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10-28-2013, 12:55 PM
Super quick post for me. I've got two days of work to catch up on! Whee!!

My eye is getting better. Infection is still lingering. It's roughly 25% swollen, which is a great improvement. I can actually see out it (that is until I put in the antibiotic ointment). LOL

Santa is at Day care today...not his usual day care as they won't let him back in until he's checked out by their vet on Thursday...but he's at a good day care that I've used before. :)

The Bridge School Concert was amazing!! The Bridge School is a school for severely physically disabled and communicatively disabled children. At least one of Neil Young's sons went to this school. it's a small school without roughly 20-30 students each year, and they use technology and other methods to help these children learn to communicate. The cool thing is that the students are in chairs/wheelchairs with their parents and teachers at the back of the stage, so they get the best seat in the house for the show! It's an all acoustic concert, and is always a phenemonal show! While I mainly went because I wanted to see Heart, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, and Crosby Stills Nash & Young, all of whom were INCREDIBLE, the other bands (Jenny Lewis, "fun", My Morning Jacket, Tom Waits, and Queens of the Stone Age) were outstanding as well. The concert started at 2 pm and ended at 10 pm! D and I had a really great time as did my friends who went with us.

I'm going to skip the gym tonight and just relax since I didn't fall asleep 'till after midnight.

I'll check back in later for personals.

Here's to a great week for all!

Much love,

10-28-2013, 01:36 PM
Hi all,

Woke up already behind on things. Priorities are dragging me around by the neck so I join the quick posters today and hope to come back tonight.

Had to get some greeting cards out the door with DH who was off early running errands. Got an early morning call from physical therapy I have return - they probably had an early morning cancellation which is too bad because my back is killing me. I spent some time writing and on the computer yesterday - too much time in the chair. My temporary crown they just seated Friday broke yesterday when I was eating a soft Cheeto puff. Really??? They said nothing hard or sticky and that is neither. Looks like I will have to stick with soups and overdone pasta for the next 2 weeks until the permanent crown comes in. :mad: So I have lots of phone calls to make as well as it's my Mom's birthday today and try as I might, that's at least a 30 minute call.

Anyway - sorry to run, will get back after supper.

10-28-2013, 03:11 PM
I tried to post yesterday but it seems that my money ran out before I submitted it.
I'm in Wellington, my bag is not. I am unhappy about that since it holds all my work clothes. Some brand new and unworn. I had to go out yesterday and shop for some clothes for work today. And they still haven't located the bag as of yesterday afternoon. So I think there will be another set of clothing purchased today on my way back to the hotel for work tomorrow. Fortunately I had a couple of pairs of shoes in my carry on bag - because it is very hard to find shoes to fit my feet and I end up paying heaps for them. So I have shoes and jewellery and now I have underwear, trousers, 2 shirts/ tops. Today I have to get my head around a new job and try for an apartment. I did find a couple on the net last night which I will try to get to today as well.

Better go, get showered and ready for the day. Catch you all soon.

10-28-2013, 05:03 PM
Giving the guys next door the benefit of the doubt about their garbage. If it's not to the curb tomorrow I'll definitely call.

I'm like Michelle and trying to catch up on my work. I haven't posted anything for yesterday or today. But that's okay.

Glad your eye is better.

10-29-2013, 02:10 AM
Ceejay - if the guys are friendly, might explain the trash pick up starting with "perhaps you didn't realize that... ". Hope you got caught up with things. Sorry you had such a pile of work on your return but isn't that the way it is?

Shad - how frustrating that not only did you bag get lost but you had to go and replace brand new clothes you just bought. Very smart of you to carry your extra pair of shoes in you carry on, I would do the same of something I thought would not easily be replaced. And I'm sure you spend a good amount of time on your feet so comfortable shoes are a must. I do hope they find your bags and get you settled in. Not a good start to the trip at all. :hug:

Michelle - sounds like you had a nice weekend - at least attending a concert you don't need your eyes at 100 percent. Glad that the infection is clearing up. The concert must have been a lot of fun.

Annie - thank you for the roasted broccoli idea. I've had it lightly sautéed in garlic - yum, yum. This sounds like a roasted brussel sprouts recipe but with broccoli. It it's half as good - definitely a winner. Sounds like you had a very busy but productive meeting.

Laura - yum on the rollups. Sounds delicious. I'm glad you had a good workout at the gym and what luck to stumble on to a class you like. Sorry to hear that things did not go well for your friend at her party. Perhaps the stepdaughter feels like your friend is "cheating" on her dad although I think 3 years of grieving is a proper enough amount of time. So happy when I see others that I don't have certain kinds of drama in my life, right? As for the slacks isn't it annoying when you are trying to find something neutral other than black and fashion dictates there will be no more brown, gray or navy this year - only hot pink and eggplant :rolleyes: Just keep looking around.

