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09-01-2013, 08:57 AM
New month and new week! September always feels like the start of a year. I guess that's from being a student for so land and then a teacher after that.

No, I still have not gone for bloodwork but do still have the requisition. The problem is that I really don't want to drive the the lab (40 minutes away) on an empty stomach and low morning FBGL. I am going to give the clinic nurse another try since Darlene is now back from vacation. The clinic is just a ten minute drive. I really don't want to see the results because I'm sure my HA1C is up. I am such a baby and nearly 3/4 of a century old!

This month is going to be a good one with fun things planned for every weekend right up to Thanksgiving weekend in October. I am going to try very hard to balance work and fun. It'll help that the Mill is closed for tours after this weekend and the Cafe closes today.

I'm planning to do a beer can chicken for dinner tonight which will give me some yummy leftovers. There are lots of veggies available so I should be able to stick to my South Beach plan. Since it's going to be a tad cooler this month, I may get into roasting Brussels sprouts although I've not yet seen any around. I used to hate the things but just adore them now. Who knew?

Time for my morning smoothie - almond milk, spinach and a peach today.

Happy September Sunday!

09-01-2013, 10:26 AM
Just a quick flyby to say hello to September. I'm not changing ticker but I am at a new low on this new month that I haven't seen in so long 232.6 YAY!!! Got my plan that I love and all is wonderful.

Ruthie I think once you have the blood work behind you that you will find it easier to move on with the plan that you know works for you. I think it is all the stress that is causing you the difficulty. I know it sure has helped me to get the stress down in my life. I notice Mad is having a lot of stress lately too which may be causing her problems too. Once the kids moved, I got stressed out just with knowing had to get the eating and the blood work right. Now that I understand that, I take time to relax even if it is only for a few minutes each day and it helps. Praying for you both to get the stress in your life calmed down. Y'all have hung in there for me so many times. I hope y'all get past this set back y'all are going through too. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

09-01-2013, 05:24 PM
Ruth I hope you get your bloodwork done soon. I need to have mine done also.

Trish congrats on the new low :high: and thanks for the reply. :)

my fbs is finally lowering, though it's still not great, it's not in the 200's for the second day. :)

09-01-2013, 08:56 PM
Although the RM/carby breakfast was allowed and OP, I will never eat biscuits and gravy in a restaurant again. I'm thinking it must have had MSG in it. My day has been horrible.... feeling lethargic, sleepy and hungry all day. If I would allow myself, I could eat everything in site. Boy, it is a real eye opener.

I decided to share this for 2 reasons.

1. I need the accountability because I've already been off plan with 2 carby meals today and hope that by confessing it that it will help me to get right back on plan for the rest of today. (Don't plan to eat any more today hoping by fasting that this will flush out of my system.) I'm so glad that in the Stress Eating Cure book the Heller's talked about this happening. They say if you feel this way after eating something especially in a restaurant that it is a pretty good sign that MSG was in your food and the only thing they have found to do at this point is to drink loads of water to flush it out which is EXACTLY what I am doing along with the fast. Fast will just last until my breakfast or 1st meal tomorrow.

2. In case any one else who is new here experiences such a thing they will know that it happens and why. (This can help on any plan, but I think we low carbers feel it more.) There was a time I would have thought the plan didn't work for me and quit. I'm thankful so for having read the Stress Easting Cure because now I know what is going on and not to quit because this doesn't mean that I did anything wrong or that the diet doesn't work. It just means that there was something in my food that triggered the way I feel. In this case, I'm thankful that I know what I ate different. I have never ordered gravy at breakfast. Never been a biscuit and gravy eater and for some reason it just sounded good today. This is a restaurant where we eat every Sunday after church. I have eaten their other gravies at regular meals and never felt this way. So I know it had something to do with either the combo or what was in either the biscuit which tasted and looked like homemade or the gravy. I know one thing NOTHING IS WORTH a day feeling like this.

Now I just have to drink loads of water, stop eating for the rest of the day and ride it out to get rid of these feelings and not allow it to totally derail me. I am thankful for the lesson learned. We don't always know what we are getting when we eat in restaurants and so grateful to the Heller's for spending so much time on this subject in their book because I know that the struggle will pass and tomorrow, I will feel better and even with the fast... I'm back OP now. No real damage done.

Hope this will helpful to others as it has been to me.

09-01-2013, 09:15 PM
my fbs is finally lowering, though it's still not great, it's not in the 200's for the second day. :)

That is great Rennie. Just hang in there. My FBS is still high, but it isn't in the 200s any more. Sometimes my readings are all over the place and I think that is for several reasons.

1. My diabetes is weight relate nothing else. I've always been blessed with the fact that if I get my weight down below 200, it normalizes.
2. The time of day when I test it. Example, I know that if I wake up early and don't get at least 7 hrs of sleep, it will be higher than when I get a good nights sleep.

It has taken me a long time to find out what works for me. I've read a lot and I've tested myself a lot. My first doctor who diagnosed me the 1st time I dealt with this and got control new my family. I remember him telling me. I really can't tell you what diet to follow. You will find that out on your own and you work it out. I did and it wasn't until I stopped working at it that it got out of control again. I've never had readings over 200 more than about 2 or 3 times. I have never allowed it to go that high. The doctor I have now who diagnosed me this time told me. "We usually don't tell people this but we doctors have learned that any diet will work. You just have to find what you can live with." He went on to say "I can tell who works at it and who doesn't". He knows I'm working at it and he is probably my Best cheerleader on the way. He has never fussed at me. He always encourages me. I feel like he is in my corner and he never gives up on me and that helps me to NOT give up on me either.

Just KOKO. I hope you and Ruthie will get those blood tests done. No matter how they turn out, they give you the info you need. I have copies of everyone of mine since I started going to this doctor about 3 or 4 yrs ago. Although I can't tell you what all of the tests mean, I know which ones are the most important for my health. I read in a diabetic book in the beginning how important it is to keep up with these things myself and not to just leave it to a doctor. It works better if we take charge of it ourselves.
One of the main things I've learned is not to reach for PERFECTION because no one is perfect. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY.

09-02-2013, 08:37 PM
Trish - I hope you feel better after your episode with the sausage gravy. I have had that a few times at a restaurant, but it is at a buffet, and I can control how much of the gravy I use. It is definately not something I eat all the time. On Wednesday's, the breakfast buffet is only $4.99 for seniors, so we take advantage of that every few months.

Today, we had our last cook-out of the summer and I made potato salad. I intended to just eat a small portion, but it was so good I over did it. The leftovers will go home with my step-daughter. I have to get it out of the house.

Yesterday, we went to my step-son's for dinner. They eat completely different than we do. They cook almost all their meat on the grill, even in the winter. They have a covered porch and can grill in the winter, except on days when it's really bitter cold. They seldom eat any potatoes, rice or pasta. They had a big salad with lots of fresh veggies and corn on the cob. I know that corn is a starch, but I ate some anyway. I was wondering what my husband was going to do since they had no potatoes, but he was ok with it. He survived! LOL They also only had oil and vinegar dressing and fat free balsalmic vinegrette. My husband like thick, creamy ranch dressing. But he had some vinegrette, and was fine with it. He didn't even stop at McDonald's on the way home for french fries. LOL Every time they invite us over for dinner I cringe a little bit because my husband is such a picky eater and I know they tend to eat very healthy. But it's his son, so he goes along with it. When they come to our house, I cook what my husband likes. I try to have things they like too, to even things out. They have never complained.

I never thought about sleep problems causing BG to be higher. I never get a good night's sleep. I don't want to take meds for sleep, and I fall asleep in a matter of minutes. I just can't stay asleep, and once I wake up, it's almost impossible to fall back to sleep again. I am going to try staying up later to see if that will help me sleep longer. Sleep is supposed to be important for weight loss, too.

Ruthie - I love brussel sprouts. I buy frozen ones. I don't buy too many fresh veggies because the two of us don't eat enough of them and they go bad. They say that frozen are close to fresh in nutritional value.

09-02-2013, 09:00 PM
OMG. My husband is playing Christmas Carols on his keyboard! He's rushing it, don't ya thing????

09-02-2013, 09:35 PM
Well someone on the CAD/CALP site I'm on said that I probably didn't eat enough protein. They said that the Breakfast Balance is supposed idea the give came from someone else they researched and you are supposed to eat 7 oz of protein on it. It is difficult for me to balance the breakfast, however, I do know from experience that I can eat what I had with toast without any problems. So I just will never do the biscuits and gravy again. Just not worth it. However, I like eating a low carb breakfast and then eat my carbs later in the day. This is what I have started doing since I read how important it is to eat the breakfast. I may just continue doing that on Sunday as well. I can eat some starchy carbs, but not loads of them.

The off eating yesterday didn't derail me after all. My weight was down .6 lbs this morning. Needless to say this is working for me and I'm staying with the plan. I expect to have a really good weight loss when I go see the doc again and of course that will help improve my blood work numbers as well.

I understand completely how your DH is. Mine is the same way. If I ever tried to feed him what his daughter cooks, he would never touch it. However, he never says a word at her house or when she lived with us and cooked. In fact, she and I like some of the same types of healthy foods so I always enjoyed when she cooked.

Yep, I think he is pushing the Christmas music. My DH plays the keyboard too, but I haven't heard the Christmas music yet. haha

09-03-2013, 12:36 PM
Trish, I agree with you that you are eating a healthy diet, and it's working for you. That's all that's important IMO. There is contraversy about eating more protein. I read on another diabetes board that you should eat small portions of protein because excess protein will be turned into glucose. Everybody has their own ideas. If this is working for you, stick with it.

