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08-16-2013, 12:50 PM
I have been wanting to make my own tomato soup for SO LONG. Finally, thanks to my Fiancee for planting WAY too many tomato plants, I had the opportunity. So it is fairly simple and can and should be made in large batches. (can you say freezer soup?).

Serves 3 heaping servings (yum)
-8 ripe tomatoes
-1 whole chopped onion
-3 cups bouillon (I used Not-Chicken Stock, for a heartier flavor)
-6-10 whole cloves
-salt and pepper to taste
-crushed red pepper

Ok, so first I skinned the tomatoes. I just cut a small X on the underside of the tomato, and dropped them in boiling water for 30 or so seconds. Then gave them a chilly ice bath. Skin comes right off.

Sauteing the onion for a bit (you could add a bit of olive oil, but you don't have to) then adding the broth. Bring that to a boil and start chopping all your tomatoes. This can look pretty rough, but who cares, your'e about to blend those suckers anyways. Add S&P and cloves... Let boil for 30 mins. Remove from heat and blend. I used an immersion blender (best Christmas present ever) and it got a little messy. Be careful with a blender, cause this stuff is hot.

Thats it! Eat it! Its smokey and savory from the cloves. I love it. I love tomatoes.