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06-26-2003, 07:14 AM
Welcome to Time for SERIOUS FUN…..We are a group of people trying to loose weight together and help each other along the way. There is only one rule on this thread, and it is if you are not willing to help yourself along the way or help others on this thread we don’t want to hear you WHINE everyday, we like to keep a positive attitude. Some whining is expected, lol, we are only human. Other than that we love to talk about every subject under the sun. Please feel free to pull up a chair and a keyboard and join us on our journey. Every day of the week we have a little beginning to the day to start us off, for example…..Monday would be Mission Monday……you have some sort of mission to complete in your life for that day or longer totally up to you. Faye is in charge of what day it is and what we are doing, so look for her post if you are interested.

06-26-2003, 07:21 AM
Faye was at the end of the other thread....so this is what she has said today is.....
THURSDAY: Today is time for us Thursday so take a little time and be good to yourself today!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I can't post right now, running late this morning....

Thinking of you all,

06-26-2003, 02:24 PM
Hello everyone! We are having a heat wave here today. Supposedly getting up to 105° or some such madness! (Prolly more like the heat index will be that high). Let me say I am glad to be working in the AC. I also feel kinda glad that we are having this heat because it's better than the rain.

I think I am geeking out this year :lol: and trying to talk mom and dad into going on vacation with me. We'll see. It'd be nice to get out of PA for a while. And I just LOVE the beach.

Anyway what else..Oh...Faye...thanks so much for the advice, love and support. VERY stylin' hair cut BTW...Shirley would be proud. Your earrings are gorgeous too. You're gonna look great at the wedding! It's Saturday, right?
With these boys, I've been in this situation so long and it's just so status quo...it is a little bit that I'm afraid to be si ngle, mainly because I don't have any friends who are. My friend whooped it up in college, and are settled down now, but I had a boyfriend, since high school, and want to whoop it up now. My friend tells me that all the time, not to settle that is, and I don't want to. I know i'm just wasting both of our time his and mine and kee ping us from meeting the right person. I'm just so scared for some reason. And I wish I knew why. But I've instituted this break now and I'm gonna try really hard to stick to it. I swear! It's just so hard b/c I get bored and know I can call him to do something. Grr!

Anyway, enough about that. Thanks again Faye.

Well I heard back from my doctor regarding round 3 of blood tests...here's the jist of the convo:
Doc: Well it looks like you had a thyroid condition that...oh wait! that's not you, I have two people confused in my mind. Anyway, it looks like your thyroid is becoming hyperactive.
Me: Hyper? But that doesn't account for how I'm feeling.
Doc: Oh..I'ms orry, I meant HYPO, or underacitve.
Me *duh*
Doc: So what I'd like to do is monitor it since it's within normal range, but have you come back in 2 MONTHS FOR A FOLLOWUP to keep it under control.
Me: *grr*
Doc: So how about you come in tomorrow and we'll do a physical exam.

So basically I've spent $350 now on what insurance wouldn't cover, plus co-pays and such and I've got nothing to show for it.

Needless to say my mom is furious and we're trying to find a new doctor and possibly a specialist for endocrinology.

I'm so frustrated feeling so...blech...and at 25 years old no less. It's just hard showing all the symtoms of something and having them tell you Oh that's not what you have.

OK that's my gripe. how is everyone doing? seems like we've all faded out a little here. I hope our board isn't dying. I' know I've been slacking in the posting department and hope to make that up soon! Sorry!

Anyway, I hope you are all doing great! I love you sexy ladies!!!!

06-26-2003, 10:05 PM
Do you have room for one more? :^: I post on another thread here in the Support Forum (300+ And Ready To Try Again) and it's the only one I have ever posted on and thought I would expand my horizons a little and try new things and you ladies seem to be just the thing! :cb:

I haven't read all the threads yet, but you seem to have a really positive flo here and a good kick in the butt when people need it, but most importantly, you seem to have a lot of fun and I am ALL for having fun. I am also happy to say that I know several people on this thread and am happy to be in such good company. ;)

My name is Tina. I am 33 years old. I have been married for almost 16 years and I have two sons. Brian (14) and Trey (10). I have been trying to lose weight most of my life and have been mostly successful the last two years, but I have reached a stagnant point and I need some inspiration! I like to read, write, spend time with my family and oh yeah.........NASCAR! Yes, :yes: I love it, especially one driver in particular, although I will try to not post his picture in here too much. :o

Have a wonderful day ladies. I feel a new day dawning for me! :D

I am on the WW plan and even though I have lost my way as of late, I have now been OP for 5 straight days and have exercised four! :strong:

So nice to meet you all and happy to see the ones I already know. I am ready to get with it. :drill:

06-26-2003, 10:45 PM
Evening ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the way that you have your name, it's really neat.

