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08-30-2013, 08:47 PM
I know this might sound kind of silly, but I've been waiting for this moment for as long as I can remember. I've been using big/beach towels since I was like 13 because a regular towel just wouldn't close all the way around me at the bottom. Today I went swimming and when I went to get a towel, the only dry one was, you guessed it, a regular one. It looked ridiculously small and I thought no way is this gonna happen, but I gave it a go anyway and it wrapped all the way around me with a few inches to spare!

I am over the moon excited right now, this is the first thing that's happened so far to make me really see my efforts in something concrete besides a number on the scale. I've been waiting for a big NSV moment, and I couldn't be happier that this was the one! :carrot:

08-30-2013, 08:49 PM
Super yay!!!

08-30-2013, 09:08 PM
Congratulations :D

Mrs Snark
08-30-2013, 09:30 PM
Wonderful! I bet that moment felt so good!

Are you still wearing the towel (I probably would be!!!)? ;)


08-30-2013, 09:33 PM
Thanks guys!

Haha omg, no I'm not, but not gonna lie I did run around the house and show anyone who was around that the towel covered me lmfao. Still so stoked!

09-01-2013, 11:46 PM
Congrats on that magical moment! It takes moments like that to keep me focused on a healthy lifestyle. Hope it gives you renewed faith and motivation to reach your goal weight. I'm here rooting for you. Keep up the good work.

09-02-2013, 01:47 AM
way to go!

09-02-2013, 11:31 AM
What a great NSV and one we can all relate to......or hope to some day. Any way of wearing it all day as a sarong! :D

09-02-2013, 05:49 PM
awesome for you! i too have a special towel i like to use. congrats!!