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06-21-2003, 07:33 AM
Welcome to Time for SERIOUS FUN…..We are a group of people trying to loose weight together and help each other along the way. There is only one rule on this thread, and it is if you are not willing to help yourself along the way or help others on this thread we don’t want to hear you WHINE everyday, we like to keep a positive attitude. Some whining is expected, lol, we are only human. Other than that we love to talk about every subject under the sun. Please feel free to pull up a chair and a keyboard and join us on our journey. Every day of the week we have a little beginning to the day to start us off, for example…..Monday would be Mission Monday……you have some sort of mission to complete in your life for that day or longer totally up to you. Faye is in charge of what day it is and what we are doing, so look for her post if you are interested.

06-21-2003, 07:51 AM
SATURDAY: Sunny Thoughts Saturday! Share with us something to make us smile today!

Good Morning ladies!

Peek, I went ahead and started a new thread because we were wayyyyy down the list and had 27 posts, hope you don't mind. I didn't realize how easy it was to do!

My sunny thought is: Friends and family who accept you as you are need to be cherished. They are rare. Tell someone you appreciate them today. Peek, Deon, Sandy, Michelle, Elle, Jana, Missy, Lori, thank you for being part of my life and for coming here and uplifting us all. You are truly girfts from God.

Hope everyone is doing well. You must be busy. There have been no posts since yesterday afternoon. I know I was still running around tryng to get everything done yesterday.

I finally have everything for the wedding. I found my nail color and earrings finally last night. I am not a big dangly earring kind of gal but searched everywhere and couldn't find big button style earrings that were wooden so ended up with dangly ones. They will probably drive me nuts, but I'll look good! :lol: Dh was patiently sitting on a bench at the mall when I found him and when I sat down he ask if I had found any. I showed them to him and ask him what he thought. He kind of paused and said, "Uh, they're not what you usually wear." Translated from husband language, I hate the things! :lol:

We are supposed to have sunny, hot weather until at least Tuesday, so anyone who wants to join me for a session in the pool, I am ready to lead an aerobics class! Come on down.

I will be back later today and post to individuals, just wanted to peek in this morning.


06-21-2003, 08:07 AM
GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Lost my whole post!!!!!!!!!! Time is running out I will try it later.

06-21-2003, 08:56 AM
Faye: See it was so easy to start the thread :) you are so good!!! I don't wear big earrings either, I tend to stick to stud kind of things or maybe small small hoops. However, I have not always been that way. When I was in high school I had 5 holes in one ear and 3 in the other....now I only use the first ones...I think the second ones are still opened but the rest have healed over. What a nut I was back then.

Sandy: Sorry you just lost your post, I hate when the computer eats my posts with one wrong hit of a key.

Jana: Do you have a pool at your house? You say you go swimming with the grandbabies? Wish I had one. But we do have the lake at my inlaws and we own shore property so we have the ocean, but I am fair skinned and burn so easy by the salt water.

Missy: Where are you chicklet?

Deon: We miss you.

Michelle: where are you???

Have I forgotten anyone? I hope not, it was not intentional....

hugs to all

06-21-2003, 12:14 PM
Hi ladies,

Faye - you know you could go to your craft store and get the stuff to make button earrings real fast and real cheap.. just a thought... But what you have sounds fine, and I'm sure you will look very nice. '

Peek - yes, we have a pool, but it is a small above-ground one. It's fine for our purposes, tho. And I got 2 of those little seat thingies for the twins, which works out well. My DD16 is very fair and burns easily, too.

Hi to everyone else!

The wedding I'm going to is today. Where has the time flown???Anyway, I'm wearing the dress I wore at Easter - it's a navy blue and green gauzy number with silvery threads in it. So I wear silver earrings and navy shoes and purse. DH has a shirt with almost the same blues and greens in it, so he's wearing that. (altho he doesn't know it yet ;) ) If my back isn't better, I'm skipping the reception and coming home. The chairs at these affairs leave a lot to be desired!

For Sunday dessert tomorrow I'm baking a low-cal Creamsicle cake recipe that sounds yummy - only 3 WW points per 1/15 of the cake. You use diet Slice soda, sf orange jello and sf vanilla pudding, and ff Cool Whip. Anyway, if it's good, I'll pass along the recipe.

