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09-03-2013, 08:01 PM
Good evening, ladies! More rain, a hot day, but it's supposed to go down to 66 tonight.

My friend got the keys to her new house yesterday so we moved some boxes last night of things she doesn't trust to the movers. Tomorrow she's taking off work and we'll spend the day getting things moved and put away. Then Thursday the movers will do the rest. And then there will be the unpacking this weekend. At least it's give me a lot of exercise! :D

Faye, you are so organized! I'm glad the sweater you made for the cruise last year no longer fits for that means you have lost weight! It's good you can remake it.

Jean, the Air Force just sprayed for mosquitos last week. We've had so many because of all the rain. They use a big cargo plane and fly low!

Maggie, no short cut to weight loss. It would be nice if there was but I guess that would let us off the hook too easily. It takes time to learn new eating habits.

Have a wonderful evening.

09-04-2013, 10:00 AM
Good morning to you all. It is nice and cool outside this morning, but it isn't going to last long. I turned the ac off for a few hours but put it right back on around 7 as I took trash out this morning and came back in and the house was stuffy.

I have odds and ends cleaning to do today. This weekend I am going to do the ironing for the cruise that needs to be done and take it upstairs to be packed. I have some linen capris I can now easily get into that need pressing along with a couple pair of all cotton pants that now fit. What gets confusing is we have three different bag combinations. One bag is for all the clothing while traveling from here to Florida and back, ie overnight hotel stays. One bag, a smaller one is for a set of clothing and our meds and such to carry onto the ship until our bags get to our room just in case they don't get there before we go to dinner, which is 5:30 for us and the rest will be checked into the ship for delivery, 2 clothing bags for me, one for Jack, a garment bag for his suit and tuxedo and a bag that has all our hygiene type stuff in it. We just have to make sure we put the right bag where it is supposed to be! :lol: I of course have a list of what should go in the traveling bag, versus the carry on bag, versus checked in bags so I should be ok. Jack has to handle his own stuff as he gets all prissy if I try and help. He did let me run his wrinkled stuff through the dryer then let me fold them so they won't be all wrinkled in the bags.

I am not as upset about the sweater as I thought I would be. I am going to rip out the green one I made for last year and remake it for next year too. I am going to make it at least two sizes smaller. I need to buy yarn and take it with me to start on the boys socks for Christmas. Knitpicks has some great new colors this year and I found just what I wanted.

Susan: Hope you can get your friend all settled in her new home and she loves it. I am so glad not to have to be packing up and moving again. I sure did that enough along the years.

Jean: Are your daytime temps staying cool now??? We are supposed to have one heck of a cold winter this year all over the country according to farmer's. If true, wonder how early it will start.

Maggie: Hope you are doing well!!!

Gotta get started on chores. Have a great middle of the week ladies. We leave 5 weeks from tomorrow! :carrot: Faye

09-04-2013, 01:40 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Sunny, slight breeze, and no humidity -- love it! I had an auxiliary board meeting this morning and stopped by the Hallmark store to pick up a couple cards, then ended up getting Christmas ornaments for three of the grandkids. I don't think our store gets many so was afraid the ones I wanted might be gone when I thought about it again. We discussed decorating for Christmas and putting out the Christmas merchandise in the gift shop this morning. I know it will be here before we know it but it's too early to think about it yet!

Susan -- Will Sandy be moving closer to you? It's nice of you to help her; moving is a big job! You are so right about the "no short cut" to losing weight. Someone would be so rich if they could figure that one out.

"Gma" -- I sure hope you don't get your luggage mixed up! Knowing you, you will be fine! I feel bad after all the work you put into your sweaters that you won't be able to wear them on the cruise, but perhaps the next trip! Our temperatures have been a bit cooler, but the humidity has gone down and that's the big difference. It's supposed to get back into the 90s this weekend. I'm wondering about the winter weather too!

Bob will be home for lunch so I need to see what leftovers are hiding in the fridge. I really need to go to the grocery store. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-05-2013, 08:28 AM
Good morning to you all! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BOB AND JEAN!! (I hope I didn't miss it)

Jack just left for work a few minutes ago. That one extra hour makes a difference for sure. There is a foreman's position coming up that Jack wants and I sure hope we can get him studied up to get it. He won't have to be working physically so much and he said if he gets it he is going to work longer than he planned so he can continue to take cruises. The man is cruise obsessed! :lol: He wants to take a cruise through the Panama Canal and that is big bucks. First off, it is a 15day cruise and secondly you fly out of one place and fly into another, ie FT Lauderdale, cruise, then come back into port in San Diego. It would be nice if we could do it as I would love to see my niece and her family who live in Corona at least for the evening. He has to build up a lot of vacation though to do that and money!!! :lol:

Well our insurance premium went up again. That is the second time in less than two years. It isn't much, but it is the principle of the thing and it is because of this mess with Obamacare. On top of that, looks like my luck ran out as I have started spotting again. It has been three months with nothing. I am not doing anything until I get back unless it gets worse. I just can't believe this.

I bought the new Felix Francis book and I am itching to read it, but want to save it for the cruise. I have one more author who has a new book out before we leave so I am going to buy that one too. I have 230 books on my Kindle, you would think that is enough to keep my happy, but I want to read these two new ones.

Jean: The commissary has all their Halloween candy out and I got my yearly Swiss Colony catalogue yesterday with holiday stuff in it so guess we are rolling towards all of that. I emailed the girls yesterday asking for the boys shoe sizes to make them socks for Christmas like I always do. She said Thomas wears a 10 mens shoe!! He has gone up two sizes since last year, but Alicia says she thinks Jackson can still wear the socks I made him last year. I wonder if that means they sit in his bureau and he never wears them. Ahh well, what can you do?? I know the boys wear white socks a lot, but maybe in the fall and winter when they wear long pants they wear them. I am getting the yarn I bought for Jack's cruise socks from last year when we get back. It is $25 a hank so I would like them to wear the socks once in awhile anyway. They are getting older so I am toning down on loud socks. They have gorgeous color combos and I think I will get a hank and make another cowl for next year and maybe a bracelet.

Today is clean the kitchen day and dust. I don't know why I hate to dust so much, but I will put it off as long as I can. It should have been done on Tuesday when I vacuumed. :^: I am doing a load of laundry at the moment and need to unload and reload the dishwasher. It is crockpot pot roast for dinner tonight and the roast is still frozen some as I got it out last night and put it in the fridge so will put it on around 9 AM or so. You all have a great Thursday!! Faye

09-05-2013, 01:45 PM

I really thought I posted yesterday but it isn’t here so I guess I must have spaced it. Hummm. Must be losing it. I am in dire straits today for during the night the nerves in my great toe on my bum foot started spasms and it is still doing it. The sharp pains take my breath away. I guess the sock on that foot must have been tight across the toe area yesterday. I have to be so careful when putting on that shoe for my toes want to curl down instead of being straight to go into the shoe then the sock holds them captive in that downward curve. Since this has happened before I do know the spasm will subside as the day wears on but in the meantime I just have to bare it. Right now I am sitting with that shoe off hoping my foot will calm down soon. :crossed: Hopefully soon the spasms will lighten and then quit rebelling. I hate this when it happens.

I got a couple more tubes of lip balm by Burt’s Bees that are Peppermint & Mango Butter in addition to the Pomegranate one I had gotten earlier. So now I have 3 of the ones they have for lips like mine and I do so like having a variety of ones to choose from since I need to keep my lips hydronated.

Someone gave Will a beautiful wood grain handle Swiss Army knife for his birthday and he gave it to me to put in the glove box in the Jeep for he has a smaller one that he carries. This one has Kansas and some buffalo engraved on one side. What a nice gift. I remember my father saying that a nice pocket knife is a good thing to have. I have a small yellow Swiss Army knife on my keychain which has a blade, nail file, scissors, toothpick and tweezers.

This is Wills day to work at the museum and when he gets home we will BBQ some steaks and have some rice and a nice green salad. With fruit for dessert latger. From the garden I have some bell peppers to cut up and get into the freezer and cucumbers to peel and slice and in some vinegar water today. I like to chop the bell peppers into various sized chunks to use in different dishes. Big chunks for stir fry, spaghetti sauce & beans and little chunks for scrambled eggs and sauces.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like the two of you will end up doing lots of ocean cruising. What fun for you since you two like that sort of thing. Everything is going up faster than wages can keep up with so folks are going to have to cut way back on their "wants" and just get the "must haves." Things are in dire straits.

JEAN It seems the older I get that Christmas is coming sooner and sooner. Used to in days of old no Christmas "stuff" was out till after Thanksgiving. Now it out before Halloween. Good idea that you got those ornaments now instead of waiting for they may well have been gone if you waited. Goes to the old "if you snooze, you loose" saying.

SUSAN Hopefully your day is going well with you. :yes:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-06-2013, 01:14 AM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful day in my corner of the world; just a tad bit warmer but still nice to be outside. I had my nails done this morning and decided to do my toes too. This afternoon my crafty club met on the spur of the moment as one of our members is moving. She is 90+, spryer than I am but doesn't drive, never did learn how. Her husband fell and is in the nursing home getting therapy until he can go back home again. Their house is a split level so the kids got together and said it's time to move. They will be in Sioux City and living closer to their son. Their daughters live in Pennsylvania and Australia! We went to a restaurant for dessert and coffee then spent close to three hours just visiting. We used to play in two couples cards clubs with them so have known them for a long time.

"Gma" -- Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Actually our anniversary was Tuesday, the 3rd. We kind of celebrated on Saturday since Jason's birthday is the same day. The day before he was born we went to an air show by the lake in Cleveland. This year we were at Ian's football game and the fields are close to the airport. There were several planes coming and going so that brought back memories. I will send good vibes that Jack gets the foreman position. My fridge has been freezing things in the vegetable drawer and on the top shelf towards the back. Bob went to eat cottage cheese for lunch and it was a bit chunky with ice. :( I suppose I will have to break down and call the repairman. I'm not in the market for a new one!

Maggie -- I hope your toes and foot are feeling better! :yes: I like Burt's Bees lip balm too, but I haven't seen the flavored ones. I will have to look for them. I remember when Christmas started after Thanksgiving back in the "good old days." Our downtown Christmas lights were turned on Thanksgiving night. Now the merchants have an open house the first weekend in November and the lights are turned on then. I do plan to go through my Christmas decorations this year . . . EARLY! I need to sort, give to the kids, and pitch!

I need to decide what to fix for supper. We ate a sandwich out last night so guess it's my night to cook tonight. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-06-2013, 08:56 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is so beautifully cool this morning and I turned the ac off in the middle of the night and haven't turned it back on again.

Today I am finishing up getting things ready to pack as I did all the ironing last night. Boy, I am never ever buying Jack 100% cotton shorts again (not briefs, outer shorts.) ;) The dang things are horrible to try and iron and the one pair has these big bulky pockets. I did the best I could and it is better than then looked before. I ironed two pairs of cotton pants and a pair of linen capris for me and noticed the pocket was coming away from the seam abit so repaired that. I will take them up this morning and put them in the right pile or for the pants, hang them in the garment bag. I had to turn off the ac while I ironed because it kept popping th breaker. It does that if I have the electric skillet on and am using the microwave or sometimes it will do it when I am using the hair dryer and the ac unit is on. That's what you get with an old house that was built cheaply I guess.

I have upstairs bathrooms to clean today then will have Jack drag the vacuum upstairs and dust and vacuum this weekend. There is some kind of stuff all over the guest room floor from the garment bag. We haven't used it in years so who knows what was in it.

I had to send an email to Country Inn and Suites this morning to find out why they haven't charged my credit card for our advance purchased stays in Oct. Hilton has already charged and been paid for the Embassy Suites stays. I just want to make sure the reservation is firm at that price and on those two days. Seems like the Carlson hotels never are very good about stuff like this.

I got my Avon order last night and I really like the stuff. I bought a concealer that has a tiny brush attached sort of like a pen and I am hoping it will help with my undereye bags. I sat for about an hour on the computer watching videos on how to put on concealer to hide them. We shall see. I also finally found a mascara that works on my almost non existent eye lashes. I also wanted something that wouldn't put mascara onto my contacts and gunk them up. This isn't a wand, but a brush that tilts and I tried it out and it works nicely and I have more visable lashes. They are never going to be gorgeous as I have so few, but it does the trick.

Maggie: Oh, I sure hope your foot is feeling better by now. Though it is nothing like your pain, I have trouble with my second toe on my right foot because it is longer that any of the other ones and tends to get "stubbed" in socks so it gets sore on the top. I keep the nail trimmed on it so socks don't shove the nail down, but I will surely have problems if I forget to keep an eye on it. I have a swiss army knife in my little manicure set. I got it from a vendor when I worked for the mechanical company a decade ago. I don't use it, but I have it in case I need a little screwdriver or whatever.

Jean: Woops, missed it entirely! I guess I need to update my reminder thingy. Hope you had a nice anniversary anyway. I have to tell you, I have 4 weeks until I get my hair done and I am about to go nuts. I look like Frankenstein's bride! :eek: I still have pieces of the boxed color in my hair and all underneath it is gray. It just looks awful, but I haven't given in and will tough it out until the 5th of October when she will dye it. You asked me before about getting it done professionally and I just decided to treat myself to it and I want to do some streaking on top. I don't look forward to the time in the chair, but I am looking forward to her getting it done and cutting it again. My hair is so fine that the fans blow it all over if I don't have stuff in it all the time and wakes me up at night tickling my face. Our fridge is about 12 years old now and still going strong. Jack wants stainless steel when we remodel and I told him it was a waste of money if the thing still works. I imagine if we have the money, he will get what he wants.

We have to go out tomorrow and find mardi gras beads. We are having dinner on the Saturday before we sail with a group from the ship and we are supposed to wear beads to identify us. I am hoping the party stores here in town will have them or the dollar store at least.

Well, time to sign off and unload and reload the dishwasher. Have a nice weekend you all. Faye

09-06-2013, 01:28 PM
Good Morning! It's another beautiful morning in my neighborhood. I just took cards out to the mailbox and the sun is hot, so I suppose the air will come on this afternoon. I had planned a grocery run but got invited to "Friday Night Fish" with Jason's in-laws. The restaurant/bar is in a very small town and known for their fish; all you can eat on Friday night.

"Gma" -- I figure anything 100% cotton needs to be ironed. :( There's nothing worse that ironing when it's hot. I'm surprised whoever manages your condos hasn't had to update the electrical system. I suppose that would be up to and charged to the individual owners. Let me know how the concealer works for you. I just read where dark circles and under eye puffiness can be caused by allergies which I didn't know. I think the fridge at the lake is on it's last leg. I put a bottle of water in in the morning and when we left that night it was barely cool. Part of the problem is that everyone just shoves things in with no organization and then stands there with the door wide open taking inventory when they can't find something. FYI on stainless -- Beth bought one and absolutely hated it. The surface wasn't smooth, but it showed every dog and cat nose print, kids' fingerprints, water spatters, lint and fur seemed to jump on it and hang tight. Granted you don't have the animals nor kids. ;) She had it a short time and the computer panel went goofy so she traded it in on another one that's white. Good luck with the beads; I had a whole bunch of green and white ones that we wore for Homecoming. The grandkids found them so have no clue where they might be now.

I do need to make a quick grocery list. It's $.50 off a gallon for a $50 order which doesn't take long these days. Our gas just jumped $.10 to $3.49. Hope you all enjoy your day and have a great weekend! :wave:

09-06-2013, 01:44 PM

I am a happy camper ~ My new Cuisinart Combo Steam + Convection Oven arrived yesterday afternoon and I have been reading the instruction booklet. I always like to read the booklets that come with new appliances before embarking to use them. First thing I will do to it will be setting the clock. Since my foot was still in spasm mode I didn’t feel like messing with the new oven yesterday. When standing my foot is fine but sitting down it starts in again but I can’t stand all day long. My new little stainless steel 7 inch rolling pin has been shipped separately so I should be getting it soon. When I woke up this morning after a good nights sleep I was jazzed that the pain is gone and I can get on with the things I want to do this day.

My new oven toasts, convection bakes, steam bakes, broils, steam broils, steams veggies & meat, super steams, bakes bread, & keeps things warm. I like the fact that the recipes that were included have the nutritional values with them so it will be easy to figure out the point+ values. I have already figured out how to lighten some of them. :yes: This oven is just slightly smaller than my other one but most of the pans I used in it will work in the new one. I have a stone that will fit in this new one also to cook bread items on. I have used stones for so many years now I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have one. To me it is a necessity to bake bread, rolls, biscuits etc. on. I am anxious to bake some bread using the steam feature. I’ll be sure and let you know how it turns out. :lol:

Will is finishing up putting all the trim boards up around our wonderful flooring he laid down. It is so nice to have instead of carpet. So much easier to clean and I have stopped all that sneezing I was doing since living here.

I need to clean off my work table so I can set up my little sewing machine and cut off some of Will’s long shirts making them short sleeved. He wants several he has altered that way so I will do that soon. Now is a good time to do that for the summer is still with us and he can get some use out of them for they are in great condition yet. Plus I don’t have any glass projects sitting around that I am currently working on to have to juggle to a different area so as to use that table. I just have Cecil’s equipment on the end ~ food and plastic bags and butt hutt cleaning supplies. He hasn’t used his inside butt hutt but a couple times since we have been leaving the door open that lets the outside storm door with the doggie door be accessed by the animals. That storm door has a lock on it. The front storm door is heavy glass. I won’t have to move my glass grinder off the end of the table for there will be plenty of room on that table to do what sewing that is needed done. Just move a couple of trays and the cat’s stuff and I will be ready to sew.

DONNA FAYE We have some all cotton shirts and such and if you take them out of the dryer when they are just dry they don't have to be ironed and look real nice. Maybe it depends on where the cotton was grown and the processing to make it wrinkle free. I love the feel of 100% cotton clothing. I have some 100% rayon tops that never need anything done to them except washing them and they never wear out either. :p Ah but they are nice and soft and fun to wear. Do you line your clothes with tissue paper before you fold them to pack? The tissue sure cuts down on creases clothes get from being folded and squished.

JEAN I had to turn down the dial in my fridge for it was freezing the little bit of water I had put in the bottom of the container of carrot and celery sticks. They are on the same shelf with my egg container and I surely didn't want those eggs to freeze. I keep my raw eggs in a nice plastic container made to hold 16 eggs. It has a lid so if anything is stacked on top of them they are protected. Sounds like you had a nice gab fest with folks you haven't seen in awhile. Seems like folks don't get together much anymore to play cards. A lot of that was done before TV became the center focus of a family. I remember a lot of things we did before TV entered. I still don't watch much TV though. :nono:

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-07-2013, 10:31 AM
Good morning to you all. Jack had to go into work this morning and will probably be there all day. They have a big catastrophe that could have been avoided, but through some lazy people, the back up systems were down and now it is a rush to get them up and running. Jack has to sit around and wait for the mechanics to get the thing fixed so he can program the PLC. I feel for him having to work today, but it is some nice extra money to take on the trip.

Today is lazy day for me since Jack is going to be gone all day. I will just read I guess.

Maggie: Have fun with your new oven. After we remodel I may consider the convection oven. Right now I have no where to put it. The shorts did come out of the dryer immediately, but they pockets turned up and the bottoms too so I had to iron them. I like cotton blend best for clothing as it doesn't wrinkle like cotton.

Jean: They came in with an electrician about 5 years ago and did a revamp on wiring because of several wiring fires, but we had to pay for it to the tune of almost $1000. They don't pay for anything inside at all. Pretty much now they don't pay for anything outside either. No one has mowed in over three weeks here. I noticed the lady across from us passed away as they had an estate sale so I imagine the family will put it up for sale now. It will sit empty for a long time I imagine. The stainless thing is a fad and I can't see paying big bucks to get stainless when you can get the same thing or even nicer for the same price in white. I am fighting it and it will be wayyyyy down the list when we remodel for sure.

Well gals, have a nice weekend. Faye

09-07-2013, 09:42 PM
Good Evening! It is very humid but not terribly hot here today. Strange weather! I went to a bridal shower this morning. Several teachers were there so it was fun to visit and catch up with them. Our remodel project for the high school bid came in 2.5 million over the original estimate. I'm not sure what plan B is going to be. This afternoon I did a couple loads of laundry and that was it. I have no ambition for some reason.

Maggie -- I know you will have fun with your new oven! What do you make with the tiny little rolling pin? Glad your foot is feeling better today.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry Jack had to work today. I hope whatever he had to do went ok. It's too bad the owners don't have some clout to have the pool and yards taken care of. Guess it's good you don't have to shovel snow!

Not much newsy from here. Hope you all enjoy a nice Sunday tomorrow! :wave:

09-08-2013, 01:32 PM
Good morning all. Going to be near 100 reg temp today with heat index well over that. We were going to go out and get the mardi gras beads and get a "Memphis" gift to exchange at the ship get together, but we decided to wait until next Saturday when it is supposed to be about 15 degrees cooler. Besides, Chick-fil-a is having a free breakfast campaign and I signed us up for a reservation for Saturday morning. We like the chicken bagel so we each get one free on Saturday. We will then go looking for stuff for the cruise.

Poor Jack worked from 6-6 yesterday and came home hot, sticky and he said his knees were killing him. I gave him 3 advil, told him to strip to his undies and had him get his legs up in the recliner and he was soon cooler and his knees quit hurting. He then went up and took a shower and put on some clean clothing. He made around $500 yesterday!! Nice to have the extra cash for the trip.

I am finishing up the other load of laundry and will make lunch in an hour or so. We are just chillin' today. I vacuumed the upstairs and the stairs and finished up fixing my clothes stacking mistake, (I put the outfit to wear to dinner Sunday night in the wrong bag and the outfit to wear to dinner with the cruise group in the wrong bag and had to switch them.) Everything is now ok.

Jean: The only clout we have is to go to the monthly meeting, but nobody listens to you and I got tired of being peeved at them when they would make excuses and not listen so I quit going. That is the bad thing about living somewhere you have maintenance fees and such you are stuck with what the board wants or doesn't want even if everyone who lives there disagrees with them. The fact most of the complex is now renters, no one cares what they do. I haven't been to a baby or wedding shower in years. When I did Kelly's shower, I went out and bought a yard of blue blanket fleece type material, tiny safety pins and paraffin. I cut one big triangle piece and then a bunch of tiny triangles, made them look like diapers and pinned them then dipped them into was and made nut cups out of the little ones and put a trail mix kind of thing in the big one. Jack had this huge safety pin from his Navy seabag that went on his laundry bag and I borrow it to put on the big diaper. They really looked cute. I even made her invitations and everything was nautical.

Well girls, I need to go and check the laundry. Have a nice Sunday all. We are now down to FIVE weeks!!!! :dance: Faye

09-08-2013, 06:44 PM
Good Afternoon! It's not that hot but another humid day so the air has been running again today. We skipped church again today. The pastor was gone again and it was to be part #2 of a very boring sermon started last week when he was also gone. Bob made the decision and I was happy to sleep in this morning. We went to see The Butler this afternoon. I had reservations after reading the review in the paper saying it wasn't exactly as it really happened. But a couple gals from crafty club and Jason's mil all said it was good so decided to go. We thought it was good - lots of history from our life time.

"Gma" -- Jack really put in a long day! Is any part of where he works air conditioned? We rented the condo when we lived in Ohio but several of our neighbors owned theirs and always went to the meetings. It was very well maintained; I would love to go back and see what it looks like now. Jason's in-laws went on a cruise to Alaska when we were in MN. We saw pictures the other night and I thought of you when I saw the fancy food displays and the cute towel animals on the bed.

I need to finish looking through the Sunday ads. Ian's birthday is in November and have a couple of Christmas ideas for the girls. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-09-2013, 08:41 AM
Good morning to you gals. Another day close to 100 degrees is in store for us today. I am up because my female stuff is back with a vengeance and had a mess this morning. I gave Jack the hormone prescription and told him to fill it today after work. I wanted to avoid going back on them again, because of the side effects, but I can't go on the cruise having what happened this morning happen. I will have to make an appt with the gyn when I get back from the cruise and see what this new guy thinks. It has been 3 months since this all stopped. I just don't know why it started up again after all this time. I can't do anything about it and the meds will stop the bleeding and stuff, but I am going to have to really be diligent and pray it doesn't put the weight back on me again.

I have sweeping and mopping to do today and that is going to be it for me. I am not feeling well though I took some Advil and hope it kicks in now. We decided not to go out shoppng yesterday as it was so hot so we will get the beads and Jack can pick up the gift today at the grocery store. We decided to go ahea and get the Corky's bbq sauce and rub and just tell them to be sure and pack it in their checked in luggage and not carry it on or they will take it from them. I can't see buying something stupid that represents Memphis and it being junk they will just throw away. At least they can use this.

We have all the clothing all laid out for packing in our little piles and such. The hygiene stuff will will pack last minute on Wed night before we leave on Thursday so we are in good shape. I am waiting for my hair appt confirm email as I forgot which time I picked! I was going back and forth about it as the mail hold card needs to be taken over to the post office the same day because I need a running start on them stopping my mail. They always screw it up. Problem is the appts are 2 1/2 hour increments for coloring hair and the first one is 10 and doesn't get out in time for me to take it before or after as the post office has not cut their hours to 10-12 on Saturday and it clear across town from either our house or the salon, which is clear across town in another direction from our house. So, if I took the early appt, Jack is going to take me to the salon and drop me off and then go to the post office and drop off the card and come back and pick me up when I call him. If it is later then I will run the card to the post office, come back home then go over to the hair salon. I am not going in to get my hair done until the 5the of October and I should get my email confirm this morning sometime so I will put a post it note on my computer and a note on my Iphone calendar too.

Jean: I hate boring preachers. I don't know why they can't just teach a Sunday School type lesson during the worship hour. I think you learn a lot more that way and aren't bored to death unless they are so bad they even make that kind of teaching boring. The work buildings and of course outside are not air conditioned. The admin buildings and the "shop" as Jack calls it are air conditioned, but they don't sit around in them all day unless Jack is working on some computer thing or something paperwork wise that kind of stuff. One of the buildings is underground and the heat like today would make it about 130 degrees down in the blower building. Jack said when they have to go to Horn Lake, MS (there is something down there they have to do work on from time to time) that this particular thing he said they need to go and check are some kind of readings. Two men have to go, one has to be put in a harness and lowered down and some kind of fan blowing device has to be put down there because of the methane smells and such and then the guy has to signal if he is in trouble and the hurriedly roll him back up. Just one more thing for me to worry about as I didn't know they had to go underground to do these readings. I sure hope he can study and get the foreman job when it is posted so he won't have to continue to do this kind of stuff. It doesn't however provide a good income and livlihood and for that I am very thankful.

Well, off to get chores done I guess before it gets too hot. Have a good start to the week. We can now officially say we are below 5 weeks. :lol: They left port really late yesterday as someone on the cruise posted on cruise critic and said there was something wrong with the pump on the flowrider (their surfing thingy) they had to fix. Jack said you could see a big crane next to the ship so I imagine they replaced the thing. They leave at 3:30 our time but didn't get out until nearly 6 yesterday. Hopefully we won't have any issues!!! Faye

09-09-2013, 02:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's going to be another hot humid afternoon in my neighborhood. Schools are dismissing early once again. The weatherman says a cold front is coming in; his idea of a cold front and my idea of a cold front are far apart! Not much money to count at church but the computer that I use wouldn't let me into the program so I ended up using the secretary's computer which worked fine. No one else should have been on "my" computer so have no clue what happened. Gift shop deposit was pretty good considering it only for four days last week. I'm waiting for them to call off the soccer games tonight. Ian also has a football game but it is late, at 7:30, so we are going to pass. Next week is early and on Sunday.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry you aren't feeling the best again. I hope the hormones will help get you through the cruise. :yes: Bob said he heard on Fox radio that the USPS wants to raise the price of stamps three cents because they are still losing money. I don't know why they just don't do five cents a time; I can't remember how much stamps are now as it is! I can't believe shipping local mail 2 1/2 hours and then 2 1/2 hours back here for delivery is cost effective. :( But what do I know? If I mail something to the small town 5 miles west of us, it goes 2 1/2 hours to Des Moines, then 5 hours northwest to Sioux Falls, and back to the little town. It takes three days if I'm lucky! Lots of times if I have mail going west I take it over there and mail it so it goes directly to Sioux Falls and then on. Crazy! I would worry about being underground and the gases too!

I need to change laundry loads and keep moving. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

09-10-2013, 08:32 AM
Good morning girls. Didn't dip below about 75 last night so I imagine it is going to be hot real fast again.

I am fixing crockpot chicken and gravy for dinner tonight. It is so easy and tastes great. Jack is having mashed potatoes, me probably frozen veggies.

Well, we shall see what happens. I went and got the prescription filled last night and took a dose last night and one this morning. She wrote it for double the mg for each dosage so don't know what that will do. If it causes me trouble, I will back off to just once a day until I get back from the cruise. Funny, but my biggest concern is weight gain. I have been working hard to get it off and don't want to go backwards, but it will be an issue as it was before.

Jean: That will make a stamp 50 cents! It is ridiculous. They are losing money because they pay the postal workers way too much, their benefits are better than anyone elses and the service is lousy so people take their packages and such elsewhere. They been talking about 5 day service and whacking off Saturday, but they can't seem to do it right the other 5 days and until they do, they will continue to lose money. Also, people don't have to mail letters because of the internet and can now pay most of their bills online too. I only send out one bill by mail anymore and that is because their screw ups make me doubt them using my bank card so I send a check and even now send it certified to prove they got it. I told Jack I need stamps as I want to get post cards on the cruise and send them. Wonder who was fooling with your computer????

Hope you all have a great day today. I did several downstairs cleaning jobs yesterday so don't have a long list to do today, just the bathroom and cleaning the microwave, chest freezer, washer and dryer and the dining table. That all amounts to using anti-bacterial Windex on them and wiping them all down. The half bath is a snap to clean too. Talk at you all later. Faye

09-10-2013, 02:03 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 85 degrees and climbing but the sun is shining.

I've been spending most of my time for the past week helping Sandy get moved and unpacked. She had 2 moving vans jammed full, besides what we moved the before they came, and there are still 2-3 pickup trucks of stuff at her old house that we need to move over the weekend. Of course her kid hasn't done anything for more than a hour and its just been her and I. Her ex and her brother who said they would help haven't been seen. Her house is looking good though and we'll have the boxes that are in the garage unpacked by the weekend so we can move the last of the stuff. I've lost 3-1/2 pounds in the past week - toting and lifting! At least a benefit~I was worried because I haven't been to the gym in a week.

Tonight is quilt guild so we will have dinner out and then the meeting. Time for a little fun.

Faye, I'm sorry your problems are back. I hope it doesn't interfer with your fun on the cruise. I'd worry about the gases, but going underground doesn't scare me. The unions have ruined Detroit and other cities. Detroit has 19 different unions for the city workers. I think all city, county, state, and federal employees are paid too much and have too many days off and other benefits. They need to be put in line with the real work force.

Jean, it isn't cost effective to put mail sorting machines in every post office so they have the centers and it doesn't cost more to go to the centers than it would be to have the big mail trucks picking stuff up at every little post office. Even at 48 cents, USPS is a bargain because it would cost more than that if you delivered you inter-city mail yourself.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a wonderful day!

09-10-2013, 02:20 PM

UGH it is a day in the 100°s and I don’t like heat like that at all. When we were out and about this afternoon we used the Jeep’s air condition system and I was nice and cool while Will went into Wal*Mart to buy a few items. He bought me some ger-prises of heart shaped stick em notes and some neat paper clips attached to some colorful tags to mark places in my cook books. There is a place you can write on them.

There are some neat storage containers that are rectangle which will fit in my cupboard better than the round kind I have currently holding flour, etc. I will be ordering some of them to make my cupboards more friendly to use. I need one for white flour, Bisquick Light®, and bread flour. I keep my whole wheat flour in the freezer so won’t need one for that for round containers are best in the freezer to let the air flow around them. They also have a neat brown sugar container that keeps it soft ~ I use the Splenda® kind ~ and a powdered sugar keeper that will be handy. I’ll, of course, get one to keep my Splenda® that measures like sugar in so that will make 6 new containers in all that I will be getting.