I was not hungry this morning but my husband made french toast and made scrambled eggs for me with the left over egg mixture. He does that because he knows I don't want to eat the french toast. I love it, but I like eggs too, so I pass on the bread. I also had half a peach. I am making meat loaf for dinner and I will try not to eat again until dinner. I will have meat loaf and veggies, and make potatoes for him.

I like all foods and that is part of my problem. Lately, I have been leaning toward more healthy foods. I have to stay away from fatty foods because I have a hiatal hernia that will act up with fatty foods. I can go to eat at anyone's home and there will be something that I like. Same with restaurants. I can find something on any menu. Not DH.

I have not been on the scale the past few days, but last week I weighed and my weight stayed the same. I am happy to not have a gain, although I would really like to see a drop.

09-03-2013, 04:06 PM
I haven't had a good day today. I went into my room to sit down at my dressing table and I either tripped on something or just lost my balance and my body got thrown into the chair. I grabbed onto the table which kept me from falling off the other side of the chair. I banged my knee on the chair. Then I decided to go downstairs to exercise. After 10 min on the treadmill I got a sudden sharp pain in my hip, going across the bottom of my back. I must have also thrown my back out when I fell into the chair. I gave up on exercise for today until I figure out what's going on with my hip and back. Then I came upstairs and was boiling some eggs. When they were done, I picked up the pan with the boiling water in it and stepped toward the sink to drain the water out. It's a good thing I took that step toward the sink, because I guess I wasn't holding the pan steady and some of the boiling water dumped out onto the floor. It would have hit my leg and foot. I had on shorts and sandals, and I did feel a drop or two hit my foot but not enough to get burned. I'm ready to go back to bed for the rest of the day!

Now I'm getting a bit of a headache. I think that fall really jarred my body.

But on the other hand, I'm doing very well with my food. My husband made some Ramen Noodles for lunch and left some in the pot. I immediately dumped it down the disposal so I wouldn't be tempted to eat any. The meatloaf is in the oven and should be done about 5 PM. I will be good and hungry by then.

Maybe I'll go down and try the elliptical this evening. I'll take it slow, but it will be better than nothing.

09-03-2013, 09:01 PM
Carol Sue please be careful. I think I would just wait until tomorrow to do anything else. I hope you enjoyed your dinner :hug:

09-03-2013, 10:14 PM
Carol Sue Take it easy till you know what is happening with your back and hip. Sounds like one of those ? kind of days. Hope you feel better tomorrow and it will be a better day.

Rennie Hi, hope you are doing well too.

Today has been a good day although I did need a snack, but it was OP so it should be okay.

Bonnie, Fatmad, Ruthie and others :wave:

Catch y'all tomorrow.

09-04-2013, 08:05 AM
I hope everyone is feeling feisty and rarin' to go this morning. (I'm working on it. Another coffee will help.)

Did pretty well on eating low carb yesterday until afternoon when I felt like I was getting a cold. I ended up snacking on those blasted Goldfish crackers for supper. I should have had soup and gone to bed. Today will be another try at low carbing. FBGL was 5 this morning so I could have gone for bloodwork. (Dr. Jack is going to be somewhat PO'd when I see him next.)

So glad to get a brand new day!

09-04-2013, 11:27 AM
I hope everyone is feeling feisty and rarin' to go this morning. (I'm working on it. Another coffee will help.)

Did pretty well on eating low carb yesterday until afternoon when I felt like I was getting a cold. I ended up snacking on those blasted Goldfish crackers for supper. I should have had soup and gone to bed. Today will be another try at low carbing. FBGL was 5 this morning so I could have gone for bloodwork. (Dr. Jack is going to be somewhat PO'd when I see him next.)

So glad to get a brand new day!

I am definately feeling fiesty and rarin' to go! LOL

Thank you, everyone, for your concern about my injury. I didn't attempt to exercise again yesterday because we went shopping after dinner. I think walking in the store helped to loosen things up and my hip and back are not sore this morning, yet. My knee still hurts where I banged it and it is a little bruised, but it doesn't hurt when I walk on it, just when I touch it. It's really the side of my leg right above the knee rather than the actual knee. I have a nice layer of fat there and I think that cushioned it. LOL I will try exercising again today, but will stop immediately if I have pain. I don't believe in working through it. I think that can just make an injury worse, especially at my age.

Ruthie, I wouldn't worry about the goldfish crackers. We all need to have some comfort food when we aren't feeling well. There are a lot worse things you could have eaten.

I am not hungry yet so I haven't eaten breakfast. I will probably hold off until lunch, but it will still be scrambled eggs, with some slices of tomato.

Trish, I was reading about that Heller book online. There were a lot of reviews about it...some people liked the book and others, not so much. The people who didn't like it said that they were disappointed because they were switching away from the reward meal and adding some carbs to other meals, too. But it did mention that Rachel had started having trouble sticking to CAD so they did a study and came up with this new plan. I can understand that. Other people said that they disregarded the diet information in the book and focused on the chapters that were about how to control cravings. I think each person gets something different out of the book.

I had heard of cortisol but not oxytocin, so I googled it out of curiosity. It said that this hormone makes you want sex. LOL My husband is definately going to want me to do this plan! LOL Actually, I think it just raises your mood. Also, they sell it on Amazon. It's not the actual hormone, but a supplement that acts in the same manner. It's rather expensive and you use 2 drops a day. This makes me think of a friend of mine from work who lost a lot of weight. I asked her how her husband felt about her weight loss and she said he loves it because he's getting more sex than he ever had in his life. I guess whatever plan she used to lose weight increased her levels of oxytocin and made her desire more sex.

That will give you all something to think about all day. LOL Have a good one!

09-04-2013, 03:55 PM
Got a phone call from my doctor yesterday I am on the lowest dose of Metformin and I only take it in the morning but now she wants me to take it at night also. My fbs is not off the charts with the average being 130-150, but that is higher than it should be, so hopefully with the weight coming off this will be only temporary, hopefully one day I will no longer have to support CVS!! Have a blessed day. Tammy:hug:

09-04-2013, 05:15 PM
Got a phone call from my doctor yesterday I am on the lowest dose of Metformin and I only take it in the morning but now she wants me to take it at night also. My fbs is not off the charts with the average being 130-150, but that is higher than it should be, so hopefully with the weight coming off this will be only temporary, hopefully one day I will no longer have to support CVS!! Have a blessed day. Tammy:hug:

Tammy, most people start on a low dose and increase gradually. That helps you to handle the side effects better. With diet and exercise, losing weight, we will all be able to stop the meds someday!

09-04-2013, 05:20 PM
I didn't exercise today because DH was gone most of the day and after my injury, I didn't want to exercise without him here in case something happened. He didn't eat breakfast, then his brother called and wanted him to help with his truck. He came back home at noon, but just to get a tool and then was off again. I knew he was going to be starving when he got home, so I made some pasta sauce and had it ready when he finally came home and just cooked some pasta to go with it. I am not really upset about eating the pasta, because it was planned. I rarely eat it, but I'm not going to worry about it today. The only other thing I ate today was my eggs, tomatoes and fruit, and I will not eat again until tomorrow. It's all good.

09-04-2013, 07:07 PM
Tried eating breakfast with toast, this morning. I won't do it again because it didn't work for me. The one thing I liked about Atkins was breakfast with eggs and bacon. I will be keeping that. I ended up eating another starchy meal at my main meal which is what I will be doing from now own. I did check my calories on MFP.com and I am good with the calories and amazingly, I am also extremely good with my carbs. I think I will be watching the calories etc on MFP.com for a while just for the fun of it.

Carol Sue So glad you didn't hurt yourself really bad. I'm not actually using the Hellers' new book except to learn what stress can do. That has helped me loads. While I do enjoy eating one starchy meal a day around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I have no desire to eat a big starchy type of breakfast especially before 9 am which is what I heard the book the Hellers' researched said to do. I would do it if I thought it was necessary, but it just doesn't work for me. If I eat the low carb breakfast like I ate when doing Atkins and a balanced meal with starchy carb around 2 or 3, it seems to satisfy me so that I don't have to eat any more meals after. I can eat a small low carb snack or a few nuts around 7 or 8 and be finished until the next day around 11 am or noon. Never thought of it until today, but that works out to be a perfect IF/IE combination. And it is so easy, it feels like eating normal not dieting.

Tammy I take 1000 mg a day. I think that is what they usually want us to take. Some take the max which is 2000 mg. My doctor has never told me to take more than the 1000 mg. He told me I could if I wanted too when I asked me, but I couldn't handle the leg cramp side effects so I went back to 1000 mg once a day. I think this is normal.

Ruthie Good to see. Sorry you were feeling bad. I agree with Carol, I wouldn't worry about the Goldfish crackers. I sure hope you are feeling better today. Come on girlie, go get your blood work done. You'll be glad you did and it will help you get back on plan. It's time to stop beating yourself up. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Bonnie, Fatmad and Rennie Hope y'all are having a good day.

09-05-2013, 08:43 AM
This is silly but part of the reason I am stalling on the bloodwork is that I really need my coffee in the morning. I also seem to have something I need to do every morning. :shrug: Maybe I'll see if I can just do a drop-in to the clinic and at least get the HA1C. FBGL is running OK but the doc does want cholesterol checked and that has to be fasting. *Sigh*

Been trying to keep lower carb with limited success, e.g. Goldfish the other night. I did have a yummy veggie soup yesterday with some shredded cheese but just did not feel like making a stir fry last night so ended up having chicken and gravy on a ww roll. Taking a friend out for her birthday dinner tonight and she has chosen Chinese! I'll need to flex my resistance muscle.

So weight is pretty much stuck. I definitely need to change my wardrobe plans for the wedding on the 14th.

09-05-2013, 09:55 AM
Trish I take 850mg 3 x day. That is the max. 2550mg.. I had some 500mg left over so I take them at bedrime instead of the 8$0 so I am taking a little less. I didn't want to waste them.

I try not to eat any starchy carbs buti will eat them sometimes like last night with the pasta. On tues when my only carbs were veggies .my sugar was 164 which is good for me. It has been ashigh as 200 . The only time I have carb at bereakfast is if we go out and ihave toast or oaatmeal. I used to buy low carb bread but I stopped. Small changes gradually instead of trying to do it cold turkey.

Ruth I am delaying my a1c because mylast one was high. It is also hard for me not tohave coffee. I actually gave it up for a while and was caffeine free for a year or so but went back when I didn't see an improvement in my health. I would like to try again but with winter coming it would be hard.

09-05-2013, 08:43 PM
I have to have my coffee in the morning as well. This is how I handle the situation. I have one of those carry cups that will keep my coffee hot. I make my bloodwork appt early so that I can get it done early. Example appt next time is at 8:50 am. I will make the coffee and take it with me in the that cup so that when I get back in the car after the blood draw, I can drink my coffee on the way back home. It works out fine. Maybe that would work for y'all.

09-06-2013, 07:27 AM
My scale is dead and I am not in mourning! It's the battery but I may just let her RIP for a while.

The problem with fasting bloodwork is that I need to drive on the highway for over 1/2 hour to get the bloodwork done. I do not like that when I have a low FBGL and am also dealing with the morning commuter traffic.

Had to take Donna our for dinner last night - a belated birthday celebration. Unfortunately she chose a new Chinese buffet. Unless one eats just salad, it's very difficult to eat on plan in a Chinese restaurant. I'm quite happy not to weigh this morning.

Off to a meeting this morning and taking a Greek salad for lunch - more salt from the feta and olives but ... :shrug:

09-06-2013, 08:54 AM
Ruth - So you get a low FBGL sometimes? I never do, even when I eat well and exercise. One day last week I ate no carbs all day except for veggies and was excited to see 164 the next morning. That would not be good while driving in rush hour traffic.

I used to love Chinese but DH didn't. Finally, I got him to go to the Chinese Buffet and he did find some things that he would eat. We went there twice, and then I lost interest in Chinese food. I have no idea why. The thing I liked the most was they had a huge grilled salmon, and you just broke off a piece the size you wanted. It was so delicious, I might be able to go back, just for the salmon.

09-06-2013, 09:07 PM
Well, this morning I was amazed to see 230.4 on my scales. Forgot to check FBS so will do that tomorrow. Won't change the ticker until tomorrow or Sunday. I am so close to finally getting out of the 230s. I can't remember when was the last time I was in the 220s. I am just so thankful to have found what works for me. It has been too long coming.

09-07-2013, 09:37 AM
just a fly by to say hello, I haven't forgotten you all! DH had the internet hub at the cottage until THursday, and I only had internet at the office, and just didn't wanna hang out at the office after work just to be online etc.
Have been more active but still not on target with diet. Time for some butt kicking I am afraid.
WIll be back soon.

09-07-2013, 09:55 AM
Now today would have been a good day to go for bloodwork. I was 5.2 (93.6), a little higher than usual, but the labs are closed Saturday! I've no idea what I weigh but will put a battery into the scale and weigh tomorrow.

I made a meatloaf for dinner last night which was not great so didn't eat much. I go to the theatre this afternoon but turned down my friend Barb's suggestion that we go for lunch first. I'm still feeling guilty about the Chinese buffet on Thursday and am trying for a controlled food weekend. Dinner tonight will be a skewer of shrimp and veggies, some green beans and some sweet potato fries.

I have been more active lately with garden cleanup and house purging but have not made it back to the gym. I doubt that it will be this coming week or the next because I have something happening every morning. If I don't do it first thing, I doesn't happen. :shrug:

09-07-2013, 10:09 AM
Well, this morning I was amazed to see 230.4 on my scales. Forgot to check FBS so will do that tomorrow. Won't change the ticker until tomorrow or Sunday. I am so close to finally getting out of the 230s. I can't remember when was the last time I was in the 220s. I am just so thankful to have found what works for me. It has been too long coming.

:bravo:That is great news! Good for you!!

09-07-2013, 10:12 AM
Hubby and I are each down by 1.5 lbs! So very excited, been too many years with the scale showing the same numbers. His foot is giving him trouble so instead of walking this morning we worked out with weights. Have a blessed day. Tammy

09-07-2013, 07:01 PM
Well, I was up a couple of lbs this morning, but I'm sure was salt in the cheese I had last night. I got hungry and just didn't want to cook anything so grabbed a couple slices of cheese and celery and ate that. I just can't eat sliced cheese (lowfat) at night time. We will go to Wal-mart tomorrow after we go eat after church and I will pick up some better snack food for when I need it in the evening. I'm sure I will see the 230 or less some time this next week. I am still down 1.4 lbs this week so that isn't bad.

Tammy CONGRATULATIONS on yours and DH 1.5 loss. Hope his foot is better soon.

Carol Sue, Fatmad, Bonnie and Ruthie :wave:

Have a nice weekend guys.

09-08-2013, 06:22 PM
Hey ladies well sorry for being MIA for a while. Had lots of stuff going on here. My daughter and her hubby Left for Illinois for 4 months he is going their to do some work at a hunting club. Then My son decided that he and his girl friend of a year or so wasn't working so he moved back home. on top of all that I am still dealing with all these knee problems. They finally shot it up with cortisone and something it seems to be doing better but my foot keeps swollen up they think its the baker cyst. I hope things get better so tired of all the pain .
Aunt is doing ok her blood is a little low but they wont do anything until her Hemoglobin is a 8 or under then she has to get blood. So needless to say I have been so busy going and going I took off from PT till the swollen feet and legs get better. Hope to get back into the swing of things soon although dr was talking to me about getting a knee replacement. Will see Hope all is doing good.

09-08-2013, 06:53 PM
Bonnie So sorry about all your problems. Hope things get better for you soon.

Well, I ended up with the 1.4 lb weight loss, but of course on the ticker it only shows 1. But that is okay. I did check my measurements and I've lost about 3 inches overall since last month. So I suppose it was a good week after all.

09-08-2013, 10:27 PM
going to start again. I have a fridge full of appropriate foods, and plans for meals for at least tomorrow. gonna do it.

09-09-2013, 07:05 AM
Survived another weekend and got back on the scale. My ticker is now true. Busy two weeks ahead - a friend is having a wrist operation and will need lots of post-op support, physically and mentally. I have an out of town family wedding on the weekend :crossed: and then my DD arrives for a week's visit. My DD is a carb addict so I'll have to be very careful.

Glad folks are mostly on track. Bonnie, you have so much going on I'm amazed you get in here at all! Be well.

09-09-2013, 11:48 AM
ruth, can you talk with DD and let her know how hard it is for you, with your diabetes? Tell her its meat and veggies and not much else?

So gang, I did it. In spite of being up half the night with a delivery, I had a low carb breakfast. No off to work for a while, then a nap.

09-09-2013, 12:39 PM
I want to start working out again so I think I am going to start off with all the good things I learned from PT. Don't want to do too much to quick. Things here today is quiet and Thank god I am not in a mood to be too busy today I had enough of that last week plus we have a lot going on this week Aunt has to see her surgeon on Wednesday and then Chemo on Thursday. who knows what else someone has planned for this week and not told me yet .

Glad to see everyone is doing ok here. when my son moved back in he bought his 100 gal fish tank and set it up In my little room where my computer and tv is and when I get a chance I jest sit and look at the fish so relaxing and then my parrot lets me know he is still here and wants attention too. Funny how neither one of these are mine but now I have taken possession of them. The Parrot was given to my daughter because it few out of the neighbors house and they said it was bad luck to bring it back in . Now he is in my room and I take care of him. funny how he will only respond to me.

well better get myself busy with the daily things . Hope all is having a good days looks like we are going to have some rain in here before long.

09-11-2013, 07:24 AM
BOnnie: good to see you getting back to normal.
I am back down to 184, will restart the ticker sometime soon when I feel I can sustain my eating.
Finally had a night's sleep, working odd and long hours was taking a toll. I did stay on plan though, but it was hard. ok, its all hard.
have a good hump day friends.

09-13-2013, 10:43 AM
My DIL just told me her father is in the hospital. He is type 1 diabetic. She said his BS dropped to 5 overnight and he was rushed to the hospital. I didn't think your BS could go that low and you would not die. This is so scary to me. He is home now, but if they don't know why this happened it could happen again. He did something wrong. Either took too much insulin for the amount of food he was eating, or did not eat at all. I have to do something now to get better control!!

Mad, I forgot that you deliver babies. That must be such a joy to be able to take part in that. Bless you.

Hope everyone is doing well.

09-13-2013, 11:05 AM
Trish :yay: for a good week :)

Ruth I hope you can do well with your daughter around. I know it's hard. That's my problem here with my family, carbs every where :dizzy:

Madeleine yay for sleep/rest :) good job on the 184 :)

Bonnie you ARE and ALWAYS have been a trooper, so much on your plate :hug: You have a heart of GOLD :)

I'm not doing well at all. I need to go to the doctor for sure but without insurance it's scary because we certainly don't need another bill. My fbs's are in the 200's. I want to put a plan in place for two full weeks to see if I can get it under control on my own. (two weeks should be a kick start, I pray) I know the key for me is planning and to stick to the plan. I weighed in at 189.6 this morning which is up from the beginning of the month but my norm for this month so far. Any goals that I have set for this month aren't gonna happen with the way things are going so like you Carol Sue I have to do something now to get better control!!

