cards and Mel - how is anyone going to know about them? I am hesitant to send a check seeing as how Mel said Jen had a problem cashing a check a while back that caused them unnecessary extra expenses in bungled fees and such. I think I'd just take the "that's for me to know and you to find out" approach ;) I know how the government works - it's very sad that her benefits will be taken away in lieu of a hospital bed yet there is nothing left for living expenses. I say you all do what is in your hearts, that's what I will do. I'm glad she got the picture frame, I hope she enjoys it. Thanks for clearing up about the cataracts - I was afraid there were bigger issues lurking.

Shad - sorry they have bungled up the trust fund. That is why DH is pushing back on getting a will done - hates having to pay ridiculous fees to a bunch of lawyers who won't do things right the first time. I hope they get it fixed. Are you going to have to buy warmer clothes for your next contract? Glad you will be there when the niece drops the new niecelette.

Ceejay - I can't believe they are talking snow down your way already. Have the leaves even started to turn yet? That's interesting that you decided not to keep the tablet. My sister ordered one for her birthday and when it came she decided she didn't want to keep it either. Right now I can't see the use for one either. Hope that doesn't make us old and cogetity :rofl:

Annie - I sure do hope the doctor can help you out with your foot, after all you are going to have another grandchild to chase after. :D Yes, I started my next online class next week - I am hoping that I don't lose out on the very last week of lessons since I will be away and won't have computer access to anything.

Michelle - glad to hear Santa is getting a bit better - thanks for the explanation of kennel cough. I didn't think he was contagious to you but moreso the possibility of getting reinfected when he went back to daycare. It's good that not only do you get chef's meals, but healthy ones to boot! That's the kind of cook one needs in their life.

Hi Laura - we are probably typing over each other again. How was the movie?

Hi Susie :wave:

I need to get a few things done before I get ready for the doctor's appointment. I had a cup of coffee but am not going to eat anything in case they want the blood draw today. Of course because I can't have it, I'm hungry now. :rolleyes:

Later ladies...

10-23-2013, 12:43 PM
Here's what grates my grits too about the whole gift card thing - Mel and Jen are struggling and yet you hear about all this fraud with food stamps and how so many people who should not get them do and then sell them, trade them or abuse them. And here we're trying to help someone decent. :mad:

10-23-2013, 12:54 PM
Despite the article, I agree with y'all. I mean, who is going to know about the gift cards? If we sent her clothing or blankets or baskets of food...those wouldn't dip into her SSI.

I'm going to try and get into the doctor today. I've got some sort of eye infection. One of my eyes is swollen nearly shut.

Sorry, no time for personals yet this morning...A few people are getting errors when accessing parts of the website, and I have to troubleshoot the issue.

Much love,

10-23-2013, 01:14 PM
HAPPY...I woke up to snow flurries this morning. Very cold too. 30s. None of it stuck to the ground and now the sun is shining. So what you are telling me when you go to your momma's for two weeks we won't have contact with you for two weeks? I will miss you. Hope the doc can figure out what is causing your neck/back pain.

CHELLE...yikes on the eye swollen shut put us together and we would have a freaky monster. Your eye and my limp...Igor for sure. lol. Feel better

LAURA...funny I haven't even heard of the movie Captain Phillips. I will have to google it.

CEEG...too chilly here to work outside. Heck, Sassy didn't even want to go out and potty this morning. She actually tip toes through the wet grass.

SHADDIE...bloody lawyers and bloody brokers. THe broker my dad had actually lost about 200K of his money before we stopped the bleeding. Stealing from old people, that was all it was.

Hiya Susie.

Sissy colored my hair last night then made dinner for C and I. It was very good. She is coming around on her cooking. SHe was too busy with sports to stay in the kitchen and watch me when she was a kid so she is on a learning curve right now. However doing very well with it. Now my son is an awesome cook. Not that he watched me much but he always asked a ton of questions about things I made. He is a good add libber to recipes also.

C and his brother went fishing in the cold weather today. I got a text from him a little bit ago saying they had caught 30 or so fish so far. Of course, the day I don't go the fishing is great.

Everyone make it a happy hump day!!

Loves and hugs

10-23-2013, 05:06 PM
Snow for Happy AND Annie! Temps in the 20s (near Milwaukee) and 30s in Indy?! No thank you! So when do y'all want to come visit me in sunny CA?

I'm leaving in an hour for my doctor appt. Then I'm sure I'll have to stop at the pharmacy for some nasty eye drops or ointment for my eye. Yuck.

I'll try and post more later. I dislike shopping at, and supporting, WalMart...but I went online and ordered our friend a gift card from there. I'll pick up a gas card for Jen (and probably send that to her mom's address too unless Shad can get Jen's apartment number for us).

10-23-2013, 06:50 PM
Michelle - sent you a FB message with Jen's apt #

10-23-2013, 10:11 PM
Can you send me Jen's apt number also? No the leave in this area are just barely turning. I doubt that we have snow. We are supposed to get a frost this week end.

Bless you, hope the eye problem is not to serious.

Now I would have like to have been fishing with them today.

I don't think i've seen that movie advertised. Mostly Holloween stuff this week.
Mowed the lawn today, hopefully for the last time this season. Still have the yellow jacket problem but not as bad. I've read on line to pour boiling water on them and that's what I've been doing. I do the sneak approach. When I checked on them this morning, they looked like they were mating. Think I've found the last entrance to their under ground nest. I saw about 7 tonight. Hope they have ran out of friends for reinforcements I also cleaned off that spot which was really over grown after I dowsed one nest that was being built. There were about 25 on it. It's been interesting to watch these things. I read on line that the critter's could go down 4 foot in the ground. These guys were down a foot maybe more when I spotted them. They keep reappearing. So who knows how far down they are.