Faye, the haircut is really cute. Wish that I was brave enogh to cut mine that short. I have a pic that I was trying to post but it is too big any ideas?

Girl, don't never settle when it comes to a realtionship. I am a firm beliver in sticking to your guns and holding your ground. As a result I have a hard time of holding my tongue at times but oh well that is the way that I am and I figure that they can take me or leave me.

The soon to be ex officals moves out the first and I am so ready for this to happen. There are times that I am a little sad, but for the most part I am relieved and happy. The more that I sat down and thought the more that I realized that we(my son included) are going to be much better off with out him around. Here's some good news, I am getting closer to one of my mini goals. Wed was weigh in day and I am down to 182 and at 180 I am treating myself to highlights. Time to run. Good night everyone!


06-26-2003, 11:44 PM
I went out tonight to Bingo with my mom, I lost!!! But oh well, I had fun just hte same.

Tina baby, where you been all my life??? Calm down girls, I'be been posting with Tina for months now. You are more than welcome here, the more the merrier, and you are doing so good right now maybe you can kick me in the butt and get me going too. So pull up the keybooard anytime and give us a holler. We're all here for you!! By the way on this thread they call me Peek cause there is another Sandy.

Faye: I know your gone, hope you are driving safely and enjoying the book on tape. I got to get back into that.

Sandy: Congrats on the 2 lb loss. I'm glad that you have thought about your situation and realized that you and your son will be better in the end. Sometimes life just isn't fair, but you have to do what you know is right. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Missy: How's it going on the boyfriend gigs? Come on now, do tell, you know I am living life vocariously through you....just kidding, I would not trade what I have here. Hugs to you girl.

Jana: Where did you go? I started the new thread for you so you would not get lost in cyber space posting land.

Lori: Did you miss my post to you? I asked if you had any pictures of you and Brian together? Glad you got your TOM, I mean to start a relationship that way wouldnt be the best. I am assuming you feel the same, since you have only met one time in person right? Okay, yes I'm the nosey one....lol.

Okay girls, gotta scoot on outa here and get my butt to bed and give hubby some needed attention.......god they tend to get grumpy when you neglect them a bit.


06-27-2003, 08:39 AM
Morning everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peek I wish that I could have been there with you playing bingo. I love to play but don't get to play often. The last time that I went I done fairly well, much better on the pull tabs though. Ended up 250 to the good.

Just checking in rather quickly this morning. I have to jump in the shower and get my son ready for his summer rec program. I have to meet a friend at 9 this morning to walk. I would much rather go to the gym but she hates to go there she feels like everyone is looking at her. So as a result she doesn't exercise often and if I can find her willing to go to the parka nd walk I will gladly change my plans so that I have a chance to walk with her and help support her. I'll check back in later.


06-27-2003, 11:41 AM
Hi ladies,

I have hurt my back and can't sit at the computer for long periods at a time. Please go ahead and adjust the thread lenghths to whatever works for the rest of the crowd, because by the time I check in with my old threads, the pain is fairly intense and it's time to quit.

BTW - I am fast approaching another mini-goal and will be picking out a little bauble for myself as a reward today. I just LOVE WW!!

Be good and stay OP....

06-27-2003, 01:50 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

Been pretty quiet here..

TINAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! You found us, bless your heart! Stick around; this is a great thread and you can certainly influence us a time or two once in a while. Congrats on staying OP! :cp:

Peek: Arrgh...I wish I did have some pics of us together, but they didn't come out very well. Once we do get together again, and I figure out how to use my flaky scanner right, I hope to get some up. And I agree, prego scare is no good way to start off the relationship, though I wonder I Bri would have minded anyway; nevertheless, I am relieved things worked out as they did.

Today is finally less humid, and I am planning to take a long walk later; once TOM finally passes and I get rid of the little fluid retention I usually get with it, I will weigh and measure myself to see how I am progressing.

06-27-2003, 02:29 PM
:wave: I'm here at work and thought I would pop in real quick. I read something on my good morning fax and thought I would share it with you. Please excuse if you've already read it before

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down."