Well I hope you all have a great day and weekend :hug:

09-13-2013, 11:43 AM
Well, we aren't very busy here on this thread are we. I hope it is because everyone is busy and not because we are all avoiding checking in because we aren't where we should or want to be. Regardless, we just can't give up.

I don't remember if I shared about the book The Big Breakfast Diet or not. It turned out that Amazon had it for less than $5 in paperback so I got it. I knew right away that I cannot eat all those carbs at one meal and especially not by 9 or 10 in the morning. However, many of you know I have done CAD/CALP before where you do eat your starchy carbs once a day at the RM. So I decided to take some of the good stuff from the 3 books, The Big Breakfast Diet, Stress Easting Diet and Carbohydrate Addict LifesPlan and make myself a Personalized way of eating. I read a book years ago written about successful dieters who had not only reached their goals, but maintained if for 3 or more years. It told how they were able to make the way they ate a lifestyle rather than just a diet. What they did was that many of them took the information they got from different diets that they liked and actually created their own diet or way of eating. So that is what they have done.

What I know about me. I cannot eat a lot of carby foods early in the day as it makes me groggy all day long and while I will use low fat sometimes, I really do not want to go FF on anything if I have a choice. However, I do believe that a good breakfast with a good amount of fat and protein is probably important. So I purchased a good Protein Powder supplement that has 20 g of protein. It isn't really high in carbs, fat or fiber, but it makes a nice shake with some fruit like berries. Have a couple of eggs and my "favorite" bacon and my coffee w/half and half, Stevia and a small amount coconut oil and I've got a very nice breakfast.

Since I want to control the insulin rush, I decided to keep the CAD/CALP rule of eating one carby meal that has to be eaten within 60 min. I usually have mine eaten within 45 min. The idea is that once you eat starchy carbs your surge of insulin last for 60 minutes and then if you keep eating you will get another surge. The second surge is what becomes fat because your body can't use it. Around 6 or 7 in the evening, I will have a salad and a stew or soup made with meat and low carb veggies. Last night I had a low carb beef stew. Tonight I will make a low carb chicken stew.

I am counting calories on MFP.com and I customized my goal settings to 1700 calories a day with a 30% fat 40% protein and 30% carbs and I will exercise on my stationery bike 20 minutes 5 days a week. I'm not eating my exercise calories earned. Will save those for those days when we go out to eat. I know my weight loss will probably be slow, however, I do believe it will become pretty steady. Another great thing about eating this way for me is that I won't have to walk around feeling so dragged out from eating so much starchy carbs in a day and I hope this 1 RM a day will do away with the guilt and junk we have when we slip... no need for cheating because nothing is off limits at that meal. It just has to be saved to be included into that meal which should be a balanced meal. If I've already had the RM meal when I want that food, I just have to wait until the next day and plan the next days meal with it included.

I'm not expecting a weight loss this week as this week has been mostly experimenting with lots of testing and tweaking as I have been learning how to do this in a way that I can live with it for the rest of my life because I know it has to be done without any guilt and all the junk "mind games etc" that goes on when I go on diet. I had to have a plan that will cover all the road blocks that I have run into all these years. I've lost weight and gotten close to goal many times in the past. But this time, I want to not only reach my goal, but I want to be able to stay there plus I want a plan that becomes such a lifestyle that it is done without even thinking about it because I'm tired of thinking about food all the time and I have no plan of counting calories etc for the rest of my life.

I plan to enjoy my weekend without spending all day thinking about food and what I should or shouldn't eat or what I'm going to eat. I feel like I've been set free of bondage to dieting.

Have a good weekend.

09-13-2013, 12:02 PM
Trish :yay: for a good week :)

Ruth I hope you can do well with your daughter around. I know it's hard. That's my problem here with my family, carbs every where :dizzy:

Madeleine yay for sleep/rest :) good job on the 184 :)

Bonnie you ARE and ALWAYS have been a trooper, so much on your place :hug: You have a heart of GOLD :)

I'm not doing well at all. I need to go to the doctor for sure but without insurance it's scary because we certainly don't need another bill. My fbs's are in the 200's. I want to put a plan in place for two full weeks to see if I can get it under control on my own. (two weeks should be a kick start, I pray) I know the key for me is planning and to stick to the plan. I weighed in at 189.6 this morning which is up from the beginning of the month but my norm for this month so far. Any goals that I have set for this month aren't gonna happen with the way things are going so like you Carol Sue I have to do something now to get better control!!

Well I hope you all have a great day and weekend :hug:

Rennie and Carol Sue When I was diagnosed with diabetes again about 4 yrs ago, I bought a book by a lady who had been diagnosed and learned to control her diabetes. Unlike me who has no one in my bloodline who is or has been diabetic, her mother had been and it ran in her family. She wanted to learn how not to go down the road of all the problems diabetics suffer.

She 1st shared all the stages that diabetics go through... the unbelief, the fear, the anger etc. But the one thing that stood out in my mind was the one statement she said in the book "You have to take control of your own diabetic plan and manage it yourself". I came to realize over the years of searching for how "I want to eat and manage this situation" is that it has to be "MY PLAN". My doctor knows my numbers on a piece of paper, but he doesn't KNOW ME or how I FEEL about anything. I've been blessed to have a wonderful doctor who works with me and he never fights me, scolds me or makes me feel like I'm a bad person. He is thin, but he is HUMAN just like me. He exercises and he tracks his calories. In fact, he is the one who told me about MyFitnessPal.com . He tells me he knows it is hard. He tells me that once in a while when traveling how he wants a hamburger and all that goes with it and says... "then you go to track the calories and you used ALL your calories for the day". He has a problem with wanting to eat ice cream everyday and said he told his wife one day as they were dipping out their ice cream "We are both doctors and we should know better than to even bring this stuff in the house". So he works with me. He and my oldest son are my BEST CHEERLEADERS as they tell me "yes it is hard, but you will figure it out and you will do it". You have no idea how that helps me keep going and looking and trying. And hopefully, this time I've found mine.

You will too. This is my new attitude about all this. If I am going to live (no matter how much longer), I want to live it to the fullest and the best I can be. And I don't want to lose any of my limbs or have to do dialysis or any of the other crappy things diabetic suffer, so I have to find a way to keep those things from happening. After all, it is my decision. At least, when I leave this world, I want my kids to know that their Mama never gave up and they didn't have to watch me go through all those bad things. It is up to us girls and WE CAN DO THIS.

Good luck finding your way.:hug:

09-13-2013, 07:14 PM
Scale still at 184, so didn't gain during this baby storm, which has continued, although I slept thru last night. Managed to stick to plan today and not bad last night.
Last night DH and I went to a buffet for supper. I was really disappointed. I thought there would be more and better veggie choices, the roast beef was dry, and the salad bar was not great. I did have a nice sugar free dessert.
Told DH to remind me of this disappointment next time I suggest we go there. Not worth it.
Today had a regional meeting, with all kinds of snacks, but stuck to sliced apples and nuts, no dried fruits or sweets.
So am happy with myself for sticking to plan, even with temptation.
Have a good Friday everyone, and hope we are heading into a lovely weekend.

09-13-2013, 09:14 PM
Fatmad No gain is a good thing. I know you are ready to go down further. I understand that 100% as that is where I have been as well. I've gained and lost the same 3 or 4 lbs for months and decided that it is time to get serious about what I'm doing. I've done well with getting all my numbers coming down, but I need to get the weight going down more as well.

We had the same experience at our only buffet in town now. We were so disappointed especially since their prices have always been higher than the one that we used to go to. The veggies had been left under heat too long causing them to be greasy and tasteless. The meat which they didn't offer as many choices as usual was not very good either. I had planned to have the roast beef and it was too dry as well. We haven't been back, but may try the one in Charlotte the next time we go to DH ortho doc and hope it is better. I think the problem is that the other buffet closed making this one the only one and they have no competition here any more. Now the prices are higher and the quality of the food is not as good. What a real shame.

Have a good weekend. Are you on call this weekend or will you get a break?

09-14-2013, 08:01 AM
Hi all, weight is sliding under 184 today, so I am getting there a little at a time.
I just lost most of my post, but am doing well.
Yes, Trish , I am on call this weekend, but have now had 2 nights in a row of sleep, even if I did wake up early today.

I am off call and on clinic duty next week, so will sleep every night! and exercise every day......

09-14-2013, 12:06 PM
Trish do you recall the name of the book from when you were first diagnosed? Do you still reference back to it? Sorry about your buffet experience. I love Golden Corral but thanks to having a big family we don't get to go there unless my Mom comes and decides to take us there. I tend to actually do pretty well there. :)

fatmad sorry about the restaurant not being what you wanted it to be. Great job at the meeting :) Glad next week will be better rest-wise for you :)

Good Morning Everyone :wave:

I had a good weigh in this morning 188.8 down .8 from yesterday and fbs was 205 (not great) but lower than it's been. I am drinking tea this morning because my husband I plan to have our first just us day in a very long time. We have a gift card for Olive Garden so we are planning to use that and trust me I don't plan to over do it because I know that too much pasta will make me feel miserable. If you all have any suggestions for there please share, thanks. There's also a $1.50 theater and since we haven't seen a movie together (in a theater) in about three years we're gonna do that. (on a budget here, can you tell? :D) I'd like to take a nice walk before the movie but after Olive Garden not sure where to do it. I'll have to google some places before my hubby gets home from work, we've only been here a year. Well off I go ...

