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08-27-2013, 06:01 AM
Good morning snoozing chicks. Another early day for me. I think this schedule is catching up with me. I really need a few days with at least 6 hours of sleep.

Tammy, I am with you for P1.5. All month I have been a yo-yo and tired of it! My food choices have been fairly OP, but I do find myself listening to that little voice...oh it's only a piece of cake you deserve it. I want to be at my low weight before I go away next month.

Trains here, be back later. Have a great day

08-27-2013, 06:59 AM
Good Morning! May today be a gr8 start to a successful day here on the Beach.

08-27-2013, 07:40 AM
Good morning everyone! :coffee2:

Jennifer, I've been struggling with the same problem but I think I finally when I saw some recent pictures of me. It was a big Wake-Up Call for me. :yikes: Hang in there; if we take it one day at a time, we can do it!

Hope your Tuesday is a great one, too, Windsong!

It's promised to be a hot, muggy day here, and we even slept with the AC on overnight. Thank goodness I can spend most of my day indoors.
The girls had a great 1st day back to school and I really enjoyed listening to them telling me all about it. It's looking to be a great year for both of them.
My DGD, Carley, gets back from visiting her aunt & uncle today, and I'm looking forward to a long phone call from her tonight to hear all about her trip.

08-27-2013, 07:52 AM
Good morning!
Very foggy and overcast right now, but it is supposed to burn off and be a lovely sunny 80. I think today I will try to get outside and do some weeding and general yard-type puttering. Maybe DH will grill tonight and then I won't have to cook dinner!

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon making freezer salsa. The recipe warned that it might become watery or slightly mushy but I figure it will be perfect for throwing in the crock to make Creamy Mexican Casserole! Today I probably should blanch and freeze some broccoli from the garden. I am really looking forward to my brussel sprouts and acorn squash ripening.

Time for coffee. Want some?:coffee:

08-27-2013, 08:04 AM
Good morning, Jennifer, Lady Windsong and Cottage. (Where have you been, Windsong?)

Crossing my fingers that I didn't make a big mistake by leaving the deck door open last night. So far there are no signs of little critters in the house. A few years ago I was invaded by a squirrel who climbed the curtains when the dogs spotted him. What a mess! I still haven't replaced the curtains. A fall project?

The dogs are off to the groomer this morning and I plan a quick run into town for some quilting supplies ... not more fabric! Before I do that I have to start payroll since one of the summer students is leaving today and needs her final cheque. (I am so looking forward to closing the Mill to visitors after Labour Day!)

Been really slacking off on being careful about food and the ticker is lying again by a pound. Donna and I are definitely going back to the gym next week. I will have to be careful and just do upper body stuff for a while as the knees are pretty sore. It sucks to get old but, when you examine the alternative, ..... Going to the gym doesn't seem to impact my body weight but does affect my mental weight.

Time for breakfast, a shower and then off to the groomer. Have a super Tuesday, all Beachers.

08-27-2013, 08:19 AM
Good morning chicks! It's a chatty room in here!

Jekel, thanks for starting us off. I do look at where my weight was almost 5 years ago on SBD, I don't think I'd ever get down and maintain that (there's a reason I couldn't maintain it!). LOL...maybe when my kids are gone I could, when there's not food that THEY can eat is sitting everywhere!

Windsong - Mornin'!!

Cottage, I look forward to hearing my kids' chatter next week :).

Beth - oohhh, that sounds like a good idea! I have about 20 tomatoes sitting on my counter. I have made peach salsa already, but you can only eat so much!

Ruth - I hope no little critters slipped in. Your mighty dog warriors wouldn't keep them out?!!?

Yesterday went well with the new sitter, although my children didn't let her kids (1 and 2 1/2) nap :dizzy:. oops! We'll bring their DSi today, and bikes too to keep them occupied. (oh dear, I have a lot to do in the next hour!)

I'm off to work for a full day. I'm making key lime cheesecake tonight for the man that watched my pup a couple of weeks ago - gratefully I am giving it in it's entirety! No temptation then!

08-27-2013, 08:47 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Jennifer, thanks for getting us started! I, too, am dragging a bit these days. Oh, well.

:wave: LadyWindsong!

Twynn, sadly all the junk in our house is my husbands!

Ruth, oh, I can't imagine squirrels on my curtains....

Linda, it's hard to imagine it being hot and muggy somewhere. We're getting rain every afternoon and it's gotten quite chilly.

I need to finish my chores and get my morning home exercise in before I get to work and exercise again.

have a great day everyone!

08-27-2013, 09:05 AM
Good morning, chicks.

Ruth - I am so with you on the aging thing! I consider myself to be in the "my body is falling apart" years. And I also feel mentally better when I am exercising consistently.

DH and I will hike this morning. Hopefully I can get him out a bit earlier than usual because of the heat and humidity. I have book club tonight which usually means major food porn.

Have a great day.

08-27-2013, 09:14 AM
Good morning,

It is muggy and hot already here supposed to get to 98 this afternoon and DD2 has a soccer game at 6 p.m. I will have to remember to bring lots of water.

I have back to back meetings today and tomorrow so better get to them.

:wave: to everyone Have a great day!!!

08-27-2013, 10:37 PM
:wave: jumping in under the wire to say hello. It's my 14 hour day so technically still have work to do. Ir's less annoying now that I track hours and use the long day to work less at the end of the week :)