Looking Good, Feeling Great - Problem Measurement and Clothes Shopping

09-02-2013, 11:16 PM
I have lost a good amount of weight since January 1st and have been pleased with my progress. I'm losing inches which of course I'm delighted about. I started seriously strength training one week ago to start toning and getting stronger. I have done lots of cardio since embarking on my weight loss journey.

My issue is my arms and my waist seem to be slower to lose inches. I'm hoping now that I'm strength training I will see a significant loss of inches in my arms over time, as they are HUGE.

My waist is slow to change as well. This is making it difficult for me to find clothes that fit/look good. And I'm really irritated by this.

Anyone have similar experience? If so, how did you cope/deal with the situation or finally get the inches to come off in that area?

Would sucking it in as much as possible during the day help with that area?

Going to start back with Hip Hop Abs tomorrow. Hoping if I stick with it I will notice changes.

Oh..and any advice for finding clothes for a 'banana' body type? Nothing seems to look good! NOTHING!!!