Support Groups - Worldlies - no slothing in September - step it up (its Spring)

08-31-2013, 09:03 PM
Had to get the Spring bit in. Should go and take a photo of my new garden to show you how Spring it is. But I will wait because I think it will look better in a week or so. Meantime you all are going into the season of mellow fruitfulness.

Go for it girls. Step up to Septembers promise, step up to Spring, step up to whatever you need to face and face it with all the determination and dedication that you possess. Seize the time in both hands.

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09-01-2013, 10:19 AM
Morning all,

Happy September. Where is the year flying to???? Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. I will do my best to live up to September's goals. Glad to see that you set things up for what's happening on your side of the world for a change. No doubt will confuse the lurkers on the board talking about spring time :lol3:

Got some good storms last night. Took the heat out of the air, should be a nice next couple of days. We might go for an ATV ride - conditions are perfect - not too warm, the rain wet the trails down so they are not dusty. Biggest issue is avoiding the really rutted trails as they will be full of pockets of water. I'm not into the muddy splish splash rough riding that some people favor. I was talking to my sister on the phone and it kept crackling from the lightning so we decided to end our conversation early.

Watched the Great Gatsby. I have to admit it took the first 45 minutes of the movie before I got interested in it. I think I dosed off a few times too and had to keep rewinding the movie :o Never read the book, didn't realize it was a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet type thing. Baz Lurhman ? - the director does know how to set up the party scenes though :lol: We were able to get the movies viewed and returned on time with 15 minutes to spare!

Came back and reviewed some new yoga CDs I recently purchased. I will have to do some modified moves - one wrist and one knee are bothering me quite a bit with arthritis I believe. I do agree with Mel - no matter what, got to keep moving or things will really stiffen up! I would like to start walking again but I have a "catch" in my hip - hard to explain - that makes it difficult to walk any length. Will have to get DH to take the coffee table off the treadmill (wish he had not set it there in the first place). Perhaps I can walk on the treadmill and loosen things up. Argh - it was gray when we got up, then the skies turned blue and now they are dark gray and overcast again. Hope it's not going to rain more. That would put a big crimp in our ride.

Mel - yuck - not sure what is more gross - someone peeing in the elevator car or you having to clean it up. Carpeted floor in a small enclosed place - how many bottles of Febreeze will it take to get the smell of old urine out of there? Maybe you need to leave a bin with some cups and a couple of Depends for emergencies :rolleyes: I don't envy you. Love your September owls but particularly your pic down by your siggy. Autumn is my most favorite season even if it does bring the sniffles and sneezes from the decaying leaves and general schmutz in the air. I was worried we might not have a color season this year from the dryness but I think these last few rainstorms will help unstress the trees and let Mother Nature paint her forest. The Big Wedding had Susan Sarandon (who looks amazing), Robert Deniero (who is doing more comedy type movies lately), Robin Williams, Diane Keaton and Katherine Heigl. You might get a chuckle out of it. I hope you feel better - I know what you mean about the chest being a bit heavy - hope it's just seasonal and not a sign of something more serious.

Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. Funny to think you are in the midst of spring and rebirth. I am so used to winding down the year with autumn and winter that I can't even imagine New's Years in Summer :lol: Can't wait to see pictures of the garden - you've been doing so much work I'll bet it looks quite lovely.

Hello to the rest of the chicks. I should get off here, get some breakfast and see what DH wants to do today. Enjoy!

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09-02-2013, 09:21 AM
Good Morning Chicklets...Happy Labor DAY!!!

Kept the babe Sat/Sun, then took him with us to go visit Cs mom and dad. Of course, he stole their hearts and had them in stitches with his antics and his character. What a joy he is. The zoo was fabulous. We arrived at 9 and stayed til noon, then went to lunch at Hardees. Sam colored my hair on Saturday morning then I brought the lil man home with me for the night/day. Today is mopping the floor, laundry, and vacuuming. Cleaning out the fridge also. Too many "old" leftovers need to be tossed. Back to work tomorrow.

Have a marvelous day/night...Shad thanks for setting up the new thread and not mentioning the S word in the title. lol

09-02-2013, 01:13 PM
My week end is drawing to a close in the morning. Sigh I really don't want to leave.
We had a good time at my nephew's on Saturday. He had a cook out for us in Nixa. The 3 year old sang happy birthday to me.
Looks like every one is enjoying there time off.

Thanks for starting up the new thread.

Glad you had time with the gs. They are precious. I'd like to claim my sister's but she let's me share.

Did you get to go on the ATV ride?

09-02-2013, 05:02 PM
Hi all,

Happy Labor Day - hope all of us in the States are enjoying a nice holiday today. Yay for us laborers!!

Yesterday we took a great ATV ride for 4 hours - the weather and trail conditions were perfect. Had lunch, came home and washed up and then went out and met my cousins at a bar for dinner and a few cocktails. A really nice day out.

Today we both worked outside - I pulled out my sugar snap peas - they are still producing at the tops but the root stem has dried up and rotted so they aren't getting enough nutrients. I also picked my red tomatoes - we are going to have a couple of bouts of chilly nights in the 30's so I thought it better to let them finish ripening in the sun inside rather that have the chill affect their taste on the vine outside. Now I'm looking up recipes to use up what veggies I have left.

Glad to hear that those who have posted so far are having a good weekend and celebrations with family and loved ones. That's what life's all about.

Quick post for me - I've got to get back to meal planning. Enjoy!

09-02-2013, 08:39 PM
Aaaah, now where was I??

The silence from the car dealer is ominous. Probably need to ring him and whinge today. Does he think I can just take out all that money at the drop of a hat?

Then there is the power company. Nothing back from them either.
And the accountant. Nothing about my trust fund. They came back to me with my taxes but not the trust fund. The ATO (IRS to you lot I think) have told me that I overpaid them. Not likely I said, but yes there it was. I had paid them an advance payment twice. Can't have it back, but it will go towards the next estimate. Silly me.

There is no doubt more to whinge about, but I can't be bothered. Not sleeping well and feel stiff and sore. Maybe another trip to the doc is called for. I think the iron levels are down.

Happy - Most of the work I am doing in the garden is the 'bones'. Laying blocks, shifting soil, cleaning up, putting in a watering system and weeding. Once I get an area done, I put new soil in and fertilise, then plant. I'm up to trying to work out how to get around a big tree at the moment. All engineering skills may be needed, or I may just put in a strategic rock fall at that point and then get on with the easier bits.

Mel - pee in the elevator YUK. Seems that some of these folks need more than just geriatric apartments, they need care. Get that housecall in. You haven't been well for a while now. Need to know what is going on. Raining here too. Well sort of spitting and drizzling and then clearing and them back it comes again. No point in washing today.

Ceejay - How nice that you have had a lovely family weekend. I go back to work next week and I don't want to go either.

That's about my lot for now. Cat is behaving strangely. Nothing new there but this is a bit stranger than normal.

09-03-2013, 07:34 AM
Just A Quick Post.
I Left A Message With The Dr's Ans. Service.
He Wants Me In For Tests. Getting Ready.
Feeling Mighty Sick.
Feels Like The Gastroenteritis Is Back.
But My Lungs Are Also Killing Me When I Wake.
If I Don't Come Back You Know They Admitted Me.
Wish Me Luck. :D

09-03-2013, 09:18 AM
MELLIE....hope all is just minor and meds will fix your ailments. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

CEEG...glad you had a wonderful vacation.

HAPPY...your ATV ride and evening sounds delightful.

Hellos to the rest of ya's. Will be back later, got a lot piled up on my desk.


09-03-2013, 12:25 PM
Morning all. Back to work for a 4-day workweek.

Mel – Glad to have you back here with us! I liked your owl/September graphic! Sorry to hear of Jen’s trouble w/ the expired license. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. :( I hope the doc can help you. Glad to hear Richie will soon be rid of the bad tooth. I hope September is a better month for all of you! Part 2: Oh no, I sure hope you don’t have to be admitted into the hospital, but the lung and gut pain sound serious. :( Saying my prayers for you!! :hug:

Ceejay – Sounds like you had a good time with your sis and other family, including the bbq and b-day celebration. :) Oh why does it have to end so quickly??!!

Happy – Glad you had a nice weather weekend. Your dinner out sounded really nice. :cheers: Nice you got out on the ATV yesterday and had good weather conditions for that. Four hours!! Wow. Sorry to hear you wrenched your knee. I hope the pilates/yoga videos get you moving and work out the kinks. And get on the treadmill – use it or lose it girlie!! But do take it easy on the trouble parts, and just remember, baby steps!! Much as I loved the Jazzercise classes this summer, they definitely didn’t have sufficient warm-ups and cool-downs for me. Re the sheer shades - I totally get not wanting to go outside to see just how sheer they are. Not when there are bears and porcupines around!!! :yikes: Honestly, I’m nervous about going out back with the flashlight to see if any skunks are around before I let Coal out there! Re the movies – I’ll have to borrow Big Wedding when our library has it.

Shad – Thanks for setting us up with a new thread for September. Even though it’s not spring here, it is the time of year for new beginnings, so it fits even for us Northern Hemisphere Worldlies. ;) Glad things have been set to rights with your sis. You sound very busy with your garden – what else is new?? Me, I pulled a few weeds yesterday and quit before I got dirty and sweaty. Anyway...looking forward to photos in a week or two. Grrrr, having to hound the auto dealer and the power co yet again!!! Bummer you can’t have your duplicate tax payment $$ back, but good you’ve got your next estimated payment taken care of…Hope nothing’s wrong with the kitty cat.

Annie – Sounds like you had a nice weekend with the li’l guy, and showing him off to C’s folks.

Hi Michelle!! :wave: Hope you had a good weekend!
My weekend was nice, not overly busy. Friday night I opted to stay home instead of going to the b-day celebration with bf because he intended on staying longer than I would have wanted. I watched the dvd Mildred Pierce. Good movie. I’m so glad I got home early from work – a strong storm came through and the usual rush hour trains were delayed for hours! I was receiving Metra alerts in my e-mail until well after 1 AM! In spite of the lightning and thunder, doggy was just fine. I think he’s getting past his fear, though we haven’t had any really loud thunder storms in a while.

Saturday I overslept! I woke up at 8:00 and couldn’t possibly make my 8:15 am Jazzercise class. Instead I finished my passport application and took it to the post office to mail. Yay, that’s done! :yay: After that I dropped off some books & dvds at the library and went to the thrift store. It was the last day of the month and they had a sale for the last day of the month – 50% off everything priced over $1.00. For less than $9.00 I bought: a pair of casual slacks, a raincoat, a top, a glass measuring cup, and one of those “As Seen on TV” Wraptastic thingies. Bf and I buy a couple long loaves of French bread at a time from a restaurant that has the brand we love (Gonnella) and we slice it to sandwich size, wrap it in plastic wrap, and freeze it. Same thing with the bialys. We’ll see if the wraptastic makes our “wrap sessions” any easier. For the $1.50 it cost me, it’ll be fun to try out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while. We currently have a brand new 300 foot roll of plastic wrap, and the wraptastic only accommodates rolls up to 200 feet.

In the afternoon, we picked up bf’s mom and went to his nephew’s housewarming party together. They have a nice townhouse now and I’m happy they’ll have all that extra space. Aside from a dog walk, I don’t recall what else we did that evening aside from the usual dogwalk. Oh, a couple loads of laundry.

Sunday morning was my usual tea & newspaper. :coffee2: We finally installed the new headboard that afternoon. It looks really nice – makes the bed more special. I’m glad to have taken down the artwork we had over the bed – I never liked it and bf claims he never did either. We only ended up with it because at the time we bought 4 other pieces from the same person on craigslist that I did like and bf was itching to buy just about all the artwork/wall hangings these folks were selling just to have something on our walls. I wasn’t keen on it from the beginning, but why we ended up with it, I don’t know. Whatever – now we can post it on craigslist and get rid of it. Yesss!!! And now I have something else to look for – artwork that will fit over the headboard. ;)

Sunday evening we went to a festival. We brought a friend with us and met another one there. We ate a couple things and listened to a band. We enjoyed ourselves for the short time (~90 min.) we were there, but it was really crowded. (Usually we go during the day when it’s less crowded.) We didn’t stay for the fireworks because a storm was coming through. Luckily we got back to the car and on our way home before the rain started. By the time we got home, it had stopped raining in our area. I stayed up late and watched the last 3 episodes of the Pride & Prejudice series with Colin Firth and enjoyed it. I’ll have to catch the first few episodes sometime.

Monday morning I went to the special holiday Jazzercise class and had a good workout. We didn’t do much else the rest of the day – I pulled some weeds, did another load of laundry, picked up a couple chrysanthemums at Home Depot, went out to lunch, walked doggy, lounged around in the yard enjoying the nice cooler temps.

Exercise classes don’t start til next week. Movie night tonight. I didn’t respond for voting and the movie selected is “The Spectacular Now”. I have no clue what that’s about, so I’ll have to look it up and see if I’m interested. Right now the idea of going home and planting myself on the sofa sounds more appealing, LOL.

Okay, enough rambling, there’s work to be done. TTFN!

09-03-2013, 01:28 PM
Hi ladies -

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was fun. Though I tripped on Sunday and really tweaked my back when I landed.

So I'm sore and in a pissy mood today. I feel like a good friend of mine is orchestrating my birthday weekend and totally disregarding what I want to do and with whom.

And some stuff I set up last week for work isn't working. :tantrum: Gotta go figure out why.

Love and hugs,

09-03-2013, 02:44 PM
Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig!
Feeling Really Sick. No One Sure What's Going On.
Waiting For Lab Work Results.
Gave Me A Stomach Sedative In The Meantime.
Will Keep You Posted.

09-03-2013, 05:35 PM
Mel - Glad you're home, sorry you're feeling so poorly. I hope the lab work sheds some light on it and that the drugs help your belly. :hug:

Michelle - I'm glad you had a good weekend, but sorry you tweaked your back. :( I hope you get your friend under control and take back control over your birthday plans!!! It's your day chickie and you should do what you want! :yes:

My WW weigh-in today went miserably and i had asignificant gain. Of course when I stepped on my own scale at home I knew I'd likely have a gain, so I didn't bother fasting or wearing my usual clothing for when I weigh in, so the total gain was likely even higher than it would be if I tried to be consistent with what I normally do. But this week is another week, and I need to re-commit.

My question to you - do you find it more beneficial to have a weigh-in right before the weekend or after? I find having a Tuesday weigh-in difficult - not long after a weekend - but do you believe the timing is more helpful/ motivating?? I suppose it helps with accountability, but I dunno. Maybe it really doesn't matter, because it didn't stop me from not tracking and making some poor food choices.

09-03-2013, 08:20 PM
Quick fly by from me. Seems I am fighting thin air on 4 fronts in getting people to commit to some service. Power company, car company, accountant, and health insurance. Seems no one wants to get a move on. Next Tuesday I start my new job and won't have time to get to talk to anyone during the day. Power company only seem to work 8.00 to 5.00 and not on weekends, ditto car company. Health insurance I have to have only because it will reduce my tax, and they send me something that will not only cost more than the tax it will reduce but doesn't fit with much that I need. Accountant is working on my trust fund and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to sort it. S will be 18 before this gets done if I don't push it soon. What ever happened to service. The car company at least is trying, but they are up against a time constraint and the customs department.
Today is Wednesday. By tomorrow this headache will have metamorphed into a full blown migraine if I don't sort something today.

Meantime I think I might drive down into the local wetlands and go for a walk to see if I can get back to the normal me.

Mel - hope you feel better soon. Get Jen to send a message if you go to hospital

09-03-2013, 09:40 PM
Afternoon. I'll take Mel's saying of home again home again jiggity jig. I'm glad to be in my abode for now. Sure would have like to stayed another couple of days but I had to pay my rent today and pick up my pay check on Thursday. The drive back was 6 hours long but had good drive. The traffic was heavy between Branson and Springfield but that was to be expected. We did watch the Great Gatsby movie Sunday night.

Hope they can find the cause of your upset tummy. Feel better soon

Ugh, I'd be demanding my vehicle and the results on the error at the utility bill.

Sounds like you had a good week-end. Don't worry about the weight gain. It will come back off again. If I am around a scale I weigh daily to keep myself accountable. My sis had decent food this week end but I still need to weigh in in the morning.

Ouch on the fall.


09-04-2013, 10:43 AM
Hello Ladies...

Whew have spent the better part of this morning in the loo. My tummy is a mess and it feels like my intestines are doing flip flops in there. I think someone took the zippity out of my doo dah.

CEEG...glad you made it home safely. Sounds like the trip was a huge success. Yeah!! Now back to work..bleh.

SHADDIE...goodluck with all your troubles. Incompetent people.

LAURA...focus focus focus, you can do it girl!!

CHELLE...hope you are getting better since your fall.

MELLIE...feel better sister.

HAPPY...Hi sister friend.

Gotta get busy.

09-04-2013, 11:28 AM
Morning all. Hump day already – whoo!

Shad – Now you’ve got a deadline to get all these issues sorted out – good luck, you sure have a full plate of them. I hope a walk in nature will clear your mind for a bit.

Ceejay – Glad you had a good drive back home. How did you like the movie Great Gatsby? Yeh, I’m bound and determined to get the weight off and get out of this standstill I’ve allowed all summer!!! I know many people don’t think daily or frequent weigh-ins are helpful, but I do find it keeps me focused. I should make a point of stepping on the scale before and after the weekend to keep myself accountable!!

Annie – Sorry your insides are not happy today. Do you think it was something you ate? Hope it passes quickly - pun intended!!

Hellos to Mel, Happy and Michelle – hope your aches & pains are easing up, girls!!
I went to the movie “The Spectacular Now” last night. It’s gotten good reviews, and I enjoyed it. The leads and two other supporting actors are not anyone I’m familiar with, but they all were really good. Kyle Chandler and Jennifer Jason Leigh were also in it as the parents. I didn’t even recognize JJL – one of my movie companions thinks she’s had some awful cosmetic work done – and she’s only 50 y.o.… Anyway, it was a good story about a teenage boy who’s gotten on the wrong path in life.

The movie didn’t end too late and we didn’t linger afterwards, so I finally stopped at the gym and filled out the form to cancel my membership. Yay, that’s done! :)

When I drove up to the house, a skunk was hanging out right by the tree in our parkway!! :yikes: Nervy beast!! I pulled into the driveway and phoned bf from the car. He shined the flashlight until the skunk made his way across the street. I still hot-footed it into the house. Sheesh I hate that!! I think I need to move out of the suburbs and back into the city. :D But then I’d have to contend with the urban wildlife – rats & pigeons. And the squirrels are everywhere – no escaping those critters, LOL.

I registered for my combo Pilates/Barre class yesterday, so I’m ready to begin something new. In the meantime, I might get going on an ab challenge.

It felt like I was up several times visiting the bathroom last night – it’s TOM week and all the water I’ve probably retained the past few days decided it was time to vacate my body. Scale was down a pound from yesterday’s home scale reading. Speaking of readings – my bp monitor has crapped out and won’t give me a reading. BF tried it out and believes it’s the main unit and not the arm band, which is a good thing because the unit has a warranty of 5 years and the arm band only has a warranty of 1 year (and that’s long expired). I have to check the mfr’s site to see where I need to return it. I see another trip to the PO in my future.

It was cool this morning when I cycled over to the train and my eyes were watering. I was blotting my eyes with a tissue enroute when my right contact lens moved out of position. Even though I stopped and rubbed around, I still couldn’t get it back in place, though I was sure it was still in my eye. Once I got to the station and had parked my bike, I managed to get it right. Oy! I wouldn’t have been too broken up if the lens had fallen out completely – it’s at the end of its life anyway. Sometimes I think goggles would be a good thing for riding in this cooler weather. Reminds me of the old time open air cars with the drivers wearing leather pilot-type helmets, goggles, and a white silk scarf, LOL. Dang, all I have are swim goggles, haha.

Okay, that’s about it for me. Everyone have a great day!

09-04-2013, 12:14 PM
Super quick post. Back is still sore...but I'm finding it's more sore if I lay/sit around then if I move a little. So yesterday, even though I was sore, I forced myself to go to the gym. I told myself, I'll do 15 minutes on the bike...if it hurts worse, I'll stop. I ended up doing 1/2 hour on the bike. Tonight is water aerobics for an hour, but usually makes my back feel looser, not worse.

I'm crazy busy at work. I've got 3 top priorities to get done this week. :yikes: No rest for the weary.

I'm looking forward to my birthday weekend. It should be a lot of fun!!

Sorry I don't have any time for personals...hopefully later.

Hope y'all are doing well.

Much love,

09-04-2013, 01:24 PM
The great Gatsby was a good movie. My blood pressure monitor has a battery in it so I'm forgetting to change that.

Hope you and Mel don't have the same tummy woes. I'm just now getting my diverticulitis under control. Think I'll stay on this diet for another month and gradually add in raw foods.

How are you feeling this morning?

Are you working at the store today?

Have you heard anything from the dealership about your car and or your utility bill.

Nothing new for me today, just enjoying my day off. Doing laundry from the week end and this afternoon I'll get outside and wash my nasty vehicle. It caught a lot of bugs.

09-04-2013, 01:30 PM
Just popped in, (as always), to say hello. Wishing Melody a VERY speedy recovery. I cleaned off a desk and found a card with a letter inside I'd intended to send her. It even had a stamp on it! The address was incomplete. So I guess I got distracted before tracking down her address. It's a few YEARS old now. She'll get a kick out of that.
Wishing you ALL well. Please be kind to yourselves and take care.

Mary P AKA Java Turtle
AKA Hotcupojava

09-04-2013, 02:37 PM
Hi all,

Busy morning yesterday, tried to post last night and my internet service seems to go down ALOT in the late hours of the evening. Totally lost a big post of personals. :mad:

Between Mom, the kitten, some personal financial things going on I am crazy busy at the moment. Nothing bad, just very busy so excuse me for a bit while I take care of things.

Will be back later. Wishing those of you feeling under the weather some healthy vibes - especially Miss Mel who I desperately hope is not in the hospital. :hug:

Hang in there kids. :grouphug:

09-05-2013, 08:40 AM
Good Morning Chicklets....

DS stayed last night. We had some fun. His wife Kristin wrecked her car over the weekend and it is now in the shop for repairs. Bummer for them, they are down to one car, the Camry I gave them. We had chinese for dinner. I ate about 5 bites, I am just not a lover of chinese food anymore. you have dial up? lol. Reminds me how my dial up used to do me when I lived out in the stix many years ago. Hope you get kitty, momma and internet straightened out.

SHADDIE...any one dead yet?

HELLO JAVA!! Good to hear from you.

CEEG....back to work yet?

CHELLE...water aerobics are probably the best thing for you! Good for you.

LAURA...yikes on the skunk. So glad you didn't get sprayed. That would have been awful for a long time.

MELLIE....hope your silence doesn't mean bad health. Feel good vibes coming your way.

Have a great THursday all!!


09-05-2013, 09:41 AM
Message from Mel's Jennifer.
they have given mom antibiotics & pain medication.
they also agree it looks like the beginning of gastroenteritis.
she has a lot of pain and is in bed.
it won't be easy keeping her there.
I don't think she is up to the computer.
so I will keep in touch with email

No Annie, no one is dead yet. Car company and health insurance sorted (although still think the health insurance is outrageous). 2 down, 2 to go.

09-05-2013, 09:43 AM
Thanks for the update SHADDIE....hope everything else gets resolved quickly!!

09-05-2013, 11:32 AM
Morning all.

Shad - Thanks for passing along the update re Mel. Glad you've got some of the issues sorted (with no fatalities to date). Good luck (& perseverence!) re the remainder.

Annie - Nice you enjoyed your time w/ DS. Too bad about the car. It's hard to share a single car when that's really the only way to get around. A friend of bf and mine was in an accident not long ago and her car was totaled. This was a car she loved, had already had 10+ years, and intended on keeping for 10 more. She only planned on having to buy one more car for the rest of her life (she's in her early 50's), so this really messed up that plan. But as the saying goes...We plan, God laughs.

Happy - Sorry your internet service is not 100% - so frustrating. Especially losing posts!! :tantrum: Hope you're taking care of biz and things are less crazy by now.

Hi Java!! Too funny about the years old letter to Mellie.:D Go ahead and send it, I'm sure she'll get a big kick out of it. (Make sure there's enough postage on it, LOL. )

Ceejay - Glad you enjoyed The Great Gatsby. Day off yesterday - nice. Do you have another one today?

Michelle - Sorry your back is still sore. I hope you made it to the water aerobics class last night. Keeping the muscles moving is a good thing. :yes: Nice to have your b-day weekend to look forward to!!! :)

Nothing much to report. Yesterday I took advantage of a Labor Day sale and bought a 4-dvd set of Body Electric workouts for 30% off. The series is called "Unplugged" because they are sold without the music tracks so as not to violate the music rights. Past series' of Body Electric were aired on PBS with the music of popular artists and I guess they weren't subject to music royalties because PBS is not for profit; However, they can't be sold by Margaret Richard for profit because of the permission/royalty issues. And the music and voice tracks were not recorded separately, so there's no fixing those old series so they can be sold. For the two more recent series of BE workouts produced, the music and voice were recorded separately and therefore can be sold by MR without the music. Anyway... I'm excited to get this series because for whatever reason, it was never aired on PBS and therefore I never got a chance to record them for myself.

That's about it for me. Everyone have a great day!

09-05-2013, 12:50 PM
Hi everyone -

I ended up only doing 1/2 hour of water aerobics last night and then my back made it clear it was enough. I did some stretching before I got out of the pool though.

Today after work, I'm getting together with a friend for an early dinner and then I might go to Costco to pick up stuff for my party on Saturday.

Gotta go and get some work done.

Love and hugs,

09-05-2013, 02:45 PM
"We plan, God laughs..." Thank you Laura - best thing I've heard in a long time. I might even make that my signature - :lol3: So true.

