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06-23-2003, 08:01 AM
Morning all!

Barb, so that's who was waving at us from the mustang. We waved back, did ya see?

Jiff keep the updates coming.

peachie are you finished with the new Harry Potter book yet? One of these days I will break down and read them.

I must share this :rolleyes: Yesterday I actually.........are you ready for this..........RAN!! Yep, went to the park to walk with hubby......who walks much faster than I do (also has longer legs) We always start out waking together than he goes on his merry way. Yesterday I decided to keep up with him so I ran.......not far, maybe 50 yards, but I RAN!!!!

have a good day

06-23-2003, 09:51 AM
mark this day in your Journal! Makers to change are incredable!
I am waiting to see how jiff is making out :0 :D

06-23-2003, 10:41 AM
WOW! I think the last time I ran, was in Junior High School! And I HAD to! WTG!

06-23-2003, 12:19 PM
RUNNING????? oh NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me you took to your bed to recover afterwards!!!! and alone [NOT with DH!!!!!!] did it hurt???? did you sweat???? oh you poor dear!

and sorry to report, L, that there's not much to report! after saturday's conversation, i'm pretty content for now. BUT, i had those major discount coupons for the avenue yesterday, and i splurged on VERY on sale 'suggestive' tank tops!!! one is bright red with laced up bodice, and the other is white lacy/embroidered. will i ever get the courage to wear them???? [and this from a woman who's having ISSUES with the scoop neck T she has on right now!!!!!!]

at work now, kind of weak-kneed [i HATE sinus infections] and catching up, but it's pretty peaceful at the moment. had a nice hike with the dog this morning.

have fun, darlins....

06-23-2003, 04:04 PM
OMG Debbie I talk to you what 40 -50 times a day and I have to come and read that you RAN!!!! I can't believe that you have not told me!!!:nono: I am crushed.

So just for that I am now telling our little secret..... EVERYONE the other day at the mall, Debbie assaulted a manikin. Yes our own Debkay, was looking at a dress and ok this is too dang funny to tell I am sitting here crying remembering. Debbie you gotta tell them!!!


06-23-2003, 04:18 PM
Today is the first day the sun has shined in about a week or more. And it is actually WARM. I however, still feel cloudy inside ... but this will get better I'm sure of it.

The weekend was wonderful ... wedding on Saturday and alone time on Sunday. I took a hike (yes a hike) at one of the state parks close to my house. I am feeling it today ... but it was so peaceful and gave me time to clear my head. However today I am dealing with the consequences of digging deep into my wounded heart. :halfempty :halfempty

I do not like figuring out that I am needy.


06-23-2003, 04:50 PM
Leanna hugs to you.

Hazel sorry, I just never thought to say anything. :lol:

Okay now the mannequin story :rolleyes:

We were looking at a dress that was on a mannequin, it was very pretty the bodice was done in a twisted (the material was twisted) sort of way. I was saying how I liked the bodice........when I looked and my hand was and had been "cupping" this mannequins boob. Hazel was laughing so hard that she then knocked my boob, which made her laugh even more. Hazel finds this very amusing......she tried to tell another friend at the support group meeting Saturday and couldn't talk for laughing so hard. Hey......whats a little grope :D

06-23-2003, 06:20 PM
tee hee!!! if only we had been there, too!!!! now, just imagine what DH might have done if you had worn that dress!!!!!! maybe you BOTH should go buy it???

06-23-2003, 08:19 PM
Peachie!!! I just realized that I haven't congradulted you on your surgery date yet. Sorry for the ovesite!!! And no, it's not because I'm secretly jealous:devil: I hope things go great for you at at this time next year you are as thin and healthy as Jiff & Debkay!!!

I pawned my Mom off on my sister. Just becaue she lives in CT is no reason she should miss out on all the fun!!!

Just one example, on the second night of our trip (we were in Richomnd VA that night) Mom knocks on our door and she was in a panic. She said she left her makeup bag in the motel in Birmingham AL. Okay, no biggie, well it seems that she also had all of her good jewelery (sapphire & diamond neckace & earrings,, and opal ring etc) in her make up bag becaue she didn't want to leave them in the house at home for two week in case someone broke in!!! So we try our best to calm her down, call the hotel in Birmingham (no they hadn't had it turned in) and finally get her back to her room. About five minutes later, here she as agin. Guess What? She found her makeup bag. She had put in in a seprate zippered compartment of her bag where it would be safe!!

We will be here until the end of the week, and then we start back home. Hope we all survive.

06-24-2003, 06:39 AM
I don't know what's wrong with me I have been getting up way too early. Could have something to do with all the water I drink, I get up to go potty and that's all she wrote........I'm up!! Only since 4:30 today :rolleyes:

Barb so glad your Mom found her jewels. Hope you continue to enjoy yourself on your vacation.

We are expecting our first 90 degree temps of the year. Hard to believe we, as in the deep, hot, humid south have not had a 90 degree day yet!! Time to "glisten" since women don't sweat.........we glisten :lol:

While daughter is in VA, I decided to de-junk her bedroom............good grief......how does one child collect so much junk! As a family we cannot keep track of fingernail clippers.......I now know why, found FIVE pair in the girlies room in various locations! BRAT!!

Plan to walk with Hazel this am.......no, there are no plans to grope anymore mannequins. :lol: A super Wal-Mart run is also planned today and more de-junking of the messy bedroom. Boy, isn't my life interesting :rolleyes:

more coffee..............PLEASE!!

06-24-2003, 10:31 AM
OK, so my husband and I are officially loosing our (or have lost our) minds!

After work last night, off we go to the doctor. Get there, and the door is LOCKED! :eek: What???!!! The appointment is TONIGHT! We drove out there for nothing last night. So... Alas, I have nothing to report, other that the fact that my mind is GONE!

Ageoldie - When I travelled to London with my mom two weeks ago... She was "loosing" things and then finding them before we ever even left, and it continued all week! My Grandmother was like that, not it's got my mom, I'm forgetting what day it is! I wonder what's in store for the future! I don't want to know! PS - My mom is only 57!

And speaking of my trip! I have photos on the web! If any of you have some free time, feel free to check them out:



I think there may be a photo of me in there somewhere! But you have to find me! Hee Hee! :lol:

06-24-2003, 02:18 PM
OK, now I have something else to wonder about, and thank goodness I have a doctor appointment next Wednesday (July 2) for my 3 month checkup, because outside of a little spotting over the weekend, my TOM is late. I wonder if it could be....

1. Stress? It's been a nutty month after all.

2. The eating plan? Maybe, but I do make a point of making sure I get enough of the proper food and activity daily since March.

3. Early menopause? I am 41, it is a thought. :?:

4. Possible case scenario....pregnant? :fr:

Hopefully soon, this little bugger will start!

06-25-2003, 07:49 AM
Good Morning!

Well gee Lori, that could be a dilemma.

Gina..........I FOUND YOU!!!!! You look so much like your Mom. I need to go back and finish looking at your pics, but I just wanted you to know I FOUND YOU!!!! You have some beautiful shots there.

I actually managed to sleep until 5:30 this morning.

Mall walking today. Back to daughter's bedroom (I never did anything in there yesterday) other than that the day is wide open for me.

Enjoy the day

06-25-2003, 10:25 AM
Well, things went well at the Dr. Last night. He was supportive of our decision to try and qualify for WLS. Even gave us the name of a surgeon that he was familiar with. He put us on a 1200 calorie a day exchange diet for 6 months! :eek: I don't think putting a 307 pound person on a 1200 calorie diet is a very good idea, so I took it upon myself to join WW online for 6 months this morning. I must admit that after trying locarb for so long, it's nice to have a banana for breakfast! :) I know that after WLS lo carb is the way to go, and I don't have a problem with that. It's just a little too expensive for us right now. Lo carb when you can eat TONS is VERY expensive. Lo Carb when you can only eat a few ounces, is another matter.

So, now we are waiting to see the Surgeon in October.

Do any of you recommend that I get my PCP working on a letter of Medical Necessity yet, or wait and see the Surgeon. I am feeling that the Surgeon will be able to lead us through the insurace approval process. Also, I created a profile on ObesityHelp.com. So we have learned a lot there.


Deb - Thanks for finding me! We had a great time! And yes, I do look a LOT like mom. The resemblance gets more pronunced when I lose weight. Hopefully, you will get to see that!

Well, have a great day everyone!

06-25-2003, 11:44 AM
Gina I forgot you were going to the docs last night. Glad he supports your decision........that's a good chunk of the battle.

Now this is what I did. When I finally went in to see the surgeon.....it took about 6 weeks to get the appt. I had all my ducks in a row. Let me explain......

My version of Cigna required the following before they would even consider the surgeon's request for approval of wls. psych-eval, a visit with a dietitician, a letter of medical necessity from my pcp.

I had all visits done and letters in hand before I went to see the surgeon the first time. I also included a letter stating why I wanted wls and why I thought I was a good candiate....I poured my heart out and attached a picture to the letter. I wanted them to see me and not a number. I'm not sure the insurance company ever saw the letter, but I did it anyway.

I also went a step farther and had letters of support written and in my grubby little hand the day I saw the surgeon, from my ob-gyn and my orthopedic doc...........supporting my decision.

I had everything done and ready, because of that the surgeon's insurance person was able to send my request to the insurance company quicker than other's.

My approval took about two weeks.

Gina ObesityHelp is one of the best sites for information. I also have a profile there. I'm off to look for your profile. :D:D

06-25-2003, 11:55 AM
Thanks Deb! Can you find me??? Ha Ha!

How did you get hooked up with the Dietician, and the psych-eval person? I thought that the Surgeon hooked you up with those people... I am sure I can have my PCP refer me if needed... Did you tell them you were there because you were trying to qualify for WLS?

More More!

Did you list your diet history in your personal letter? How emotional were you? Did you just lay out the facts, or write on a personal level?

06-25-2003, 12:35 PM
"UNCLE" couldn't find ya! :lol:

I spoke with the insurance person in my chosen surgeon's office. she gave me the name of the dietician and the therapist they use. My insurance would cover their chosen dietician, but preferred I go to a differnet therapist and since they were paying the bill I used who they paid for. And yes, they were aware I was in the wls process.

In my letter I listed my diet history, my family history of obesity related health problems, I listed my comorbidities, I explained that I understood how life altering the surgery would be and that I was ready and willing to make the changes needed. I stressed the fact that I knew the surgery was not an "end all, beat all" but a tool that I needed to use. At the end of the letter I got a little sappy about missing out on so many things when my children were young, such as running behind them when they were learing to ride a bike, playing ball with them and so on, explaining my morbid obesity would not allow this. and I ended it by saying "With weight loss surgery, perhaps I will be able to do some of the above mentioned activities with my grandchildren (when we are blessed with them.) Without the surgey I'm afraidmy health will be so diminished I will not be able to enjoy my future grandchildren, or God forbid, I may not live to see them born. "

So as you can see my letter was a little bit of fact and a litte bit of sap :D

06-25-2003, 12:58 PM
Thanks Deb! You are the best help to me! And my DH...

06-26-2003, 12:22 AM
Happy, happy, joy joy! :cb:
Happy, happy joy joy! :dance:

MY TOM STARTED TONIGHT!! :dance: :cp: :cb:

Well, I am definitely not preg! Usually TOM is a pain in the rear, but in this month's, I will make an exception! :D

I think Bri is disappointed though; but considering I am getting a consultation for WLS, as well as he needs to finish his education and both of us healthy and established before having a child--much as both of us want one.

06-26-2003, 09:55 AM
Oh sweet relief - Loranden! I know TOM is a pain, but when you are anticipating... There is no better feeling when it does come!

06-26-2003, 10:35 AM
Loranden,we are talking college and not high school I hope:D ????Just kidding he just looks sooooooo young:lol:!!! Glad things worked out the way you wanted it to!!!:dancer:

06-26-2003, 02:16 PM
Originally posted by Haziefrog
Loranden,we are talking college and not high school I hope:D ????Just kidding he just looks sooooooo young:lol:!!! Glad things worked out the way you wanted it to!!!:dancer:


Seriously, he's in pharmacy school and very mature for being 24 years old. Don't let the babyface fool you! :D

peach pit
06-26-2003, 09:31 PM
pregnancie scares and groping

oh my!

Well, I am about at page 507 in the Harry Potter book and I have lost about a thousand games at computer Hearts, so I think I can resurface now. :o Admitting your addiction is good, right?

Barb and others, thanks for the congrats on the insurance approval. I am at the point now where I just want the whole thing done. PLUS after having the boys home and with the ups and downs with their meds and dh working tons of over time...I am kind of looking forward to hanging out a couple of days in the hospital with a morphine pump.

The little guy has been coming into my room the past three nights trying to worm his way into my bed. The first night, he was polite.

Little guy: do you mind if I join you?

Mom: yes I do mind.

Second Night:

L.G.: Mom? can I take daddy's spot?

Mom: No!

Third Night:

L.G. With a five foot stuffed alligator on his head and in a deep voice:
Mom, this is Mr Pit (not brad) and I have come to eat you.

Mom: Go find your father

so, that's the excitement around here!!!


06-26-2003, 11:12 PM
Originally posted by peach pit

The little guy has been coming into my room the past three nights trying to worm his way into my bed. The first night, he was polite.

Little guy: do you mind if I join you?

Mom: yes I do mind.

Second Night:

L.G.: Mom? can I take daddy's spot?

Mom: No!

Third Night:

L.G. With a five foot stuffed alligator on his head and in a deep voice:
Mom, this is Mr Pit (not brad) and I have come to eat you.

Mom: Go find your father

so, that's the excitement around here!!!


Peach.....:lol: Ah the joy of motherhood!

Guess this is something I would have to eventually look forward to, but I must admit I got a big giggle out of it.

59 days to go until my initial consultation appointment!