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06-22-2003, 01:48 PM
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We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
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We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


06-22-2003, 01:49 PM
FRESH, with no mistakes in it. I will be, and I will stay OP all day. This I vow. I have friends coming over to watch the race and dh is grilling out. They will be having freshly grilled cheeseburgers. I will be having a cheeseburger too. A Boca burger. With FF cheese. :D They will be having fat laden chips. I will be having FF pringles. :D They will be having some type of brownies that my friend is picking up at the Bi Lo Deli. I will be having FF, SF angel food cake with strawberries and FF cool whip. :D I will be OP. I will make healthy, responsible choices. I will make today a winning day for me. Yes, I know I can have a grilled hamburger too. :yes: I understand that. But I want a Boca burger, so that is what I'm having. :T

Sometimes you find inspiration in some of the most amazing places. It seems I've been searching lately. Searching for something to tie all of my weight loss hopes and dreams together. I found it. I've had good days this week and bad days. I've had small victories and big defeats. My small victory was yesterday when I turned the nachos down when dh brought them to me. (you'll see why I called it small in a minute) My big defeat was when I came home and no one had eaten the nachos yet, and I did. :nono:

Here's my inspiration: http://pub16.************/ftonystewartontrackfrm1.showMessage?topicID=10406. topic

This is the Tony Stewart board I am an admin on. Yesterday, I changed my photo (on here as well) to a picture that was taken just a couple of months ago when we went to Bristol for the race. This was a mere 16 lbs. ago. I had just walked over **** and high water and was pretty much exhausted and dh took my picture as we finally got to the car. This is one of the better pictures I have had taken and I really like the side of the hill behind me. I'll explain the reference of me being a "hen". :lol: We have some males on the board that refer to themselves as "roosters", therefore, we are the "hens". :chicken: I was in the bed this morning, (I'm off today) thinking about what I would eat today and making yet another resolve that today I would stay OP and dh tells me to come into the living room.....that Chris, (who is another admin on the board) has posted something he felt was "scandalous" and that needed to be removed. So the topic of the post was "Hey Roosters...New NASCAR HOTTIE alert!
Imagine my surprise, joy and tears when it was me. :cry: Not that I consider myself a hottie, :no: but just to see that someone is noticing and that someone was a man. Now I don't know if this makes sense to you or not......but to me, it feels really good when your friends or co-workers notice that you're losing weight. BUT, when it's a man, for some reason it's different. Not because I want to run off and have a scathing affair with this person (who, by the way...lives in Michigan thin) but because he noticed. I know that we're doing this for our health and to feel better, look better and be healthy. But come on, let's be honest as well. How does it make you feel when someone notices.....especially a man? I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me feel darn good. I guess I've always felt because of my size that I've been "overlooked" by men.....you know, "just another fat woman". Chris absolutely made my day, along with my other friends on the board, especially what my own sweet hubby said. As I was sitting here looking at the screen, eyes misting over....dh, who was sitting beside me....taking in my reaction, said, "Do you need much more inspiration that that?"

NO girls......I don't. :D

06-22-2003, 01:51 PM
:cry: :cry: :cry: Yes you are a :flame:"hottie" :flame: and I understand completely !!!!!!
I am sitting here with tears running down my face. :cry: :cry:
I am soooooooo HAPPY for you !!!!! :D :D :D

06-22-2003, 02:31 PM
OMG TINA!!!! I have tears in my eyes. I know what you mean about a man noticing...it just makes you feel sexy don't it. I loved what Ron wrote too.

You are so beautiful!!! You have come a long way baby!!!! Look how thin your face looks. I'm glad that "Joker" that was his name right? Posted that, it shows that people do notice. Hugs to you....

06-22-2003, 04:08 PM
Aww Tina, that is so sweet of that guy to post such a thing! I admit I got a lift out of reading both it and your message! (And I admit the man has good taste--better hang on tight to this lady, Ron! :D )

06-22-2003, 04:14 PM
Me again... Remember how I said I had posted at 2am this morning and now it is gone. Well... I saved it just in case I got knocked off line before I got it posted. I found most of it.... I had added some more... but apparantly did not save the rest.
Here is what I did save.... written last night at 2am.
Thin... your post is still here. :yes:
I think you were just too tired to see it.