Internet ("high speed" my butt - you have to be "high" to think it's fast :rolleyes: ) and phone service - both landline and cell are pretty 1980's out this way. Nothing much we can do about it except complain to ourselves. At least we have it. DH is complaining this morning about the slowness - I can never tell if it's us or the specific sites we are tracking. Yahoo mail and 3FC always seem slow to us. Re: Mom - my sister is looking into some nice senior apartments 2 minutes from her house. It would make it so much easier on her taking care of Mom because right now it's a 40 minute trek (on a good day) each way for her to get into the city. Street parking at my Mom's is a total hassle because there are too many people living in these single family houses that were meant for one car - each house has about a car and a half's worth of parking space in front and there are 3 cars on average in each household now. The house across the street has 10 people and 5 cars living in a house that has 2 bedrooms on the main floor and an attic area - go figure! Plus the traffic is a hassle and my sister is getting at wits end going up that way. Now the fight is to get my Mom out of her house. I understand she doesn't not want to intrude on either me or Sis but this is a gorgeous, bright and roomy 2 bedroom apartment. My Mom's house is literally falling apart - it needs so many repairs and updates. I told my Mom it would sure make it easier if we didn't have to deal with disposing of the house when she passes. Neither my sister or I need or are that interested in the little bit of money we'd get from the house so if my Mom lived off the proceeds of the sale - we'd both be totally happy with that. Of course my Mom is in total stubborn won't have no part of that mode even though her health, her eyesight and her ability to be on her own is declining rapidly. And then there is Nina the cat - we are dealing with expensive issues of getting her health on track. We had her on steroids which worked for the first week, now she has regressed. She is getting lethargic and was developing a belly pooch which we figured was fat because she is not moving much and is perhaps eating more than she should - she gets canned food twice a day with her meds and we leave the gastro enteric dry food out and available for Meadow to nibble all day like she likes. So I called the vet yesterday - they increased the steroid dose and suggested we also give Nina a probiotic. I went to go pick that up - $62 for 14 packets of probiotic and $15 for a refill of the steroids. Do you believe they charged us $27 dollars to MIX UP the darn steroids???? DH is getting frustrated at the continued expense of this cat. I told the vet we could not afford a million dollar cat. Anyway got home and last night I was petting Nina's tummy and was shocked to see it was hard like a balloon, not soft and poochy like I thought it was. Not sure if she was filled with gas or what. She is going potty so that's not the problem. DH softened up a bit when he realized she is just a poor, sick kitty. And Nina seemed to like having her tummy rubbed, she stretched out, looked contented and went to sleep so I'm sure she is suffering too. :( I have a garden full of tomatoes that I picked the other day - some of them need to be used up so I am looking for recipes. Some could use a bit of ripening so they are sitting in the windowsill. Our weather is goofy - dips to a low of 36 one night and tomorrow it's going to be 86 during the day and 60 at night. My veggies are confused. These temp swings are not good for growth. I did not freeze the blueberries I picked 2 weeks ago and wound up tossing half of them out :o Thank you DH for not chastising me about that. I had good intentions, just a lot going on and it seems like there were far more things that needed immediate attention than I could handle at once. My back is still giving me pain points throughout my body - although it's a nice day, I think I will put some chili in the crock pot and got put an ice pack on my back and sit and read. I am doing an extra shift tomorrow at the thrift shop. The coordinator sent out another scathing email again and I'm sure my partner will be (righteously) offended when she sees it and this might be the last straw for her. I calmed her down the last time, not sure I can do it again and frankly I don't blame her as I am kind of offended myself. Finally there is a job that opened up with the county government - I can probably do it, it pays really well compared to the minimum wage jobs here - health insurance is provided which would save us a lot of money too. I am debating about it - tomorrow is the last day to apply for it. 35 hours a week, I'm guessing 4 full days and a half day on Friday. Still thinking it over. The thing is, I know I am smart and capable in my mind but the fact is, I am old and other people do pass judgement. So that's my life in a nutshell.

Shad - thank you so much for passing along the Mel update. Poor woman - always a set back. Sending good, healing thoughts to you Mel. :hug: Shad - bet I am paying way more in health insurance than you are but I agree - it IS highway robbery, especially for what we are getting out of it. So does this mean you have or know the whereabouts of your new car at last??? Still fighting with the power company? And you're starting a new contract next week?

Michelle - sorry the back is bothering you again. Perhaps you started back at too fast a pace? Do they have a hot tub you can soak in after the gym? Maybe one of those hot patches you can use on your back while sitting at work or we would freeze a water bottle and put it in the crook of the back while sitting in a chair - good for a makeshift ice pack at work. I also did that when my foot was bothering me - no one has to know ;) Feel better :hug:

Laura - how great of a score on the body electric DVDs! You can always add your own music if you like. I never thought about it but that makes a lot of sense about the background music and royalties - perhaps that's why so many exercise places use instrumental "generic" music. Oooh Kyle Chandler - I can look at that guy for hours on end!!! Bummer to think of him as playing a parent though. And yikes on the skunk incident! Good thing you saw him ahead of time and were able to take defensive maneuvers (thank goodness for spell check helping me out on that word :rofl: ) I don't think you'd like it very much in the city. Apparently they are having a bit rat problem - even in the nice neighborhoods.

Annie - oh man - really sorry to hear about DS losing the car. That will make it particularly rough with him doing training at night. Hope they can make it around the repairs and that it won't break the bank for them. :( I hope your tummy has calmed down. I did smile at your comment of taking the zippity out of your doo dah :lol: - totally relatable. Feeling a bit the same - wonder if it's seasonal or just an after effect of trying to eat maybe TOO many of the summer garden veggies before they wilt out.

Speaking of which - anyone have a good recipe for fried green tomatoes. I might have one. Shame so many green tomatoes go to waste. And no, I don't like green tomato salsa either. Don't like hard tomatoes.

Hey Mary - thanks for peeking in. Had a smile at Poo Bear shaving the eyebrows off. He's a good sport to let to photograph it :lol:

Ceejay - did you just watch the Gatsby movie or did you get the one with the extra bonus material on it - almost like watching another movie. I didn't and was wondering how it was. Boy how I hate cleaning the car after a road trip - those bugs are glued on and hard to get off. Extra scrubbing required!

Time to go find some lunch and figure out what to pull out for dinner. I have a taste for chili but everything is frozen so I might have to work some magic there. Have a good day all...

09-05-2013, 03:30 PM
Thanks for the update on Mel. 2 down and 2 to go on the situations you are dealing with. Good luck.

Hope no one was hurt in the vehicle accident. Actually I'm off work till Monday.

I like the saying, "We plan, God laughs." I'll have to write that one down.
For some reason I don't like the music with the work out DVD's. Great buy on the Body Electric DVD's.

I haven't watched the extra DVD that was in the movie. I may do that tonight. Sorry to hear that Nina is sick again. You could always make salsa out of the tomatoes. My niece and her bf made some good salsa this year.
It will be hard for your mom to move but once she see's the apartment she may want to.
I really need to go do a follow up office visit with the doctor tomorrow to mainly ask some questions concerning the diverticulitis. I rested yesterday and I'm getting off to an early start today.

09-06-2013, 08:40 AM

Dang be back shortly...fires to put out all ready!!

09-06-2013, 10:37 AM
Ok I made it back! Shuuuweeeee what a morning.

I made white chicken chili in the crocker yesterday as my bro/SIL and sissy came over for dinner last night. Cornbread and homemade peanutbutter brownies with PB icing. Cleaned the kitchen after they left and went to bed. Up at 3:30 could not sleep. bleh

HAPPY...may the force be with you and your sister concerning your momma. I know how difficult it is to work with parents on issues with houses, etc. I think my dad knew his time on earth was short, hence giving up the house and moving in with me which didn't happen. My heart is still heavy on that one. Poor lil kitty. God love her she cannot help being sick. Wonder what the hard knot is on her tummy? Bella had one on her side but was a fatty tumor and nothing to worry about. I think Nina is too little to have something like that already, maybe not. Going back to work, bleh, but we all do what we have/want/need to do. Whatever decision you make, pray on it.

LAURA...great score on the BE work out dvds. You had always referred to the Body Electric work outs at BE work outs...and I never really knew what that meant till your last post. lol. I just knew that you were getting exercise. Just turn on some music and enjoy what you like to the BE.

CEEG...goodluck at the docs office. Best get straightened out before heading back to work. Don't need the extra stress of feeling poorly along with the work stress. Have him write you a note saying no more climbing around in the pits. lol

CHELLE....slow down on the exercise till your back feels much better. Have you tried laying on your back on an exercise ball and rolling back and forth? Curtis swears by it. My bro/SIL bought a ball and tried it, now they swear by it. And to think my SIL was on the verge of surgery, now since getting the ball (only two weeks ago), her pain is virtually gone. Just a thought.

Feel better and speedy recovery for our MELLIE.

THe forces be with SHADDIE on her crazy bills.

That about does it for me today, have a marvelous Friday all! and a great weekend in case I don't get back here.

09-06-2013, 11:53 AM
Morning all. TGIF!!

Michelle - Good you stopped the exercise when your back complained. If I don't get back here, have a good weekend and a good birthday party!!

Annie - Sorry you didn't get a full night's sleep. Mmmm, pnt btr brownies!! So does your brother & SIL just use one of those big exercise balls for their back? Sounds good - as long as you don't fall off the ball!!

Happy - My you have your hands full! I hope your mom comes round to the idea of moving into an apartment near your sister. That's a big challenge ahead for you if/when it does come to pass. My mother thinks she's too young to move into one of those assisted living facilities (she'll be 80 in 3 weeks, bless her heart), but doesn't want to have to move twice, i.e., into a smaller house and then into one assisted living. So here she is rattling around in a big house that's still new to her because she and my dad moved into it brand new nearly 20 years ago now! But it's 20 years old now and still needs a lot of care as to lawn/garden, and she did have to replace her hvac system not too long ago... But I'm glad she's at least thinking about moving sometime. Good luck to you with your mom's situation. Re little Nina - poor thing. I sure hope the additional meds help and she's not in pain. Have you given pet insurance any thought? I imagine the idea of more insurance premiums is not very palatable since you already pay a bundle for your own coverage... Have you found anything to do with your green tomatoes yet? I'd probably just let them ripen. I have to use up our big ones. Bf bought more bacon and fresh mozz, so we're good to go on more BLT & caprese sandwiches. Oh wait, need to buy more basil too. Interesting about the job - have you decided to apply? It would certainly keep you busy, but the extra $$ would be a good thing, especially with the insurance bennies. Re the BE dvd's - I think the web site might have the music tracks listed somewhere and I could get the music if I really wanted to, or just use my own. Or easiest of all - just do without. Re Kyle Chandler in the movie I saw the other night - I agree he's easy on the eyes, but - heads up - not in this movie. He played the wrong kind of parent!!

Ceejay - Ooh, nice long weekend for you. Enjoy!! Good idea about using the tomatoes for salsa!

Mellie - If you're reading or Jen is, I'm praying that you'll get well soon!

Shad - So just the weekend before you head back to work again? Enjoy!
Let's see - nothing much to report. Bf and I picked a bunch more of cherry tomatoes last night and some of our green beans. We had beans with our grilled pork chops, and the night before with our grilled salmon. They're different than the ones we buy at the produce market - a lighter green and less dense, but they're tasty. I'd definitely grow green beans again next season.

I started another challenge - an ab challenge. This one consists of 4 exercises, so it'll be much more involved than the squat challenge. Sit ups, crunches, leg raises and planks. Day one done, 29 more to go! Here's the link if you're interested:

For the weekend - nothing much going on. I have a hair appointment late tomorrow morning. BF is going to a car show, so I'll have to cycle over there. It's only 1.5 miles, so not a biggie - unless it rains!

That's about it for me. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!

09-06-2013, 01:10 PM
I am going to accept the ab challenge. Thanks for posting this.

Yum white chili sounds good. I love the fall and winter months for cooking. I really want to make some cornbread today. I'm going to try the exercise ball.

Went for my follow up this morning at the doctor's office. My blood pressure was 110/70. No stress whatsoever this week. I did have some sludge in my gallbladder but no gallstones, thank goodness. Also asked about my diet, he said to start adding more foods in, just dont eat nuts and corn,sigh, my two favorite foods.
The monitor to my computer died yesterday. I'm using my old laptop until I can make up my mind on whether to buy a new laptop instead. This one needs a new battery. It took most of the afternoon to do the updates on it and download a virus protection. I only bought a 3 month virus protection.

09-06-2013, 01:13 PM
Hi all,

Quick post for me - I should go water the garden, maybe DH will do it for me. ;) I watered everything else yesterday. Intended to sit around and read using a hot pack yesterday on my back but there were a million little things nagging at me. In fact I was up until 3am this morning and so was DH so at least he wasn't hollering about me making noise when he was trying to sleep. Nina seems to be doing better today. She was filled with gas which is why her stomach was distended. I'm sure adding the probiotic had it's own hand in complicating things even though it is good for her. DH is going to try and clean her paws today - poor baby has clumped up litter in them as she is an aggressive digger. :rolleyes: I tried to clean them this morning - I'm glad she didn't claw my boobs off. Wrestling with a wriggling 7 pound gassy balloon cat is no fun! Geez our last 4 cats were not this much work altogether. I'm off to the shop shortly - looks like it might rain - is going to be a very hot day today so if we do get rain, might be some heavy storms.

Shad - last weekend to get your stuff done before you set back to work again. Hope you can get the last of the phone calls all settled and corrected.

Mel - :hug: to you - feel better my friend!!!

Annie - you sound busy as always. Thanks for the advice and empathy on Mom - they have to make their minds up to come around before we can really do any thing. How's Sissy feeling?

Michelle - hope your back eases up. Have a MOST WONDERFUL do over birthday party this weekend. Hope that it's as good as it should have been the first time around! :hat: Please post pictures of you dancing with a lampshade on your head :lol:

Laura - Glad you got to enjoy some beans along with all those tomatoes. Nothing wrong with caprese sandwiches and BLTs :T I guess you can make salsa too if you have some tomatoes left over. I should take what I have and make a batch of tomato sauce in the crock pot. If you cook it long enough, the seeds cook down and disappear. Thanks for including the exercise link. I think it's a great idea to do a short term challenge like that. Keeps you focused for a do-able commitment. As for your Mom, those assisted living facilities are SO EXPENSIVE. I don't know how people can afford them realistically. My SIL's brother was in one - $9,000 a MONTH! and they didn't do anything other than serve him meals and he had his own room and bath. I sure hope we don't have to deal with that. This place my sister is looking at is for 55 and older and is just single level apartment suites. Yikes!

Hi Ceejay - :wave:

Well I'd better get a move on here. Have a good weekend ladies.

09-06-2013, 04:30 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

I had a great evening yesterday. I went out to dinner with a former co-worker. She and I have been friends since the turn of the century! LOL Seriously, we started working together in either late 1999 or early 2000. We both got laid off in 2001, but have stayed in touch ever since. It was so good to see her, and the best part is she's coming to my birthday party tomorrow! I think I'm going to have between 15 and 20 people. So my question for y'all is.....if I'm grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone, how many of each do I purchase? Guests are bringing salads, and I'll have watermelon, maybe some other fresh fruit, chips and salsa, and of course cake and ice cream. I wish I had some of your garden tomatoes, Laura!

I'm a bit nervous about how my back will hold up with ziplining...but if Shad said I'll be ok, then I trust her good judgement.

A friend of mine and I are starting a "Shed 25 lbs by Christmas" challenge. I've set up a private group on facebook, but if you'd like to be a part, just let me know and I'll add you to the group (all you need is a Facebook account). Basically it's just a bunch of friends who will post to support each other through challenges, keep each other accountable, and cheer each other's successes. Like what we have here. This particular friend of mine isn't on 3FC so that's why we're doing it on FB. Let me know if you want to join us. And even though losing 25 lbs by Christmas is the goal, that does not allow us to beat ourselves up if we don't achieve that goal.

Happy - I don't know if there will be dancing or lampshades...LOL. I probably won't even drink as I'd rather eat my calories and have diet soda. But I'm sure it will be fun! I'm blessed to have really good, fun friends.

My back (from the fall) is doing a bit better. I can roll over at night without stabbing pain, so that's good. Now, I'm just back to the usual pain. I'll see how I do walking around Costco today after work, as that will be a lot of walking. As for Ziplining, I'm planning on taking a pain med beforehand, and bringing one for after if I need it.

Annie - do C and your bro/SIL use a standard exercise ball (the kind big enough to sit on) or a small medicine ball sort of thing? I've seen people use both for stretching out their backs. Thanks for the tip! Let me know what size to get, because it's definitely worth a try. And I don't have room at my step-mom's for my inversion machine.

Hope y'all are doing well.

Much love,

09-07-2013, 01:43 AM
Morning all, actually I should start again. Afternoon all,

Going to have a lazy afternoon. Not much I can do outside as it is too warm to work in the garden now. Might go out later on or then again, I might open a bottle of wine and just sit on the couch and watch the footy. There isn't much I can do right now with getting some specialised equipment or spending a fair amount of money.
I have the spreadsheet for the power bill all sorted now. Just got to wait for the company to ring me back. I think they owe me some $2740.00 not me owing them some $12933 odd. The credit will go down somewhat when they sort out the price rises etc. I haven't got the energy to try and work out how many days at this figure and how many days at that figure. So let them ring me. I'm waiting.

I've put a photo up of the newly planted spring garden - it's progressed a little since then, but I haven't been down to get some new soil so I haven't planted anything else yet. And to progress further I need to remove some of the old soil pile and get rid of it.

Michelle - always nice to catch up with old friends and see what's going on in their world. I think I would only buy one of each for your burgers and hot dogs. There will be some that will have only one or the other and others that will grab two of everything. Maybe to be sure make it 1.5 per person - so for 15 people buy 22. I think you will have left overs that way. Much as I would like to take up the challenge, I always seem to go backwards with things like that so I might just cheer you all on from the sidelines this time around.

Happy - Hope Nina is getting better. DS2's cat is gassy as well. Every time you pick him up, he lets loose with some wind. He is growing out of it tho'.

Ceejay - I thought you bought a new computer a short while back. Maybe I missed something there. Good blood pressure by the way.

Laura - fresh beans. Yum They certainly taste better than the supermarket variety. Going back to have another look at the abs challenge. I might take that one on since my fat appears to have settled in the stomach and abdomen. Need to tone it up.

Annie - hope you got all the fires put out safely and no one is injured or dead because of stupidity yet. Why is the recipe called 'white chicken chili'? Is there another colour of chicken?

Haven't heard back from Mel's Jen yet. She is probably strapping Mel into the bed so she will stay. No doubt we will get an update when she gets time. Meantime, I might just go and have a siesta in front of the tv. Sort of running out of things to do - or rather things I want to do.

Catch you later.

09-07-2013, 09:46 AM
I did buy a new computer and tablet both.The monitor to the computer died and I litterally hate my tablet.

Sounds like a good plan for a Christmas challenge.

I was curious about the ball also.

I know the feeling of doing those nagging little things. I need to do that today instead of going to Paragould and listen to my "know it all" aunt.

Got the lawn mowed yesterday but had a freaky mishap. The electric cord got hung up on the tire to my car. I didn't realize it and made one step to many with the mower. The cord tripped me but I caught myself before I hit the ground but now I have a strained back and neck. Both are better this morning.
Will be going to Paragould this morning to have lunch with the uncles.
Everyone have a good day.

09-07-2013, 01:11 PM
Morning girls,

I have to run into town this morning. I worked at the shop yesterday, afterwards DH picked me up and we went to dinner. As we were leaving town I realized that I stupidly forgot to fill out one of the closing forms which breaks down sales by category. It just slipped my mind :shrug: Will have to go fix that before the person closes out today. Was very slow at the shop - I think I did less than 40 dollars in sales and 10 of that was mine! Came home last night and we were trying to dig the caked up litter out of Nina's claws. That stuff is like dried cement and was not fun for either us or her. I got some out but will take more effort much to her frustration. I'm sure it hurts too. She must be starting to feel better as she sure is noisy this morning - of course it's because DH wants to sleep in. As we transition into the autumn, DH always has issues with pain with his back and feet and it's starting already. I don't think he's sleeping well at night and grumbled something this morning about just wanting to sleep through one night as Nina jumped on him this morning. I was closing the shades last night and one of the shades broke - I could hear and feel a big string break. This is not good - we have 9 shades on the 3 panoramic windows in front and since the shades are older and weathered - replace one and you have to replace them all - to the tune of something like $250 or more per shade. If I was to replace them I'd get the double honeycombed black out shade which I hope would insulate more as there is a lot of cold air coming from those windows in the winter. The windows have a fancy wood moulding on the top so adding drapes would not work out at all. I did apply for that job after all although I seriously doubt I will even get an interview. A little extra money would come in handy although I really, REALLY don't want to go back to work. :( Especially if it means I have to get up at 6:30 in the cold, winter mornings. :hyper: We'll see, what will be, will be eh?

I think Nina is doing a bit better. She is more vocal this morning, a bit more like her old self. I was rather miffed - when I spoke to the vet, we agreed to up her steroid dose a bit - ie. give her a larger dose. I told her I'd need more medicine as I'd be running out. Picked up the meds and was using up the rest of what was in the current bottle. Was talking - well complaining to DH about the $27 "compounding" fee this time around and he checked the previous invoices and we were not charged this before. In conversation he asked if there was a change in dosage. I looked at the bottle and sure enough, the new stuff is stronger than the stuff we had. I should have been giving her the new stuff. She never said she was increasing the strength of the medicine, only that we were going from .5 cc to .75 :rolleyes: I think the probiotic is also helping her a bit so we have :crossed: that we can get her settled down.

I have to get more kitty litter which means a trip to Walmart. Nothing worse than going to Walmart on a Saturday morning. Or at any time on a weekend.

Ceejay - ouch on the trip. Hope you didn't jam something on your body. Sometimes we're better off just falling instead of trying to keep ourselves upright. Hope you're ok.

Shad - holy cow - that's quite an overpayment!!! are you on a budget plan where you pay a set amount each month? I can see where being away you would not have used very much power. I think opening a bottle of wine and enjoying a footy game sounds just fine.

Michelle - thanks for the challenge invite. I'll have to give it some thought. Sometimes too those things have the opposite effect on me. Hope you have a great time at your party today.

Hello to the rest of the Worldlies :wave: I really need to get busy before the day runs away from me. Have an enjoyable weekend everyone.

09-07-2013, 03:05 PM
Hi everyone,

I had insomnia last night...didn't fall asleep until 1:30, probably because I'm excited about today and tomorrow!! My back is pretty sore probably from all that tossing and turning. Luckily, I don't have much to prepare for the party. Everyone is bringing salads and side I just have to slice up tomatoes and onions for the hamburgers, and put some chips and salsa in bowls. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should put the bottled water in the fridge.

My step-mom thought I'd rather just have the day with my she's getting together with some of her friends. It didn't matter to me either way. My friends like her and she likes my friends so no worries. Ironically, I didn't buy any alcohol. Not many of my friends are drinkers, and I just told everyone to bring what they wanted to drink.

As for the quantity of hamburgers and hot dogs. I ended up buying roughly 20 of each. That should be more than enough, even with my friend's teenage kids that are coming.

I'm so happy to have this opportunity to have a FUN birthday with so many people who care about me!! I'm grinning from ear to ear!

I'll try and check in later or tomorrow! I wish you ladies lived closer so you could come to my party too!

Much love,

09-08-2013, 01:03 PM
Happy Sunday Morning girls,

It's a nice day out there. Weather is crazy, really hot one day, really cool the next - up and down, don't know what to expect. Supposed to be nice but on the cooler side so I'm going to do some cooking - I really don't feel like canning salsa so instead will blanch the roma tomatoes and make a batch of slow cooking pasta sauce which can be dinner or easily frozen. Got some housework to do all - vacuuming and wash the floors. I also picked up some magazines at the shop which have some really good looking recipes. Will have to make a note of them and then re-donate the magazines back when I work next so that I don't have too much stuff cluttering up the place.

I was out watering the garden yesterday and a big brown bat flew into and landed on my bean trellis. It flew around a couple of times and eventually crawled into the bat box we have on the garden post. I was surprised to see it during mid daylight hours - some times that means they are rabid, other times it means they are looking for a new roost. Since it seemed to check out the bat box I hope it means it was looking to roost. Was quite a big fella too - not Dracula sized but bigger than most I've seen. I kept my distance of course.

Looks like everyone is off doing their Sunday thing so I will just say hello and let everyone get on with their plans.

Glad to hear your party came out nicely Michelle and that you had a good time.

Talk to you later chicks.

09-08-2013, 05:59 PM
I'm back from my uncles. It is hot out there.
It's back to work tomorrow and am not prepared for it.

Good that your friends are there to help you celebrate this time around. Sounds like a good time. :balloons:

Hope dh is feeling better. Let hope also that the bat was just checking out his new home.

09-08-2013, 06:15 PM
Update on Mel:-
mom is coming along but VERY slowly, so going to the hospital is still not out. she finished the meds but the response was not as good as they thought. there are so many pains and things involved it makes it hard for the doctors to know what is what. then one pill worked great but gave her serious constipation. it was a nightmare that is not over yet, now she has pain in her ribcage and joints. they say from the gastroenteritis.
her appetite is minimal and that is why they cannot rule out a visit to the hospital yet. she is trying to stay hydrated the best she can with this nausea and pain.
I pray I never get this stuff. it affects so much of your body!!!
we were laughing last night when I said i'd be dead by now. she is a strong lady.
I printed off the pictures. the flower is beautiful and I can see why mom loves it so. are those birds cranes? at first I thought pelicans but no neck thing. we both love your new garden you are still working on.
I am on my way to the supermarket, I think mom will be needing a LOT of toilet paper!
Richie takes the emergency phone & keys while I am out. we take turns going to the store.
say hello to the gang for all of us, will write again if anything changes.
love jen & Richie

mom said to tell you this story from yesterday.
remember there are signs all over her door now. anyone can read she is sick.

when mom was getting some water, a woman was banging on her door like the building was on fire. mom opened it and the woman began screaming at her that people were monitoring her apartment and turning things on and off to annoy her and that they have controls outside her apartment that operate her lights, outlets, tv, micro, shower and toilet.
she said if they turn her toilet off she is going to piss in the lobby!!!!!
mom pointed to the sick sign and said she has to wait till Monday to get help from the office.
she closed the door and the woman left. she flew up the stairwell.
but someone knocked on and off during the evening .
we think it was her because mom kept hearing the stairwell door bang closed. ha ha

Morning all,
Seems like Mel is on the mend but will be a while.

Another beautiful day here in the Great South East. We have a new government - elections took place over the weekend. Bah humbug politics. I doubt that we will be any better off than we were before. Both major parties appear to be bereft of ideas and one puts on the taxes, but the other says it will repeal the tax - yeah right I wonder when. The new government will no doubt lay off hundreds of public servants leaving no service at all and it is bad enough now. I don't like our new leader, but there you go - can't like everyone.
Tomorrow I go back to work. It will be a shock to the system. I bought a new mobile phone the other day and thanks to the DS2 have got most of the features I wanted set up, however I can't seem to get the alarm clock on it to make a sound. It vibrates but doesn't sing. Can't afford to have this happen tomorrow so will have to do something about it.

Yesterday I picked a big bunch of corn. Yummy stuff. I've had them for lunch a couple of days ago and yesterday I sent some out to my friend Chris down the road, and some out to DS2 and there is still enough to keep me busy for some days yet. May have to cut the kernels off and freeze them. All that butter and corn and pepper and salt is not good for me.

M - DS1's partner sent a message last night to say that Sophia took her first steps yesterday afternoon. Did four steps and went plop on her butt. Needless to say the doting parents are worried about the state of her butt.

I'm off out to dig some more of the garden very soon. Now that the sun has come up, it won't be long before it gets too hot. Then I have a busy day ahead trying get ahead of the work syndrome. I just know that I will be worn out tomorrow night when I get home, so it might be a good idea to get some dinner ready to reheat or in the slow cooker for then. Otherwise I'll be eating toast or cheese or something that won't do much for me.

Ceejay - sorry you hate the tablet. I've not tried one so can't comment although I see the DS1 using his very productively. Can't you just buy a new screen for the old computer rather than the expense of a whole new unit?

Michelle - glad to hear that the birthday party went off just fine. Nice to have friends and family around to laugh and reminisce with (not sure about the spelling of that).

Happy - I can remember sitting on a bench outside a cave at Undarra in far north Queensland watching the bats going out the nights feasting. There were tiger snakes in the vines that covered the cave entrance waiting for the bats. The were hundreds of these bats flying around in the little space of the entrance to the cave and not one of them touched me or the guide I was with. Their radar is amazing. None of the snakes touched us either - thankfully. I forget what type of bats they were, but they weren't big and neither were they as tiny as the ones I saw in Paronella Park. They were incredibly small.