10-24-2013, 03:16 AM
Hi all,

I got an email from Jen.

I just left mom...she's doing ok day -- good 2 bad....She wanted me to explain that she can't talk on the phone/in person....when she speaks for more than 2 minutes she gets real sick & and winded. she's in pretty much pain...still can't eat...she's bearly holding down when i'm there i'm only there 20-30 minutes a day & I do all the She wanted me to tell you she got all the cards you girls have been sending...their great...nice to know someones thinking ABOUT YOU...i'm thinking about you girls too....miss you you all...want everyone to keep smiling....tell them I've had a good long run since that last time it "showed" Can't complain...I've had over 15 years...not too shabby! don't make yourselves crazy....Jennifer promises to give you girls updates at least once a week. I send LOVE :-* TO YOU ALL....thinking of you...missing you.....Your FREIND Mel

Jen also included her personal email which I will send to you if you want it. I told her we didn't want to bombard her with a lot of stuff so we'd probably just filter everything between team captains Joy and Jen :lol: I thanked her for the update and said we were all worried about both of them. I will continue to send her cards and notes once a week.

I went to the doctor today and was chastised for not coming in sooner about the hip problem. I told her I thought I was causing it. As soon as she grabbed my hip to check me and squeezed I knew it was a bursitis problem. I'm not sure how those little puppies get inflamed but the bursa in my foot is also acting up again. She said that as the hips got worse I changed my gait and now my foot, right knee, left thigh and my neck are all :censored: up. She said my shoulder was really, really tight. Gave me a cortisone shot in the left hip because that seemed to be more inflamed. Offered me a shot in the right hip too but I took a pass on it because she said sometimes one shot will work on all the inflammation. She is sending me to physical therapy for the neck and shoulder but they can't get me in until November 4 which is 2 weeks away so I'm not so sure what good that will do. Maybe I'll just find a place and get a shoulder massage. :chin: She also gave me a flu shot (I was going to skip this year but then said - what the heck - working at the store you never know what you're going to run into, especially when you are handling money and people's donated stuff). I also had a blood draw which thank goodness they were able to do with minimal discomfort. Got scheduled for my boob squish and she said I could skip the pap test another year. :yay: I have a follow up appointment with her right before I head off to see Mom. Talked to Mom tonight - she is really excited I am coming for a visit. I will help her get her Christmas stuff out and am looking forward to some quality time with my sister too. I asked DH if he was going to have a party when I was gone and he said yep, him and the kitties!

Anyway it's late and my hip is bothering me at the injection site sitting in this desk chair so I'm off to bed. Will finish up in the morning. Good night all.

10-24-2013, 09:02 AM

Thank you HAPPY for the MEL/JEN update. I, too, would like to have Jen's apt # please PM me. WOW sounds like you got the once over on the body works. I believe in the flu shot. I have had one every year for about the past 10 years. So far during that time, I have only had a cold maybe 4 or 5 times. Sinuses act up all the time but that is about it. Walking to accommodate for the feet def change your gait, I am noticing it on me. Thank GOD I am going to the specialist next week. We are going to be a funny bunch on that commune with all our walking difficulties, like a bunch of Igors dragging our way around. hahahaha. Now that Nina is feeling better, she will probably be partying down with your DH while you are gone. lol

CHELLE...I sent you more pix to your gmail addy. The dropbox is too much for me to mess with (my little bitty mind can't handle it right now). What did the doc say about your eye? Fun meds to mess with? And yes I am ready to come visit you. You know how I hate cold weather and snow. Bleh. Tonight's low is in the 20s. Burr I say!

CEEG....I think the bees are from the south and have all kinds of inbred family relatives, you might just be out of luck on getting rid of them all. lol I think C cut our grass for the last time, last week. Hopefully.

Hey to the rest of ya's.

Hugs and Loves.

10-24-2013, 09:59 AM
Oh, I almost forgot. I wanted to share a dream I had the night before. It was so beautiful.

It was about 10 pm and a nice warm summer evening. I was outside and all of the sudden there were shooting stars everywhere. Then there were several shooting star showers. I kept running around trying to get everyone to watch them because they were so gorgeous. That is the whole dream, just watching the star showers, almost like fireworks, then wanting everyone else to see them too.

What is your take on that dream? Just curious?

10-24-2013, 11:08 AM
Loved your dream.

Thanks for the update on Mel/Jen. I know the feeling with the lower back and hip problems. You've reminded me that I need to make an appointment with the gyn. His office has mailed me a card so it's time for me also.

How was your doctor's appointment?

Hi Susie :wave:

I've been out to check on the yellow jackets. It's still cool so they aren't moving around to much. I though I had gotten all the burned pieces of their nest but found a few more. One was trying to go back inside it. These are working bee's for sure.
Friend called last night wanting to go eat today so I relented and said yes. Think she's upset about not going to Hardy. But when she couldn't go when it was scheduled I thought why go at all. I've held my ground. I've enjoyed my time off this week. Think I could get used to retirement.

10-24-2013, 11:15 AM
Annie - Googled your dream: Shooting Star

To see a shooting star in your dream is a sign of self-fulfillment and advancement. A shooting star is also symbolic of a new birth and big changes in your life.

How appropriate!!

10-24-2013, 11:23 AM
Thanks cool is that? I love it.

10-24-2013, 11:43 AM
Morning all. Feels like a Friday. Alas, there's one more day to go. Sigh.

