20-Somethings - Getting my haircut tomorrow hesitantly.

09-11-2013, 07:57 AM
So I have super damaged hair. Nothing will fix it, I've tried it all. Natural home remedies, deep conditioners, changing my shampoo. It's bad from heat styling (even with tool protectors) daily, and dying a lot.

Tomorrow, I am getting a pixie cut. I am cutting it all off, and growing out my natural hair because I am so disgusted with my hair right now in it's condition, I'd rather have a tomboy cut than what has become of my hair. My husband is super for this and it's it's awesome. He hates that my hair gets in his face at night when we go to sleep, and (when we met) I had hair that short and he loved it.

*sigh* I really don't want to do this but I just want my natural beautiful red hair back. I've dyed it way too many times, and styled with with tools too hot or to often even with heat protectors.

However, this comes with a price. I am extremely motivated to lose weight now. I don't think this hair cut is going to be as fitting with me and my current chubby face, and our anniversary is coming up on Nov. 20th. I'd love to sport this cute cut having lost at least 10 pounds with a new dress. I want my husband to take me out to a nice restaurant (it's our second anniversary and we never got to celebrate our first) and a jazz club afterward. I need to look HOT lol. So I'm super motivated to make this cut work. I want all of my dead hair gone, so I'm going to keep it short untill I know the nastyness has grown out, and who knows, after I lose a little weight I might like it more.

I just know I have to own this haircut, be super-confident and know I am beautiful, and will one day again have Rapunzel esque beautiful locks that haven't been dyed or fried from styling tools.

09-11-2013, 08:20 AM
Look up pictures of short cuts for round faces. I'm sure that you'll find something to flatter you. I have a very round face too, so I know its hard to find a workable style.

I had the same problem as you a couple of years back. I dyed and straightened my hair all the time, so it was very damaged. After trying everything, I got it cut up to my chin, then went back 2 months later and did the same thing again to get all of the destroyed hair removed.

Once you get it cut, be sure to keep up on conditioning and protecting it. Getting a trim every other month will help your hair grow more quickly. Invest in a thick moisturizing conditioner, some hot oil treatments, and heat protectant shampoos. If you keep it healthy from the start, it is less likely to get damaged as much.