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08-30-2013, 10:49 AM
I hope everyone doesn't mind, but I needed a place to rant/brag about everything that has been happening since we found out we were expecting!

First, my husband and I eloped back in 2009. The only people who know we are married are a few close friends and my mother in law. I never changed my name either. So when we found out we were expecting, we decided it was definately time to have a real wedding and change my name. The wedding is going to be Sept 13, 2013. Friday the 13th :devil: I am so excited! Once reason I chose that date is it's close enough that I am just at the tail end of my 1st trimester. Also, come on! It's Friday the 13th! How cool is that?! My midwife told me that I didn't have to start gaining weight until I hit my 2nd trimester. So I've flucuated since I became pregnant, but am right where I started when I first found out, which I'm happy about. But I didn't account for the fact that I'd start having a belly at this point! So I'm a bit nervous that my dress isn't going to fit, even though I'm the same weight, my boobs and belly have expanded a bit. *fingers crossed* I got for my final fitting on the 4th. I hope it still fits!

Yesterday I took full advantage of my day off and cleaned he house ALOT! We reorganized stuff to make room for baby. I have 2 dressers that were mine since I was born. One is a dresser/changing table. So I emptied out all of my stuff from it and now it stores the handful of stuff I have for baby. We also made room in our room for a crib. Four bins of stuff are ready to go out to the thrift store. I am so beyond excited about all of this! Even with cleaning for 4 hours I only got done many a third of what needs doing, so today after work I will be continuing my quest to organize and sort my mess of a house. To his credit, my husband was so patient with me and moved everything I asked without grumbling. I am a lucky lucky woman!

All of my pants are now too tight, so I had to resort to a skirt I'd hid in the back of my closet. I didn't think I'd like it, but have been super comfy and happy so far today. Pregnany is making my girly -*gasp*. When we drop off the old stuff at the thrift store I think I will have to shop for some new dresses, skirts, etc too! Yay! Thift shopping is such a wonderful pasttime!

Thank you all for listening. *end transmission*

08-30-2013, 11:17 AM
That's great!! :)

08-30-2013, 12:06 PM
Your life is all go at the moment!! Congratulations on the baby, and best of lucky for your wedding! :carrot:

08-30-2013, 12:22 PM
Congrats on the wedding and baby!

08-30-2013, 12:22 PM
thank you both! Snopatrolchlo - it does feel like it's go, go, go! I'm super excited about wedding, but a part of me will be happy when all is done and I get a break! Life is good and egtting better every minute!

08-30-2013, 04:53 PM
Congrats on the up coming wedding!!!!!:congrat:

and sounds like all is going smooth with the pregnancy!! Whats your due date?

08-31-2013, 09:07 AM
Due date is March 10, 2014

08-31-2013, 12:23 PM
oh nice! Might be a St. Patty's day baby!!!:luck2you:

08-31-2013, 12:44 PM
Glamour girl - Right?! That would be awesome! how is your little one doing?

I'm so beyond excited about having a baby! Only 2 months or so before I can find out girl or boy!