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06-23-2003, 10:16 AM
Good Morning Chickadees!

How was everybody's weekend? Mine was busy. Cleaned all day (and I mean all day) on Saturday. I love a clean house, just doesn't stay that way for long. Then Sunday School and Church were really good yesterday. The rest of the day we just kind of hung around and enjoyed not doing anything that amounted to anything. ;-)

I have lots to do around here. Gonna go get my cup of coffee and get started on the paperwork. I'm hoping to go for a walk at noon. After work I'm going to sit with my grandmother for awhile and give my mom a break.

Hope everybody posts a quick hello.

Cathy :wave:

06-23-2003, 11:08 AM
Good Morning,

Hi Cathy !!

Weekend went by to quick as usual. Saturday was also a cleaning day because it rained so much there was nothing else to do, but like you said Cathy, its sooooo nice to have a clean home.

Sunday rain again, but we had to go to a gradulation dinner for my neighbor, which was very nice. The food was so so, but the desert was great !! It was a good time.

Other than finishing the laundry yesterday I made some dinners for the week. Let see, we have turkey breast, meat loaf, lasagna and something I found in the freezer defrosting, can't tell what it is :lol: Its like the weight of the world off my sholders when I know dinner is done and I don't have to think about it when I get home at night.

Tonight will be folding allllll that laundry and putting it away, but only after :bb: goes to bed. I hate spending time away from her and wasting it doing laundry.

The past several day's I've really had some experience w/eating carbs all day. Even if I don't lose weight, I have to stay away from carbs for most of the day. I had headaches, stomach aches and was so tired eating the carbs for breakfast through dinner. ICK. It really made me feel icky. 2 more weeks and counting until I try Atkins again. I'm sure I told you hubby's doing it w/me :D
I just love the energy I have w/out the carbs (although I do miss them sigh ~ )

I honestly think certain people are alergic (for lack of a better word) to carbs than others.

Okay I've blabbed enough huh !

Hugs for a warm peaceful day.

Love, Leenie :chef:

06-23-2003, 11:12 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
I am trusting you all had a wonderful or at least relaxing week-end! Not that I would know what that is myself.ha ha:lol:

I also cleaned and organized a lot this week-end. We may be selling soon so I am starting to make the whole process easier by clearing out some areas daily! I love "de-junking" the house anyway!

It finally seems like summer here...we have never had the amount of rain here like this past few weeks..It has been unreal but it certainly makes EVERYONE appreciative of the lovely warm sunshine!

I am off to workI have been out 2 weeks in a row............hard to get excited but I will try!:p

Have a good one!

REMEMBER: The control center of your life is your attitude!
Author Unknown ( but good!)


06-23-2003, 11:30 AM
Hey there everyone. I'm new to this thread but been with 3FC for almost 4 years. I've just been diagnosed with depression in the past month and started anti-depressants 2 weeks ago. I know that the meds probably haven't kicked in 100% yet as it can take several weeks before they take effect but I feel a lot better and I'm certain my mood has improved. I'm finding that I'm having a lot of drowsiness in the morning and unless I have to go to work it takes a lot to get me going. I've given in several times and just napped. I don't think I need the sleep, I just can't keep my eyes open!

I had a so-so weekend, didn't feel like I accomplished much. Well today is a new day, I'll try to be a bit more productive. Take care all.

06-23-2003, 01:17 PM
Good morining all. I am still here.

I had a yard sale Saturday and then DH and I crashed for 2 hours afterwards. I cant believe it, we didn't do anything but it sure did drain us.

Yesterday was the first day without rain for about 2 weeks and DH and I took full advantage. Instead of me being inside cleaning I was out with him helping him clean the gutters and the outside of the house. My MIL will be here next Monday and she has never been to our house. She hasn't been down here since we got married (6 years ago) So you know that house has to be perfect!

Jen it may take a few differnet meds till you get the right one. You may just be having a different reaction to the one that you are on now. Good luck though.

06-23-2003, 04:07 PM
Hello everyone! I just got up an hour or so ago.....heading to school for my dd's talent show......was a so so weekend with working....dd 11 had a soccer tournament and big cousin slept over for two nights so the kids had now for awhile unless I get called in!

Hope all is well

Take care everyone!


06-23-2003, 05:53 PM
hi everyone~

Jenn, I was like that too when I first started on my meds... it took about 2 months before it went away. My counsellor (well read in depression and meds for it... and the one responsible for getting me convinced to see the doctor) explained it so:

Your body is finally not listening to your head tell it that it can keep going. The tiredness is real. It's just that the depression masked it.

I hope this makes sense. I was so darn tired I could have leaned against the wall and slept - seriously. I had forgotten all about that til I read your post. It did go away, but I believe my counsellor was right. Like anything else, it takes time for your physical body to recover. The meds are dealing with the brain; the tiredness is your body letting you know you need to deal with catching up on sleep.

Try, the best you can, for an early bedtime that is consistent. It will go away *s.... all the best!