Ceejay - Enjoy your lunch today.

Happy - Thanks for the update on Mel from Jen. If you could also PM me Jen's apt # that would be great. I don't want anything I send there to go astray. I imagine Mel's apt will no longer be hers sometime in the near future. I hope the cortisone shot helps your hip and all the other parts that are hurting. A massage sure sounds good to me! I'm sure you, your mom and your sis are all looking forward to having time together. :) That'll be nice. LOL picturing your dh partying with the kiddies - party hats and all. :D

Michelle - How's your eye? Hope it heals quickly. YES, a visit with you in sunny CA sure sounds good right about now. It wasn't quite as cold as yesterday morning, but my quick rides on the bike to the train in the AM are not pleasant, even wearing a headband, scarf and gloves. The cold air hits my eyes and makes them water!! Enjoy being where you are!!! :)

Annie - what a nice dream! So were there a lot of keeper fish from C's fishing day? Yum.

Hellos to Shad and Susie!! :wave:
Lunch with my HS friend was nice yesterday. Always interesting because she's always got something going on in her life.

Last Barre class was last night. Bf arranged a VIP pass for me for his gym that's good for two weeks, so I'll really get a good idea if I like the group fitness classes enough to get myself a membership. I'm hoping so because right now the jacuzzi and sauna they have there sound really good to me. :D

I'm still under a 12-hour fast before my health evaluation, which is at 11:10 am. Yep, I'm a wee bit hungry and sure would like a nice cup of tea...but nope. Not for another hour and 21 minutes. :hun::hungry: I'll leave work a bit early today for an appt to get an echocardiogram - the doc wants one done every couple years because I have a heart murmur.

Other than that, nothing going on tonight. I do have to get going on one of my sewing projects - halloween costumes for a party bf and I are going to this Saturday. There really isn't even a need to sew this simple project, but I will. I'll keep it a secret for now until I have a picture to post...

The boss is out of the office today and tomorrow, so that's nice.

Okay, better get this posted. Meeting in a few minutes. TTFN!

10-24-2013, 12:26 PM
Morning all,

Sent you guys some PMs.

I feel a tiny bit better this morning. But just a hair. My neck is not as stiff nor is my upper thigh. The injection site is a bit sore - I'm thinking my neck will probably feel better by the time my physical therapy appointment rolls around. I get my hair done tonight. I just want them to lightly trim the ends - don't like it when it's too short - I can't do anything with it and I feel like I have Mike Ditka hair - except it's 80 percent thinner than his - just his kind of hair style :rofl: I am mulling over what color to go with also. Usually this time of year I got with reds and start to darken up. I could go with a more funky color which probably would go well with the short hair but everyone is doing purple highlights now and if you know me, I have NEVER been one to follow the crowd! :lol: Got some time to think it over. I'm also going to make another batch of fresh apple juice and we are finishing up installing the new shades so we'll be able to put the living room back in order again. Why does my font keep shrinking as I type????? It only happens on this site and really bugs the daylights out of me!!!!!!!

Michelle - hope your eye is better as is Santa. Thanks for the invite - I'll hold off until you move to San Diego to a place on the beach :beach:

Cool dream Annie - beats the one where someone is chasing you and trying to kill you. I would just enjoy it for what it is. We actually saw something like that when we were in Las Vegas and rushed out to the desert to see the Leonids Meteor shower. Everywhere we looked the sky was full of fireworks. It was A-Maze-Ing !!!! It's nice that Sissy is experimenting with cooking - she has the best teacher!

Ceejay - I hope you don't have those dreadful bees that bury their nests in the ground. They are so dangerous because you can't always see the nests. Be careful that you don't get stung.

Shad - sounds like you are very busy getting things together for the next leg of your trip.

Laura - I know what you mean about the fasting and being hungry. Hope your exam goes well. Drink enough water so that the blood draw isn't too painful. I was reading a Martha Stewart Living magazine in the doctor's office. Apparently she makes a big deal about Halloween and even devotes an issue to it. They dressed her as a fairy godmother and she had an elegant costume but it was only made of gathered tulle with a unitard underneath. Rather clever when you realized how simple it was to put together. I will remember that if I ever want to look like a giant ball of fluff and don't feel like putting a lot of effort into it. With your love for sewing, I'd love to see the costumes you come up with for you and BF.

Ok my screen keeps shrinking and it's REALLY annoying me so I'm going to get off here and go help DH.

Hi Susie - have a good one everybody.

10-24-2013, 05:05 PM
Morning all,
Sorry if I haven't been around much. I've been reading in between bouts of working in the yard and mulching everything to an inch of it life. DS2 has come up with a person to house sit for me while I am away. I met up with them last night. This guy is like my son. Giving up a good job to take up a vocation. This one is joining the police force. Hope he is prepared for people to hate him. :lol: Anyway, he is moving in on Sunday - I am moving out on Sunday. I just have to ensure the house is ready to deal with him. I am so tired. I've been getting up very early to ensure I get the yard work done before the sun gets too hot and the bugs start bugging me. I should really be out there right now but I haven't yet really woken up. Last night was a wipeout as far as sleep goes. Managed to get a bit of sleep but woke up at 2.00am to the sound of a door closing. Haven't worked out that came from yet. Then at 3.00am another door closed. It's so quiet here at night that sounds carry. I don't think it came from anywhere around my place.

Nice to hear a message from Mel. Thanks Happy. I have no objection to anyone writing to Jen and Mel, and may not have much time to be team lead on this one from now on, so go for it. I'll pass on anything I might get when I am able. Mel at least sounds a bit more Mel like. I miss her. I don't have Jen's apartment number either, so maybe someone might like to pass it on so I don't send stuff which may go astray.

