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08-22-2013, 10:18 AM
I have been on a diet for the past 2 months now and I have lost a total of 16 pounds :D but for some odd reason my weight keeps going up maybe 3-5 pounds:( and then it takes a few days to get back to my current weight I was at before i gained. I give myself one cheat day a week and it seams to me that the day that i cheat is the days i lose the weight. I cant do much exercising with my ankle but i try to walk at least 1.2-3 miles a day (when it is not raining). My diet has no red meat and very little carbs, no sugars or sodas. I only drink water because i'm afraid if i drink something with flavor i will stop drinking water and go back on sodas. Also I have a sit down job and it is hard for me to leave my desk for the 6 hours i work does anyone have any sit down exercises i can do from my desk while i work?

08-22-2013, 09:17 PM
Diets are short term weight loss solutions. You need to eat clean not restrict what you eat (in my humble opinion). Healthy living is a lifestyle change, you should be able to eat what you're currently eating for the rest of your life. You might not be eating enough calories in the day, that's usually the culprit besides not drinking enough water.

Exercise is also an important factor to weight loss, you should try including a workout routine to your life. Your ankle will affect high impact exercising, but you can still do exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and maybe even Cycling if you strap up your ankle to support it. I recently joined blogilates.com - an online pilates routine. There are some cardio videos, but you can modify the routines to suit the intensity you want.

Good luck!

08-22-2013, 09:41 PM
^ What Rie said. The only I think I have cut out is sodas and dairy, but only because I found out I was lactose intolerant. If you would like some variety in your water, try using water and cut up some strawberries and let them soak overnight. You can also do it with lemons and other fruits. It is delicious and adds some flavor to your water. If you have caffeine headaches, I would also recommend green tea. Just don't add tons of sugar to it! I used to go to a ton of Buddhist retreats and all they had was tea and water to drink, and I looooved it. :)

EDIT: Oh I forgot, it also helps to vary up your exercise routine! Water aerobics, especially in deep water, is great resistance and is very easy on injuries and joint problems. Also, most gyms and yoga centers have a Gentle Yoga option, which is meant to strength and build up muscle without injuring your ankle any further. They focus on restorative poses and it should help a lot! The important thing is to not get stuck in a rut. Add time to your walk or try walking on different terrain, or walk in the woods! Variety will confuse your muscles and keep you losing. :)