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09-13-2013, 10:04 AM
What do you guys do to stay on track on the weekends? Friday nights used to be our cheat night (pizza and wine), but honestly it just turned each weekend into a 2-day cheat binge. Now DH and I do slow-to-eat seafood, and it feels special and turns into a nice long dinner with great conversation. Tonight we're getting a few pounds of live mussels, cooking them with tomato sauce and sea tangle (almost calorie free) pasta. No wine until my weight gets lower. It still feels fun!

If snow crab legs are on sale we do that Saturday nights and it takes a good 90 minutes to get through dinner with all the cracking and peeling :)

How do you guys handle the weekends? (or are you still trying to handle them?)

09-13-2013, 01:30 PM
My weekend plan isn't really any different from my weekday plan (eat what I want as long as it falls within my calorie goals). I'm "lucky" as because of my weight I'm allotted more calories then someone your size (there has to be some upside to being over 300lbs right?!) so I have more to play with if I want to go out to eat which tends to happen on the weekends.

I track my calories with my fitness pal which lets me look at my weekly amount. If its Saturday or Sunday and I really want something that's going to push me over my daily goal I check to see how under I am for the week. I usually am under my daily goal by at least 100 (sometimes 500) which means I feel like I have extra calories I can play with at the end of the week. Does that make sense?

I always track, even if I go way over I track it. I also have not had an issue going right back on plan if I go over one day. I think if having a cheat meal caused me to go crazy the whole weekend I would cut out cheat meals.

09-13-2013, 03:56 PM
About 6 months ago, I decided for medical reasons (Stage IV Endometriosis) to go completely gluten and dairy free. I also began paying more attention to where my food was coming from and seeking out non-GMO and/or local veggies.
As a result of that, I've kind of gone through a domino-effect of changes which has resulted in my weekend looking like this:
Friday nights, I like to splurge just like you. Depending on my budget for the week, I have basically two takeout options: a Thai place down the street or Dominoes gluten free, no cheese pizza. Maybe once a month, I pick up one of these. The other weeks, I just make something at the house. I would eat out every Friday if not for little ones, a tight budget, and the GF and dairy free restrictions.
Saturday, I take my youngest daughter with me to the local farmer's market. It's become our weekly date, and it's the highlight of my week. We park far from the stands, get the stroller out, pop in the local coffee shop for an iced almond milk latte, then walk a few blocks to the market, where we get our veggies for the week. I take $20 or $30 cash with me and load up the stroller bin. There's an outdoor musician... it's really wonderful.

Throughout the weekends, and some week nights, my family and I have started riding bikes together. I bought a bike trailer for the baby, and we are all hooked.

I guess what I'm saying is... the weekends get easier if you build them around truly enjoyable healthy activities. I still splurge, but it's more like making gluten free doughnuts from scratch on Sunday mornings or trying a new avocado chocolate cupcake recipe. The calories are there, and of course must be counted, but the quality of the food is SO different, so eating one cupcake doesn't set me on a tailspin of cravings or flatten me into a carb coma. (The doughnuts have white sugar in them, so they DO do that, therefore, they're like a twice a year treat! Lol)

For me it really helped to begin to see myself as THAT person who eats well, THAT person who shops at the farmer's market, THAT person who rides her bike at sunset, THAT person who avoids processed and sugar, etc. Because I wanted to be that person, so why not?

So if it's about the psychological relationship you have with the weekends, I would look for ways (activities, new foods) to change that into something healthier. But if it's the physical cravings as a result of a cheat meal, then I would identify what food(s) really set you off and just don't eat them. If it's pasta, don't do it. If it's alcohol, don't do it. If it's sugar, which it is for me, just don't do it. Find substitutes... there are so many.

Good luck! And hope you have an awesome, healthy weekend!