Anyway, better get on with this and then try to get down the road to see if I can get help with this phone - or buy an alarm clock. Catch you later.

In case you were wondering - these are the photos I sent to Mel. You have already seen the garden photo

09-08-2013, 06:43 PM
Thanks for the updates on Mel. The garden in beautiful. Yes, I can buy another monitor, just debating on what size to get.

Wanted to post that I've done day one of the ab challenge. But I did improvise on the sit ups. I do chair exercises mostly so I did the chair sit ups. The others I did on the floor. However, I did only one leg at a time for the leg lifts.

09-09-2013, 08:26 AM

09-09-2013, 11:05 AM
Happy Birthday Michelle!!! Have a great day and a fantastic year!


09-09-2013, 11:34 AM
Happy Birthday Michelle :carrot:

Melody, Please get well soon. It did occur to me when reading Mel's update, that the crazy, paranoid woman that was bothering Melody is the likely elevator urine suspect. Maybe I've worked too long in law enforcement, but that is what I deduced, dear Watson. :mag:

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

09-09-2013, 12:11 PM
Morning all.

Ceejay – Nice to have a partner in the ab challenge! :-) I’ve also been thinking of replacing the sit-ups with something else too. I thought crunches had replaced traditional sit-ups long ago as a better alternative - work the abs more/better. The traditional ones tend to work the hip flexors more than the abs themselves! In the past I have done full sit-ups in Pilates class, but they are more like roll-ups – done very very slowly so as to work the abs, and we only do a few reps before moving on to the next thing. Not the same thing at all really. I might just add the quantity of sit-ups to the crunches and do only the crunches. As for the leg raises, I like the idea of doing them one leg at a time, or I’ve also done them with the knees bent instead of straight, and alternating legs. It’s smart to modify for yourself. The central idea of the challenge is to do something consistently and progressively work up to more reps to challenge yourself and get strong in the process. Sorry to hear about your monitor breaking down. If you get a new one, make it nice and big- so much easier to see! I hope your back and neck are better now.

Happy – Sorry to hear dh’s back is giving him trouble. I hope the pain eases up for him. As for Nina bugging him – cats have their own timetable, don’t they?? LOL. Good luck with the job you applied for. Even if you don’t want to work, I’m sure the peace of mind concerning insurance & financial matters would make it more bearable. Re assisted living - my mother is definitely healthy enough right now to forgo having 3 meals provided for her at one of those assisted living facilities – she ideally needs one of those places that have a range of facilities from a simple apartment to progressively more services, as needed. OMG, too bad about the string in the blind breaking. We invested in very nice wood blinds all over most of the house and the plastic mechanisms in the ones on the west side windows are starting to show signs of problems – probably because the sun/heat has made them brittle and more likely to break. In fact, the largest blind that’s on the living room picture window will no longer rise and on another one in the living room, the tilt mechanism doesn’t work. Sigh. We’re making do right now, but it’s very frustrating to not be able to get the correct part for the one blind. We haven’t even addressed the possibility for repair of the other, which broke relatively recently. Eek re the bat!! Hope it’s not rabid and is just finding a new spot. Do you think it helps with the mosquitos at all??

Michelle – Sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m glad you had a do-over and did it up right because you deserve it. You’ve worked so hard to turn things around for yourself. I’m glad to hear you so happy these days! :hug:

Shad – Thanks for passing along the news on Mel from Jen. Sounds like it’s gonna take some time to get everything working again!! I just hope the hospital can be avoided!!! I hope your first workday back went well – getting your brain back into work mode after a lot of time off had to be difficult. Your garden is going to be so pretty! I love that it’s raised a bit. And what a gorgeous rose! What a green thumb you have! Yummmm, corn. Love it roasted on the grill and slathered with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper! Good thing we haven’t done a lot of that this year!

Hi Annie!! Hi Mel!!

Java – I also agree that the crazy lady bugging poor Mel is also the person who peed in the elevator. Have a great week.
Nothing much to report. It was nice being at home on Saturday morning. I sorted and filed some paperwork in the home office. I cycled over to my hair appointment. It was a hot day so after I pedaled back home, I watched several episodes of Monarch of the Glen during the afternoon. I have to return the dvd’s tonight. At least I got through about half of the 4th season. No hurry – the series is no longer being made and once I get through all the seasons, that’s it, so why rush through it? Also did some laundry and a dog walk.

Yesterday morning was a lazy day with the newspapers. Aside from that I did laundry and a dog walk. Went out for lunch and then a stop at the market. We had tacos last night, using up all but one of our big tomatoes. We have a couple more ripening on the vine, but bf gave away several on Saturday.

I was reading one of our library newsletters the other day and learned we have free access to digital magazines. It was a bit of a PITA to set up – two separate accounts – but I now have access to some magazines online, including Weight Watchers, Shape, Food Network magazine, etc. Not too keen on looking at them with my cell phone, but I might try to learn how to use our iPad (bf is currently the only one using it) so I can browse mags on it.

Tonight is the first Mat Pilates class of the session. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my BE dvds. Hope they get here this week so I can add a third workout to my week.

That’s about it for me, better post and get back to it before the interruptions make me lose this.

09-09-2013, 01:38 PM
Hi guys,

Busy day today will have to come back tonight to post.

Just wanted to wish Happy Birthday to Michelle :hb: :bday2you::celebrate::woo: I hope you have a terrific day.

Also sending good healing thoughts to Mel and a thank you to Jen and Shad for keeping us updated.

Will be back later.

09-09-2013, 06:30 PM
I am so sleepy.
Trying to get caught up with the mountain of paper work. We each do our own.

I was thinking about the same thing re doing the same amount of crunches and sit ups combined. And I may substitute the plank for something else too.

Didn't realize you had applied for the job. Wishing you good luck.

I was thinking the same thing with the woman knocking on Mel's door and the person p'ing in the elevator.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

09-10-2013, 05:59 AM
Evening all
First day back at work and I am knackered. Didn't do much either - as per normal I had a login but no authorisation to do anything on the computer. I got that put right and then didn't have SAP access. Oh and get this, the guy on the help desk who solved my network problems sent me an email to say that it was fixed. Hello, I don't have access and my password is now defunct - how can I get my email???? Hello!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle. Bit late, but it was on time in Facebook. Glad to hear that you had a great day.

Laura is back at the beach again I see from her avatar.

Happy is on the run.

DS2 has contracted Bells Palsy. He is not a happy chappy. But it will come right given time. It's not like he had a stroke although that is what he thought was happening. He is also covered in huge bruises but can't see what is causing them. So blood tests all around for him. Unusual because he rarely gets sick and is not a good patient. Poor J. She has to put up with him.

Gotta run. Have a little bit more left to do before I can sit down and relax. Better sort out some lunch and dinner for tomorrow too. Need to do some shopping or Miss Puss will not get any dinner.

09-10-2013, 08:55 AM
Good Morning...

Got an early call this morning 4:30 am. Oldest brother was admitted to the hospital. Blood sugars way up and creatinine level is 2.2, normal is .08, meaning his kidneys are not functioning up to par. Scary this is a lot of what virtually got momma and daddy, along with all their other problems. Please send good thoughts and prayers and strength.

I will get back later girls. Working a short day to get to the hospital.

09-10-2013, 09:27 AM
Sending good thoughts and prayers for your brother.

Also sending your DS2 good thoughts and prayers.

I'm really glad that this is my 3 day work week. I've been super tired and sleepy. I had made plans to go to Jonesboro this week end but I think I need to stay home and rest.

09-10-2013, 11:15 AM
Morning all.

Shad - Prayers to DS2. Have to look up Bell's Palsy - scary if he thought it was a stroke! And the bruises are scary too. :( Hope today's workday is more productive for you.

Ceejay - Good idea to stay home and rest - you've been driving a lot! I say give the plank a try for a bit - there's no movement to it, so it's probably not gonna cause you any joint or muscle strain. Except for the part where you have to get down & up off the floor, LOL.

Annie - Prayers to your brother.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! :wave:
Wow, was it ever hot yesterday! And more today. Thank goodness for A/C!!!

Went to my Mat Pilates class last night. I've had the instructor before, she's very good. I wonder if she's also the one teaching the Barre class on Wed.

It'll be quiet here the next few days, the sr mgr and the boss are out of the office. Unfortunately, the place they've gone is o=in the path of tropical storm Gabrielle...hope their travel plans don't get interrupted too badly.

Nothing going on tonight as I decided to skip movie night. I need to get out in the yard and water everything - hot and no rain for the past several days.

I'm on track with the ab challenge. Need to call the BP monitor company and find out where I send it for repair/replacement.


09-10-2013, 12:30 PM
A super quick post this morning. I had a fabulous birthday! The party Saturday night was great! And Ziplining on Sunday was really fun! I admit, I freaked out on the first line and thought I was going too fast, so I applied the brakes and got stuck halfway across....had to pull myself arm over arm to the other side. I almost called it quits right then. But the guide agreed to take me tandem, which meant both of us clipped on the line together so I didn't have to worry about braking or steering (which is done to keep you from spinning on the line)...I could just enjoy the ride. And enjoy I did! We rented a helmet cam, so I hope to have video to share in a week or so.

Sunday, on the way home from Ziplining, I got very nauseous. At first, I thought it was carsickness from the windy road. Then when it didn't go away after I got home and when I still felt very nauseous yesterday morning (so much so that I didn't go to work yesterday), I chalked it up to the busy weekend, insomnia and adrenaline. I'm doing much better today, now that my feet have been firmly on terra firma for over a day. :rofl:

Annie - I'm saying prayers for your dear brother. I hope they determine the cause of the levels being so high and are able to correct it. Sending hugs to you.

Shad - Saying prayers for your DS2 as well. I've heard of Bells Palsy, but don't remember the details. I hope his health will right itself soon. :hug:

:wave: to everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had such a great and wonderfully memorable time!

Much love and many hugs,

09-10-2013, 01:05 PM
Morning girls,

Geez, whole lotta troubles in the world today :( Sending prayers for your brother Annie, hope this is something that can be treated and mended quickly. :hug: Also sorry to hear about DS2 Shad - I have heard that is a condition that eventually works itself out but has to be incredibly frustrating in the interim. And then there is poor Mel who is not only sick but has to deal with the crazies on top of it. Give the woman a tin foil pointed hat - the crazy not Mel - and send her on her way.

This week everything decided to break in bits. First the light in the closet went out. I was pulling down the shades the other night and one of the cellular shades broke. That means 9 replacements at over $1,000. Then DH was warming something yesterday and the top vent grill decided to just break and fall off the microwave. There are 2 pieces that are screwed in to hold it and the plastic just deteriorated away. The microwave still works but it's due for a replacement. I looked into convection microwaves which is a combo oven and microwave but I think I'll stick with a plain old microwave unless any of you want to offer up some comments. The light in the laundry room decided to follow it's mate in the closet although DH said it's probably just a light bulb that's out. And then we have poor sick Miss Kitty Cat. Something is preventing her from digesting her food - could be a lack of pancreatic enzymes, could be a B12 deficiency will take a battery of $100 blood tests to find out further. Monday they are doing a procedure which will introduce working bacteria into her gut to try and grow what needs to be there. It's a more intense method than simply eating yogurt per se. I won't say more because it's gross but it will involve some nasty work on our part. Good thing we love our animals. ;) However money is just flying out the door. But sometimes life is like that. I don't really want to go back to work and seeing how this job I applied for is paying way more than the standard going rate around here, I doubt I will be called for an interview and even if, it will probably just be a courtesy one to show they are trying to be fair to all candidates. DH is having some expensive blood tests also to dry and determine the cause (and treatment) of a rash on his legs. Sounds like it's more than just weak blood vessels. Mom is just being a ... stubborn pain... really digging her heels in and being so childishly stubborn that she deserves to be in time out. Her stubbornness is going to get her into some major trouble if she doesn't knock it off. My poor sister has been taking the brunt of it. My back is doing a bit better but is still touchy so I am trying to be careful. While some of you are in a heat wave, autumn will arrive on Thursday as we bump down into the 60's during the day and the 30's at night. I think it's time to take out the garden. I considered tarping just the tomatoes, don't think it's worth the effort. Can't set the greenhouse over the tomato bed either as I'd have no way to get to the back of the greenhouse to harvest the plants. So it was a so so year for the garden. I got a few herbs to plant in small pots for the winter inside - just hope the cats won't take notice of them.

Laura - sure has been hot and humid out your way. Even if it's not so so, I hear the humidity is very high. Glad you got a good Pilates instructor. That means a lot and not everyone who teaches is good at it. I'm interested to hear how you like the barre class and what they do in it. Living vicariously through you ;) How did you make out with that project they threw at you a few weeks ago with the oops we decided to give you less time on the deadline part? As for the bats, DH came in last night from taking down the bird feeder and said he saw at least 3 bats flying around. They are VERY GOOD at nabbing mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Right now we seem to have an influx of flying ants. I was standing on the deck yesterday and noticed the air is filled with flying things though I could not make out what. DH clarified. That's probably what has the bats unusually active too. Not sure if they will be looking for winter roosts either. I think we will get an early winter up this way. So enjoy your warmth while you have it. Great score on the library digital magazines - some excellent titles there. Can you look at them at home on the computer also? I can't imagine reading magazines on an iPhone. Guess that makes me old.

Ceejay - good for you for making a go at the abs challenge! I guess it's pretty hot down by you also - could be what's making you sleepy. Make the best of your 3 days off, it goes fast.

Shad - are you on a local contract where you get to stay in town? It annoys me too with the email situation. Sometimes (well often) think that the people practice a head in the sand / forgot to listen and or care attitude and only worry about a tiny piece of the problem. Do you find it gets harder to get enthused about going back to work? I would. ;)

Rest well Mel :hug: sending you good thoughts. I'll have to send you some pictures too.

Hi Michelle :wave:

Time to go get ready - I am doing the afternoon shift at the store today. Have a good day all.

09-10-2013, 05:11 PM
happy - I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. Wish I could offer some suggestions. Just your DH taking high doses of Niacin (or drinking Monster, 5 Hour Energy or any other energy drinks)? Reason I'm asking is that my doctor once put me on prescription strength Niacin for my blood pressure, and every time I took the pill (which was nightly), I would get a horrible burning, itchy rash on my arms and legs. It literally felt like my arms and legs were on fire, and it was only be high doses of benadryl. I thought it must be a food allergy (to soy). I didn't think a prescription vitamin could cause it. I spent weeks going to an allergist, who eventually had a lightbulb moment and asked if I was on high doses of Niacin. I said yes. He suggested I stop taking it, and it immediately got better. I found out that while rare, it is possible to have a Niacin allergy and get the resultant Niacin "flush" (as in rash). Interestingly, I used to work with a guy who had the same issue. Just thought I'd mention it because it's the first thing I thought of when you mentioned your DH's rash on his legs.

Mel - I hope you feel better soon. Jen/Shad, thanks for keeping us posted.

Ceejay - Enjoy your 3 days off!

Laura - What's the ab challenge? Is it as insane as the squats challenge you did?

Gotta get back to it.

Much love to all,

09-10-2013, 06:16 PM
Hi Michelle - I'm so glad you had a fabulous b-day!!! Gosh, hadn't thought about the possibility of spinning around while on the zipline - now that sounds scary!! So how long were you actually on there?? Sorry you had the nausea afterwards. Glad you're feeling better today.

The ab challenge is here: I don't think it's quite as much as the squat challenge. By Day 30 of this challenge, you do 125 situps, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises and a 120 second plank. As I mentioned to Ceejay - I was thinking of nixing the situps and adding that quantity of reps to the crunches just because I don't care for the situps much. I will definitely be splitting up the reps and doing sets at various times of the day when the reps start getting high!

Happy - You poor thing - so much going on! :( Sorry there's been health issues in your household as of late. What Michelle said re your dh's rash was interesting, and I do recall years ago being in a meeting when a coworker became completely flushed right after he took a dosage of niacin his doc had prescribed for him. He phoned his doc immediately and was instructed to take a baby aspirin. I sure hope the tests for dh and kitty help diagnose what's going on. What an outflow of money you're experiencing right now! We have a microwave oven and a separate toaster oven, so I can't help you with advice re a combo oven. Our toaster oven has a convection feature and that's nice. Our full-size range has one too, but that feature tends to blow a circuit breaker, so we don't use it. We've never gotten around to calling in the electrician to put the range on its own circuit, duh. I hope nothing else breaks down on you right now. As for that PITA project, I just got a nice e-mail yesterday from the boss's boss: "Perfect. Just what I was looking for. Great job and thanks!" Whew, I was glad it was what was needed! Re the digital magazines, yes, you can view them on a desktop computer or a tablet also. Re the weather - we're also getting a cool-down on Thursday, but not quite as extreme as yours. Not ready for that yet, so it's a good thing!! Hope your shift at the shop went well today. :)

I wiped out the gain I had last week at the WW weigh-in with a loss today of exactly the same amount. Yay for that! Glad that's gone, and onward and DOWNWARD. Doing a bit of the math, I'm 4.2 pounds away from my 10% target and 8 pounds from what I believe will be my chosen final goal. So close, but yet so difficult!

I think I have a chip on my shoulder about not having reached my 10% yet with WW because in reality, I already reached it if I count back to when I started this journey pre-WW a year ago August. And yes, I've told myself that feeling that way is just plain silly - the 5% and 10% targets and the individual 5 pound losses are just milestones. I know the %'s are significant because studies show losing those amounts really do help your health, but for me, it'll be achieving the final goal that's important, because I'll be at a healthy weight/BMI. It would be really nice to be able to get off the blood pressure meds. I'll see what the doc says when I have my followup next month.

Okay, enough rambling about that. Back to work.

PS - The boss sent an e-mail saying their flight was cancelled due to tropical storm Gabrielle and they are stuck in NY and will try again tomorrow.

09-11-2013, 08:50 AM
Lost my d*mn post. and was almost done. Crap.

09-11-2013, 09:31 AM
I'm proud of you for doing the zip line. I saw in Branson where they have different levels, beginning to advance so I'm going to try the beginning level next time I go.

Hope nothing else goes wrong at your house. I know this is frustrating. You never know you may end up with a job!

I'm glad today is my Friday. I'm welcoming my 3 day week. I've decided not to go to Jonesboro this week end. I need to go have the Rav4 serviced but will do that next week end.

Have a good day.

09-11-2013, 12:36 PM
Good morning, ladies!

I really thought I had talked myself out of going to the gym yesterday after work. I had my packed gym bag in the car as I do every day, but the entire way home, I was telling myself how tired and sore I still was from ziplining, and wouldn't it be better if I just waited a day until the water aerobics class. So I'm getting off the freeway, on the way to picking up my dog from day care, and I pulled into the gym parking lot and said...I'll just try and do 10 minutes on the recumbent bike...if it hurts, I'll stop...if not, I'll continue. I ended up doing 35 minutes on the bike at an average speed of 11 mph. I was all sweaty when i went to pick up Santa. After I got home, I did about 30 minutes of power cleaning because my room had become a cluttered mess. I'm really glad I worked out yesterday. It helped loosen up the stiff back and leg muscles, and the endorphins felt great! I'm so looking forward to water aerobics tonight!

Breakfast this morning was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a bowl of fresh fruit, which is a whole lot better for me than either the Egg McMuffin with a Large McCafe Mocha Frappe that was calling me when I dropped Santa at day care. And it's also better than the Pop Tarts from the vending machine.

Laura - Thanks for the info about the challenge! I can't even do one full sit up, unless I have something holding my feet down. And my physical therapist told me that full sit ups use the abdominals only for the first part and then when you're at about halfway up, it's all hip flexors, so she told me planks (standard and side) are the BEST and most complete ab exercise. Congrats on the loss at weigh in!! Good for you for being so close to goal...I've heard it is tougher the closer you get to goal. I can understand the chip on your shoulder...but look at it this least when you reach your 10%, you're only 4 lbs away from goal. When I reach my 10%, I'll still be 60 lbs away from goal (90 lbs if I use WW's goal weights). Most of the ziplines go fairly quickly...anywhere from 10-25 seconds. The first one, where I braked early, I was probably on for a few minutes. I'm impressed you're doing Pilates. Most of the moves really kicked my butt. I can do 100's and planks...but that's it.

Ceejay - If I were you, I'd definitely do the beginner zipline, and if you like it you can progress to a more advanced one. It is definitely something to experience. It sounds like you're taking this 3 day weekend for you. Good for you!

Annie - Sorry you lost your post.

Hi Happy and Shad! :wave: I hope dear Mel is doing better.

Much love and many hugs,

09-11-2013, 03:18 PM
Hi all,

Last nice (warm) day before the temps bounce into the 60's and stay there for a while. Fall is here to stay - no doubt the trees will start to turn quickly with the cooler weather. I think it's time to take out the garden completely - foolish to think you can get decent tasting tomatoes when it gets this chilly. I was thinking about tarping the tomato bed but I think it's just not worth it. Pity as I didn't get many tomatoes this year but that's how it goes. With the cooler weather at least it will be good for getting sweaty yard tasks worked on. I have lots to do today including many unexpected support type tasks that are key to what DH has plans for - ie. clear out everything in the bottom bath vanity so DH can install a new faucet, clean up everything he left laying around when he installed the new cellular shades, etc. Just a comment on shade - DH ordered light filtering shades for the bedroom and didn't realize how sheer they are. We had to replace them as these just would not work. So I got double cell black out shades. Holy cow - they aren't kidding. Our bedroom faces north and west so it's never really bright in there but I told DH with these shades we will be sleeping until 11am and thinking it's 11PM! I was going to get the same kind to replace the living room & dining room windows but I think these will be too dark even though I have to believe they would really cut the cold air coming from the big windows. I generally leave the shades down in the winter to hold in some of the cold air so it would just be too dark during the day with the shades down. Bad enough it's gray and gloomy out. So I'll go with the middle of the road, light filtering but still double cell shades which will let in enough light and be energy efficient. So many things to think about!

Laura - glad you erased your recent weight gain. Don't get too hard on yourself - I'm sure even totally focused people don't consistently lose each week. Heck, I'm even convinced that we inadvertently gain weight when it rains out and we are holding more moisture in our bodies. :dizzy: And I have heard from most people that getting it off was the easy part - the really tough thing is maintenance so consider yourself preparing for that. Your are still doing fantastic! Keep up the good work. Thank you for commenting about your convection oven blowing a circuit breaker because that's one thing that people have commented on even with the microwave convection unit. I have to admit that was off putting. How nice that you got some great feedback on your project work - that doesn't happen very often and was worth the extra effort you had to put into it.

Michelle - I totally related to your comment about losing 10 percent of body weight and having a long way to travel yet. I try not to let that get me down either. I too did not think of spinning while on the zip line. Geez!!! And how hard would it be to pull your own weight if you stopped too soon. That's complicated! Yay for you for hitting the gym. I have done the 10 minute trick too and it certainly does work - you not only hit it but exceed it. Funny how we play games with ourselves :lol: Thanks for the input about the Niacin. DH took it once, felt horrid when he got the flush and said never again. They did a biopsy and some blood tests - seems to be more than just vasculitis - weak blood vessels. We hope it's nothing serious. He got a clean bill of health from the heart doctor yesterday.

Ceejay - glad you decided to stay home this weekend - I'm sure there's lots of things both fun and work that you can do to fill your time and you'll probably feel better about it.

Annie - sorry you lost your post :mad: I'm sure you had nothing but good things to say about us ;) :lol3:

Shad - did you get your access yet or will that take 2 weeks?

I guess I was a bad girl or had an experience that reinforced some good thinking. DH had to go to Duluth yesterday to the doctor. They have good food up that way so it's always a treat to get something. I could not go with him because I had to work so I asked him to bring back a burger from a place called Five Guys. They have the best burgers and fries. And actually we mostly have bar food up this way which IS burgers, however I almost always order broiled or grilled fish if we go out. So the burger was a treat. It was delicious I must say. However after I ate I sat in a chair and almost passed out I was so sleepy all of a sudden. Really had a hard time staying awake. I'm sure it had to do with the food I ate. I am also reading a book I picked up at the shop called "The Plan". One if the interesting things that caught my attention was the statement that the end results of what you become is a direct reaction to how you respond to the food you put inside your mouth - makes perfect sense. If you take in too many calories - weight gain, if you eat too much - bloat or have a reaction (as I do) to artificial sugar substitutes - bloat, cramping and a general horrid feeling. So I had that thought in mind as a reaction to that burger - now granted it was 6pm and outside of cup of coffee in the morning and a 1/2 cup of pasta with a dab of sauce before I went to work - I really didn't eat properly all day. I also noticed a person on a show who said that when they are training they generally eat meat, fruit and vegetables and that's it. I think I need to start eating like that again. My eating has been unbalanced lately - not necessarily bad food - just not balanced like it should be.

And with that I need to go finish up that cabinet, flip the laundry and put a pot of chili and a pot of beef vegetable soup on to cook. Might blanch some tomatoes and start a crock pot of tomato sauce too - I have a big bowl of tomatoes to use - not quite enough to can but far more than I can eat.

Have a good hump day ladies and love to Mel :hug:

09-11-2013, 05:25 PM
Afternoon everyone.

Annie - Sorry you lost your post. Frustrating. How's your brother doing??

Ceejay - Happy Friday to you, enjoy your at-home time this weekend. :)

Michelle - Good for you not talking yourself out of exercising, in spite of the fatigue and aches. :yay: One of my strategies is taking classes on a certain day/time - no wiggle room, and since I've paid specifically for that class, my frugal side won't let me play hooky, LOL. Enjoy your water aerobics tonight. :swim: It sounds so refreshing given the summery temps we've been having here the past several days. Good for you also with the healthy breakfast! Re situps - I knew they weren't the greatest ab exercise, and yes they are easier with someone/something holding your feet down. I also posted on SparkPeople about the challenge and someone said that the slow Pilates roll-ups could be considered as equivalent to 6 regular situps, so i could divide the number of situps by 5 or 6 and just do those instead...we'll see. Re the ziplining - I think 25 seconds is a good length of time, I have no desire to have too much time to think about how high off the ground i am!!

Happy - Sorry your veggie garden is pretty much done for the season. Yes, attempting to extend the season by tarping would leave you cleaning everything up later when it's likely to be cold out and not pleasant weather to be working outside. In fact, I better keep that in mind if I want to unplant that hodgepodge garden bed before it gets yucky out. Except now I'm weaseling on transplanting the phlox (all the sunny spots in the yard that are good for them do not allow views from the house) and pulling out the peonies (they're so pretty in bloom, can't bear to get rid of them!). The only thing I remain set on is giving away the daylilies. I've had my fill of those. Good to hear dh's heart got a clean bill of health. :) We have a 5 Guys by us at Randhurst - good burgers and Cajun fries! I like that they have the peanuts in the shell to nosh on while awaiting your food. :yes: Bf prefers a place called Meatheads - very similar menu, and their cajun fries are even better. That one's near Woodfield. Too bad about your reaction to the food. I generally don't get extreme reactions to food, except for maybe after eating something with too much dairy or too much spice and i won't get into the reaction here, lol. Maybe a big meal of pasta would make me sleepy, but that's more from overeating, not the specific food itself. I do agree with you about balance. I'm eating more fruits & veges than I used to, but I still squander too many calories on sweets and salty junk instead of good fuel. Sigh.

