Calorie Counters - Hello...I'm new to calorie counting.

09-15-2013, 11:33 AM
Hello everyone,
I'm a 34 year old hard working RN! Currently I work in Endo and am pursuing my Master's in Nursing Informatics. I have tried many diets in the past from SB, Atkins, WW, and most recently NS. I liked WW when I did it but felt like I was always losing and gaining the same 2 lbs. I'm at the heaviest I've been. I am currently going to try increasing my exercise and calorie counting with myfitnesspal. Anyone have any good suggestions it would be much appreciated!


09-15-2013, 02:43 PM

Hi Scoobyfanatic!!! Welcome to 3FC! :)

I use Myfitnesspal myself to count calories, and I love it! My goal is 1200 a day, however I tend to be balanced more between 1000-1200 (I know its low, but I'm not hungry and I watch the essential nutrients to make sure I'm getting enough, and take vitamins) depending on my activity level. I also use a Fitbit One to measure all of my movement so I can gauge how much I actually burn throughout the day. I did Weight Watchers for 2 months and had the same issue you did, where I wasn't losing at the rate that I thought I should be able to, and I found that with the free fruits and vegetables I was eating around maintenance level calories instead of deficit, so that's when I switched to calorie counting so I could be more accountable for what I ate.

One of the big things I'd say is don't start with the lowest calorie intake possible (I don't think myfitnesspal would let you go below 1200 calories). I had gotten used to smaller portions from weight watchers, so it wasn't so hard to ease myself into calorie counting, but if you have been eating larger portions for a while, it would be easier to start with something like 1700 calories for a week, then 1500, and so on, just so that you don't feel like you're starving yourself.

I'd also recommend a food journal. I keep track of the calories in Myfitnesspal, but I keep a food journal at my desk so that I can record things like my mood, scale fluctuations, etc. I weigh daily, and compare what I ate the day before to the scale and see if there might be any foods to trigger gain. I also look for emotional triggers...I simply cannot have a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in my apartment. I just can't. When there's one in the house, if I get even the smallest mood swing that is the first thing I grab, and I can easily eat half if not all of the container in one sitting.

09-15-2013, 02:51 PM
Welcome and good luck on your journey!!

09-15-2013, 09:54 PM
i have been calorie counting with my fitness pal for the past 3 months and owe a lot to it. Yeah, it does overwhelms u initially but i becomes a part of ur routine as u go on.
Good luck..

09-15-2013, 11:21 PM
Welcome! I just started calorie counting in July and love it. Also use my fitness pal. I have been on all those diets you mentioned and more. Then I decided to go back to good old calorie counting -- the first type of diet I ever did many years ago. I love it. I agree with don't start your calories too low. Also mix up your calories. Don't have exactly 1200 each day. Some days go a couple hundred over. I'm doing that once a week or so. Keep checking in here. Find an exercise you can and will do. I'm doing walking DVDs and love those too. But I hadn't exercised in over 20 years, so they are great for someone like me! I am on my feet a lot during the day though (teacher), as you probably are.

Calorie counting is so great. No crazy rules about time of day, and nothing is off limits if in moderation. I use to hate the diets with no fruit!

09-19-2013, 09:52 PM
Hi and welcome!! I second the others that My Fitness Pal is really helpful. I found I like to use it on my computer rather than on my phone. I just bookmark it next to this site and enter my calories every night!

Also - I don't know what you're weight is but since you're an RN and pretty active you might not need to be super restrictive, like 1200 calories could be to low for you. You could try starting at 1500 and see if that works, it also makes the diet easier to stick to. Just a suggestion :)

09-20-2013, 07:40 PM
Hi! Welcome! :wave:

I have found calorie counting to work well for me. I also use MFP and have found it to be a very helpful tool. You can add friends on there as well. It's nice to get a friendly note when you finish your day with MFP and come in at or under your calories. You're welcome to add me if you'd like: wymama.

Good luck on your jouney. This is a great place for support and encouragement.

09-20-2013, 08:28 PM
I've done weight watchers for over a year and have lost 50lbs and now at a stand still so I decided to do MFP and count calories
I'm doing both-its exhausting but its working!

09-21-2013, 10:10 AM
Thanx all for your great words of encouragement. I plan on getting a fit bit and am using myfitnesspal. Looking forward to beginning a new me!

09-22-2013, 02:08 AM
Hello Everyone!

Glad to be here with you :-)

Like most of y'all, I too have tried every diet known to man (and woman!)

Just started counting calories a couple of weeks ago with My Fitness Pal. The one thing I know For Sure is that if I don't log in each bite that passes my lips, I WILL FAIL! Keeping a food diary definitely keeps me on track. My husband is counting and logging with me, which makes my weight loss journey much more "enjoyable" lol if there is such a thing! Each morning we sit down and enter everything we plan on eating into MFP. I like having my eating day planned in advance. If something unexpected comes up, like a dinner invitation, I make the changes before I eat so I know exactly what and how much I can have.

Have been running under the 1200 the past few days, but am not going to eat if I'm not hungry! I am making sure to get my protein and fiber and I do take vitamins.

I'm looking forward to supporting all y'all in your efforts to be a healthier you and to having you support my efforts too. Am feeling pretty good about being successful this time...the food logging means I'm serious!!!

Jill :-)

09-23-2013, 11:21 AM
Hi everyone! I'm just starting calorie counting today, and am so happy to see all of the positive notes on it. I too am using MFP and I feel it's going to help me a lot in staying on track.

Like many of you, I have tried every diet on the planet pretty much. I was going to a clinic last year and lost 48 pounds, but have gained 1/2 of that back. I feel sad about that, but also more determined to stick with it this time. Calorie counting is new to me and I"m a bit nervous to be able to just choose what I want as long as I count it. I guess I am used to more strict plans with food lists. Nervous but excited! :)

I'm starting out this week using a lot of WW microwave meals because I think it will be simple for me and help me control the calories and portions. My hubs is gone a lot with work, so these will work out perfectly for me. Anyone else try this approach? For calories, I was going to try 1200, but wondering if I should bump that to 1500 to start out.

Any tips would be appreciated!

09-23-2013, 11:31 AM
Hi Ruby2.....

Calorie counting is easy with MyFitnessPal. Once you enter your weight, height, will calculate how many calories you can have. Love the way it keeps me accountable for every bite I take! There's a website, plus apps for both iPhone and android.

You're not in this keep posting! And have a Happy Calorie Day :carrot:

09-23-2013, 12:04 PM
Hi Ruby and Jillie! :carrot:

09-23-2013, 11:23 PM
Hi LisaLou! :wave:

09-24-2013, 12:24 PM

Hope all y'all are well, happy and steadily clicking along with your Counting of the Calorie :carrot: I thought I'd stop by and toot my own horn, because I accomplished a huge feat yesterday!!!

Had company stop by our summer place along the Valley River here in western NC. We cooked trout, small steaks, grilled veggies, mushroom salad and trifle for dessert. I stayed within my calorie count for the day! I even made some roasted red pepper and garlic hummus as an appetizer with baked ritz crackers and I had 2 cockytails!

Had such a great time with this couple! They have seen me thru the darkest of times...when I suddenly lost both my husband and my son...and then when I had to have emergency spinal surgery almost immediately after my husband died. Can't begin to tell you how very wonderful it is to watch them bond with my new husband whom I met in grade school decades ago!

All's well in my little corner of the universe

09-25-2013, 11:06 AM
Wow. You've got quite a story to tell Jillie. It sounds like you are in a good place, though. I'm sure that was a journey.

Congrats on staying on track! Company can really spin a meal, but grilling sure helps cut back on the unnecessary oils we use when cooking inside.

09-25-2013, 12:15 PM
Good morning, everyone!

Jillie - I went through what I thought was a very dark time, but seems so insignificant compared to what you have been through. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult that must have been for you. I'm glad you are in a better place and finding some happiness. :hug:

Way to go on the eating! I think that must be one of the hardest eating situations to be around friends and lots of food. You should be proud of yourself :)

I had a bit of confusion as to exactly how many cals I should have in a day, but I think I have that sorted. I'm finding it pretty easy to keep track with MFP and I think with using the apps I'm using and checking in here on a regular basis, I can do it this time.

How's everyone doing today?

09-25-2013, 02:33 PM
Good Morning Chicks! :hug: took me a while, but finally I learned how to live my life without them with me in the flesh but next to me in Spirit. My Tommy is widowed as well, and the most precious gift we give each other is allowing each other to remember our late spouses (and of course my son) out loud every day. When I call him Mike or he calls me Gwenie, we just laugh and say that they must be close by. Tommy also has grown children who love me and I do still have my daughter who is son Brian's twin sister.

One of the best parts of having company us that YOU get to control the food! So Tommy and I planned the evening before we shopped with the help of MFP. We both were amazed that we were able to stay within our calorie count for the day. The appetizer, meal and dessert were sooo yummy and Maureen and Jerry loved it. The strawberry-blueberry trifle I fixed for dessert came from a website called skinnytaste dot com. There seem to be lots n lots of great recipes there.

Ruby....I totally agree with you. With MFP and a couple of other apps, and the great support right here...(and a big plus for me that hubs is on board) WE CAN DO THIS!

09-25-2013, 11:17 PM
That's so great Jillie. My mom married a widow and he sometimes calls her by his late wife's name. She doesn't make a big deal about it, which I'm sure he appreciates. They wer married for almost 30 years so I can imagine it's a tough habit to break.

09-26-2013, 12:49 AM're's prob a habit that will never be broken...somehow it just flies outta your mouth without thought or warning! If your mom's husband had a wonderful marriage with his late spouse...she should consider it a compliment :-)

09-26-2013, 10:14 AM
Good Morning ChickS! :hug:

I put a new battery in my scale yesterday and YAHOO! Lost a couple of pounds! :woohoo:

Have a great day! Happy day for me....I'm off for a color touch up and trim. Nothing like "new" red hair:wizard:

Hugs! :goodscale:

09-26-2013, 10:31 AM
I started using MFP for the past month and doing WW too...its a lot of tracking but I've lost 7lbs this month

09-26-2013, 11:00 AM
Atta Girl Sara! Me too. 7 pounds!

