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09-15-2013, 04:35 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. A lovely sunny day with 76 degrees.

I'm still helping Sandy with her moving, unpacking. There's one more pickup load and then clean the house and turn in the keys. We've done really good with the unpacking and most of that is done. I think the next load may have to stay in the garage for awhile. We are both exhausted and taking this day off.

Jean, sorry you haven't had any company posting for a few days. You are always on the go and such a busy lady.

Hi, Faye and Maggie - what are you up to?

Have a great Sunday.

09-16-2013, 09:35 AM
Good morning gals. I never did get in here yesterday. We went to the commissary and again 1 cashier so I gave the person that schedules an earful and told her frankly, no excuse she gave was ok. She said cashiers call off on Sunday a lot and I said, so fire them. I am sure you can get people to replace them. People need jobs. She then said that she had cashiers in the back but she didn't bring them up until there was a line. I shouted at her, "Well there's a line now." I was really mad and told her if she would get off her behind instead of sitting in the office she would know whether there was a line or not. As I have said, we have one line we stand it then they call you up to whatever cashier is free. Most commissaries we have been to do it this way to keep the aisles free. So I came home, unloaded, put away, had a bite of lunch and took a nap.

I woke up this morning with my ovaries screaming and a terrible headache. I still have the headache but the other thing seems to have settled down. My headache is on the left side in the back almost to my neck so I am wondering if it is from sleeping on it wrong. Man it hurts at the moment, like someone whacked me with a hammer. I took some Advil so I hope in a bit it will ease off.

I am about halfway done with my black belt. I am reposting a completed picture of the orange belt. I have it complete and it looks more like a belt than a long piece of knitted stuff. I had to take several inches out and then bind off. I made it to fit my waist measurements, but with the d rings on it, the weight of them stretches the belt. It fits perfect now. I used a different pattern to make the black one. I made the mistake of telling Jack black goes with everything and he says, "That's what I've been telling you. A woman only needs one pair of shoes and one purse, black." He got a :rolleyes: for that comment. :lol:

Jean: Yesterday was nice and cool here until about 2 PM then it was 87 degrees. We were done and home by that time though. I bought some Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Spice bread so I am hoping a slice for breakfast will be good. I buy they raisin bread, cinnamon bread and blueberry bread. They make a good breakfast as long as I only eat a slice as they are higher in pts than regular bread. I can't believe it is fall already, but thrilled since it makes the cruise closer. I can also get my hair cut and colored in 3 weeks. I told the salon people my hair looks so bad I frighten children. I am waiting as I want the rich color before it starts to fade for the cruise. Either your church membership is small or you have someone who makes it their business to keep track of who is missing church. When we lived in Indiana we had people like that. We Baptists find it criminal to miss a service. :lol: Being funny about it is one thing, but these particular people would quiz you about why you weren't at church. MYOB, folks!!

Maggie: Hope your computer system is all set up now and you are zooming right along. I checked out the apple site and found I can order Jack's present online (online you can get free engraving) then have it sent to the store in town, which is what I am going to do. I rarely get to surprise him and since he never looks at the credit card statement I feel pretty sure I will give him a huge surprise. Thank you for asking if I could pick it up in town!!

Susan: Glad the house issue is now all settled. You two must be miracle workers to get it done almost by yourselves. I watched one of those house buying programs and at the end they show how long the people have been in their house and they talk about how much they love it. This particular couple had been in their house 4 months and were unpacking. When Jack was in the Navy and we would have them pack us up and move us, I had the house all put together in 2 days. I couldn't stand having boxes all over the place and trying to hunt for dishes and such.

You gals have a great start to your week. I am going to knit for a bit then get chores done for the day. Have to get rid of the headache first. Faye

09-16-2013, 11:19 AM
Good morning, ladies. 72 degrees right now and overcast. It looks like we will be having an early Fall for the leaves and falling off the trees without even changing color and the pine straw is turning brown and falling, too. It was down to 59 last night.

Faye, nice belt! Jack will be amazed with his Christmas gift. Since Sandy was only in her other house 2 years, we remembered what we did right and what we wanted to do differently with this one. The 2 of us make a good team. We had drawn a floor plan and then drew in her furniture exactly where it was going to go. We color coded the furniture, boxes and doors of the room they were to go in with colored dot stickers and posted the plan for that room so the movers could tell where things we to go with us being with them every second. That helped a whole lot. It's looking very nice and she won't be moving again since she owns this house.

I am doing laundry and working on my own house today. My fall allergies have been bad so I'm getting an allergy shot this afternoon to help with them.

Have a wonderful day!

09-16-2013, 05:30 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy cool day again today -- feels like fall! My day started off by over sleeping by an hour plus! I never do that! I don't know what happened but evidently I set the tv to come on at the wrong time or didn't hit the "set" button. Anyhow, it took longer at church this morning on my part because of automatic giving from bank accounts. I have the gift shop money counted and ready for the bank. When I got home I started my day over again with a hot shower. Now, at least, I feel more or less human. We had planned on soccer games tomorrow night but looks like we won't be going at all this week. Bob has a city meeting tomorrow night, I have cards tonight, and we have a church meeting on Thursday night so all three nights could be game possibilities. Next week is make up games so will go then. Ian's team won last night. His other grandparents were also there so our DQ treat afterwards took longer than usual and it was almost midnight when we got home.

"Gma" -- Your commissary sounds like our WM with one check out going. The only problem is WM never calls for help. :( Hope you are feeling better by now. Every once in awhile I get a stiff neck on one side and don't know if I sleep on it wrong or it's the way I hold the iPad when I'm trying to watch tv too. We average around 100 for first service and most people tend to sit in the same spot. When we just had the one service during the summer, there were quite a few people I didn't know but recognized as second service attenders. You belt turned out cute!

Susan -- It sounds like you and Sandy have moving down to a science. ;) I've heard others say the allergies are reving up again. it was 43 here this morning. I'm not ready for it to be that cold yet.

I need to head to the bank and drop the checks off at the hospital. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-17-2013, 08:52 AM
Good morning girls. It is quiet and cool this morning. Give it an hour and noise, noise as people going to work and kids getting on the school bus. We have a school bus for special needs kids that stops right across from us and makes enough noise to wake the whole neighborhood.

I finished my black belt and will put it on the towels to block today and start on Jackson's socks for Christmas. I am doing them in blackberry and gray this year. I have to pick a pattern for the top. I am going to knit the leg, they do a pattern over the top of his foot and solid gray underneath. I may do this waffle rib I did the black belt. It is only 4 stitches and an easy 4 row pattern.