Hi Shad, Hi Mel! :wave:
Nothing much to report. I'm taking a career dev. workshop on Friday afternoon. "Pre-work" for the session are two assessments. Ugh, horrible. The one I'm currently slogging through is where we have to rank ourselves on 75 statements such as: I have written my career goals in a way that I can easily measure my accomplishments.. Bleh. Hope the other one isn't as awful. Yes, typical me hating anything to do with being introspective and thoughtful about my career.

Last night made me crabby. I went home and watered the veg and flowers. Found a "skunk pile" in a corner by the house - hate these nervy creatures seem to be making themselves at home in our yard!! I'm ready to go out and buy some moth balls to spread around outside our fences, to heck with their toxicity!! I topped off two of the four window boxes with more potting soil - these 2 boxes had lighter soil from a couple years ago and boy do they seem to dry out so much more quickly than the soil I bought this year! The difference in the size of the plants vs. those in the other 2 boxes is startling!

i also pumped my bicycle tires with air using the hand pump. Bf needs to learn to use our fancy new air compressor and then teach me so we don't need the hand pump anymore.

I finally got inside and then discovered I had something disgusting on the sole of one sandal. Ick!!! And it was not a dog pile from the yard, I came to find out later. Doggy's been eating cicadas he finds in the yard and we think that's what made him puke on our area rug. I discovered it on the rug later that night, I didn't know that's what was on my sandal until then. Ugh.

On top of that, I realized my Monarch OTG dvds were overdue at the library. Aaargh.

On a positive note, I did my ab challenge for the day. This morning I dug up the receipt for my bp monitor with lightning speed (yes, there's a point to organized files!!). Bf offered to get the warranty thing worked out for me because the customer service hours are 8:30-4:30, duh.

Tonight's my barre class. Hope I like it!!

TTFN Worldlies!

09-12-2013, 07:24 AM
Where does my day go to. Worn out, got nothing done today and I am off to bed. So I'll try and get back in from work tomorrow after I have updated my doco.

09-12-2013, 08:42 AM
Good Morning All....

Brother is still in hospital. No news from the internist. I will call him this morning to find out if he found out anything. He had surgery Tuesday to drain his knee. Hopefully he will get to come home today or tomorrow. access, amazing we sometimes lose our access and have to call I.T. since they are not on site. Our I.T. department is in Greenbay, Wisconsin. Talk about a hassle and push this for that or this if it is an emergency, blah blah blah. Goodluck with all that sister.

HAPPY...YUM 5 Guys. We have one right here close to work. Sis and I go there for lunch when she comes up here to meet me. We share a small fry and still cannot even get close to finishing it. We haven't been there in a few months. Bummer about your tomatos.

CHELLE....glad your birthday was so much fun. What a celebration. Glad you made it to the gym even tho you were fighting against it.

CEEG...happy weekend....Enjoy!

LAURA...HOORAH on losing the gain. Good for you! Stay focused sister. Looks like we are both going to experience better weather this weekend, altho it finally is raining a bit here today....

FEEL BETTER MELLIE and get well. hugs.

Have a great Thursday!!

09-12-2013, 12:40 PM
Hi ladies -

Busy at work, so this will be me! :rofl: Didn't get to the gym yesterday for water aerobics. Felt a sore throat coming on so I opted to relax at home instead. A sore throat normally wouldn't sideline me, but this weekend, I'll be helping a friend who is undergoing radiation for cancer treatment...and I wouldn't be able to clean for him or help him run errands if I came down with a cold. As long as my sore throat doesn't come back, I'm planning on getting to the gym this evening to ride the recumbent bike.

Annie - Still saying prayers for your DB.

Sending love and hugs to all,

09-12-2013, 12:48 PM
Morning all.

Annie - Hope your brother gets out of the hospital soon before he ends up with something worse than what he went in for!! Re 5 Guys - yeh, bf and I share a small order of fries and we still bring a lot home! Enjoy the cooler weather - it'll be nice to turn off the AC. (except for having to listen to the !@#$% cicadas!)

Shad - Sorry your workday wasn't ideal. Maybe tomorrow...

Michelle - Better to rest than to let a cold take hold.

Hi everyone!! Hope things are looking up for all of you. Ceejay's starting her weekend so we know things are good for her!!
My barre class was alright. We did only about 10 min. at the barre - some breahting stuff and then movements involving turning out our hips. The rest of the class was Pilates on the mat, so I was fine with that. We'll see what next Wednesday's class brings. I've had this instructor before and she's pretty good too, so whatever we do should be fine.

Did my ab challenge before class, and today's a rest day - whoo!

Bf stopped by the warranty center for my bp monitor since it was close to his mom's place and he was by there yesterday. But of course he was told to phone the customer service first and go through the troubleshooting stuff w/ a rep. It was determined that the trouble was the arm cuff. With only a 1-yr warranty on it, we were on the hook for that. Bf ordered a new cuff online for $20, so that's that.

Sr Mgr is back in the office today - when he & the boss would have finally gotten a flight out, most of the scheduled meetings would have been done, so that was that. The boss is working from home today.

Nothing planned for tonight. I'd like to finish the book I'm reading. It's "Bad Monkey" by Carl Hiaasen. He writes funny novels always set in Florida, and usually involving a detective investigating a crime and always with a theme of man vs. the big bad developers wrecking the natural environment. Very entertaining.


09-12-2013, 02:11 PM
Morning all,

We're in for a cool spell for the next 5 days or so. Temps in the 60's during the day and tonight and one other night it will dip below freezing. Whah! :cry: Actually it's a double edged sword. On one hand it's obvious that summer is over (although I still have 2 stubborn hummingbirds who refuse to head south). The good thing is that the cool weather makes for good sleeping at night, it's perfect weather to head outside and tackle most anything that needs doing (except for washing the cars). I'm going to check out the garden and decide if we tarp tonight or I just dig things up for the season. I have enough tomatoes right now to make up some fresh salsa, bruschetta and a batch of pasta sauce. I did buy some smaller canning jars - might can a little too but probably not. Got some beef vegetable soup and chili to put on the stove too. Yesterday DH got a couple of projects done. The new blackout shades came and they aren't kidding about black out. The already dark bedroom is REALLY dark now. He also swapped out the bathroom faucet. He replaced it earlier this year but he picked out a unit with separate spigots for hot and cold water. Don't know why but this year they are making them with fat bases - somewhat like a chess piece which is pleasant looking BUT it's so narrow between the base and the faucet itself that even I can't get my small fingers in between to clean. It's polished chrome so you have to be able to wipe it down or it looks horrible. He switched it out to a unit that has a swing handle instead. He also built a set of stairs outside to go from our patio up to the yard where the water spigot is so that I don't have to walk all the way around the garage each time I need the water. I told him yesterday that he got the satisfaction of completing multiple projects and all I got was a disjointed sense of working hard but not feeling I did anything. I vacuumed and washed the floors, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned up after the cats, straightened beds, did dishes and tidied the house up. :faint: I work tomorrow afternoon at the shop so I hope to get a fair amount of work done today.

Laura - at least the instructor is pacing the barre class - I'm sure that involves some deep stretches and could be troublesome if one tried to do too much too soon. And it gives more confidence if you know the instructor is a good one. 20 dollars might seem high for a blood pressure cuff but if you have a good base unit, it's worth it to just replace a part. Thanks for the book review - something to put on the winter reading list. Eww eww eww on the dead cicada!!!! I found a dead grasshopper in the house the other day but it was just laying on the floor so not as bad as you had it. As for the planter boxes I was disappointed too - they seem to dry out so quickly especially the ones with the coconut grass in them. Outside of the wooden ones with the plastic liners (which they don't make anymore), I have not had luck with them. We didn't even bother with the nice wrought iron ones we have since we moved here - should have left them on the pool gates for the new people in TN. You made me laugh about the moth balls. DH had put a box in a laundry bag under the porch as we were having problems with raccoons. I'm not sure why he took it out but he hung it on a tree branch right next to our bedroom window. At night when the breeze blew, it would blow that horrid smell right into our room in the dark of night. Not that I would go out there to move it and by the time daylight came I forgot about it. I told him this stuff is TOXIC and we shouldn't be breathing it and he just looked at me as men do when they feel we women are being silly. Pop, pop, pop :rollpin: :rolleyes: Hope your skunk decides to move on - surprised he's hanging in the yard with the scent of Coal around.

Michelle - hope you don't get sick - I know how much it means to help your friend out and with a compromised immune system, you don't want to take the chance of getting them sick too. Drink some honey lemon tea and hopefully it's just some minor irritation.

Annie - OMG - drain the knee - never had that done but heard about it - one of those things that the cure hurts worse than the problem. Hope DB will make it through ok and they find the reason for the spikes.

Shad - sounds like a typical blah day trying to get back into the swing of things again. Hopefully you can get back on track soon - I'm sure half of you being tired is from chasing those who should have been doing things for you up to this point. :shrug:

Hi Ceejay - did you start your 3 day weekend yet? Enjoy!

Hi Mel :wave:

Have a good one ladies.

09-12-2013, 07:51 PM
All will work out at work.

Good for you for exercising when you were tired. Maybe that will motivate me tonight.

The book you are reading sounds like it would be funny. Think I'm going to try
something different tonight for exercise.

Sending your brother good vibes that he gets a good report.

We are gettin a cool down this week end. It's been thundering this afternoon so the front is making it's way in. The low Saturday night will be 49 degree's. I'm going to love it.
I'm planning on doing things for me this week end. I deserve it.
Feeling a bit down today. My friend is moving to Jonesboro this week end to start her new job at the Ashley Furniture Store there. She's excited and I am excited for her.
Got the insurance explanation of benefits today. The cat scan went toward deductible but I was expecting that since I have a 3000 dollar deductible. I'll just have to tighten the purse strings more. Yikes. I hope the hospital will work with me to pay that off.
Last night I had a pleasent surprise phone call from my nephew who told me he missed me. I think this is what has depressed me some today. Makes me want to move to MO tomorrow, but I can't.

09-12-2013, 08:57 PM
Morning all,
Just jumping in from work. Seems that there is more time here to do a few extra things. Still can't stay long as there is a lot of doco to be straightened out. Don't really like the way the last guy handled it but I guess I will cope. I usually do.
By the time I get home at night I'm shattered. It is just so draining at times trying to second think people. What do I need to know and where is the information? Who knows what and who will give me the info I need? I've only got a week to get all this straight. It won't be perfect, but then neither am I.

DS2 hasn't heard back about his blood work yet. I guess it will happen when it happens. I haven't heard back about my power bill yet either. Got a message notification on the phone yesterday and thought that would be it, but it turned out to be the vet who seemed to think that Sunday hasn't had her yearly check - which she has. Put that one straight. The power people may be getting a blast in the near future. Haven't heard from the car company but thats not supposed to happen until next Friday so that's fine and the accountant hasn't gotten back to me yet either. I think I might kill him off. I'll give him a ring when I finish this.

No further updates from Jen either so either Mel is getting better and Jen is keeping out of the road, or Mel is not getting better and Jen is still keeping out of the road.

Job is going okay. They seem like a nice bunch to work with. Having said that I am only here for around 4-6 weeks so they may yet turn nasty.

I'll try to get to personals tonight, don't hold your breath but I will definitely do it over the weekend.


09-13-2013, 11:33 AM
Morning all. TGIF! :carrot: And it's payday too! :yay:

Happy - You and the hub have been busy around the house. Yeh, the housework doesn't feel as rewarding because it just keeps needing re-doing over and over and over. Bleh. I'm loving the cooler weather in spite of the reminder of what's to come. Great for sleeping!! Re the barre stuff - probably good she is limiting the time at the barre right now. I did feel it a little bit in my hips yesterday but not too badly. Your comment re the mothballs was helpful. I'm intent on getting some outside our fences, but wasn't sure what I'd do to contain them - I was wondering where I could get the type of bags onions are sold in - but the mesh laundry bags will be perfect! I have many I use for laundering delicates that I bought from the dollar store. I'll have to buy some more, and I'm thinking the dollar store will also have the moth balls as well. Funny story about the moth ball scent coming into your bedroom - ugh!!

Ceejay - How sweet of the nephew to phone! Sorry to hear about your friend moving away for the job. That must be something that happens a lot in small towns? Enjoy your weekend and your "me-time".

Shad - Glad the job is going okay. My job is kind of what you said - gathering a lot of information from different people. Sometimes challenging getting exactly what I need. Hopefully no news is good news in re to Mel!! If I were ds2 I'd be wanting to know what the heck is going on!!! Sounds like you need to ditch your accountant and find another. :yes:

Hellos to rest of ya's! Have a great weekend.
Last night was uneventful. Had salad and TJ's crabcakes for dinner with some of the green beans from the garden. A few tasted off - as in underripe perhaps?? I really should read up on growing them successfully if I plan to grow more next season. Bf was funny - he said except for the cherry tomatoes, we didn't have a very big harvest. Excuse me, we only planted one cherry tomato plant, one "regular size" tomato plant, two green bean plants and one pepper plant. The season didn't start off all that great with the funky weather and the bunnies eating the bean plants, but I think the harvest we're having right now is really great!! Obviously I disagree with him! I definitely need to use his comment next year if I want to plant multiples of something, LOL!!!

This afternoon is the career development workshop. Now I'm wondering why I chose to schedule something like that on a Friday afternoon. Groan!!Those assessments were painful to do, I hope the session is less so!

If I'm not back here, everyone have a great Friday/weekend!! ;)

09-13-2013, 12:49 PM
Morning all,
Well even thought I was busy all day and really tired at night, didn't get half of what I wanted to finished. I just ran out of gas. Made a pot of chili - it was good but it gave me horrific acid reflux all night long. Had to take a prescription pill and some Tums. It wasn't even spicy - just flavorful. I have a feeling the beef vegetable soup will have the same effect but I have to make it today to use up the ingredients I bought and defrosted. Seems like when I take the stomach meds, it sends me into hypersensitivity and I keep needing to take them day after day. Ugh frustrating. I am working today and after this it's just one day a week which is good. It got really cool out - had to turn the furnace on overnight and we did tarp the garden yesterday - it almost kissed the freezing temps but not quite. I picked as much as I could out of the garden yesterday. Got 2 huge bowls of cherry tomatoes to use up. I might make bruschetta out of that. DH is no fan of them. I put the romas in chili yesterday - they don't look pretty but they were very tasty so they will become pasta sauce. Might make some salsa tomorrow with the beefsteak tomatoes.

For Shad and Laura - you have my utmost empathy. Laura when you talked about the career assessment it just made me roll my eyes. I guess it was time for me to leave the corporate world because it just got to the point that I could no longer summon up any enthusiasm and interest for that kind of thing. Perhaps because where I was at they were big on doing those but it never really helped anyone. We all knew that there was an A list of those who would be given opportunities and advancement and for those not on the list ie. God himself would never get anywhere otherwise. So we invested a huge amount of time and energy into something that was a complete waste. Same for you Shad trying to chase people down just to get your job done. Gets very tiring... So you both have my sympathies. :hug:

DH just posted and I shared pictures on FB of the momma deer and babies. He set the trailcam up in the back of the property to capture the bear. Cute.

Laura - that was pretty funny about DB complaining about your harvest :lol: I'd say you did pretty well. As far as the green beans go, ours tasted a bit "woody" when I ate a raw one but when I cooked them up, they were good. I just harvested the second "crop" - crop being 2 servings ;) yesterday. They might have benefited from some sort of fertilizer - I'll be more diligent next year and let you know what I find. I guess the bunnies found them tasty enough for you. Hope your workshop this afternoon is not a snoozer.

Shad - seems like you have an awful lot to do in a short period of time. Your job always seems to put you in crunch mode.

Ceejay - sorry your friend is moving away. You can always stay in touch by phone if not in person. You'll just have to make plans to meet when you drive up that way. Glad you got some cooler weather.

Hello to the rest of the Worldlies :wave: I was hoping to get some sauce started in the crock and the beef vegetable soup going but I only have an hour before I have to get ready for work so I guess that's not going to happen. :(

Have a good weekend everybody.

09-13-2013, 03:24 PM
My what a relief in the weather this morning! It actually feels like a fall day.
Still not in a mood to do much of anything. Think I'm worn out from traveling so much. I opened a window to let in some of the fresh air. Need to be cleaning but not in the mood.
I also found some on line exercise videos on YouTube last night. I'm going to try out one of those today. I can always do the Leslie Sansone WATP DVD too.

Your pot of soup sounded good to me on this cool day so that's what I'm planning for tonight with corn bread. I'll have to go look at the pictures of the deer. I love wild life photo's. And you are right about my friend. We can see each other when I go over there. She'll have to make a couple of trips back here to pack her things.

I'm so glad that we don't have to do the self evaluations. And I honestly did a plank last night for 20 seconds. I do the one where you stay on your fore arms. I'm beginning to feel some tightness now also.

09-14-2013, 10:20 AM
Morning all,

Happy Saturday. Sunny but cool here. Today there is a huge bike race in town - The Fat Tire Race. I think it is one of North America's largest races of it's kind - 3,000 entrants. They start downtown in my town and head north up to my cousin's town. Pretty cool to see the start of the race and all these bikes pedaling away :bike2::bike2::bike2: - like a running marathon but with bikes. I watched it last year from the popcorn shop. Kind of scary as the first batch rides soooo close together. There was in fact a crash last year up the street about when the thrift shop is now. DH wants to see it, not so sure I care to go out in the crowd. Rather slow day at the store yesterday - things are definitely winding down. I tarped the garden and will leave it that way - the question today is whether I go in and water or just remove the tarp and hope it rains like it's supposed to. :shrug: Nothing special planned for the weekend - just catching up with things and maybe some reading.

Hope your soup comes out well Ceejay - mine was greasy - maybe too much marrow in the soup bones. I'm hoping I can skim some of the fat off when it chills up. Got another recipe for cornbread to try - I like it crumbly and on the sweet side.

Going to make this short and sweet - if DH wants to go we'll have to leave soon. Have a good weekend everyone.

09-14-2013, 03:11 PM
Happy Saturday ladies!

Quick post for me today...I'm off to go help my friend B who is undergoing radiation run some errands, and then I'm going to tidy up his place for him as he's hosting the card party tonight. We're going out to dinner first at a place called Johnny Garlic's. It's a chain of restaurants owned by TV Chef/foodie Guy Fieri (sp?). B and I have eaten there before, and it was very good. Plus they have outdoor seating, so we should be able to have Santa with us.

Tomorrow morning, I'm getting together with a Packer Fan meetup group at a restaurant to watch the Packer game. The restaurant does a nice breakfast spread. And tomorrow night, I'm going out to dinner with a good friend and her husband who weren't able to make it to my party last weekend.

In between the Packer game and dinner, I will likely be helping my step-mom around the house.

Last night, D and I went out to dinner, then came back home and watched a couple episodes of Torchwood on DVD (A BBC TV show that's sort of a spinoff of Doctor Who.)

I'm taking an online writing workshop. Had the first "conference call" Thursday evening! It was great! I'm quite inspired to I just have to make the time. I'm sure I'll have more time this coming week and weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Much love,

09-14-2013, 10:37 PM
Looks like we have two writers amongst us now, Michelle and Happy. Good luck Michelle. I know you will do well.

My soup is good. I did put to much ground beef in it though. Next time I will not put that much.
I know what you mean by running out of steam. I haven't had a lot of energy lately either.

I have not done my ab challenge in a couple of days. But I'll try to make up the dfference tomorrow.
It was extremely nice outside today so I mowed the lawn. And washed the Rav4. I'm taking it to the dealership next week end to get the oil changed.
The mosquitoes are as big as a quarter. And buzzing around my ears. I can't take that. The farmers are harvesting the rice fields.
Was going to boil come chicken tenders for chicken salad next week but I will do that tomorrow.
I'm ready for Mel to get well. Miss you Mel.

09-15-2013, 09:30 AM
Latest Mel update:

dear joy
how mom stayed out of the hospital is a mystery to all of us.
it must be how much she hates hospitals.
the antibiotics are working but cause other problems.
she still has a few days to go.
she's been very quiet this time and left the signs on the door.
Richie and I are still doing the medical alarms. he loves it. ha! ha!
he doesn't know how mom can wear so many hats.
mom is not out of the woods yet but I will let you know when she is.
sending much love, jen & richie

Be back tomorrow when my eyes will stay open for a longer period of time. Definitely proves that coffee doesn't keep me awake - and I like mine fairly strong.

09-15-2013, 02:20 PM
Good morning all,

Or should I say afternoon as the clock just ticked over. Yesterday I spent a lot of money - ordered a new microwave and also ordered replacement shades for the front part of the house - open living room / dining room combo. Ordered some fall / winter boots too. All on sale - tried to get the most for my money where possible. It's chilly today and going to dip below freezing tonight - I am trying to decide if it's even worth it to cover things or should I just pull everything out. I do have a lot of tomatoes left on the vines but the flowers are starting to peter out. We still have 2 hummingbirds who really should have left already - they are feeding on the flowers more than the one feeder we still have up. I am keeping the nectar fresh in case there's any passers by or stragglers left. Going to make a pot of Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscano - one of DH's favorite soups with spicy Italian Sausage, potatoes and kale. Perfect day for soup.

I haven't heard about the job - probably won't. That's ok, there's more than enough to fill my life and I am cool with what will be, will be.

Thank you for the update on Mel Shad. Sounds like you could use a bit of a rest yourself.

Do you mostly have rice and cotton up your way Ceejay? I was really surprised to see all the rice fields - I always imagined rice in some place like China or Japan, not here in the south ;) Speaking of rice, I should make some sushi too before my avocados go soft.

Have fun with the writing class Michelle - it's good to have something like that spur you on to write. Just hope you can squeeze the time inbetween other things.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldies, I'm off to get cooking. Enjoy your Sunday.

09-15-2013, 06:22 PM
We have rice, cotton and soy beans and sometimes you see a milo field. Which I might add is pretty this time of year. They are harvesting rice now.

Thanks for the update on Mel. I need to look her condition up on the computer to see if there's much difference in this and diverticulitis.

My day at work has been ho hum. A few stray phone calls but not bad.
I did 10 minutes of walk away the pounds with Leslie S this morning from YouTube. Gonna try some beginner's Yoga tonight or one of my exercise DVD's tonight.
I'm craving pizza and know I should eat it but I'm going to. I'll probably pay for it tomorrow.
Still haven't gotten caught up with the Ab challenge.

09-15-2013, 09:46 PM
Quick check in since I am having my morning tea at the moment.

Yesterday went by in a flash. I cleaned down the kitchen. It was looking a little like a bomb went off since I had done some vege prep and some baking. Banana cake turned out well, but the Afghan biscuits were crumbly. Guess I didn't get the butter soft enough or something.
Just as I got the kitchen more or less straight and was about to start on the next task, the DS2 appeared and stayed for a cup of tea and a chat. He seems to be overcoming the Bells Palsy but the bruising on his legs and feet are quite gruesome and worrying. No doubt the blood tests will come up with something, hopefully this week. Hopefully it will be an easy fix as well.

Last night DS1's partner came through with some new photos. I'll get them to you as I can. S is growing up so fast. She has taken a few steps on her own, still prefers to hold onto mum or dads finger but is getting better at it. While she was here, they put a lock of her hair into a pony tail at the top of her head. I called it a palm tree - hey S you've got a palm tree on your head. Well now she has two palm trees on her head. Her hair is growing very fast.

Happy - love the sound of the soup. Yep the seasons sure are changing. We have our bugs back - or most of them anyway. Yesterday the biggest spider I have ever seen walked into my bedroom and around my bed. I gently guided him back outside. The flies were making a nuisance of themselves while I was baking (so was the cat - fish was on the menu) and I got bitten by some bloody mosquitoes when watering the garden last night. We haven't had enough of a winter to really get rid of them. It's going to be a long hot summer according to the powers that be. How the **** do they know. They can't even get tomorrows weather right much less next years.

Ceejay - Milo - what plant gives milo to us? I always thought it was a mixture of sugar, cocoa and some malty stuff. Shows how much I know.

Right better get off and do some more. Seeya

09-16-2013, 01:11 AM
Will have to catch up later in the day on Monday. We are off to the vets first thing with poor Miss Nina. I'm hoping that her older sister will make the contribution we need in order to proceed. :crossed: Poor little kitty - she is such a trooper but has dealt with so much in her young life. She was laying the bed tonight and I was petting her and she is indeed "bunny soft" as they proclaimed at the vet. In spite of her digestive issues, her fur really is nice and clean and soft. Hoping for the best for the wee thing...

Watched an episode of a Food Network show where they actually did cooking :yikes: surprise, surprise. Everyone is complaining about 1) Paul Deen not getting her contract renewed and 2) how the Food Network has gone from actual cooking shows to competitions and game shows. This must have been an older show with Trisha Yearwood (the country singer). She made a divine salsa with avocado, tomatoes (which as she described were sidekicks, not the star of the dish), a bit of onion, the usual cilantro and lime juice but the secret to this was chopped pineapple. Ok Shad I know that totally ruined it for you :lol: But it was wonderful. I didn't have any fresh on hand and had to use canned but I am really liking salsas that have fruit in them. That was my dinner as DH ate the chili I made the other night which gave me horrid indigestion and I couldn't think of anything else that sounded that appealing to me. Of course now that I am about to go to bed I am hungry. :rolleyes:

And really, I should hit the hay as we have an especially early rise tomorrow. Good night all.

09-16-2013, 08:53 AM
Morning all, had 2 very hungry kitties that decided to start pestering me at 4:40 this morning. :( :yawn: I was able to sneak some dry food to the older one (Meadow) who was not that impressed so she decided to go pout under the bed. Now that DH is up Nina decided to attach to his ankle in the hopes that he will follow normal routine and feed her. Poor baby.

It's cold and foggy this morning - did get to 31 degrees and at the last minute last night I decided to cover the garden after all. I'll leave the tarp on tonight and after that it will warm up just a bit - at least not to freezing at night. I decided whatever I more I get out of the garden in the next week, that's it.

Right now I'm tired - didn't get much sleep so dear coffee, do your thing. Catch up with you later...

09-16-2013, 08:56 AM
Happy Monday...

Brother is out of the hospital. Found out the infection in his knee was strep and not staph infection so that was a huge plus. He is on very strong antibiotics now that he is out of the hospital. His blood sugar is under control now and his kidney levels are almost normal. Amen for prayers answered.

Curtis deep cleaned my laundry room yesterday and also put up a couple of shelves. I told him he could move on to the bathrooms, not so much of that did he do. lol. Anyway the laundry room looks fabulous. What a man.

SHAD...thanks for the update on Mellie. Sounds like you might like this job a little more than the prior jobs. Good for you.

HAPPY...I can barely stand to watch TV anymore. Too many stinkin commercials and frankly, I cannot stand reality TV. There is just too much of it. Bring back sitcoms like Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, stuff like that, entertaining, comic, laughter. That is my two cents. Poor lil Nina. I sure hopes she gets straightened out soon.

CHELLE...sounds as if you had another wonderful weekend. Good for you. Pinch yourself, it is for real. Living life and loving it.

CEEG...I know how you feel about ho hum days at the job. I start getting the Sunday afternoon/evening blues about going to work on Mondays, then have to remind myself as least I have a job to go to, bleh.

LAURA...I figure anything we get out of the garden with this crazy weather, we have had a successful harvest. I agree with you. Friday afternoon meetings/sessions are the worst. Our internet and phones were down all day on Friday, so we all left a noon. Amazing how we depend on them so much.

MELLIE...still sending love and prayers.

That is it for me, gotta catch back up from Friday's loss.


09-16-2013, 10:51 AM
I'll have to ask about the milo. I thought that's what my uncle grew for his cattle. Hope your son gets good reports. Can't wait to see little S.

Poor Nina. Hope the vet can find out what her problem is. You could always pick the green tomatoes and fry them. Mom made a salsa type thing to go with fish.

Glad your brother has gotten some good news. And yeah for C in deep cleaning the laundry room and putting up shelves.


My Monday has started out busy. And I'll have to play weather watcher today as there is rain on the radar. We could use some rain.

09-16-2013, 12:47 PM
Morning all. Back to Monday and a full workweek.

Yesterday was very rainy almost all day. I had to run to the store early, but then spent a good part of the day with my tea and newspaper. Phoned my mom in the afternoon and she phoned me back a short time later because she said she’d just gotten home. Turns out she’d just gotten home from the hospital!! She wasn’t feeling well on Friday while out running errands and went home to nap. She then thought better of it and called herself an ambulance instead. She spent two nights at the hospital getting tests, etc. According to her, she had a very, very minor heart attack – she said the docs didn’t know at first if she even had one. Of course she’s rather evasive (doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news), so who knows? She only called my brother about the situation, who lives in the same town as her, and he met her at the hospital. She said she was feeling very good yesterday, but she’s gotten some prescriptions and can’t drive her car for 10 days. I’ll have to get some more information out of her, or hope my sister can. My mom spoke just as much about the poor sick woman she shared a room with - don’t know if that was just a smoke screen to distract me from her own condition. In the meantime, my visit with her is still on for a week from this Friday. She turns 80 in a couple weeks and has been very healthy until this. I think maybe now she’s thinking more seriously about getting the house decluttered and more ready to sell.

Back to my Sunday…luckily the rain stopped around 4-ish and I took doggy for a walk before he got cranky. Bf and I went to our favorite mom and pop Italian restaurant for dinner. I had stuffed peppers, which I’d never tried there. Yum. Rest of the evening was ho-hum.

Going backwards…

Saturday morning I did a bit of reading and breakfast and then one BE workout and my ab challenge for the day.

It was such a beautiful day, bf and I went to the Skokie Lagoons and rented a canoe for an hour of paddling. So nice out there. We saw a Great Blue Heron, and happened to catch it dunk its beak in the water and snag something to eat. We hope to go again when the fall color pops. There’s a boating center in the Busse Woods forest preserve area that’s much closer to us, so maybe we’ll rent a canoe or kayak from there next time.

Afterwards we went to lunch at a place that’s been around for ages and is known for its burgers. This particular location has a nice outdoor eating area and so we had some more outdoor time. Back home, I took a hour breather and then walked doggy by the creek.

All that fresh air knocked me out. In the evening, bf went to see a band. I stayed home and watched a movie I’d dvr’d on the Hallmark channel a few weeks ago. It was “First Daughter” with Katie Holmes and it was pretty fluffy. I can’t believe it was actually a theatrical release in 2004! For some reason, quite frequently when I watch movies on Hallmark, the soundtrack seems to be so loud it overpowers the dialog and I get annoyed when I can’t hear what's being said. Surprised I had a problem with this movie as well. Wonder if that’s a Hallmark issue (or a Laura issue??).

Friday’s career development workshop was alright. One of the exercises involved identifying what your interests are and how much of them you get to use in your job - it was interesting. Of course we came away with a big binder of info and yet more assessments we could do. We're supposed to set up a plan to address our career development needs. Our bosses have already been through a workshop for this, so we're supposed to meet with them after we’ve drafted a plan. I’m thinking my short-timer boss could care less, so I might just meet with someone in HR instead…

I decided to skip the ab challenge for yesterday and move it to today. (Today was supposed to be a rest day, so it works out alright to swap days.) I’ll do it before I go to my Pilates class tonight.
Ceejay – I had to look up milo and learned it’s sorghum. A-ha. Wikipedia said it was used for cattle feed and molasses. I was just listening to a podcast on my commute this morning that mentioned it was used by a small spirits distiller to make his rum. Also heard it's a major food crop in parts of Africa. Good job on doing the plank! I say don’t worry about catching up on the ab challenge, just make up your own challenge and start fresh.

Happy – Hope the vet can help poor Nina! Your cooking sounds tasty – I’m ready for some soups, stews and chili! The salsa sounded tasty too. I don’t think the Trisha Y. show is that old – I saw a mag article about it earlier in the year. Too funny – it did occur to me that the Food Network didn’t really have any cooking shows anymore, just contests. I still like the PBS America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country shows. What’s in the chili that makes your stomach react? Is it the acid in the tomatoes? Saw on FB that you saw the start of the bike race – must have been interesting to see so many bikes like that. Big woosh of money for the house stuff. Been feeling like that lately with the car repair and airfare payments. And the car apparently still has an issue that had supposedly been repaired, I think bf was taking it in again today. Bleh. Temps in the 30’s!! :yikes:

Michelle – Your weekend plans sounded fun – did you enjoy yourself?

Shad – Thanks for the Mel update. Glad to hear she’s avoided the hospital. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Ugh, I’d freak if I ever had a really giant spider in the house with me. I’m really happy we seem to have had very few mosquitos around this year. I was worried because we had some very wet weather early in the season and thought it might lead to a LOT of them. I guess we got the cicadas and skunks instead, lol. Glad to hear DS2 is overcoming the Bell’s Palsy!! Looking forward to more S. photos. How did your photo wall turn out??

Annie – Glad to hear your brother is out of the hospital, hope the meds wipe out the strep. Nice to get out of work early on Friday…except for all the catching up today. :shrug: I agree with you about harvests – lucky we get anything. Can’t imagine being a farmer and being at the mercy of the weather!!

Okay, enough rambling. Everyone have a great day.

09-16-2013, 03:18 PM
Sorry to be away...and now I've got a to do list for work a mile long. :faint: Well, better to be busy, I guess. I had a great weekend...lots of fun with my friends. My joy is tempered by the shootings at the DC Navy Yard. Such senseless acts of violence!

Annie - I'm glad your brother is out of the hospital. I hope his health continues to improve.

Shad - Same for DS2. I hope he makes a complete recovery from Bells Palsy. Thanks also for the update regarding Mel.

Donna - I cannot believe the temps you're getting. Yikes! Temps below freezing in September. Sheesh!

Laura - Great photo! I'd love to do some canoeing or kayaking for an afternoon.

Ceejay - well done on the plank!!

Time to get back to my to do list. Boss is out today, but tomorrow he'll be expecting significant progress. After work, I'm either going to do 1/2 hour on the recumbent bike or an hour of water aerobics. Then it's home to do some writing in prep for sharing sessions in an online writing workshop I've signed up for.

Much love and many hugs,

09-16-2013, 05:00 PM
Didn't think about looking milo up online. And come to think about it my sis always has called it sorghum. Thanks you save me some time. As far as the ab challenge goes. I've backed off a bit due to the soreness of my stomach area due to the ailment I've had recently. It's getting better though. It's sad to hear that your mom may have had a slight heart attack. Canoeing looks like a lot of fun. Your vacation is just around the corner.

You are a busy person since moving to CA.

It looks like rain is going to miss us, sigh. We really need some rain.
I did do some more exercising last night. I've been looking at the DVD's on You Tube.

09-17-2013, 11:38 AM
Is it Friday yet? is so beautiful outside. I am finally going to the doc today about my foot/ankle. I have limped around all summer since daddy's funeral in June like Igor dragging his foot around. It is time to see what is really going on in there and maybe get treated. That is today at 2 pm.

CEEG....we were to get rain yesterday also but noooooo. Looks like maybe tomorrow or Thursday. We can only hope.

CHELLE...did you get your to do list done? What do you have on the agenda for this weekend? You are so busy these days.

LAURA...I love love love canoeing. We go over to Turkey Run, Indiana, which is about mid state, west side. It is a beautiful park. As a matter of fact that is where my niece got married. So pretty. Ahhh, the Hallmark channel..I have seen First Daughter several times. It is a pretty cute movie. November 2nd starts the C word movies which will make our MELLIE very happy. We are on our last season of Smallville, thank GOD. It is getting stupider every episode. My hair dresser and I swapped out my Downton Abby for her Fallen Skies series. We will start that next.

Howdie to Shad-how's your DS? and Happy-how is your DH and your feet?...

Make a great day.

09-17-2013, 11:42 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - You have to listen to your body - if you're not feeling up to a particular exercise, skip it for the time being. Gosh, I would have sent you some of our rain - it rained so much on Sunday. I like the idea of checking out youtube for exercise videos. I've never found a yoga one I like.

Michelle - Hope you made good progress on your to-do list for work. Yes, the DC shipyard shootings are awful. Turns out the shooter was suffering from some sort of mental illness. Very sad if that could have been avoided through treatment.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!!! Hope you're off to a good start or finish to your day. :)
Nothing much to report. I ate way too much salty junk yesterday, so I'm not sure about having a good weigh-in today.

I did my ab challenge and Pilates class last night.

I received my passport in the mail yesterday, so I'm happy that's out of the way. They didn't send back my expired passport, which I believe they've done in the past. I was momentarily annoyed by this, but then I remembered that I didn't have any punches or stamps in it anyway!! I believe my only "foreign" travel during the time of my last passport was a ground crossing to Canada and they didn't stamp it at all for that.

I haven't received my BE dvd's yet and we're going on two weeks now. Sigh. I might do one of my other BE workouts tonight. I've been dvr'g the BE shows currently airing on my local PBS station the past week or so and have confirmed I have those shows already saved onto my own dvds. However, one of the shows looked unfamiliar to me. I checked my log (whenever I do an exercise video, I log which video/episode # so I don't repeat them often) and it turns out I'd never actually done that particular episode. I wonder how many of those are out there? I'm looking forward to finding out. :)

No movie tonight since they moved it to last night. Happy to have the free time.

The boss has sent the sr mgr and I three e-mails about some exhibit she wants done so I better get to it.


09-17-2013, 11:59 AM
Annie - You snuck in on me! Glad to hear you're seeing the doc for your foot/ankle. Hope it's treatable because time sure hasn't seemed to heal it!!

09-17-2013, 12:08 PM
Good morning ladies -

Quick post for me as I've got SO many things on my to do list for work this week! :yikes: It is good to be busy, so I'm not complaining.

Annie - I'm glad you're seeing the doc...let us know what they find with your foot/ankle. I liked Falling Skies the first season or two. This season it sort of fell by the wayside for me.

Laura - Glad you received your passport! Hopefully you'll get your DVDs soon. Good luck at your weigh in, and good on ya' for doing the ab challenge and Pilates class. I hope your mom is doing better.

Ceejay - Yes, I'm definitely busier since I've been in CA, but it's a happier sort of I don't mind a bit. :)

Gotta get to it! :wave: and :hug: to all!

Much love,

09-17-2013, 01:06 PM
Good morning everyone,

I finally got my act together and put together a crock pot of pasta sauce using the roma style tomatoes from the garden. So all night long we got to smell spaghetti sauce. Guess what's for dinner tonight? Next time it's going to go all night long I have to do something with cinnamon or apples - something that smells breakfasty. :lol: Debating about going to the next town for dinner and a movie one night this week. I want to see The Family with Robert De Niro and it doesn't look like it's coming to our local theater any time soon - we just have a small theater with 6 screens - frankly I'm amazed (but grateful) that it stays in business. We hardly ever go to the movies any more. Yesterday we took Nina in for her treatment - she is such a good kitty. I was able to get a better travel case from the thrift shop and I think she was more comfortable in that than the small zip up bag we got at Walmart as she did not make a peep in the car. It's only been a day but I don't see any improvement in her :( - they said if it was going to work it would in 1 to 3 days. There appears to be only one more option left - some rather expensive blood tests we had done to identify if she has some vitamin or organ deficiency. Even the vet said her condition seems to defy treatment. :(

Laura - I like Suzanne Deason for yoga videos. I also like Ana Cabon for Pilates. Both have done several DVDs through the Gaiam fitness company. I hope your weigh in goes well today - never can tell. I had a small bag of Harvest Cheddar Doritos last night - salt bombs but thankfully it didn't affect the scale this morning. That's frustrating waiting on the delivery of your DVDs - certainly should have been here by now but at least you have some back ups to use. That's a good idea to record the espisodes - I guess I never watched an exercise program that had that many options in it. I was reading about the shipyard shooting - most of the victims are older and I think it was sad because they weren't that far away from a retirement they never got to see. Makes me grateful that I am out of the city - used to be that one would be leery going into certain areas or being nervous after dark re: safety. Heck, now you can get killed just being at work. During the day. I don't know - too many people, too many freedoms, too many nuts. What is becoming of this world??? Oh btw - loved your canoe shot - what fun!

Annie - I'm glad you are finally getting your foot checked out. Sometimes things are slow to heal and go away eventually on their own but if it's still bothering you for so long, there might be something more to what's going on there. Good thing the Hallmark Channel is heating up the movies - you can soak / rest your foot and ankle while catching up on the offerings. DH is holding up - thanks for asking. Been hitting the heating pad - this time of year the aches and pains act up. My feet are doing ok - just can't stand anymore for long periods of time. I can't believe how gnarly my feet are getting - I should get my orthotics trimmed as they don't fit into most of my shoes so I tend not to wear them. :o And I have noticed that the Crocs shoes - especially my older ones were bothering my back which in turn bothered my hips, etc. You should be gearing up soon for the busy time of the year with open enrollment right around the corner. I shudder to think how much more our insurance is going to cost us. Thinking of dropping dental ins next year - we are paying far more than we use. Glad that your brother is doing better - what a scare!

Ceejay - you can get a lot of great video samples on You Tube - good idea. Especially if you want just short ones. I'd be mindful of the level of effort too if your tummy is complaining. Don't strain.

Shad - I love the "palm tree" look on tiny little toddlers. So cute. Mum and Dad should not worry about S falling on her duff - that's why they have extra padding in the diaper area while learning to walk. :lol: My lately Food Network magazine has a special insert booklet of Pumpkin recipes. Will have to look through it and send it to you although most of our American recipes are probably far too sweet for your tastes. We were driving on the highway and saw a pumpkin farm that bordered the road - the pumpkins are big and fat this year. It was such a pretty sight and I always think of you when I see them as you are such a fan of the squash. Are things settling down on the job?

Hope you made a big dent in the to do list busy lady Michelle. Always something to be done, eh?

Love and healing thoughts to Miss Mel. We miss you :hug:

Working today - I'd better get a move on. I always seem to be running 5 or 10 minutes late. Today I will get there earlier. Really I will. ;)

Have a good day everyone.

09-17-2013, 03:06 PM
Yum cinnamon and apples in the crock pot over night. You might wake up the neighbor's and the wild creatures with that one. I'll look up the dvd's that you mentioned.

I'm with the others with you checking on your foot. You've dealt with this for a long time.

Is your to do list dealing with work? Glad you are liking you new job.

Did the company send you an email concerning your BE dvd's? Or can you track the some way? Would you believe I've never had a passport? I would like to go to Canada sometime though.


I had a busy day yesterday so I've slowed down today.
I've been looking for some low impact exercise for seniors on YT. But most of the low impact is a bit to much for me right now. I could probably do more but when I over do it those bones spurs get stirred up and that's no fun either.
This has been a bad case of diverticulitis for me. I still have some raw/burning feelings in my gut, like some one has scraped the insides.

09-18-2013, 06:26 AM
Evening all,
Quick fly by again. No more updates from Mel. DS2 is getting better but we haven't worked out what causes the bruising yet. Doc says blood tests show nothing to worry about.

Bought a new cell phone. Bloody awful thing. It's got a mind of it's own.

Oh yes and my new car arrives on Friday. Watch out for photos. Here's S with the two palm trees on her head.

09-18-2013, 08:48 AM

The doc appt went ok. Confirmed arthitis. Put me on something that starts with a V. Valtaren I believe. She also had me get Osteo Biflex to take once a day, a good shoe insert, a couple of PT things to do and buy a good pair of tennis shoes. BLAH!!!

SHADDIE...Ms. S is so adorable. Lil man and S sitting in a tree..K I S S I N G. Glad DS2 is recooping well.

CEEG...hope you get to feeling better.

HAPPY...mmmmmmm spaghetti sauce. I love it. I could eat it with a spoon and no pasta. I would of been up during the night eating it. Not so much on the cinnamon and apples. Hope Nina finds a way to feel better. Bless her little heart. the to do list getting any shorter?? you, I have only used my passport one time and that was to go to Cancun. I would love to use it again soon. lol.

MELLIE...sure do hope you are getting better each day and can come back to us soon. Hugs and Prayers.

That is it for me at the moment.

Make it a great Wednesday!!

09-18-2013, 09:41 AM
Glad you got the results from the doctor and that it is treatable. Yes arthritis can be painful. My doc told me to take Osteo Biflex. It seems to be helping. Yes I'm feeling better tummy wise.

Can't wait for the pictures of the new vehicle. I know you are getting anxious. Your gd is precious and beautiful.

A busy day ahead for me today at work. Tomorrow starts my 4 day week end and I'm ready for it. I'm taking my vehicle in for maintenance tomorrow also. Still haven't heard from friend who moved to Jonesboro this week. Think she's to busy entertaining her bf. But that's okay. My co-worker needs to take off Saturday so I'm working for her that day. Need the overtime. She's buying a new vehicle. Not sure whether I'll be going to Paragould on Sunday or not. I would like to go see my cousin from Texas.

09-18-2013, 12:07 PM
Morning all. Attending my annual CPR class, on a short break at the moment.

Ceejay - Happy Friday to you! Hope your day goes smoothly and quickly. Nope, I haven't had any contact with BE re my dvds. If nothing arrives today, I'll phone their customer service line tomorrow.

Annie - Hope the rx and the otc meds help your foot/ankle pain. And the good tennies!! :D Re passports - two passports ago during the 1990-2000 timeframe, I was traveling for work, often internationally and had a ton of stamps in my book. I believe I stopped just in time - flying isn't as pleasant as it used to be!!

Shad - Awww, what a cute pic of S. Love those little palm trees!

Happy - Thanks for the yoga instructor suggestions. Hope kitty is responding to her treatment.

Okay, off to the restroom and back to the training. TTFN!!

09-18-2013, 03:57 PM
Morning all,

Mild, gray and rainy here. Went out and got all wet pulling the tarp off the garden so it could get a drink of water (it lightly rained all night long - opposite of the forecast I should say). Shortly after I got back in, sure enough, it stopped raining. :mad: We're supposed to get another frost on Saturday so whatever I can salvage between now and then, that's what I'll get for the season. Nina seems to be doing a little better. We both have :crossed: that this does the trick. She jumped into DH's arms yesterday - hasn't done that in a good while and at least she's not a stink bomb right now. Autumn must be around the corner - fall festivals are kicking into gear. Our town is this Saturday - cousin's town next weekend and further north where the orchards are is the apple festival the first weekend in October. That one you have to shuttle by bus from the orchard to the lakefront area - not a fan of that so DH and I may just take a ride up to one or more of the orchards and check out their goods. I really don't need the arts and crafts stuff of the festival - more interested in the food :hungry:

Laura - hope the CPR class goes well. Good to know we have someone who can save us at the commune! :lol: So... what cities / countries did you get to see when travelling for the job? Do tell when you have time as I live vicariously through everyone else.

Shad - little S is just so adorable. She has lovely big blue eyes that just pop. I like her "trees" too. Is she talking yet?

Ceejay - Osteo Biflex is a good product but if you are on blood thinners it can thin your blood out even more. Just something to be mindful of. Enjoy your long weekend - whoo hoo!

Annie - glad to hear you don't have a fracture but I'm sure you aren't happy trading heels in for tennis shoes. Once the arthritis hit my toes, I really had to switch to flat shoes for good :( Hope you can be comfortable. If you are on Voltaren for pain, be careful with that. It gave me horrid stomach cramps as it's a strong pain med. I could not take it.

Hello to the rest of the Worldlies - I'm off to get a late lunch.

09-18-2013, 06:07 PM
My day has almost been boring, but I'm not complaining.

Thanks for the info on Osteo Biflex. I didn't know that but I'm not taking any blood thinners. Should be on a baby aspirin but I hate to take pills. Glad to hear the little one is doing a bit better.

Talked to my cousin today and she's leaving tomorrow to go back to TX. I'll stay put this week end since I have to work Saturday. I do gp to Jonesboro to get the oil change in the vehicle tomorrow. Also text my gf that lives in Jonesboro as she has been sick. She's still not well. But I think there's more to this than meets the eye. Thinks she's upset with me cause I told her I was moving in with sis. She was banking on me being her slave. Still haven't heard from my bff that just moved to Jonesboro. I'm going to text her tonight.

09-19-2013, 09:17 AM
It's like thunder and lightening, wowser, we got rain!! Our air/heat furnace won't even turn on. Not even a jitter. Have to call the HAVC man this morning and see about getting it fixed. Blah $$$$$$

CEEG...I think the day I turned 53 everything went to h#ll in a hand bag. If I was a horse I would have someone shoot me.

HAPPY...I haven't worn heels all summer. No way I can stand that. These meds better start working soon as I am about to hurt someone. lol. We have a lot of festivals now also. Then C, DD, the babe and I are going to the Covered Bridge festival in October. I always find some kind of treasure there.

LAURA...are you all certified now? CPR has changed since I last was certified 5 years ago.

Hi to all my sisters!


09-19-2013, 11:31 AM
Morning all.

Annie - Rainy day here too. Started yesterday late afternoon. I hope the HVAC problem isn't expensive and is quickly fixed. I have a feeling we'll have our AC on this afternoon - high 80's are forecast. Yeh, I passed the CPR course. I don't think too much has changed w/ CPR recently except there's 30 compressions and two breaths, used to be 20 compressions.

Ceejay - Too bad you have to work Saturday, but the OT pay will be nice.

Happy - Fingers :crossed: for Nina that this treatment does the trick. So this will be the last hurrah for your garden? Hope you get some extra harvest before the forecast frost temps. A fall festival sounds like fun - I'll have to check out what's going on around here. This weekend's weather is supposed to be a bit cool, but dry and nice.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!! Shout out to Mellie - miss ya!! Feel better soon!!
I'm lucky I got home before it started raining a lot yesterday after work. It was really coming down when I drove to my Barre class! Luckily this morning it stopped so I could cycle to the train station.

Because I didn't know if it would be raining a lot when I arrived downtown this morning, I wore a pair of rubber rain boots I bought last month on clearance from LL Bean. Of course it wasn't raining. These boots are good quality and were a great deal, though they do run a bit large - luckily nothing that adding another insole didn't take care of. However, I think I'll reserve these boots for walks with the dog by the creek. They just aren't a good look for walking around downtown.

Looking forward to the weekend. No solid plans yet, but I'd like to get out on the bike trail w/ bf one of the days. If I didn't think the soil would be so wet from all the rain we've gotten Sunday, yesterday & today, I'd start digging out the hodgepodge garden bed. We'll see about that.

We also finally bought a carpet shampooer (Tuesday night), so we should probably get that set up and put to use. And there just might be a fall festival in the area...

I received my BE dvds yesterday! :) I think I'll do one of those workouts tonight, and do my ab challenge before or after that. Today is day 15. Yesterday's challenge included a 55 second plank! Glad I tackled that before the other stuff.

Okay, enough rambling. Off to it. TTFN!

09-19-2013, 12:36 PM
Hi everyone -

My work to do list is getting longer, but that's a good thing.

As for home....well, I really need to talk with my step-mom. I'm getting the impression she wants me to move, but she hasn't come out and said it in so many words. I know of a couple little things I've done that annoyed her...but I thought we worked it out. Sigh. If I could just stay here a few more months (through the end of Jan.) that would really be great. Not sure how she'll feel about that. I know worry doesn't do any good...but that's where I'm at.

Sorry for no personals. Just too stressed to think.

Much love,

09-19-2013, 12:59 PM
Morning all,

We have unseasonably warm temps today (low 70's :lol: ) and we have severe thunderstorms moving in this afternoon ushered in by a leading cold front which will really drop the temperatures.

I think I'm going to go pull out the garden stuff before the rains hit - might be easier doing it now than when it gets frozen and slimy and yucky. So no personals right now - sorry.

I think I spoke too soon about Nina getting better :( she had a real mess last night. Vet said blood test results are trickling in but so far everything is normal. We are going to try an all poultry diet as sometimes lamb, beef and fish are difficult when one has digestive issues. We are running out of options here - makes me really, really sad.

Anyway I'd better get moving - looks like the storms are about an hour away.

09-19-2013, 01:19 PM
Nina sounds like me. I'm going to have to stay away from beef for the time being. I'm going back to my strict diet for awhile longer.

Hope that you can work things out for a couple of more months with your step mom. but in the end I think with your new life that your own apartment would suit you.

Text my cousin last night to see how things were going. And finally told her to be careful what she told the aunt that I go visit. Did get a text from the friend who moved to Jonesboro. She's busy with her new job. She doesn't have the freedom she did when she ran her store. I will not get to see her today but we'll make plans for the future to get together.
I'm liking YT.
I'm doing laundry and cleaning the computer room.

09-19-2013, 01:22 PM
HAPPY...we had to put our dog on boiled rice, he liked it and he got better, just a thought.

LAURA....glad you got your BE workouts. We are in for a cool weekend also.

CHELLE...don't worry about things. It will pass, just don't let it fester.

Sissy is going for her September check up this afternoon. I am going to meet her there. I have to corral lil man as she does not have a sitter. She is 14 weeks and 2 days along! Yippee, and puking daily. Good stuff!

Later gaters

09-19-2013, 01:47 PM
Happy - Sending prayers and healing wishes for Nina.

Annie - Sending good thoughts and positive energy for your daughter!

09-19-2013, 11:15 PM
Morning all,
Quick one. Promise I will be longer and more wordy and more boring over the weekend.

My car is ready for pickup. I'm leaving work early to go get it. Good bye Astra, hello A3. That is of course as long as the money comes in to their bank account. Should do. Most get transferred in 24 hours and I have seen that it went out of mine at 0830 yesterday. So provided it is there, I will be taking DS2 and J out to dinner in style tonight.

Happy - sorry to hear about Nina. It's so hard for the furry kids when they can't tell you where it hurts and sometimes its a genetic thing - something we can't know about because we have no history of where they came from.

Annie - poor Sam. Bet this is the last one she will have.

Michelle - until you ask the question, you won't know the answer. It's sad that we can't always live together in harmony, but that's human nature. Last time DS2 shifted home, I couldn't wait for him to move out again. It was so hard living with someone else again. Your stepmother is probably used to being on her own.

Laura - I didn't realise until reading back in the posts that you were so close to goal weight. Well done you.
As for the boots, well as long as you are comfortable and dry who cares, but then again, it isn't the greatest look for the office.

Ceejay - People shouldn't assume that they can live together - see Michelles comment earlier. It never seems to work out all that well. You don't need slave status either.

That's it. Gotta move on. It's a bit like the Marie Celeste here today. People are a bit thin on the ground. Have to communicate via phone and e-mail. Aah well c'est la vie.

09-20-2013, 09:21 AM
TGIF and Payday fo sho!!!

Sissy's appt went very well. Got to hear the tiny heartbeat again. 137 beats per minute. Lil man loved the doctor. Went up to him with his arms up so the doc picked him up and lil man read the letters off of a sign correctly to him. Doc was very impressed. Then they came to the house for dinner. Homemade pizza and bread stix.

So come to find the thermostat we got at Lowes that Curtis installed was bad. It cost us 140.00 to have a new thermostat installed. Bleh. You can bet I will take this 30.00 one back to get my money.

Will be back for personals as I need to reboot this silly computer.


09-20-2013, 12:08 PM
Morning all. TGIF!! :carrot:

Annie – Glad dd’s exam went well, and how nice the li’l guy was so good for his exam as well. Yum, I’ve been jonesing for some pizza the past week and have avoided getting a slice at lunch in anticipation of ordering the better stuff from our local place. But I think half will have to be veggie – I need to get myself back on the losing track. Big bummer about the thermostat failure and having to pay for installation. On the bright side, that’s a lot less $$ than something going wrong with the furnace or AC units!!!

Shad – How exciting you’re finally getting your car – long anticipation time, that’s for sure. I’ll be on the lookout for a photo here or on fb. :D Re my weight loss goal, unfortunately, I feel like I’m getting further away from it because I’ve been faltering all summer. There’s a song with lyrics “so close and yet so far away”. How fitting. Re the boots, I definitely wouldn’t wear them around the office, in fact I have a whole collection of shoes in my workstation’s skinny closet. Each day I take off my sneakers and change into my “office shoes” (I also store my laundered trouser socks there too) and much the same for switching out a jacket for a cardigan. Sort of like Mr. Rogers, LOL. Did you get Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in Oz? BTW, I had to look up your reference to Mary Celeste. Wikipedia had quite a lengthy entry on that, I might have to go back and read some more.

Ceejay – Sorry you won’t get to see your friend this weekend. And thank goodness you’ve learned what a mistake it would be to live with that other friend! What’s YT?

Happy – Hope you got your garden pulled out before the chilly weather hits. It’s been so rainy here the past week, I doubt it will be dry enough to dig around this weekend. I will, however, get out and cut back the rest of the peony and daylily foliage. And pick more veggies. Just haven’t gotten to that this week!! Poor Nina. :(

Michelle – Sorry things are a bit tense with your stepmom. I hope you get a chance to clear the air with her. Maybe if you have a definitive move timeline it’ll make things easier than if your time there is open-ended.

Mellie - Hope this helps: :hug::hug::grouphug::grouphug::goodvibes:cloud9: :getwell::sunny:
Nothing much to report. I did my ab challenge last night. I did a 60-second plank!! Still hard to believe I will be able to do a 120-second plank on day 30 – we’ll see. After that I did one BE workout from my new dvd. Strange doing the workout without the music track! I might set up my cell phone to play some music in the background.

Tonight will be grocery shopping and bf agreed it would be nice to go on a bike ride on a trail this weekend. I also want to get out in the garden for some tidying, and maybe re-pot my two mums.

I forgot to report that I had a gain of 1 pound at my WW weigh-in this past Tuesday. Grrr. And the scale was up today. I really need to get back into the groove of things. I had lunch with a work buddy yesterday and she just started WW (not at work though) and is in the “newbie motivated phase” and I hope that rubs off on me!! She’s started brown-bagging her lunches, so it’ll be nice for us to smuggle our lunches into a food court and motivate each other.

Okay, conf. call coming up. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

09-20-2013, 12:20 PM
Good morning ladies -

Happy Freakin' Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. I really didn't want to get out of bed today. But since I don't get paid if take a day off, and since I looked at my budget over the next few months...well, I owe, I owe, so off to work I go! :rofl: :rofl:

I had a talk with my step-mom yesterday. She likes having me here. She is concerned that I'm spending too much money and not putting it towards bills, and that I rush around too much (and the last two weekends have been rather rushed). She'd like me to slow down and be more careful (as in when cleaning or doing stuff around the house). She's happy that I help her and didn't ask me to do more. But she did say that she was thinking about charging me a few hundred dollars for rent starting in November...which is fair...because I do increase the water and electric usage, and she does buy the groceries. All in all, a good talk.

Annie - So glad that Samantha's appointment went well! What an adorable story about your grandson! Bummer about the thermostat though.

Shad - How exciting that you FINALLY get your car!! Pictures please!

Happy - Did you get your garden pulled out? I was always so sad when that time came. Are you volunteering today or this weekend?

Laura - Any fun plans for the weekend?

Gotta get to it...have a great Friday everyone!

Much love,

09-20-2013, 12:26 PM
Laura - you posted over my head. I hope you get back into the newbie motivated phase. My eating has been slacking off as well. I plan to get to the grocery store and get ingredients for some healthy breakfasts and lunches. Your weekend sounds really nice. Enjoy your trail ride. The gears on my bike need adjusting...would you suggest that I do that now...knowing I'll have to put the bike in storage for a few months due to the rainy season...or would you suggest "living with" the bike as it is now (I have about 6 gears out of 18) and getting a tune up in the spring?

Mellie - I'm sending you tons of healing energy and hugs.

09-20-2013, 01:27 PM
Michelle - Glad you talked it out with your stepmom last night. I think paying rent is perfectly reasonable too.

Re your bike gears - if you don't have plans to do much cycling before the rainy season, I'd wait until afterwards. If the bike's in storage, being jostled may undo the adjustments? Besides, when you do get the gears looked at I'm assuming you might want to have a general tune up anyway, and that's another thing you'd want to do only if you had plans to be riding, not storing.

09-20-2013, 03:03 PM
Hi all,

Was multitasking and shouldn't be as I closed the browser window with the big post I was working on. :(

Yesterday was a nice warm day but with predicted heavy storms as the cool front moved in. I did get out in the garden and took out the bean plants, cucumbers and trellis / fencing. Was working on the big tomato plants as DH went off in search of a piece of planking to install the new microwave. Thunder started rumbling in the distance and I worked faster to finish up at least pulling out the big tomato plants. Suddenly the skies opened and I was determined to finish up at least getting half the bed out. I do admit I did question the wisdom of working in an area with a high metal fence when it was lightning out :yikes: but it's like running across the street in heavy traffic - you hope you won't be taken out or knocked flat on your butt. I finished up and walked into the house as wet as wet could be and noticed there was a message on the answering machine. Turned out DH had called 35 minutes earlier - he somehow managed to lock the car keys in the car and needed rescuing. Not only was I a drowned cat but it was raining so hard I could barely see out the windshield of the car. Thank goodness for caller ID as I was able to call to the store and speak with him and tell him I got his message and was on the way. I quickly changed and fortunately he was only about 20 minutes away. Got back and started searching the Internet for what to do with a large bin of green tomatoes. I don't like the hard texture of unripe tomatoes so green salsa was out. Surprisingly when you roast them they get sweet and there were lots of interesting recipes for green tomato bread (you can't tell it's got tomatoes in it according to the commenters), green tomato soup with beans and ham, and even a sweet hot dog relish perfect to use up the tons of small cherry tomatoes I have left. And apparently green tomatoes will keep in a dark bin and while not as tasty as vine ripened, they are still better than the store's chemically induced ripened ones. So when the rains let up in the afternoon I went and picked out more green tomatoes I had chucked in the compost bin. I also was determined to finish harvesting and removing the cherry tomato plants. Apparently if desired you can pull the tomato plants from the roots, hang them upside down in a warmer protected area and they fruits will continue to ripen on the vines. I could have done this in the boat shed but that is home to some pesky red pine squirrels who no doubt would have appreciated the feast by producing more offspring so nix on that idea. I did finish up and was reminded why we like winter better in these parts - the mosquitoes were having a feast on me as I hurried to finish up. Was hoping that the bat(s) would come out of the bat box and help me out here but no such luck. The cooler weather has arrived - it's gray and rainy today but the sun should come out later this week. We are in my favorite season - the rains we got should help the tree colors, I love this cooler time of year and the hearty soups, stews and breads and there is something comforting in a nice cozy sweater or soft cuddly blanket. And did I mention that it's the end of bug season :yay: :carrot:

Tomorrow is the Fall Festival in our town - arts and crafts, street food and outdoor music. Next week it's in my cousin's town and the week after that starts apple and cranberry festivals in the surrounding areas. Yum and yum yum. Love me some homemade cranberry sauce with fresh orange.

So as soon as I get off the computer here I am going to cook a few things up as well as go through all the magazines I've been holding and select some recipes for the week's meals. I also have to go to the grocery store which is not my favorite thing but must be done.

Michelle - glad you had a talk with the stepmom although I don't understand what you are spending money on - not like you are talking about your new Christian Leboutin heels :rofl: However, I'm realizing more and more that it's hard living with someone else (take note Ceejay) - saw that with my Mom's last visit and even the adjustment that DH and I are (still) making as we adjust to a new life in a different way than we did before. Best to make plans to get on your own as soon as you reasonably can. In the interim I agree with contributing to the household with some rent money to cover the additional costs as well as helping with cleaning and such. We said the same if my Mom came to live with us - we'd have to keep the heat a lot higher to make her comfortable so she could help with the propane costs. And would have to buy her own bakery items to fuel that raging sweet tooth of hers :lol: Would be nice to get on your bike again - didn't realize there is a rainy season - thought it "Never Rains in California" :rofl: Thank you for the good vibes regarding Nina. :hug:

Laura - regarding the pizza - I'm starting to come around to realize that it might be better off to have one slice of pizza at a restaurant rather than getting a whole pie. I always feel like I have to finish the leftovers off even though I really don't like rewarmed pizza the next day. One piece if far less calories in the long run - kinda like getting one slice of pie at the pie shop. ;) And if you can move away from the high calorie and fat meat pizzas and go more to the vegetable based pies, it's actually not that bad for you. I admit I like vegetable pizzas more and more. I had to smile at your shoe collection at the office - once I started wearing winter boots or sneakers for the commute to the train station, I too started keeping a shoe collection at my desk. Was far worse when I was wearing dresses and had to keep several pairs of high heels to go with various outfits. Pants shoes are far more generic! It does help if you can get a WW buddy to keep motivated. I had a friend and once a week she'd make lunch for me and then I'd make lunch for her. It did keep us motivated and I still love her green pea and pasta salad and her easy peasy mock minestrone soup. Moving in to the cooler weather I always found to be the biggest diet challenge of the year - more so than the holidays even. That warm comfort food ... ummm.

Annie - bummer on the thermostat mishap - was the extra money spent buying an upgrade or in repair costs because you thought something was wrong? Cute story about Lil Man. How old is he that he's already recognizing letters??? Sharp guy. Good to hear all is well with Sissy so far.

Ceejay - I'm sure you're like the rest of us - we change our eating habits, feel better about it and then the lure of the old items just creeps back in and before we know it we are promising ourselves to clean up the eating again. I know I've been doing that myself trying to use up things in the freezer and pantry which tends to steer away from the fresh fruits and veggies.

Shad - glad to hear that the new car has finally arrived. Now you will not only have to figure out a new phone, but new dials and options on the car as well. I guess we've come a long way when all we had to do was lift and put down the phone receiver as well as put the key in the car, shift into gear and go! I will have to look up the Marie Celeste reference later.

Mel :hug: to you - hope are resting comfortably. We eagerly await your return and miss you lots :(

The sun just came out shining brightly. I need to really get busy here as half the day is gone. Happy weekend ladies!

09-20-2013, 07:51 PM
Glad you had the talk with your stepmom. Always good to clear the air.

You were a trooper to go get the stranded dh. You did a lot of work in the garden before the rain started. I'd rushed inside when the rain started. I love the fall weather also. We got some much needed rain today. The slow kind that makes you sleepy.

When will Sissy have the ultrasound done? I'm anxious to find out whether it is a boy or girl.

I dread going to work tomorrow, but I need the over time. i still have 84 vacation hours left to take off so I'm thinking ahead, a week off in November and one in December.
Picked up my pay check this morning and went to pay my utility bill then to pay for the cat scan at the hospital. I put the cat scan on my credit card. I got a 35% discount for paying it off in 30 day's.
I understand the concerns about having a room mate. I've managed onmy own for all these years. My sis will be working during the day, so this should help. If she happens to find a job more closer to home then I'll have to work out something else. I do like my privacy and having my own rules.

09-21-2013, 12:48 AM
From Jen.

mom is holding her own but just barely. her potassium hit the floor.
that added more stomach pain and everything else.
our old dr is on vacation. we are going to call and see if he can make a house call next week when he returns.
there are just too many problems all at one time.
sorry I forgot about the emails. it just slipped my mind.
the office has been busy. mom's boss/friend has high BP and other problems.
she had an episode this week and almost ended up in the hospital.
she got a lot of meds. they are both down for the count.
I am trying not to get too involved with the office but I can see how her boss depends on her and why.
mom's friends put on the pressure more than the tenants.
the good times for them have come to an end. there is panic in the offices. ha!!
I will send you emails next week as soon as we know something.
love, jen

Back soon with the doings and maybe some photos

09-21-2013, 08:27 PM
Crikey, no one here overnight. Good stuff as you should all be enjoying the weekends. They are not long enough as it is.

Flying to Mackay tomorrow - about 900Ks north of here. Got training on Tuesday through Friday and come home Friday night. Lot of work to do today to get ready for this.
So today I must mow the lawns and pick up the leaves from the Grevillea tree. Beautiful tree but messy and chucks off the leaves from late winter to early summer. Then the yellow flowers appear and the parrots flock in for the nectar.
Got to take the cat over to the DS2's place. Finish washing the floors, pack my stuff and get myself ready for tomorrows early start.

The new car is lovely. I will get some pictures soon, but have been a bit busy this weekend so far. It'll happen. Hopefully sooner than the power company working on my bill or the accountant with the trust fund papers. My taxes came through and my first pay went in. Sometimes, somethings just work.

Annie - sorry to hear about the arthritis. Hope you can find some sexy shoes that feel comfortable for your poor feet.

Laura - I've decided to try your ABs challenge as well. Haven't a hard time with the sit ups. But have worked out a method of getting them done. Now up to day 5.

Michelle - glad you had the chat with the stepmom. Maybe she sees something about the spending you are doing, although I think it is normal as you come out of your grief and stress period. However you will have to force yourself to save because otherwise there may not be much to live on at a later time.

Happy - poor DH. I've managed to lock myself out of the house a couple of times, it is a real pain. Lucky he had you close enough to come and get him.

Ceejay - :wave: Hi.

Gotta get off here. The day is getting away from me.

09-21-2013, 11:26 PM
Evening ladies. It was a beautiful day here. I got out in the morning and cut back the remaining peony foliage and pulled some weeds and transplanted a couple stray sedum plants, adding them to the border on the north side of our property. I also picked a lot of cherry tomatoes, a few of the larger tomatoes, and 1 Fresno chili. The green beans seem to have completely died out and are kaput for the season. Later in the morning I did my abs challenge. It's getting pretty tough. But I am getting better with my planks. Today I did the 65 second plank for the day's challenge, which I did on my elbows. As usual.** But then I wanted to know if doing planks on my hands and toes like the regular pushup position would be easier so I did another 60 second plank after the 65 second one -* how about that?

Bf and I went to lunch and then the library. I borrowed 3 books, one of which I'll bring to my mom's when I visit on Friday. I also downloaded an ebook to my cell phone. Bf dug up his book light for me to take with me because the lamp in my moms guest room is very short and doesn't have a very big bulb in it and it's one of those funky CFL bulbs that's not very bright, so I'll have my book light to supplement it.. The last time I visited I dragged a large desk lamp that my mom uses in another room for sewing projects so I could have better light,* but it was a major PITA to do.

Since my department store sunglasses have recently deteriorated with the lens chipping and coming out of place as well as the 2 pairs of $ 1.99 sunglasses I bought on clearance at walgreens are not working out for me so I finally remembered to have b_f order the raybans that I found at sunglass hut back in July. However, he found them for much less money than sunglass Hut.* While he did that,** I took doggy for a walk by the creek. What a beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to the same. Bf has been non committal about going for a bike ride. He also mentioned he will mow the lawn tomorrow. I might go on a bike ride on my own tomorrow instead of waiting for him to decide if he wants to go. I still haven't decided what to buy my mother for her birthday. Bf suggested that she might enjoy seeing a show in Branson.* This was also a thought I had as well.* I will have to check online and see if anything jumps out at me.

Not doing much right now - watching some TV. The movie bridesmaids is on so I've been watching that. Guess I'll post this and get back to the movie. TTFN. Personals tomorrow!

09-22-2013, 02:25 AM
Evening all,

Got up this morning - Nina made a big mess in the litter room so I had to spend about 45 minutes cleaning up. This after I spend 30 minutes cleaning up not more than 6 and a half hours earlier before I went to bed. DH was quite frustrated this morning. Then he wanted to hurry to get to the fall festival in town. Not sure what was the hurry as we had no other plans for the day so I hurried and got dressed and off we went. We were able to catch the start of the Weenie Dog (dachshund) races. However just as the race was starting some people pushed their way through the crowd to the front of the barrier - one girl said her mom was racing her dog, another woman said she was trying to take a photo for the local paper. It was really annoying as they blocked my view completely. There were also 2 young teenaged girls with really big knitted novelty hats (ie. view blocking also) who also tried to get to the front but people were not letting them through. As for the other 2, why couldn't they come 15 minutes early to secure a place? I didn't believe the woman who said she was taking a picture for the newspaper. So we watched one heat and walked away. I got a small accent lamp with a chickadee stencil on the shade, a small jar of tomato marmalade from a lady who makes the most delicious cherry amaretto jam and a bottle of all natural bug repellent that we have used before while riding the ATV. They had some really, really pretty jewelry with hand blown glass as well as polished rocks. I would have loved to get a few pieces but I just don't have any where to wear it here so I just admired it from afar as DH walked past the booths. Oh and I also got another kitchen towel that has a crocheted top that you can hang on a cabinet door. My Mom wanted some for Christmas and I got one for me and it actually is quite handy so I got another to switch off. We got some chicken wings for lunch but there were no empty tables to sit at so we just brought them home and ate them on the deck. It was a lovely day today. Talked to my Mom and sister on the phone and then made a quick supper, cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry. I attempted to get at the pile of newspapers and magazines but DH was hungry so that will have to roll over to tomorrow's task. I was folding laundry and happened to turn on the TV and saw the movie Bridesmaids was on so like Laura, I watched it too. Now I can't get the song Hold On out of my head :lol:

Laura - yay for you on doing two 60 second planks! You are doing great on the challenge. Sounds like you did quite a bit of gardening too. My sister said she was thinking about taking out her garden but apparently it's going to warm back up again by you some time next week. You sure have had the heat - I'll take the warm sun but you can keep that humidity! I think taking your Mom on a girl's night dinner and show is a lovely idea for a birthday gift. Comes a point where what more can you buy someone that won't just lay around so a nice night out might be more enjoyable. Good idea on the book lamp also. I hate reading by those CFL bulbs. There's no such thing as too much light when it comes to reading.

Shad - I picture in my mind how colorful and lovely it must be down your way. But then again with the humidity comes the bugs too. We have baby stick bugs here that always remind me of Australia. However ours are only as long as my hand - tips to wrist so nothing like you see. But the idea of parrot flocking to flowers or the drunken birds on fermented sunflowers would be wondrous to see. I'm glad you are liking the new car. Does it have tech gadgets in it? I think they are moving towards the cars driving themselves. I think it's sad that they have a device that alerts you if you drift into the opposite lane of traffic - someone was thinking of the texters I'm sure. I have been meaning to ask and apologies if you explained but who are the wee ones in your avatar?

Poor Mel - your health speed bumps get larger each time. Wishing you a quick recovery and comfort :hug:

Ceejay - a 35 percent discount for paying early - who could argue with that! Still I'm sure the price was high. I think it's a good idea to schedule some time off in November and December - a de-stress time and make sure you have some fun. All work is not good - especially with the long shifts you pull.

I guess that's about it for me for now. Should try getting to bed maybe a bit earlier and rising a bit early too. Yep, I can't wait to get at that housework :lol: Later chicks.

09-22-2013, 01:58 PM
Last one out, first one in again. It's a lovely sunny but cool day out there. I have lots to do inside though including doing something with all those tomatoes I picked the other day. I really don't feel like going to the grocery store but I have to. Wah wah wah :lol:

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.

09-22-2013, 02:38 PM
Called my aunt this morning to let her know that I wasn't coming today. An hour over there and an hour back is taking up to much of my time. She'sstill huffy about my cousin moving back. There's no telling what she tells people about me. I don't really care.
Work yesterday was fairly quiet.
Text with my friend who moved to Jonesboro. She's coming back today for some people to pick up a lay-a-way. Maybe we can get together some time this afternoon.
Found my dvd of the biggest loser power sculpt and did that the last two nights. Believe it or not it's low impact. I've had to modify some of the moves but most of them I can do.

Wow two 60 second planks. I'm impressed.

People can be rude. This may be the new norm for little miss Nina. Hope she can get straightenend out. I love the polished rocks, but like you I admire them from afar.

That's a long trip. Does it involve the new job.

Sending you healing vibes.
Helloto the rest

09-22-2013, 07:15 PM
Hello everyone. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Today started off a bit chilly and a bit cloudy and it made me want to laze around with my tea instead of taking a bicycle ride.

I ended up going through my bin of newspapers to pull out the pieces I'd put aside for my mother - I'll bring those with me when I go Friday. Then I ended up sorting through all the newspaper sections I'd put aside for myself. I wish I didn't have that habit, but I feel better having sorted through them and pitching some in the recycle bin. But guess what - I didn't even get to today's paper, LOL.

After that, it was already afternoon, so I got busy and got my laundry sorted and a load going, then worked through my ab challenge. After that, a dog walk to the park, around the tennis courts and back home. It turned sunny so it was just the perfect first day of autumn.

Ceejay - Good job with the workout. :) Nice you stayed home today and didn't have to drive two hours. I hope you got to see your friend while she was in town. Wonderful you got that big discount on the medical bill, even though I'm sure the remaining balance is still hefty.

Happy - Yeh, it was rude of those women to push to the front - nervy. Sounds like the fest was an otherwise nice time. Poor Nina! :( And poor you cleaning up the messes. :( Yep, we're getting a warmup this week, so I'm not getting rid of the veg garden anytime soon, though I could yank out the green bean plants. You had quite the time pulling your garden - I would've given up when the rain came!! :yes: Good you weren't too far away to come to dh's rescue in response to the locked up keys. I hope you're making some yummy stuff with the last of the garden harvest. Re pizza - love pizza, love the leftovers. We did end up ordering a half veggie/half sausage pizza the other night - when we do that, I always eat one square of the meat side just to satisfy my taste for sausage or pepperoni, but avoid some of the guilt by eating mostly veggie.

Shad - Thanks for passing along the latest Mel update. I sure hope they can get the doc to come for a house call. :crossed: You sound busy as usual. I understand messy trees - the squirrels are busy as usual this time of year making a mess with the acorns from our oak tree. Glad you are enjoying the car. Looking forward to seeing a pic. Probably a lot of features to become acquainted with. Safe travels and hope you get off to a good start.

Hellos to Mel, Annie & Michelle!! :wave: :wave: :wave:
It's taking bf a long time to mow the lawn - and he's still in the back! Certain parts of the lawn were really long, so he's having to empty the mower bag quite a bit. After he's done and showered, I imagine we'll go get some grub. In the meantime, I'm going to get my 2nd load of laundry out of the dryer and fold it.

I think I have everything I need to make a batch of curried lentil soup, think I'll put out all the ingredients and try to throw it together before or after we eat.

Off to the basement!

09-22-2013, 10:59 PM
Quick update from Mel or rather Jen

mom feels she is taking a turn for the worse.
we're going to the emergency room tomorrow morning.
I left a message on the dr's answering service.
will keep you posted.

Hope things get better for her soon.

09-23-2013, 05:54 AM
Right - off to bed. This 3.00am start is getting old. And I have eaten too much dinner. Things hurt so I am shifting a rest day from tomorrow to today in the abs challenge. Couldn't face the 40 sit ups tonight.

09-23-2013, 09:41 AM
Here we are at Monday again....

MELLIE, JEN & RICHIE....hope our sister Mellie is doing better, do please let us know how she is doing through Shad.

CEEG...Week 20 is when DD finds out the sex of the baby. That will be the last week of October. I am routing for a girl, as I love the name she has chosen...Lydia Anne. Probably call her Lyddie. are busier than a one armed paper hanger. I go through sunglasses to fast to purchase expensive ones. I probably buy 5/6 pairs a year. THe cheap ones, as inevitably they get scratched, lost or broken. I am dangerous with sunglasses and not surprisingly any so is my DD. That apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Mom's are hard to buy for especially when they don't need or want anything. the DHs rescue. DId you go in the phone booth and put on your catwoman suit...bahah. RE: green tomatos. Place them in a brown paper bag and close it up. Check every few days and take out the ripe ones. I know that sounds silly, but it truly works. I did that with about 60 green tomatos last year.

CHELLE....must have been another great weekend for you! Hoorah!!!

SHADDIE...YEAH on the new car arrival. Enjoy is sister. I still love my new RAV4. I even cleaned, swepts and did the windows yesterday. Today I will give her a bath. Also put on seat covers.

Yesterday we went to Copper Kettle for lunch. It is family style dining in an old white house been in business since 1927. They are famous for fried chicken-C ordered that, I had the catfish-very delish. It came with soup, salad, mashed potatos, green beans, corn, rolls and sherbet. All the iced tea and coffee you wanted. Very very good. Total bill with tip was 40 bucks, which I think was decent for the food you got. We took home half of everything but the sherbet. We had the leftovers about 6 last night. Two meals for the price of one.

The usual stuff for the rest of the weekend. Went to party city with Sam on Saturday morning to get lil man's invites and decor for his 2nd BD which is October 19. Then dropped her off and I did my Aldi's thing. Got my usual cleaning done. Mopped, vacuumed, laundry, washed sheets, cleaned out the car, cut the grass blah blah blah.

Better post and get this day going. Make it a great Monday..


09-23-2013, 09:56 AM
It really concerned me when Mel's potassium level bottomed out. Glad they are taking her to the emergency room.
Yesterday was a rest day for me. And enjoyed it. Today is back to work
Talked to my friend in Jonesboro. She didn't let me know she was in town or I would have gone over for a visit. Don't think she's to happy with her new job. To much work involved. She didn't do much her last couple of years here so the working part she'll have to get used to. Now she's think semi retirement and working part time instead of full time.
Your lunch sounded good. I love good fried catfish. I like the chosen name. Jake needs baby sister.

Hope you can get you sleeping time straightened out. Whew 3 a.m. is to late for me.

09-23-2013, 11:21 AM
Morning all.

Shad - Wow, 3 am wake up time is just too ugly! I hope that's just for getting to your flight and not a regular thing!! Good job on taking up the ab challenge. Thanks for the update re Mel. Horrible to hear she's headed to the ER.

Mel/Jen - Sending my prayers and get well wishes!! :getwell:

Annie - I'm pretty good with sunglasses, but the ones I bought from the department store turned out to be surprisingly crappy quality. The Ray Bans I've got coming have polarized lenses, which is what my eye doc recommended for eye protection. That actually raised the price quite a bit over non-polarized lenses. The other thing that will be nice about these sunglasses is that they come with a case in which the sunglasses will actually fit! Your dinner sounded sooo tasty. :hun: Giganto portions aren't a great thing for our obese society, but they sure are a good value when you take the leftovers home for future meals!! Awww, 2nd bday coming up for the li'l guy. How fast that went!!!

Ceejay - Sorry you didn't get together with your friend yesterday. Too bad she isn't liking her new job. :(

Nothing much to report. Bf and I went out for dinner and then came home and watched the football game.

I'll be busy this week at work and home making sure all is set before I leave town. Probably going to skip the movies tomorrow night, but I'll definitely get to my exercise classes on Mon & Wed, especially since I'll miss next Monday's class.

Okay, back to it. Everyone have a great day!!

09-23-2013, 01:55 PM
Hi all,

So sorry to hear that Mel is headed for the hospital. :( I'm sure it's not only hard physically but also mentally dealing with these set backs. Just keep sending good wishes her way :hug:

Laura - I've had polarized sunglasses for years and years now. They might make some things appear strange - like the tint films they put on windows but you can't beat the sharpness or glare cutting that you get from polarized. How long will you be visiting your Mom again?

Ceejay - your friend sounds very much like me - restless and not sure of what she wants and then finding out that what she THOUGHT she wanted was not exactly what she wanted or needed :rolleyes: Not sure how long it takes to find one's nitch but probably the only way for her to decide is to try different things to reinforce what she wants and doesn't. Something to keep in the back of your mind when you eventually transition to retirement yourself.

Annie - I hope S has a girl also - nice to have one of each although the way these little trollops are sexing things up at 10 years old I'd probably have a fit having a daughter in these times. Thanks for the tip on the tomato ripening - I guess you can put an apple or banana in the bag to speed the ripening also. Right now I have too many getting ripe at once - faster than I can eat them and believe me we are eating them at every meal :lol: Your lunch sounded down home good and tasty at that. Always a bonus I figure if you can take some home and get another meal out of it also.

Shad - thanks again for keeping us updated on Mel. I missed the part about the 3am start - are you not sleeping well or are you having to get up early for the job? Hope things straighten up soon. Or are you just so excited about the new car you can't wait to get in it and drive? ;) :lol:

Yesterday DH spent the day outside mowing and I was inside doing house things. I noticed at one point that I didn't see Nina - while she mostly lays on the rug and sleeps, she tends to stay near us, particularly if DH is around. I found her laying on the basement rug which is unusual. She just looked so sad. She looks as if she is constantly licking her lips and I think that's because the medicine is giving her a bad taste in her mouth because she is only eating a little bit and was vomiting a tiny bit too. I just sat on the floor and petted her for a long time and cried a lot. I told DH I think this is the end for her - the only other thing the vet suggests is a switch to a prescription food but neither of us hold much hope for that. She is on a gasto food now - that and the steroid medications, the probiotic, the procedure we did last week - nothing is making any change. The blood tests have come back - no abnormality of any sort. I think she was just born a messed up kitty - she is bowlegged and cross-eyed and something is messed up on her insides. We stopped the steroid medicine yesterday - figured that if she is on her last days she might as well enjoy her food undoctored since the medication doesn't seem to be doing any good. I also gave her some treats last night which she hasn't had in weeks. Today she crawled up in the chair with DH and was sleeping peacefully for the first time in a long time. Generally she has been laying on the tile - she seems to get warm. Now she's looking for something comfortable to lay on and DH's fleece moose pants are apparently just what the kitty needed. ;) This breaks our hearts - she was the most adorable and loving kitty of all the cats we had. Right now if she looks like she is resting comfortably we will leave her to sleep but I think we both know the end is coming soon for this sweet bundle of fur.

And that's about it for me. I keep saying I have to get to the grocery store and I am doing everything to avoid it but we are out of food so I guess I need to get myself in gear. Talk later.

09-23-2013, 01:58 PM
ahhh HAPPY...I am sad about Nina. Made me tear up just reading about her. Bless her tiny little furry heart. Enjoy her while you can.

09-23-2013, 05:31 PM
Hello girlfriends!

I'm so very sorry to hear that Mellie is going to the hospital. I hope they're able to treat her and get her on the road to feeling better soon.

Mel/Jen/Richie - Sending lots of love and healing hugs your way. I so hope the doctors and nurses can get you feeling better. :hug: :grouphug: :getwell:

Happy - I'm sending lots of healing energy to Nina. I'm so sorry to hear that the sweet little one is on her last days. It sounds like she certainly got lots of love and attention from you and your DH, so at least her short little life was a happy one while she was with you. Sending hugs to you and DH. It's so painful to lose a furry family member. :hug:

Annie - I'll keep my fingers crossed :crossed: for a baby girl. Lydia Anne is a lovely name.

Shad - How do you like the new car? Bummer about waking up at 3 am. :yikes: So sad that Mel has to go to the hospital, but thanks for the update.

Laura - I love polarized sunglasses. Since I wear prescription glasses, I purchased polarized clip-ons so when my ex and I would go fishing I didn't have to choose between my prescription glasses and sun protection. Even though I'm not fishing anymore, I still love them for driving. Congrats on the Bears victory. It really pains me to say that, but oh well. Good for you for staying committed to exercise this week despite getting ready to go see your mom. I'm either going to water aerobics today or I'll do 1/2 hour on the bike. I hit the gym yesterday on my way home from watching the Packer game. I decided that the endorphins from exercise would lift my mood that was down in the dumps after the Packers lost.

Ceejay - Definitely stuff to consider when thinking about retirement.

Time for me to get back to work.

Much love and many hugs,

09-23-2013, 07:42 PM
I might not get in here tomorrow as I've got lots to get done for work, but I'll be thinking about y'all and sending lots of :goodvibes: your way.

Much love,

09-23-2013, 09:45 PM
Hi all,

We took Nina to the vet today. She has a low grade fever and her white cell count had skyrocketed. They gave her some IV fluids as well as an antibiotic shot. Her lip licking is most likely caused by nausea which also explains the light vomiting - both a result of this viral infection. She said it's very common in shelter cats as things are always getting transmitted from cat to cat. Sometimes it sits dormant, sometimes it appears later on and is resistant to treatment, sometimes they are fine and the infection comes out when they get stressed. We are going to cut back on the steroids since they don't seem to be doing anything beneficial but will keep her on the poultry diet. The vet suggested we at least try the prescription food she ordered simply because she said she faced the same situation with her dog and it turned out to be a hypersensitivity to a food allergy. She also said that unlike humans who might dwell on and on about how they don't feel good, she said cats tend to live in the moment. If she has poopies well to her normal is going to the potty box a lot in one day. Suffering is more like pain and if that's the case they will withdraw and hide. She might have gone into the basement last night because the infection was starting to kick in. Neither DH nor I want to put her down - she is only 9 months old - we are hoping we can find the cause of the problem and that she is young and can fight it off. I do feel a bit better knowing she is not suffering right now. I tell you I had no idea how many issues come with a shelter cat. Our first cat came from a shelter but it was a small one and all the cats were kenneled and didn't have interaction with each other. Boo just showed up in our back yard after someone dumped her off and Mr. Feral - well he just accepted our food and makeshift outdoor cat bed and that was that. Anyway, I'm glad she is ok for the moment - she is sleeping by DH again (thank goodness I picked up a bunch of books for him to read).

Good luck with the assignments Michelle- hope you make fast work of the load on your table right now.

Later chicks.

09-24-2013, 06:33 AM
Evening all

Happy - poor little Nina. Such a loving little girl. Hope she comes right soon. The tomatoes will ripen now at a pace you can't keep up with. It's always something - gets too hot, not enough water, plants frizzle, No fruit. Or too much water, too much cold, plants go to sleep. No fruit until a sunny day comes along, plants respond - glut happen.

Ceejay - sometimes we don't seem to think too far ahead about what will happen if we give up work or go into semi retirement. Watch and learn.

Michelle - work getting in the way of a good time huh?

Laura - I have polarised sunnies as well. Just because any flaw in the plastic lens of the cheap sunnies, or in the glass of the middle priced ones really show up annoyingly with contact lenses. The distortion is awful. So now I very carefully have a very expensive pair of glasses. I watch them like a hawk I can tell you.

Annie - we'll hope the new wee one is a girl, but I don't want to know okay. I like the surprise.

The 3am wake up was because I was due at the airport early. One of the next two trips indicates that I will be getting up even earlier. Darn.
Had the first training class today. As usual we had problems with logins. Thanks to the Philippines. Finally got most of them sorted but it is very annoying when you have asked, and asked, and checked (not done) and asked some more and you still have problems. This is supposed to save costs? I think not. Anyway although grotty at the beginning, the guys went away more or less happy. The two girls didn't get at all phased about anything - it just worked for them.

So we get to go do it all again tomorrow. I'm hoping we will here from Jen overnight, but she will be busy and no doubt worried about her mum. Wish there was something I could do for her.

Better go - early starts at the railways again.

09-24-2013, 09:50 AM
Talked to my friend last night. She stayed in town and will drive back to Jonesboro this morning. I'm going to try to stay here till I'm 65 but my knee' s this morning are making me think other wise. Even my doctor say's it's best if I stay active until I'm 65 then retire. So that's my goal for now.
People keep telling me that I will not be happy when I move to MO. I can always move back. But I don't think I'll be happy here or in Paragould or Jonesboro either. I do need to be around family.

Not much going on so I'll be back later.

09-24-2013, 11:31 AM
Morning all.

Ceejay - Why do people say you won't be happy in MO? Have you always lived where you currently are? I should think if you're around family you'd be able to make the adjustment. I hope your employer can make accomodations for you so you can stay on the job as long as you need to.

Shad - Glad your day went well in spite of the login problems. Hope today goes smoothly too. Re the sunglasses - my eye doc was telling me the cheap ones do tend to have distortion in the lenses. My vision is bad enough, don't need anything else to make it worse!!

Michelle - Hope you tackle your workload sufficiently today! Thanks for the congrats re the Bears win. So did the exercise endorphins help you get over the Packers loss? :D Which exercise did you do last night - stationary bike or water aerobics?:bike::bike2::swim:

Happy - Sorry to hear Nina's still not feeling well, but maybe it's the infection that's affecting her progress with the digestive issues. :( I hope the rx food will help her. I will be at my mom's for 4 nights, arriving Friday, departing Tuesday. So what's wrong with grocery shopping? We also ripen our pears in a brown paper bag - works really well.

Nothing much to report. The room for my pilates was so cold last night!! It took a while after I got home for my feet to warm up after doing my class barefoot, and that was even after finishing up my ab challenge for the day. For all future classes I'll be bringing socks with me!!

Today's WW weigh-in should be alright. I'm trying to push past temptations for all the junky stuff I like so much and keep in mind some of my motivators - visit with my mom, doctor visit next month, and my cruise in February.

Not going to the movie tonight. Right after work I will probably get to the store to pick up a few things, including a couple ingredients I need to make the soup. We had quite an inventory of chicken broth for a while and so I was surprised to find we were out of it and only had beef broth on the shelf.

Okay, back to work. The boss will be out of town starting tomorrow and is all stressed out - can't say I'll be sad to have a couple days of quiet. :sssh:

09-24-2013, 12:06 PM
Good thoughts and prayers for Samantha, she has had some spotting this morning and I am meeting her at the OBs office at 11:45am. I will update when I know more. Hugs

09-24-2013, 12:49 PM
Annie - I'm sending LOTS of love and prayers for Samantha.

09-24-2013, 01:09 PM
Morning all,

First off good thoughts for Sam :crossed: Hope this is not a sign of anything other than a small routine blip. Keep us posted Annie :hug:

Nina appears more like herself this morning. That's good. This has been a rollercoaster of emotions. The vet said she went through the same thing with her pet so hang in there. Much nicer to see her peppy than mopey. This is going to be a short post as I have to go into the shop earlier - we have switched to regular hours - I will work 1pm to 4pm. In 30 minutes earlier, close up an hour earlier. That will be nice. I did purchase a sweet citrus tomato marmalade at the Fall Festival and found an almost :crossed: exact recipe on so another thing to use up the tomatoes.

Laura - I know what you mean about the missing chicken broth - same thing happens to me - I remember cans in the pantry and then go to use it up and someone snatched it in the middle of the night! Hope your soup comes out yummy - be strong with the temptations that roam in your head. Good of you to remember your motivators. :yes: Did you see the movie The Family with DeNiro?

Ceejay - I can understand your desire to retire near friends / family. Don't know why they say you would not be happy in MO unless they don't want you to leave in the first place. MO is not a complete difference from where you are now - say from there to NY for example or from warm TN to cold WI :lol: I hear the Ozark area is different because people keep to themselves and are distrustful of strangers. I would say the biggest factor in your consideration should be cost of living - no fun living in a place that's expensive, especially when you have to watch your money in the first place. Then consider the weather - some people even up this way hate the cold (duh then why move here?????) oh because they like the open woods that you can't get in Florida. :shrug: As for people ... well ... I too wanted to be near family instead of as isolated as we were in Memphis. However 2 of my cousins are jealous and petty so we continue the relationship we have always had which is to not bother with each other. My other cousin is friendly but does not like anyone getting too close so we keep in touch, see each other occasionally but it's not like I hoped it would be. And people here, just like where we came from tend to keep to themselves - old friends are still your friends but new friends are hard to come by and that's just how it is in the world right now. Make a list of the things that are important to you and make sure your retirement place meets most if not all of what's on the list and of course, plan that what you want is not always what you will get and can you still be happy with that? That's my advice.

Shad - good heavens if you have to catch an earlier flight than 3am you might as well just leave when you clock off your job at the end of the day! I guess the norm is that you plan and plan and most of it gets ignored by the responsible parties and you are left in front of the training room holding the pieces. I do not envy you your frustration!

Hope the work tasks are going well for you Michelle. :hug:

Love and healing hugs to our Miss Mel :grouphug: Thinking about you all the time, like Shad wishing there was more we could do for you or take on some of your troubles. :(

Time to get a quick lunch and off I go. Happy Tuesday chicks.

09-24-2013, 01:09 PM
Super quick check in as I have to find an inexpensive Sharepoint-like document sharing website software system and create an Intranet using said system by Friday! :yikes:

Happy - I hope the new food helps Nina. Sending lots of love and healing energy her way. One thing about steroids is they do lower your resistance to infection. They're sort of a catch 22 in that way...they help with some things but make you prone to others. :hug:

Shad - I'm glad the 3 am isn't going to be a regular thing. That would suck! :yes:

Ceejay - No one can tell you whether you'll like living in a certain place. Especially if you're moving to be closer to family. Perhaps they didn't like Missouri because they didn't have family there. I totally understand why you want to live closer to family...I did (and do) too. It's what's keeping me from even considering better paying job offers in other parts of the country. Sure California is hella expensive, but having friends and family here really makes me happy.

Laura - Good for you for sticking with the Ab Challenge. I'm starting it on 10/1...just to make it easier to keep track of what day I'm on...since I have CRS (Can't Remember Sh*t). I hope your weigh in goes well. It does help to keep the motivators in mind. that's why I'm adding a bit of hopes that I will gradually be able to increase the amount of walking/hiking I can do.

I'm listening to a new audiobook on the way to's called Reversing Diabetes. I haven't decided if I like it or not yet. The author is presenting A LOT of the diseases/complications of diabetes, which is REALLY good, and I'm learning a lot. But so far, he hasn't gone into specifics about HOW to reverse diabetes other than eat right (vague and *duh*), exercise, and pray to God to heal you. I'd say at least 50% of the book is quoting scripture and how God can take away diabetes.

I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and positive thinking...but I keep listening to this and saying....okay, rather than quote scripture...or at least in addition to quoting scripture...could ya' PLEASE give me SPECIFICS on how/what I should eat and other things I can do? :faint:

Anyway...gotta run.

Much love and many hugs to all, and lots of prayers for Mellie, Samantha and Nina.

09-24-2013, 01:38 PM
Annie - Saying prayers for Sam.

09-24-2013, 02:40 PM
Oh the power of prayers and good thoughts....Samantha has a slight yeast infection which cause the discharge/spotting. They did do an internal ultrasound (up through the vagina) and the babe is perfect so far. Heartbeat 146 per minute, and looks like an alien at this Over the counter meds for the problem and all is good. Amen. Thank you girlies for every good thought and prayers, what would I do without you.

09-24-2013, 02:46 PM
Annie - That's great news that all is well. I'm sure Samantha (and you) are so relieved! Sending you both much love and many hugs. :hug:

09-24-2013, 03:09 PM
Thanks Chelle

09-24-2013, 03:10 PM
I'm thankful that S and the baby is doing okay. It seems like my sis told me that a high heart rate is usually a girl.

I agree that you are a lot happier around family and friends.

Yes, I'll miss my friends. but they can come visit or vice versa. I'm tired of driving back and forth and plane tickets from Memphis to Springfield is expensive. It will be different for sure living in this area but I already know a lot of people in the church where my bil and sister go.

Need to look up something on line for the boss man. I'm getting rid of paper work that's out of date.

09-25-2013, 01:17 PM
Morning all,

Everyone must be busy today.

It's a nice cool but sunny day out there. We have some errands to run then I want to come back and make up my grocery list. I also need to make some dog treats for the shop as I have extra supplies. The trees are starting to turn - pretty reds and yellows and pinks - my favorite colors. Unfortunately we are supposed to get rain on Saturday for the next fall festival. :( They put out a bunch of seasonal - autumn and Halloween - stuff at the shop yesterday. It looks so cute and festive! I did move one box of new stuff from our jewelry counter to another shelf so we could stage and highlight the recent additions. The lady who handles the brand new stuff is a psychotic whacko who has tussled with most everyone at the shop. I swear if she comes into work and messes up my carefully staged counter I'm the one who will have a fit. She does not like anyone touching "her" stuff and she is taking up more and more of our precious floor space. It wouldn't be so bad if her stuff was selling but it isn't. Rather we highlight things that are but she doesn't see it that way. Let the battle begin :rollpin:

Nina got an antibiotics shot and a fluid drip yesterday and she is perkier than she's been in weeks. She is alert and playful and it does us both so good to see her doing well. She still has digestive issues but they called this morning and the prescription food is in - we'll see how that goes. I pray :crossed: it won't be too yukky tasting for her and she'll refuse it because that will be the only food she gets. No treats, no other canned or dry food. This will be interesting feeding her and her unrestricted sister. :rolleyes:

Annie - glad the prayers helped and S and the new peanut are doing just fine. :hug: How is your foot feeling?

Ceejay - it's good that you know some people in MO. Won't it be nice to get away from the neighbors who are always trying to take advantage of you? Is the weather much different in that area?

Michelle - thanks for all the good wishes for Nina :hug: Geez woman, sounds like you have your hands full at work. :faint: Everything needs to be done ... YESTERDAY :lol: There's good and bad to being by yourself - I think I'd still rather be in a smaller place where I could do more even if it gets scary or hectic at the time.

Guess I will catch up with the rest of you lot later. DH is about ready to go and so must I or the bus will leave without me ;) Have a good one.

09-25-2013, 01:38 PM
Morning all.

Annie - So relieved to hear all is well w/ S. and the baby!! :carrot:

Michelle - I printed off the Ab challenge chart and mark the challenge days with the dates as I complete them, otherwise I'd never remember which day I was on!! Starting on the first of the month would certainly make it much easier!!I hope your reversing diabetes audiobook is getting more informative. I think I'd find the references to scripture a bit annoying - you probably were interested in the book for it's medical information, not spiritual.

Happy - Glad to hear Nina seems better the past couple days.:) I think you should start throwing your weight around at the shop and shake things up!!! :D No, I didn't go to the movies last night and haven't seen the movie The Family. I noticed on imdb that it hasn't gotten great reviews based on the critic's metascore ratings, and just middling ratings on the user reviews. I'll have to ask my movie gf's what they thought - I think that's what they saw last night.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies! :wave:
Yesterday's weigh-in showed a 1.6 pound loss, so yay for that. :) Trying to stay on track this week, but today I have a lunch time meeting in which lunch is provided, so eating may not be as good as the last couple days. I might try to make up for lunch by having a smart ones entree or some soup for dinner.

I didn't do much of anything last night as far as cooking or my trip prep. Bleh. I was so tired yesterday afternoon, and after dinner I faded too, so I ended up going to bed early.

Our benefits open enrollment period is coming up, and there are many changes looming. More "incentives" that require more than just a blood draw. And they're changing our mail order rx company - what a PITA that will be. :rolleyes:

Tonight's my Barre class.

The boss is out today so I'm more relaxed. There's been one project the admin and I have been working on for her and one of her issues was annoying to us. It was sort of gratifying for us that a third party involved in this project thought it really was the "big stupid nothing" we thought it was, lol. The quote is just mine, not anything any one of us said aloud, hahaha.

Today is my Thursday, so that's good too.

Okay, back to it. :flow1:

09-25-2013, 03:09 PM
Hello Chicklets....

Last night Curtis wanted beans and weinies for dinner. YUCK. So I browned hamburger and onion, drained added a can of baked beans, pepper, brown sugar and cut up weinies. Let them simmer for a bit, slapped them in a bowl and popped open a bag of chips. Have at it. I skipped dinner last night. No thank you, don't like baked beans nor hot dogs. I tell you the things we do for love. haha

LAURA...congrats on the WL. Steady and sure wins the race. We have to jump through hoops here before we can get our health insurance, if we don't do them we have to pay and extra 25 bucks a paycheck for health insurance. Just wait til 2014 health reform. Keep in mind it states in the reform that the prez and govt (senate, house etc) are exempt, they do not have to abide by it. THey are fully covered at no cost to them. Easy for them to dictate health reform to the general public. Anyway....

HAPPY...the people at the shop do not know who they are messing with. Give them the ole one, two. Glad Nina is feeling better, hope it continues. I was thinking she might be dehydrated if she is not eating or drinking much but yet pooing and vomiting.

CHELLE....I firmly believe the the power of prayer and positive thoughts but get on with it. Maybe you are just supposed to go around reciting scripture. That is what Joel Osteen's mom said cured her cancer. I don't know. Whatever works.

CEEG...don't listen to other people. We all make our own happiness. You will be fine in MO.


MELLIE...continuing to send good thoughts and prayers, miss you sister.

Hugs all.

09-25-2013, 04:32 PM
Super quick post...

On the drive in today, my audiobook was much more about the medical information than quoting scripture. I definitely believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking....but Laura's right...I picked up this book for the medical information not spiritual information. Although I do understand in the benefits of stress-reduction as stress produces cortisol (a hormone that can result in increased belly fat)...which is why I listened to my favorite meditation CD last night. (Admittedly, I also listened to the CD because I was having trouble falling asleep and was still away at midnight.) :yawn:

I just feel like sharing something....I am totally, positively, and unabashedly happy! I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the endorphins because I've been exercising nearly every day. LOL My life is not 100% perfect...but it's going so well. I'm on track in most areas of my life and working toward my goals. I feel like my life is my own...and I choose to design and create a great life for myself. At first I thought I was just happy because I'm dating such a great guy....but now I realize...I'm just happy being ME! And after where I was at last is so incredibly WONDERFUL to feel this way!! :dancer:

Much love and many hugs to all,

09-25-2013, 04:48 PM
Sorry folks, no time and no update re Mel. Last night I came back to the motel and lay on the bed with my book and a cup of coffee. When I woke up the coffee was cold, the book on the floor and it was 11.00pm. I also missed dinner. Luckily I have a few supplies to tide me over. I went back to bed and didn't wake until 4.00 this morning. Two more classes. One today, one tomorrow then go home time. Oh yehaa.

09-25-2013, 07:07 PM
There are a few more rolling hills in the area where I'm moving in a couple of years. But the weather is about the same. Glad Nina is feeling better. I'm with the rest hold your own at the store.

Annie and Michelle
Thanks for the vote of confidence on my moving in a couple of years.

Yes, I've heard that all those you mention had free health insurance. Maybe we should all run for senate.

Congrats on the 1.6 pounds lost. I'm still not doing the ab challenge but I told myself that I'm doing the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD for 6 weeks. I've only done Jillian's and Kim's segment's, which equals to 30 minutes. Bob Harper loves squats and I'm not ready for hhis segment yet.

You were extremely tired last night.

Yeah for my last work day for this week. I have been in the mood to discard some files and charts this week at work. Wish I could get rid of some old electronics in the file room.
Some one mention my neighbors that are always bugging me. They haven't bugged me for a ride since I've told them no. so yay on that.

09-26-2013, 12:13 PM
Super quick check in to say I hope you're all doing well. Last night I did 20 minutes on the exercise bike followed by an hour of water aerobics.

Sending prayers and healing energy for our Mellie and for Nina.

Much love,

09-26-2013, 12:25 PM
It's Thursday ladies - just in case you're like me and can't remember what day it is :lol:

Nina is a stinky gas bomb right now which is to be expected because we are switching her food over to the new prescription stuff (which she doesn't like BIG SURPRISE). I told her what Mom told me - when you get hungry enough, you'll eat it ;) although I do feel a bit sorry for her. I'm just glad I can open the windows and air the place out. Her sister won't come anywhere near her. I talked to Mom for a while last night. She is really living in her own little world more and more. She is all up in arms as she insisted on having a bone density test (she had the last one 3 years ago) and now she's smug because the doctor wants to discuss the results with her. She said "MY DAUGHTERS both told me I didn't need one and now the doctor wants to talk to me SO THERE. :snooty: Sis and I are like :rolleyes: I said well Mom what do you think he is going to say - that a miracle has happened and you have the bone mass of a neandrathal cave man now???? Of course he's going to say your bones are weaker - you are 86 soon to be 87 next month. Now you will just fret about your bones being weaker. I asked her if she spoke to the doctor about her hip hurting her. She was complaining about that for months and that's what precipitated the burning need to have another bone density test. She said no she didn't because it only started bothering her 2 days before she saw the doctor and she didn't see any need to mention it. When I said she's been complaining about the pain since she was here visiting in June she said I was confused and that she was talking about her knees instead :yikes: I also talked with my sister yesterday and we both decided there really is no point to us getting all wound up over something we can't do anything about. So we'll just monitor her to make sure she doesn't become a danger to herself.

My sister recommended a book she just finished reading called Coming Clean. It's a memoir about a girl whose father was a compulsive hoarder. I was able to borrow the book for free on my Kindle using my Prime Membership so I started reading it last night. It's an interesting book - but wow does it make you want to just dig in and clean up your own clutter :lol: I also realized that reading via the Kindle I don't have the typical squinting I've been having trying to read a paper book with my glasses.

Ceejay - good luck with the file clean up at work. You get more accomplished when you're in the mood to toss things. Have a nice long weekend - any special plans?

Shad - sounds like you were tuckered out a good one there. Hope you got some much needed rest and woke up ready to take on the world one more day!

Michelle - glad to hear that you are in a good place in your life. Just a pity that sometimes we have to go through some dark places to get to the sunshine and rainbows but I guess it also makes us appreciate the good times even more.

Annie - I know a lot of people are up in arms about Obamacare and I was HOPING against hope that it was going to save us some money but I think DH's former employer has found yet another way to screw the retirees. Doesn't look like we will be able to qualify for subsidized health care but I will know more when the open enrollment materials come in a couple of weeks. However I totally agree with everyone who is complaining that Congress enacted a bill that they themselves are exempted from. The perks and benefits that the lawmakers get are totally out of line with with the rest of us have to live with. And that's just wrong, wrong, wrong but I don't see how that's ever going to change even if we the voting public swore to vote the incumbants out unless they changed things. That was nice of you to make C what he wanted for dinner. Sometimes it's like that - use it as an opportunity to have what you might like and he doesn't for your selection.

