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09-12-2013, 05:37 PM
How are you going about losing weight?
Share as much or as little about your lifestyle change as you'd like!

(As usual, this thread has been done before, but... Lol)

09-12-2013, 05:40 PM
I'm a calorie counter and a daily weigher. Right now I'm subsisting off 1200 calories a day and it sucks! BUT.. The scale is moving down which is making me very happy!

Although to be honest, I've been looking into low carb...

09-12-2013, 06:15 PM
i calorie count and try to not go too far over 1500 LOL....i seem to maintain at up to 2000 calories and lose if i hit 1500 or less a day...i also weigh daily but mostly to understand how and why my body fluctuates and to catch it if it starts drifting upward too far...my body looks better when i'm exercising although the scale tends to slow or nearly stop....i was running about 5-6 times a week (hard runs, HIIT intervals etc) for almost two years and then i messed up my foot recently so have switched in the last month to weight training and, yes, i train nearly every day despite the advice to take a day in between....i'm seeing a difference already in my body that running couldn't have done...

in terms of lifestyle, i pay WAY more attention to what i eat and how much of it that i eat...i try to eat when i'm hungry and not when the clock says i would....however i'm also trying to learn to be okay with feeling hungry, that it wont kill me, that food will be available soon....i have some psychological need to ALWAYS have food available and im not even sure why, i never grew up starving or anything....and i'm trying to eat what i need to feel "no longer hungry" and not just stuff myself....and i try to not eat after dinner because that's when i start nibbling away far over my calorie limit

09-12-2013, 06:18 PM
I just started, but I'm limiting my calories to about the same as yours and looking into purchasing an elliptical for my hubby and I. So far I've lost about 12 pounds, feeling great. My biggest struggle is that I seem to think about food a lot and in the past its just been a habit to grab something to eat (mostly whatever is in reach). And.. I work at a desk job all day so it's pretty easy to get distracted. I've just been keeping fruits and healthy snacks within reach and I've been managing to keep on track - also, keeping myself so busy that I forget to eat.

09-12-2013, 06:23 PM
Calorie counting and daily weigher. Over the course of each week daily average 1500 calories. Thats it nothing else.

09-12-2013, 06:30 PM
I am doing WW and have lost 50lbs
but I've been plateauing for 6 months
so I started mixing up my food, making sure my heart rate is up when exercising and started jogging

09-12-2013, 06:32 PM
I'm a calorie counter and a food addict so it's always on my mind. I used to weigh daily but now, I just weigh when I feel like it because usually, it's too discouraging. To keep calories where they should be, I sometimes do IF (Intermittent Fasting) but only when it feels right.

09-12-2013, 09:32 PM
I'm a calorie counter, I eat about 1200 a day. I try to avoid trigger foods (like peanutbutter or nuts or chocolate), but nothing is off limits (that throws me off even faster than a trigger food).

I weigh daily, if I don't weigh that morning I struggle all day. I know it's a mind over matter thing, but if weighing keeps me on track, then I will keep doing it.

I exercise every day... at least 30 minutes (2mi WATP) and would like to find the time to hit the treadmill downstairs more than just on the weekends when hubby is home to keep the kids out of my hair (I do an hour Saturday and Sunday on the treadmill). We have an extensive wight room down there, but for now I'm not hitting the weights at all beyond what is in my WATP videos.

09-12-2013, 10:52 PM
I am busting my ar$e. I have got the key to the lock and am seeing how far this baby will go.

After 38 years, I have finally worked out how my body works.

I overtrain. I try to do weight training 4-5 times a week. And I try to run 6 miles every day. I also try to play squash once a week. And walk 2 miles a day to/from work.

But the real deal is the diet (I lost my first 60lbs without any extra exercise).

I skip dinner (drink beer instead) but have the most elaborate, large salads I can for lunch. My focus is on getting as much nutrition as I can from my lunch salad. Important parts of that include a wide variety of vegetables and some fruit with high-protein, low calorie fish often canned. Today's salad was combined with a can of mackeral and a can of smoked clams.

I don't calorie count. I have just learnt what foods my body responds well to. It's not just about weight loss any more, but muscle development, how my skin and hair look, what foods make my joints feel better after a run etc. That's a real diet. And I am going to take this sucker to the end...

I think about food all the time. But only now what delicious, healthy low-calorie options I can add to my next salad. You get a lot of time to think about salad running 6 miles.

I weigh every day. That was a day-one must for me.