It took me all day and evening to get rid of the headache. It definitely was from something strained as my neck right in the spot hurt too. My shoulder right in the bone area of the shoulder has been hurting, but it usually does when I knit a lot. I tend to unknowling lean forward when I knit and it strains the muscle right where the shoulder bone is. I am not giving up my knitting so I will have to deal with it. Sometimes heat, advil and or icy hot will help and sometimes not.

We are going to have pk cutlets with rice tonight. My weight is fluxuating some with taking these pills again, but I am not gaining weight. If I don't lose anymore right now, I am ok with that. I noticed this weekend a pair of capris I haven't worn for awhile were really loose. They used to fall right under my knee and now they are more like bottom of my calf. This morning I am going to have a banana, yogurt and a piece of pumpkin spice toast for breakfast.

If you are a Lean Cuisine eater, try the Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli. I bought it because I like mushrooms, but didn't know if I would like it with spinich. I eat raw spinich in salads, but not too much cooked but this I loved. I belong to their rewards program so I am racking up the points towards gifts I can get because I eat a Lean Cuisine meal pretty much everyday for lunch and I eat their snack things too. I am just going to collect the pts until I have a big amount before I go in and pick a gift.

Jean: Looks like it is cooling down for fall in your area. Hope you have a good time at the games on the weekend. I saw on FB that Thomas is running for student council again. He has made student council every year since 5th grade and seems to enjoy it. He will be transferring to a new high school next year and everyone will be a stranger. She doesn't want him in their high school as we have a big mess here when the county and city school merged. Each suburb city is starting their own schools and she doesn't want him in that mess so he would be going to high school closer to us actually. A good ole hot shower can fix almost anything I think, except my frightening hair at the moment! :lol: I told some friends it scares children. :lol: I have 3 weeks from Saturday and they she will cut and color my hair and put in the streaks I want. I look almost bald because of the white hair underneath and then the small amount of yucky color on top. I also have extremely fine hair so that doesn't help. It's one of the reasons I color it red. The red makes it look a lot fuller. Hope all your high finance obligations are all hunky dorey.

Susan: I hope I can keep my big fat mouth shut until I give him the Ipad. I tend to not keep secrets very well. Well, at least ones that are regarding presents. I keep people's secrets really well and usually end up in trouble because I didn't gossip it about whatever it was to another family member or friend. I think what you did for the new house was fabulous. Nothing worse then going into a house cold and trying to figure out what should go where. We will eventually be selling out couch and getting a two person love seat and get rid of the double recliner and get two recliners. Right now the only place to put the double recliner is in front of our fire place and I hate not having my fire place for cozy nights. Looks like you got some cool temps too. We have had cool overnights, but it heats right up during the day still. I am finding my allergies are worse in the last week or so than they have been. I don't have horrible ones, but enough that my darn nose runs all the time. The other day it was so bad I had to take my medication. I had a running nose and watery eyes and a tickle in my throat so that I coughed all the time and the inside of my ears itches, which is probably the worse for me. Drives me crazy when my ears start itching. I hope the shot has relieved some of the nastiness for you.

I better get going. I have laundry in the washer and cleaning and chores I want to get done before it gets too hot. I want to do a gauge for the socks this morning too so I can use the right needles. Have a grand day today!!! Faye

09-17-2013, 03:30 PM

I have two flies buzzing around my head and they are driving me bonkers. The moment I pick up my swatter they disappear then when I lay it down they are back with a vengeance. I will nail them before the day is over with I am sure. Yipekio I just nailed one and there is one to go.:yes: Got em! Now is fly free in here for awhile anyway. :cp:

Now Wills printer is going bonkers for it prints black streaks all over the printing on a page. He is off to the computer store to discuss this dilemma as I type. I haven’t set up my new printer yet for I have not had anything I have needed to print. I should probably get it all set up today though.

I don’t know why I haven’t been posting for I guess I just got distracted doing other things that haven’t been done in awhile. I have not been on my computer much so that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. :lol:I’ve been looking at my glass and patterns and think I have enough oranges and browns to make some lovely fall leaves. I haven’t done any glass work in awhile and want to make something. I will have to make an order soon though for I am just about out of solder.

We just got back from getting some lunch and doing our drive about the area. We stopped at the feed store and got some suet for the birds. Since we started feeding them it is important to offer the suet to help with their digestion. It comes in various flavors and today it was on sale so we got enough to last for awhile.

DONNA FAYE That is a nice belt you showed. You do such interesting work. Sorry your head has been hurting. I am sure Jack will enjoy the surprise you have for him.

SUSAN I made lists to match what was in the boxes when we moved in a little booklet. The box number was in the booklet then a list of what was in the box. The helpful crew that came over to help us unpack threw my little booklet in the fire with some packing material. I then didn’t have a clue what was in each box. We were only going to be in that place about 2 weeks until our house was ready and I was not going to unpack everything. But having my list destroyed I had to open every box and search for what we needed to use for those two weeks. I don’t think we will ever move from here ~ at least we don’t have any plans to do so as of yet. We do still plan to get a Motor-home and do some traveling. This is certainly allergy season ~ take care.

JEAN I am sure the parents of the kids that are on those ball teams are appreciative that you attend the games. Adults if at all possible should show their support for their kids and grandkids.

Have a great day Magnolias! :wave:

09-17-2013, 08:23 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am home alone, with the boys, as Bob is at a meeting with the city fathers. I hope they feed him! We got a little rain during the night and it's been a gloomy chilly day. I put on a sweatshirt this morning and have been toasty all day! I haven't done much today except work on the afghan and wash/dry a load of clothes.

"Gma" -- Glad your headache is finally gone. Does Thomas have any reservations about changing school districts? Ian was to meet his band instrument today and I'm anxious to hear how that went. He told me it was between a saxophone or a trumpet. I played up how much fun he would have being in the marching band and jazz band. I pointed out there is more to life than football. :rolleyes: Maddy won't get to choose until next year but she says she wants to play the violin. It will be interesting I'm sure.

Maggie -- I had to :D about Will's printer. Do you think there is a coincidence? That's too bad about your little moving booklet. The first year we went to the MN resort, I started notes in a little spiral notebook -- mostly menu ideas and things I forgot to take so I could take them the next year. The cabins just had basic dishes and cooking pans. The last two years the houses have been fully equipped with above and beyond cooking utensils and appliances. I still keep menu notes though.

Not much is newsy so guess I will check what's on tv. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

09-18-2013, 10:25 AM
Good morning to you all. It is cloudy this morning and we are supposed to get a couple days of rain starting tomorrow. We can sure use it. When we went out to the commissary I noticed how bad the corn stalks looked all dry and yellow. The cotton is hearty as usual. I told Jack how horrible it must have been back in the days when you had to pick cotton by hand. Jack used to "chop" cotton back when he was in high school and he said that was brutal. Basically, it is weeding the cotton plants in the summer Texas heat. UGH!

I got my yarn and fooled around with Jackson's socks and then gave up and am doing just a basic striped pattern on the leg and one color for the cuff, toe and heel and the other color for the foot. I bought blackberry and whisker. Could be either referring to an old man's whiskers or a cat, whisker. It is gray and when you stripe it with the blackberry it almost has a slight lavender hue to it. I will order T's when I get back home from the cruise. Poor kid was puking yesterday I guess. Kelly said it was "nervous" puking, which I know he does. I didn't ask what he was nervous about. She was at a cosmetic surgeon getting some moles on her face removed yesterday so maybe it was pity puking. :lol:

Today is dust and vacuuming and a tiny load of clothes I have in the washer at the moment. The black belt should be dry and I can sew in the "d" rings and then I'll post a picture.

Jack has 3 days this week, then all next week he is going to classes on advanced PLC training, then works the following week, then two days before we leave. He told me next week is a freebe. :lol:

Maggie: I bet Will has some areas plugged in his printer causing the streaking. The cartridges can get plugged up I understand. Oh man, that must have been awful. Didn't the moving people put on the boxes what was in them??? Thankfully when Jack was in the Navy I didn't work because the kids were small so I could whip a house back together in nothing flat.

Jean: Tell Ian Thomas loves playing the trumpet. This will be Ian's first try at music??? Actually, Thomas was the one who wanted to change high schools for next year. He told his mom when we went to breakfast he was going to get his degree in physics. She said what are you going to do with that degree. He grinned and giggled (he giggles like a girl and it is really funnY) and he told her he would be a physicist like she didn't know if you got a physics degree what he would be doing. He can be a hoot. I had to laugh because Thomas did violin too. Now when the rest of them get older if you can steer them to piano and keyboards they will have covered everything Thomas did. I think his favorites have been the piano and the trumpet.

Well girls time for breakfast and chores and knitting, etc, etc. Have a great middle of the week. Faye

09-18-2013, 01:57 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! A big change in the weather again today, a sunny 75 degrees and humid. No sweatshirt today! I've been clearing out the kitchen clutter and doing laundry. I wish my washer and dryer were upstairs with the bedrooms!

"Gma" -- Ian played the little plastic flutes, or whatever they are called, last year in school. We got to hear the group at the spring concert. Of course someone played when they should have been resting. :lol: Ian did mention playing drums but found out he needed piano first. I tried to give our piano to the kids but neither one of them wanted it. Jason enjoyed taking lessons because that was when he was in his brace; he knew he needed the background to play drums in the band. Beth hated every second of her turn to take lessons. I figure if they take an instrument or sing in the chorus they will appreciate music throughout their lives. Maddy likes to sing so maybe that will be her forte.

Bob will be home for lunch so guess I should put something together. Cooking is such a waste of time imo! Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

09-18-2013, 06:11 PM

We are planning to go to the “city” tomorrow and have lunch at Olive Garden and visit Michael’s craft shop. Michael’s has “stuff” that we can’t find here. Will needs some special type thick foam packing material that doesn’t have any corrosive material in it to use in his bullet display case.

This is such a good snack and good for you also ~ easy to make too.
Peal and section a navel orange
Cut the sections in half and place in a bowl
Sprinkle over the cut sections:
1T Orange Juice
1T Lemon Juice
1 tsp sugar (I use Splenda® measures like sugar)
Tad bit of ground cinnamon

I am so pleased that the hot summer temps are subsiding and we are having a bit of cooler weather. But I do keep my little bottle of Eye Itch Relief handy for sure. Tissues and that little bottle are my good friends especially this time of the year here in the ♥-Land. I never experienced “allergies” until we moved here.

We just got back from our ride round-about the country and to visit the buffalo. The male baby has caught up with the first born female and is taller than her now. He should bring a big price when he gets full grown for someone that wants a big bull if he is anything like his father. The crops in the fields look lush and thick so there should be a good crop of Milo, sunflower seeds, hay and such.

For dinner I have decided to make a stir fry type meal using some leftover spaghetti noodles that I had frozen and some cut up pork tenders and lots of chopped veggies. Using my wok I use very little oil to coat the wok and it works quite well for the stir fry using some cooking spray on the veggies.

JEAN :lol: I got a chuckle out of your wanting your washer and dryer upstairs for I am ever so thankful ours is downstairs. That is since I don't do stairs well and so Will does that chore. :D Lunches are made for soup and sandwiches and leftovers unless of course you go out for that meal. :o

DONNA FAYE I do hope all goes well with you during your wait for the day for the cruise to come. You seem to have all your ducks in a row. Wills computer printer mirrors needed a nice cleaning which cleared up the problem.

Have a great afternoon/evening Magnolias. :wave:

09-19-2013, 08:58 AM
Good morning girls. Going to be a hot one here today again. I think it is supposed to get to mid 90's or so. I will get up from here and get chores done before it gets too hot.

I have Jackson's first sock done up to the heel. It sure seems like it is going fast. I hope I can get the first one done this weekend and get the other one started. Thomas's will take a lot longer as his feet are much bigger, the same size as his granddad's now.

The put out the big update for the Iphone yesterday and we spent a least an hour getting our phones to upload it. It makes a lot of changes to our aps and such and it will take time, but I will learn all the new stuff. I guess this was a huge update for all the Iphones.

Jean: Don't know why but those flute things are called recorders. Even I did the recorder when I was in school back when we actually had music class. Tom plays the piano very well. They have a piano that was owned by W.C. Handy. He was a famous blues player back in the 40's and 50's. He was called the, "Father of the Blues." His home and museum are here in Memphis and if you go down on Beale street where all the blues clubs are, there is a big statue of him. I think music and reading are alike. Expose your kids early and you will have them loving it for life. I learned to play the piano, but not very well. I took several years of lessons, but just didn't progress. I loved the shower video you posted on FB. Which one of the kids was that?

Maggie: I haven't been in Michael's for a long time. I usually go to Joann's or Hobby Lobby for my stuff, though the family that owns Hobby Lobby may totally close the business if forced to provide insurance that allows abortions. This is a Christian family and they has said if they are forced to provide insurance that allows abortions they will close all the stores.

I better get kickin' so I can get my cleaning for today done before it gets very hot. I want to get back to knitting too. Here is my black belt. Have a good Thursday. Faye

09-19-2013, 02:49 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. A cool 70 degrees this day. Fall is surely in the air.

I had applique bee at the library last night and tonight is applique bee at church. I'm just about done with the stitching on my current carry along project so time to think of what I'll be doing next. We got the last load from the move on Tuesday so only cleaning left there. Big sigh of relief. I went to Kohl's and JCPenny yesterday looking for some fall clothes to wear to work. I don't think they make nice things for older ladies anymore. I don't need skinny pants and tops down to my navel. Next stop will be Macy's and Belks.

Faye, I don't believe in abortion but I don't think I could give up my livelihood because the insurance I provide covers it. Your socks are always lovely.

Jean, I played violin, cello, drums, trombone and tymphani in school. I always wanted to play the piano and sometimes I think I should watch for a used one and treat myself to lessons.

Maggie, you are always cooking up something good!

Have a wonderful day!

09-19-2013, 03:22 PM

It is currently 72°s and sunny with a 36% chance of rain here in the ♥-Land. Will is at the museum and the dogs and cat are all snoozing outside.

We will be going on a mini vacation in Rocktober and will be gone 7th through the 11th down to Texas and around NM some. We plan on stopping in Dalhaart and picking up some of that guys great smoked meat and visiting a restaurant in NM that has paintings and such on sale in a back room. It is the place where Will got that wonderful painting of a buffalo when we were there before. It will be a fun jaunt. We figure there won’t be much traffic at that time for it isn’t a holiday time. We have made arrangements to have our animals taken good care of while we are gone. Cecil won’t like that for they don’t put the cats in with the dogs there. It won’t take him long to get over it though.

I need don’t need to decide on what to fix for dinner this day. I made the best stir fry using some left over spaghetti noodles last evening that I will do “on purpose” one day. I had thawed enough pork for two meals yesterday so will make a rice and meat & veggie dish tonight. Have any of you used those packets of liquid bouillon in dishes? I have them in beef, chicken & veggie. I used one in my stir fry and it certainly perked up the dish. I had chopped up onion, celery and carrots in it along with spices and such. The thing about wok cooking is you can put in what you like and leave out what you don’t like. Just make it up as you go type thing for a great one dish meal. I have a wonderful cookbook by Grace Young which is called Stir-Frying To The Sky’s Edge that has wonderful recipes in it that I can tweek to our taste. I usually use it as a good idea book. Plus I get to eat stir-fry with my chopsticks.

I just went out to the kitchen and heated up a few taquitos for my lunch and got a look in there and need to do some work in the kitchen when I finish here. Yikes, how did I let it get that way.

DONNA FAYE Another nice belt! You will be stilin' for sure. Learning to play instruments is a good thing for kids. Teaches them a lot more than just music. As a child I had a piano in my bedroom which I learned to play and then when in a marching band I played the flute. Then when I got into Pep Club I was marching in that little uniform and couldn't be in the band at the same time. :p Plus I was in the acappela choir and that took up some touring time and couldn't be in band or orchester with that either. I chose to sing instead of play.

SUSAN I think you would like learning to play the piano. I was never real good at it but it was sure fun. I had an uncle that could make those keys boogie woogie so good for he had such talent. I loved to hear him play. Ah, but he was a scoundrel and a lawyer to top it off. :p

JEAN Howdy.

I am off now to go clean my kitchen.:D

Have a great afternoon/evening Magnolias. :wave:

09-19-2013, 05:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy humid day with a few sprinkles here 'n there. Crazy weather for sure! I went to get my nails done this morning and made a WM run afterwards. Bob is out at the farm working on his tractor. He and his farmer friend went to town for lunch so won't see him till supper time. We have a meeting at church tonight; I hope it is short and sweet. :crossed:

Maggie -- What did you order at the OG yesterday? That is my all time favorite place to go, probably because we don't have one here and rarely get to go. When I was working I whipped through the laundry chores on the weekend. Now I just do a load whenever, and sometimes forget it in the washer or dryer. :o Makes sense to me to have the laundry room closest to where the laundry originates. ;) A mini vacation will be fun to plan. I had to chuckle about your uncle.

"Gma" -- I don't think we called those things recorders but it's been so very many years ago maybe we did. :yes: Jason loved to be read to when he was little but Beth didn't. Now her two children, especially Maddy, love to read and always have a book in hand. Jason's two have to be bribed to read during the summer. I think part of that came from Amanda going back to school and not taking the time to spend reading with them during that time. :dunno: Beth does enjoy reading now however.

Susan -- The moving job will be a good one to call done! I'm sure Sandy appreciated your help. :D I agree about the stores not carrying clothing appropriate for "mature" ladies! There was just a picture in our local newspaper of a family. They do a feature on people new to town and include favorite recipes. Anyhow, the young mother looked very "normal" while the father is tatoos from shoulders to fingertips and who knows where else, plus earrings. He is the elementary art teacher no less! :eek: You certainly are a lady of many talents! I think you would enjoy learning to play the piano. If we ever move I plan to have another piano. We just don't have a good place for one here and the grandkids thought it was a wonderful toy to pound on.

I need to keep moving. The territory needs vacuuming so guess that will be my next project. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-20-2013, 02:03 PM

It is a day in the 70°s here where I live and all is well. We ended up going to I-Hop last evening for we were out and about at dinner time. Our young friend was our waiter and informed us that his latest girlfriend lives next door to us. I was wondering where in the world they had met and then it dawned on me that her father works where his mother does out in the oil fields. We’ll see how long this little romance will last for she has had a long string of boyfriends. Our little friend is talking about going into the Air-Force when he graduates and made a 96% on the exam. The recruiter has his eye on him I am sure; bright young man that he is. Once he graduates high school he is gone.

Have any of you made Scandinavian-style Hasselback Potatoes? Next time I do “bakers” I am going to make them Hasselback. I made them years ago and have a good recipe I ran across while looking through my clipped Veggie recipe small 3 ring binder. They go great with a grilled steak or chops. What made me look in my saved recipes for I ran across a recipe for them in the new Cooking Light magazine and “knew” I already had a clipped recipe of it. The foodie magazines are re-visiting some of the recipes they featured years back and updating them somewhat or not. Anyway they are easy to make and quite yummy. I have lightened the recipe further trimming the P+ value. Tonight I have to make what I had planned to make last evening. :cp:

JEAN I agree having the washer/dryer would be better situated if it were on the same level as the dirty clothes are. Sure would make it easier to get clothes clean and then back where they belong. We didn't go the "city" after all for Will decided on a different way to do his case and can get what he needs here.

Something to think about my friends:
Ignore negativity and live above the fray and your day will be a lot better.
Determine to put a smile on your face when you wake up to meet a new day.
Walk softly, speak tenderly, pray fervently and keep calm enjoying life.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends. :wave:

09-20-2013, 09:32 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! The day started out windy and cool/cold at 42 degrees. It was sunny so looked warmer than it was. I worked at the hospital this morning. We had a fund raiser for Rada Cutlery and today was the day to pick up the orders. We had a great turn out last year, but not so good this year. This afternoon I made bars for a salad luncheon at church tomorrow. When in doubt, carefully read ALL instructions several times. :rolleyes: I was supposed to combine brown sugar and Karo syrup then bring that to a boil, add salt, vanilla, and peanut butter. I dumped everything together first, then got cold feet and dumped it. The second time it looked like I remembered it. You pour that over Special K cereal and add frosting made from butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips. It makes a jelly roll pan so I never make them unless the kids will be here or I have to take them somewhere. Definitely NOT WW friendly! I just finished cleaning up my supper and bar dishes. The kitchen is closed! I manage to dirty a lot of spoons, knives, measuring cups, etc., when I "cook."

