South Beach Diet - Thankful Thursday Beach Chat, Sept 5

09-05-2013, 07:35 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I'm always thankful for all of you. I don't believe I'd have been able to stick with my weightloss journey on my own. :hug:

I've been up enjoying the and doors open....crickets chirping away. I think I'll skip water aerobics this morning and head to a chair yoga class...then do some hotpool soaking. I've been puttering around in the house and hope for a relaxing day.

I have a plan for an OP day. Yay!

KimStar, welcome back! Thanks for the pictures, too! She is sure a cutie!

Cyndi, glad to hear day surgery went well! I wish DP a speedy recovery!

What's on your agenda? Stop and say hi :cofdate:

09-05-2013, 07:46 AM
Good morning, Debbie, and those to come. :coffee:

It's a deliciously cool morning here, too, and I also have the doors and windows open to welcome in the breeze.
Today is my Friday, and the girls have off school because of the holiday. They're going to ride in the Fox Hunt this morning, so I use that time to get all my chores done so we can have the afternoon to play.
First though, I need more coffee to try to get rid of this headache I woke up with. :coffee2:

Have a good day, and Happy Rosh Hashana to those who celebrate!

09-05-2013, 07:56 AM
Linda, I hope your headache goes away and that you have a productive Friday while the girls are off on their adventure!

09-05-2013, 08:02 AM
Good morning chicks!

Lexiss, thanks for starting us off. And I agree ~ I'm sure I would've lost my south beach principles if it weren't for this forum. (LOL, I don't always stick to them, but I always have them in mind!)

Cyndi, so glad to hear SO did well. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Cottage - Enjoy your Friday, I am insanely jealous.

I woke up 5 ish, and couldn't go back to sleep, darned it. Unfortunate on my long day of work! Yay for coffee!

I did however, actually get off of work a tad early yesterday, and went for my first run in the mountains since the spring. It was delightful! Emma Jean especially enjoyed it (and I think she is still tired...). I will admit my joints are getting tight, I think I need to find a yoga class (um, when will THAT fit into the schedule?!?!) to loosen up a bit.

Have a great day!

09-05-2013, 08:03 AM
Hi Tammy, I hope the coffee does the trick and that your long workday speeds by! I'm going to see how I fare in the chair yoga class this morning...I've been feeling a little tight, too.

09-05-2013, 08:11 AM
Good morning and Brrrrr! It went down to 35 last night and I left the deck door and some windows open. It sure cooled things off in here.

Had a terrible day yesterday with Mill accounting problems but did get a box of stuff sent to the picky auditor and completed some government forms to finish up the grant requirements for the summer students. I plan to take the latter to the Office before anyone is in and then come home to finally get my front bed tidied. Donna was supposed to come and clean but has to go for some pre-op tests this morning so I should be free.

Looks like everyone is moving forward into fall. I am so sick of my summer clothes and am going to start packing them away. I wish I had a revolving closet so I could switch it around easily.

Have a Thankful Thursday.

09-05-2013, 08:18 AM
Ouch, Ruth! That is just too darned cold, even if you are tired of your summer clothes. I hope today goes better for you! All that paperwork cr*p is just plain ol' aggravating!

09-05-2013, 08:35 AM
Good morning, chicks. DH and I will get a hike in this morning. The last we'll be able to do in over a week. Costco and Target runs today. We pick up our first house guests from the airport today, our niece and her husband, and will go straight to dinner, their choice. Our nephew (in-law) is rather a foodie so it is always interesting to see where he wants to eat when he's in town.

Enjoy your day.

09-05-2013, 08:53 AM
I keep meaning to ask - I am often getting ads that are 1/2 my screen wide, on this website only. Anyone else having that problem?

09-05-2013, 08:56 AM
It's been reported to tech services, Tammy.

09-05-2013, 09:20 AM
Lou went to get the tires aligned so I decided to go though my floor to ceiling cupboard. I cleared out 3 bags of "bad' goodies, expired items and use by items and a lot of cereal that Lou would eat half of and no more!

Last night at 9 I had terrible pains in my left side of my back! Concerned I suffered and tried to go back to sleep.
Then I thought I may need to go to Urgent Care! Pain lessened and okay so my mind thought and worried and then I finally got up and looked on the net.

No it wasn't this or that....relief!

Then I had the light bulb moment! Twisting, turning, stretching and reaching for an hour must have strained the muscles!

Took some Ibuprofen and had a Fiber One bar and will use the heating pad later.

Car is in good shape and I am not! lol

Guess later this morning when all my work and cooking is done I will use the heating pad!

