Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss - New body with old mindset

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09-16-2013, 10:20 AM
Hey guys, so i think this is probably the best place to post this but I'm not quite sure. I just have a general discussion question about adjusting to your new body.

I'm a twenty y.o university student and have for all of my life mostly restricted my self from intimate relationships using my being overweight as an excuse as to why no-body would be interested in me. Even though I haven't reached goal weight as of yet, my body composition is closing in on what is considered normal for my outward appearance. I don't so much have an issue with becoming a normal weight, however what comes with it is proving difficult to deal with. I may be at a weight where I could consider that a girl I would have put of as just being nice may genuinely be interested in me.

I'm sorry about the mini-rant, it's just that in person i am extremely introverted (ISTJ) and a complement from an old dorm mate completely sent me into my mind to think and I just needed to talk somewhere / to someone. Also after all the back story my actual question is : Has anyone had the issue of adjusting to being normal/date-able after going through a noticeable weight loss?

[TLDR version] Not being obese and people being able to see me as someone able to date is freaking me out, anyone else?.