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08-28-2013, 10:20 AM
Is everyone on vacation <except me?> How are the new post-ops doing? keeping up with water and protein, i hope.

I'm having a bit of stress - work related, which means it's annoying but not terribly serious. And that means that I've sort of stopped eating. In the past, when stressed, I'd eat! You all know what that's like. But over the years since the surgery, I've moved in the other direction!

not a bit deal, but it's interesting.

hope everyone is doing well!

08-29-2013, 11:09 PM
I went without internet since monday morning. Just got it back today. Had my dad visit for two days. I have a wedding to go to this weekend. (My little brothers)

I did have a doc appt with my primary doctor and she is weaning me off my blood pressure meds since my bp was 96/68. I have blood work to check on my cholesterol and see how that is doing. Also my thyroid bloodwork to see if my dosage needs to be changed yet since so far I have lost 40 lbs since April when my last bw was.

I don't remember if I posted but my diet changed last week to stage 3. I tried eggs that did not agree with me. So far the other foods I tried have. I even went out to breakfast twice with my dad here. Now that was hard to decide what to eat. I knew eggs were a no for me(ill try again in a week or so). So the first time I just had toast since they didn't have rice krispes. The second time they didn't have cottage cheese so I tried a pancake. I dont like sausage and didn't want to try bacon in a restaurant. I didn't even want to try the pancake but I had gone to long without eating and just didnt know what to do. I counted it as my toast snack I have every few days.

I am a little nervous with leaving tomorrow and not being home and having to decide what to have on the road and in the hotel which I found out doesn't have a fridge. cooler with ice I guess.

I am doing my best to get my water intake in. I have turned to those protein shots that are out now. I drink half at a time. Right now I am having problems with the shakes. so the nut suggested those.

jiffy I hope your stress lessens.

09-16-2013, 12:39 AM
Hi jiffypop!

I thought I'd pop in so you would know you're not alone lol.

I'm sorry you're stressed. I have found that since my surgery (7/29/13) I now don't eat when I'm stressed, too. Crazy. Who would've thought??? Although I did try it twice out of habit, and it hurt like heck!!!! I don't dump, but an overfull pouch is like horrible heartburn. When my hubby sees me slowing down, he will remind me - don't take that next bite!

I'm happy to be able to have veggies and fruits now, as I'm a vegetarian, and it was driving me crazy.

09-18-2013, 02:30 AM
Hello everyone...how are you all doing? I took some rest from everything...weight loosing, weight watching, weight thinking...needed that. Yesterday was one year since my OP. i am ecstatic! Since then I lost 118lbs, all together 151...which is absolutely amazing. I am really glad i decided for the OP.

And for everyone who is thinking about this...,yes it is a struggle, it is not easy, you may have lose something...but what you gain is absolutely worth it!