Have a good day! I'll probably be back tonight, if I have a chance.


06-21-2003, 05:14 PM
Jana it sounds good. I love creamsicle cake as it is. Hope that you have a good time at the wedding. I have a desert that is 2 points one of these days I am going to break down and make it. Gotta run almost time to get to go home. YEAH!

06-21-2003, 06:05 PM
Thought you all would enjoy a Saturday giggle with your evening drink...

And I thought I had some loud and crazy outfits in my day! :lol:

Bri from last weekend:

06-22-2003, 10:38 AM
SUNDAY: Silly Poll Sunday

Our silly poll this week is: If you didn't have a spouse or significant other, what celebrity would you pick to warm your bed and your heart?

Hey ladies. Hope your Sunday is starting out well. I just lost the post so may have to come back to post later as dh went to pick up something from store and will be right back so we can fix breakfast.

We went to see Hollywood Homicide yesterday and it was funny in parts, but not a great movie. I think one of you said you had been to see it, maybe Sandy?

I actually got an e-mail yesterday from the author of the book I just finished. I went to his website and posted an e-mail telling him how terrific his book had been. I was shocked he replied to me, but he was very gracious for someone who writes kind of disturbing materials. lol

I will come back on line later and post again if anyone has been here. I need to get downstairs and make breakfast so I can get out into the pool.

Oh, my poll answer would be Neil Diamond on one side and on the other David James Elliot. One, because he could sing to me all the time and the other just cause he is gorgeous! :lol:

Faye :dizzy:

06-22-2003, 10:55 AM
Hummmmmm:chin: which man does one choose if they are all up for grabs......

I think even though he is much older than I, I would have to pick Mel Gibson...he sure can make the heart pound a bit. And if I had the choice of a singer it would have to be Vince Gill.

Okay back to reality....my day is starting okay, I'm gonna catch up on the rest of the laundry and just hang out with the family. We are due for a chance of showers (whats new) but the temps are warmer. We are supposed to reach the 90's mid week.

I'll be back later gators....

06-22-2003, 03:02 PM
Hi ladies,

Sandy - the cake was really good! I'll post the recipe sometime.

Lori - Your Bri looks like a guy who knows how to have fun.

Faye - glad your author wrote to you... DD16 has gotten tips on writing from author Catherine Coulter. I think it is really nice when famous people take time for their fans.

Peek - I never get done with laundry, it seems. We are either awfully dirty or awfully clean, I'm not sure which. LOL And all I do is DH's and my own - DD16 always does her own.

The wedding last night was so beautiful. AND I stayed OP!!! The result of the week is I'm down 2 1/4 more pounds now. Yay!

Something else I'm excited about is we are going to the Randy Travis concert in Nashville, Indiana to celebrate our anniversary on Aug. 30. Our anniv. is actually 9/12, the day after my b/d. Anyway, I just love his new song - Three Wooden Crosses. Anyway, after the concert we will drive to Terre Haute and stay there. The next day we will visit DH's old college and go shopping.

Regarding the celebrity question, IF I wasn't already married to my sweetie .... hmmm.... I guess <don't laugh!!> Tommy Lee Jones. There is something about him that makes me squirm in my chair. He exudes testosterone, and to use a quote from Peek - I could sop him up with a biscuit!!!

So, how's your day going??

06-22-2003, 05:04 PM
Hey ladies! I think so far the choices for men have been pretty good. TLJones is a heck of an actor and not bad looking either even if he did room with Al Gore in college (oops did I say that?) Mel is definitely a hotty even being older now. I like Vince Gill's music but have been boycotting kind of because of the marriage/affair thing. I get a bee in my bonnet every once in awhile about something like that. You don't even want to ask me about Kathy Lee Gifford! :lol: :lol: :lol:

The cat was in his hi-jinks mode last night and attacked me about 10 times in bed (always leaves dh alone though!) so I was pooped. I got up and went to the pool, came back and fixed breakfast and went back and took a nap. I feel better even though going back to bed caused some heartburn because of eating.

Gorgeous day here today. Maybe I can unplug dh after the Cubs game and go out to the pool and hang out for awhile.

Hope all you busy bees are having a nice weekend. Don't forget that there will be no"moments" Friday, Sat or Sun while I am gone.