I hope you all have a great day :hug:

09-14-2013, 04:09 PM
Rennie I haven't even at the book in a while, but the name of it is The 1st Year Type 2 Diabetes by Gretchen Becker. On front it says "A Patient-Expert Walks You Through Everything You Need to Learn and Do"
An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. Might have to look through it again.

Went to bed really too late this morning and so I got up late. I wasn't hungry however, later around 11 am, I made the protein shake with less than 1/2 c strawberries and less than half of the banana DH eats for breakfast. I usually will eat half of the banana, but these were longer than the ones I usually get so I just wanted to be careful with the calories. Since I've never really been a breakfast eater, but see the importance for the diabetic, I just may plan to drink one of these everyday. Will see. I'm doing my plan using the Intuitive Eating rule of eat what I want not what I think I should eat and just eat enough to make me satisfied not stuffed or full.
I've only had around 800 calories today and just may stay around only 1200 calories today. WI is tomorrow. Hope it is going to come back down from today as it was up .4 lbs this morning. I would really love for it to at least be stable with ticker this week.

09-14-2013, 04:24 PM
Rennie, that sounds like a nice date.
So, I am doing low carb, but not atkins and not too strict. I am gonna share one of the things I have been using successfully, and its really been helping for breakfast.
For one, I am eating a higher fat greek yogurt.
for another, I am using a low carb, flour free cake. Some days I have it with breakfast. Today I toasted a piece and had cream cheese on it.
the cake is simple, but a pain to make, but once you have learned the recipe, its pretty simple. A little like the flax meal muffin in a minute.
So here goes.
1 1/2 cups nut flour. (usually hazelnut, this time I used walnuts. almonds are also fine)
add 1 tsp baking powder
8 eggs separated, beat the whites until still
1 cup splenda
1 tsp vanilla
mix everything but the egg whites together and beat until smooth, then fold in the whites. Divide the mixture into 3 layer cake pans that have been lined with greased parchment. bake at 300 for about 20 minutes, until sl brown and set. turn out and peel of parchment immediately. After cooling they freeze well.
I have also added a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, quite nice.

The first night I made it, I used one layer, broke the cake into pieces into 4 bowls, and added raspberries and whipped cream for a low carb dessert.
The next layer I did the same thing for breakfast, (1/4 of one layer) topped with the greek yogurt and a little applesauce.
Today I toasted my 1/4 slice and had cream cheese on it.
This adds a nice "cereal" feel to my yogurt, and helps me with breakfast choices. I get tired of eggs etc for breakfast. this doesn't taste like eggs.

Have a great day everyone

09-14-2013, 05:56 PM
Rennie I was busy telling you about the book and didn't see your weight loss. CONGRATULATIONS.

Also enjoy your date out with DH. I really have no advise on the food at Olive Garden. DH and I absolutely love their salad and usually fill up on it although we also love and eat about half of the food that we order and bring the other half of it home unless we get a meal that we can share. The main thing is whatever you decide to do have fun.

09-14-2013, 06:20 PM
Madeleine The low carb cake sounds great. Made a copy and I will definitely making some of this. I think I have some almond flour in the fridge now. Will definitely make a nice low carb dessert treat. Thanks for sharing it.

09-14-2013, 09:01 PM
Thanks Trish, I'm gonna definitely look up the book. I really need all of the help I can get, so thank you. I like the idea of intuitive eating, it sounds easier to stick to than anything else I've tried. What kind of protein powder do you use?

Thanks Madeleine we had a nice day together :) The flour free cake sounds great but I'm no baker and I am not very patient :(. I'm a quick person, beat it/whip it with a mixer and put it in a pan :D. I'll google to see if I can find something quick. If not m boys love to try new things so I'll have one of them try it for me. ;) I use to eat Greek yougurt but I stopped eating it because of the amount of carbs in it. Kroger has a carbsmart yogurt that has only 4 carbs so I've been eating one of those each morning not today though. Of course they don't keep me as full as the Greek yogurt does and the Greek yogurt with protein powder is even better for fullness.

I enjoyed the salad and did the unlimited pasta, I did bring quite a bit home so I didn't do bad with the pasta. I did eat 1.5 breadsticks. Got to the gas station and bought donuts and ate two, so I blew it. But we had fun. We did a bit of walking so hopefully I burned some of the calories :) Oh my son made a homemade banana pudding and of course I had some :( I will definitely do better tomorrow.

Have a great nice Ladies and thanks for any and all tips that you share :hug:

09-14-2013, 09:21 PM
Trish I ordered the book on Amazon, it'll be awhile before I get it though but at least I'll have it.

09-14-2013, 09:33 PM
Rennie Actually you did good with your night out because you enjoyed it. I think we have to learn that there are days or meals like that sometimes and don't feel bad or guilty for any of it. Don't let it derail us. Just move on to the next meal or snack or day.

So glad you were able to get the book and hope you will find some answers that will help you as it did me. I found a protein powder supplement at my local store called Top Care. I just read in the news that the store I bought it from has been bought out by Publix so not sure it will be available when I go again. I got it because it had 20 grams of protein. If I can't find it next time, then I will have to look for another one. I read that you want one with at least 20 grams of protein so I will be looking to see what else I can find and of course, from what I remember of Publix when we lived in FL they lean more to healthy foods so I may be able to find a good one when they take over this store.

I can't believe it, but I've only managed to eat 970 calories today. I know that is lower than recommended, but just haven't been hungry. Not sure what will happen tomorrow, but did have a good day with eating.

09-14-2013, 10:28 PM
Thanks Trish for your kind words. I'm on Kindle now reading a sample of - Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week: A Safe, Effective Method for Losing Weight and Improving your Health. I may just buy this one also. So far I like the tips it's giving me. When I would tally my calories on MFP I often found that were low though I was full/content. The only thing that I noticed was that over time it would seem instead of losing weight I would just maintain but I didn't know what to do since I wasn't hungry. You'll figure it out and then share with us :D

09-15-2013, 01:29 PM
I had a bit of a carby day yesterday, but was careful not to overdo it. I took a sugar free (splenda) pie from a local place as well as some chicken, so I could stay within normal. THe pie was needed as there were lots of baked goods at the picnic, and I knew I needed something sweet and baked, so that was my compromise. I also had a bit of mac salad.
I did NOT weigh today. I went to the blood sugar 101 website and reread about carb binges, (although I didn't actually binge) and resolved that today would be fairly strict with the low carb, as for me, high carb days just turn into more of the same. SO my goal today is just to stay on plan. I also went for a good walk this morning with DH and dog. Not a busy work day for me, so just catching up around the house and with myself, with quiet time planned in there if the pager doesn't go off.
have a lovely sunday friends.

09-15-2013, 02:28 PM
Wow! Busy spot lately.

I'm just back from a wonderful wedding and did indulge a bit. ( I won't face the scale or the blood meter until tomorrow.) The wedding was one of the nicest I'd been to in years and the food was done by a very well-known Canadian chef. (It's one of those venues with no prices on the dinner menu!) Just a lovely event and nice to see everyone and represent our side of the family. I managed to not feel fat and self conscious.

Salad and a small steak are on tonight's menu. Half the steak will be in salad or fajitas tomorrow night.

Right now I have to deliver a Victoria's quilt to a friend who is having a serious lung operation on Thursday. Yes, she smokes - and still does. Her doctor says he will refuse to treat her any further if she continues to smoke.

See you Monday.

09-15-2013, 04:07 PM
I'm trying to get in touch with my true hunger and learn to incorporate my favorite foods in my plan. Actually the Protein powder supplement is going to become my normal for breakfast or 1st meal of the day plus my 2 servings of fruit because not only will I get needed good protein, but it seems to curb my appetite. I read this is one of the important benefits of getting enough protein at breakfast. I will still keep my carbs early in the day at main meal between 2 or 3 and then eat a low carb meal in the evening because I know that I just cannot eat a whole lot of carbs. However, I still like the principles of Intuitive Eating what I really like and want only when hungry and eat only as much as it takes to satiate hunger. I don't like eating by the clock except when I have no choice, and I find that when I eat this way that it keeps me from craving foods because there are no foods off limit. This just works for me. Since I don't have my protein shake and fruit until between 10:30 and 11 am and I stop eating at least by 6:30 pm, I a seem to have automatically fallen into doing Intermittent Fasting as well. So I will get the benefits of both of those as well as the fact that this seems to do away with night time munches. I am very happy to find that this works for me far better than I could have ever dreamed.

As I suspected, I didn't lose any weight this week. I actually ended with a .4 lb gain, which means I had a .4 gain, but of course, 3fc ticker doesn't show the tenths so ticker remains the same. I'm pleased with the fact that I didn't gain any more than that while testing to find my way of eating. One great thing is that my fbs was 158 this morning. It was 203 yesterday morning. I feel I have accomplished a lot this week. I am very thankful for what I have learned and finally feel that I have hope of reaching my weight loss goal some day and do it so I can live a quality, healthy life.

Rennie I'm sure the 970 calories will not be my norm. I kept my goal calories on MFP at 1700 calories although I don't actually plan to eat that many very often. Mostly save those for days when we go out to eat. I'm glad you are getting the book. It has taken me a long time to find my own plan that works for me. I know I have probably driven some of those who have rode this journey with me crazy as I would try 1st on diet or way and then another. My greatest advise is DON'T EVER GIVE UP. You don't lose unless you give up. You must continue to fight to find your own way and then one day you will be the Winner and manage this disease and perhaps even conquer it.

