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09-30-2013, 11:26 PM
I work for a veterinarian.

For the last few months, we've had a very nice gal, who works in the lab at the local hospital working on Saturdays. She is also taking online vet tech classes.

She's really nice, responsible, a good single Mom, all the things someone should like, but she drives me crazy.

I feel kinda bad, but at the same time, we have a method to the madness, chaos and pandolerium. We do things for a reason, which we have explained, over and over and over. She still insists on doing it her way. *deep sigh*

Today, our boss told us she is coming to work full time.:?:

I like her in general, she's been through a lot, and done well.

However, she does NOT listen! She has a degree in animal science and used to work at a sheep station in Idaho, 20 years ago. She thinks that qualifies her to whip in to our workplace and know all about dogs and cats, and rabbits and goats, and cattle and hogs, and horses, and, snakes and birds, and so on and so forth.

It isn't that I don't like her I do, but she's gonna get someone hurt! :devil:

10-01-2013, 12:09 AM
Unless you are her supervisor it is risky to instruct her. Does your place have an orientation period or a situation where an experienced employee mentors a newbie? If not maybe you could suggest one to your boss. Otherwise if it were me ,I would mind my own business.

Now if she is putting animals or other people at risk ,then this must be brought up at a staff meeting or in the procedures used to handle such issues at your place of employment.

If she did something to directly make me unsafe then I would tell her that her behavior is a danger to me and why but I would not take it upon myself to oversee all of her work performance.


10-01-2013, 01:12 AM
I hear ya there....I worked with a co-manager all summer who drove me batty with incompetence....all I can say is document, document, document especially if she is putting people or animals at risk....if she's just doing a crappy job, then try as hard as you can to mind your own business BUT if others could be at risk, make sure it's documented WELL

10-01-2013, 03:01 PM
This stands out to me..."I feel kinda bad."

It isn't bad to feel what you're feeling. Be kind to yourself, your feelings are valid. You are still a very good person. And so is she.

Just because you don't agree with her way of doing things does not mean she as a total person is morally bad (hence why you're bringing in her overall character of being a good single mom, etc). Her behavior is just different. Nor does it mean that your opposing opinion means you are somehow less than a good person. It is normal, but not healthy, to think that differing opinions make one person better than the other.

You are both good, valid people with your own viewpoints. If you don't acknowledge and experience your feelings and validate your opinion within yourself, you could slide into subjectivity and attack her without meaning to, by looking outward for that validation and maybe not receiving exactly what you're looking for. This may be what you're fearing. Take good care of yourself, listen to yourself, give yourself compassion for this turn of events and you will be ok. This may seem like it's about her, but it's really about you. You may find that some of your disagreement with her isn't necessarily about what she's doing wrong. It may just be that she's different and it rouses something in you. Still, whatever it rouses is valid, and you would do yourself a disservice to crush that feeling.

If then you feel ok, the day-to-day correction that she needs will naturally flow from you without personalized judgment or anger, or even overthinking. As long as you feel "bad" for having your feelings, things will not go as well as they could. We all have to work together, most often one-on-one without a supervisor there to mediate, and I know most people prefer to have cordial relations without having to get their supervisors involved. Good luck.

10-03-2013, 02:11 AM
Since she has been here on Saturdays for awhile, and we have another part time person who has been with us for about 6 months.

After much thought. I have come to the conclusion.

We need to put in place a training plan. The vet has been here since 1965, the vet tech, 15 years, me 9 years. We know the drill.

So, we need to take the 2 new folks and switch them off, one handles animals, one takes phone and computer duty and the tech and myself, take charge of standing over them, instructing and explaining proper procedure.

Since it's been awhile since we had new help, training is really up to us.

The other rule, since I do the grooming, YOU WILL NOT schedule my grooms!

After 9 years, I know my clients, I know who wants what and how long it takes. That is my domain. Even my boss does not do that without asking me!

10-03-2013, 03:01 AM

Good-sounds like a plan.I basically love animals more than most people so I thank you for the caring work you do.

You seem exactly the type of person I want caring for my furry children.

Good luck with the training.


10-04-2013, 09:51 PM
I feel your pain. I also work for a vet, and we have one employee who has been there for several years who drives me absolutely crazy. His biggest problem is that his mind wanders off to parts unknown, and I end up yelling at him to pay attention or I'm gonna get bit. Especially when I'm trying to trim a cat's nails. He doesn't seem to get the concept that he's there to keep the cat's mouth away from my hands.

I hope your training goes well. That really does help. And at least it's not like the one coworker I had, who was a 72 year old vet tech fresh out of school who had the beginnings of dementia or alzheimer's, and she couldn't remember anything I told her even ten minutes later. That was a tough one. I prefer Spacey von Wander Brain over her. lol

10-11-2013, 01:11 AM
We are still working on it. It's a big change. It's been the vet, the tech and me for the last 9 years.

Change is hard.

Stupid is a whole new world.

It's a long story. However, she did not come with the skills she said she had, as a 14 year veteran lab tech at our local hospital.

And these are just lab skills, and she is "educated" :?:

I had to get her and Doc, on the path with the blood analyzer yesterday! LOL:D

10-11-2013, 01:34 PM
Is there a supervisor directly in charge? That person could pull her aside and say something like this:

"Miss So-and-so, I want to start by saying you're doing a great job and we're very glad to have you on board. However, I've noticed that since you're only here one day a week, you seem not quite to understand our workflow as intimately as the others who have been here longer. Since you're interested in working with us full time, I would like you spend a day shadowing a more experienced tech on a weekday so that we will all be following the same flow and everything will move more smoothly."

Then the conversation and remediation plan should be documented. If she refuses, that should also be documented. And if she continues not to do the job as her bosses require of her, that should also be documented.

10-12-2013, 03:25 PM

I worked for a vet before and I remember that things were done in a certain way, called rules or methods of doing things. I think it is very unfortunate that this individual is doing things her own way, that could be dangerous if she doesn't exercise care and lets her head get in the way.

I think it is very important to mention this to a supervisor and document incidents as others have suggested. I learned that a paper trail is very important! Once there is proof on paper to support what occurs, action can be taken, it is harder to reprimand and discipline someone without proof.

Good luck.

Take care.


10-12-2013, 11:03 PM
*deep sigh* Change is always a tough row to hoe.

The Doc and the tech and me, were good, but busy, the PT lady, Cynthia was a God send, and a joy to work with!

The nest new one, "JO".

She is not jelling with the team.

The boss is not helping. When I left last night at 5, the boss was washing her car. Really!:?: I've been there 9 years, and he's never washed my vehicle!

Makes you wonder, who is zooming who?

I did make up my mind to be patient.

The one line, no one crosses, is my grooming schedule! And they all know do NOT monkey with my grooms! Even the boss, (aka, vet/DVM does not screw with that), I have worked very hard to get a good rep with my grooming.

I came back yesterday from lunch and she had my groom on the table. *steam from ears*!

I have a good following of grooming clients, I've worked very hard for my rep!

I will forgive a lot of things, but if she screws up a groom! Katy bar the door, I will boot her into an unknown galaxy!:devil::devil::devil: