Pregnant - Nursing - Stuck in limbo here!! Getting ancy to start IP after breastfeeding!

09-13-2013, 11:42 PM
Hi everybody,

Am I the only one who gains weight while breastfeeding? :( It's very demoralizing, for sure! I don't regret for one minute nursing my baby for her first year- what a special experience. And if it meant I would gain 50 extra pounds I would do it all over again. Never thought I would say that, since the first few weeks of BF were H*LL. Then, we both got the hang of it, and it's been a gift for her as much as it was for me.

However, DD's 1st birthday is coming up next month, and then I am CLOSING UP the milk bar! As much as I love BF, I want my body back - and to lose weight! :carrot:

I am going to go on Ideal Protein. The good thing with IP is that weight tends to come off pretty quickly. The bad news is, is that BF is contraindicated while on the diet - too few calories to support milk production. So I have to wait 4 weeks before I start, which is a long time to wait considering I want these pounds to fall off like YESTERDAY. I've had people ask me when the baby's due....pretty awkward since the baby was born almost a year ago. My belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

As excited as I am to start IP, I'm also pretty nervous. It's a huge lifestyle change, and I've had some pretty unhealthy eating habits during the last several months. CRAP I GOTTA CHANGE!!! I'm 100% accountable for my poor food choices, I get that. But for the past several months, food has been my coping mechanism, and I don't know how I'm going to manage once I don't have the "I'm breastfeeding, I can eat anything" mindset.

So, anyone care to give me some advice ? (gentle advice please! tender heart here!) I feel like I'm baring my soul with all these bad habits, but here goes:

1) Fast-food or drive-thrus twice a day - Port of Subs daily, McD's breakfast 3x/s week (because I'm too stressed/lazy/tired to make own food, but going to have to change)
2) 48-60oz diet coke/diet dew everyday - mostly after baby goes down at night so she doesn't get hyper from the breastmilk lol (I can't have diet soda on IP, or any soda for that matter. How am I going to survive w/o my pop??!)
3) Lazy bum throughout the day - napping when baby naps, low-key lifestyle
4) Don't drink too much water right now, but have to change that since IP is all about drinking water

Love to you all, thanks for your help. :)

09-14-2013, 01:04 AM
I don't have any advice about IP in particular (never done it), but I wanted to say that I weaned my first daughter at about the same age and one of the reasons was because I was ready to claim my body back for myself after 9 months of carrying her and 1 year of nursing. I so get it.

Don't be too hard on yourself about the poorer lifestyle habits you have at the moment. Having a little one that age is HARD and something has to give somewhere.

I know with some of the plans like IP it involves a lot of intense changes at once, but generally if you really want to make changes that stick the recommendation is to tackle one thing at a time and make gradual switches from unhealthy habits to healthy ones. Maybe you could work on some of the things you listed before you dive into IP?

The good news; a lot of women have trouble losing weight while nursing but find it melts off once they wean their little ones. It's like their bodies hold on to fat stores while nursing and then decide 'oh I guess I don't need this anymore'.

09-14-2013, 01:47 AM
CanadianMomma, thank you! That is a relief to hear that! I have heard so much about how nursing helps accelerate weight loss. But sometimes, like you said, other women have unique physiologies and their bodies just hold on to that body fat until they wean. I hope that is me.

And that is good advice about making one small change at a time. I think having the prepackaged meals of IP will help me because then I won't have to think about making/getting food - the external structure is already there and I don't have to think about which drive-thru to visit. :)

09-28-2013, 06:37 PM
I was on IP last year and lost 70lb, see my signature for details. I had aggravated an unknown back condition with my 1st overweight pregnancy, nursed my son for 16 months, and was approaching my peak pregger weight! I lost the weight to prep for #2, which went smooth, i am 3 weeks post partum.

I would HIGHLY suggest you start making changes now. The first being to cut out the diet soda, it is a huge change as it is with the food, do what you can to maximize your success. And no worries about exercise, its not advised on IP. You can drink propel zero, Mio, or other Splenda based or Stevia sweeteners to help with water intake. Also, may want to start getting in more veggies & lean proteins as the meal focus. Drop in on the IP forum and introduce yourself on the daily chat thread. Folks are really helpful and there are tons of recipes. Another habit you can start is to log every meal, drink, condiment on or similar site to start accountability.

I am planning on following the IP phase 3 meal plan as a guide through breastfeeding, as i am hoping on 2 years this time. IP is great, but the first two weeks are HARD! After that, the longer you stick 100%, the easier it gets. I learned a lot about eating

09-29-2013, 09:33 AM
Hi ladies! Not trying to hijak this thread, but I was wondering why ideal protien is exactly? I have tried to google it and I can't seem to find any details on what you eat or can't eat. I was curious if its worth doing for only say a month? I am just above 200, and this high of a weight is from pregnancy. (I have gained to this nigh with each baby) but I am really really uncomfortable.

If I could quickly get down to even 180, then I dont mind doing it slowly from there.

09-30-2013, 04:48 PM
Hi ladies! Not trying to hijak this thread, but I was wondering why ideal protien is exactly? I have tried to google it and I can't seem to find any details on what you eat or can't eat. I was curious if its worth doing for only say a month? I am just above 200, and this high of a weight is from pregnancy. (I have gained to this nigh with each baby) but I am really really uncomfortable.

If I could quickly get down to even 180, then I dont mind doing it slowly from there.

Here is the sheet for IP Phase 1:

Phase 1 is very low calorie, low carb and low fat. It is a ketogenic diet - so no cheating in order to use body fat stores for energy. Phase 1 includes 3 Ideal Protein Packets, 8oz lean protein, unlimited lettuce, and 2 cups of select vegetables per day with mandatory vitamin and mineral supplements.

The packets are powdered soups, shakes, and small portions of chili, spaghetti and stews that are mixed with water to prepare. Protein bars can be used instead of a packet. Some packets and the bars are restricted to once a day.

Phase 1 is the most restricted until 100% of goal weight is reached, then Phase 2 for 2 weeks, which goes down to 2 IP packets and 2 regular meals per day, then 2 weeks of Phase 3, which gets rid of another IP packet and introduces carbs at breakfast, then Phase 4 is lifetime maintenance.

Here is the 3FC IP FAQ thread:

10-31-2013, 08:47 PM
I think the best thing I've heard from an IP dieter is that after they've reached their ideal weight they make sure to repeat phase 1 every 2-5 months for a few weeks

04-07-2014, 05:13 AM
I posted about this a week ago but didn't realize there was an actual section for nursing until tonight!

I lost 140 lbs. before my pregnancy by eating healthy, low calorie foods and maintained it for about 2 years. I didn't over eat or stray too far from my healthy ways of eating, there are things I will forever refuse to eat and pregnancy is no exception. So I ended up gaining 61 lbs. during my pregnancy although eating healthy, with only being a little lenient. I was upset at the thought of gaining but eventually knew that it was what my body needed to do for a healthy pregnancy.

Now with the fact that I was breastfeeding and eating healthy I was sure the pounds would melt off. The theory that the weight falls off due to breastfeeding is a complete myth. Not everyone. I know how to lose weight, how to eat healthy, yet no matter what I do I cant lose weight! I maintain my current weight, but cant lose it! My doctor said my hormones just aren't back to normal yet. My body is holding onto every pound! My daughter is now 5 months old and I am only down 3-5 lbs. from the day I gave birth. Its ridiculous! I can understand if I was pigging out, over eating, eating bad, or using an excuse that I'm breastfeeding to eat whatever I want, but I'm not. And that's what makes this so frustrating!

I just had the flu for a week and couldn't eat for days, and the rest of the week everything- even water- flushed right through me. I was so sick and had zero amounts of food in me. As I felt better I thought man, I wonder how much I've lost. Nothing.....Nothing!

That's when I finally had it and came on here for some support. I posted a thread asking if anyone simply cannot lose weight while breastfeeding but posted in the general board and didn't get replies.

I am still breastfeeding for the benefit and bond with my daughter, but if I was selfish I would have quit a week ago! I am going to for as long as I can, and I feel guilty quitting considering I breastfed my son for 2 years. I didn't watch my weight then and was heavy so I paid no attention to how much I ate, or what I ate. However, now 2 years seems an awful long time to feel stuck in a body that I cant change no matter how hard I try! After being heavy all my life Ive only got a small taste of what thin feels like and now Im stuck here. Its not fair! Everyone without this obstacle consider yourself lucky!