I don't know....for some reason, when I read that....I could almost feel the inspiration! VERY nice!

Peek: Soo happy to be over here with you. You know I love you lots and am not afraid to give you a good swift kick :drill: when you need it. I also expect the same from you...(although...it will take me awhile to get used to calling you Peek) :lol:

Lori: I always love it when TOM goes away because it will usually take a few pounds with it! I too would like some pics with you and Bri together. Bet you make a cute couple. :)

Sandy: That's so nice of you to walk with your friend like that. I kinda feel the same way about the gym too, so I totally understand that. Good for you for being such a supportive friend.

Jana: Nice to meet you and sorry you hurt your back. Congrats on almost meeting your mini goal. I think it really feels good when we meet our goals. :D

Well, I think I will hop off here for now and wish you ladies a wonderful day and I will see you later! I know I'm new around here, but it seems like a real nice place. :)

06-28-2003, 12:17 AM
Hey Boys and Girls, Can I join you all? I need to lose 68 pounds to reach my goal.

To give you a little background about myself - I lost about 40 pounds or so a couple of years ago (I was an active poster on 3FC) and then I got married and sorta stopped losing weight... anyway, I know that these forums played a HUGE role in my weight loss because as soon as I stopped coming, I stopped losing. I'm trying to get back into the game and shed this much hated chub.

I promise I won't whine. Too much.

So, can I join? Can I be cool like you guys?

Please?? :^:

da fat n da furious
06-28-2003, 01:33 AM
Hello Everyone, New person here, Thank you Jana for telling me about this place.
34 yr married mom of 2 boys, 15 and 10,,,,one dog and two hampsters. Live in Calgary Alberta Canada,,,
Been a BBW for the last 16 yrs...I once was a size 8,,,geesh thats now the size of one of my thighs...lol
Anyways look forward to getting to know you all

06-28-2003, 09:31 AM
LOL Angie!!!!!!!! The thighs I had to chuckle when I read that.

Welcome Angie and Gracenote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree this is a wonderful place. I stay much more focused when I am posting, I think that it is the accountablity. But who cares what it is as along as it works!!!!!!!!!
Lori, time to figure the scanner out so that we can all take a peek at ya'll. I had a pic to post but nonetheless it said that mine was too big. Go figure. I wish that I could make it smaller but I an technology challenged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jana. so sorry to hear about the back I hope that you are feeling much better soon. We will miss you bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on getting to the reward point.

Gotta get a start on the day. Here's to an OP weekend!


06-28-2003, 10:28 AM
Hey check out the new chicks!!!!

Welcome to time for Serious Fun Angie and Gracenote. Please feel free to jump right in, the more the merrier.

Angie: I love the comment about the thigh, I can relate, although I have never been small, I think my thigh is the size of some peoples waists....god I hate that:mad: .

Grace: 2 boys....wow are you brave...lol, I have one that is 11 and he is so moody lately, I just don't know what to do with him, for some reason he thinks I and his dad were put on this earth to deliver his every whim....take me, buy me, get me, can we.....Oh he wares me out. I also have a 5 year old girl who is going on 16....ughhhhhh...but I love em both dearly and woulnt trade them for the world.

I just got done making my mom and dad a batch of cupcakes, I forgot their anniversary!! Shame on me... And my brother in law is having his brand spanking new lobster boat put in the water today so party there, and I had to make a potato salad, I made it with 10lbs of taters....think thats enough :?: I was peeling potatoes it seemed forever.

So chicks I gotta run, but I will be back tonight.


06-28-2003, 01:46 PM
Peek have a wonderful time at your shindig today! I think that we all feel that way about our kids wouldn't take a million for them but wouldn't take a million for another one like them!

06-29-2003, 09:33 AM
Hello Girls, here I am sunburn and all, where is everyone else?

We had an excellent time at the boat launching. It was a wonderful fun party with lots of family and friends.

Talk to you all later.....


06-29-2003, 01:52 PM
Hi Ladies.

Mind if I jump in? I've been reading the posts here for a while but was a bit reluctant to jump in. I feel like I am intruding that's why I have mainly jumped on some new threads. Actually just three, one of which has had better days, one which is a Labor day challenge, and another is an exercise thread which has helpd me tremendously, with the exercise part anyway! :lol: Now if I can get the eating part down. I'm following WW and have about 50 pounds to lose. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Take care. :)

06-29-2003, 02:09 PM
Welcome to the thread Cristi.....jump on in. It's kind of quiet on the weekends here, but during the week we seem to be chatter bugs.