Madeleine Great job taking the sugar free Splenda pie and chicken to be sure you were covered so you wouldn't be tempted to eat off. I know you eat low carb although not Atkins, but I always remember the book by Dana Carpendar where she was a strict low carber like Atkins, but allowed herself "special" occasion times when she would allow herself to eat a carb or carbs of her choosing in advance when she could. That way it was a "planned cheat" if you want to call it that. But by doing that she didn't have a guilt trip and she didn't get so far off that she had to fight carb reactions. Of course, you have being low carbing long enough that you may already know this or you may even have her book. So this is more of a reminder that these situation come up and can be incorporated in your low carb eating.

Ruthie Thanks sharing about the fajita meats. I had forgotten about fajitas. I love to take fajita beef or chicken and make either a soup or stir-fry and a salad sounds so good too. I used to eat those at night especially in the winter time. I can use those to make low carb meals for my evening meals. Glad you were able to enjoy the wedding without feeling fat or self-conscious. I missed out on a lot of things with my children in my life because of feeling fat and self-conscious. I didn't want to embarrass my children only to learn when they grew up that they didn't care that I was overweight, they just wanted me to be with them during certain events. Can't get those back. I admire you for going on and doing what you can and how you do it even when you have to push yourself. Sorry about your friend. I've known people who just couldn't give up the smoking even though they knew it was killing them. So sad.

Bonnie and Carol Sue :wave:

09-15-2013, 05:28 PM
Wow! Busy spot lately.

I'm just back from a wonderful wedding and did indulge a bit. ( I won't face the scale or the blood meter until tomorrow.) The wedding was one of the nicest I'd been to in years and the food was done by a very well-known Canadian chef. (It's one of those venues with no prices on the dinner menu!) Just a lovely event and nice to see everyone and represent our side of the family. I managed to not feel fat and self conscious.

Salad and a small steak are on tonight's menu. Half the steak will be in salad or fajitas tomorrow night.

Right now I have to deliver a Victoria's quilt to a friend who is having a serious lung operation on Thursday. Yes, she smokes - and still does. Her doctor says he will refuse to treat her any further if she continues to smoke.

See you Monday.

Ruthie The thought of fajita salad inspired me so. I found some chicken breast fajitas in the freezer and I'm making a salad with it for supper tonight. Going to the store tomorrow and going to get some beef fajitas for tomorrow night. Thanks again girlie. :)

09-15-2013, 07:53 PM
Madeleine what type of pie was it? Do you eat any of the sugar free cookies?

Ruth glad you had a nice time at the wedding and felt good being there. I made peppered steak for dinner and separated some of the beef, peppers and onion so I could have fajitas also (lunch or dinner tomorrow), thanks for the idea. My Dad died of throat cancer, he smoked until the day he passed. It's crazy to think people would do that to themselves but I guess it also falls in line with what I do with not eating right and diabetes.

Trish 153 is great, mine was 249 this morning. I like your new found way of eatng. I hope to find what works for me soon. I have old menus I could go by that would definitely help with the planning but I don't know that they are low carb because I was only then just counting calories. I don't and have never given up :) but I have a ton of times that I have restarted and some of those times are often in the same week. It just seems that my focus is NOT there at all. I know for sure what I need to do and just DON'T stick with it. Ruth making the statement about her friend and me thinking about my Dad does put things into perspective ... but will I use that as my guide to lead me to do the right thing? I feel that I need to have a face to face support group. I need constant accountability. I use to text with a few people here on 3FC about two years ago but then we just stopped. I like being able to say of my goodness I almost ate or I just ate or I thought about blank and didn't eat that or all of that. I also think it's different when you can check in constantly versus checking in at the end of the day. When I was on here constantly it helped a ton. But enough of my excuses I just need to get it together, but I won't give up. I just pray that I get myself in check before it's too late. I have some numbers that the eye doctor gave me that I'm going to definitely call this week to see if I can get some help with my diabetes. I definitely need to have my A1c checked again, it's been over two years.

Ok everybody thanks for listening (reading) my rant. I appreciate the fact that you ALL are here, thank you :hug:

09-16-2013, 05:34 PM
the pie was an apple crumb. It is not low carb at all, but has no added sugar, and I didn't eat much of the crust, so managed that way. Have had a little trouble with carb cravings the last couple of days, but it hasn't been as bad as sometimes, I think keeping the carbs down and planning the breakfasts really helped.
Today I was up before dawn, had a bit to eat, and gave an early presentation at rounds with one of our docs. I was pretty nervous, but it went well. I was starving by 10 am though, so stopped and got a take out western sandwich, and just at the omelet in the middle without the bread. Kept me going today.
I now have a headache, not helped by tea, a nap or fresh air. I am planning to go to yoga for 630, I hope that will do the trick. Early to bed tonight too should help.
I am happy to hear about how well we are doing, a keeping on track as well as able.
Ruthie, what is a Victoria's quilt? I am sad your friend cannot seem to stop doing what is killing her, but that addiction is quite terrible. My mother was never able to stop, and I am sure the smoking was a major factor in the type of dementia she developed.
FOr those who can tolerate quinoa, you could make 1 cup of cooked quinoa (I always use chicken or beef broth to cook to increase the protein) with stir fried cubes of firm tofu or chicken, peppers and onion, with salt and pepper and some cayenne, add some grated cheese when cooled (about a cup of cheese). Use this to stuff peppers or zuchinni which are backed about 30 minutes. yum

09-17-2013, 09:00 AM
Victoria's Quilts? Sorry. I should have explained better. It's a group of volunteers who make quilts to be given free to cancer patients. Here's a link. (http://www.victoriasquiltscanada.com/about.html)

Busy day today so I just fortified myself with a nice omelet with peppers, onions and mushrooms. My daughter arrives at the Ottawa airport this afternoon at 5 so I have some things to finish up before I take off st 3. The airport drive is about an hour and a half but will be longer at rush hour. We should be home before 7 and I have a yummy beef and veggies stew ready to just heat up. Yes, it has potatoes but they are the wee new potatoes which are supposed to be less carby than the big ones. I'm sure there will be further "sins" during the week she's here.

And before you ask ... I've still not scheduled a blood draw.

09-18-2013, 01:26 PM
Found a Whey Protein Powder with 25 g protein and 8 g carbs at Walmart. A much bigger jar than the little one I bought at the other store. It is more chocolate flavor and filling. I mixed it with less than 8oz 2% milk and 1/2c fozen blueberries and drank a cup of coffee with it. I think I'm giving up coffee because it just doesn't seem to hit the spot any more. I seem to be interested in drinking tea instead. So I drink a lot of water and tea these days. Any way I plan to have my one meal a day that I eat pretty much what I want to eat and then in the evening I will mix the protein powder with Greek yogurt hoping it will be a signal to my brain that I'm not this is a pudding type treat that says no more eating until tomorrow when I have my shake. I am hoping this will stop the night time munching I seem to be doing too much of lately.

Hope everyone is doing well.

09-19-2013, 02:41 PM
My sil died from emphysema because she would not quit smoking. Her sister did too. They would shut off their oxygen to smoke. They were mid. 60s. If I could quit anyone could. I have a tendancy toward addictions which shows in my eating.

09-21-2013, 12:51 PM
I had my appointment with the cardiologist yesterday. I hadn't lost the weight I wanted to lose, but my BP was good when they checked it so I don't have to change meds. They were running behind and I didn't get in until an hour after my scheduled appointment. The doctor was rushed, and I think maybe he forgot, but he didn't give me a script for bloodwork as he usually does. He did discuss the results of my echocardiogram and it wasn't all good news. My aortic value, which is usually my problem, showed no change but he said there is starting to be some leakage from my mitral valve. I have had the aortic valve problem since birth, but prior tests for mitral valve showed no problem. This is nothing I can change with diet or exercise. It just is what it is. Heredity, I guess. When I had my cardiac bypass surgery they were prepared to also replace my aortic valve but when they got in there they said it wasn't bad enough to warrant replacing it. The doc told me to let them know immediately if I start having shortness of breath. I don't really want to have another surgery, but if replacing the bad valves will extend my life they I'm all for it.

So now I just continue to try to lose some weight and lower my BS. I know I sound like a broken record, but even though I have not been successful in the past I will not give up.

I hope everyone is doing well this weekend.

09-21-2013, 07:14 PM
Carol Sue that's how I feel about smoking. I smoked a pack and a half a day sometimes. Awful I know. I could smoke two on a 15 minute break and if I was out and had a drink even a glass of wine I'd smoke more, smh. I'm glad your blood pressure was good. Sorry about the other news. I pray for better for you and all of us :hug: Do you get to see him again soon so that you can be scheduled for blood work, or is he the type of doctor that will review his notes and give you a call to let you know he has placed the order for the work to be done?

Trish I am gonna for sure try the shakes in the evening but not until Monday. I bought the Adkins shakes which I will add a yogurt to and some pumpkin. I'm not sure what they will taste like but I am hoping that it is and will be a filler-upper.

Madeleine I have wanted to try the Quinoa for some time. I surely need to give it a shot though I've heard I may not like the texture. Your stuffed peppers/zuchini sound pretty good.

Have any of you tried Bob's Red Mill TVP = Textured Vegetable Protein. I used it in my chili and crab cakes. It seems to take over the taste of whatever you add it to.

I'm hoping I can end this month with a good last week of September. I haven't been doing well at all and I know it's just laziness and poor planning. Sugars up this morning and really all week. The lowest I saw was 197 and the highest 274.