The rest of my temporary tooth broke off today and I was able to catch (most) of it before I swallowed it - it shattered in several chunks. I have an appointment Wednesday morning to try again. Not sure I can handle a soft diet for the next 2 weeks. We have a bed with a memory foam mattress and it has the adjustable heat and foot/leg ends. My neck was bothering me so I raised the heat and feet and slept in one position on my back. Got out of bed this morning and knew there would be trouble. My back is crunched and is killing me. I hobbled around today - no amount of hot showers, icy back rub or pain reliever helped. I'm so over this already. Tonight I am sleeping on the guest bed where I can prop myself up a bit differently and I'm hoping it helps a bit. Otherwise it will be a long day at the shop on Tuesday.

And I reviewed my list of goals that I made on my last birthday. We are 6 months down now and I have slackered on several of them. So I have a renewed focus and commitment, one if which is going to bed earlier.

So I will bid you all a good night for now.

10-29-2013, 05:25 AM
Still no luggage. And I had to buy a new cell today because for some reason I can't get the Aussie phone to give me NZ numbers - the man from Telecom told me what to do but I can't seem to get it to work. Anyway, I now have 2 phones to cart around. I must be important.

Then I bought a couple more pairs of pants. I have another tee to wear tomorrow and then I will have to go search out some more clothes, and no doubt another suitcase.

Apart from having to buy new clothes and new phone, I'm getting along okay I guess.

Has anyone heard from Jen? I suppose no news is good news. I posted a card to Mel today. Hope everything is going okay over there.

Put a complaint into the Ombudsman about the power bill today. They have had long enough to get it right. Now the arbitrator takes over. If that fails, it's the lawyers and the tv media muck hounds. I 've taken more crap than I normally would. No more.

I had to read a lot of stuff today. The people there all seem very nice and very friendly. One of the ladies offered to let me have her spare room today until I find an apartment. I have emailed a property management office and now have to ring them to get an appointment to view and then fill out all the freaking forms to get the lease. Such fun. By the time I have everything sorted I will probably be on my way home. Bah humbug.

I will look at personals tomorrow before work. Too tired right now. Sorry.

10-29-2013, 08:48 AM
Good Tuesday Morning Sweet Chicklets...

Today is the day for the ortho specialist, don't know if I am glad to go to find out what is going on with the foot or in fear of finding out. Mixed feelings.

Last night was uneventful and peaceful. Pulled bbq pork, (pork I made over the weekend in crocker) just added bbq sauce, garlic mashed taters and a combo of mixed veggies, snap peas, carrots, water chestnuts, french green beans and the such. Was all very tasty. Brought the bbq for lunch today.

SHADDIE...sad to hear about your luggage. Doesn't that just stink. Bout the time you replace everything, it will show up. Keep your receipts on the new stuff, you never know. When I fly to beach vacations, I carry on my bathing suit, extra bra and panties and suntan lotion. lol. Sounds like the people at the new job are friendly enough. Offering you their extra room is big. have put up with the trash a lot longer than I would. Especially if it is drawing critters, BEES, and stinking. Just gross.

CHELLE...the concert sounded like a lot of fun. I am so happy you have found someone to spend time with that makes you happy. Hugs Glad Santa is feeling better also.

HAPPY.....don't you hate it when you have so much to get done that you have to hit the ground running when you pop out of bed. Bleh. My temp tooth didn't stay in either when I was waiting on my crown. I don't think they put them in very well. Want me to send you some of my arthur pills for your back. I don't sleep well at night and when I sleep on the couch I sometimes get creaks in my body in the strangest places.

LAURA...glad you had a nice time at the Halloween party. Seems like there is always someone to overindulge in drinking. Hopefully they are a happy drunk and not a mean drunk. Please post your costumes. Good job on the exercising, hope you and DH can work out a schedule for both of you to attend at the same time.

SUSIE...hope DHs appt goes well. Staying the same at TOPS is much better than gaining. Just have to work a little harder. Good luck.

Best get busy, cutting out at 1:30 to head to the doc. 4 months of limping around like Igor is ridiculous.

Hugs, loves and good thougths...

10-29-2013, 09:56 AM
Believe it or not the neighbors have put half there garbage to the curb. I thought I saw the land lord himself over there Friday. He may have fined them too.

Not much else is going on. Did my morning chores and laid down my keys and couldn't find them when it was time for me to leave for work. Luckily I have a spare car key and a spare house key. That will be a chore when I get home tonight.

Sending you good vibes for your doctor's appointment today.

I didn't like being on the liquid/soft food diet after my last diverticulitis attack but it had to be done.

10-29-2013, 10:06 AM
Yikes. No telling where your luggage has gone. Hope it arrives today.
Hope you get settled soon.

Your Halloween party sounded like fun.

Hi Susie :wave:

10-29-2013, 11:33 AM
Morning all.