06-29-2003, 05:03 PM
Hey everyone! Welcome to the newbies... :wave: (I'm waving to myself as well, being a newbie) How are things?

I am feeling very powerful here lately. This is my 8th day back OP and going strong. I have never been a health food nut, but I read a really interesting article in last weeks Women's World about flax and soy cereal, so I went out and bought some....and so far, so good! :crossed: I am also proud that I have exercised 6 out of the last 7 days. I'm also learning to "listen" to my body. Instead of giving in to my wants, I'm trying to pay closer attention to my needs. Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

06-29-2003, 08:55 PM
Tina: Keep up the awesome work!!!! You are doing great!!!

Faye: I know your not back yet, but will be in the house soon and I wanted to be the first one to say.........


I hope you had a great time at the wedding!!! Was your good friend really suprised? Did you knock her off her feet? Especially with all the weight you have lost? Bet you looked good in that dress to......probably prettier than the bride....lol


06-30-2003, 08:57 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday. Our Mission for Monday this week, GIVE UP THAT ONE FOOD OR DRINK THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK!

I want to welcome all you new ladies and give my little speech! This is not meant to offend, ostracize or hurt feelings, but it is just the way it is! I started this thread so there was a place for people to come that was totally POSITIVE in the way it dealt with weight loss and its trials. Everyone is welcome and will be glad they are here. Our little kernal of women we started with is spectacular! Now the sticky part. Though we are here to help everyone out and get people over the rough spots, you may not come here and COMPLAIN day after day. What I consider complaining is NOT coming here saying something like, "Man, I blew it today. I ate 6 pieces of fried chicken, etc" or "Wow, I am really having trouble not eating Snickers bars." Complaining to me is day after day coming here and griping about how you have fallen off the wagon so to speak and you continually do nothing to help yourself. You wallow in self pity, expecting people here to always try and pick you up. In other words, you want our sympathy basically, but you are not committed to losing weight. I didn't start this thread for that purpose. I want you to come here and be able to say you blew it, but then say I am committed to this and I am going to work through it. I am a FIRM believer, as not one of us is perfect, that a day, week, month of crappy eating can be expected of us. SO WHAT? It is gonna happen, so don't let it disrupt your life by letting it take you away from your goals. If you do that, give it up for awhile until you can work in your mind the fact you are ready to commit to it. That is NOT a sin and doesn't make you less of a person. NOW HERE IS THE GOOD PART! We have WEDNESDAYS WOES. *****, gripe, complain, whine, cry anything goes on this day! Get it ALL out of your system! I know that each and every one of you has it inside of you to make this a huge success in your life. I applaud you for the courage you are taking to try and make your lifestyle better by getting yourself healthy! I feel really privileged to have you ladies come to our thread and share with us all your insights, your lives and your families!

As my grandson would say, TADA! Here I am! We got back last night and my downstairs looks like I had some kind of vacation explosion! :lol: We had a wonderful time. Vicki was so shocked and it was wonderful. I was sitting in the bride's room with my back against the wall where she would be coming in. She came in holding a bunch of stuff and I happened to be standing as I had just helped the pianist with her corsage. She looked at me and never said a word, put down a bag she had and stood back up and looked at me again and then it registered and she kind of screamed and started trying to unload the rest of her arms so she could hug me. I cried through the whole wedding (she sat us in one of the family rows, God bless her). At the very end, the minister had pronouced them husband and wife and they were facing the crowd while a quartet sang the Lord's Prayer. I was balling my eyes out and she looked down and saw me and mouthed "I love you" and I blew her a kiss and just boohooed all the more. We really are like sisters. She had dh and I and her and Bob in a picture together. Oh, the outfit went over great and I looked HOT if I do say so myself. That tanning stuff for us real white bread body girls works fantastic (at least the stuff I used did). We also had dinner one night and Sunday breakfast with my son and his girlfriend (who are back together and we are thrilled) and Sat morning breakfast with my older sister and Sat evening dinner with friends so all in all the trip was great. There was only one snag. We left here around 3:00 pm and got into Chicago around 11 pm and about 5 miles before our exit off 80/94 there were signs saying there was construction. WELL, we sat for 2 1/2 hours in traffic, sometimes for 30 minutes at a time at a dead standstill. Instead of being at the hotel at midnight, we trudged in there at 3 AM. (Peek: my audio book came in REAL handy during this!) Thank goodness neither of us had an attack of needing to go to the bathroom.

I have read all the posts but am not going to try and answer them individually as I have a ton of work to do to get the house back in order.

I do want to tell Jana, I will be praying for you and hope your back heals up soon!

AGAIN: BIG welcome to all you new gals, Tina, Grace, Cristi, Angie. Can't wait to get to know you!


06-30-2003, 09:25 AM
Good morning everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faye I knew that you would go to the wedding and stun everyone! Glad to hear that your trip was such a success. Gotta run tell everyone more about this later.


06-30-2003, 03:40 PM
Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday! I am a little sore this morning, but nothing too dramatic. I use my WATP tapes when I don't want to walk outside, but I try to mix it up a little instead of doing the same old tapes over and over. I really like the one mile for the abs, so yesterday....I did it, took a five minute break (it was rewinding) did it again, (took a five minute break) and then did it again for a total of 3 miles! :strong:

Faye: I completely understand what you are saying and there is no hurt feelings here. :no: I think negativity breeds negativity and let's be honest....who wants to hear someone complain all the time? :?: I also think the Wednesday Woes is perfect, so at least when our dh is driving us crazy, :dizzy: we're ready to hide from our kids :eek: or we had such a bad day we consumed a whole bag of yogurt raisins (my "bad" food) :yikes: we have somewhere to go. Thanks for the welcome and sounds like you had an awesome time at the wedding. :)

Ok guys....I am off from work today and I have a ton of laundry to do and sitting in this chair is not getting it done, so I will say my goodbyes for now and see you soon! :wave:

06-30-2003, 07:02 PM
Hey gals!

I am taking a 2 minute breather while dh goes and gets some steaks at the store. I did my 45 minutes in the pool and it was so nice as I did Friday's but the hotel pool was really shallow so my knees hurt too much to do it Sat and Sun. I also did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned the downstairs. Tomorrow morning it will be the upstairs and go and get my babies in the afternoon.

My dd brought my grandson over and had lunch with us today. They took him to Disneyworld for his birthday and it was his first time, so he came back with lots to tell. He has been going around telling everyone his dad sold his soul to the devil because dopey dd said that to sil when they were riding one of those water rafting rides. I guess sil never ever seems to get wet on one so dh told him he must have sold his soul to the devil! Now she is trying to get him to quit telling people that!

Tina: Today is mission monday so work on getting rid of those yogurt raisins if they are a stumbling block to you. Sometimes, though we might love something and THINK we can control eating or drinking something, we have to give it up because we find we can't. I had a huge soft drink problem and had to give those up. I did work on the psychological part of it for several months and now have one OCCASIONALLY, but never more than one! I even have learned to drink diet, which was a huge step for me. I still drink water as my main source of drink though. Welcome to our happy little group!

We bought the Harry Potter audio tapes to take to Indiana and we are still listening to them. Very addictive and VERY long. 17 tapes and 26 1/2 hours of listening. We are on tape number 16 now so we are close to the end. I am continually amazed at how she has been able to write something to appeal greatly to adults as well as children. They are not childlike in their writing and really very interesting.

Well, dh should be home anytime and I have one more load of clothes to fold and I am DONE with vacation clothes so I am going to go! Remember, tomorrow is Target Tues so look to see what we will be targeting this week!



07-01-2003, 01:01 PM
OK I know I promised that I would be better in my posting but work was HECTIC as anything yesterday. So...I'm here today and that's all that matters. Looks like I am the first person too. Without Faye, what will Tuesday be??? HELP US FAYE! LOL And speaking of you Faye, I've already read Harry Potter book 5...let me say, it was quite sad and I actually cried at the death of the "main" character. I've started reading them all over again. So that will keep me busy.

So what's going on with me you ask? Not too much. Had a VERY uneventful weekend. I went to dinner with my parents and sis, bro-in-llaw and nephews on Saturday and that is pretty much it. I stuck to the break policy with my #2 man I'm trying to ween myself from (OK, I saw him on Sundy, but we ONLY went to a movie!) So it was my psychological slip...not my eating slip.

