Biggest Loser Challenges - In Between Challenges - Mixed CHAT Thread (9/2/13-9/8/13)

09-03-2013, 03:04 AM
Hi everyone, I'm Darcey (aka SuperHeroTeacher) and I'm going to be taking over coordination of the Red Team for Mel for the next Biggest Loser Challenge.

Did everyone enjoy an on-plan 3-day weekend? (Was it a 3-day weekend for our Canadian members too?)

I am going hardcore in September - no cheats, no off-plan foods, no extra snacks, and some form of activity daily, because I'm desperately trying to get below 200 by my birthday the first of October. So, my food choices were on plan, and I walked a mile on both Sunday and Monday. So far, so good. Here's hoping the next 28 days are as smooth as the first two :D

09-03-2013, 10:30 AM
I worked all weekend, so not a lot of opportunity to go off plan. :D I did have an adult beverage both Friday and Sunday night, though.

My 2 week scale break was a disappointment - up 1.4 pounds. :mad: The scale is put back away til October 1st. Maybe the blip up will help keep my hand out of the nut jar all month. And I think I need to start buying my nuts in 100 calories packs again.

09-03-2013, 10:53 AM
Morning ladies

Welcome aboard Darcey glad to have you. Wow no cheats that's what I was going for as I have a B day in October too. It was a long weekend in Canada too. I just came off two weeks holiday and there were a few cheats in already:-(. Not bad though only a 3lb gain in two weeks off....that's great for me

Mel enjoy the break:-)

Riddy - wish I could put the scale away good for you for being able to do that and letting that little gain motivate you instead of the opposite. That's awesome.

Well getting ready for work so have an awesome OP day everyone.