09-12-2013, 11:25 PM
Low carb - no specific diet. My macronutirents are about 15% carbs, 30% protein, and 55% fat.
My carbs are almost exclusively from veggies and fruit. I rarely eat grains, but when I do they are wheat free. My body hates grain carbs, especially wheat.
I use the "link carbs with protein" rule from the IR Diet.
Calorie counting. My range is 1,300 to 1,500 calories a day but I'm almost always on the low end of that.
Meal planning. Every weekend, I plan every meal for the week, using the food tracker on sparkpeople (http://sparkpeople.com) to make sure I hit my target macronutrients for each day. I also try to prepare foods in advance to make eating right through the week much easier.
Big breakfast. Little (or no) dinner.
I try to eat as clean and whole as possible. I make almost everything from scratch and use only a few processed foods.
Moderation not deprivation. If I want to eat it, I do...but in controlled portions.

*I should confess that sometimes I can be a real slacker about the meal planning.

09-12-2013, 11:52 PM
I just eat less now. I can't calorie count (I just don't know how to figure out how many calories are in home cooked meals since I don't cook myself), but basically I've been cutting my portions in half, so whatever I would normally eat, I just take less. I've also cut out nighttime bingeing as much as possible. I only allow myself to do it on days that I know I haven't eaten much. I've changed my snacks from noodles or fried stuff to salads and healthy sandwiches. I also drink as much water as I can.

With regards to exercise, I started walking 3km per day, but lately I haven't been. I will start again (hopefully today).

So far I've lost 6lbs in the past 15 days doing just this, but that's mainly because I just started so the weight loss will be more drastic right now. I expect it to slow down soon, which is when I'll amp up my exercising (probably start C25K as well, which I've been putting off for ages).

09-13-2013, 01:48 AM
Low carb, low calorie. I try to stay around 1200 calories. Sometimes it's a little more, sometimes a little less. I don't strictly count though. As far as the low carb part goes, I don't specifically count those either, but I eat no grains and the only sugar I have comes from 1 oz of 70% dark chocolate a day. Otherwise my carbs come from dairy and veggies. I occasionally (1x/wk) eat a serving of berries. I end up around 50 net carbs a day on the few occasions I've counted them up. I'm thinking about trying to lower that though, but we'll see. I weigh daily, even though sometimes it makes me crazy. I love to see the pattern and make graphs and charts and stuff.

09-13-2013, 03:48 AM
I'm weighing in every morning after going to the bathroom, skipping breakfast and not eating after 6 PM, unless I'm ravenous which usually only happens the week before my period. I usually don't have snacks between meals either. I don't count calories, carbs, track my food, plan out my meals or exercise. I just don't feel like spending time doing that stuff. I also go out to eat whenever I want - but that usually only happens once or twice a month. For example, tomorrow is my dad's birthday and he wants to order a pizza and then go to DQ for Blizzards. I'm not stressing out at all. I like that what I'm doing doesn't feel like a diet and I don't think it is. It's a lifestyle change and I feel like I could do this forever. This is the longest I've gone without gaining weight. Every time I've joined WW, I've given up after 3-4 months and gained everything back and more. I've been doing this since March and I've lost 30 pounds so far so I must be doing something right. Eventually, I plan on slowly adding exercise to my routine and adding in some fruits and veggies to my diet. Maybe this weekend I'll break out the exercise videos. :)

09-13-2013, 09:43 AM
calorie counter. I'd like to say i'm on 1200 a day, but that wouldn't be true for the last few months.

I have way more 2000 days then 1200 these days. Probably why I've not even lost 20 lbs in the last year. /sigh

09-13-2013, 10:25 AM
I started with calorie counting. When getting started, I allowed myself 1500 to 1800 calories a day and then gradually dropped the calorie count as I lost weight. The first time I got below 200, I was eating about 1200 calories a day. Then my weight loss was extremely low and I thought about food all the time.

I regained about 55 pounds and started again.

This time I have combined calorie counting and low carb on a doctor supervised diet. I started with net carbs below 20 but now my top amount is 40 to 50 net carbs per day with a calorie limit of 1200 calories a day. I find this much easier for me than when I was strictly calorie counting. It is very rare for me to exceed 1200 calories and most days I am under that amount.

The best part is that I am not hungry and am not tempted by sweets. Before my husband's junk food was a constant temptation if left in sight. Now I barely notice them. This morning I realized that I was walking by the donuts at work and had not noticed them earlier. When I asked, I learned that we had donuts 3 mornings and I had not even noticed. This is huge for me because those work donuts have been a HUGE downfall of mine.