Okay, I am off to get dressed and into the garden, I'll try to get back later with personals.

10-24-2013, 09:16 PM
I'm going to have to read your posts later...My eyesight isn't very good yesterday or today and I'm only picking up bits and pieces. My left eye is still very swollen, but I'm using the antibiotic ointment, and applying HOT compresses several times a day to help the infection drain. The doc said it might take a few days to a week for the swelling to go down/infection to go away. Santa seems to be doing a lot better. He barely coughed yesterday and today even after a lot of barking. So I'm optimistic that he'll be able to go to day care by Monday.

Happy - I didn't get a PM from you, but maybe that's because you FB messaged me. The Leonids in the desert outside of Vegas must've been awesome!

Laura - How cool that you're making Halloween costumes for you and BF. You must take pictures so that we can send them to Mel.

Annie - That is a way cool dream!

Ceejay - I hope you're enjoying your time off.

Big :wave: to Shad and Susie!

I'm going to sign off for now. The conference call for my online writing workshop starts soon. Luckily, with the conference call it's more listening with only occasional note taking. I think I can do it with 1 good eye. If my eye doesn't get better, maybe I should go as a pirate for Halloween...complete with an eye patch! :rofl:

Have a good evening everyone!

Much love,

10-25-2013, 10:39 AM
Morning all,

Short post for me as I have to get ready to go to the dentist shortly. NOT looking forward to that - I'd rather get 5 shots all over again. It's because my teeth are very sensitive and no matter what I get a few zingers as they are doing the work so basically I just sit in a chair and wait for the pain to hit which is torture. Not that my dentist is unsympathetic - it's just that I am more sensitive than most and they think they are doing something that should not hurt when bam - feet fly into the air and they are apologizing. :yikes: After that I am covering for my co-worker buddy at the shop.

Got my hair done yesterday. It's short again - which was my doing as I pointed out a picture. It's also darker than I think I would have liked. A chocolate brown with red highlights to make it look like an auburn. Pretty color in all but I think a bit too dark and harsh for me. Of course I am coming off a blondish color so this is quite a difference. Oh well it will fade and lighten up a bit. I'm seeing a bit of relief from the cortisone shot but not a lot - I think one shot was not enough to take care of the inflammation so I might make another appointment next week if this doesn't ease up over the weekend.

Michelle - you poor thing - that eye sounds horrid. How did you get an infection in it? I hope it clears up quickly - it's hard walking around with one eye - gives quite a strain too. Glad Santa seems to be doing better. I guess you guys both need a good dose of warm sunshine.

Shad - you certainly have a bundle of frustration this week, don't you? Compounded by the fact that you are getting ready to leave. I hope you can get things straightened out. Can't believe you are STILL having problems with that silly power company. Don't let everything get to you - deep breath and one thing at a time. :hug:

I should go jump on the shower now so I'll sign off saying hello to the rest of the crew :wave: and I will catch up tonight. Have a good day.

10-25-2013, 11:14 AM
Here we are at TGIF again. Life just goes faster and faster. Hard to believe Sissy is at the halfway mark 20 weeks already. Chicken salad sandwiches and watermelon for dinner last night. Very simple and easy. My bro came over for our life coach session. It is pretty helpful, but now I have to write a goal statement. I just hate doing that.

HAPPY...can the dentist numb you before he does any work? Mine always does cause I insist since I have sensitivity to the work also. I know the legs flinging out straight and grabbing the handles on the chair with all your might feeling. Hope all goes well with you this morning. Hugs. is your eye coming along and also Santa. Did he go to daycare today? I think I would of let him stay out for one more day to be safe.

SHADDIE...sorry your are in a whirlwind trying to get things done before you leave. Great that you have a house sitter. Eases the mind just a bit. If I heard doors closing in the middle of night, living alone, I would be up out of bed with my shotgun. lol Safe travels sister.

LAURA...can't wait to see your costumes. How did the health evaluation come out? Have you started the next phase of WW at work yet?

HI ya CEEG and Susie..

Have a great Friday, make it a freaky Friday...BOO!

10-25-2013, 11:37 AM
Are you a home todaywith your eye? It doesn't seem feesable to go to work like that. Glad Santa is feeling better.

You will get used to the new hair color. This cool weather is helping either with the bursitis.
Don't envy your trip to the dentist either. Hope all goes well there.

Don't think I could have handled the Barre class. Are you going to a movie this week end?

Wow, time is passing quickly. It confuses me now a days with the counting of weeks during a pregnancy. But I'm happy that Sissy is doing well.

Ah two more day of vacation time left. I've really enjoyed my time off. Makes me yearn for retirement even more. But that will come soon, especially with the time going by so fast.

I'm still having some symptoms of the diverticulitis so the next couple of days I'm going to start over with the diet aspect of it to see if this will help. If not next Thursday I'm going back to the doctor. I may have to stay on this very strict diet for awhile.
I'm uspet with the neighbors. They are young men and will not take their garbage to the curb. I'm going to call the street and sanitation dept Monday. There's at least a month's worth of garbage. It's beginning to smell. and the squirrels and cats are getting into the garbage. I've had to pick up some of there stuff that's come over into my yard. They are good guys, and can I say quiet too. But this garbage issue is getting on my nerves. One thing I can say is they like pizza. Bet there's 10 boxes out there.