Shad - What a major PITA with the lost luggage. :mad: And what an expense to have to buy new clothes - especially to replace brand new clothes you'd brought with you!! I hope your bag turns up very soon. Good thing you carried your shoes on with you. Nice you were offered a place to stay until you get an apartment.

Ceejay - Glad the neighbors are getting with the program re the garbage. I sure hope you find your keys tonight! You know they're somewhere around your place, just to hunt them down. Just like I have to find the battery for that shrub trimmer...

Annie - I hope the visit to the ortho specialist goes well today. I think it'll be good for you to know what you're dealing with and hopefully you've got more treatment options. Yummmm, pulled pork!!

Happy - Sorry about your broken temporary crown and your ongoing neck/back issues. :( :hug: I hope you find a sleeping place/position that is more comfortable and the pain eases for you. I've been having numbness in my hands/shoulders while sleeping consistently for a while now and I just don't know what to make of it. I really haven't been doing anything differently with the level I keep my side of the sleep number bed set to, and I'm generally rotating pillows regularly because I haven't quite found the one that's perfect. I think the only way I might figure this out is by paying more attention while sleeping in other beds. Not going away anywhere overnight until December. Can't recall if this was happening when I stayed at my mom's. Online, it seems the suggestions are to change sleeping positions. Uh, yeh, but doesn't your body just move the way it wants once you're asleep? Re other people's drama - yep, sure glad I don't have much of that to deal with. :yes:

Michelle - Sounds like a great concert you saw - what a lineup of acts! :) Glad the eye is getting better and Santa's back at daycare. Did you catch up on your sleep last night?? :yawn:

Bf and I went to the gym together last night. I went to the Cardio Kickboxing class while he did his upper body workout. That class was really intense, but I think I'd go again. I don't think it's suitable for a beginner exerciser at all - the instructor didn't even spend a minute or two before class to go over the types of moves. I'm only familiar with the types of kicks and punches from some of my Jazzercise routines and from bf, who did martial arts when he was younger. Can't imagine how others followed along with the rapid pace. I was too busy keeping up to be paying much attention to others!! But it was indeed a good sweaty workout. :yes: I'd go again. So far so good with the trial run.

After class we stopped at Costco for a rotisserie chicken. Hit the spot.

Not going to the movies tonight - nothing appealed to me. The new Carrie remake doesn't seem like it would be better than the original...I might watch that when it gets to DVD.

I'll probably be getting sore later on - I think my glutes are already feeling it from all the kicks we did in class yesterday. It might be a good evening to sit in the whirlpool or sauna at the gym.

Attaching a photo of bf and I from the Halloween party.

10-29-2013, 12:33 PM
Morning all,

Back is seriously hurting today. I slept in the guest bedroom - no difference. Pain woke me up at 7 so I got up to get an ice pack and some Motrin. Kitties were hungry so I fed them too. Then I noticed the deer were standing in the driveway looking at me through the door so I put my jacket on and went and fed them too but they realized I was not their friendly "corn man" so they took off running as I got closer to them. Thanks guys - like I went out in the freezing morning cold for my benefit :shrug: I turned up the heat to warm the place up and crawled back in bed with the ice pack for 30 minutes but it didn't seem to do much good. I have to work today and Thursday - not looking forward to it, I can't bend down and get something off the floor so if anything falls - that's where it stays. Yesterday afternoon I popped open a can of soup and eagle ear Nina immediately reacts to anything which sounds like a bag of treats opening or a can of cat food being opened. So I fixed her and her sister a dish of wet food. Then I tried to put it on the floor which was when I realized I could not bend down fully. Poor kitty could smell the foot and was packing in circles and meowing but try as I might, I could not get the dish set on the floor :lol: She just had to wait the 15 minutes until DH came back in. I'm sure she was cussing me a blue streak :lol:

All of this because I did not go to the doctor for my back in July when it first started bothering me. So I can totally relate to your comment Annie - I tried to fix things as they got progressively worse - and I admit because my hips were hurting so badly I thought it was osteoporosis and never gave a thought to the simple and easily fixable problem of bursitis. Now everything is all messed up - I should probably just call the doctor and get 2 more shots although I'm thinking that I have physical therapy on Monday and we'll see what their assessment is.

Laura - bacon and eggs :rofl: what a clever costume and minimal amount of work. I had to think a minute and was a bit confused by your "yolk" before I got it. Great job! As for your numbness, are you a side sleeper with the pillow scrunched up on your head or do you lay on your arm? Either can pinch the nerve and give you problems. As for moving in your sleep, I guess it depends on the type of sleeper you are. If I lay on my back and tuck pillows under my legs or raise the headboard or foot part of the bed - I tend to stay in the same position all night long which creates it's own issues. DH on the other hand must shift 1,000 times a night so I guess shifting positions to alleviate back pain or such would not help much. Sounds like you are actually enjoying the classes you have found at the gym. Nice that you could walk into an advanced class and keep up - to me that would indicate you are getting some well rounded experience in the various types of classes you've taken. Good job! Don't forget to stretch those glutes girl!

