Chicks in Control - I eat cause im sad, and im sad that i eat!

09-02-2013, 12:02 AM
It's a double fisted sword! It's like u have to eat! Just eat for fuel...but moods like this I just eat cause I'm lonely or sad. Than it just adds into the problem! So frustrating!!! All I want is things I shouldn't have! Must find something healthy!!!

09-02-2013, 12:23 AM
I do the very same thing and I let it get way out of control.

I use food to comfort myself when I am sad, to entertain myself when I am bored, to keep me company when I am lonely and to celebrate when I am happy.

I am trying to adopt new behaviors such as crying when I am sad, finding something interesting to do when I am bored, spend time with my husband, friends, 3fcs, or my kitties when I am lonely and buy myself flowers when I want to celebrate. If I do use food for a feeling, I am trying to find foods that I can have on my WW program.

It isn't easy to change my behavior after so many years, but I try to be more aware of why I am eating in addition to what I eat.

Like you, I find it to be very frustrating!

Ms A
09-02-2013, 01:36 PM
star1783 I feel ya. It's so hard :(

doingmybest I do that too. It's a family thing I think. Food is always used to celebrate or deal with some other occasion. It's hard changing habits after they are established all your life.