I showed a .6 loss at WW which certainly surprised me because I have not been a good gal and tracking like I should. Before when I was losing I wrote down everything I put in my mouth and sadly to say I got out of that habit. I know it is what works for me so I am getting back into doing it once again. No more thinking I am eating within the lines and want to get a grip on it before I do start gaining what I worked so hard to lose. I have lost a total now of 90.6 and want to get to the hundred loss mark so had better get a grip and get on with it.

JEAN I will use my 7 ½ inch rolling pin when I roll out things on my kitchen table. It is so much easier to navigate with it than the big one on that small area. Those stainless rolling rods are called “Fat Daddio’s Rolling Rods.” Snappy name which sounds like it came out of the ‘50s don’t ya think. I have no need for the very long version of the three. The two of which I have now will work just fine for me. :yes: Sounds like someone has been messing with your computer for things of that sort don’t happen when they are left alone.

DONNA FAYE I certainly hope they can get your female problem resolved once and for all. :hug: You are going to be so glad that while on the cruise that you have been such a good organizer. I doubt if while on the cruise you will have forgotten anything you will need. I do hope that Jack does get that promotion.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-10-2013, 05:56 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a bit cooler today but still humid. It was 98 degrees on the soccer fields yesterday. HOT!!! The kids took several water breaks so the games took longer than usual. I, personally, thought it stupid to have them play when schools dismissed early. It was 90 when we left as the sun was going down. I vacuumed fur and dust bunnies this morning. Sonny has been snooping somewhere, the evidence being cobwebs in his whiskers. This afternoon we went to vote in the school election; Bob went back to work and I went to the dreaded grocery store. Ended up "saving" $.99 a gallon on Bob's next gas purchase.

"Gma" -- I hope the hormones will help you and not make you gain weight. Are you hungrier when on them? I'm still leery of paying bills online. Both of our kids do, and I suppose I will have to someday. I have started the next afghan. So far neither cat has paid any attention to the yarn.

Susan -- I can't believe the stuff Sandy must have when living alone, and then to move it. It's too bad her so-called helpers didn't show. I would think she would want to downsize. Have fun at quilt guild tonight!

Maggie -- Congrats on losing .6#! Any loss is a GREAT loss when one loses their momentum. Get back on the journaling track and you will be fine. I am ready for some cooler weather! I have it ordered but think it got detoured someplace. I saw where CO got some snow.

I need to finish putting groceries away. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. :wave:

09-11-2013, 10:21 AM
Good morning gals. It is already mega sticky outside. I went out about half an hour ago to take a soda box to the corner since it is trash day and whooeee!

Talked to Jay this morning and they will be coming down on December 4th until that Sunday. He is not running this year, but we will be there cheering Tom and Thomas on. Thomas is running a half marathon in the St. Jude Marathon this year. We are excited to see them again as it will be 6 months since we have seen them. In between times I have to get the boys socks knitted, buy Jack's Christmas surprise, and go on vacation. We are leaving for vacation on Jack's birthday this year so I have to figure out a little surprise for him for his birthday.

Susan: Wow your friend had a lot of stuff sounds like. I think it is rotten when people say they will help and then don't show up. When we moved across town we moved ourselves completely except the furniture and we had someone just come in and pick it up and deliver it here to the condo. I agree with you about the government employees and it is very hard to fire them too. What gets me is Congress opting out of the Obama mess. They obviously knew it would be awful and it sure is turning out that way. Jack and I talked about it last night and we talked about charity versus being forced to do something. I need to not even talk about it because it makes me so mad.

Jean: This particular medication is used for people on chemo and meds for ovarian and uterine cancers specifically to improve their appetites. It can make you so hungry you feel like you haven't eaten in months. It did that to me yesterday. I went over my pts, but tried at least to eat stuff that wasn't junk. I will just have to be better about fighting it. At least so far the diahrrea hasn't shown up. That's the worse thing for the cruise, especially when you leave the ship for excursions. Hopefully I won't have that this year. I told my son this morning we have been watching two things, gas prices and hurricane info for the trip. So far the gas prices have stayed pretty good and no hurricanes on the gulf and pacific side. They said there is one developing over around Africa so we will have to watch and see.

Maggie: Congrats on the loss. Keep up the good work. Yep, it isn't likely I will forget anything being the list maker that I am. I started the lists 2 months ago and just added to them as I thought of things. Being out in the middle of the ocean you can't just run to Krogers or Walmart if you need something so I have to make sure I take everything for contingency plans. It makes the hygiene bag pretty full but I don't ever have to worry I don't have something if I need it.

Well girls almost 8:30 so better get some breakfast in me and get my chores done. I have a load of laundry in washing and already unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher but need to get cleaning chores done before it gets too hot. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

09-11-2013, 12:36 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a bright sunny cool morning and not supposed to get any hotter than 80 this afternoon. I have lunch bunch at noon and Bob has a meeting in the same place with lunch included. They have several rooms so probably won't see him. The kitchen is picked up and the dishwasher running; I've done my chores for the day! :lol:

"Gma" -- I'm trying and send some cooler weather your way, but Maggie isn't cooperating! ;) December seems like a long way off but it will be here before we know it. I will be glad to see Obama GONE but like Bob says, we could always get someone worse. :( I think I heard on the news that the hurricanes will fizzle before getting close to the U. S.

I need to figure out what I'm going to wear to lunch. Enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

09-11-2013, 06:10 PM

It is currently in the high 80°’s today and said not to reach into the 90°’s but we shall see. Usually it gets up there higher than the “talking heads” say it will. We take what we get and live with it for we certainly can’t change it. However, in these hot summer days I do wish I had a back yard swimming pool. :yes:

Will is cutting the trim pieces for around the wall ~ guess they are called “mop boards” and it is bothering Ragg Mopp while Beanie is trying to help Will. Ole Ragg gets under my desk and huddles against my feet. Mopp never did like hearing the sounds of things being hammered especially with a nail gun.

My newly acquired printer is still in its box here in my office for I have not installed it yet. I haven’t had anything to print and just haven’t been in the mood to deal with it. I went through my catalogue bin and tossed most of them. There are a few items that I want to order out of like my Chefs® catalogue. They always have something in their catalogue that grabs my attention. :cp: Now it is a set of stainless drink straws that I will be ordering soon. The Artisan Table® has a set of measuring spoons that have the “twist & shout pig tail” type handles that match my other pieces of flatware. They also have a cheese slicer and knife that match that I have my eye on. Fun things like that that add to my collection and are useful. There are also come other catalogues I want to order some things for gifts but they are few now. I have a 4 inch deep container that I keep catalogues in and when it starts to overflow it is time to go threw them and toss what I won’t be ordering out of. When I get my “allowance” I will decide what to order.

Will does volunteer work for “first call” which is an organization that helps folks that come through here get back on the road to where they are going. They provide food vouchers and a place to stay and a bus ticket for part of the way they are going. There is a man now that is driving the folks working with this type of folks bonkers. His car broke down so he wanted to sleep outside of the shop that tried to fix it. He refused to go to a motel room (paid for by the first call folks) and so the Police were called to transport him. Between Will and the Police they talked him into going to the motel. Now the guy wants them to step and fetch for him anything his heart desires and that is not how the system works. He was headed to CA and doesn’t have any relatives out there nor does he know anyone there but he is headed there. He has some money in the bank so they are trying to convince him to ship all his belongings by UPS and take the bus to CA and can pick up his stuff when he gets there. They are not going to put him up in a motel here anymore for the program isn’t set up for long term residents. It is just to help those going through the area to get on their way in a comfortable manner. There are other programs to help those who are already residents here. Did I mention that the man stinks :( to high heaven and Will had to take a shower after being around him.

We just got in from our drive about the country and didn’t see the buffalo because that section of road that runs by their pen was closed due to resurfacing. We got a spattering of rain so while the clouds are taking a breath before they let loose of some more water Will is out mowing our back yard.

JEAN Nope you can't have any of our cooler weather for we are using it up. Feels good doesn't it when you get all your chores done and still have some of the day left to do something you enjoy.

SUSAN I truly didn't ignore you when I posted last for I didn't see your post when I posted mine. :hug: My goodness your friend Sandy has the "stuff." It is hard for some folks to get rid of anything when they move though. Not hard for me for I have had so much experience but I don't think we will be moving out of this place for we like living in a friendly little town in the Heartland. We certainly don't ever want to live in CA again and that's for sure. When we moved from SD to MN we had a couple come and load the truck and they were the best packers we ever had. They were a young man and his wife team and knew what they were doing and kept up a good pace and we gave them a nice amount of do-re-me for such a good job.

DONNA FAYE What fun to get Jack a surprise present. I love surprising folks and getting surprises also. :p I imagine if folks do forget anything for the cruise they can buy it on the ship at vastly inflated prices. But that is the way of it. Plus they do have a doctor on the ship for any medical needs I would imagine. Like a floating city with a helo pad to air lift folks off to the hospital. They have to have everything covered to keep the passengers as safe as possible.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-12-2013, 11:18 AM
Good morning ladies. I was up late last night knitting because I couldn't sleep so I slept in this morning for awhile. I am making a belt to go with one of my dresses and it looks pretty darn good. I used leftover stash yarn from the hat I made Jack for Boise State. It is bright bright orange and I had Jack give me the dress to see if it would go and I think it is going to look great. On Saturday while we are out, I am going to get the "d" rings and since I want to make a black one, I will have to get black yarn.

So far I am not having problems with the hormone meds, which is great. I was really leery since they are twice the strength than she had me on, but no nasty symptoms at all and no female stuff either.

Maggie: I am going to buy Jack an Ipad for Christmas. He has wanted one for a long time, but I thought it unnecessary since he has a laptop. I have to decide about shipping though as it will ship either UPS or FEDEX and neither gets here before he gets off work. Hope your printer installs easily.

Jean: I would love some cooler weather for sure, especially at night so I could just turn the ac off completely for a few hours. Looks like I may get my wish by this weekend though.

You all have a good day. I need to get hoppin' with my chores for today. Faye

09-12-2013, 02:09 PM

It is currently 11am and the temp is 69°s with high humidity and a chance of thunder storms with rain. We have gotten quite a bit of nice rain these past days and they say we are in for some more the rest of the week. Will got the back yard mowed right before it started raining which was great for if it had to wait it would be a mess with all the rain to come. Now it looks so nice a green and the dogs frolic on it. Cecil doesn’t mind being out in the rain and comes in and taps me on the leg to be petted and I get a handful of water. He dries off inside then out he goes again. That Beanie is a character ~ when it is just about time for us to get up and we turn over we are face to face with that dog. It makes me laugh. I am so glad he doesn’t pounce on me like he did when he was a puppy. That would startle me and I would jerk and hurt myself. I would much rather have it now that he puts nose to nose.

Will is at the museum and getting his bullet collection set up to take to a talk he is to give soon. He needs to make a case for them that is easy to manage and they don’t get all mixed up but stay put on the display board. He has quite a large collection of them from 1900 and earlier. He will one day donate them to the museum I am sure. Will bought an old timey badge and is having it engraved with the man’s name he represents in the re-enactment plays. As a surprise we are going to get another badge and have it engraved with the man’s name that a college student represents that works part time at the museum. He has no parents and has adopted us and it is fun to give him surprises. I admire him for working so hard and putting himself through college plus he is a real nice young man.

I hear the pitter patter of the rain being blown on my window so it must be coming down again. Cecil will be coming in soon with his wet little body. When it comes in spurts like it has been doing it is best for the crops for the plants drink it up and don’t go swimming. I imagine the Buffalo pond is full to overflowing again. When they wade in the pond it washes away the critters that get on their legs and tummy. They have such short little tails for such a huge animal.

For dinner we are having BBQed hamburgers. Last time we made burgers we BBQed a lot of patties that are now in the freezer and I noticed Will bought some burger buns yesterday. I’ll take that as a hint for he only buys them when he wants a burger. It is almost noon o’clock and I am not yet hungry but will eat a Fiber One™ Lemon Bar for 2P+. They are tasty, filling and good with my coffee. These little bars pack a wallop of 5g of fiber each. I also have a package of the Chocolate Fudge Brownies that are the same 5g of fiber each and only 2P+ each and are so yummy. If you need a larger breakfast eat some fruit and a boiled egg with one and you will have a love pat to your tummy.

DONNA FAYE What a neat thing that you aren't having any problem with your meds. I imagine you could jump and click your heals. Will loves his little I-Pad for he is able to take it with him on his volunteer jobs and access what he needs from his other computers on it. Plus it takes wonderful pictures. He has a desk top computer, a laptop, and an I-Pad. For someone that was resistive to learn the computer he has come leaps and bounds these last few years. He picked my brain for awhile and learned very quickly. I could have an I-Pad but don't have a use for one at the present.:p Isn't there a place in town that you could by Jack one and not have it shipped so he wouldn't know about it? Wal*Mart will be having a great sale on them soon for the holidays. Plus the teckie shops will be running specials. Or maybe just let him pick out the one he wants for there are different ones out there.

Howdy everyone!
Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

09-12-2013, 02:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful sunny cool day in my corner of the world. I spent the morning putzing and made a potato salad. It turned out way too much because my potatoes were big; :eek: I used three because I didn't think two was enough. It's a good thing we both like it. I should run errands this afternoon but think I will stay home and maybe go tomorrow, when I will need bread and milk for the weekend.

We've had a kitten hanging around for a few days. Sonny really likes her! I was pretty sure it wasn't one of Momma Cat's kittens and Bob began to think that it rode home from the farm under his pickup. He set up the live trap last night, caught the kitten, and took it to the farm. His friend wasn't home so Bob put it where that mother cat and kittens' food/water was in the shed. Rich didn't think it was one of his kittens either, but it now has a new home on the farm! :D

Maggie -- I have a wicker basket that I use to collect printed material other than magazines. It's full and I need to sort through it and pitch. Most of the items I just don't take time to look at when they come, and I should. We could use some rain so send it on! The area around the tree that is no more, is bare dirt. Boib is hoping that grass will grow there now that the tree is gone. Beth would like your pig tail flatware! Maddy thinks Beth's pigs are a hoot and why in the world would she be so crazy about pigs.

"Gma" -- I didn't sleep very well last night but sure could have used a few extra zzzz's this morning. The knitted belts sound like a cute idea and a good way to use up extra yarn. I'm glad the hormones seem to have settled your system down, and I hope that continues.

I need to get busy and do a few rows on the afghan. I'm thinking I don't much like the colors so can't decide if I should show it to Will before I do any more. He might like it; it's called woodsy but is camouflage in lighter shades. Enjoy the rest of a terrific Thursday! :wave:

09-13-2013, 08:45 AM
Good morning to you all. I am hoping the temps drop today and over the weekend and the overnights get cool too. We really need a lot more rain, but it rains when it rains I guess.

I have the first belt done. I will get "d" rings for them tomorrow and want to get some cotton black yarn while I am at Joanns. We have a bunch of running around to do tomorrow then the commissary is on Sunday.

Jack informed me we are at 30 days today then proceeded to tell me how many hours it is. :rolleyes: He has some kind of cruise app that has a countdown on it. He is crazy, crazy! :lol:

Maggie: You know, we do have an Apple store here in town. I never thought of that. Guess I should go into the online store and print out the one he wants and the other stuff and just take it there and let them put it together I guess. They may ship to store and I can go pick it up too. I will have to see. Sounds like the dogs enjoy themselves in the rain. Fortune would walk out and turn around and walk right back in when it rained. He had to go to the bathroom really, really bad to stay out when it rained. :) I sure to miss the little bugger, but it was what had to be done.

Jean: I use canned potatoes in my potato salad. They don't mush up like regular potatoes can do. I used them for augratin and scalloped potatoes too. I hate mushy potatoes and found for some reason even when I cooked them the 20 minutes sure fire method they were mushy. Could have been what kind of potato they were. Jack won't touch potato salad so if I make it, I have to be real hungry for it. My mom was big into cows and I used to do things in cross-stitch with cow themes. I cross-stitched a cute pig thing years ago, but I don't remember exactly what it looked like. My kitchen for now is "I Love Lucy." I have the cutest salt and pepper shakers a friend gave me for my birthday several years ago. One is a couch with a heart pillow that says I love Lucy and the other is a tv set with the show logo on the screen. I also have canisters, a cup hook, and other stuff. I have a bunch of lucy stuff up in the spare bedroom and a couple things in the living room including a tiny metal lunch box that is a music box and has True Friends on it with Lucy and Ethel on the front.

Well, I better go. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! Faye

09-13-2013, 03:50 PM
Good Afternoon! It's another beautiful day in my corner of the world, sunny and cool. It was 48 degrees when I came downstairs this morning! This morning I sorted through catalogs and magazines, then made a meatloaf for lunch. This afternoon I've done a couple rows on the afghan. Bob likes the color combination so hope that Will does too. He will be sol if he doesn't.

In checking the calendar for next week I am tired already! Sunday is Ian's football game, Monday is my usual money counting duties and my evening card club begins, Tuesday is soccer games, Wednesday bell choir practices start, Thursday is the annual hospital auxiliary meeting and I have to have the gift shop financial statement ready, a coffee date in the afternoon, and a church meeting in the evening. So far Friday has nothing planned.

"Gma" -- I have never used canned potatoes; in fact I will have to look for them just to see what the can looks like. We haven't even made a dent in the potato salad I made yesterday. Whatever was I thinking to use such big potatoes and will know better next time! I didn't realize you had so much Lucy "stuff." I always think of you whenever I see anything pertaining to her. Sioux City has added another station that is advertising reruns of the old fun shows and I Love Lucy is one of them. Of course, we can't get that channel. Thanks for sharing your belt picture! Cute!

I need to wash my meatloaf dishes and see if the mail is here. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the day! :wave:

09-14-2013, 11:42 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a really cool morning at 48 degrees! The sun is shining but the weather gal said we will have thunder storms this afternoon. We need rain but sure don't want what CO is getting. Bob left early for the lake to meet Jason and take the boat out, then the dock. They can take the dock out without getting in the water which is still over his head at the end. Last year he fell in somehow so hope he remembered to take dry clothes just in case. Bob has someone else take the boat hoist out and park it up on the yard. After I get laundry started I need to pick up a birthday for a 90 year old's birthday open house; he is a good client of Bob's as well as being church friends. We shared many bleacher times with them when our kids and their grandkids were in school.

I need to finish getting dressed, it's a jeans and socks day for sure! Have a super Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

09-15-2013, 02:47 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm beginning to hear and echo here! :eek: It's a cool 58 degrees, cloudy, and breezy in my neighborhood today. Our "thunderstorm" last night amounted to three drips and a dribble of rain, no thunder. We went to church after missing three Sundays. Another "regular" asked if we should be introduced as visitors, of all the nerve! :lol: I've read the papers and am getting ready to head to Sioux Falls for Ian's football game. I have a long sleeved turtleneck and the team t-shirt on, debating about a nylon jacket or a heavier one. I hate being cold! It's windy up there too.

I need to get my socks and tennies on so I'm ready to go when Bob is ready. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing Sunday! :wave:

09-15-2013, 04:31 PM
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