Ceejay - I hope you find your keys without having to call out the search and rescue dogs :rofl: That's frustrating when you're in a hurry and they go missing. Sometimes they fall out of the pocket in my purse to the purse bottom and I mistakenly think they are on a counter and search high and low and they are really 3 inches from where they should be :^: Glad the neighbors set their trash out this week.

Annie - I hope they can easily correct and resolve your foot pain. Jury's still out with me as to whether the custom orthothics they often recommend really fix the problem but that will be for you to decide. All I can say is if they suggest them, get the 3/4 ones instead of the full orthotic. The full ones are really clunky and you will have a hard time getting them into your shoes unless you order a pair of Bozo The Clown shoes. ;) Your easy peezy dinner sounded good last night. I love the cooler weather because the kinds of food we tend to make stretches out over more than one meal. Nice to be able to warm up leftovers at half the fuss! Yes, this is really annoying with the crown - I think the material they use to bond a small cavity is stronger than the rough stuff they use for a temporary. Was also talking with my cousin yesterday - I think they when they tell you to bite down as they fit the temporary - it's not the same sort of bite you take when you chew food so I'm thinking they missed a pressure point on my lower molar that acted like a pile driver to shatter the temporary. After I get the replacement I will make sure I wear my bridge when I eat although it annoys me. With the bridge I can't completely close my teeth together so that will lessen the pressure a bit.

Shad - I have not heard anything further from Jen but I did send a card to Mel at the rehab place yesterday. She should get it before the 1st of the month. I will email Jen over the weekend to find out if they are moving Mel again and will let you all know if I heard anything further. I'm sorry they have still not found your suitcase. Between unfinished business (with the power company), new complications (lost luggage) and the inability to get everything set up (with a place to live) - you certainly have a lot of frustrations to deal with. I imagine you take a lot in stride but sometimes it must be unbearably frustrating. And I imagine you are a fair car ride away from the rellies? How long is this contract?

Hello Michelle and Susie :wave:

Need to get something in my tummy, flip a load of laundry and then take off for the afternoon. Have a good day.

10-29-2013, 12:44 PM
Hi ladies -

I didn't sleep well last night. Despite how tired I was, I couldn't fall asleep before 10:30.

Tonight, I've got some cleaning to do for my step-mom, so that will be my exercise. I didn't get to it this past weekend because I was too exhausted and run down from my eye infection.

Shad - I hope your luggage is found and delivered to you soon. Between the new phone and new wardrobe, this is an expensive assignment. I hope your new assignment is going well so far.

Laura - I love your Halloween costumes! So cute!! Glad you enjoyed the kickboxing class. I enjoy those classes even though they are sometimes very intense. I haven't done one in awhile because my physical therapist said that all the kicking to the side and back might overtax my back. So be sure and engage your core when doing those kicks.

Annie - The dinner sounds totally yummy. BBQ pulled pork is awesome! I love hearing about your happy life. I'm so glad you and C found each other. Good luck at the specialist today.

Ceejay - I'm glad your neighbors brought at least some of their trash to the curb.

Happy - So sorry to hear about your crown breaking apart. Glad you didn't swallow it though. A soft food diet for 2 weeks would be challenging, but I'm sure you can come up with creative ways to fix things. Heck, I'd use it as an excuse to eat ice cream for 2 weeks! :drool: :rofl:

I hope Mel (and Jen) are doing ok. I sent a card off to Mel the other day. I didn't get a chance to add captions to the photos while I was home with my eye infection because I just couldn't see well enough to be in front of the computer for very long. I'll do that this week, so there's still time to add more photos.

Much love to all,

10-29-2013, 12:51 PM
Happy - I'm so sorry to hear about your back. As for bending to pick something up from the floor, can you either squat (bend your knees) to pick it up? Or can you do what my physical therapist used to call the "golfer's move", where you bend over, but swing one leg out behind you. Sometimes that makes it easier to pick stuff up as long as it's light stuff and you're near something you can hold on to for balance.

Laura - If you want some good stretches for glutes, google "piriformis stretches". They help A LOT with glute and upper hamstring tightness.

10-29-2013, 01:33 PM the costume. Sam went as a b*tchy pregnant lady. They cut the arms and legs off of one of Ainsley's dolls, then glued them on the front of a t-shirt with blood marks around them. How gross but clever

10-29-2013, 07:06 PM
Thanks for the tips Michelle - I can't squat and get back up again because of hip issues. But I can and do use the golfer's move. Didn't realize that was a legit move so now that you have confirmed it with the physical therapist I do feel better about doing that. One foot out sort of gives some momentum to get back up again too. :lol: Ha ha on the ice cream binge - not a bad idea. Reminds me of how people got their jaws wired shut for overbite corrective surgery and gained a lot of weight because they lived on milkshakes. :lol: Maybe I should tell the dentist tomorrow I want a gold ghetto temporary tooth :rolf:

Annie - at least Sam didn't go as "sexy" preggo lady. Apparently they are making a big to-do about costumes this year where everything is focused on sexy as we continue on the dumbing down of America. I read a brief article - downright stupid stuff like "sexy potato" what??????? :rolleyes: Makes me glad I don't dress up except I am working at the shop Halloween afternoon. I'm going to wear my Boo T-shirt and that's about as dressed as I will get. That is, if I can find it from when I put it away last year...