10-25-2013, 11:56 AM
Morning all. TGIF and the boss is out another day! :carrot:

Annie - I'm not into doing that type of goal stuff either. I took home the big career development binder we got at the session last month but haven't done anything with it. I thought it might be a good idea to take some of the other assessments in there. Haven't done that or the career dev plan we're supposed to put together. Good thing the boss is in another world right now and isn't focusing on this stuff. Michelle is the :queen: of this kind of stuff. :D Yes, our first meeting of the session was this past Tuesday. I had a gain of 1.8 pounds - been engaging in self-pity eating because of this bladder thing. Dumb. It seems to have eased up, but it's still hard to get back on track. I'm working on it!!!

Happy - Good luck at the dentist - hope you don't get any zings of pain. I agree - give me all the shots, I don't want to feel anything. Sorry the cortisone shot isn't taking care of the pain/inflammation. Good to just get back in and get another. Your hair color sounds pretty - you're so brave with your hair color! I just keep to the same shade. Sometimes I think it looks a bit too dark and harsh-looking, so I get it a bit lighter, but that's it for me. Have a good shift at the shop today.

Shad - Good to have a house-sitter, and I should hope a police officer candidate would work out nicely for you. Hope you catch up on your sleep!!

Michelle - I hope your eye heals soon - though I do like you pirate eye patch idea, lol. :D

Hellos to Ceejay & Susie!! :spin: :spin:

My health evaluation went well yesterday, but all they did was draw blood and take my blood pressure - no weighing or measuring of height/waist. Bf did his at a local lab and I did mine on site at the office - wonder if that's the reason for the difference?

Left work a bit early for my EKG, bf met me at the metra stop nearby. Afterwards we went out for dinner at a place in the area - very mediocre. Everything was rather salty too. Bf had been there before, but for breakfast. Apparently the breakfasts were better. Anyway, no need to go back there...

Back at home I put together our Halloween costumes. Basically cutting and machine stitching of the easiest sort, and the stitching could have been substituted by glue. I'm setting your expectations here - these are not elaborate by any means! :D Yes, I'll make sure to get a photo.

My bike was left at the station yesterday, so I walked to the train today. Walking obviously takes longer than cycling, but I do feel like I get more exercise that way. I'll adjust to the cold eventually... I have to get a new battery for my pedometer. I actually wouldn't mind getting one of those Fitbit gadgets. In addition to your physical activity, I hear it tracks your sleep. I generally sleep just fine, so I don't think that's an issue. But I'm curious about how much I move around at night. Sometimes I think I sleep like a log and don't even move!

Tonight bf and I might go to the gym. Tomorrow night is the Halloween party, so sometime before that, I want to make something to bring. They are serving chili, so I thought some cornbread might be nice. Or maybe a dessert. They said they'll have a "graveyard dessert" and that sounds like some awful kiddie thing... Of course I have no business contemplating sweets, so maybe I should be boring and bring veggies.

Okay, better get back to work. Everyone have a great day. :)

10-25-2013, 12:53 PM
LAURA...I haven't been to a halloween party in 5+ years. I don't really like dressing up for some reason. HPs are not my bag I guess. A couple of girls have fitbits here at work. At first they seemed to have trouble getting them to work, I think mostly hooking up with Humana's vitality site, rather than it working itself. Now they like them. Yeah on the boss not being in and not paying attention to work.

CEEG...I dread coming back to work after the weekend, much less after a week of vacation. I get the Sunday afternoon I don't want to go back to work blues. Plus the piles of crap that needs to be caught up on. THe neighbor guys sound stinky and I would call the sanitation dept on the too. That is just plain gross and disrespectful to the neighbors.

Chat later chickies, have a marvelous weekend if I don't get back.

OH HAPPY...what day are you leaving for your momma's??

10-25-2013, 01:57 PM
Annie - The fitbit appeals to me because I believe the only cost is just the cost to purchase it. WW has some kind of gadget, but you pay $5/mo to see your activity on their website. I like the idea of dressing up for a halloween party, but I like costumes in which I can be comfortable. I don't want to have to wear a box or sandwich board, and I don't want to wear a mask or funky makeup. Forgot to comment about how time flies - your dd is already halfway there!! Wow.

Ceejay - Not planning on seeing a movie this weekend, but we still want to see Gravity at some point. Ick re the neighbors not putting out their trash for collection! But funny that it's so much pizza boxes, LOL. Enjoy the last of your time off.

10-26-2013, 03:18 AM
Hi ladies -

Home from work yesterday and today. Nice to relax...but since I'm a contract employee and don't have sick days, I don't get paid when I don't work. I was really tired all day today, when all I did was laundry and changing the bedding. A friend of mine said I might just be tired because my body is fighting off the nasty eye infection which has gotten a little better. It's not nearly as painful and now my eye is only half-swollen shut rather than 75% or more. Tomorrow will be even more relaxing....I have two errands to run and that's it. D may come over later in the evening. I need to go to a friend's house to drop off their tickets for a concert we're going to together on Sunday. That way if they don't want to get there as early as D and I do, we can save spots for them on the lawn (it's general admission seating).

Annie - I'm so glad to hear that Sissy is doing well!

Laura - Have a great time at the Halloween party!

Happy - I hope the dentist appt went well and without too much discomfort.

Ceejay - That's gross, and just plain lazy, with the guys not putting their trash out. I hope your diverticulitis eases up soon. My step-brother has that.

Shad - When do you start your new assignment...or have you already.

Gonna sign off for now...Hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep.

Much love,

10-26-2013, 10:10 AM
Hi Everyone! It was one crazy work week for me and I'm still behind. I'm also behind at home. I have this house to clean, groceries to buy (DH has said he will do that for me--I see cookies and sweets in that cart! YIKES!!)