Tina... how did I miss your new avatar earlier ???
I LOVE your new pic !!!!!!!
Joanne... congrat on reaching your goals for the week. :cp:
I am PROUD of you and your willingness to do what it takes.

Michelle... sorry you were all alone in chat. Hopefully someone showed up.
As I mentioned before.. I was busy cleaning. :(

Mary.. I was the one to mention wanting to trace my great great grandfather. Where would I go to find out ???

Amanda... your recipe sounds yummy. :T

I too am going to bed. Good night all.

I knew I had posted... and when I found this saved.... I proved to myself I wasn't going crazy. LOL
I had added a few more replys.... but I am not going back and redoing them.
Just know I love you all.

06-22-2003, 04:21 PM
this day couldn't get any better! Imagine my surprise, :yikes: glee, :D giddiness :hyper: and pure joy :cp: when I received a phone call from someone very special to me today......the sheer happiness when I heard the voice of my one and only......2cute! :love: How wonderful it was just to hear her voice. Thank you sweetie, for making my day even better than I thought it could ever be. I love you girl! :cb:

06-22-2003, 05:24 PM
Hey everyone :)

Remember me?

I have been trying to get up the guts to get back to this site for months now. It has been almost a year since my last post. I can hardly tell you what a relief it was to see 300+ still here, and especially so many of my friends!
I've spent a lot of the last year in denial about my weight and especially about my weight gain. Once my scale at home wouldn't weigh me anymore, I tried to convince myself it was just the scale. It was broken...
Well, a Curves opened up in February, just down the street from where I work, and I was one of the first in line to sign up. Their scale could weigh me, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Taking measurements was just about as difficult. But the lady helping me out had lost 135 pounds and kept it off for 5 years, and she was amazingly sweet and caring with me.
I had intended to get back on 3fc's before that time, but my head had me convinced that I needed to show some progress first. I couldn't come back and admit such huge failure.
I'm 40 inches smaller after the first 4 months, but my weight is still creeping up there. I have been finding myself checking out "miracle" diet pill ads and poorly planned diets. I've had that panicked feeling growing for weeks now until I knew just what I had to do. I needed to get myself back here.
So, here I am. It feels good to be back home. *HUGS*


06-22-2003, 05:35 PM
Tina, you sweet thang!

Sounds like they love you just as much over there as we do here!
well...ALMOST as much!

{{{hugs}}} You look gorgeous!

You know I thought I was going crazy when I "lost" a post a few days ago! I could have sworn I had posted, but then it was gone the next day too! :? whew! I thought early Alzheimer's was kickin' in

I'm just doing some last minute stuff before SIL arrives...dh and son just went to pick her up. Well, I wasdoing stuff...til I just sat down here. I had better get moving! I may not be around much the next few days...then again...you may not be able to get rid of me! We'll see how it goes...

Have a great week...Let's make it our best yet!

06-22-2003, 05:45 PM
Welcome back, Andria! You've come to the right place! Stay away from that scary stuff...obviously you know what to do, having lost 40 inches! Take a deep breath, relax, and think about what you need to do. Plan the foods that you'll need and will eat. Get lots of veggies and fruit! Drink that water! And keep going to Curves! Oh! And come in and post everyday!

You can do it!

06-22-2003, 05:48 PM
Well, things are going great here. I'm working my hardest to make sure what the scale said yesterday will still be a reality once I hit Tuesday. :smug: Anway, I had to get in here and post since I was missing my email notifications. :lol: I also had a thing or two to say-don't I always?

First off: I don't know you Andria, I'm fairly new here, but welcome back. This is such a great place to be.

Second: Tina-Wow!!! That is so great. I understand your joy. Maybe this is what God has planned to get you motivated? It certainly sounds like it is doing just that. :high:

Well-I would do individual replies for the rest of you, but I need to get going. I love you all and am thinking of you. I will reply to each of you later.


06-22-2003, 05:59 PM
Andria: I don't think I ever met you before, but I started posting here on the 300 thread in February and these girls are some of the best ones around. I am looking forward to posting with you.

2cute and Thin and Kat: I posted the other night, not only to this thread but 2 others that I post on and I came back the next day and they were gone? I said to myself, well maybe it was a fluke thing, or maybe I hit the wrong buttons? Who knows, but hope it stops.

Tina: I am still in awe of the man named Joker....I'm so glad he made your day. Then you get a call from 2 cute....what a wonderful day.

06-22-2003, 06:48 PM
You know, Tina...

I WAS going to call you today...to find out what your whereabouts will be that week...then I thought...hmmm, not today, I think it's race day!

Then... I just didn't want to be a copy Kat...:(

I'll surprise you another day!

06-22-2003, 06:56 PM
WOW !!!!! this day is FULL of surprises !!!

I am soooo proud of you for all you have accomplished since joing Curves. :cp:
I wish I had time to chat with you but I am short of time.
I just had to peek in a minute and see all of my cyber buddies.
What a nice surprise to find one of my old buddies back with us.

And I must say... talking to Tina today was another highlight of my day :D ..... you think she is cute in her photos... wait until you talk to her..... she is even CUTER than me. :yes: She has the MOST lovely sweet voice... it is like talking to a real live ANGEL. :angel:

Terri in MO
06-22-2003, 07:01 PM
Ladies, I was working on a nice long post with replies to everyone when my :censored: :censored: computer locked up and I had to reboot. That makes me so :censored: because it seems to do it on a regular basis since I went to cable internet, added Norton antivirus and a firewall. Not sure if any of it has to do with it but it sure is irritating.

Well, I'm off to the Prevention website to research the South Beach Diet so I can make a plan for the week. I'll try to get caught up this week.

Take care, have a great Sunday evening and Monday!

06-22-2003, 07:35 PM
YOU GO GIRL This is Tina's day to shine.

06-22-2003, 07:55 PM
Go Tina

06-22-2003, 08:42 PM

We made it back home this afternoon around 3 pm and I am totally wiped out. I didn't even finish unpacking everything yet. I did do 3 loads of laundry at my mom's this weekend but there still is stuff left from before we left and from yesterday so I threw another load in here. I keep taking stuff from the back of the truck each time I walk by. I am not motivated anymore. I want my bed and my own pillow!

Andria welcome back! I find this place the best place to be even if I am NOT doing what I am suppose to be doing. Even if I don't post during the bad days I still come here many times during the day to read! These gals are the best!!

Hey Kat...you can call me and WE can plan Tina's trip for her! I sure hope this can all come together!

Teri I was just reading about that South Beach Diet in Woman's World Magazine but they don't give you the full diet...just a sample. I also got email to sign up for the diet online...but I was just going to check out other sites when I stopped by here and read your post! I am thinking of giving it a try...I actually started writing up a shopping list. I like the part skim riccotta cheese dessert. I love riccotta cheese!!

Amanda you seem to be right on track! Isn't a loss the biggest motivator! Just keep the momentum going! You inspire me to get back on track!

Lori...I like long hair on a man! Either that or NO hair! I go either extreme!! Your man is a hottie!

2Cute...I WAS going to call Tina too! But...like Kat I will surprise her one day!

Tina..you are such an inspiration to all of us! I really really really wanna meet you...you will be so close! Please let us know your travel plans soon so we can make arrangements...it would be soo much fun!

Hi Sandy, Mary and everyone else! I really should get moving and get stuff ready for tomorrow. Its the second first day of my new JOB! I went on my day off the week before to train on their computer system so that was my real first day!

TTFN Michelle

06-22-2003, 09:59 PM
Hi All!
Oh, I have so much to catch up on. Unfortunately I can't do so right now. Hubby is itching to play a computer game that requires me to disconnect my internet. I have been painting non-stop for two days - working on my dining room. Ceiling, woodwork, faux finish, the whole 9 yards.

So, I am taking my achy body to bed to ready Harry Potter! :)

I will catch up with everyone tomorrow!


06-23-2003, 12:58 AM
Hey everyone :)

Thanks for the warm welcomes. They mean a lot right now. :grouphug:

Thought I'd better do a bit of filling in for the newer members who don't know anything about me. I'm 36, married and a mom of two girls. I love reading (yes, I'm working on the new Harry Potter book!), writing (still writing an opinion column for the paper), water aerobics and gardening. I'm not much of a gardener yet, but it really makes me feel good. We are in a desert area, so I've been trying to learn as much as possible about xeriscaping. Water aerobics is my summer time passion, but I'm finding it pretty limited this season. I fell in the locker room two weeks ago and messed my knee up again (tore the ACL halfway through a year and a half ago). Getting back in the water isn't too bad, but I'm flat out terrified of that slippery locker room. I had just gotten my knee back to a point where I could walk a mile again without having my leg up for the next three days. :(

I have been working as an operations manager for a tire and auto care center, but they are downsizing this next week and I'm losing my job. Entirely new thing for me. I'm scurrying around a bit trying to find something else. At least the position has left me with some terrific contacts, and I'm a networking fool at the moment!

I have spent most of the last year indulging heavily in all sorts of exotic foods. No excuses for me, I just pretty much stopped thinking and worrying about it all. Unfortunately, that approach doesn't work all that well. Working out at Curves has been helping turn my head around the right direction, but it is absolutely time to finish that 180 and begin to eat right as well.

I know that lots of protein makes me feel bloated and gross. I've been eating way too much meat and far too few fruits and veggies. I've been drinking water like it is rationed. Exercising is bringing down massive inches, for which I am grateful, but my weight has still been moving upward. I weighed in at 341 three weeks ago. Last week it was swinging from 332 and 338. 337 was my weigh-in at the end of May.

So, I have my work cut out for me. I need to get journaling my foods and exercise. Everything needs to be kept in balance. Perspective is key. I'm ready to commit myself to this.

I am 300+ and I am READY TO TRY AGAIN!!!!!


P.S. Thin, I saw the picture of Niagara Falls. My sis was just there this last week and got married in a hot air balloon over the Falls. So romantic!

And Tina, I went to the URL you left. Wow, those pictures are so dramatically different! You really are turning into quite the hottie!

06-23-2003, 01:51 AM
Just me... one more time before I head for bed.
My daughter is back in the good ole USA tonight. She and her best friend took a trip to London and Paris as a gift to themselves for graduating college. She was suppose to be home tonight but she had a 6 hour delay in London due to 3 planes struck by lightning !!!! :yikes: The planes have to be totally examined after that before they can take off again. Fortunately she wasn't on the plane that got hit... she was transfering to that plane. That made me feel a little better. Anyway... she is in Dallas now and will drive home in the morning. I can't wait to give her a big ole {{{ HUG }}}. :D

I got a HUGE chunk of the bedroom clean. Enough for my daughter to stay in there again while she is home. LOL
I sure have a lot of work still to do. Like I said earlier... it is NEVER ENDING.

My food was just okay today. We went to one of those Chinese Buffets for lunch.... need I say more. :^: LOL I really did not do too bad... but I could have done better. I ate light for dinner.

Hope everyone has a great new week. The weekend is behind us.... no one can change any goofs they made... but we can ALL make our futures brighter. Here is a not so gentle visual aid to help us stay on program and exercise. Okay ladies... it is time to
http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/spezial/TRIXYINAZ/jumprope.gif MOVE IT !!!! MOVE IT !!! MOVE IT !!!! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/huepfen/huepfen010.gif http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/waffen/waffen031.gif

06-23-2003, 02:03 AM
Originally posted by MichelleK

Lori...I like long hair on a man! Either that or NO hair! I go either extreme!! Your man is a hottie!

:D Thanks, Michelle; he is not only a little hottie, but sensitive, funny, and downright goofy sometimes--I have a feeling that he will succeed nicely as a pharmacist, which he is studying.

Now the funny thing is: I usually fall for the six-foot, dark SHORT HAIRED ones! Bri is 5'8, blond with long hair. Funny how things work out!:lol:

06-23-2003, 07:28 AM
Morning girlies,
Summer has found Maine.....yahoo....but like any woman I am never happy with the weather....lol.....old mother nature did not ease us in to it at all, she just decided we needed to go from the 50's-60's to a hot Humid mid 90's this week. Hubby did get the air conditioner in the living room last night and installed in to the window, now hopefully he will do the one that goes in our bedroom tonight. Telling you what....if he likes his little romper room sessions he better put the a/c in....don't like to be hot!!!

Today is a brand new day and although I have not been really really really bad, I have not been good either, so I am starting today again. I'm hoping when I poke my food in fitday today that I don't have this huge fat gram number and % like I have been having. What an eye opener that has been. And with Amanda & Tina doing so well I'm hoping that it rubs off a bit.

Talk to you girlies later....{{{Hugs to all}}}

06-23-2003, 08:54 AM
Hello all
Hubby and I had a huge fight this morning. A friend of mine had given me a Hydrangia plant last week-end and son had planted it besided the house, well DH cut the yard this weekend and CUT it down. :fr: The only excuse he gave was , get this "I didn't know it was a plant" "You should have showed me where it was":doh:

Now I have a :headache: Men are such morons sometimes.

I hope Joe anne and I will get to meet while she is here in Mississippi. She is about 40 miles from me. :)

Hope all of you had a good week-end. Food wasn't good I made homemade lasagna yesterday.:chef: a huge batch put some in the freezer for another meal. I also made a freezer of homemade icecream. It was so good. :T

I have been drinking lots of water, and running to the bathroom.

Did any of you see the article about the fastfood diet in the new issue of Good Houskeeping? It says that you should use the 3,4,5, rule. 300 cal for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 500 for dinner and snacks during the day to eaqual 300 points. They give fastfood in that cal range.

Tina: I am so proud of you. What a thrill it mush have been to get a call for a fellow chick. I think I may be jealous.

Andrea: Welcome back I was here last year.

Sandy : That is hot for Maine. It is in the 90's here too and very humid.

2cute: Glad you daughter is back in the good ole USA.

To all the rest of my favorite chicks hello and have a great day.

I have to get ready for work. This is the last week for our summer reading program. We have a Board meeting at the library tomorrow morning, I have to make a breakfast casserole and i'll take some fresh blueberries.

Well I'm off. I'll catch you later:wave: :grouphug:

06-23-2003, 08:57 AM
Hey everyone :)

Ok, I am up way to early! Figured since I was up, I might as well plan out meals for the day. It is my day off, so this is traditionally harder for me than a workday. I don't have DietPower on my computer any longer, so I'm going to go search out a few sites that help with meal planning until I can find my program again.

I was doing some looking into the South Beach Diet as well. It sounded like a well-rounded plan. Only thing is, I couldn't see a cost anywhere, and I'm a get-to-the-bottom-line type of girl. Anyone know how much it costs? With my job gone soon, I'm minding pennies.

2cute, sounds like you have been working your tail off! Glad your daughter made it home safe and sound. Hope she had an adventure to remember. :) Do you still go swimming?

Sandy, does mid-90's and humid work like a sauna? Sounds like one to me! Good luck with the bedroom a/c install. ;)

Mary, of course I remember you :) So glad to see you are still here as well! I really missed this crew.

I'd better get moving. The dog is letting me know it is definitely time to get out for a morning walk!


06-23-2003, 11:31 AM
Andria...the South Beach Diet was featured in Prevention a few moths back, they gave sample menus and everything to eat/avoid for the three phases...or try their website, (www.prevention.com )they have a section there for the SBD...good luck!

06-23-2003, 03:21 PM
Good morning my lovely chickpeas! How are you? Pretty good here....actually, great here. I am off today, I was OP all day yesterday and things are looking fantastic today! (Well, maybe not fantastic, seeing as I had to get up at the crack of dawn to pick up garbage some stupid dog tore up all over the front yard....but pretty darn good) :) As I said, I stayed OP all day yesterday and then last night me and dh went for a walk. Sometimes I get bored walking around the neighborhood, but we took a different route, walking down by Trey's school and it was very nice. It was only about a 30 minute walk, but some of it was up hill and I felt very good afterwards. Dh and I plan on walking at least 3 times per week and then I'm going to mix in some WATP videos with it too. He likes to walk outside and I'm more of a "video gal" but he suggested that if I like doing exercises with my arms in addition to walking, I should carry my 3 lb. weights while we're walking and then even suggested I buy some ankle weights. Ok.....I want to exercise, but let's not get carried away here mister! :yikes:

Let me just say here....that I love Boca burgers. Dh grilled mine outside like everyone elses. I had it on a lowfat wheat bun, (1pt) lettuce, tomato, onion, FF cheese & lite mayo (1.5 pts) My entire hamburger was 4.5 pts. :T With it, I had a serving of FF pringles (which I love) and a bread & butter spear pickle. Yum, yum, yum. We had a really good time yesterday watching the race although I do not particulary like road courses.

Kat and Michelle: I'm going to try to do a rundown of our trip and seeing as I do not know the area and have never even traveled that way, you guys tell me when or where would be best to meet. Kat already has my cell# and I will send the info to you too Michelle. Ok, here we go:

Sunday July 13th: Leave home at aproximately 5am & head to Baltimore, Maryland. We will be spending the night there & visiting with friends.

Monday July 14th: Me and Irene (friend we're visiting) will leave to pick up Kim (other friend) in Jersey Shore, PA. and go back to Baltimore.

Tuesday July 15th: (not exactly sure what time) We all leave and head up to Thompson, CT. We spend the night there.

Wednesday July 16th: We all go to Thompson Speedway for special sprint car race and autograph session with Tony.

Thursday July 17th: Still in CT. Not sure of what we're doing that day. That night, we are following Karen (another friend) to her house in Barrington, NH to spend the night.

Friday July 18th: We will already be in NH and we will get up early to go see qualifying at NHIS. Should spend the evening shopping at the tents and things like that. Going back to Karen's house to spend the night.

Saturday July 19th: Getting up early to head back home. Will probably not drive the whole way back home, will probably drive about 8 hours or so and stop and finish coming back home on Sunday.

So, that's about it for now. Because I'm not familiar with exactly where you guys live and how and where to get to you, I thought if you looked at what we're planning, then we could figure something out. Because we have no special time to be to Irene's house on Sunday the 13th, we could maybe meet up somehow, some way, that day...or if you look at what we're planning, (and nothing is written in stone except the Thompson race and qualifying at NHIS) and see a better day or something, just let me know, cause there's no way I want to miss you guys. :no: Also Kat: It doesn't matter what day of the week it is....race or no, nothing is more important that my friends and I would welcome a call from any of you at any time. Ok? :drill: :lol:

Andria: First of all, welcome back! We're very happy to see you. As far as thinking you had to have some type of success before you came back to us.....don't ever think that way. Part of your success is being here with us and admitting you need support. That's what we're all here for!

Amanda: Thanks for saying what you said and I truly belive it. God knows what we need and He knew that I needed something just to tip me over the edge. It's like I was telling 2cute, I could feel the embers burning, I just needed something to stoke up the fire. I think we all need a little boost like that occasionally, don't you?

Sandy: Chris "Joker" is a very wonderful fellow. I think what surprised me most is that when I first met (well, I say "met", but when he first came on the board) I wasn't very impressed with him. I thought he was kind of a butt, seemed sarcastic and he was a DJ at a strip club, so I automatically got an impression of him. But the more I came to talk to him, the more I understood that first impressions are not always correct. I still can't believe he posted that thread. It just made my day....and people are continuing to post to it. Right now, it's up to 19 replies I think. Just makes you feel good all over. :goodvibes

2cute: I just have to tell you again how wonderful it was to talk to you. I was literally hopping up and down in my computer chair after I talked to you. :hyper: I am dead serious and not kidding. Brian looked over at me and said, "What the heck's the matter with you?" I said, "I just talked to 2cute!" He must have thought I was insane as I was hugging the phone. <<Once again, NOT kidding and ashamed to admit that. :lol: You sounded just like I thought you would. And, I could never be cuter that you. ;)

Terri: Don't you hate it when you lose your post? It makes me so mad I could scream and have at times! Ever since I switched over to charter, (cable internet) I have had nothing but problems. As a matter of a fact, as I am typing this right now, I can see the lights flashing on my modem telling me that I've lost the signal, so unless it comes back up, I'm going to have to use dial up (I still have AOL as a backup) to even get this thing posted. Grrrrr :mad:

Maggie: Thank you so much for your sweet words: YOU GO GIRL This is Tina's day to shine. I think we all need a day to shine, what do you think? It feels pretty good to finally be getting on track. :)

Barb: Good to see you....don't you just LOVE painting? hehe... Could you hear the sarcasm in that sentence even on the computer? :lol: I don't know about you, but painting is one of my least favorite things to do. Our house will need painting soon and I dread it.

Lori: I have to say I agree with Michelle on this one. Bri is a darling. I'm with you though. I generally like the 5'10 to 6' stocky, dark haired men, but in your case, I think I would definitely make an exception. :devil:

Mary: Aren't men wonderful? :mad: As long as I can remember, my Mom mowed the yard. (the most exercise my dad got was pushing the buttons on the remote) One day she was griping about how she didn't understand why he couldn't mow the yard and just for meanness, he went out there and mowed down 3 or 4 of her favorite rose bushes....claiming he thought they were "weeds". Needless to say, he's never had to mow the yard again. I see that you had some lasagna and homemade icecream yesterday. Sounds good, but we're gonna have to tie you down to this wagon to keep you from cooking, aren't we? :lol:

Well I don't think I've missed anyone that responded on this thread and if I have, I'm sorry. I could have sworn I saw a post on here from thin at one point, but when I went back, I didn't see one. Nevertheless, I hope you're doing well sweetie, hop in when you can.

I'm going to go for now. MIL stopped by and picked the kids up to take them swimming and dh is at work, so I have this lovely house all to myself, <<insert sarcastic tone here>> so I think I'll do some laundry! :p Today is #1 son's birthday, (he is 15) and he said since he really wasn't much of a cake eater and he knew I would be tempted, he said he would skip the cake this year. What a sweetie! :love:

See you guys later and I hope you all have a wonderful day! :grouphug:

06-23-2003, 03:47 PM
Hi all! :wave: Just quick, that's all I have time for.

Andria: Welcome Back! I was wondering if your border ever left? If you're still doing Pampered Chef? How your daughter is fairing with the glutin-free diet? And if your DH is still doing the hotel industry for work? Ok, that wraps up my questions!!!!! Can you tell I was just thinking about you the other day???? :lol:

Tina: How nice is that Internet surprise??? It is nice to be noticed for more than our "pretty faces"! That would make my day too. And believe it or not, I was sitting at the theatre Saturday all by myself and thought, I should call Tina, she's been so down in the dumps lately. But of course, your phone number was at home in my 'Fat Chics' book. :lol: Your new pic really shows off your weightloss, but where's your beautiful smile??? Sorry, I miss the smile. :)

Everybody else, I'm sorry, but I've gotta run. I'll try and check back later. Love :love: you all!

"Adolescence is when you think you'll live forever. Middle age is when you wonder how you've lasted so long."

06-23-2003, 07:04 PM
Stop Don't Post Here!!! Come join us over in 300+ and Ready to Try Again #355