10-29-2013, 07:09 PM
Ok Mel. I really miss you. Really I do. :(

10-29-2013, 07:21 PM
Ouch on the back. You may need to get one of those grabber things like Mel had. I'm getting myself one for those type of days. I find heat does me more good than anything. Hope it feels better soon.

The costumes were really cute and clever I might add. Good job on the kickboxing class.

I'm making sleep my priority from now on. I fell asleep on the couch last night from exhaustion. It's probably because I don't get to bed on time during my work days.

I was hoping Annie had posted about her trip to the doctor/ortho.

Kinda proud of myself. I don't like exercising in front of this camera at work but I did. 30 Minutes of cardio max with Bob Harper from you tube. I think I'll do the cardio sculpt with Jillian tonight unless I can find that on you tube as well.
Food has been a lot better today as well. Guess I'll have to cook more.

10-30-2013, 10:22 AM
Yikes, justhas I had feared. I have post traumaticankle arthritis. On the bright side, it is not rheumatoid orosteoarthritis. Just a result of theankle break 25 years ago. The two bonesare sitting on top of each other, no space or gel between. Kind of like when your brake pads go bad onyour car. Doctor had many suggestions onthe fix. Not any really great ones. Ohand it is my right ankle, driving foot. boooo

1. If I were 65+/not even close, non-smoker/check, non-diabetic/check,then he would definitely go with complete ankle replacement.

2. Surgery- go in a scrape it out – but would notlast for long.

3. Surgery- Fuse the two bones completelytogether. Downside cast and crutches for8 weeks-no weight bearing and loss of mobility, which I have very little ofanyway, wouldn’t lose much.

4. Hard plastic brace-which would be a major pain

5. Soft brace

6. Cortisone injection

Healso suggested getting those rocker shoe by Sketchers that would make the shoedo most of the work rather than the ankle.

So…Iwent with the cortisone injection, soft brace and will purchase the Sketchers.

Docalso said that the fusion surgery will eventually have to be done, in my owntime. I will know when the pain is a9-10 on a 1-10 scale every day. So far Ihave only had three 10 pain days in 4 months. I would say that surgery is far off as normally I am at a 4-5, then withanti-inflammatory meds it is 1-3.

10-30-2013, 10:24 AM
Morning all,

It's off to the dentist shortly. My regular guy is not in until Friday so I'm seeing the other dentist - no one likes him so I hope this will be ok. :hyper: All they have to do is remake and re-seat the temporary crown. My back and neck are still really, really sore so I should call the doctor and see if I can get in. Other than that, not much else going on. I have to stop at Walmart and pick up a few things including some candy. We won't get anyone here at the house for Halloween - especially since they are predicting a yucky day of heavy rain and chill - but I am working at the shop tomorrow afternoon and some one may stop in since it's right in town. If nothing else as my coworker said - I can offer a bit to any customers who come in.

Ceejay - good going on the exercise, even if it is at work. Gives the person monitoring the cameras something to look at :lol: Isn't it amazing how we always eat better when we cook our own stuff?

Michelle - hope you were able to get some sleep at a decent hour yesterday. I wanted to go to bed earlier so I took 2 Motrin PMs. They did zonk me out but I am tired and sluggish this morning. My system does not like getting up before 9am :lol:

Hellos to the rest of the chicks - will check in later this afternoon.

10-30-2013, 10:29 AM
Annie - I see that we were posting over each other. That's a real bummer on the ankle. :( I know the pain you must be feeling - that horrid bone on bone crunch. Owwww. I had never before heard of an ankle replacement but I guess it's a joint so why not? If they do a fusion, how much flexibility and mobility will you lose? Not just for driving but for just plain walking? I hope the cortisone works and buys you some time. I imagine the oncoming cold weather will irritate it more. :hug:

10-30-2013, 11:46 AM
HAPPY....I don't have much mobility in that ankle anyway as it has so much scar tissue from the orginal surgery. I am sure I would be able to walk and drive if they do the fusion. Doc said the cortisone may or may not work and for how long he could not tell me. Today it is feeling pretty good, but then again it is day one. Good luck at the dentist, I am with you, I will take another shot of cortisone before goint to the dentist.

10-30-2013, 12:02 PM
Morning all. Happy Hump Day.

Happy - Hope the dentist no one likes isn't too bad today. Let us know if you get that gold tooth!! :D I sure hope you can get in to see the doctor and that another shot helps wipe out some of your pain - you sound so uncomfortable. :hug: We still haven't bought our Halloween candy yet, bf'll probably get it the day of.

Annie - Sorry to hear about your ankle situation. :( Ankle replacement sounds like the best option - too bad you're not able to get it right now. My understanding with these replacements is that they want them to be a one-time thing to last you the rest of your days, so getting it younger makes that less likely. I happen to know of two women under 50 who've had hip replacements, so it's possible... If you really want that option, maybe you should get more opinions? I hope the injection/brace/shoes help a bit.

Ceejay - Good job on the exercise. :carrot: I haven't been getting to bed early enough the past few nights - it catches up to me eventually. Have to get an earlier start on the bedtime routine! Did you find your keys??

Michelle - I hope you got a better night's sleep last night. Yeh, I do think that the kickboxing class could lead to injuries if you're not careful - all the rapid moves and a lot of pivoting. I was definitely noticing that I was using my core a LOT during class and I was glad that I'd done that ab challenge and Pilates!! The soreness I thought might come did not, so I was glad for that. :)

Hi Shad, Hi Susie!!

I had a 2-lb loss yesterday at WW. That's a good kickstart back in the right direction. This week I'm committing to tracking all my eating, especially PM eating and weekends. The leader suggested starting my 24-hour tracking periods with seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I think I've lost the point of how that helps. I guess it would have helped if I'd started my new week with dinner last night, but I'd decided to track from the beginning of the day anyway. Regardless, I will work on the tracking, and will use another suggestion to help me - snapping a photo of a meal to help with tracking later. WW's e-tools even has some sort of function in its app to do that.

Good thing I'd decided to skip movie night last night - there was a train vs pedestrian accident on my line for which I received an alert right before I left the office. I went to the station anyway, got on my train, but there were no announcements being made on the train - my seatmate didn't even know what was going on. I then got off the train, spoke to a conductor (they were all just standing around) and was told it would be at least an hour or two for this type of accident. I bought a candy bar - just so I had change for the subway fare, haha - and walked back east to catch the subway line that goes to the airport. That's still short of home, but only about 15 min. from home by car. Bf picked me up. I got home about an hour later than usual, including a stop to pick up burritos for dinner. (Yum, but very pointy!) All in all, it wasn't too bad. The e-mail alerts kept coming all evening and I saw delay times ranging from 120-210 minutes!! What a mess!

I need to look at the gym class schedule and see what tonight's class is. I was thinking if I didn't feel like doing a class tonight, I'd see what's on for tomorrow, but tomorrow is Halloween. I'd like to be home to deal with doggy when the kids come around trick-or-treating. So I guess I better suck it up and go to whatever the class is tonight. ....Okay, I've checked. Tonight is Zumba. Tomorrow's two evening classes are cancelled - do they anticipate no one will want to exercise on Halloween?? So Zumba it is.

Okay, the interruptions keep coming, so I better get this posted. Everyone have a good day.

10-30-2013, 12:17 PM
two of the 8 x rays of ankle

10-30-2013, 05:01 PM
Hi Ladies -

Super busy at work, which is a good thing. going from projects to fighting fires to more projects. It's making the day go quickly at least.

Gotta run to a meeting. Late.


10-30-2013, 06:32 PM
Michelle - My day has been the opposite of yours. Not very productive. We have our annual fundraising activities going on this week (and last). Today are the parties - each floor has parties in conference rooms. Our floor is small, so only one party. Prep has been going on all week, but today was very busy with setup (our party's theme was a frat party), and then the parties began around 1:30-ish. Lots of distractions. I knocked off around 3:30 to hit all the parties for a short time. Several beers later, I'm not in a working mood anymore! Better enter my eating and drinking before I forget!!

10-30-2013, 08:08 PM
Laura - Wow! You're allowed to have beer at work? That surely doesn't happen at the places I worked at in Wisconsin...and doesn't happen that often here. Sounds like the parties were fun. BTW, congrats on the weight loss! Good for you!

10-31-2013, 10:38 AM
We're going to have a rainy day today. It started during the night.
And since I'm home today I get to enjoy some of the fall folliage in the neighborhood.
Need to go to the doctor either today or tomorrow to get my flu shot. They offer them at work and I signed up for one but they were given while I was on vacation. And no one called me. Sigh.

Wow, I didn't realize that the party was an office party. I'm not used to beer at work.

I like to stay busy at work. How is your eye today?

10-31-2013, 10:56 AM

Due to the severe weather we are supposed to have today and tonight, trick or treating has been moved to tomorrow night for most cities in Indiana. Weather is supposed to be rain, hail, high winds and possibly tornados. Here I sit on the 5th floor surrounded by windows. Yikes. lol. I'll get you my pretty and your dog Toto too!!

C didn't get home from fishing last night till 9. Baby boy came by before class, then my brother came over for our coaching session, which is going pretty well, btw. All and all a good evening.

A co-worker and I are going to walk the mall during lunch today. Neither of us take a lunch usually, but have decided to walk. I hope I can stand it, but at least would like to try.

LAURA....WOW party and beer at work. I have never worked anywhere it was allowed. Cannot even have it on your lunch hours either. Good job on the WL start. Keep on truckin sister.

CHELLE...good to have busy hands and minds, keeps you out of trouble. lol Like you get in trouble. NOT. glad your finally got your luggage. Did you keep the tags to take the stuff back you purchased to replace? are you holding up working the thrift shop? Must be crazy hurt on your hips/feet standing all the time. Has Nina finally completely recovered?

CEEG...sounds like you are getting the same crappy weather we are, at least you are home and don't have to be out in it. Bleh.


SUSIE...hope your week is going well. How did you do at TOPS?

That is about it for me. Have a terrific Thursday...

Loves and Hugs

10-31-2013, 11:58 AM
Morning all. Happy Halloween. :witch: I'm wearing an orange long sleeve v-neck and black slacks. No costume, even though there's an "appropriate Halloween costume contest" today as part of our fundraiser activities. No slutty or tasteless costumes allowed, LOL.

Annie- So, no space in between the bones. Just the thought of the bones rubbing on each other is horrible. I hope the cortisone shot has kicked in and brought some relief. Huh, moved the Trick-or-treating. That's nice - poor kids want to wear their costumes and get some treats, so good for them it's not cancelled altogether. I'm also on the 5th floor of our building, but not close to any windows.

Ceejay - Nice you get to enjoy the fall color (before the rain does away with all the leaves). Too bad you couldn't get your flu shot - you were at home, you could have gone if if only they'd phoned you. No advance notice??

Michelle - Yes, the parties are part of our office fundraising activities. Naturally beer makes the wallets open more easily - there are a lot of raffles offered. Some of the rooms were very creative, and one even had live music (one of the duo was the husband of an employee).

Hellos to Happy, Shad & Susie!! :wave:
I left my bike at the train station last night. It was rainy and dark when I got off the train, so I walked home.

I was very tempted to stay home and chill out after getting home, but I got into my workout gear and went to the zumba class. Usually I'm happy I exercised and feel good afterwards, but this time I wasn't and didn't. The instructor was a bit late, strike one. I won't go into why I didn't care for her either because she announced she likely wouldn't be teaching this class on this day/time anymore, so I won't have to worry about avoiding that instructor's class.

Anyway, it was humid in the room because it was mild and rainy outside and the floor had that sticky feeling. Doing these three classes (Sat./Mon/Wed) with a lot of pivot moves has been hard on my feet, primarily my right foot. It has a big bunion on it and that's what hurts. I see a surgery in my future to get rid of that thing. Bleh.

I guess it's a good thing I'm busy Saturday morning and won't go to a class that day. Let my foot rest. And maybe Sunday I'll do a spin or yoga class. Or maybe not.

Dark and rainy again today. I walked to the train. Unless it's not raining tonight, I'll likely be leaving my bike parked at the station again.

I won one of my raffles, but the one I least cared about - for a 6-pack of German beer. (That was in the Oktoberfest party room, where they were selling pretzel necklaces - I love that idea, so easy, just string small pretzels on a piece of twine. I might have to bring that to a party sometime, lol.) I only entered that one for bf's benefit. Oh well, it's something, and all the proceeds are going to a good cause. :sklol:

That's about it for me. Everyone have a great day!


10-31-2013, 12:39 PM
Hi everyone -

Another busy day at work, and it's just barely started! If I get to work before the Desktop/Network Administrator, I cover the help desk as best as I can until he gets in. Most of the time the problems are too network related for me to know what to do...but such luck. Right after I walked in, a user said that she couldn't figure out how to plug the power cord into her laptop docking station. Really? How do you do it every other day that you work? 5 minutes after I fixed that, she said that her keyboard wasn't working, but the keyboard on her laptop was. Ummm, maybe your keyboard got unplugged?

I don't mind helping people...but seriously...if they took 2 minutes to try and fix it themselves, they could've had it fixed in a faster time than calling Help Desk and having me come over. I think sometimes people would rather call for help than spend a minute to figure stuff out. I don't expect people to be completely computer savvy...but you should at least now how to plug in your computer and keyboard.

Okay...enough of my rant.

I hope everyone has a great day! I'll try and do personals tonight. I don't have any plans except maybe helping my step-mom hand out candy.

Annie - I heard that trick or treating was being postponed in Indy. Stay safe and dry, sista.

Much love and many hugs to all,

10-31-2013, 01:44 PM
Hi All,


I actually stayed up too late last night watching a classic old Gene Hackman movie that was very strange and slept too late this morning so I am running very behind. Will catch up tonight.