I am so tempted to work this weekend but I have told myself I'm tending to my own personal life this weekend and if I get it done I might peak at my work computer.

This coming week my DH has a doctor appointment with his cardiologist. He had a bout with afib over a year ago. He did the cardio conversion and it went back into rhythm, we checked it every 3 months for a year and he stayed in rhythm. He went for his annual physical at beginning of October and he is back out of rhythm, so back to the cardiologist we go. He had a lot of tests when they first found the afib and didn't find any blockages or anything else wrong; it's just electrical as they say. So we will see what they will do next. It's always something!

I stayed the same at my TOPS weigh-in on Thursday. I will take it, as I wasn't good at logging my food and I only got one walk in for the week. This week (starting today), I'm on top of it. We don't have a meeting this coming Thursday due to Trick or Treat night in our town, so I want to be very aware of my eating and exercising so that the next week I can have a good loss. I have not really been giving this "losing weight" thing my best attention and I am starting to not feel good nor am I happy when I look in the mirror and it's hard to find cute clothes and the ones I have are tighter. Time to buckle down!

Michelle: How is your eye doing?

Annie: That was a beautiful dream you had

Laura: I'm glad to hear the bladder has settled down a bit. You talked about a fitbit. I want one too! It is on my Christmas wish list...right at the top!

Happy: I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling so badly.

Shad: You mentioned you had been reading. What sort of books do you like to read? I'm a reader to. I'm a fiction reader.

Have a great day everyone. I need to get moving!

10-26-2013, 03:04 PM
Morning all,

Survived the dentist - actually he was really nice and gave me lots of Novocain. Good thing because he had to do a lot of work on the tooth - not sure why - but after the anesthetic wore off my tooth was quite sore. As for the other broken tooth he said that just part of the porcelain fractured and I could put that off until next year if I wanted to. By the time the insurance comes back with an estimate it would run into next year anyway. I raced over to a local florist for a meeting where the 2 lovely owners are doing a pet portrait with Santa event with proceeds to the Humane Society. God bless these wonderful women who are doing almost all of the advertising and work. I was invited to lunch but didn't have enough time for a sit down lunch so just stopped at a nearby coffee shop and had a bowl of their delicious roasted red pepper soup and a pumpkin spice latte. Headed over to the thrift shop and had a nice afternoon with my former Tuesday partner. On of the other volunteers has drummed up some interest selling the dog treats at local businesses so I may help with that too.

Susie - my mom has the cardiac conversion about a year ago - it's still holding her in rhythm :crossed: This year my husband had afib problems and opted for the ablation. He had not had any success with meds so had himself convinced this was not going to work but it was very successful and he is doing fine now. It's true about afib being an electrical issue - that's what I was trying to explain to DH. And even if the afib were to return after an ablation it supposedly responds better to medication to control it. Hope you can get back on track with the weight loss - I totally get how things can get in the way of our plans. What with bulky clothes and coat season on it's way, that also can make one feel bloated so I feel more motivated the end of autumn than any other time of year.

Michelle - sounds like one heckova eye infection you got there. Poor thing it sounds awful :hug: I hope it heals quickly. Bummer on the lost pay too.

Ceejay - that's not a good thing about the neighbor's trash. Do they not realize you have to pay for backyard pickup? In our case if the trash can was too big (as was ours) they will not do back of the house collection. I would not like critters and vermin crawling through the trash. Maybe they don't know any better. When we moved I left a long letter explaining to the new owners all the stuff that no one would tell you and things they didn't know. They told the realtor to tell us that they really appreciated it.

Laura - I agree with you that Michelle is more the goal setter - we can let her do our plans :lol: I have nothing against it, I think it's a valuable tool, I just got tired of it after being stuck doing very useless 5 year plans at work for years and years on end. :lol: I hope you have fun at your Halloween party. Still want to see pictures.


Annie - I have booked my plane flight - will be at Ohare on Saturday Nov 16 and will head into the city to Mom's. I'm getting a limo rather than take my chances with the cabbies - just can't believe the limo - which is just a hired car - is 2/3 the cost of my flight :yikes: I can't believe you are still getting watermelon down your way. We have it here but it looks under ripe and yucky. I am looking forward to chicken salad with a dose of fresh pomegranate seeds. Can't believe Sissy is halfway through her pregnancy. Glad everything is going well :crossed: Is she still nauseated?

Shad - I hope you are making progress with your very long to - do list and get everything you need to before you climb exhausted on to a plane. Do you have to buy warmer clothes too?

Sorry to be short - I have been on the computer this morning, then Mom called and we talked about the same round of subjects that we always talk about - and useless ones at that about people we can't change or do anything about :rolleyes: I really need to get moving and get some stuff done around the house and bake up some dog treats to get rid of the box of supplies I have laying here. DH is already rearranging my cabinets which is the death knell so I need to get some things tidied up before I leave so that we can avoid a fight. I guess I have to go make him a big honey do list.

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone.

10-26-2013, 09:20 PM
It's been a busy day. Went back to Blytheville today to sell my Tablet to a girl at the Verizon store and then to the super Walmart there. I was looking for a vgb cable that would fit my computer to the new t.v. monitor but they were to big. The one on my security system works but would rather have the visual to the outside. The one I had for the computer doesn't fit the security system. I'm taking the t.v. monitor back. Hope I didn't throw away the sales slip.
Came back and ate pizza with B. She's working some in the store, trying to collect and I think she's sold a couple of pieces of furniture.
I bought gas also while in Blytheville. 2.98 per gallon which is the lowest I've seen it in a while.