Peek: Have fun with the dh and kiddies today.

Jana: Bet you can't wait for that concert. I always get so excited when I am looking forward to one.


06-23-2003, 12:21 AM
OK I am thinking about the poll. HHMMMM!!!!!!!! That one is a hard one to answer. So many men to pick from. Well Mel Gibson is a hot one. So probally I guess that we are all going to fight over Mel Gibson and then there is Toby Keith something about him. I think that he is so hot in some of his viedos

06-23-2003, 01:33 AM
Hello all and thank-you Faye for the invite!

I have been here on and off for almost 2 years...gained, lost, gained, lost and gained again!
So here I am a"gain" (pun intended)

My name is Linda, and I am overweight. OK now that that is out of the way, I am also diabetic and have high blood pressure (oh joy) lets get down to some serious fun!

I am really bad about posting, I don't do it often enough, but I do read each and every post asap. Sometimes just to darn busy to take a few more minutes to respond, but I shall do my best. I look forward to the fun challenges ahead.

I'm happy to share a little info about me, (hope I don't bore ya)
I am soon to be 44, I have a 15 year old daughter and a 3 year old daughter. I am very happily married to my 3rd husband, and I am willing to admit that "the third times the charm" as a matter of fact I think he is very charming :lol:

I would like to lose 20 lbs to start with... I have much more then that to lose, but that is a large enough chunk for now. Just started over and I am doing moderate carbs, fats, calories, and exercise.

This is a long enough message for the first post! hope to hear from all of you soon!!

06-23-2003, 07:43 AM
Hey there wonderful woman. Welcome to the group Linda, hope you share and enjoy when you do post. I am the opposite, I am like a post aholic. I used to be a scale aholic, but have gotten over it, mostly because I think I have been off the wagon for a bit.

Today is a new day and new week and I am back again. I have decided that I have to do this not only for my health, but I feel so much better when I am being ON PLAN. Lately, it's been what can I eat next. I don't think I am whining and I'm sorry if it comes off that way, I'm just stating that it sure is hard to get back on plan once you fall off. Maybe I hit my head when I fell of and got amnesia and thought I was skinny and could eat anything I wanted and would never gain an ounce....:lol: . Okay, back to reality, I gained my memory back along with a few pounds that I have lost before and now need to loose again. Sooooooooo, I will be good today and take one day at a time, but am trying to plan ahead a day so I will always have a plan as to what I will have for the day. I'm also using the fitday.com site to keep track of stuff and what an eye opener that was. I am consuming a lot more fats than I thought, even when I thought I wasn't being to bad GUESS WHAT???? I have been running in the range of like 46% fat for a day....that is not good!!! So, after today I will let you know what kind of percent I get...

For Linda and anyone else that is newer and does not know...here is my little bio....

My name is Peek to all of you because we have a Sandy already:) , I am 33 years young, 2 kids....1(g)who is almost 6 going on 16 I swear, 1 (b)who is 11. I have been married 14 years next month (I got married at 19) to a wonderful man who loves me no matter how I am....and I love him just as much. My work title is Executive Assistant....(glorified Secretary title:D ) of an small elder homecare company...actually I am more than a Secretary....along with the owner I am the only other one in any kind of managerial postition and I do run all the finances of the company(scarey). We have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and our fish died, so we are getting 2 mini hampsters in 2 weeks when they are old enough to leave their mommy. There, did I bore you? Oh yeah, and I am overweight by like 100+ lbs, but someday I will get to goal. :)

Tootles girls,

06-23-2003, 08:06 AM
MONDAY: Mission Monday. Our mission for today is to leave alone the food we are thinking about eating and don't need for 15 minutes. If after that time, you still want it, than eat it. The secret is not to sit and think about it EITHER!


I can always count on Peek to be here bright and early on the weekday mornings!

Linda: I have been married 31 years, have 2 grown children, a sil and the most gorgeous grandson in the world who will be 3 on Wednesday. My husband is retired Navy so we traveled all over the country for 20 years and now live in the south. I have a Yorkie and a cat and I have lost about 90 lbs and still need to lose 170. I am calorie and fat counting and exercise with water aerobics 7 days a week unless weather prohibits, then I power walk in the mall. We are so very glad to have you here. Come as often as you can.