10-31-2013, 02:05 PM
Morning all,
Another lousy wet day here I see. Yesterday it blew and rained and was very cold - well at least compared to what I am used to. I'm on the 6th floor and the windows rattled with the wind. Couldn't see much of the harbour because of the rain and low cloud. It's supposed to lift somewhat today but let's not hold our breath since the weather men are consistently wrong anyway.
Work is going okay and I am up to 9 hour days again. It will get worse no doubt. Trying to get into the head of someone to figure out what they were thinking when they wrote the doco is not easy. You have to try to figure out what they were trying to say when they state something fairly obscure and the spelling and grammar is somewhat haphazard. Last night we all went for a few drinks to a bar in a very old historic house that used to be a brothel. Interesting place. It was built back in the 1800s and was built much further up the hill. Later it got moved down the hill and to its present site and made earthquake proof. It's been a brothel, a home, a lawyers office, a shop with apartments above among other interesting incarnations and now its a bar. Wellington has several interesting places like this. The old Boulcott house for example, used to be the home of one of our civic leaders from way back, and is now a historic site as well. It's one of those pretty old early Victorians with the gingerbread look. It wasn't strong enough to be moved so they engineered the foundations and put the house in a glass dome sort of thing and built a huge tower block over the glass dome. You can still see the house and tour it, but basically it is underground and protected from the elements. Mr Boulcott would have been amazed.
I've viewed a couple of apartments in the last couple of days. I've applied for one and maybe I will hear today whether or not I still have to keep searching. It is right in the centre of the city. Has 2 bedrooms if any of you want to come over for a holiday. :lol:

Geez I miss Mel on this site. I miss not having her posts waiting for me to see and laugh over in the morning. Not that I don't get a giggle out of some of your posts, but.......... I just wish Jen could correspond a little more frequently. Don't care who she corresponds with, just talk to us...........

Anyway - to personals.

Annie - not nice hearing about the ankle and the various ways to fix it. Haven't actually heard of ankle replacements before but no doubt it can be done. If they can do knees and hips, they should be able to do ankles. Bummer on the wait to get it done tho'. Here they seem to think that you should get 10 to 15 years out of a replacement but some get more and some get less. Law of averages I guess. A lot seems to trigger on the weight factor as well. The bigger you are the more stress on hips and knees I guess.
I have kept my receipts. The airline will only reimburse $100 and nothing has gone missing so my travel insurance won't cover the rest. Most of the 100 bucks went on underwear - bloody stuff isn't cheap these days despite the fact that it is made in bloody China.

Michelle - on the 'no help' desk hey? Every one whinges about help desks - including me and I've been on one more times than I can remember - but some of the stupidity out there takes some beating. Of course your desktop won't go if the power is out. It doesn't run on batteries. Of course you actually need to plug it into the desktop AND the wall outlet. Of course you need to turn the power ON. Laptop doesn't work - maybe the battery is flat? Yes they do need recharging once in a while. Good luck with that.

Laura - while most of our worksites are 'dry', we do have beer and wine in the fridge for the odd occasions that we get together to celebrate something on a Friday night or whatever. Usually any alcohol is kept under lock and key by the social club member or whoever.

Ceejay - Hope the guys are now putting out the rubbish on garbage day. That'd be a bit smelly.

Happy - stayed up too late again. Ah well. It's what we should be able to do when we retire. Although so many have said that they are much busier after retirement than before.

Hello :wave: to Susie. Your ticker is looking good. Mine has been static for a while now. I really will have to get out there and do something. Things have been a bit hectic lately however and my workout gear took off for a bit of a flying holiday with the rest of my gear.

1st of November here. ****REALLY????****. Will see if I get time to start a new thread today. And tonight I am going out to my nieces place for dinner so won't have much time for anything then. What should we call this one.

10-31-2013, 02:20 PM
These possible thread titles just came to me...

Worldly Chicks Nurturing Ourselves and Our Sisters in November

Worldly Chicks Giving Thanks for Our Friendship (I know it's that Shad doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving in November, nor do our Canadian Chicks, but I think we can all be thankful for our friendship and the love and support we have here.)

I like the idea of keeping good vibes and positive energy for Mel in the thread title (like we did in October).

10-31-2013, 05:15 PM
I like the second title Michelle. I know that had to be annoying this morning but I can understand the customers frustration. I had to call about my new computer too. Simply because there were three set's of cable cords and I was trying to hook them all up and it only took one cord. Some of us are very illiterate on computers.
I did, however, hook up a High Definition enchancer for the t.v. in the bedroom. It worked. Going to try this out to see if I can cut back on my cable bill.

We must have had the same weather you will have. We sure got some heavy rain and wind. Not sure you should be walking with the foot problem.

I love the historical buildings. Have a nice time with your niece tonight.

I know the feeling of staying up to late. I need to keep myself on a schedule.

Hi susie:wave:

11-01-2013, 02:40 AM
Have set up the new November thread Worldly Chicks Giving Thanks for Our Friendship (

Come visit us there - Don't Post Here Any More. Y'all hear now?