Maggie -- I've never heard of Hasselback potatoes so have not made them unless they might be called something else. I like your thought at the end of your post. A Maggie original? :D

Guess I will do a couple rows on the afghan while it is still light. Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend! :wave:

09-21-2013, 12:57 PM
Good morning ladies. I have bee wrestling with mopping my floors this morning. I have a steam mop and it gave out right after mopping the bathroom floor. :mad: So, I pulled out my expensive Floormate and had just enough cleaning solution to do the rest of the floor. This thing cleans great, but is a real hassle to deal with. You have a floorcleaning, vacuuming, and wet vacuum up. You are supposed to mop a section, then turn the know to the wet vacuum to vacuum up the water. It takes forever, but for now I am going to use it as I don't want to deal with buying anything new before the cruise. I do have to go out tomorrow and get more floor cleaning solution though.

I am coming along on Jackson's sock and my scarf. I got between the two when I get bored with one I switch to the other. That is what I am going to do the rest of the day since I am done with chores.

Jean: I had to :lol: at your dessert work. I have done that and usually I don't have enough to fix it over again. I don't know why it takes every dish in the house to make something from scratch, but it sure seems too. It does sound like about 10 pts for a serving though. Sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself just a bit.

Maggie: I have seen hasselback potatoes on the cooking channels, but have never eaten them. Our washer/dryer is across from the downstairs bathroom so if the urge calls while you are loading clothes, you don't have to worry about wetting yourself before you can get there! :lol: Do you have a recipe lowfat/calorie or not for german potato salad. My grandmother used to make it and I know it has vinegar, bacon and bacon drippings and german potato salad has no mayo in it, but I haven't found a decent recipe for it.

Susan: I went up to the upstairs bathroom a couple days ago to shower and when I finished thought what the heck and tried on my blue jeans. I haven't been able to wear them since the last Vegas trip in 2007 and then I had to lay on the bed to zip them up. Well, I pulled them up over my bum no problem and found no "gap" at the zipper. I buttoned and zipped them up standing up and no holding in tummy either. I am pretty jazzed about it. I even noticed they were a bit baggy in the legs, but who cares!!! Hope you had a good time at applique.

I need to go, but you gals have a great weekend. We are really starting to get busy with things for the cruise now. I told Jack I was anxious now and he said why, you make lists of your lists! :lol: I told him I am afraid I will forget something and he said, "NO CHANCE!!!" :lol: Have a good one, Faye

09-21-2013, 05:12 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cool sunny day in my neighborhood and feels like fall is in the air. I went early to the church salad luncheon and helped finish the set up. There were lots of salads left over and for sale after the program. The speaker talked about a WWII POW camp near here, which I didn't know about, and the origin of the Nativity Scene from a German POW if I got the story straight. It was hard to hear him at times as he paced around.

"Gma" -- I need to get down on my hands and knees so I can mop the kitchen floor. The grout is beginning to look grungy and it is a chore I really have to be in the mood to do, which isn't very often. I don't think I've ever had German potato salad. :congrat: on the way your jeans fit now! Way to go! :cp: I have a hard time keeping track of my lists if I start too soon before a trip. I need to be more organized . . . in my next life!

I need to change clothes again. We have a 90th birthday party/open house/buffet supper for a good church friend who is also a 30+ year customer of Bob's. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-21-2013, 07:07 PM

We just got back from the shooting range to do some plinking around and making a check on the buffalo then our ride about the country. Not much going on here this day for I have the house all fine and a roast in the crock-pot for dinner. It smells so good with that dry onion soup on top and a bit of wine for moisture. The roast is a very lean one and will be so yummy.

Not much else happening here in the ♥-Land. The grass is green and the birds are tweeter-pated loving the seed and suit we put out for them. They are such a treat for Cecil to watch for he is a stalker for sure. He and Beanie make quite a pair.

DONNA FAYE I do have a yummy Hot German Potato Salad recipe which is low fat and I e-mailed you that recipe so please let me know if you got the e-mail. You don’t have to eat it hot for it is good cold also.

JEAN I also e-mailed you that recipe in case you want to try it for it is a good one and points friendly. There were some captured Germans working here at the university during the war and they gave them the option of staying here or going back to Germany. Some stayed and some went back. Have fun at that party you are going to.

This is really helpful if you practice it:
Ignore negativity and live above the fray and your day will be a lot better.
Determine to put a smile on your face when you wake up to meet a new day.
Walk softly, speak tenderly, pray fervently and keep calm enjoying life.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends. :wave:

09-22-2013, 09:01 AM
Good morning ladies. It is very cool this morning around 54 degrees so we had the ac off all last night. We are only supposed to get into the mid to upper 70's today, which will be nice.

We were fooling around with what furniture and fabric we are going to eventually buy for the condo and that lead me to looking for throw pillows for the loveseat. I got to thinking, why spend $60 apiece for pillows when I can knit the darn things and a matching afghan besides. Here is the pattern (not the colors) for the afghan and pillows and the three colors I picked for them. We are buying a turquoise loveseat and pear green recliners. It has been fun and I am anxious to get the yarn to make these. I have to get yarn and make Thomas's socks for Christmas first, though.

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe. It looks dead on except my grandmother didn't put celery seed in hers. I have to decide about dinner tonight.

Jean: Hope you enjoyed your luncheon. I actually have 2 bottles of grout cleaner for my machine. Won't need those until we put in the tile.

Well girls, we are going to Walmart this morning to pick up some "stuff." Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. Faye

09-22-2013, 10:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Bob went back to the office and the boys have gone to bed. I'm NOT watching football so here I am! There is nothing worth watching on my tv tonight! It was a sunny windy day in my neighborhood. We went to church, read the papers, did some laundry, and made the same bars I took to church to take to the kids tomorrow and Tuesday. Bob always says I make the "good stuff" to give away. He has some to take to work tomorrow.

"Gma" -- We are supposed to be in the 80s all next week. It does cool down at night which is nice. The trees along the park, driving into town, have started to turn colors overnight. They aren't very pretty so I wonder if that is because it has been so dry. I really like your afghan colors! :D Will you have lots of loose ends to hide from changing colors? Bob found my bar pan at church this morning. They usually stack pans and bowls on a cart but mine was still on the counter in the kitchen itself. I walked right by it heading to the dishwasher area, and didn't see it. People have been known to "accidentally" take home the wrong bowl or pan, and I wanted my own back!