09-28-2013, 05:39 PM
Congrats on the losses, ladies!

I'm away for a few days out of town, which means staying in a hotel and eating from whatever restaurants we can find around. I'm doing my best to make good choices, but haven't even been able to update MFP.

I'm trying to just get through these days and get back to normal.

How's everyone doing this weekend?

10-01-2013, 02:37 PM
Good luck on your eating while away. I hate that. I'm at a conference next week and will be staying at a hotel and eating out as well. It's even harder when meals are provided and you have no choice whatsoever. I also find it difficult to get all my water in, because I don't want to spend the whole conference in the bathroom!

Well, that was overly negative! LOL Try to get a little extra exercise in at the hotel gym to make up for the things that are more challenging. Have a good trip!

10-02-2013, 01:55 AM
Finally got my Weight Ticker!

I'm doing pretty well so far this week....hope all y'all are too :hug:

10-04-2013, 06:43 AM
Hello. I started calorie counting and making better food choices on 9/23, just 11 days ago, and I have lost and the button on my pants isn't strangulating me, I really look forward to putting in my foods on the calorie counter every day to keep me in check. I think you should give this a try and definitely check around here for advice and support. The people are soo nice!

10-04-2013, 11:28 AM
Welcome Wendy!

Lotsa food trackers here! Hope you'll stay :-) Many of us use My Fitness Pal to stay accountable. It's working for me...glad you're having good results too :carrot:

10-05-2013, 10:10 PM
OK I'm sold, I'm off to sign up for MFP now. :) A colleague of my husband uses it, and is very happy.

10-12-2013, 12:02 PM
Hi Chickies!

How's everyone doing this week??? I stayed the course...didn't lose, but thankfully didn't gain either. Had a Fat Day.

We've had company, plus we're busy getting ready to go south for the winter next Sunday. Yesterday we met some peeps for a gathering of friends from high school. A mini high school reunion.....AT A BAKERY!!! Needless to say, I totally enjoyed a Ruben Sandwich on homemade pumpernickel bread with all the trimmings and a homemade brownie for dessert!!! It was definitely a decadent Fat Day.

Below is a picture of us....I'm 2nd from the right, and Hubster is next to me in the pink shirt. We all met in grade school, and then continued through jr and sr high school together til we graduated in 1969. We're all 62. :eek:

Second picture: We traveled over The Cherolhala Skyway to meet. It connects western NC with southern TN. What a glorious day for a drive!!! I was able (pure luck) to capture this post card like picture at about 4,000ft. The changing of seasons is just amazing here. I'm blessed to be able to live here 6 months of the
year :)

10-12-2013, 12:26 PM
Happy Saturday ladies!

Jillie -- omg what a view! It looks absolutely beautiful there! This is my favourite time of year, and I love seeing the colours change. Your get together sounds like a lot of fun, and you look beautiful with your handsome hubby :) I would never guess any of you are 62.

I've been doing good with my eating, which I am super happy about. I did have a couple days of being wayyy under calories, but it wasn't intentional and I wasn't actually starving or anything.

Our Thanksgiving here in Canada is Monday, and we have our big family dinner on Sunday. I'm trying to come up with a game plan for that! It will be all my fave foods .. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie. *sigh*

How do you all plan for things like this? I'm trying to eat lighter today and low/no carbs. I think tomorrow I will just allow myself a bit of each thing and try not to stress too much.

I'm down 6 pounds in the last bit, so I want to keep that going.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

10-16-2013, 04:34 PM
Hi All Y'all! :dizzy:

Sure is quiet around here....what's everyone up to? How's everybody doing?

We are busy closing up our place in NC...headed back to central FL, where we spend our winters with much of our family, on Friday or Saturday. Have been walking this week, trying to get in a mile a day. I took Jax with me and his little Doxie legs were going and going!! Today I might go again to get in two miles....we'll see :D

Finally got the manage attachment thingy to work. The picture below is of the mini high school reunion we had last week. I'm 2nd from the right....and that's My Hubster next to me. We all met in grade school and graduated together in 1969. So.....that means we are all 62 :eek: Attachment manager will only allow me to post one pic at a stand by for more. I'd like to see some of y'all too!

Weighed this morning and I finally cracked 180!!!! 179.2. I'll take it! :carrot:

10-16-2013, 05:27 PM
We drove 70 miles to our mini reunion. The route took us over the beautiful Cherohala Skyway that connects southeastern TN with western NC, where we live. This lucky pic was taken at about 4500ft on my phone!

10-23-2013, 06:48 PM
Hi Chickies!

Everyone must be busy! I know I have been....we left the peace, beauty and serenity of Western NC for our winter place in Central FL. It's a winter rat race for us with family, more people and the holidays while we are here. Always anxious for Spring and the Mountains!

Still counting calories and walking some, but haven't weighed since arriving back in FL. I think I'm ok though...been sticking to the plan :-)

Hope y'all are staying steady and having fun!