But, eating and exercise was less than desireable. It was...a BAD week. But it's cool. I'm remotivated. I went biking last nite (for the first time in a LONG time...and it's NOT as easy as they say) and I'm looking into joining a gym with a co-worker. So that should be good.

The highlight of my week will be Thursday, I'm going on happy hour for the first time with some girls from work. So YAY!

Welcome to all the new people. I'm lazy and don't feel like scrolling back to look up names, but I love you gals none the less and I'm sure that I will come to know you very soon.

Anyway...I'm trying to develop a diet and exercise routine still, it's not going well.

One positive change I've made is oatmeal. I eat it every morning for breakfast with some fruit in it and no sugar! So that's good. But that was on the advice of my doctor, so we'll see soon enough!

OK I'm out for now...

:queen: Missy :queen:

07-01-2003, 01:06 PM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and our target this week is our SKIN!

Our skin takes a normal beating with summer here and many of you being sun bunnies, but gaining and losing and gaining and losing is very difficult on our skin. When we are not taking in enough water, our skin REALLY REALLY suffers. So, make it a priority this week to take care of your skin, ALL of it not just your face. Cleanse it well, moisturize your whole body with lotion daily including those very important feet which usually take the biggest beating. Hands, don't forget your hands either and really drink that water this week!

Hope you all are doing well today. I did my 45 minutes in the pool (we are having a lot of trouble with vandals though. They ripped out one of the lights in the pool and threw lawn chairs into the pool yesterday) Little creeps live in a nearby apartment complex and don't like the fact they can't swim here so they try and destroy it. I also got the upstairs cleaned and tomorrow is UGH grocery shopping day! I have to buy just about everything so it will take lots of time. I am one of those people who are not very patient about things like grocery shopping so I dread it, but really can't wait until Saturday for dh to go with me and since the only evening the commissary it open is Thurs, I try not to subject him to going shopping right after getting off work, though bless him he is more than willing.

Missy: You were posting while I was so I had to come back in and edit so I could talk with you. We finished up the audio book last night and I boo hooed too! Not when he died, but poor Harry having to deal with it. Good for you and oatmeal! It will really help you out a lot with your cholesteral. I hate milk so I eat it "sticky" so to speak, but I enjoy it. I even eat the higher calorie stuff sometimes. I like brown sugar and cinnamon in it. I also like bananas in it quite a bit. Sorry I didn't get in to post for you to see Tuesday's target before you posted. I have been checking back and forth since the site was off line this morning and just got in! Have a great day today!

Does anyone have a suggestion either of an exercise or a place to look for facial and neck exercises to firm up skin? I do stretching with my neck and those like chewing exercise type things and try and exercise the skin when I am moisturizing it, but my neck still looks awful I think. It may not have any elasticity left though so I may be stuck as I certainly can't afford cosmetic surgery even for saggy tummy skin etc. Thanks for your input!

Well, I am going to get a shower, dress (I clean in the buff :lol: :o ) and take out the garbage and grab a bite of something for lunch.

Have a great day ladies and get in that water and exercise today!


07-01-2003, 05:00 PM
Hi to everyone first off...

Faye - thanks for the message on another thread, you invited me to come here and check this out, so I did !

Everyone else - I am 29 year old female, married no kids... I currently weigh 228 and at my highest was 246...I want to get to a goal weight of about 135 or so, although right now 160 sounds wonderful ... I am currently watching my fat grams and calories and getting on the treadmill at home every other day ( for now )...
I really like all of your positive energy and it sounds like you have made some good friends on this thread...hope to get to know you guys better on this crazy journey...I know we all can do it!!!

Love to hear from all of you...


07-01-2003, 10:46 PM
I wanted to say thanks to Faye for inviting me over from another thread! This thread looks like a really positive place to talk to others with the same goals, and get motivation and support!

I am a 26 year old single mom. I weigh about 275! The other day I decided enough is enough I need to lose weight! So I came on line looking for some sort of support.... And now here I am!

Well every one have a great evening! Hope to get to know you all real soon;)


07-01-2003, 11:18 PM
We are getting quite a group now and I hope everyone enjoys being here! I want you to all have positive and not negative experiences with weight loss and all that comes with it. Accepting yourself is the first step. No matter what you have been told, there is NOTHING wrong with you. You are not a pig, glutton, lazy, ugly, or stupid. You are all beautiful, vibrant, charming, intelligent women with something to give to the world. Remember that everytime someone makes fun of you or puts you down. They are the ones lacking not you!

Tomorrow is Wednesday's woes the day you can spew out anything that is bugging you, hurting you or making you mad. If you are having trouble with some aspect of your program or exercise, tomorrow is the day to make it known. We will concentrate tomorrow on how we can help each other with problems that have come up.

Welcome to Rochelle and Satine! Glad you decided to join us and have fun with us!

See everyone tomorrow!


07-02-2003, 07:14 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's woes! Time to bring out all the gripes and complaints and troubles and stick them right here with us. We will give you encouragement and sympathy!

Good morning! My woes today involve getting our cat to use his new hooded litter box. I sure hope he takes to it. We had to do something as our dog gets in it. YCK! We have done trial runs putting him in and encouraging him to come out by himself, but it is going to take time I guess and I don't want him spraying on the furniture etc not using it. I am also pretty distressed over some things going on with my dd involving my grandson. I don't feel I can go into it, just suffice it to say that things are not good and we are not getting to interact with him as we should nor buy him things as we would like. We are given "orders" regarding him. Just keep us in your thoughts that we can one day work this all out.

Hope you all have a good day. We are supposed to get rain again, but hope it holds off until later in the day so I can get in the pool.

Please keep Jana in your prayers. She is having a lot of back problems and pain.

I will check in later with you all when you have your sleepy heads out of bed!

Faye :)

07-02-2003, 10:31 AM
So today is Woes day, huh?
Oddly enough I do not have any woes to bring to the table, well I guess I can say that I am really tired and ready for my 3 day weekend...
I have a question...I am struggling with what to eat for breakfast that is low fat and will get me through until I eat lunch. Do any of you have any suggestions? I normally have like a granola bar or piece of toast and fruit but by about 11:00 ( and I go to lunch at 12:00 ) my stomach is growling and I am starving...I thought maybe some protein would get me through but what would be low fat in the protein dept? I need some help ! :o)
Hope all of you have a great Weds!


SW 246
CW 228
GW 135

07-02-2003, 11:14 AM
Hi everyone!

Satine - Did you choose that name cause of Moulin Rouge? I must say that is like my FAVORITE movie of all time. If I'm wrong then just ignore me LOL. I usually don't know what I'm talking about! But I read your post about breakfast and I have the BEST advice for you. I've been having lots of fatigue related issues lately and been to the doctor for thyroid tests and evaluations almost every week. She's been trying to push on me that my bad diet throughout college was what caused my fatigue. But...college was 3 years ago! LOL So who knows. But she is essentailly pushing protein on me. But long story short...I've found that oatmeal is healthy. It's low in fat, high in protein (for a grain) and it's pretty easy/tasty and it is definitely filling. I know it's also supposed to lower your cholesterol, so that's good. I used to pile on the sugar, defeating the purpose, but then I found that a fresh piece of fruit on top makes it splendid! Like a peach or nectarine.

Not much going on here. Had yet another job interview yesterday which I think went well. I am just an idiot on interviews i've come to believe. I just sorta babble on and on about whatever. LOL It's not pretty.

other news...I have an appt. to go to a gym and meet with a trainer next week with my friend from work. They are offering a 1-month free special for employees where i work, so we are gonna see how it goes for us and then decide if we want to join for a year...it's $37/mo. which doesn't seem too bad. Especially since the other reasonable gyms are where the people I HATE from work workout. so...needless to say...this is a good alternative.

I don't have too many gripes this week. I'm just feeling kinda down generrally with the way things are brewing in m y life right now, but nothing inherently bad.

I hope everone is well, just remember, only 1 more day till "friday". LOL

:queen: Missy :queen:

07-02-2003, 11:23 AM
Hi, everyone !

Missy - OMG! Yes I did choose that because of Moulin Rouge, that is my favorite movie of all time too...I watch it like once a week, my husband thinks I am crazy...it is so cool to hear from someone who likes it as much as me...my favorite part is the tango ( Roxanne ) song scene, what is yours?
Thanks for the advise about the oatmeal I will try that, any particular kind?

( Carri )

07-02-2003, 03:35 PM
Carri: I agree with Missy about the oatmeal. Especially if you drink water with it. It kind of expands and makes you feel full. I have always eaten a very light breakfast and then a snack at 10 am to get me through until noon. Usually I would have oatmeal, yogurt, piece of fruit, something like that then have a serving of pretzel sticks, ff pudding, fruit or a sandwich with lowfat ham and mustard to hold me to lunch. You may not be able to have a snack at your desk so you may want to eat a good breakfast if you have to wait until noon. I try and eat every 3 hours or so to keep from getting so hungry.