Looks like good ole Mel is ahead in our poll so far! :lol:

When I leave here, I have to go look at the online newspaper and see if there are any jobs no one wants me for! DH tells me not to worry about it, but it does bug me mainly because I know it is my age that is the stumbling block. When I apply for a job where I have the experience in exactly what they want and they don't even call you for an interview, I know it has to be the age thing, which is pretty sad. Financially, it isn't a big deal, but I am getting to the point of being really bored and can't at this time just volunteer my time somewhere. No biggy though, something will turn up sooner or later, right?

You ladies all have a good day and I will check back after I have been to the pool later on.

Faye :)

06-23-2003, 08:24 AM
P.S.) Faye: I love the cat in the sink for your new avatar.....

06-23-2003, 11:03 AM
Hi ladies,

Welcome to the group, LINDA!! Hope you'll stay and posts lots with us.

About me - I'm married, have 3 kids, of which 2 are grown and gone, and 3 dogs. We live in the country adn are surrounded by melons and corn. I have A LOT of weight to lose, and am doing WW. Which I LOVE, btw. I like Disney World, reading, gardening, quilting, but most of all = spending time with my twin granddaughters. They just turned 1, and are so sweet!

I'm wondering if this group ought to have our own section somewhere, where we can posts bios, recipes, etc. - Just a thought.....

We had a fun weekend, as I said, the wedding was nice, and then yesterday we went to my sister's house and visited for awhile. We try to visit people on Sundays, or have family over. With everyone's hectic schedule, we have to make arrangements ahead of time, but it sure is nice.


06-23-2003, 11:22 AM
Good morning beautiful ladies! It's killing me to type today as I broke off the nail on my right middle finger yesterday and it's just this annoying constant pain. Grr. Oh well, I get my nails done today. That's my weekly self-indulgence...I get manicures on my natural nails. It's pretty nice actually I get compliments on them all the time and it just makes me feel good to know they aren't fake.

I'm so far behind I won't bother to catch up, but I want to thank you all for your helpful protein suggestions. I got a 4-pack of these protein drinks from wal-mart so I'm giving them a try for a bit. Doing the vitamin thing, the whole nine yards. I get the results from my THIRD set of blood tests this week. Ugh. I'm sick of being stuck!

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for being MIA for the past few days, but it's been a bit stressful. You all remember my #2 I was telling you about? Well Friday he kinda broke up with me...it was all very traumatic which confused the **** out of me considering I wanted to break up with him. We went to lunch on Saturday afternoon because in his words "I want to do the mature thing and not blame anyone for this...blah, blah, blah." It was really pathetic (me I mean). We went to lunch at Friendly's and I just started crying in my chicken fingers. LOL But then we went back to his place and ended up having sex. LOL So needless to say, right now I'm VERY confused.

So my BF who I love like a sister has given me some insight onto this. She suggested that I tell him Ineed a bit of a break to sort things out. And then at the end of the break, we come back with 2 solutions that are different from what we have been suggesting. Also gives us time to decide if we are happy w/o each other, or if we are truly sad. And then yesterday, we went to a movie together and everything seemed fine. So like I said...CONFUSED!!!

But enough about my problems. Thanks in advance for listening.

Not much else to report, I went to a party on Saturday night with #1. Had a blast. Ate too many brownies, so that sabotaged my loss a bit...but baby steps, right? I didn't gain weight over night and I'm NOT going to lose it either.

I was talking to a dear friend of mine on Friday...my oldest friend actually. I've known her since Kindergarten. She's very distraught. She's about 100lbs. overweight and was considering the gastric bypass surgery for a long time. I talked her out of that luckily but she's still not happy and isn't able to stick to a plan. I offered to go the distance with her and help her. I know I do better with a buddy, but she didn't seem too interested. She thinks she might be an obsessive compulsive overeater. I tried to get her to post her but I guess she's just not ready yet. I feel so bad for her because she's an awesome p erson, but she just seems soooo unhappy b/c she's dissatisfied with her weight. I just don't know what to do!

OK I need to finish on a high note...cause no one wants to read a sad post...so I'll tell you my Saturday party story.