Not sure if we have back yard service for trash pick up. It will be taken care of Monday. At least they put the pizza boxes into bags. Think the land lord should explain that to new tenants as well.
Good idea about taking the limo instead of a taxi.

Glad your eye is better. At least you have sunday to help rest it.

More Later

10-26-2013, 10:52 PM
Morning all,
Sitting here at the airport waiting for the plane to take me away. I can't do anymore at home. Got to the bottom of the list with only 1 thing left on it. Can get the sitter to do that.

I'm just plain tired now. Think I have been running on adrenaline for a while and now I just want to sleep. Guess you all know what I will be doing on the plane.

Trying to think of personals, but I guess I will just have to do that when I get up tomorrow. With a bit of luck that won't be 4am. Job starts on Tuesday since Monday is a public holiday. I'm staying at a hotel while I search for an apartment.

10-27-2013, 02:09 PM
Happy Sunday girls,

I am planning on sending another cheer card to Mel on Tuesday so if any of you would like to include a personal note to her, post it and I'll include it in my letter.

Yesterday we went to dinner at an Octoberfest buffet at the casino. It was more my kind of thing than DH's. They had baked shortribs which were delicious, a German baked, Sauerbraten and a roast pork tenderloin. I did not care for the schnitzels - 3 kinds - I think because of how that is prepared it's a dish better served in a restaurant. Laying in a serving pan it tends to get dried out. They also had spinach salad, warm German potato salad, a few other hot and cold salads and a tray of deli type meats and cheeses that DH said were good. I loved the baked butternut squash they had - so much that I will have to try making it myself. They also had 2 kinds of dumplings and several kinds of sliced sausages in a sauce. I had one plate of food 2/3 veggies and the rest meat and enjoyed my dinner. It was our big meal of the day so I didn't feel bad about splurging. Afterwards I played my allotment of money - would win a bit and then lose but was able to keep enough rhythm so that I kept to my allowance and had a nice time. DH won a nice chunk on the craps table - he tried to get me to go there to build up my cash wad - which he was going to front me money - but I am not comfortable at the table games so we headed home. Had a nice evening out.

Today I have to bake dog treats - we are going to sell them at another local place in town so I agreed to help out. I also have laundry and some cooking to do as well as 2 lessons in my writing course and will start the big list of things I need to do / don't want to forget before I head down to Mom's. She is very excited that I am coming to visit - so much so that she called yesterday just to make sure I booked my flight ;) :lol:

Shad - I'm glad you have an extra day to kind of unwind and relax a bit after so much hurrying and rushing getting ready for your next contract. Sounds like you were in quite the tizzy - I know how exhausting that can be - when you are running on adrenaline like that and you finally sit down, you won't be able to move no matter what until you body gets some rest. Take a few to relax - don't need to get run down and sick. How long is the flight between here and there?

Ceejay - geez what a hassle with the cords and electronic stuff. Hope you get it all straightened away. So your friend is working in a furniture store? I'm not sure I'd like that kind of retail job at all.

Hello to the rest of the Worldies. :wave: On with the day I suppose. Have a good one. Enjoy the light one more weekend - we change time (except for Shad and Annie) next weekend.

10-27-2013, 05:49 PM
She's been in the furniture business for over 14 years. She went to Jonesboro to work at Ashley's home store but that didn't work out. So she' back here for awhile My aunt and I figured out that the owner of the building wants her there to keep the insurance current on the building. He's also paying for the utilities. She hasn't come out and said that but that's what we are assuming.
Yes it is still a hassle with the cords. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of those "hotspot's" with Verizon. But need to discuss that a bit more with one of the rep's. And taking back the t.v. monitor. It just didn't make the mark for me.
I'm planning on sending Mel another card soon. But tell her she's missed.

Back to work today and am almost caught up and balanced with the monthly reports. Those 10 day's off was nice but my what a work load when I get back. The others do the same thing but the boss will only accept mine. The others do this only because they have to. They think that the boss will check it before he sends it in to the various places He know that mine will balance. Still have some other paper work to do but that can wait till tomorrow.

Looks like every one is having a good week end.

10-28-2013, 09:40 AM
Good Morning Worldly Chicklets....

Wonderful weekend. Lots accomplished. Errands and shopping with Sissy on Saturday morning, then lunch at Cracker Barrell. Cleaned the house on Saturday afternoon, C came home, I had crocked a pork tendloin roast in the crocker all day with just garlic, salt, pepper, and a little butter. It was so tasty and sweet from the garlic. The house smelled like an Italian restaurant. Yesterday morning we met Sis, CHris and the babe at Waffle House for breakfast at 9 am then off to do a couple of Cs stores. Home again, watched a movie while C took a nap. Once he got up we cleared out the garden, flower bed, trimmed two trees the rose tree and the Lilac bush. Watched a couple of movies and was in bed by 9. I did try to watch a little of the world series as I live the Cards but could not stay awake.

Will come back later for personals.

Loves and hUgs

10-28-2013, 10:13 AM

1 Head ofbroccoli. Washed, and broken up…let dry.

3 garliccloves minced

2 T oliveoil

Few shankssalt & pepper

Put all inziplock and shake up.

Spread onbaking sheet

Bake 30minutes on 375.

So stinkinyummy. Crispy.

10-28-2013, 12:15 PM
Morning All. Happy Monday.

