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08-19-2013, 09:51 PM
I'm really pleased my efforts are paying off, so I've always got something on hand, I divide WW peaches into 5 little containers equally, and I have something sweet on hand,

I never used to eat enough, I eat anything I want and definitely watch the calorie intake. I stick to 1200 calories. I saw on Dr Oz to change sour cream to Greek Yoghurt

My husband hates yoghurt, but does't have a clue it's not sour cream, and I have a little bit on a potato. Tastes the same

I get Greek Yoghurt put in little containers, I put half a banana/mango smoothie cube in it. By the time I want to eat it at work, the cube has melted and I Swirl it around it is really delicious.

My Dr told years ago you need to get your cholesterol down, I replied "I eat no fat, low fat, cardboard now". She said stop eating diet food. The bigger the label the worse it is for you.

I do buy lite ice cream (skinny cow) I'm not a desert eater or cake. I like muffins.

I've had a lot of temptation in my way but Im finding my way through, I don't tell anyone Im dieting, putting more of what I can, and less of what can't.

Unfortunately I have friends that like to probably unconsciously sabotage, I do enough of that myself.


08-20-2013, 02:51 AM
Well done scood! You are doing wonderfully. It made me laugh that your husband can't tell it's not sour cream...I tricked my fiance into the switch. Keep it up! :)

08-20-2013, 11:07 PM
:twirly:Thanks, my hubby absolutely will not eat yoghurt. When I saw that on Dr Oz and tried it , I have never told him and it tastes like sour cream and Dr Oz said it is better for you

I put shallots on top and I have a little bit. My poor old mum used to put margarine in a tub with a butter label.

Dad refused to eat margarine. Anything Diet I swap all sorts of things. My husband doesn't do diets if it is diet he won't eat it.

I made muffins with artificial sugar, lite milk, wholemeal flour and substitute egg and never told Him. He said gee they were good and took some for the fellas at work. Hasn't go a clue. I Just name it something else.

I used to do that when the kids where growing up, my granddaughter hated eggs. I called them rhinoserus burgers (really) she loved them.

My kids laugh now and say they all need counselling for the things I used to say and do