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08-15-2013, 07:46 AM
I wasn't sure where to post this but mini-goals seem to fit best.

After another year of living in Korea, including 9 months of actively losing weight, I just finished up a 2.5 week trip back home (Canada) to finally buy some new clothes. Even though I've lost just over 40 pounds my bottom half won't fit into the small sizes here. Last July when I left Canada I was barely squeezing into my size 16 pants, most of my tops were XL and my all my brand new bras were 38G. I was still wearing these clothes 3 weeks ago when a left and let's just say there were just a bit too big.

I'm very excited to say that I am now comfortably wearing size 12 bottoms, medium tops (including one I just purchased in Japan which is probably the most exciting thing) and my new bra size is 34F and the lady who fit me said I was really close to a 32!!!

I can't wait to spend the next little bit finally getting to my goal, though it will take a bit longer since I gained between 5-8 pounds on this trip (whoops). And hopefully when I'm home next year I'll be buying size 10s!!!

08-15-2013, 10:34 PM