09-13-2013, 11:19 AM
I calorie count but it's easier for me to do it meal by meal. 1200 calories total, divided between three 300 calorie meals and two 100 calorie snacks. I have a spare 100 calories that I either spread out throughout the day or use all it once if I'm getting too hungry. My meals are heavy on fiber and protein, and I avoid processed and restaurant food.

On exercise days I add an extra piece of fruit to stay around 1200 calories net.

09-13-2013, 11:21 AM
Started out doing IF, but quickly realized that as an older person I had to watch the calories.....and the carbs......and the sodium. So, I try to keep my eating between noon and 8 PM. Calories range from 800-1200 depending on what I select for the day, net carbs of 50g or less, and sodium of 2500g or less (that's only a tsp of salt).

Two things that are a must: meal planning in advance and not snacking in the evening. Meal planning is a snap at this point. Not snacking in the evening will be an ongoing battle for the rest of my life.

09-14-2013, 03:28 AM
I absolutely love threads like this. It's amazing how different our bodies are and how what works for one person absolutely would not work for someone else.

09-14-2013, 10:38 AM
I'm doing weight watchers combined with exercise and watching my carbs. Carbs are NOT off limits to me, but if I eat them, it's in rarely and in small amounts. I don't restrict starchy vegetables or sugar yet, but I don't eat a ton of sugar anyhow.

09-14-2013, 02:16 PM
I'm doing the Ideal Protein diet. It's low carb, high protein. It's been working well for me. I like that I'm not hungry all the time, and that it has a lot of real food incorporated into the program, and I really like my coach. So that helps!

09-14-2013, 11:54 PM
I'm doing Medifast, similar to Ideal Protein (see above), MF is low calorie (800-1000 daily), very low carb (less than 100 grams daily), low fat, and high in lean protein. I see a nutritionist weekly for an official weighing in and nutrition counseling.

I take a daily dietary supplement and Omega-3 supplements. I self weigh at home everyday, first thing in the morning and space my mini meals at 2-3 hours throughout the day. I track my official weekly weight and my daily at home weight and analyze patterns, because I'm obsessive that way.

I've lost 55 pounds since 3/31/13 and have 51 pounds to go to reach my goal of 155. I'm only 5'2" so I may adjust that goal down once I reach it. Because I'm on a very-low carb plan, there is a 16-week transition phase once I reach goal to slowly reintroduce carbs, then a full year of maintenance counseling.

I have advanced osteoarthritis so exercise continues to be problematic. I was able to get a 2-mile walk in today, but the knees will be feeling it for days.

Medifast isn't for everyone, but it works for me. I was so overwhelmed with over 100 pounds to lose and a body (joints really) 30+ years older than my actual age, I needed something simple. The plan is incredibly restrictive and expensive, especially when you go through a clinic. Online is slightly more reasonable, but I knew I needed the weekly in-person counseling to be successful, plus I figured if I am paying a lot, I'm less likely to cheat. That may seem foolish to some (I see MF slammed here almost daily), but I know in my heart I would not be down 55 pounds today on any other plan.

09-15-2013, 12:52 AM
I'm counting calories, balancing my macros in a ketogenic way (low carb, moderate protein,high fat) and eating as primally as possible (basically paleo, but I allow dairy). My calories are at 1500, and more importantly, I keep my carbs below 20g a day. I'm also trying my hand at intermittent fasting. Basically, I've cherry picked from a bunch of different diets.

I recently stalled, and just figured out my calorie count journal was not accurate at all, so I was over consuming both carbs and calories. Now that that's fixed, the scale is moving again.

I weigh daily, swim most days (except this month, pool is closed) take a yoga class once a week, sometimes twice, and I play around with kettlebells and Jillian DVDs at home. I also have a dog I walk.

09-15-2013, 08:50 AM
I walk 3 to 5 miles a day. When I reach 200 I'll start jogging. I joined Weight Watchers in March too, but I'm the suckiest member ever. Only once since I started have I managed to keep track of my points for a whole week. Keeping track of points pisses me off, but going to the meetings weekly helps remind me to stop at half a pint of Ben and Jerry's or half a pizza. Really have changed the way I eat.

09-15-2013, 11:40 PM
I calorie count with the help of my fitness pal. My daily calorie goal is 2030 (1.5lbs/week loss) but most days I eat under that by 100-300 (sometimes more, occasionally, like today I go over but I'm always under my weekly limit) Nothing is off limits I just work it into my calorie allotment for the day. I try to eat a lot of protein because it keeps me fuller longer but I'm not fussed if I eat a ton of bread. I'm a prolific snacker and tend to eat more (as far as calories) during the evening snacking then I do during meals. I'm working on changing this as I know as I lose weight my calories will reduce and I'm going to have issues staying under at a certain point.