I need to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and get my day in order. The game is at 6 so will leave here mid-afternoon. It's supposed to be windy but it always seems windy in Sioux Falls. Last year I wore my winter coat to the last game, but don't think I will have to do that tomorrow.
Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday and a great week ahead! :wave:

09-23-2013, 09:49 AM
Good morning to you all. It is sunny and lovelythis morning though a bit cool yet. I have my hubby hanging out this morning as he has some kind of advanced PLC (programmable logic control whatever that it!) training. He doesn't have to go to the training site until noon today then it will be 8-4 the rest of the week. I know he loves not having to get up at5 AM, that's for sure.

Weighed myself this morning and was down another 5 lbs!!!

I am coming right along with Jackson's socks. I have about 2 inches then will put the toe in. It sure seems like a quick knit this time even though I have done color changes. I am also trying to finish up my scarf and it is pretty easy to knit too even with a pattern. I actually like pattern as you don't get bored with it, but for me it's a matter of paying attention or I will have it all goofed up. Socks are a nice easy round and round unless you put pattern on a sock. I would like to find an argyle pattern and make Jack a pair of argyle socks for the cruise next year. Gray, blue and black I think.

Jean: I used to take chicken and noodles all the time to potlucks in my old crockpot. I got really made when one of the women in the kitchen dropped the lid and broke it. She never offfered to pay or replace it and I ended up using a glass pie plate for a cover from then on. You would think you could trust church ladies, but I guess we all have a bit of larceny in us. :devil: Yes, and no regarding the loose ends. I imagine it is probably done the same way you do fair isle. I need to look at the pattern. The afghan is knit in long strips then sewn together. The pillow only has pattern on one side. Jack ask me how much it would cost to make them. I told him around $150 for the 3 pieces. I told him the pillows I had looked at were between $50and $60 apiece so I would be saving him money on the the thing! I will probably start it the first of the year. I will make the pillows first to make sure I like it, but I really like the pattern. I belong to a knitting group called Ravelry and you can find wonderful stuff there and the ladies post their work so you can see what the pattern looks like finished. Just a nosy question. What color do you usually go with when you get your toenails painted?? I bought three colors and painted my toenails and ended up not liking any of them so I bought a true red from Loreal called "he red my mind." :lol: I decided to go for the fallen woman look! :lol:

Well I better go. I just mopped the entranceway and Jack went upstairs and says it is dry so I need to put my quilt rack and my little clothing old lady doll and through rugs back. Have a great start to the week!!! Faye

09-23-2013, 04:10 PM
Good Afternoon! It would be a beautiful fall day if it weren't so windy in my corner of the world today. We had extra money to count at church because of the salad luncheon on Saturday. We balanced on the first try though -- we are good . . . sometimes. I also had a nice deposit for the gift shop. I am so dingy sometimes. There was a little china Halloween pumpkin I've had my eye on and I needed a couple cards. I made my purchases, got home, and forgot the money to count so had to go back again. It's only a few blocks but how dumb! Guess I was too excited about the pumpkin! Now I'm waiting for Bob to get home and head out for the football game.

"Gma" -- I'll bet Jack does enjoy a later start to his work day. :congrat: on losing another 5#s! You are doing great! I've had different colors on my toe nails but mostly a color called Iced Mauve by Revlon. I've done bright red also. My fingernails are a pale pink because I think my hands look "old."

I need to find my football t-shirt and be ready to go. I'm glad the weather is cooler. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-23-2013, 07:09 PM

It is a day in the high 80° here in the beautiful ♥-Land with the wind blowing very hard. I am sure we will have some trash to pick up in our back yard tomorrow if the wind dies down by then. I sneeze and my eyes itch but otherwise I feel fine. It is spooky to see those long arms that stretch across the road with the lights attached to them swaying in the wind. Hopefully they were built with enough bounce in them to withstand the wind. Guess they would have to be for the builders surely knew that the wind blows here. But is still crazy how much bounce in the wind they exhibit.

The buffalo have their pond to get cool in and keep the flys away from bothering their legs and underbelly. The babies are sure growing fast still and becoming more and more independent. We took the dogs out with us today for they love the ride about. Cecil isn’t crazy about riding about like our last cat was but he can just stay back in the yard or in the house if he chooses. It is so cute to see the dogs sitting at the back gate waiting to be loaded in the Jeep when they are wanting to go with us.

I am cooking a beef pot pie with a mashed potato top crust for dinner. One of the new versions from Schwans® that has bigger veggies in it and steak instead of ground beef as the meat. I didn’t get anything out to thaw before we went out and about today so that is a good choice with a nice green salad and some fruit. I have the feeling that Schwans® is going to faze out the older version that had ground beef in them. These pies serve 4 so there is a nice serving for a ”leftover” meal later for the two of us.

I am not going to WW this evening for I just don’t feel like going. My back hurts a bit today on the lower left side and gives me a hitch in my get-along and I just want to stay home this evening. I’ll weigh on my scale in the am and have that as my weekly weight.

I received my Peace Keeper magazine today and it has some interesting articles in it from the latest convention. I used to attend the conventions when I was working and find it interesting just how things have changed through the years and am so thankful that I am now retired.

DONNA FAYE I am so glad that is the recipe you were wanting. You are certainly allowed to tweek it to your tastes and leave out the celery seed. :cp: Any other recipes you want just ask and I may have them. :bravo: for that great weight loss. You go girlfriend. Onward and downward.

JEAN Isn't that a great feeling to get the count correct the first go-round. Is your wind blowing as hard as ours is? It is certainly sweeping the plain as it goes. It is fun to paint your toe nails bright colors and your finger nails a muted color. I am going to get some Christmas type decals to put on my finger nail this year. I have some snowflakes left over from years past to do some nails.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends. :wave:

09-24-2013, 09:20 AM
Good morning gals. Another lovely cool morning. Jack just left for his class and he will get home between 5 and 5:30. It feels a bit strange, but it would be nice if he could work the 8-5 hours. He has to run by the store for me as I need more of my Coke Zero.

Finished Jackson's first sock. It sure seemed to go fast. It is probably because his feet are a lot smaller than Thomas's. I am not getting his yarn until we get back as it is expensive. I had some of the yarn I used for Jackson's socks so I just bought enough more to finish them off. They are less than $4 a skein and I find this company puts out some of the best inexpensive yarn there is. I have made socks for the boys so many years that they aren't making new colors so I have run out of colors to use for Thomas. Well not entirely, but I don't think he wants circus colored socks or pink girly ones. :lol: His yarn is $25 a hank and I have to buy an extra color to do the heels and toes or buy an extra hank at another $25! I did Jack's socks out of this yarn and bought lesser expensive yarn and put solid colors on the heels and toes. I am doing pretty well on the scarf too.

