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08-13-2013, 11:27 AM
Good morning girls. I hope your morning is going well. Mine is partly good, partly not so good.

I got my swimsuits which fit perfectly, but the pants were humongous so had to send them back for a smaller size. I had Jack measure my hips so I ordered closer to them this time so :crossed: . On the other side of the coin, I may not be able to finish my sweater and I am at the armholes so it is close to being done. I may run out of yarn and I spent nearly 2 hours trying to find another skein. No one in town has either the brand, or the style, or the color or all three and I went through at least 10 pages of google looking for an online store. I just need one more skein. I am not positive I don't have enough, but it is going to be mighty close. So, if I run out I did all the work for nothing. The company I bought it from doesn't even had the style anymore let alone the color. I bought what the pattern called for with some to spare on the last skein but it is going to be squeaky. I usually buy way too much so followed their yardage and this is what I get. We shall see.

Jean: Hope the picnic is not too boring! :lol: I hate using Jack's laptop. Upstairs he has a keyboard attached, but when we travel I have to use the durn one on the laptop and I hate it.

Maggie: Enjoy your stove! Happy cooking! :D

Everyone have a nice day today. Hello to you Susan! Faye

08-13-2013, 05:01 PM

It is raining and coming down nice and easy so it will soak in and do some good to our area. We are putting the new flooring down where the stove will be placed so it won’t have to be moved out to do that later. The new one is to be delivered later this afternoon and they will take this old one and dispose of it. I am going to love having that flooring in the kitchen. It has done so well in the dining room and the living room down the hallway and into my office. After we finish the kitchen we will do Will’s office. Then the only carpet upstairs will be in our bedroom.

JEAN I don’t use the oven much but do use the stove top. Just cooking for the two of us I love having my counter top convection toaster oven. I do use the large oven when I am baking a large loaf of sour dough bread on a baking stone though for it does get too large while baking for the small counter top oven. Those glass top type stoves are easy to keep clean if you take care of any spills, etc. after it cools the very day you use it. They do make scrapers you can use on them if there is any build up. I had to do a lot of scraping and cleaning the stove that was in here when we moved in for the previous dweller evidently not know how to properly keep it clean. I used a lot of elbow grease and got it “new” looking after awhile.

DONNA FAYE Too bad you didn’t order the proper size and have to return the items. Hopefully they still have your proper size and you can get all the clothing you will need for your cruise all rounded up. I don’t order things by “their size charts” but by my measurements and rarely ever have gotten anything that didn’t fit. The size charts are so general and arbitrarily change. It is always to get out that ole tape measure.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-14-2013, 07:37 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is so lovely and cool this morning, right around 70 degrees. I even turned off the ac and am opening the door to let the cool air in. I sat one of the big fans in front of the door up on Jack's portable laptop table and you can just feel the nice cool air coming in. It is only supposed to get to a high of 80 degrees today which will be a nice change. I have my gate locked so unless someone wants to be ambitious and climb over it, and it is 8 ft tall, I doubt I am in any danger with the door open. It is super quiet outside this morning. We have been having cicadas singing and boy do they make a racket. Last night around 6 it was so loud you could hardly hear yourself think. They are some ugly bugs for sure. Every once in awhile one will die and fall out of the trees and the things are pretty big for bugs. They always reminds me of John the Baptist out in the wilderness eating locusts and honey though locusts are actually a species of grasshopper. I would think it would take a lot of honey! :lol:

Well I had success. I was upset last night after receiving back an email from a yarn store in Southaven MS. It was my last place in town and he said he no longer carries Cascade in that style. :( I knew I did not have enough to finish, but thought maybe there was the same color in another yarn similar so I went to the Cascade website and they did have a yarn in that color but it was one gauge smaller. I was desperate and one thing led to another and I googled "Cascade yarn #1198" which was the color and a company called Jimmy Beans Wool popped up with not only the color but the whole shebang. I had gone into this site before and it didn't list it as one of their colors, but last night there it was and they had 35 hanks so I bought three just to make sure I had plenty. They are fast shippers from Reno so I imagine it will be shipped out today and I may have it by the weekend if I am lucky. I have only the decreasing for the neckline, the shoulders then sewing it together and knitting the neckline and the armholes.

I went up to take a shower yesterday and decided to go into my closet and pull out some summer pants and capris that haven't fit just to see if I had lost enough weight to wear them. Well hot dog, I found 3 pair of light weight cotton and krinkle cotton pants and 4 pair of capris that all fit and fit comfortably with room not snug. None of these are knit fabric so they have no give either. :carrot::carrot: I am now concerned the slacks I am exchanging may still be too big but will have to wait and see. The hip sizes put me too large for one size and too small for the other. Hopefully they will be ok. It is nice to have things be too big for sure.

Maggie: I have this terrific ceramic stove cleaner I use for my stovetop and can keep mine in tip top shape. I think the biggest thing is keeping it clean and not let spills build on top of each other. I clean my stove everyday after every use so just in case I spilled something or something overflowed a bit it doesn't sit and get something spilled on top of that. Best way for your stove to stay in great shape. My stove is 12 years old and the top looks practically brand new.

You all have a great middle of the week. I need to go and put clothes in the dryer. Faye

08-14-2013, 08:29 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I am up early for a 7:30 lab appointment and then see the doctor at 9:30. It's still dark outside but think it is supposed to be a nice day. The picnic last night was "ok" and same as every other year. The guys grilled pork burgers, and bought deli salads and fruit, no dessert bars nor cookies. There were kids there and I would have thought they would at least have chips and carrot sticks for them.

My computer is home again and the guy couldn't find anything wrong with it. He dumped some spyware and things that have gotten downloaded that I didn't need. He thought maybe part of the problem is the router is downstairs while the computer is upstairs meaning well constructed house materials and insulation between the two could cause interference with connecting to the wireless and speed when searching for something.

"Gma" -- I'm so glad you were able to find the yarn you need to finish your sweater! :cp: What a nice surprise to be able to find "new" clothes that fit while shopping in your closet! :D Congrats on another loss this week! I'm sorry about the too big pants but glad the swimsuits fit. I haven't heard any locusts yet. Doesn't that mean 6 weeks until frost?

Maggie -- Please send some rain our way! We are so dry. :( I, too, have special cleaner and scrubby "thing" for my stove. I clean it after every use if necessary.