I don't tend to plan meals in advanced outside of coming up with dinner ideas for the week. I tend to eat the same thing for lunch (I sleep through breakfast most days). I would like to start exercising, either join a gym or get a treadmill but as I am currently out of work that will have to wait.

09-19-2013, 12:44 AM
I use an online food tracker (this has worked for me before), which counts not just calories but also % of protein, fat, and carbs. I try to stay between 1200-1400 calories, and around 15% fat, 40% protein, and 45% carbs. I TRY to stay away from empty calories, and white flour, simple sugar, etc.

As for exercise, I hate it. But I have a lot to lose, and I'm worried about loose skin/flab when I reach goal, so I'm trying to do cardio 4x per week for 30 minutes and weight train 3x per week for 20 minutes.

Once I get more fitness stamina, I'd like to do spinning classes and a boot camp class. Right now, I feel like I'm going to faint after climbing the three flights of stairs to my apartment, so no way could I do a full hour fitness class.

09-19-2013, 07:58 AM
I calorie count. I eat whatever I want. And because of that, I almost never think about food anymore. I eat lots of fruits and veggies. Try to keep my protein about 120g a day. Fat around 70g. Fill in the rest with whatever. 1650 calorie a day. I lift heavy 3 times a week. Walk sometimes. But honestly, it's about the calories in that matter. I also go out to eat once a week where I have a meal of whatever I want...sometimes it's "bad" food sometimes not...depends on what I feel like. I don't ever gorge anymore just because I have to get it in with my "free" meal. I take a week off after a few months to reset everything. I don't do anything I can't do when I get to maintenance.

09-19-2013, 02:42 PM
I started with my brain.

I'd gained/lost the same 40 pounds about 400 times and was sick of it.

Figured out WHY I was doing that, addressed it, kicked it's bum, and moved on and lost 169 lbs (writing that down seems weird, I keep doing the math to be sure that '1' part is right but it is!)

I calorie counted for 8 or 9 months, always around 1500 cals.

Some people know down to the genetic level the content of their food LOL the grams of protein/fat etc., I still have no clue. I eat lots of veggies, enough fruit, lean cuts of meat, and stay away really junkie processed carbs (When I see people eating 100 cal packs of Special K monster food I want to slap it outta their hands ha ha)

It's been close to 3 years now, skin sag isn't too bad, face had a bit "crazy creepy OLD face after weightloss" for a few months but it's settled now yay!

I eat 'regular' food, McDonald's now and again if I want, don't forbid a thing. I know I can't make chocolate disappear from the world so I had to learn to co-exist with it LOL I wasn't going to let an inanimate object rule my life so I dealt with it.

I gave up diet soda, that helped a lot for some reason. I always seemed to equate a diet coke with a snack - drink a diet coke, eat some chips. Eat some M&Ms, eat some fast food....once it was gone the other was a lot easier to give up :)

The main thing I learned is that what works for ONE person, doesn't always work for the next guy. The other thing I learned is, no matter how strong willed you are, the MONSTER of food will always win, always, if you don't deal with the WHYS. Might not be now, might not be in a year but eventually.

09-19-2013, 03:36 PM
I'm in recovery from an eating disorder, so a lot of my plan involves moderation and intuitive eating to prevent binging. I do count calories and try to stay within the range recommended by MyFitnesspal, but an important part is not beating myself up for what I eat. I weigh myself once a week but sometimes I jump on after a *TMI ahead* bathroom trip just for fun. I'm also going to workout at the university gym once classes start.

09-22-2013, 05:05 PM
I calorie count. I was shooting to lose 1.5-2lbs a week, but I have been losing 3. I found out it was because my TDEE is over 2800 calories a day and I've been getting between 1200-1600. So now I am using that to help guide my calorie counts now.

09-22-2013, 09:11 PM
It took me FOREVER to figure out what worked for me. I work out a lot, 5 days a week and 2 hours a day three of those days. All of the online calculators told me I should be eating around 2000 calories a day...and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing!

After it took me 7 months to lose 25 pounds, I changed things up. I dropped my calories down to 1650. Changed up my eating from somewhat carb-y to higher protein and now fruits and veggies. I eat the same thing every day: Greek yogurt for breakfast and 1 1/4 cups broccoli + 2 cups fruit for supper. More water, and almonds as a snack. Lunch is a light protein meal. A sugary treat once or twice a week.

Immediately I started dropping 2 pounds a week, which I've NEVER been able to do before. What a relief...those .2 and .4 weeks were really getting me down.