Upstairs bathrooms today so I am going to have to get started on them early. I have the downstairs cleaned completely except countertops and stove and sink. I will get to those tomorrow. While I am upstairs I am going to have to hunt for the "wills" folder. It has all the information on where to go to get all of Jack's life insurance, my life insurance, the wills, where to bury us, etc. If something would happen, I don't want the kids to have to try and hunt and figure out how to get the money and such. Kelly thinks I am nuts, but nothing is worse than grieving and not knowing what the deceased person has or doesn't, burial information and all that. It is not morbid, but practical.

Jean: I always get french manicure when I get my nails done. Jack thinks it sexy so why should I complain? :lol: I do just a polish change because it hurts too much to sit in those chairs and my bad knee hanging in midair when they are doing all their stuff. Even if I could sit completely back in the chair and they could still work, the seat hits me right behind the knee and causes it to lock up. So, I do my own thing pedicure wise and get them to do a nice polish before we go. When I wear color on my fingernails, I like earthy colors, rusts, browns, that sort of thing. I have lost a lot of weight in my hands and my fingers are all shriveled now, lots of wrinkles. :lol: Hope you had a great time at the football game.

Maggie: Do you think you will enjoy the meatiers type pot pie??? Sort of sounds like Dinty Moore beef stew with the larger pieces of veggies and beef cubes. I have those once in a while for lunch. They are about 7 pts for one of the little containers I think. I wish I had gotten my grandmother's notebook full of recipes, but my sister snatched those. I have a couple things but not much. I remember when I was a kid grandma making sauerkraut. She would put the slaw and bring in these big earthen things and then put a cloth over it. Once a week or so she would go down and take off the moldy part and taste it to see if it was ready. I was the only one of the kids that liked sauerkraut. When I was a toddler, I remember my mom putting just a bit of sugar on it and I would scarf it down. :lol: She made the best Saurbraten I have ever had too.

Well girls, time to get to work. Have a great Tuesday!!! Faye

09-24-2013, 07:18 PM
Good Afternoon! We are on our way to soccer games, last ones for the season. Ian's team won last night and play-offs are next week. I spent most of my day working on my financial statement for the hospital auxiliary meeting on Thursday.

Maggie -- Our wind has died down finally. It was cold at the game last night; I wore a turtleneck, the team t-shirt, a nylon jacket, and an insulated sweatshirt. Then I wished I would have taken a blanket to wrap around my legs. :brr: We stopped at the DQ for the victory treat and I passed. I would have ordered coffee or hot chocolate if they would have had it. Bob stopped at a convenience store for coffee.

"Gma" -- There was an article on the Sunday paper about all the necessary papers to locate, and things that need to be done, when a person dies. My dad had all his stuff organized so it was easy for me. We need to get that done for our kids. We still haven't decided on a burial site -- I told Beth I could go on the shelf with "Bob" their Great Dane and "Mom" my cat. She didn't think that was funny. When Bob was little he told his mom they had fried lettuce for lunch at school. She found out later it was sauerkraut. :lol:

Hope you all enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

09-24-2013, 07:24 PM

It is a beautiful day in the high 70° and all is well while we were out and about on our daily visit to the town and buffalo.

I don’t have a clue why I am so sleepy today for I had a great nights sleep. My eyes just want to close and go to sleep and I am fighting it. I am currently eating some crushed ice to help keep me awake. Weird for sure.

I got a slew of new catalogues to go through and toss today. I also received my glass pumpkin delivered made by Thomas Kinkade. It is so cute for the season setting out as a centerpiece on the dining room table. It has a nice fall season inside and it lights up. The green glass stem at the top curls down gracefully with some beautiful leaves on it that curl down one side of the pumpkin.

The time has come for me to decide on what to fix for dinner so I need to go take a look inside the freezers and get some idea what it will be that I will be making.

DONNA FAYE Yes the pot pie was delicious with the beef junks in it instead of the finely ground beef. It is good with the mashed potatoes on the top instead of a crust. Yummy enough to feed to company. Looks like you will have that pair of sox finished in no time at all since that first one went so quickly. Have you asked your sister to make a copy of those recipes for you? It would certainly be nice if she would or send them to you to make copies. I let my sis in law copy all the ones she wanted out of my mothers recipes before I even got the box. When I found out my mother had left that box to me I let her take it and copy what she wanted and to let anyone else that wanted copies to get them while she had the box.

JEAN That is funny about the "cooked lettuce." Nights are getting much cooler now so maybe it is fall after all. Our days are a bit cooler also and windy. Sauerkraut is good with cut up hot dogs in it.

SUSAN I hope things are going well with you this day.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends. :wave:

09-25-2013, 11:35 AM
Good morning ladies! I have daily chores done, but never did get upstairs yesterday so today is the clean the bathrooms upstairs day.

I have the cuff done on his second sock and will start the stripes when I get done here. When I get bored I put it down and work on my scarf, which is about 3/4 done.

Kelly called me this morning and is taking me to lunch and we are getting pedicures for my birthday on Saturday. That's cool because now I won't have to do it later, just get my nails done on the day before we leave. My nails grow really fast so I want to have them done at the last moment because we get done with the cruise I will have to have them filled in and such when we get home. Her "boys" are involved in something over the weekend so she is going to be alone. She has a new promotion/position at St Jude's and it requires a lot of work. She is having to work long hours and she said she was grumpy this morning (she was on her way to work and she was yelling at drivers :lol: )

This weekend is the finally commissary buying trip until we get back from vacation. Looks like Jack is going to have to make a run to Krogers and get more ice cream. He loves the kroger brand of lowfat stuff called vividly vanilla. I have to admit it is really a great vanilla taste and very creamy. I am not a big ice cream eater so he usually goes through the two half gallons we buy by himself. He has a serving pretty much every night with fresh fruit on it or puts a serving in a tall cup and pours IBC diet rootbeef over it and makes himself a rootbeer float. I don't like soda over ice cream so I don't join him. I will have just the root beer if I do anything.

Tonight is spaghetti night. Jack's end of day kind of slides around with these classes so I have been trying to have stuff that can be made at the last minute.

Jean: Since Jack has military death benefits, he will be buried at a national cemetary and as long as he dies first, I can be buried on top of him. My crazy husband says that's kind of kinky! :lol: He wants bagpipes so I found a group here that will play at funerals and put that information in the folder and typed up all the numbers and information for the life insurance policies, how to get ahold of the veteran's group that help with veteran's burial and such, blah, blah, blah. I would let them row me out and dump me overboard in the Mississippi :lol: My feeling is when I am dead, I am dead, why spend thousands of dollars with coffins and memorials and burials and all the stuff. Jack thinks cremation is a sin so I guess he is just going to have to put up with me squishing him in the plot! :lol: It is cooler here, but not cold. It gets into the low 60's at night, but gets up into the 80's during the day.