I hope you all have great remainder of the weekend. :hug:

09-22-2013, 11:54 AM
Rennie - Thank you for the good wishes. I see my cardiologist every 6 months. Right now I am not really concerned about the bloodwork. As long as I get it done once a year I think I'm ok. I am more concerned about the leaky valve. Exercise and proper eating can change the bloodwork results, but nothing can change the heart valve problems, which I inherited. I feel good now and am having no symptoms, so I might never reach the point where they have to take action.

I bought some quinoa and tried making it but I didn't like it. I don't know if I did it right because I have seen other instructions online that are different from those on the package. I will try again before I decided I don't like it. I am finding that I like things I didn't think I liked before.

When I was a kid my mother used to make fried corn meal mush and serve it with pancake syrup. I wouldn't eat it. I think the word "mush" turned me off. I was about 10-12 years old. She would make the mush and put it in a loaf pan and refrigerate it until firm. Then she would slice it and fry it until golden brown. I recently saw someone making it on TV and calling Polenta. Sounds so much better than mush. LOL I like cornbread so I see no reason why I wouldn't like this. I think I will make some, if only to bring back memories of my childhood. I'm sure it's not good for my blood sugar.

09-22-2013, 03:08 PM
I tried the quinoa again and this time it turned out great. The package directions said 1 1/4 C liquid to 1 C quinoa and that's why it didn't turn out right the first time. This time I used 1 1/2 C chicken broth to 3/4 cup quinoa. Perfect texture. It was still a little bland so I mixed in some celery salt and that did the trick. I am serving it with steak for dinner tonight. I'll bet anything DH won't even try it, but I will keep the leftovers and heat them up tomorrow.

09-22-2013, 07:34 PM
Carol Sue glad it turned out right this time :) I like cornbread (Jiffy mix) but cornmeal is gritty to me. My Aunt use to make skillet bread from cornmeal, it wasn't sweet enough for me. I'm gonna try the qunioa and some flaxmeal corn muffins that I saw on google. I also want to make some chili using the TVP. I need to get my eating in order.

Hope everyone had a great day :)

09-22-2013, 10:14 PM
Going to try to workout tomorrow hope fully all goes well and I have no problems with my knee. so far all is well . Went walking around the block a few times went well jest had a lot of aching in my knee so I am going to try never know until I try it. I hope all goes well. Will let you all know how it goes.

Do any one have any good smoothie recipes ??? I want to try something different I have some protein powder and would like to try using it.

09-22-2013, 10:45 PM
Carol Sue glad it turned out right this time :) I like cornbread (Jiffy mix) but cornmeal is gritty to me. My Aunt use to make skillet bread from cornmeal, it wasn't sweet enough for me. I'm gonna try the qunioa and some flaxmeal corn muffins that I saw on google. I also want to make some chili using the TVP. I need to get my eating in order.

Hope everyone had a great day :)

Rennie - I don't mind the gritty texture of cornmeal. I think I am going to make the cornmeal mush tomorrow. I have to get all these cravings out of my system so I can go back to eating low carb. I never tasted skillet bread. I don't like sweets, so I like my cornbread on the savory side rather than sweet. I couldn't quit eating the quinoa. I can see how some people say they eat it for breakfast, like oatmeal. I was right....DH didn't even try it.

Bonnie - I hope you do OK with your walking. Didn't you say you had a cyst on the back of your knee? Did the doctor ever do anything to get rid of it?

09-23-2013, 12:55 AM
Well, they say if you don't plan, then you plan to fail. Weight is up last 2 days and I'm sure it is not only what or how much I've eat but evidently I got a lot of sodium. Haven't been using the MFP this past week so I've gone back to use it mainly because it shows if I go over sodium count too much. I wanted to get away from using my fluid pill, but I guess I have to keep it. Although I'm eating foods that I really like and eating regular foods instead of low calorie/diet foods, I think I need to learn portion control. I'm going with the number of calories recommended on MFP which was around 1500 don't remember exactly. Supposedly with the amount of calories allowed and the 30 minutes exercise for 5 days a week, I should lose a lb a week which would be nice. If I can stick with it, I just might be in the 220s by the time I go to the doc again. I've been eating more carbs and my fbs was down to 161 this morning. So while the carbs are bringing down the fbs, I need to get the portions down so the weight will come down as well.

Bonnie I have learned that when my knees start hurting or aching to stop exercising. I have a cream I bought on Amazon to help with the knee pain (sorry don't remember the name of it) and I also have Absorbine Jr. When I can remember to do it, I rub that on my knees before exercising and it really helps. My son used to workout a lot and he told me to do that. I hope you find what works for you. Just take it easy. You have to listen as your knees will tell you when they need a break. I have a weight that I get up to that causes my knees to hurt so I know that getting the weight off would help it a lot.

Carol Sue How do you make cornmeal mush. I love cornbread, but it takes so long to make and I always make too much for just me. The mush sounds like it would be lower in calorie and I would love making a small amount of it and then pan browning it to go with my beans I'm cooking. I know a lot of people like rice with beans, but I always did like cornbread with mine. Sorry to hear about the leaky mitral valve. I know people who have had it and it caused them no problem. Hope yours will not give you any problems.

Rennie I'm trying to get my eating in order as well. I need to just get with the plan and do it. It seems to be easier said than do, but I know we can do it.

09-23-2013, 09:29 AM
Been MIA for a while. Took a bad fall a week ago and have badly sprained my back. Sure is agonizing despite pain killers. Luckily (for me, not her) my DD arrived here last Tuesday for her week's "vacation" and has been caring for me. It's nice to have a nurse in the family. Trying to eat healthy for healing but weight is staying the same.

09-23-2013, 11:27 AM
Carol Sue yes I do have what they call a bakers cycst that on the mri was showing it was leaking they seemed to think it was from all the inflammation in my knee applying pressure. They finally shot my knee with a steroid injection witch brought a lot of the swollen down and must of relieved the pressure. They wont do any thing with it unless I am having a lot of pain in my calf. Of course my feet would swell but not since the shot. They say it will go away on its own.

Pattygirl63 I am going to take it slow and easy and see how it goes. If It start to ache I will def be doing something for it so it wont be bad.

So I am sitting here with one of these new Special K heated oatmeal cereals and a 1/2 cup of yogurt I am going to try it and see how it taste.

So I have to be real care full and make sure I eat every so many hours this glimpzide I am take has a tendency to drop my levels if I don't eat in so many hours . Had that happen a few times hubby made me go buy small containers of orange juice so to keep on had I also have a small bag of m & m's in my bedroom for this too.

Well wish me luck I am going to eat and then workout. I am currently taken 6 pills in the Am and 3 in the evening I jest want to get off some of these meds..

09-23-2013, 12:45 PM
Bonnie just take it slow, hope you had/have pain free walks soon :hug: I bought a Special K chocolate peanut butter protein bar yesterday to try it was really good and definitely curbed my hunger. I'll have to buy more, hopefully I can get a box of them and it will be cheaper. I hope you can get off of some of your meds soon also.

Carol Sue, :) your husband and my husband crap me up. I try my hardest to get my husband to try new things but he rarely does. I call him my big baby enough my baby (age 9) will eat everything that I eat/try. :D

Trish My eating what I planned yesterday worked well eventhough I did eat some candy corn (I love that stuff). I think that was the only thing I ate, nope I ate a few of my husbands chips (just wanted the salt) but other than that I did well. I love beans and cornbread but that's a lot of carbs for US right? I like beans/peas and rice also :)

Oh my Ruth, I'm glad your daughter is home. I pray you have a speedy recovery :hug:

my weight was down 1.2lbs this morning and my fbs though high wasn't as high as yesterday. Bonnie made me remember that I had some M&M's with the kids and my husband. I was a small pack from Dollar Tree I made sure I shared them. I am journaling again and I really need to get back on MFP also Trish.

Lunch today is cabbage soup, cucumbers with a Greek vinaigrette dressing and maybe some cottage cheese with peaches (if I can stomach them) or a Greek yogurt with peaches.

Have a great day Everyone :hug:

09-23-2013, 02:05 PM
I did a hour with Richard Simmons and was great didn't have too much problem with my knee and it feels pretty good right now. I have made a date with him tomorrow too. Now trying to decided what's for lunch and dinner today . Will see how it goes.

09-23-2013, 10:24 PM
nice going Bonnie and no pain yay you :)

did well today, this cold is helping with the lack of wanting to eat. I have my meals planned out for tomorrow. I'm gonna stretch things during lunch. I will have greenbeans with onion cooked in low sodium chicken broth, a corn muffin made with Jiffy mix, a tbsp of flaxseed added, 2% milk, egg (I scooped it out of the mixing bowl), Dreamfields pasta (I mixed a 1/2c of pasta in with the Lipton Creamy Chicken side and picked my pasta out before it thickened) and a baked barbecue chicken thigh with sweet agave bourbon sauce by Patti LaBelle. I made enough for two meals so I will get to see how this lunch fairs with me. However if I feel like I'm feeling right now I may not eat half of this.

Have a good night everyone :hug:

09-24-2013, 08:29 PM
weighed in at 187 this morning so my plan is working so far. I'm on day two OP. My bs was 188 at 3:07 this morning then when I got up at 6:45 it was 205. I don't understand. I don't think I will ever understand diabetes.

09-25-2013, 11:49 AM
Sorry to be away for a while again. Once again, DH has the internet turbo hub thats left of the cottage, and I have been too busy to be at the office much to get online from here.