Annie - Sounds like a busy productive weekend. I was going to trim the shrubs in the front last weekend and when I went to recharge our little electric hedge trimmer, I couldn't find the battery!! I'll have to conduct a more thorough search. I just don't know where it could be. The battery actually stays in the trimmer unit itself for charging, so it's not like it was removed for charging in a separate devise. I'm stumped. I don't think I've ever eaten roasted broccoli - I'll have to try that sometime. With garlic and olive oil, it has to be tasty!! :hun:

Ceejay - I hope you figure out the cables you need. Life is so complicated now! Gosh, way back when no one needed to figure out cable tv, internet, smart phones and all the services associated with these devices. Such a hassle, and yet it feels like we're lost without them now! Very interesting that the boss relies only on your reports!! :D Unfortunately, you know you'll be having to teach someone else the right way to do them when you get closer to your retirement date.

Happy - The Oktoberfest buffet sounded delicious. Yeh, I agree - the schnitzel dishes are the type of thing that should be served right when it's done being cooked, not sitting under a heat lamp. Sounds like you're going to need to prepare some big batches of dog treat dough! And now you've got your usual house tasks and your writing class AND getting ready for your trip to your mum's. Busy woman! Good luck with all that. ;) Not surprised your mouth was sore. I think just holding the mouth open for a long dental procedure could make it sore...

Shad - How long is your assignment in NZ? Hope you find an apartment that meets your needs. Eating out gets really old - so much nicer to stock the fridge and stay comfortable in your temporary digs.

Susie - Good luck to your dh with his cardiologist visit. My bf told me he was having palpitations several times last week. Thank goodness he has his followup doctor appointment next week and will discuss it with his doc. As for our weight loss efforts - you put it very aptly - I definitely haven't been giving it the attention it deserves for quite a while. Let's buckle down this week and get back into it!!! Re the fitbit - I tend to hoard my gift cards, and I have at least one Visa gift card - from last Christmas - sitting around that I can use to buy a fitbit. And I'd like to buy some new workout duds as well. That would be motivating for me!!

Michelle - How's your eye doing? I hope it's well on its way back to normal. And is Santa headed back to doggy daycare today? Sure hope so! How was the concert?
Weekend recap:

Friday bf and I went over to the gym for a short workout. He showed me around first, and then we did a short stint on the spin bikes, then some time on the rowing machine, then the ab area for a few sets on a machine, a plank, and then situps with a weighted ball in which you toss it to your partner when you're at the top, he tosses it back and back down you go. Not a fan of situps...but weighted crunches sound like a good idea, especially if it means you can decrease the reps! Anyway, the facility is very nice. Have to get used to the gym atmosphere again, but I like that there seems to be a good mix of ages and "types".

Saturday morning I headed to a class at the gym. For some reason I was looking at the Sunday schedule, but luckily the start time was the same and I went to a class. It was Zumba and not the Step plus Abs class I erroneously thought it would be, but what a good Zumba class it was! A popular class with a lot of attendees, so I'll have to remember to get there early for a good spot somewhere in the middle. There's no raised platform for the instructor, so it was tough at times to see her from my spot in the back. I would go back to that class for sure. So far, so good.

After class and showering, I worked a bit more on tidying up the costumes and making some final touches to them. I did some laundry and then we went for a quick lunch and then to pick up a few groceries. I took doggy for a walk, and in the meantime, bf mixed up the filling for the tortilla rollups I'd decided to bring to the party that night.

I spread the filling on the tortillas and rolled them up while bf showered, and then we were on our way.

The party was fun and I was glad to see everybody and meet my friend's new bf - happy to report he seems like a great guy. The rollups were a hit - I'd last made them over 3 years ago and I'd forgotten how tasty they are. (The filling is a blend of sour cream, cream cheese, some fiesta ranch dressing mix, diced chilies, chunky salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.)

There was a bit of drama with my friend's grown stepdaughter, who is not accepting of the fact that her stepmom is moving on with her life after the passing of her hubby 3+ years ago. Ridiculous - part of it was too much booze, but she's also prone to drama and a short fuse. I'm actually sad to see that she and her hub, who had been separated for quite a while, are trying to get back together. She's just not a mentally healthy person, and her priorities are not in the right place. I feel really sad that her daughters are under her influence...but maybe it'll be a good thing if their dad is back to being a full-time presence in their lives. The dad has his issues, but fortunately is not toxic like the mom. Ultimately, I just hope they do what's best for their daughters.

After the drama, the stepd. and hub left the party, and then my friend (who was angry and had asked the step to leave) proceeded to overindulge. It was late by then and we were at the point of taking our leave anyway, as were a few others, so we helped get the food put away and then left. My poor friend paid the price for her overindulgence that night and yesterday. It's a rarity for any of us to do that these days - we all know we'll just feel lousy. Totally not worth it!! Anyway, I'll try to remember to get bf to send me the pics of us in our costumes and post one tomorrow.

Yesterday I was up early in spite of the late night, bleh. I lazed around with the newspaper all morning and then met my friend B for lunch. We both had breakfast for lunch and had a good chat.

After that I subjected myself to two hours of shopping at Kohl's and ended up with two tops and one pair of pants. No luck finding a pair of decent charcoal gray dress slacks, but I did find a pair of charcoal gray chino-type casual pants (Lee brand) that will stand in alright until I find the dress slacks. I'm at the point where I can fit into a size smaller than I currently am wearing, but the fit is rather clingy and snug and I'm not a fan of that look, so maybe I'll just wait until the fit is something I'm more comfortable going beyond the dressing room in!

After that was a chat with my mum and then a dog walk. Dinner was pizza, and then some tv.

Tonight I'd like to get to another group fitness class at the gym. We'll see if bf wants to join me and do his workout while I'm in class.

Okay, I better get this posted before any more interruptions.