Maggie: If I want a recipe, I just ask her and she will send it to me. My grandmother made one of the absolute best custard pie. She also made pie crusts you actually want to eat! :) I love Shephard's Pie but Jack won't eat it so..... Sometimes having a pickier husband can be difficult. Then he says things like, "I am going to miss not having escargot this year." :smug: The escargot industry is low this year and so they are really expensive so the ship is having bay scallops instead, which Jack likes too. He is a weird guy!

Well, time to get to work! Have a great day. Faye

09-25-2013, 01:39 PM

Hump day ~ AKA:Wednesday has gotten here quickly in my mind ~ a sign of getting older. :yes: The day is to be in the high 80°s here in the ♥-Land and the wind has died down and it is a lovely day. :cp: The pain in my get-along has subsided and I feel better than I have in a while. I just have two items on my “to do” list today and one of them is to take my walk around and around inside this :ginger: for it is too hot yet for me to do the sidewalk trek.

There are two boxes of brownie mix and a package of chopped walnuts sitting on my kitchen counter and I think it is a hint for me to make them for Will. Would you think? Subtle but effective. I will do that this afternoon and then package most of them for the freezer and he can have them whenever he feels the “need.” I’ll bake both boxes in a large pan so there will be lots of them.

DONNA FAYE When Jack eats snails does he chew them or swallow them whole like people do with oysters? It is interesting what a restaurant does with those snails before they die for they let them play in a tray of corn meal to clean themselves out. Here is a recipe for them and you can make them at home for him and he won’t have to wait until you go on a cruise to get them since he likes them so well.


12 :snail:s
3 cloves garlic, finely minced
½ stick butter
¼ cup fresh Italian parsley, minced
2 Tbsp chives, minced
⅛ cup diced tomatoes
½ cup cream
Salt & pepper, to taste
1. Sauté garlic in the butter for 2 minutes. Add the snails, parsley and chive mixture and tomato. Cook for 2 more minutes. Add the cream.
2. Simmer over lowest heat stirring often, until volume is reduced by one-third and has a thicker consistency
3. Serve with a green salad of mixed baby greens and a Vinaigrette.

If he just likes his :snail:s fried then that would be easy to do also. Gotta keep your man happy and he won't have to wait a year to get something he loves to eat.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends. :wave:

09-25-2013, 05:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful fall day in my corner of the world. It was my morning to work in the gift shop; I didn't sell anything but had lots of busywork projects to do for different departments so kept busy. Bob had to take a class in another town today so won't see him until after bell practice. I just finished my financial report for the annual meeting tomorrow. I'm not an accountant so even though the figures are what they are, I have no clue what things sold for "on clearance" so that figure is missing nor all of the 15% volunteer discounts given out. "Oh well!"

Maggie -- You describing what restaurants do with snails gives me the heebie jeebies! I envision them as being slimey, like mushrooms. Enjoy your new glass pumpkin!

"Gma" -- How nice of Kelly to treat you to a pedicure! I think they are relaxing but my feet are ticklish so sometimes I just have to laugh out loud. The little Asian gal doesn't speak a lot of English and thinks she is hurting me until I try to explain. Spaghetti sounds good; we haven't had that in forever. I think tonight Bob is cooking since I have bell practice.

I need to pick up the debris scattered around and head for bell practice in a few minutes. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing evening! :wave:

09-26-2013, 09:31 AM
Good morning to you all. Nice and cool again this morning. Jack just left a few minutes ago for his class. Tomorrow is the last day and he may not be there all day. Last night it ran until near 5 o'clock. He found himself another cruising buddy. I guess the guy teaching the class is a big cruiser. He and his wife have been on like 18 so far.:eek:

Not much else going on around here today. I have the countertops and stove to clean and then it will start all over again. My steam mop bit the dust so I bought a swiffer wet jet type mop by Rubbermaid. I really like it as it has a very long mop and it swivels so I can get between the wall and toilet and under the cabinets and such.

Jean: She is taking me to a restaurant I have never been for fish tacos. I guess they have a bunch of other stuff too like pork tacos and some mexican stuff. My problem with pedicures is my knees. When I have to hold up my leg for her to work on my foot, it really pulls on the back of my knee and the place I use has massage chairs which I always have to turn off because instead of being comfortable, they really hurt my back with those rolly things. The snails you get on the ship aren't whole snails. You get this little tray almost like a paint pallette and each little hole, which is about the size of a penny holds a snail and they are all covered in lots of butter and garlic so I found they had no taste just sort of rubbery. Didn't taste bad at all, but not my thing and I don't like scallops so I will just eat my shrimp cocktail every night! :lol: I get one of those and then try another appetitzer each night, usually one of their soups. The best one is the Poblano pepper and corn soup. It is wonderful, but you do have to like mexican food I think to really like it. Jack says the garlic soup and the onion soups are good. I like the fruit soups too.

Maggie: I will not be fixing those things at home. First off, they are horribly expensive and secondly, Jack can just have them on the ship if he wants them! :lol: The hint about the brownies would pass right over me. I would probably pick up the boxes and put them in the pantry! :lol: Jack loves frosted sugar cookies and had an urging last weekend. He bought a box of plain sugar cookies that had sprinkles on them at the bakery at Walmart and went back to the cake aisle and bought a can of butter cream frosting. He was in hog heaven and I have to admit, they tasted pretty good. I had one.

Well, it is time to go. Have a great day. Faye

09-26-2013, 10:48 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing and it's a cool sunny 61 degrees in my corner of the world. The volunteer director invited the auxiliary board to lunch before the annual meeting so I won't have to "cook" again today! After the meeting I have my monthly coffee date and a Cookie Lee "party" tonight. I'm not sure what that is but am guessing it is clothing and jewelry. The postcard said any purchases could be taken home the same night. The hostess loves to decorate, and has just moved into a new house so I'm anxious to see what she has done this time. She used to be in my card club and would redecorate on a regular basis.

"Gma" -- I wondered when you mentioned being treated to a pedicure since I knew it hurts your knees. Let us know how you like fish tacos. They were being promoted big time when we were in Maui a couple years ago. I notice they are on lots of menus state side now. Just the idea of eating snails sounds gross to me. I'm not too adventuresome when it comes to exotic (?) foods; pretty plain Midwestern describes me I guess. Our local resort has Poblano soup every day. The server always says it is pretty spicey. I've never tried a cold soup but think they sound interesting.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing and get my day going. I should have time to do some laundry and sort the paper pile before I leave. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

09-26-2013, 02:26 PM
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