Well #1 picked me up and we went to his friend's house where the party was...it's about a 40 min drive from my house. We park, I get out of the car and...OH NO! My butt has this GIANT wet spot on it! I was like...uh...we are NOT going into the party with me like this...so we're driving around the area trying to find a store that's open (it's about 7:20 PM) and come to this Annie Sez. Well, my he tells me...I need to make a bathroom run and then heads to this McD's across the street...so I head into Annie, and when I hit the second set of doors...THEY DON"T OPEN. So I look at the hours and it says 7 PM close. I was like... NOOOOO!!!!! LOL So i'm locked out of the car, waiting for him to get done in the McD's bathroom. So we get back in the car...to make a long story short, eventually we found a Marshalls and I got this ADORABLE skirt for $12! It all worked out and I got a cute new skirt... WHAT A WEEKEND!

Have a great OP MOnday ladies and welcome to our new member!


06-23-2003, 03:40 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

Peek: Thanks, I thought you guys might like to see my screwy cat! He is a total nut case! Hope your office situation rights itself soon. I did that office move thing and it is NO fun!

Missy: Sounds like you have had a time of it. Like Let's make a Deal with boyfriends. Door #1.....Door #2..... We all have bad days sometimes when we kind of get out of control with food. Just put it behind you and move on. You will do this. I know you can!

Jana: Hope you and dh have a grand time in Nashville for the concert in a couple months. We can make a myfamily.com account and post stuff if the others wish to. It has the ability for recipes, bios, birthdays, pics etc. I know that there have been some concerns with a couple of other ladies here on Time with people on other threads they post at where someone has gone loony and has access to the myfamily account, so I don't know if they would be interested, but I will put it out there for kind of a vote.

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT JANA'S IDEA LADIES. If you feel uncomfortable talking on the post about it, you may pm me.

It is pretty warm and humid here today. We are supposed to have great weather for our trip except for maybe Thursday which is the afternoon we are leaving.

I gave my Yorkie a bath yesterday and what a mess! I always have him groomed, but have been slipping lately so he is pretty scroungy looking so I wanted him to go to the kennel at least bathed! They are going to groom him on Monday before we pick him up, but it is so darned expensive; $30! My haircut was cheaper than that! :lol: :lol:

Well, gotta run.


06-24-2003, 12:26 AM
Faye - I didn't mean a whole new site - I meant maybe move to Misc. Clubs or something right here at 3fat chicks - but I really don't care one way or the other....

It's late so ttfn!

06-24-2003, 07:02 AM
Morning ladies!

Yesterday was one of the best days that I have had in a long time. Got to go to the gym and get in a workout and afterward I was so busy the my points were really low, 12 for the day. Guess that the points kinda makes up for the other days.

Faye, some sort of place for us to post bios and such sounds great to me. So how has the job search gone so far?

Missy, you go girl. There is no way that I could juggle 2 bfs. Maybe when I was younger I could have but there is no way I could do that now.

Time to get a move on the day I have to take my son for a pedratic GI today and I am not looking forward to it at all. Here's to another wonderful day ahead of us.


06-24-2003, 08:34 AM
Good morning chicks,
I had a whole on plan day yesterday!! Yahoo, for me. I even drove right by McDonalds when I was oh so hungry for lunch and came home and had some pasta salad. I put all my figures in to the fitday site and finally I had a day where my fats where below the maximum that you should have. Victory for one day, now on to day two!!!

Missy: 2 boyfriends......and this #2 guy is the guy you wanted to break it off with right? You know, girls minds work in funny ways. You wanted to break if off with him, but he beat you to it, so then you went on the defensive and were like "WHY". We are just never happy you know. Sometimes I think we make more trouble for ourselves than we need to. My suggestion is to break it off and see what happens. You still have #1. Or maybe it's #1 you need a break from. You can't have it both ways my dear, sometimes you have to choose.....sorry if thats harsh don't mean to offend you or upset you, you asked for the advice I'm just giving mine. I could be wrong who knows? I've been married since I was 19 (found the right one and just knew!!!) Good luck to you.

Faye: I don't think we really need our own site or anything, there are only a few of us that post here right now. And even if you start one over on the family site thing, well sometimes you give access to someone you thought was nice, but ends up being no so nice. You just never know....caution you know.:?:

Jana: Does you daughter with the twins live with you? My mom lives 2 houses down from me and she loves being so close to her grandkids, and I love it too (free babysitter) and my mil lives only 5 minutes drive away. Makes life easier.

Sandy: Glad you had a good day, but wow 12 pts is surely low. Don't let your blood levels get to low then you just go on a eatting binge...well I do anyway... I hope your son is okay after his GI thing. Hope you handled it okay too.

Linda: Hello, hello, hello, come back and play....we are here for you. Good days and bad.

Well ladies, gonna run, hope to hear from you all today....Hugs to all.

06-24-2003, 08:37 AM
TARGET TUESDAY: Today let's try and target carbs and try and keep them under control. Try substituting brown rice for white or whole grain breads for white.

Good morning ladies!

Jana: Because everyone could have access on 3fc to our info it would be my preference that we went to somewhere private like myfamily. I have already had one bad experience and don't want to have another one. Thanks for your input.

Sandy: I will say a little prayer for your son today. A GI is tough on adults and has to be kind of traumatic on a little kid. I had one when I was about 8 and can still remember everything about what happened. Hope things turn out well. Thanks for your imput as well about having bios etc.

Boy, my bank did a number on me last night when it posted. We use our check card a lot and it double debited a bunch of charges! I sure hope they straighten it out before we have to leave on Thursday. It messes things up royally right now. I am calling as soon as they open.

I will be sure and check back later.


06-24-2003, 01:08 PM
Lori, I'm sorry I forgot you in the last post. I was going back over the thread and said OMG I forgot Lori....

Hope all is going well for you. Did you get any pic's of you and Brian together when he was there? He's a little hottie!!! I would have been drapped all over that sweet looking thang!!! My type...blue eyed/blonde...thats my hubby but he's bigger than Brian....I like them bigger....Husky I guess???LOL


06-24-2003, 04:38 PM
For those of you who want a new low fat snack, here is the answer we have been waiting for!

06-25-2003, 07:35 AM
Now Faye, to post a picture like that, HUMMMMM, makes my dirty little mind come up with all sorts of comments.:lol: . But, since there is a baby in the pic, I will be good!!! It really is a cut picture.

I hope everyon is having a nice week and all is going well for everyone.

Were are all of you???? Come out and play!!!

I got to get to work early today so we can finish our move, finally, I think we will be all done after today, we are gonna try to get it done early because it's supposed to be in the 90's and very humid today.

Chat with you girls later.

06-25-2003, 07:57 AM
Morning ladies!

Here's to a good wednesday. During the trip to the doctor, who didn't do the GI, it is merely postponed. He performed a exam and we found out the he is impacted pretty far up. He has to take a prescription laxative and go back in a month. I hope that this works.
Good news got on the scale and I am finally down to182. Havent been there in a long time! Yeah for me

06-25-2003, 09:38 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's woes. Having problems, let us help!

Good morning ladies!

Sandy: Poor little guy I sure hope the laxative does the trick. Did they give him colace? It is pretty mild for little kids and usually will do the trick. My dd when she was a teen ate a box of Cocoa Pebbles and got an impacted bowel and was out of school for 3 days in horrible pain until I figured out what she had done. She was eating the cereal like a snack dry.

Peek: glad you liked the pic, but I pity the poor little cat. Looks like he was none too happy!

Today and tomorrow I am busy busy busy trying to get everything done to go. I am coloring my hair as we speak and redid my nails and toenails last night so they look pretty good. I have to pick up some stuff to take at the grocery store and was going to get the car washed but I am not paying $25 when it is supposed to rain tomorrow and the whole time we are in Indiana! I have to get packed and get the pet stuff together too.

Better get off and get some of this stuff done while I can

Faye :)

06-25-2003, 11:42 AM
Happy Hump Day All!!!!

Faye - I totally know what you mean. I feel a little like I am Monty Hall with the two of them. Unfortunately those people on Let's Make a Deal had the potential to walk away with thousands of dollars in prizes LOL! Did you get sraightened out with your bank situation? That can be way annoying when they mess with your money! Also...LOVED THAT PIC!

Peek - Nah I don't take offense to what you say. I know you're trying to help. I only wish I was that lucky to find "the one" at 19! Though I was prolly too stupid to recognize him. But I think I got the break idea down and now I just have to stick to it. *sigh* it'll be hard, but i need a little time for me.

Sandy - Hope your little guy is doing well today!

Whew...well I am having a rough week eating wise. It's not going well. In fact i've gained back my lost pound. :( But I guess I just need to work harder. I feel as though I am losing some of my strength, but I just need to buckle down I guess and try harder.

Anyway I'll check back in later.

Hope you are all great!
:queen: Missy :queen:

06-25-2003, 01:20 PM
Well I got into the pool and did my workout. It is really getting nice with the day to day hot weather heating up the pool.

I am now waiting my hour since I put on another layer of tanning product. This stuff is way cool. It doesn't streak and it isn't orangy like it used to be. I cannot get a normal tan as I have very very fair skin (makes me nervous going out to the pool later in the day if I have to because of the sun) I have gotten a bad burn wearing SPF 50 if you can believe it! So, I fake it when I want to tan. The dress looks nice with brown legs instead of those white bread ones! :lol:

I am including a pic of me with the new haircut and the earrings I am wearing to the wedding with the wooden necklace. Ignore my turkey waddle skin folds. lol Can't find an exercise that will tighten that up!

Missy: I was between 17 and 18 when I met my dh. I met him the old fashioned way, snail mail. My husband was a sailor so he was not some geek as far as sexual stuff was concerned (though he was a virgin which has always made me feel incredibly special) We are working on 31 years together and let me clue you in on some things we DID and DIDN'T do. BIG one, we didn't have sex before marriage, we were engaged nearly a year to get to know each other, we had respect for each other, and we didn't expect fireworks. Our love is better today than in the beginning. We have a great sex life (though we are slower than we used to be! :lol: :o) We are very attached to each other. He is my very very best friend. I think that for a serious relationship to be good, you cannot SETTLE! You my sweety are settling! I have seen many of your posts and you seem to have a fear of not having a boyfriend or whatever you want to call it. Personally, no boyfriend is better than a putz! There are some wonderful men out there (I have a son who is one of them). Some of them want a permanent relationship and some don't. Weed them out depending on what you want. If it is just a date then go with the guys who just want to have fun, if it is more serious long lasting one, then go for those. Look for guys in unusual places. NOT BARS! One of the worst places. Hair salons (not the stylist because he is likely to be gay! :lol: ), grocery stores, concerts, your doctor or dentist (don't discount the actual dr or dentist either if he is single!), restaurants, etc. My daughter met her dh on the internet (which I have to admit scared the heck out of me when I found out, but they have been married 7 years), dating services can work out too. Just don't get down on yourself because this guy is one heck of a moron and being a lady your mom's age, I am going to say this. FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T JUST GO TO SOMEPLACE AND HAVE SEX! Times may have changed, but men really haven't. They will never take a woman seriously who has fairly casual sex. You are such a sweet and beautiful young woman and we all want you to have the very best!


06-25-2003, 01:55 PM
Originally posted by peekabooangel
P.S.) Faye: I love the cat in the sink for your new avatar.....

Me too! What is it with cats and sinks anyway:lol:? My Noah loves the bathtub (he is a little tubby for my sink lol), But King Tigger is much too dignified for either.

06-26-2003, 06:31 AM
THURSDAY: Today is time for us Thursday so take a little time and be good to yourself today!

Cat rousted me out of bed so I decided to start today's post. I am going to try and catch a nap later this morning as dh always poops out and I get stuck with the "sleep zone" shift to drive (1-4 am). Luckily I have a nice audio book to listen to.

Finally got an e-mail from my sister so we will be having breakfast with them on Saturday morning which will be nice. She and her husband are kind of irascible, but I love her anyway. She kind of looks at the down side of life all the time and I always look on the up. Our darling son is taking us to dinner on Friday night and we are having dinner with some close friends Saturday night so our social calendar is pretty full for this trip. Gonna get in the pool at the hotel early each morning so that doesn't get left behind just in case food is not so great. This hotel's pool is all glass windows and you have to walk past it to go to the FREE breakfast buffet so I am sure I will be the conversation topic at breakfast for all those folks! Hopefully some of the pudgy ones will feel guilty and get in the pool later on! I may be able to hold off the Pound Monger that way! :lol:

Hope everyone is doing well. If you are lurking and not posting because things aren't going well, don't stay away. We are here to give you some encouragement and we all fall down!


06-26-2003, 07:18 AM