09-05-2013, 10:27 AM
Look who finally woke up!!!! First day with no alarm clock how nice! DS still snoozing. We don't start back until Monday. Figures after two weeks on the cocktail of antibiotics I get a wicked cold!! Yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open at work (never a good thing considering what I do for a living) Getting used to DS being home. Forgot how much laundry teenagers make! He wants to make breakfast for his GF. I think I will be nice and make them pancakes and eggs (he is bringing it to her house before he has work) Apparently teenagers believe breakfast starts at noon lol

Been OP still struggling controlling late night snacking. Not eating poorly just huge quantities. With a few days off hoping to get back in control. Hovering under goal, but want to be back where I was before vacation. Cooler temps are more motivating for me to get moving.

Have a great day :)

09-05-2013, 11:35 AM
Good morning, all! :wave: Thank you for your kind words about DD! I'll just echo many a mother's sentiments about their children; it's a good thing she's cute! She's got sass and stubborness to spare!

I did a modified P1 yesterday. Everything up until dinner was OP, but I am finishing out our planned menu for the week, so not everything is SB-approved, but I'll do my best until we start a new menu next week.

I forgot to mention one interesting obstacle to overcome. DD is off-the-charts underweight. She is petite, but her pedi is now really starting to become worried. We have another weigh-in next month to track her progress. Basically, we're one step away from nutritional supplements. As such, her nutritionist has said to continue offering her a variety of food, but when that fails, to let her eat whatever she will eat. This is going against everything I know. One of the recipes they gave us was white pasta with peas & carrots, with a butter sauce! It's insane! But hopefully it will work and we can go back to regular eating.

Debbie: Your day sounds awesome! Mind if I join you?
Linda: :wave: Enjoy your "Friday"!
Tammy: What a great way to cap off the evening. I miss the mountains of West Texas and wish we had taken advantage of them more.
Ruth: Oh how I envy your Fall weather! We're still in the 100's most the day with no relief in sight! Hope everything out at the Mill gets resolved!
Waisting Time: Sounds like a fun visit! You'll have to share yor food experiences this weekend with us!
Lady Windsong: :wave: Nice to "meet" you! Hope your back feels better soon!
Jekel: Hi! Nice to "meet" you!

09-05-2013, 02:34 PM
Good afternoon,

Never got a chance to pop in this morning but thought I would pop in for a couple of minutes. Tonight have an appointment with DD2 to see what instrument she will be playing in the band. Don't know that I will purchase anything until I know she will stick with it because I was looking up prices and they are expensive.

Debbie hope you enjoyed your yoga class.

Cottage I am envious of your short week, would love to have tomorrow off but alias not possible.

Tywnn hope you get through your long work day today

Ruth hopefully you are done with paperwork for awhile

Karen enjoy your time with your guests

Windsong I think I did something to my back when I was weeding on Monday as well from twisting and turning while bend over, luckily nothing too bad though

Jekel that is nice of you to make breakfast for them.

Kim your DD is so beautiful hope she gains weight before her next weigh-in

Cyndi hope your SO has a speedy recovery.

Back to my meetings, only one more day to go and it will be wfh just need to concentrate on that :)

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!!!

09-05-2013, 05:37 PM
Today was a good day. I am hoping this is the last day of my migraine, three days straight is not fun, but I have made it through and stayed on plan.

Talk about backs, I have been carrying our 15 lbs dog up and down the steps for the last 4 weeks, and I have four more to go. Right about now I swear she weighs 50 lbs. When I first get up in the morning the last thing I want to do is bend down and pick her up to take her outside. (I am knocking on wood as I type this, that my back hasn't gone out.) The things we do for these animals.
Hope everyone has a great night. Tomorrow is Friday, yeah!

09-05-2013, 09:19 PM
I'm the late day girl again. Seems this is the 1st chance I have had to sit down today!

First day of school with students was good. Came home and helped DH harvest a TON of veggies and try to cover the remaining cukes and 'maters; we have a frost warning for tonight. Managed to do most of my knee exercises before dinner(Creamy Mexican Casserole:drool:), with a few assorted household chores mixed in. Now I'm ready for a little reading and relaxing before bed.

After 2 days back on P1 I got my water whoosh (2 pounds!) so now I can concentrate on losing the real 2 pounds that are my September goal. Can I count that as losing 4 pounds?

Hope everyone ended their day on a positive note. Sleep well.

09-05-2013, 09:20 PM
Thanks Ruth! Now, I'm getting a note every time I click on this forum that there's a virus threat...

09-05-2013, 11:50 PM
:wave: Thanks for the good wishes. We had a good day, slept in then ran some errands. Tim felt so good we went for a mushroom walk this afternoon. We found a 7+lb hen of the woods. It was exciting but the 3.5 hours I just spent cleaning it was slightly less exciting ;) Next time I will take half and leave half!

Tomorrow will be another day off for me and we should be on a more normal schedule. See you all in the morning