South Beach Diet - Terrific Tuesday Daily Chat Sept 3

09-03-2013, 06:31 AM
Morning all,

Asc6429 Welcome

Store day and get tires day as well. BIG money spending day.
Going to love taking my SB foods list with me and get some great choices and hopefully good buys.

Glad all ya all had a good labor Day and are now back to the usuals!

Keeping striving to do your best.


09-03-2013, 07:27 AM
My first morning on SB, and it feels good.

Back to work today, it will be a busy day but that means it will go fast.

09-03-2013, 07:41 AM
Welcome to all the newcomers!

Wow, is it Tuesday already? This week is really going to screw with my mind since I'm taking tomorrow off to go to a funeral, too. :dizzy:

I never did get in here yesterday, since we ended up with most everyone spending the night after our BBQ on Sunday, and the last of them left around noon yesterday. We had a good time and I even managed to stay mostly OP, except for perhaps going overboard on the wine. ;)

I'm sure today will be a busy day of catching up for me at the farm, and it's my late day on top of that. It will be a short week, though, so I'll manage to hang in there.

09-03-2013, 07:55 AM
Good morning, ladies. Just wanted to quickly say hi and wish all the newbies continued success.

I am using the beginning of the new school year to motivate me to get a new outlook. I have had too many restaurant meals and when you couple that with TOM the number on the scale was ugly today. Phase 1 here I come.

I'll be back later; have a great day chicks!!

09-03-2013, 08:02 AM
Good morning and Happy Tuesday That Feels Like Monday. I always have a hard time getting my mind around that.

Spent most of yesterday in the kitchen dealing with the "harvest". I have soups and pasta sauce ready to freeze and stash somewhere in the freezer which is packed. I have too many mystery packages in there. "I won't mark it because I'll remember." I must do an inventory of the baking supplies stashed in there which will help clear things out.

This morning was the first morning that I needed to turn up the furnace so fall is on the way. There's just a hint of colour in the trees at the edge of the meadow. I love crisp fall days but not so soon, please.

Adding my :welcome: to Chickadeee55 and Asc6429. By the way, ASC, you will be able to use the private messaging function when you have been here +20 days and have 20 posts.

Time for a second :coffee: and then crank up the day.

09-03-2013, 08:04 AM
Beth, the scale was quite ugly for me too, let's hope south beach works its magic!

Today is the kids' first day of school, so I'd better get them a moving. I have food for the week planned out (except I thought I have tuna and don' a quick run to the store....again...). I did make a batch of peach pound cake for the teacher's first day back, and must resist! I did have a piece last night, and it was delish. Good thing it is leaving.

Hope you have a great day!!

09-03-2013, 08:48 AM
Good morning :coffee2: My schedule is its own kind of crazy this week. I worked some yesterday (desk work) and cleaned some before a late afternoon mushroom forage. We were relatively successful and found several nice sized lobster mushrooms (they actually smell like lobster while cooking) and as many little puffballs as we wanted. Breakfast will be mushroom cheese omelets! Today is a fairly normal work day then the next three days I am mostly off with some desk/phone work. DP is having minor surgery tomorrow that may leave him with some vertigo so I planned the days off so no one would expect anything. We are hoping for an easy recovery and we will use the time to play - some drives and woods walks, we hope.

The scale has been reminding me all summer of my lax attitude and today is the day of reckoning. We have both gained 20 lbs over the last few months and are buckling down today. No more grains for awhile and no wheat in the house at all. We aren't cutting out fruit because our own grapes and peaches are just ripening now. If we need to those will go later but hopefully this with exercise will do the trick. I don't feel like my cravings are out of control so this should be enough. The biggest thing is getting back to planning and logging everything. I've just been far too lax about that and that's when bad things happen.

Time to get moving on this day!

09-03-2013, 09:04 AM
:goodluck: today with all of our eating....we can do this.


09-03-2013, 09:52 AM
Good morning,

Quick check in for me busy morning already at work always is after a Holiday weekend.

My eating was not the best this weekend and I am doing Phase 1 starting today to clean it up, carbs filtering back in don't ya know :)

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

09-03-2013, 10:20 AM
Good morning

Pretty quite weekend although I started some plum jam. I do it an old fashion wy without pectin and it takes several days
Althugh i have fluctuated 1 to 2 lbs from my ticker all summer, I am ready to buckle down and reach my goal weight by Christmas.
Now that the kids are back in school hope to go walking at the zoo more. There are lovely walking paths. Also the pandas are visiting us for the next 5 years. Have a nice day everyone.
Take care


09-03-2013, 10:31 AM
Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I am feeling much better today which is quite a relief. Today is Phase 1 Day 4... my first try with southbeach! So far, I've lost 5lbs! So awesome! It makes everything worth it... but man, I can't wait to get to Phase 2! (I really want that 1oz of dark chocolate... it's that TOM...)

Back to work for me today, too! Hopefully this is a quick week because i have a camping trip on Friday and I am so excited!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone! Thanks again for the welcomes and advice so far. :) So glad I found this place!

09-03-2013, 01:20 PM
Hey all - As Chickadee said - September starts South Beach! The carb-loving almost pre-diabetic husband has joined me for the first time in his LIFE watching what he eats. We started Sunday, and no matter how many times he says "I am going to starve!", I reply with "No, you are just bored."

Sigh. It would help if he liked ANY vegetables besides iceberg lettuce.
Here's to healthy eating!

Be well -