I had an epiphany last week as I was listening to the radio.
It was actually on CBC "the Current" but this probably helps. For some reason, seeing my issues as an addiction, like smoking or alcoholism, is helpful.
I have pretty much managed to cut all grains out now. Losing 7 pounds in a week is exceptional of course, but I feel quite clean and lean now. I don't know if I can keep it up, but the attitude is helpful to me.
The next thing is to increase exercise to keep me in tone etc. I have NOT been sleeping well, even before returning to being on call, and work stuff has not helped this. So exercise has been put on the back burner oddly, even though it would likely help the sleep issue. So I hope to get walking soon.

Haven't had time yet today to go over the posts since I was last on, will do that later today. :carrot:
Have a good day friends

09-25-2013, 05:07 PM
Ruthie Sorry about the fall. So glad your daughter has been their to take care of you. Hope you are feeling better. I really do try to be careful not to fall. I feel off balance sometimes with my back which would improve loads if I got at least 20 - 25 lbs off. I keep a cane in my car and one in the house just in case I need it. As we get older, we have to be more and more careful.

Bonnie So glad you are able to exercise. I haven't used my Richard Simmons dvd in a long time. I just may have to get it out and try it sometime.

Jennie Great on the weight loss and the 2 days OP. Feels good doesn't it.

Carol Sue Tried a recipe I found on line for cornmeal mush. Let me just say that I will be taking the time to make regular cornbread next from now on. In fact,I bought a couple of boxes of Jiffy cornbread.

Fatmad I'm having to exercise at least 5 days a week and may go to 6 because it keeps my knees and hip joints from hurting. The other big pay off is that it seems to be helping me get a good nights sleep as well. Maybe when you get your exercise going again, you will be able to get a good night sleep too.

Well, I am just eating regular food, foods that I want and counting calories. I am not only enjoying what I'm doing, but my fbs and weight is finally coming down together. FBS was 154 this morning and ticker is almost correct again. Crazy isn't it; as much as I didn't want to count calorie, carbs or points or anything any more, I am finding that counting calories is working for me. And I'm not doing the CAD/CALP thing either. It seems that my system has changed and low carb doesn't work for me any more. It just takes learning what works for each of us individually.

Hope everyone is having a really nice day.

09-25-2013, 06:29 PM
Madeleine, my boss has been talking about food being and addiction for the last two weeks. I never thought about it as an addiction either and having someone tell you about your addiction face to face is unexplainable. It's hard to hear/listen to. :) Great job on cutting out all grains, that is a true victory. How long has it been since you've had grains? I have cut my carbs down but not totally out. I don't know that I could ever do it on my own so :bravo: to you :)

Thanks Trish and yes it does :D I'm so trying to continue to be good. I just started back to using MFP on the 23rd so keeping accountable number-wise definitely works. Glad your fbs is lowering, I wish mine would. I tested my bs at 3:27 this morning it was 181, then when I got up at 6:45 it was 217. So I'm still trying to get a balance.

Got up this morning to another lb down. Weigh in 186 so happy but my calories haven't been the 1300 that MFP is saying I should eat but I'm satisfied so that's what matters to me. I'm keeping my protein up and my carbs down though not what I call low carb. (NSV- Had a tummy ache this morning at work. I was given a roll of crackers Ritz type crackers and I took out 5 then sealed the package back) :yay: me. I would normally eat half of the pack or all of them.

09-26-2013, 09:53 AM
Ladies 185.8 this morning down only .2 but it's 185, I'm excited to see that number after 3 years.

and I think I may have figured out how to lower my fbs with this metformin. I had been getting up in the middle of the night taking my bs and it was in the 100's, well last night I took my bs and it was 164, I took the metformin at that time also, got up to a fbs of 173. Not great but better than 273. I still have some figuring out to do but this is a start. I need to get back on the diabetesforums, they helped me a lot before.

Well I hope you all have a great day :hug:

09-26-2013, 08:24 PM
Well looks like the motivation I had slipped right out the window. I don't know what happened . Well kinda know I was feeling bad Tuesday like the meds for my knee had my down and then Wednesday I woke up with a headache and so that was a no go to.
I was so ready for this I need to get back into things I am so tired of the way I look it making me feel kinda depressed . Been sitting here listening to music for the last 2 hours and jest feeling deeper sorrow for myself . My mind jest isn't with me right now. Man do I need to get it toeather...

09-26-2013, 10:38 PM
Rennie Great anytime scale moves down. CONGRATULATIONS.

Bonnie I know how you feel, but hang in there. Take things as you can. Don't worry about what you can't do. You have to give the knee (joints) have their time to heal. The exercise will come again. I've had to ease back into the exercise and y'all know it has taken me an extremely long time to do it, however, this week I have fiiiaaannnaaallly done 4 days in a row. My plan is to do 5 days... not sure I will do it tomorrow as DH has to go to the doctor and we always go to Costco and have to walk around at least 30 to 45 minutes while waiting for meds to be filled. The thing that gets me using my bike is it keeps my knees and hip joint not hurt. Hopefully given time, you will be able to experience the same. But you have to go with how your knee feels and work around it.

Grandson came by to get his check that came in the mail and I gave him the protein powder that I got from Walmart. From what he told me I was getting too much protein and it was causing me to gain weight... it was back up today. So I won't be using it and hope I can get the weight back down by my weigh in day Monday. The good thing is that my FBS was 148.

Just have to keep working at it and NEVER GIVE UP.

09-27-2013, 10:54 PM
Bonnie, I am with you on being tired of the way I look. I feel like I have a little control and then I lose control and I don't know why. We will get it together, we just have to have patience with ourselves. It's the only thing I can think of now is to be patient and take each day at a time. :hug:

Thanks Trish, everytime I think I've got a little something figured out I mess up. I can't do right obviously not even for the life of me. It's sad. When I first got back on 3FC I think I exercised maybe 3-5 days and I haven't done it since. I know just 20-30 minutes will do good but I have no motivation nor desire to do it. I've got to do better.

the scale was up .6 to 186.4 and my fbs was 236. I forgot to take my met and it showed.

09-27-2013, 11:57 PM
Rennie I think that must be part of the process. I remember going through that too where I just couldn't make myself do what I needed to do. It was really frustrating to do everything I thought was right and then nothing went right. So I definitely understand and I still have to just MAKE MYSELF do what I know I need to do sometimes. We have to remember the alternatives if we don't. I don't want to become an invalid and I don't want to go through the diabetic complications so I keep trying everyday. I absolutely refuse to give up. Taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME is all we can do.

Y'all have a good weekend.

09-28-2013, 08:53 PM
Well DH is home, which is great, I really missed him. Talked with him about food addiction, and he gets it a bit, as he has difficulties with alcohol, being a binge drinker. He says he is willing to work with me on this. We will see, in the past he gives up and makes spaghetti whenever he doesn't know what to make, and doesn't make an option for me or make a salad to go with it. I was able to stick to my eating plan while he was away.
Last night we had a family gathering supper, and DSIL had pizza and salads. I knew I couldn't eat the pizza, so brought some meat for myself, and ate lots of salad. There was fruit salad and cookies and skor bar barres for dessert though, and I did have 2 ginger snaps and a small barre with my fruit salad. I stopped then and didn't beat myself up, and have stuck to plan today, although the cravings were big. Have been re-reading the stuff on blood sugar 101 about carb binges to keep myself going.
I have been a bit more active, though work has been stressful and busy.
Today was quieter, so will go to bed early.

09-28-2013, 11:22 PM
Trish thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot. I need someone here that understands the way you all do. I really wish I had someone that I could be accountable to when I want to do/know I'm going to do the wrong thing. I know a journal won't help because it can't say to me "NO I'M SERIOUS THAT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU DON'T EAT IT" ... My Dad the man that raised me died of throat cancer, he flat out refused to stop smoking" I loved him with all of my heart and it was easy for me to quit smoking. I met my paternal father, I found out his father died after his second amputation (diabetic), he and his mother are both diabetic and always sick. I don't really know them but I know I don't want to be like them but I can't control myself. What gives????

Madeleine, not that it's funny but I also make spaghetti when I don't know what to make for dinner (now thanks to 3FC) I make Dreamfields pasta for me and only one serving :) Good job at dinner last evening :high:

My book finally came in, The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes, I haven't opened it (read it) yet. I got it off Amazon used. The person that had it before me made a ton of notes in it so I'll have to highlight what jumps out at me. Blood sugar 101 is that a site/thread/book? I'm needing all of the help I can get.

Blood sugar 221 this morning. I felt a little light headed around noon so I took my bs then, it was 205. I had only had a shake for breakfast. Please know that I appreciate any and ALL advise, because I so need it. Thank you ALL.

Well I hope you all had a great day and rest well, good night :hug:

10-01-2013, 03:47 PM
Hi everyone: I have been able to stick to plan. On Saturday I worked really hard to stick to it, which was incredibly hard.
In addition to having a couple of cookies on Friday night, we had a very stressful and difficult day at work. None the less I am still on plan, and doing ok.
Right now though, I have a really nasty cold. I can't get cough syrup with codeine that is sugar free. I did get some nice sugar free cough drops. I also think cold tablets affect my sugars. I am not taking any today and am taking a sick day, but the cough is bad, and I will need something tonight. I am not sleeping well because of the cough.
And of course, being sick is affecting my exercise. I plan to do some gentle warm yoga here at home later today.
I am hoping to be below 180 for good after the weekend, or sooner.

10-02-2013, 12:06 PM
I hope it's ok ... I set up th October thread


Mad I responded to the cough drop comment on the October thread :) Hope you feel better soon :hug: