20-Somethings - With school comes poor eating choices...

09-03-2013, 06:04 PM
So college is finally back in session, and I have a lunch break between my final two classes. I have more than enough time to go out to eat, but not enough time to go home and grab something to eat, so I guess that comes with the question what the **** can I bring to school to eat for lunch? I'm 90% sure there are no microwaves that I'm aware of so leftovers are pretty much not an option (unless of course I find out otherwise). I need something that can most likely survive without a refrigerator/with only an ice pack and in the car (I'm so not lugging around a lunch box, let's be real, that's not cool especially when you're the 25 yr old ancient lady). So yeah. Halp.

09-03-2013, 08:17 PM
When I was at university I would pack a lot of smaller snacks that I could eat through out the day like fruits, cut up vegetables, nuts, crackers & cheese. You could also pack sandwiches, salads, cold pasta salads. I always liked looking up recipes online to keep my lunches interesting

09-04-2013, 03:23 AM
Maybe you could set some sort of compromise? Majority of my food last week consisted of fast food that was not prepared at home. I just had to choose to order healthier selections or break down the portions into two or three meals.

Otherwise, when I pack food, like Rated said, I'd pack multiple small snacks just to munch on throughout the day. I'm one of those who when counting, I feel so restricted that I typically am never "full" so, I just use the time to tell me that I can eat one of my snacks (usually every couple of hours or so).

09-08-2013, 01:05 AM
Depending on where you go, often time if you ask, they may have a commuters lounge, and often that has lockers, a refridgerator, and a microwave.... ours even has a coffee pot... so maybe ask one of the administrative offices, or if you have a campus life office, you could check that out.

09-08-2013, 09:49 AM
There is nothing wrong with carrying a lunch pack. I often have very long lectures (3+ hours) that hit around dinner time which are followed by club meetings I run. I also have diabetes, so I guess carrying a lunchpack and preventing a low is better than seeming like "an adult". When I bought my pack I opted to purchase a child's lunch box because it was compact and cute. I find it easy to strap it to my backpack or even to toss into my purse (I say purse, but lets be honest, it is more like a tote bag ).

Either way, this is what works for me. If you know you are going to be on campus for a while, and are going to be hungry but don't want to pack a lunch, try searching for healthy options around your campus. :)