I'm off to figure out what I'm wearing. Just remembered I have lunch bunch at noon today. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

08-14-2013, 11:34 AM
Good morning, ladies! 67 degrees ... and rain. Only supposed to be in the high 70s today so a nice respite from the heat.

Last night was quilt guild and we had a very good speaker from Charlottesville. She is very artistic in her work and they are beautiful. Her husband is career Army (still in it in intelligence) and she had incorporated some of his old uniforms into some of her quilts.

Just work and housework until Friday night and then it will be lock-in. Well, I do have the Y as well. They put out list of school supplies needed to fill backpacks for kids so I went and got enough for 3. It wasn't that expensive at Walmart. I also volunteered to take a child shopping next week. We go in groups of 10, each child having a volunteer, to Kohl's. The budget is $125 for each child and we help them choose and try on. There will be a total of 150 children in this and it's all contributions from Y members.

Yesterday there were 2 little kids not more than 10 years old who had set up a lemonade stand on the corner. I stopped and they said the lemonade was 25 cents and they also had cotton candy for 75 cents. I didn't really want either but told them I'd take lemonade and gave them $1 because they said they were collecting the money for the Animal Shelter. Hopefully they don't have to pay for the ingredients because they gave me a 16 ounce cup full to the brim - no ice available. So lukewarm lemonade. They were just so cute I couldn't say no.

I thought I was going to finally get a truck. I've always wanted a Dodge Ram with extended cab so I've been looking. Trouble is, I'm just too old and short for that big thing, even with a running board. I can't see me getting into it when I'm in my 80s. So I'll look for something smaller. I don't plan on buying one right now unless I can get a really good deal. Every time I take my Neon to be serviced, Rick tells me to drive it until the wheels fall off because its still in excellent condition. Only had that one round of repairs last year and it's 10 years old. I still get 33 mpg, too.

Faye, congratulations on the weight loss. I hope all your new clothes aren't too big by the time you go on your cruise...but that would also be a nice thing. You are doing so well. I'm glad you found your yarn. We had those darn locusts earlier in the summer. They sure are annoying and nasty looking.

Jean, tea is a meal. In England they have afternoon tea and high tea. High tea is not what most people think - it's equivalent to our light supper. Afternoon tea is what we have and at that you have finger sandwiches and sweets and scones. They are only 2 bites so not real big. We had chicken salad, Smithfield ham salad, pimento cheese (a staple of the south), cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, and egg salad for the savory. The sweets were meringes filled with real unsweetened whipped cream and topped with blueberries and raspberries, lemon tarts, maids-of-honors (tiny tarts - pastry shell, then a layer of jam, and then a very thin layer of cake batter and then they are baked), swiss cake roll filled with unsweetened whipped cream and apricot jam. The scones were lemon-poppy seed and current for the sweets and cheese for the savory. They are served with clotted cream, butter, and jam. This sounds like a lot of food but as I said they are danity bites. It is served with tea of choice. I like Earl Grey or Scottish Blend. This is my carb overload for the month and when I started the research study I told the dietician I would follow everything else to a T but I would not give up having tea with my friends once a month and she said it was fine.

Maggie, the only thing my friend uses on her glass top stove is a Mr. Clean magic eraser and it is always spotless. It's from 1995 so pretty old, too.

Have a wonderful day!

08-14-2013, 06:02 PM

It is a cloudy day with sprinkles here and there with high humidity settings. UGH I don’t like the humidity. The buffalo were grazing in the new grass and the babies were frolicking about being frisky. They have once again put Ferdinand the big bull in his own pen to keep him away from the male calf for he might harm him. It is a dominance thing with them.

I am putting back what I can in the kitchen that was rearranged to lay the bit of flooring we did so the new stove could sit on it. We have the rest of the flooring ordered and it will be here next week and we can finish up the kitchen area. The oven is a bit larger than the last one so it made the bottom drawer for storing my pot lids shallower. I have to find new homes for some of the other items I had stored in that old oven’s drawer. Ah but this new stove is so beautiful in its blackness. Next month I will be ordering the new counter top Combo Steam & Convection Oven by Cuisinart which cooks food up to 40% faster. That new steam feature intrigues me for my bread baking. It can also steam veggies and other foods. There are 9 baking settings and combinations including broiling.

DONNA FAYE I am so happy for you for finding a place to buy your yarn to finish up your project. That must have certainly put a nice smile on your face. :D Please be sure a and post a picture when you get if finished. You can please keep your cicadas there. All we are having trouble with right at the present are flies. We put up stips and they don't go near them so we went and bought enough swatters for each room.

SUSAN What a wonderful thing to do to help school kids out. We had a box at church for "back packs for kids" and got a good response. Will turned them in today to the center that was collecting them and will do the delivering. You could always get one of those collapsible step stools and tie a leash on it and use it to step up into a truck and pull the stool in after you. I have seen gals do that a lot.

JEAN Sounds like that dinner wasn't very kid friendly without the crunchey things. Maybe it is what is making your computer slow being so far away from the source. Sorry but you can't have any of our rain because we need it so badly. We need every drop that we can get. The grass that turned brown by this time last year is still screaming green though so maybe we can spare you some rain. We should share shouldn't we.:p

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-14-2013, 10:43 PM
It's sprinkling tonight! There is a 90% chance for rain tonight so we are hoping for more than a sprinkle. My lab work numbers were good so I don't have to do anything different for another 6 months. This time I got a copy of the itemized lab tests and how much they would cost if Medicare and my BCBS doesn't cover all of it. I had to sign it saying I would pay the difference. This is the first time I've seen this one and asked the lab tech about it. She just rolled her eyes and said, "thank Obama and get ready for 2014!"

Susan -- Our church does school bags and supplies as a mission project. That is always a good cause. I was in Walgreens and looking for tape in the school aisle. A gentleman came up and stood pretty close saying everything was cheaper at the Dollar Store. :lol: We checked out about the same time and he had a cart full of groceries so am assuming he had to walk to wherever he lived. It was nice of you to buy lemonade from the kids. I only saw one stand this summer and they were on the main street going into town; there is no parking on either side of the street so have a feeling they might not have had much business. I was surprised you are interested in a truck. Bob has a big 150 and I feel like I fall in and fall out of it even with the running board and using the inside handle. Thanks for the tea explanation. We had dinner with a couple who are big tea drinkers. The server brought out a box and it had a variety of tea flavors to choose from. I was surprised as I had never seen that before; usually they just bring one tea bag and a small pot of hot water.

Maggie -- Will your new oven use water/steam to clean itself? I haven't tried mine yet as I just wipe any spills asap. Our yards are pretty sad looking. People on the lake side water from the lake so their yards are pretty green. We could really use a couple days of just gentle showers. Enjoy your new floor!

I'm going to read and see if I can get this book finished before Friday. :crossed: Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow.

08-15-2013, 10:23 AM
Good morning to you gals. I hope your day is starting out right. It is beautiful here so lovely and cool that I turned the ac off yesterday and haven't had it on since. It was 62 at 4 AM this morning.

My yarn should be here on Monday, which is great. I just hope the dye lots are close so the sweater doesn't look weird up around the front shoulders, "'cause I ain't a takin' it back out again to mix the two color differences." :lol: I only have the neckline decreases and the shoulder pieces to finish then I can block it and sew it up and do the neckline and armholes and it will be done.

Man, I had a mosquito get me in about 6 places and it has been driving me nuts. I put aloe vera on the spots several times and that helped, but I have a spot on the back of my leg that it is itching like crazy this morning.

Busy day tomorrow as I have to go to the vets and pay the bill and give them his left over dog meds to give to someone else, then I have an eye dr appt, then to the library to renew my card, then onto peddlers bike shop to get my sil a gift certificate for his birthday, which is tomorrow. We are getting together on the 31st so I will just hold onto it until then and Kelly said she has her dad's father's day present to take on the cruise. I am hoping she bought him the cufflinks he wanted. I bought him USS Kennedy ones, but he wanted a pair of his squadron or USS Ranger which was the other ship he served on. I sent her the suggestion so I think maybe that is what she got him. He will be thrilled.

I think I have decided to go back to straight single vision contacts. I have to use reading glasses even with the bifocal contacts so why pay the extra money for them if they aren't working? They are twice the price as single vision and I am at the top level of bifocal power they offer so she can't give me any more power. I have single vision glasses and put a pair of my readers over the top to see if I could see with my current reading glasses power and they were great so I don't need to go up on power. One of the things is I have terrible astigmatism in my left eye so I don't get great vision out of that eye with these contacts. I can only correct it with toric lenses and they are not only really expensive, from what I have read and talking to the dr they have to sit perfectly on the eye and not move for them to work. Why pay $50 a box and have to be messing with them all the time to keep them on the eye perfectly? We have vision insurance so I pay a $25 copay then have $150 to use for contacts, but they now take the $35 fitting fee out of that so I have the remainder, which gets me about 3-4 boxes. Walmart uses 1-800-contacts which is much more expensive so I just get as many boxes as my allowance then I go and buy the rest online at vision direct. I have the same vision in both eyes so I usually buy an extra couple of boxes for tearing or whatever and can always get more as long as it hasn't been a year since I bought them.

Susan: What a nice thing to do. Hope you get a child that isn't a pain to deal with. Boy, you aren't going to get a lot of clothing for that amount at Kohl's. They should have used Walmart, but maybe Kohl's gave them a deal or something. Thomas is doing a couple lemonade stands this fall to earn more money for St Jude's. He has made his $1000 donation cap from sponsors for his half marathon, but he wanted to do the lemonade and cookie stand. He is doing one on college opening day at U of Memphis and one of Kelly's friends who lives by the university offered their yard to use.

Jean: I am nervous about Jack starting medicare I think it is next year. We will be ok as long as he is working, but when he retires our income reduces drastically of course so don't know. I know Gloria told me way back not to worry as what medicare doesn't pick up, Tricare for Life will, but congress and the president have messed it up so much who knows now. I know one of the reasons my sister got in the predicament she got in was he gave her a prescription for antibiotics and when she went to pick it up it was $300!!! She couldn't afford that as her insurance refused to pay for it. So all she got were breathing treatments which didn't do anything about the infection. I don't have labs and such until spring of next year, though my mammogram is due in November.

Maggie: We are doing ok on rain this year. I noticed the crops looked good when we drive out to the commissary, which is all rural. I did get some gorgeous Ripley tomatoes and ate every one since Jack doesn't like tomatoes. Have fun with your oven when you get it. Maybe when we get the kitchen done I can get one.

Well girls, I need to go. I have bathrooms upstairs to clean and should get to them right away before it warms up too much. Have a great day today. Faye


08-15-2013, 01:13 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 73 degrees right now. It was in the low 60s overnight. AC has been off for 2 days so I'm happy Dominion Power won't get as much from me.

Faye, I pay my medicare premium and have Human Advantage PPO. Medicare sends part of my premium to them and all my bills go directly to Humana, Medicare is not involved. Human gives me better coverage than Medicare, covers my prescription, gives me extras Medicare doesn't like basic dental, vision, hearing aid, and my membership to the Y. I pay $31 a month for all that. I know plans vary by region but I'm very happy with it. I just hope Obama care doesn't screw it up. When I had an Anthem Blue Cross supplement I was paying $135 a month plus another $47 for prescription drug. I just can't go back to having to pay for that. Didn't your sister tell the doctor she couldn't afford the prescription so he could give her something else?

Maggie, we're 11 inches of rain ahead of normal. It rains every day for weeks now. Everything is lush and green. Usually by now grass is brown and things are dying. The foliage in the wetlands has grown so high I can't see the water unless I go upstairs to look out. If the hurricanes stay away, I'll be one happy woman.

Jean, Kohl's is giving a large discount. These are poor kids so I doubt they'll be very picky.

Have a wonderful day!

08-15-2013, 02:33 PM

It is a beautiful day in the 70°s here in the ♥-Land and all is well. Will is at the museum and the dogs are outside enjoying a romp in the grass and the cat is ~ who knows where. He goes where he wants ~ in the yard, of course. Wouldn’t you just know it ~ yesterday we bought a bunch of fly swatters and after we got them home we have not seen one fly. But we have swatters in every room now. Those sticky strips didn’t work for the flies didn’t get close to the ceiling they hovered down close to us.

We went out to look at push mowers since the one here will cost to much to fix it than it is worth. We found them in a wide difference in price but at the farm store they have the best one for the least money (even lower then Wal*Mart’s price). So that is where we will pick one up later this day when Will gets home. We have a nice riding mower but needed a push type to do some of the edges that the rider misses.

I have some pork chops out to thaw which will be put on the Barbie this evening. I lavish them with lemon pepper and they turn out so succulent. I’ll serve some rice, green beans and a tossed salad with them with fruit for dessert.

The last few days I have had the blahs but I blame the humidity for that. This is the first day in several that I woke up feeling great. I haven’t felt real bad but just not my usual self.

I found a couple nice racks behind a little cupboard that stands free in the kitchen and for the life of me I at first couldn’t figure out what they went to but then a light bulb hovered above my head and I remembered that they go to the smoker that is in the patio. We had brought them in last time we smoked some meat to put them in the dish washer and they got stored behind that cupboard. Mystery solved. I have had to find new homes for some of the items that I used to keep in the stove drawer. This new stove’s drawer is not as deep so the only thing stored in it are the pot and pan lids. The oven is bigger so the drawer had to be made smaller. Oh there is a fly buzzing around here but won’t land anywhere so I can swat it. Little pest dive bombs me. I picked up a swatter and he disappeared. :(

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you have your eye glasses all figured out quite nicely. We don't have lots of counter space in the kitchen either so I have a bakers rack right around the corner in the dining room which houses my smoker and rotisserie and some other items that are not used on a regular basis. We just try to make do with the space we have and get what we want for we both feel a convection toaster oven is a "necessity." :p

JEAN I e-mailed you the site where the information is on that combo "steam and convection toaster oven" is located. It will explain what the steam is for. The new flooring is the cats meow. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. So easy to keep clean and practically indestructible. The dogs are so funny on it for they run and then can't come to an abrupt stop like they could on the carpet. My kitchen is half way done for we used what we had left from doing the front room so we could at least get some under where the stove would set. The order for the rest of the flooring to finish the room will be here next week. I don't know why we didn't do this years ago. This house was built when wall to wall carpeting was so popular. I don't sneeze as much as I used to with all that carpeting in this house. Things lurk in carpets that aren't healthy. In that last motor home we had we yanked up the carpeting and put this type of flooring in it.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-15-2013, 04:30 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cool 63 degrees, with a breeze, and clouds today. The street was wet when I got up but the rain gauge said only .01. I made a grocery run; yesterday was $.40 off a gallon of gas, for a $40 order but I didn't feel like going and didn't need to buy stuff I didn't need right now. :no:

"Gma" -- I wear my bifocal glasses with my contacts. I could still pass the drivers eye test without the glasses but I usually wear them so I can "read" the small print on the radio or dash. I really think Congressmen should be under the same healthcare program that everyone else is. They get way too many perks imo. :( I would think there would have been somewhere your sister could have gotten help with the expensive prescription, or the doctor could have tried something else first. I know sometimes insurance will pay for something if other things are tried first and don't work.

Susan -- It sounds like you have a good insurance plan. :yes: I, too, hope Obama doesn't screw it up for you. I just don't see how people who can't afford insurance will be able to pay the so called fines for not having any. I wasn't the one who mentioned shopping at WM with the child. Years ago I took a little boy to buy a hat, mittens, and snowpants. At the time we had a Penneys store, but across the street was a children's clothing store which was more expensive. Guess which one he wanted to go to.

Maggie -- I will have to take a look at the toaster oven. I'm just not sure I want to give up counter space for something I have no experience with. Sonny goes slip-sliding on my floor. He likes to chase the little plastic balls around and sometimes over/under plans how far he goes. They really fly on the bare floor. :lol:

I need to head to the library and return my books. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the day and evening! :wave:

08-16-2013, 09:04 AM
Good morning ladies. Another beautiful cool morning so I hope it stays that way and doesn't get too hot today. Lots of running around today and seems my list just gets longer and longer. Part of the problem is a couple places don't open until 10 AM, my eye dr appt is 10:30 and don't know how much back up there will be. I want to get all this stuff done so I don't have to keep the car next week. Jack laughingly told me to be sure and put "pick up Jack at 2 PM" on my list! :lol:

I just got a fabulous deal on another pandora style bracelet. I got an email they were having a sale with their beads and spacers being $1.29 each and I found a buy 2 get 1 free coupon online for this website. I thought maybe they would be picked over as I wanted to make myself a red bracelet for the cruise, but they had tons of stuff. Wow did I do well. I got 19 beads and spacers combo and a bracelet to put them on all for less than $20. Regular retail this would have cost me over $100. I should get it by next weekend sometime. I also called California about my clothing order and she said it will ship out next week. I don't know when I will get the slacks from JMS though. My yarn should be here on Monday, which is great too. So I guess we will unlock the gate everyday.

Jean: Do you have single vision contacts or bifocal contacts? I can't see paying nearly $50 a box when I still have to wear reading glasses now. If I buy single vision, they are $28 a box, but $20 a box at the online place I go. Our gas at the Walmart Neighborhood Market just down the street is $3.27, but most places it is closer to $3.50. Wonder what it will be like to drive to Florida? My sister is a pretty impatient person so I doubt she even ask them if there was a way around it. She just plain lets her health go to pot then ends up in the hospital and complains about it.

Susan: The doctor gave her a prescription for some type of breathing treatments instead. I don't know what supplement she carries for prescription, but obviously it stinks. I also don't know if that could have been brand name instead of generic. Like I said to Jean, she doesn't take care of herself properly. Oh I am so glad and hope the kids can get a lot of clothing for their money. I really like Kohl's stuff.

Maggie: Isn't it awful that you have to just rebuy something instead of having it fixed because fixing it is equal too or more expensive than buying something new? They wanted about $50 less than it would have cost to replace our dryer awhile back so we said forget it. Unfortunately, they charge you an arm and a leg for a service call just so you can say forget it and go out and buy another one new.

I see it is 7 so I better get bouncing. I have lots and lots to do today. Have a great weekend. Faye

08-16-2013, 12:13 PM
Good morning, ladies! 72 degrees and sunshine. I'm so enjoying this cooler weather.

Tonight is dinner at VA BBQ with my friends and then lock-in at Bella. I'll be having my usual pork bbq (no bun), cole slaw and collard greens.