Laura - thanks for the comments on the movie. The other one I am interested in is Gravity with Sandra Bullock and that man hoe George Clooney :lol: I'd even be willing to travel to Duluth to see that at an Imax theater. Congrats on the weight loss this week - good idea to substitute a lower calorie dinner to balance out the at work lunch you can't control. As for the mail order prescription plan - we had Medco for about 25 years since DH's company first introduced and then forced us to mail order and I have to say were were very happy with the pricing, information and customer service we had with them. I guess Medco got bought out by someone else who raised the prices and now we use Caremark. I only get one prescription by mail order so I don't have too much to say but DH has been totally frustrated with them. He said the have frequently sent him auto renewals of prescription he did not sign up for (as they were checking out various dosages and types of meds to stabilize his condition). We were stuck paying for stuff they sent us more than once and sometimes he didn't get the new prescription he sent in because they refused it saying it was a conflict of an existing prescription. I used to dread when he'd go to the doctor because he'd get all cranky when they'd refuse to fill a prescription for him and he'd be yelling on the phone as they don't have very good customer service either - probably based in some hut in a 3rd world country like that phone commercial where the guy in Siberia answers the phone "this is Peggy, how can I not help you redeem your rewards points". :lol: The most we got out of them was someone who was honest enough to say that like health insurance, the drug plans also have gold, silver, bronze and dirt plans - depending on how much your employer wants to underwrite, that depends on the level of service you get with the drug plan. So 2 people could use Caremark and have totally different experiences with it. :dizzy: :dizzy: This is the new normal. :headache:

I did stop at Walmart yesterday - the shopping isn't so bad but geez o Louise the checkout is just freaking insane. Not sure who's worse - the shoppers or the check out people. Most of them are really really slow - and DH was sitting in the car waiting for me so I was trying to hurry. I got into a line where I know the checker is really good and fast and wouldn't you know it, just before it was my turn to check out another person came to relieve her. I was in the checkout line for 40 minutes. However I did get some stuff so I could bake up / cook up the recipes to use up this abundance of tomatoes I have that are rapidly ripening. I still have some fresh produce to pick up which I prefer to get at the regular grocery store so I'll stop in town and see if my buddy rearranged my nice display at the thrift store just because I don't have enough drama in my life :lol: I will say hi to my buddy who is working this morning so at least I'll enjoy my visit.

Have a good Thursday everyone.

09-26-2013, 12:25 PM
good going on the exercise Michelle! :yay:

09-26-2013, 01:01 PM
I was going to call a friend this morning to find out that I had missed two phone calls from the main boss at work. My name was drawn for the monthly drug test. But I missed it. Don't think they are to concerned about me. However, I have started to a nerve med which will show up on a drug test but I don't care. It's on file at the doctor's at the doctor's office. My friend didn't answer the phone.
If the weather is pretty tomorrow I want to go to the boothill of MO and take some flowers to my grandmother's grave sight. And go in search of a small community that used to be known as Hollywood, MO. It was named that because of all the Holly bushes. My great aunt, grandmother's sister lived there.
This afternoon I need to mow the lawn. Thank goodness lawn care is drawing to a close.

You are doing really well with exercising. You and Laura are keepping me motivated.

I can't get in and out of Walmart in less than 40 minutes and I need to make a run out there somet time today. I'm begining to add in more solid foods. I miss my raw veggies.

Sending you healing vibes. Get well soon.

Annie and Laura:wave: Have a good day.

09-26-2013, 01:08 PM
Morning all. Happy Thursday. My Friday!! Whoohoo!

Ceejay - I could certainly get rid of some files - I have a bunch of desk (aka "CYA") files that I haven't had to go back to and should really just toss. Enjoy your weekend! Good job on setting a goal to do the TBL workout dvd. :)

Shad - That early wake up call for your flight must have put you in major sleep deficit! Hope you've caught up on your zzz's!

Michelle - Glad your diabetes book is getting down to specifics for you. Speaking of books - I borrowed the book Following Atticus from the library. I've barely started it, but I think it'll be interesting. So happy to read that you're happy. :)

Annie - Yummm, beans & weenies. Gosh, now you have me wanting to go to the Costco concession stand for one of their big hot dogs! Ah yes, "jumping through hoops" is an appropriate way to describe the direction our medical insurance enrollment is going at work. Last year they offered $$ to just get a blood workup last fall and this fall. Now, this year's results will also include some kind of personalized health goal that must be achieved in 2014 in order to obtain a 2015 incentive. We'll see how this pans out. Yes, it's absof*ckinglutely ridiculous that the lawmakers putting things like Obamacare in place do not have to live with it. :mad:

Happy - Hope Nina comes around with the food. But if that's all she's getting...she'll get hungry and eat it. LOL re her sis not wanting to be near her. :lol: How frustrating with your mom. Dare I say that at least your mom mentions these medical matters to you and your sis? My mom doesn't want to be the bearer of any bad news, hence my finding out about an ER visit/heart attack 3 days later!! I read a blurb about that book Coming Clean, and I though it sounded interesting. Maybe I'll recommend it to my mom as well...thankfully she's not what I'd consider a hoarder and is cognizant of having to get rid of a lot of stuff in preparation for a downsizing down the road, but like you said, just reading it will motivate just about anyone to open a closet and start digging around. ;) Yes, Gravity interests me too, and the director did the movie "Children of Men", which I also liked. OMG, can't imagine waiting in a 40 min. checkout lane!! What a busy place, and it was a weekday!?!? Let us know how your display at the shop fared...


Nothing much to report. Barre class was good last night. We actually spent substantial time at the barre in class, and it felt very ballet to me because we were putting together different moves. My legs really felt it - there is a lot of toe pointing, foot flexing, etc. Just holding up your arms and contracting the legs and bum make for a good workout. This was on top of my abs challenge. Nine days left of the challenge, two of which are rest days. I have to remember to bring my challenge sheet along with me on my trip.

Having done nothing this week to prep for my trip, I will be doing all that tonight. In about 20 min. I can do an online check-in for my flight, so I'll do that. Not that there's any great seats on this dinky airplane...

Okay going to get this posted before any more interruptions...dang work gets in the way of my private life.

09-26-2013, 01:14 PM
Michelle - Good job with the exercise!!

Ceejay - Enjoy your day out and about in the bootheel!!

09-26-2013, 09:59 PM
Safe travels and have a really good visit with your Mum Laura!

09-27-2013, 10:11 AM
Happy Friday..Yeah!

Sissy and lil man came over for dinner last night. I made tater tot casserole. Wasn't the best job I have ever done on dinner but they ate it anyway. Curtis and SIssy had the rest of the apple pie I made on Monday night.

Tomorrow I am going with Sis and family to the James Dean Car show in Gas City, Indiana. The Ducktail Run. It is one of the biggest car shows in Indiana with over 3000 cars in attendance. It is in the park at Gas City. Lil man is so fasinated with cars and wheels, he will be so excited. First we are going to Ainsley's volleyball game.

Sunday we are going up to Curtis' parent's house to celebrate Cs birthday. He will be 51 on Monday. 9/30. I am sure they are going to have their lil hot dog cook out thing. Bleh. Nasty. I may take something else up for me. I am sure not to starve if I don't eat tho. haha

LAURA...have fun with your momma. Make great memories while you are with her. Safe travels.

HAPPY...poor Nina. I can't wait till your bd, I have the bestest card for you. A gal here at work had to put her 19 year old cat, Mr. Thumbs down yesterday. She is sad today here at work. Mr. Thumbs had two thumbs on each of his front paws. I hear ya on the Obamacare. It is so frustrating for everyone.

CHELLE...great job on the exercise and I am so happy that you are adjusting so well to your life and happy about it. Kudos to you!!

CEEG...Holly is one of my favorists thing and just love Holly bushes. Let me know when you get back if it is still as gorgeous as it was, I may make a trip there myself. you liking the new car?

MELLIE...get well sister, we all miss you! Hugs.

That's about it for me...have a great Friday/weekend in case I don't get back.


09-27-2013, 11:25 AM
Morning all. At the airport, couple min. Away from boarding. Thanks Annie & Happy. Plsn to have a great time kicking back & celebrating mom's 80th. :)

09-27-2013, 11:29 AM
I'm loving the cool day's of fall so far. Yes it's been in the 80's but no humidity.
I'm going to a luncheon today to send off a co-worker who is retiring. He was 62 in august. Sigh wish this were me.

I didn't get to go to Hollywood yesterday. I'm thinking it's mostly farm land now.

Try to get some rest.

Have a safe trip to Mo. Is it this week end? I keep my CYA files in my locker and believe me they have come in handy. I had to look up to see how far back that I could discard some things. The Arkansas Dept of Health regulations says 3 years.on all things. Not sure what the other agencies say so I'm waiting for the friend boss to tell me.

Michelle, Happy, and Shad. :Wave:

09-27-2013, 12:45 PM
Morning all,

Happy Friday to yahs. Supposed to get to a high of 80 degrees today - whew! and then the rains will move in and it will drop like a rock and be cold and wet in the 60's tomorrow for the Fall Festival. :(

Went to the shop yesterday and sure enough, the psycho nut case took apart my staged counter and moved her stuff (that no one is buying) back and did things how she wanted them. So I just moved it all back again. ;) She has 1/3 of the store space for her stuff and yet she encroaches on the rest of the shop area as she pleases. Well sorry sister but "your" area only brings in about 5 percent of the overall sales, particularly now as things slow down. I had a talk with my partner about how I was feeling over the whole situation - still haven't decided what I am going to do yet. Said maybe God put me in this situation to learn a lesson I refuse to learn :lol: Afterwards I went to the grocery store and picked up a lot of fresh groceries - it's been a while since I went shopping other than to pick up a few things as I needed them. Got a bag of apples - going to try to make some homemade applesauce - one of the ladies at the store said it was really easy to make and I used to love the homemade apple sauce from one of the orchards in TN. I also will be cooking up the tomato recipes I set aside last week. Figures that I'll wait until it's 80 degrees outside to turn the oven on and bake! Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow and we can go to the Fall Fest :crossed: Outside of that not much in the way of plans. Nina is holding her own so far but I think her bottom is getting sore although her stomach issues have subsided a bit.

Laura - hope you found a nice show to treat your Mom. Again, have a nice time. I smiled when you said Mom was going through some of her things to pare down her possessions - my Mom said she is doing the same - sure would help us kids out a lot if they really did do that! And yes, sadly a 40 minute wait in the checkout line is typical at our Walmart. Maybe only 20 minutes in the dead of winter and upwards of an hour at the height of summer when the seasonal crowds are all doing their shopping. They make fun of the "people of Walmart" but honestly, it's a whole different crew there at the store - shoppers and worker bees. It's amusing if you aren't in a hurry but if you are, it can get frustrating so I don't shop there much and if I do I try to do it later in the evening if I can. Sounds like you are getting some great stretches and flexibility from your barre class. What a neat idea for exercise!

Ceejay - hope you had a nice luncheon for the coworker. Don't worry - your time will come soon - each day will drag out like a month but when you look over time as a whole it really flies by. We are 3/4 through this year already as an example. Enjoy the nice weather - it gets so pretty once the humidity and bugs move out. You are still a long way away from autumn though.

Annie - C is 4 days older than my sister! Which reminds me that I need to send her birthday card off in the mail. :o Hope you have a nice birthday get together. I'm with you - if you don't like hot dogs then bring a dish of something you like - extra food always appreciated and no one has to know ;) Wow - that is one humongous car show! I'm sure Lil Man will be in his glory - what is it with little boys and cars :lol: I'm sure you will all be tuckered out by the end of the day. How sad for your co-worker although I do love the name Mr. Thumbs. DH said in the B.H. (before Happy) days he had a double pawed cat that he really loved. Most of us will say that losing our pets is one of the most gut wrenching things. For me it's so hard to play God and decide that something is going to die, even though technically they go to sleep rather than suffer a traumatic and painful death. And with someone as young as Nina, we are never sure if there is no hope or will they bounce back if you find the right combination of things...

Shad - hope you got some rest and are full of pep for the upcoming weekend.

Love to you Mel :hug:

Still plugging away on the code Michelle? :comp: Hope everything snaps into place before the end of the day so you can go home and enjoy the weekend.

Catch up with you later chicks.

09-27-2013, 12:49 PM
Laura - Wishing you a wonderful trip and sending happy birthday wishes to your mom!

Ceejay - Good for you on keeping a CYA file. Enjoy your luncheon!

Mellie - Sending you lots of healing energy and hugs.

Annie - Sounds like a wonderful family oriented and fun filled weekend!! Enjoy, sista! And Happy Birthday to C!! He's 21 days younger than me! He's got the best present in the world...your love! :love:

Happy - Our parents certainly can become challenging as they age. I hope we don't get like that. :rofl: Is Nina continuing to improve? I hope she's not being as finicky about the prescription food.

Shad - I hope you're getting some rest this weekend.

I took a break from exercise yesterday so that I could do the conference call for my online writing workshop. Today, it'll be back to the gym to ride the recumbent bike.

I'm getting together with some friends tomorrow evening to play cards...and the rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning, doing laundry, going to the dog park, and writing. :)

Much love and many hugs to all,

09-27-2013, 06:36 PM
I'm sorry everyone. I don't think I can write anymore after this.
This morning from Jen.

I have terrible news for everyone.
they found large cancer masses in and around mom's cervix and uterus.
she has constant bleeding now.
there is a very large tumor pushing on one of her kidneys cutting it off from functioning.
mom has a team of new doctors and agree with mom not to go for therapy.
her body is just not up to radiation, chemo and a series of operations.
all with no guarantee.
the main reason the drs agree is because this was very fast growing.
there were no signs of this less than a year ago.
I just cannot talk to anyone now and stay strong for mom.
we might be able to bring her home and have hospice here.
we will see. sorry this is so short. I am worn out and broken hearted..
I will keep you posted as to any new decisions~ jen

09-27-2013, 06:50 PM
Shad - Oh my God! No!! I'm trying to fight back the tears as I'm at work, but I'm not doing a very good job of it. That's just awful about dear Mel! If we send cards or flowers to her apartment, will Jen be able to get them and give them to her? I will continue to pray for Mel, and also for Jen. This is just heartbreaking news.

09-27-2013, 10:25 PM
I'm in shock to hear the sad news about mel. Thanks Shad for keeping us informed. I'm so sad.

Had a good day to go grave hunting. Still didn't find my great grandfather but there's so many old, old graves that is totally unreadable that I could have gone by it and not known. I did put flowers on my grandmothers and great uncles grave.

Enjoy your trip to Mo. If your in Nixa go by Gretchen street and tell my nephew hello.

Everyone deserves a day off from exercise. I'm not doing my DVD tonight as I did a lot of walking at the cemetery. And tomorrow I'll be mowing the lawn. Think I will ride the bike for 2 miles though.

What is with this woman at work? Is she manager? I've been thinking about stewed apples. Do they still make red hot candies? Mom used them in the apples.

09-27-2013, 11:29 PM
Mel is allergic to perfumes so cards might be okay. I think most people have Mels address. Jen lives in the same building but one floor higher. I'm not sure of the number, but anything addressed to Mel will get to Jen. PM me if you don't have the address

09-28-2013, 09:11 AM
My heart is also broken and the tears are flowing. So unfair. Prayers and love.

09-28-2013, 09:21 AM
Darlings, Shad let me know this sad news last night. So very sorry that this is happening to dear Mel. She has always been a bright spot on the Forum and does not deserve this crap!

I had Mel's addy but seem to have lost it. Could someone PM me with ti so I can at least send a card along with my prayers.

09-28-2013, 09:48 AM
This is such horrible news - what a sad thing to hear.

09-28-2013, 11:42 AM
OMG - the minute I saw the comments on FB I feared what you were talking about. Dear sweet Mel - you're right - she so does not deserve this. My heart is breaking.

09-28-2013, 03:25 PM
I PM'ed Ruth Mel's address....and also mailed Mel a card. My heart is breaking for dear Mel...and also for Jen.

I think it would be good if we try and focus on giving Mel and Jen and Ritchie a collective Wordlies group hug that never ends.

Much love and hugs to you all,

09-28-2013, 06:19 PM
No further news overnight, but this could take time. I know that Jen is trying to get her home for palliative care and hospice. I know that none of them will ask for anything - in the help line or otherwise so I am wondering what we can do for them if anything.

If anyone can come up with anything, let me know.

Meantime I am out attacking the garden to get rid of my aggressive tendencies. This may stop me from going out and finding the nearest f*ckw*t and beating him up. Yes I am angry. That little family do not deserve this on top of all else they have had to put up with

09-28-2013, 08:07 PM
I just had an idea. We could possibly order groceries or prepared meals for them and have them delivered, especially when Mel is released to go home.

09-28-2013, 09:57 PM
I like the idea of the meals however I am at a loss to recommend an option simply because Mel is sensitive to soy and spices and the like. She did enjoy the prepared foods at Trader Joe's, however they don't deliver nor do they have gift certificates according to their website.

The part that is so frustrating is that Mel took care of everyone ... always... and outside of Jen, can't think of a soul we can reach out to in order to help her from far away. Wouldn't even know how to contact - was it Willie??? - who would help her shopping.

I will keep thinking on it though... I do agree - no flowers. I'm sure she'd appreciate cards or nice pictures instead.

09-28-2013, 10:00 PM
I've been trying to upload photos of my new princess! However the site doesn't seem to want me to upload anything today. I'll try facebook and see if that works.

09-29-2013, 04:13 AM
Here she is ( (

Always more than one way to skin a cat or in this case post a picture.

Now I better get off here and get ready to have my son take me out to dinner

09-29-2013, 08:27 AM
We can get gift cards from TJs as I have done so before and sent them to Mellie. That is my recommendation.

09-29-2013, 09:02 AM
I like that idea.

09-29-2013, 10:28 AM
I like Annie's idea also. However, we don't have a TJ's in our area. Didn't she use Walmart's as well?

Love the new princess.
Mowed the lawn yesterday.

09-29-2013, 10:50 AM
Annie - I like the TJ's gift cards also as Mel was quite fond of the prepared meals and they didn't have ingredients which bothered her tummy and such. I didn't see gift cards offered online and since I'm hundreds of miles away from a TJ's :( would you be willing to collect, purchase and mail for us??? :hug:

09-29-2013, 11:00 AM
I think gift cards for meals is a great idea! Please let me know who is collecting and I'll send them a US$ money order.

09-29-2013, 03:58 PM
Can we please just hold off for a bit until we hear from Jen that they are able to bring Mel home. The biggest expense at this time may well be the fuel used to get to hospital and back for Jen especially if she is not able to get her home.
If I haven't heard from Jen by say about Wednesday, I will start to make enquiries through the building and see if I or someone can actually ring her at a specific time. I did have Jens phone number but I seem to remember that Mel said it had been disconnected.
I know that we all want to help and to do as much as possible for them, but we need to sit back for a time and wait. We all send something now, then what are we to do if Mel decides she ain't going to go just yet.

The TJ idea is great thank you Annie. Just let's sit on it for a short time until we have a few facts.

09-29-2013, 04:45 PM
sounds good Shad, we'll just wait to hear from you.

09-30-2013, 08:26 AM
Whatever you all decide is fine with me. Let me know, I can do the TGs card and collect.

09-30-2013, 12:21 PM
Commuter train crash in Chicago this morning at 8 am. LAURA???? please post.

09-30-2013, 12:25 PM
Good morning ladies,

On Saturday, I got up early and weighed in. I'm down 6 lbs overall from when I first joined Weight Watchers 5 or 6 weeks ago, so I'm pleased I'm making progress. My eating hasn't been 100% over the last few weeks and there was a week when my back was bothering that I barely exercised at all. I'm going to start doing more weight/resistance training, and I'm starting the Abs Challenge tomorrow.

After weigh in on Saturday, I went to the gym. I've been doing 1/2 hour on the recumbent bike followed by at least 10 minutes on the treadmill at a 5% incline (to try and rehab my back and maybe one day be able to hike). After that I ran errands, did laundry, did some maintenance/optimization on my stepmother's computer and my stepbrother's computer. Then I gave Santa his haircut. And then pulled out my own computer and worked on my book for an hour or so.

Yesterday, I took Santa to the dog park, then met some friends for lunch, and then everyone came back to my place (my stepmother's place) to play cards all afternoon. It was a great time. Lots of laughs. Two of my friends are moving to Oregon in two weeks. :( But thankfully, they will be coming down for visits every 2-3 months or so, so we'll be able to get together then.

I feel so sad for Mellie and for Jen. :cry:


Annie - The TJ's gift cards are a great idea. Thanks for being willing to collect.

Shad - That's a gorgeous new car! Wow! Stunning! I'll bet she drives like a dream. :dancer:

Laura - I hope you had a nice time visiting your mom and celebrating her birthday.

Happy - Are the fall colors out in full force yet? How was the fall festival?

Ceejay - I hope you have a good work week. How are you doing on the Abs Challenge (or are you doing the Squat Challenge)...sorry that I can't remember.

Sending love and big hugs,

09-30-2013, 12:35 PM
I just got a text back from Laura. She is fine! Yay!!! :dancer: In fact, she hadn't heard about the train crash.

09-30-2013, 12:40 PM
I just got a text back also. All ok

09-30-2013, 01:08 PM
Morning all,

Quick post for me, lots to do today and last night I had a sudden allergy attack. Took a Benedryl and wanted to sleep the day away - good thing DH woke me up. Yesterday was just gorgeous - sunny and cool and we went for a 4 hour ATV ride and stopped for lunch. The trees are turning - about 50 percent in some spots (near water DH surmised) and in other spots barely anything. It was really a nice day. Came home, made a light dinner of leftovers and spent the evening watching TV.

Weigh in was terrible this morning - we had a Bloody Mary yesterday at lunch and it was a salt lick and it shows today. :( My back is giving me less problems, I hope to start walking again although those molding tree leaves are probably what triggered the allergies again.

Saw the train crash on a friend's FB page - knew it was not the same train line (inner city) as Laura thank goodness.

Anxiously awaiting news on Mel. :( :hug:

Back later with personals.

09-30-2013, 02:22 PM
Hello All....

Saturday car show was so much fun with lil man and Ainsley. If I had a dollar for every time lil man said car we would all be rich.

Yesterday was at Cs parent's house. They actually ordered pizza instead of have hot dogs. Amen

All and all it was a fabulous weekend. Beautiful day on Saturday, dreary and rainy yesterday. Sunny, high today 75.

Not much feeling up to personals...I have Mellie and a friend of mine in my mind a lot. :(

Today is Cs birthday, 51. A real Cougar here. hahahaha

Chat later ladies.

09-30-2013, 03:42 PM
Worldlies---Over It All in October!

09-30-2013, 04:47 PM
Here it is the first. I'll do what I can later in the day - unless Happy beats me to it.

Hey Joy.....Hope all is well with you.... I’m sorry I’m sending this e-mail. Mom is not doing verywell, she told me to make sure to contact you...she is in the hospital. They found the cervical cancer is back, as well as in the uterus AND a grapefruit sized tumor on her right kidney AND she now has a heart murmur. None of this was there 1 year ago. They went over all her x-rays & scans for the last 3 years from ALL the hospitals she’s been to. They can’t get in to do the biopsy's to get a definite would be too much and a series of 3-5 operations to just to get some.And there’s nothing they can do, but wait. They are so sure this maybe it that they started hospice care, but it was just too hard to do it with 1 nurse here. She needs at least 2 to help her get up and down. Soon she will be in The Harborage care facility within the Palisades General Hospital North Bergen nj. I will send you info as I get it and some addresses so you cam write her. Eventually she will have a phone and I will send you the number...probably 90 days till she gets her own room there. She’s in good spirits considering. ..but she’s had a lot of year’s since the last time & I think both of us have just been “waiting”. I promise I will keep you up to date...haven’t told many people here trying too keep it quiet so I don’t get “attacked” in the lobby coming & going to see This building would drive me crazy. You can pass on the info to whom you choose of the “internet-friends” you share. I could only find your email, and I don’t really now the others..i would really appreciate it if you could do that for me. I know she wouldn’t want you guy’s wondering why she’s not answering emails. I will keep you up-to-date as I know anything. Take care....and i’ll be speaking with you soon. Love to you--- Jennifer

Okay, so we now have an address where we will be able to send cards and letters and small gifts if we wish. Jen is now using her own e-mail address - one presumes she is now in possession of Mels computer. I will ask her tonight if she requires anything at this time. And maybe we can take it from there. From the tone of the letter, I suspect Jen is extremely upset and sad. I really don't know how she will cope, and this can't be doing her own illness any good at all.
When I know more, I'll be back to you. Meantime I better go earn a crust.

09-30-2013, 06:26 PM
Happy - A friend of mine posted some beautiful fall color photos. I do miss Wisconsin's autumn glory, just as I miss autumn in New England, but not enough to ever consider moving back to snow country.

Annie - Please wish C a happy birthday from all of us.

09-30-2013, 06:37 PM
Shad - Thanks for sharing Jen's post. If you can, please find out how soon Mel will be at the new facility. I'd hate to send cards or letters there and have them toss them if she's not admitted yet. I sent a card to Mel's apartment on Saturday. It should arrive by mid-week; hopefully Jen will get it. I agree, this has to be SO hard on Jen. Having a parent diagnosed with cancer is so difficult...and Jen and her mom are so very close. It was hard for me to cope when I went through it...and I didn't have my own health issues to worry about (as Jen does). I totally understand her wanting to keep it under wraps with the building so she doesn't get deluged with questions.

It's awful that with all the doctor visits and hospital stays Mel had within the past year or so that they didn't find the cancer sooner (especially the grapefruit sized one).

09-30-2013, 06:44 PM
Just checking in to keep up to date a bit. I feel badly that I've not been posting in here but this MOD/ADMIN stuff plus all my frassing community volunteer stuff sure cuts into my day. I'll try to pop in more often.
Still trying hard to adjust to Mel's situation!

09-30-2013, 07:34 PM
I'll try to start the abs challenge again starting tomorrow. It will be modified. Wow 6 pounds lost, that's great.

You are not the only one that had an allergy attack. I've been cleaning in the file room at work and it's covered in dust/dust bunnies. The night time crew is supposed to clean in there but don't. I sneezed at least 20 times and now I have fluid in my ears. I'll take allergy meds when I get home. I'm jealous of the fall colors. I saw a few maple tree's here this week that are turning.

Thanks for the update on Mel. I'm sure this is extremely hard on Jen.

Isn't Laura in Missouri this week? I'm glad the lil man had fun at the car show.

I'm going to measure tonight and go for inches lost this time around. Changing it up some.

Told my friend boss this morning that I'm going to stay at least another couple of years, if my body can handle it. My friend is having a hard time adjusting to working full time. And I want my vehicle paid for when I retire.

10-01-2013, 03:00 AM
I set up the new thread for October, please no more posts here - go to the new one.

Worldly Chicks - October - Keeping the Sisterhood Tight (

10-01-2013, 01:16 PM
Morning all. Just a quick check in. At the airport awaiting my flight home. Won't write much more, don't like typing on my phone. Shad, good idea to wait & see what's what re Mel. Gosh a military guy deplaned here just now & everyone in the terminal applauded him - how touching.

I'm off work the rest of the week, so I'll be back tomorrow to catch up with everyone. TTFN.