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08-23-2013, 11:55 PM
Some of you know I'm pregnant . . . and I'm certainly not complaining about that. ;) I'm currently at 23 weeks and have gained 7 pounds so far. And I'm really noticing how much my tummy has grown! In a way I should be used to it, as I'm an apple that was nearly 50 pounds heavier last summer. My proportions are obviously different now regardless, but in a way, the current size of my tummy feels very "normal" to me since I've always been used to having one that sticks out. :p

Anyway, we spent some time with family last night, and I remarked on how much my stomach has been growing. My new clothes from earlier this year fit differently (if at all, lol), and I can't get my old shirts comfortably over my tummy (even though they fit nicely elsewhere). And upon me sort of bragging about how much my tummy has grown in the past few months, someone looked me over carefully and said, "Not really."

Uh . . . ? :dizzy: My first thought was, "Don't tell me I looked this big back in February!" :^:

Part of me thinks they were just trying to make me feel better, but I think it's more that they're still used to the heavier me! Even this pregnant, I'm still smaller than I've been in years and years! :lol: It's kind of weird to think about . . . and it makes me wonder how weird/wonderful my waist is going to feel by comparison once I have the baby! But something tells me I'll be too preoccupied with my new little one to give it much thought. :)

Anyway, I'm proud that I'm staying within a healthy range with my baby weight gain so far. :preg: I've been working really hard at eating healthy and getting doctor-approved exercise at the gym. This will be my first baby and I'm hoping that keeping things in check now will help out with the birth and recovery. :^: I haven't been posting much lately since I can't actively try to lose until sometime next year, but I still lurk and wanted to say hi with a little update. :wave:

08-24-2013, 12:03 AM
thanks for the update! you can still post around here even if you aren't losing at the moment...glad to see you check in :)

08-24-2013, 12:48 AM
You're doing a great job so far, hugs to you!

08-24-2013, 11:25 AM
Congratulations!! :cheer:

08-24-2013, 11:52 AM
Thanks everyone! :hug: I think I've also been preoccupied and distracted lately; I've had a lot going on. Thankfully I haven't distracted my way out of eating healthier . . . well, aside from an occasional splurge. ;) I'll try to post more. :)

08-24-2013, 12:41 PM
: ). Very glad to hear from you.

08-24-2013, 01:03 PM
:woohoo: Loving this for you!

Arctic Mama
08-24-2013, 11:56 PM
Pics or it didn't happen ;)

Seriously though, when people have been used to seeing us heavier, it is difficult for them to notice a baby belly unless its blatantly obvious. More so for a first pregnancy. Double, if you're not stick thin. Even after four children, I was shocked how many of my acquaintances had no idea I was pregnant into seven or eight months, when I was outgrowing *maternity* clothes! It just isn't as obvious. And I tend to gain weight like an apple, so a baby belly on my frame just isn't that clear.

So for me, pictures help me to 'see' the progress and changes. And, hint hint, I'd LOVE to see some prepregnancy and current belly pictures from you. I bet you're adorable :)

08-25-2013, 03:51 AM
Pics or it didn't happen ;)
Aw . . . well, if you insist, I'll post a few comparison sets . . . ;)

This set gives an idea of where I started last year (267 lbs.) and where I was the month I became pregnant (215 lbs.):


And for some actual pregnancy photos:

The first shot is from June when I was around three months pregnant; that was when I first noticed my baby bump! And check out the difference from only one month later in July!:


And one more set:

In the first I'm holding a 5 pound model of fat (once again, right around the time I become pregnant), and in the second I'm about 5 pounds heavier thanks to the baby bump. I thought that was a fun comparison to make! ;)


I'm guessing a lot of people would have no clue I'm pregnant if they weren't told, since it's sort of a natural shape for me anyway. And I probably look "normal" to people that haven't seen me in a while since I hadn't been in the lower range for very long. I'm really curious about how much more my proportions will change in the next four months! :lol:

* * *

And thanks, everyone! :hug: This is still quite the experience for me. :preg:

08-25-2013, 09:31 AM
Elladorine, thank you for sharing your journey with us. I have to say that I think that a pregnant belly is one of the most beautiful, joyous things to see. So happy for you!

Judy Lynn
08-25-2013, 12:37 PM

Arctic Mama
08-25-2013, 06:05 PM
What a cute bump! I might not pick you out on the street and ask when you're expecting, especially in the drapier clothing, but you look great and DEFINITELY more pregnant than just a few months ago. AWE!

08-26-2013, 12:10 AM
You look great! Congratulations! I'm so glad everything is going well for you. When is your due date?

08-26-2013, 08:56 AM
You really can see that it is a Pregnancy bump and not "just weight" You look really good! and so happy happy for you! :)