Missy: Great to see you today! Hope your interview goes well! I interview great, it is getting someone to call in the first place that I have trouble with. They don't want us old farts I guess! lol Oh and I think your dr is full of bologna by the way. I have eaten poorly for years and years and it only took me about a month to feel better sleep wise. I hope you can find someone that can figure out what is wrong. I still think it sounds like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Well, we must be a busy little group. No one is posting much! I hope it is because you are busy and not because things are going bad. That is when you need friends the most and remember what I said: Whining about your situation is different than feeling down and discouraged. If you are feeling that way, come and let us know about it so you can get some encouragment to go on. We all need that from time to time!

I went shopping for groceries out in timbuktu today and found half the shelves empty. It makes me so mad to go clear out there and then they don't have stuff. If I didn't save so much I probably wouldn't go at all. There is no sales tax charged (our sales tax is a whopping 9 1/4 %) food is much cheaper (for example, I buy those Hormel roasted chickens and pay about $6.00 apiece for them at Krogers and the Comm has them for $3.50) and only military and retired military can shop there. I told a man today that was complaining that you would think for 20 years service you would get some kind of benefit because you sure don't get a lot of money! :lol: Don't get me wrong, a pension is a pension, but you don't make enough to live on that is for sure!

Well, I am going to go. Everyone have a nice day


07-02-2003, 06:04 PM
Carri - Hmmm my favorite part there are so many! But top 3... I'd have to say when they do "the pitch" to the duke. I don't know why, it's just a fun/cute scene. The Tango/Roxanne is good. And then I'd have to go with the finale as the absolute best. When they sing come what may (that song ALWAYS gives me chills) and then the curtain falls and she dies. That NEVER FAILS to make me cry! Anyway oatmeal. I just started on it and I always get the Quaker oats in the container...I don't know if it's instant. My doc said I shouldn't get the "instant" b/c it is "half-digested" and therefore missing out on vitamins and minerals and stuff like that. I'm eating as a lowe cal/fat protein source. Because she's trying to push on me that I am protein deficient.

Here's what I do:
I found I like the oatmeal rather thick.

I make the smallest serving amount (just cause I am not hungry first thing in the morning) there are 3 on the back of the container, 1 serving, hearth healthy serving and 2 servings...I always do the one. I take 1 half cup of oats, 3/4 cup milk (i use a little less than it recommends) and then I microwave it for lik 2:30. You have to stop it and stir it alot so it doesn't bubble over. Then I wait till it cools a bit and cut up fruit and put it on top. Au natural. It's pretty tasty.

Faye - Well I already had the interview...I'm a copywriter at my current job and the Director of Marketing lady that also interviewed me was a copywriter so I think we 'bonded' a bit on that. LOL


OK I talked to her this afternoon. She got the results of my 4th, yes 4th, blood test and told me that there are 2 problems with me right now.

#1 - I am vitamin B12 deficient and that is most likely caused by the fact that my stomach stopped producing the enzyme (or whatever) that absorbs B12.

#2 - I either have Grave's disease or some thyroid condition where I go from Hypo (under) to hyper (over) active and just constantly switch back and forth.

So tomorrow calls for...you guessed it...MORE BLOOD TESTS...this is the 5th time I've been stuck!!! ARGH!

Anyway that's the news...later girlies.

07-02-2003, 10:00 PM
Juat checking in eally quick. Welcome to all the newbies!!!!!! My puter is gone)he got it when he left so I am at a friends for now using his. I will be going to the library some til I am lucky enough to get one back. Good news before I go am finally down to 180! I have done the highlights that I promised myself. I promise to catch up soon.


07-03-2003, 12:09 AM
Hey chicks,
Just popping in to say hello. And I am not ignoring you, I have just been so so so busy these past few days. We leave tomorrow for camping, hope I will make it on before we go or at least peek in through the weekend.

All is okay here, but today is Woe Wed. and I could spout off, but my eyelids are about ready to hit the keyboard and I am messing up on this typing so so bad, thank god for the backspace key.

Okay girlies, catch ya later


07-03-2003, 07:21 AM