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08-14-2013, 02:29 PM
My wife and I had an interesting expericence recently. I had started cutting back on carbs around mid-late May of this year. I started exercising in early May.

Well the first month was hard and then it gradually got better. Now I could not be more pleased with what is happening energy wise, weight wise, health wise, and appetite wise. My wife is just starting on her current weight loss journey.

My wife had done a cleanse I never had. We decided to try. We didn't make it through for various reasons but during the 3 days on it, I lost more and more importantly I was a lot less hungry. Since cutting down carbs I have been so happy how much better in control my apetite is.

I came across this article:

I can't speak to the entirety of everything it is saying but I wanted to point out from me and my wife's experience what it details is exactly what happened.

As I was on high carbs for years and years my body was starting to loose or had lost the ability to use or utilize well the stored fat. So I was hungry a LOT. Even right after a big carb meal. I needed 'fresh' calories all the time instead of being able to use stored ones.

I have, hopefully, reawakened my body's fat burning. So during the juice cleanse because I had reawakened it I was less hungry. Her having started more recently probably wasn't able to access her fat for energy as well as I was.

I like the metaphor of being in a high carb cycle the body has all this fat it could use but it can't. Like a cabinet full of canned tuna but no can opener. I don't know if this all checks out science wise. But experience wise not only this recent experience....but many experiences it sure does.

08-18-2013, 08:30 AM
It's difficult to understand that many of us, who are overweight or obese are malnourished . . . sometimes severely so. We eat the wrong things, and we eat too much of them. Consequently, we do not take in enough protein and nutrients, which causes undernourishment and obesity. That's why they can go hand-in-hand. Malnourishment or undernourishment can wreak havoc in the body, causing every thing from osteoporosis to cancer to opportunistic illnesses, because malnourishment also effects the immune system. It's a pretty insidious process, until the body can no longer fight illness. I wish you well in your new path.

08-18-2013, 04:15 PM
I agree with all above. But to me what made the article VERY interesting was the notion that under constant high carbs the body loses the ability to burn fat. So it adds to being hungry all the time.

But after some time on low carbs that fat burning ability when the body needs fuel can re-ignited. I found that fascinating and hopeful.

09-09-2013, 11:14 AM
I've read similar articles through the years. The most devastating fact, to me, is that what is called "low fat" food is actually high sugar food, making actual weight loss out of the question any way.

My take away from the low carb/high carb argument is that food is a chemical. In order to "feed the world" strains of carbohydrate vegetables have been subsidized (here in the USA, anyway, I don't know where else) and that has led to a world wide epidemic of obesity-- HFCS is part of those subsidized carbs.

Getting back to the chemistry of carbs, yes, they raise insulin, and insulin is the big "fat storage" hormone. If a person is overweight, then there is a problem with their insulin storage.

We treat "fat" as a cosmetic, or value system "choice" when it is an actual medical condition, like a broken leg.

There is some "blame" on the part of the victim superficially, but the hunger and cravings for food is caused by eating carbs because of the ATP cycle. Once a person has fat in their cells, which should be used as energy, it is not released, and their minds bully them until they eat another meal, and another, trying to get that energy that is being disabled by the insulin hormone.

Managing insulin is the "Only" way to lose weight and use that stored fat.

I have been following (or trying to follow) the HFLC style of eating, in combination with IF-- skipping meals to get back to the actual "reason" that fat is stored in the first place. Human beings were designed to live in a low food environment. We can eat pretty much anything, as long as it is not "a lot." I would add that I would not eat any kind of processed grain, sweetener, and so on.

I actually would not diet and then go beck to eating "normally" because "normal" is now just asking to be sick.

It's sad.

09-09-2013, 02:07 PM
Very interesting. I had almost convinced myself that low carb was just a way to lower calories and had no real effect on my weight loss. Until I stopped counting carbs and just counted calories. Zero weight loss. Sleep disruptions, menstrual disruptions. In short, my body just ceased to function well because my insulin was once again out of whack.

09-15-2013, 01:40 PM
I wish they would get away from the term "weight loss" and use something like "fuel usage" instead. Many animals and plants in nature have more than one way to do things to survive--you could say "fail safe" alternative survival strategies. We are meant to store fat for survival. When there is enough food you store fat. I really think it is not about calories, but amount and type. Carbs shut off fat use and are an alternate fuel used instead of fat. The metabolic pathway is totally different. It involves the liver more. It dosent matter if you are fat or skinny. It is just wnen you are overweight you have a prob,em with it. If you want to stop losing weight, eat plenty of carbs.