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09-07-2013, 06:57 AM
Hi Everyone,

I've tried SB once or twice before and had good results with it, but over the past months I've been looking more in the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and tried that as well. Though I love the ideas of being 'Paleo', I find it hard to follow at times and think of all the lifestyles I've tried, that SB probably fits me the best. So, I'm back on the Beach!

I'm an American Expat living in Greater West London and would love to make some new friends in the area who are also trying out SB.

I love this thread for UK people because I can find answers and subs for all kinds of things!

Please get in touch if you're in my area and interested in swapping recipes, chatting, etc!

I have a wedding vow renewal service coming up next year, so my long term goal is to lose 1st 4lbs before 5 July 2014, which I think is doable!

I would love to hear other peoples goals, motivations, etc.

I'm going to get some things I need today! Can't wait to start again. :carrot: