Depression and Weight Issues - Frustrated with the community counseling center

08-27-2013, 05:32 PM
Hi, I don't know if anyone has any advice in relation to frustrations with community counseling centers?

I have been going to this center for a few years, my primary frustration is with my therapist. She has canceled numerous times due to illness within only a few month's time period of my seeing her. I have had a lot of illnesses in my life and I know that can be upsetting but I also know that being a client of a therapist who is often sick and doesn't always have a covering therapist is upsetting and maybe I am being harsh but I feel that it is irresponsible. I personally resigned from my last job due to illness. I took some time to re-evaluate whether or not I was fit to work. I think that she should consider thinking about whether or not she can continually work or needs to take time off to deal with her health issues.

I have government insurance- Medicare and Medicaid, my mental health insurance is through those insurances. I am thinking about trying to find another therapist who works in a private practice who accepts these insurances. I like my current therapist but I am getting irritated with the constant absences. The center where she works seems very laid back about therapist and even psychiatrist absences, they don't often apologize or make accommodations when the provider is absent. I kind of feel like a number there, not really an individual in some ways. Other practitioners who I have seen there have also been excused multiple times for vacation, illness and almost never does anyone offer to cover their appointments or get me in for an appointment soon when they come back.

I am very interested as to whether anyone here knows how to find another provider who accepts government issued insurance?

Thank you.


08-28-2013, 12:24 PM
Maybe this website can help? I also have Medicaid and this is how I found my last therapist.

08-28-2013, 07:59 PM
Thank you for that information. I had come across that link before and I wasn't aware that they listed what insurance providers accept but now I see that they do, which is great. :) I hope that I can find someone in my area who accepts my insurance. I contacted a therapist who accepts one of my insurances, they have to verify if they accept the co-insurance and then I will hopefully hear back.

Thanks. Take care.