Faye, I hope you get all your glasses/contacts straightened out. I use readers for reading in bed. My eye doctor told me not to spend for an optician to make them but to get them at some cheap place so I get them at the $ store. It sounds like your sister's prescription was for a drug not covered under her formulary. I don't even try to get things fix anymore. I just get new one. July 1 VA gas tax was repealed - it was 17.5 centers per gallon but gas sure has come down. I paid $3.13 this morning.

Jean, its easy to use a toaster oven. It not only doesn't heat the kitchen, but you save electric over heating up a big oven.

Maggie, I'm not supposed to have carpet or drapes in my house because of my allergies and breathing problems. They do harbor dust mites and other allergens. I have to wash all my bedding every week, too. I really need to get rid of the carpet.

Have a wonderful day!

08-16-2013, 05:57 PM

Ignore negativity & live above the fray & your day will be a lot better. Determine to put a smile on your face when you wake up to meet a new day. :sunny:

This day is in the low 80°s and we are fixin’ to get a thunderstorm. Will is out mowing which will certainly encourage the grass to grow but look good with a new hair cut. Cecil just came into the house meowing all the way down the hallway announcing his arrival into my office to get some petting. I scratched his ears and petted his head down his back and that was plenty for him for he is now on his stand eating. I don’t think he likes it when Will cuts the tall grass near the fence that he likes to hide in.

Don’t you just hate it when your boiled eggs don’t peal right and chunks of the whites come off with the shell? Here is a good way to make them come out perfect every time. Poke the large end of each egg with a pin and place them in a single layer in cold water to cover 1 inch. Bring to a boil over high heat. Remove the pot from heat and cover. Let the eggs stand for 15 minutes then drain (for extra large eggs ~ let stand 18 minutes.) Run cold water over eggs then place the eggs in ice water. Peel off egg shell starting at the big end.

Not much out of the ordinary happening around here this day. All is well.

SUSAN Cooler weather is great isn't it. As long as the humidity stays down. They make some great looking window coverings now days. We have some dark color bamboo like ones in our bedroom that have a lining which cuts out the light and you can raise just the lining and leave the curtain down if you want the light to come in during the day. We like them much better than traditional drapes in there. The only room in the house now is the front room with drapes that we plan on changing to something of the non fabric type. I quit sneezing so much now that the front room doesn't have that carpet in it anymore. :cp:

DONNA FAYE What a great deal :cool: you got on your beads since you like that sort of thing so much. That is a sad thing to have to shell out money to a repair man just to have him tell you it isn't worth fixing. I guess that when something now days takes a dump it is time to replace it anyway. I certainly got my moneys worth out of that convection toaster oven that no longer has the convection fan working. I like the fact that it decided to take a dump just when the brand new much improved model has come to the market. If it had taken a dump last month I would have purchased a lesser model that doesn't have that misting feature in it.

JEAN 40 cents off a gallon of gas is a nice savings for sure! A toaster oven ~ I can't remember :shrug: when the time was when I didn't own one and each replacement has been a new and improved model. It is a great appliance for cooking for one or two people. Sure saves us on the electric bill. I cringe when I turn on the stoves oven thinking of how much electricity it is sucking to keep it at the correct temperature. No matter what amount of counter space I have had in kitchens, including in a motor home, :p my favorite appliance was a toaster oven.;)

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-16-2013, 06:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cool cloudy day in my corner of the world. I spent the morning getting a perm. While I was gone Bob exchanged our DVR box and remote; we've had issues with it for a couple of weeks. The tech has rebooted it a couple of times and it will work for a day or two, then either no sound or the audio doesn't match the video. I had to run a couple errands this afternoon and have been lazy ever since. When I'm gone in the morning it's hard to get going on a project in the afternoon. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- I hope you were able to get all of your errand running done and didn't forget Jack! :lol: Be sure and share a picture of your new bracelet when you get it finished. My contacts are single vision. My correction is very strong and I have one eye weaker than the other so couldn't do the split vision. I wear the gas permable lenses and have had the same ones for several years since my prescription hasn't changed for distance. I hope your yarn and clothes arrive asap.

Susan -- Our gas is $3.29 and has held steady for a week or so. With our grocery savings Bob has reaped the benefits because he can put 20 gallons in his truck. Have fun at the BBQ and lock-in tonight!

Maggie -- I remember reading about how boiled eggs shells come off -- something to do with really fresh eggs or older eggs. I usually just muddle through whichever happens. We had deviled eggs at the picnic the other night and Bob asked why I never make them. I like them too, so really have no excuse except I never think about it. Maybe I will surprise him this weekend, and make some.

I do need to wash towels so guess I will go do that. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and evening. :wave:

08-17-2013, 12:40 PM
Good morning girls! We shampooed the living room rug early this morning and Jack will tackle the dining room one next weekend. Since we no longer have a dog and don't have kids in the house it will just pretty much get dirty not stains for the most part now until we replace it before Jack retires in a few years.

They still had the sale on for the beads and they had a special where you could pick out 3 beads free from a list. They had a spacer with green stones in it so I took two of those free then got all $1.29 special beads and spacers and another coupon. So now I will have a green one too and they are beads I picked out not ready made bracelets. I did find a green ready made that had these adorable tiny faberge egg beads. It had 4 beads and 4 spacers and was $50 plus $9 for shipping. I got 19 beads and spacers and a snake chain bracelet for under $30 with the 9$ shipping both times.

I sat this morning and took off my nail polish and repainted my toenails a sort of lavender pink color. I bought it on sale at Walmart yesterday when I went for my eye appt.

I found out why I was having trouble seeing. My prescription has changed drastically for the better. When it was readjusted I could easily read again with my bifocals and Walmart dropped the price about $13 a box so I went ahead and bought a whole years worth this time as I only had to pay $29 extra after my insurance. My left eye cannot be adjusted astigmatism wise unless I wear glasses or buy a toric lense for that eye but she was able to correct my vision to 20/25 which is great for an old lady! :lol: I also have no catharacts, no glaucoma, and she said my eyes look really healthy too.

We went out to dinner to Red Lobster last night thinking and I got my standard cold shrimp. I prefer shrimp without batter and cold if I can get it, if not grilled. I was pretty pooped running all over town yesterday getting errands done, but I got them done with 10 minutes to spare before I had to go out and get Jack.

Tomorrow is commissary day and I sure hope the trucks have delivered. They hadn't delivered last time because half the shelves had bare spots where stuff should be and the meats were skimpy too.

Susan: I get my readers at places like Walmart where you buy cheapo sunglasses and get my regular glasses online putting in my prescription. Easy peasy and a whole lot less expensive than using an optical place for sure. Hope you had a nice time at dinner and the lock in.

Jean: I have worn contacts for about 20 years now. They are so easy for me I can put them in and take them out without a mirror. I have never had problems with them like other people. Jack has always had problems with contacts as they seem to make his eyes gunk up a lot and then they make his eyes itch all the time so he went back to glasses. Yarn came, but wrong gauge and can't return it because they don't take stuff back on sale so I am making a hat with it for winter! I may have found a solution so we shall see.

Maggie: I have heard a couple ways to cook eggs. Mine come out perfect by putting the raw eggs in pan covered in cold water, bring to boil, take off heat and cover and let sit 20 minutes. Then pour out hot water and replace with cold and as many ice cubes as will fit. Let set for 10-15 minutes then take them out one at a time and peel them under cold water. Similar to yours and mine works every time.

Well gals time to go. Have a good Saturday! Faye

08-17-2013, 01:07 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, no wind, and it's a cool 63 degrees. We are heading back up into the 80s and low 90s just in time for school to start next week. Not much on my agenda today, but there is always dust and fur fuzzies to vacuum plus laundry. Bob is off on his Saturday morning rounds, the boys are watching the squirrels and birds in the back yard, and I've been putting off getting my day started.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you were able to get your bifocal contacts again. I did try them, years ago, but they would never be in the right spot when I most needed them. I've worn contacts for 49 years -- that seems like forever! Bob is trying contacts again but isn't consistently wearing them. He says they just don't feel quite right. Like, go back and have them checked? Duh! I just got my 50 year reunion picture; it was fun to see who was who. There were only a couple people, out of the 90 there, that I would have recognized. :o We are due for a trip to Red Lobster with Bob's 96 year old aunt. Have fun making the bracelets!

We had a black squirrel show up yesterday. I'm hoping he will come back but I've heard the brown and black squirrels don't get along. Enjoy your day and remember to smile! :wave:

08-17-2013, 01:22 PM
Good morning, ladies! just in the 70s today but clouded over and rain in the forecast. Humidity is getting bad.

Casper and I went for our morning walk and now he is sleeping. Just wears him out to sit in his buggy and be admired by everyone. Of course, he does have to turn his head back and forth a lot so he doesn't miss any dogs, squirrels, birds, fireflies or other things of interest. I get my shoes and he starts looking and when the stroller comes out he jumps right in.

Faye, I love cold shrimp too. Shrimp and broccoli are my go tos at Surf Rider. We have Red Lobster but who wants that when you can get fresh seafood in so many places around here. I'm glad everything turned out good with your contacts and eyes. My distance vision has improved trememdously but my near vision gets worse and worse. The doc told my the shape of your eyeball changes as you age and its most people's eyes improve. I don't have cataracts or anything else, either and I'm thankful for that.

Jean, I look forward to days when I don't have to do anything.

Maggie, even though Casper can't hear, he "talks" and can complain bitterly when something doesn't suit him.

Have a wonderful day. Today is Bella Fabrics 5th anniversary so I'll run over this afternoon for the party.

08-17-2013, 03:26 PM
The men who made us fat is a BBC documentary done in 2012 with a wealth of information concerning the food industry the food itself and how we became obese
It is a three part series you can find by going to You Tube
Part 1, 2 and 3

Ladies, please watch this. Each part is about an hour but it is so informative and a real eye opener into the obesity problem. You will not believe what has been allowed and what has been concealed from the general public. This is thoroughly research by the BBC and they give concrete references of where their information came from.

Not surprisingly, it all started in America and now we have contaminated the industrialized nations with our insanity.

One of the biggest hoaxes allowed was low fat. The world health organization wanted to establish guidelines for sugar consumption and the food manufacturers went crazy. They persuaded the US government to tell WHO they would withdraw support if they went ahead with their sugar expose. The compromise was to tell people low fat was the way to go. In actuality, heart disease is not caused by fat but by sugar.

08-18-2013, 04:42 PM
Good afternoon ladies. We had commissary shopping today so have been running around today. I still have to send Jack to Krogers so he can get some cartons of mashed potatos, Febreeze shampoo for carpets that he mixes with our Bissell shampoo because it makes the rugs smell so good, and a couple half gallons of lower fat ice cream that Kroger makes. Keeps Jack on the straight and narrow if he can have a scoop or put a scoop in root beer for dessert once in a while.

Since the yarn I ordered is the wrong gauge and they won't take it back because it is sale yarn, I decided to make a hat with some of it. Took me a few hours to do it. I may make another one for my girlfriend for her birthday next year since she lives in Indiana. The person that designed this called it graceful clouds. She did not however reread her pattern before posting it. It had at least 4 mistakes, not a problem for me, but for someone with little experience might get screwed up with it. One place she left out a whole row of instructions!

Washed sheets and a couple blankets Fortune used to get on all the time. Things like this make it hard sometimes but it will lesson as time goes on. I did laundry yesterday then did all this today so I am done with laundry for a couple days.

Jean: Wow you had to be one of those folks who work hard contacts way back when. Jack got hard contacts with his reup bonus when he was in the Navy. I remember his coming up to see me and wearing the darn things. Didn't you have a time of it with the hard ones since you wear gas permeables now??? One thing a few years back is I had trouble keeping them in my eyes. Come to find out, the fit was off and that is probably what problem Bob had. I don't think I ever saw a black squirrel.

Susan: I bet it is great having tons of fresh seafood restaurants. When we go on the cruise, the night before when we are in Florida we always go to a seafood restaurant. We want to go to one about 45 minutes away from our hotel in New Smyrna Beach. It is called Blackbeards and supposed to be really good.

Well need to check my last load of laundry in the dryer. Have a beautiful afternoon. Faye

08-19-2013, 12:23 AM
Good Evening! I thought I had posted today but see I haven't. We went to church and then drove up to the lake so Bob could work on the boat. He didn't have what he needed so brought the pump home; he ended up replacing it so hope everything works when he puts it back together. Tomorrow begins 6 weeks of soccer and football games. I have a P.E.O. meeting in the afternoon so guess we will start with soccer since it is closer.

Susan -- I wish I could see Casper in his stroller! :D Thanks for sharing the documentary links. I will watch them when I am more awake. I was shocked when I learned low fat meant more sugar some time ago.

"Gma" -- My contacts are still hard; the gas permeable part has something to do with the material lets the lens breathe or some such thing. My correction is so strong the soft lenses didn't work for me. I was so determined to wear contacts that when I got them; I had to follow a schedule of so many hours wearing them, and then take them out. Now I rarely ever take them out during the day. Wind and blowing dirt are my biggest enemy. The hat turned out so cute! :yes:

I am heading to bed and read. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! :wave:

08-19-2013, 08:47 AM
Good morning to you all. It is cool right now, but supposed to be back up near 90 for the next 10 days. The humidity was 95% this morning so gonna be pretty sticky I imagine.

No loss, no gain this week. We did eat out a couple times last week though so I am ok with that for the time being.

I have probably lost my mind, but I got an email from the place I buy my beads and they were having a 99 cent sale. Eight pages of glass beads and metal beads and spacers. I just couldn't resist and pretty much the only color I didn't have was orange. They only had a couple beads that were orange and white flowers, but I found this beautiful swirl of bright yellow, white and orange and bought 4 of them 2 spacers with topaz, which were free, then the rest of the beads are all little metal animals. They are really cute and I got 13 animals pig, squirrel, mouse, fish(free,) turtle, butterfly, dog, cow, rabbit, frog, bear, crab and a deer. It will be fun to put it together.

Today is dust, sweep and mop the floor since I vacuumed over the weekend when we shampooed the carpet.

Here is my red bracelet. It looks orange in the picture, but the beads are really red. I love the little high heels and the lady bugs.

Jean: I am not sure I could deal with hard contacts. I have ones I can wear to bed so I can see all the time. I have very poor vision too and have worn glasses or contacts since I was 10. I even remember the first pair. They were baby blue and back then it was in to have those crazy sort of ovals shapes with the wings on each end. My next pair were brown and had pink stones on each side. I have run the gambit from oval to squares to the current fad the rectangles. :lol: Won't be long and you will be closing up the cabin for the year again. Are you guys going to Hawaii in February?

Hello to Maggie and Susan. I am going to get some work done before it gets too hot. Faye

08-19-2013, 12:41 PM

It is another day to be in the 80°s but right now it is 66°s and all is well. I am sipping on my first cup of coffee as I type and I am yawning. I am up a lot earlier than usual and it feels strange that I am up now. I really thought I had posted yesterday but I guess I spaced it.

The dogs were taken to the groomer early so they weren’t here to “bother” me, ah, but Cecil is here. :lol:

There is a sign in the window where we get gas that states “Full time graveyard position available.” The gal that works there said yesterday that a man came in earlier and wanted to fill out an application and wanted to have the morning shift at the graveyard. Guess he didn’t know what the “graveyard” shift was at the gas station and it was for the night shift.

SUSAN Those documentary shows are very interesting ~ thanks for posting the links. I have known for a long time now what an enemy sugar is, especially when it is mixed with fat in a recipe. I am so glad that I have learned to bake with Splenda® ~ the kind that measures like sugar. I don’t think I have any “real” sugar in the kitchen. When I have a soda it is always of the sugar free kind but my drink of choice is water with a slice of lime when we go out to eat. I like to drink a bottle of Perrier instead of soda now days. When checking labels one finds when things are ”low fat” they are higher in sugar especially in the ice cream area.

DONNA FAYE I know you will have fun wearing your many beaded bracelets. I like bracelets and have one that I wear all the time and don't take off. It is an Italian made Figero pattern gold one in large links and is quite beautiful. Gold goes with everything. :D It will take time to ease the pain of losing your little pooch but it will lesson. There will always be things that remind you of him but it won't hurt to think of them.

JEANHope that pump does work for it is so important to have one around water like that. I had a bad experience with contacts years ago and then never did want them anymore. I got a pair of those little gas permeable hard ones that had a chip in the edge that scratched my eye. It came that way and was put in my eye by the doc. When I got home and took it out I put it under a microscope and saw the chip out of the edge. The doc "gave" me a pair of glasses. Right now I have a pair of nice prescription shades that are my main pair of glasses. I don't need glasses in the house to see but do wear readers to read.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-19-2013, 05:53 PM
Just a quick "hello" today. I counted church and gift shop money this morning, made the deposit and took checks back to the hospital, then the meeting this afternoon. We are heading to soccer games as soon as I change clothes. Enjoy your evening and I'll. be back!

08-20-2013, 09:35 AM
Good morning to you all. Don't think the temps got too low last night as I only kept the ac off 2 hours.

I am anxious to get this other yarn and see if I can blend it in and make the sweater look ok. Lesson learned, buy at least 2 skeins or hanks more than you need when making something even if you have leftovers. I bought enough for the project, but it wasn't enough.

They have shipped my tshirts and dress and they should be here tomorrow. :carrot: I bought the dress in the next size down so hope it fits and that the tshirts fit around my hips. I wear long ones to cover my belly scars which show through my clothing as indentations and clearly what they are. I should get another bracelet tomorrow too.

Jack showed me an article where one of the major cast members on Rizzoli and Isles committed suicide at 29. You wonder what was so horrible in your life at that age when you have a steady job with good pay, etc to take your own life. Really sad and it will sure put a hole in the tv show they are going to have to figure out how to cover up and write the character out of the show.

Maggie: we get home from vacation and I am going to have to order a set of prescription glasses to wear when I take out my contacts. The two pair plus prescription sunglasses are all too strong now. It is always something I guess.

You all have a great Tuesday. Time to eat and get to chores. Faye

08-20-2013, 02:20 PM

It is currently 84°s and not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky. I slept clear through the night and didn’t wake up once and am totally rested for sure. We have been watching at least 4 episodes of NCIS each evening since we missed a lot of the showings when we were without a TV. When the show comes back this fall we will be caught up on all the past shows. We have gone through several years doing it this way. We are up to now when we have seen some of them so we skip over them.

I am a happy camper for I received my replacement Bad Habit Rabbit and Barely Baer It all Bear silver charms that I had lost awhile back on my bracelet. They are the last of the ones that are going to be put on it. It weighs a total of 5.4 ounces with all of them on it now. Yep that makes me a happy camper. When we went out for lunch yesterday we stopped at Burger King and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich without any sauce and when I got it I promptly threw away the bun and ate the chicken and the veggies that came on it. That, my friends is how I handle going out to grab a quick meal.

At WW last evening I bought a set of the stainless cooking utensils that are great. One is a draining spoon and the other two are ladles. The small ladle has two pour spouts. Anyway they go good well the last set WW was selling and look good in my utensil container. I use the first set I got from them practically every day since they measure out in portion size.

Today I am going to make a fresh batch of sour dough starter. I haven’t made a good loaf of that type in quite awhile and didn’t take good care of the starter so it went bad and I need to start a new batch so in a few days I can make a loaf. I imagine I will be making more bread when I get that new toaster oven next month that has that steam feature. I am also going to order another size in the stainless rolling rod. I have the 14 inch one and want to get the smaller 7¼” one which will make it easier to roll out small things in a smaller area. There is also a 20” one but I don’t even think I have a use for one that long. I have not used my nice wooden rolling pin since I got that stainless one. It lives in it’s box in the fridge on a shelf. I cut the end out of the box so I can just slide the rod out and when I am finished with it just slide it back into its container. Works for me.

DONNA FAYE It is nice to receive what you ordered and it fits. I do hope your new duds do fit and you will be pleased with your purchases. I bet you could plug yourself into a community college and teach knitting since you are such a great crafts lady in that area.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-20-2013, 06:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's hot and humid in my corner of the world today. Area schools are letting out early due to the heat. Just what do they expect when they start in the middle of August! I worked on the laundry pile this morning and went shopping for a wedding and shower gift this afternoon. The bride has expensive tastes! She's registered at our local store plus two large department stores in the city, and Target too. I had to laugh because she had 3 pages on her wish list with doubles on several kitchen items. I wonder if she really needs two different pizza cutters, different shaped ice creams scoops, team sport can openers, etc.; maybe "his 'n her's?" The bride is the daughter of one of the teachers I worked closely with so feel obligated for both gifts. I bought an adjustable rolling pin, for the shower, which is new for me -- never saw one of those before.

"Gma" -- Your red bracelet turned out cute! Will you put all of the animals on one bracelet? You could wear a different bracelet every day, right? ;) I hope the new yarn will work for your sweater. One of my elementary school pictures has me wearing my most favorite glasses that my mom let me pick out by myself -- yellow and gray plaid! Talk about ugly! Several years ago we had 7 high school boys commit suicide within a couple years. Last summer the son of a teacher, who was 42 and a friend of one in high school, commited suicide. She moved from here to live closer to him in MN when she retired; now she has no one as she was a widow.

Maggie -- Bob ended up buying a new pump. He tested it here and then took it to the marina to be sure; the guy said "too bad," but was glad to sell him a new one. :lol: If I had fresh baked bread around I would snarf it down much too quickly. I even like the frozen bread from the store so I'm not fussy. Have fun with your new dough starter.

I have another load of clothes to get in the dryer so better keep moving. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

08-21-2013, 07:58 AM
Good morning to you all. Turned off the ac when Jack went to work, but I doubt it will be off for more than a couple hours. It is going to be hot again today. I always feel so sorry for Jack when he comes in and looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders when it is just that he has had to work out in the hot weather or down in that blower building, which is worse. They have some crazy problem down there that they seem to fix and something else pops up. I am not sure what the purpose of the blower building is exactly. I know when I took him to work the last time the methane flame was really going at it. Usually, if the flame is not going, that means TVA (tennessee valley authority where we get our power from in this part of the country,) is buying the methane gas from them, but if the fire is coming out the top that means there is too much and has to be burned off. You should see this thing. The flame the other day was at least 10 feet shooting into the air. The guys have a name for it. They call it the f**t flame as in flatulance. :lol:

My clothing and another bracelet came today, my yarn is supposed to be here Friday and probably the last bracelet then all I am waiting for is JMS to ship the slacks. The dry cleaning and laundry stuff goes the end of the month and I have just a few things to buy like Lysol spray for the trip. I always take antibacterial hand cleaner with me and the ship has several positioned outside any eating areas like the dining room, buffet restaurant, etc to keep norovirus at bay. I take the Lysol and spray the whole room and bathroom and closet before doing anything else. I spray the furniture too and the drapes. Who wants to spend their vacation with a virus and having to stay in their cabin the whole trip? I posted a picture of the green bracelet. The little silver beads say dream, hope, love, and then stars.

I bought my second Oil of Olay product that I used for 3 days and into the trash it went. I never thought I had particularly sensitive skin, but this stuff did the same as the other, caused my face to get really red everytime I put it on then caused my skin to peel on my face. I am sticking with my plain ole baby lotion. It may not do anything for wrinkles, but it keeps my skin soft and I don't look like I have a sunburn.

Maggie: Glad you got your bracelet replacements. We have always like NCIS, the original one, and I like Mark Harmon. I remember him in his younger football days. You know he was Rick Nelson's brother-in-law. Mark's sister Kris was married to Rick Nelson. He has been married to Pam Dawber for almost 30 years I think. I know that the carpentry stuff he does in his basement on the show comes from real experience. He is a carpenter too. It is nice to see a celebrity only married once!

Jean: I never even registered when I got married. I got some crazy stuff, like 8 sets of those glass trays with tea cups you use for parties and such. I did get a huge punch bowl and ladle with cups that I still have after all these years. I was the go to girl when someone needed a punch bowl. :lol: It just seems kids of today getting married are so greedy and over the top. I have been to a bridal shower in years but I know even women who have no intention of having huge dinner parties and whatnot want full services of china, stemware, and flatware and not the reasonably priced stuff either. Then they go to the other extreme and put stuff on there things they themselves could buy. Who knows? I am not sure about the rolling pin. Think I will stick with mine. I have an old wooden one my mil gave me and years ago I bought a great one from Pampered Chef along with a silicone pastry sheet. I love them both.

I guess I should go. Hope you all have a nice middle of the week and keep cool and dry. Faye

08-21-2013, 03:35 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's cloudy and quite humid with storms predicted for later today. We need rain, not storms. I caught Momma Cat last night and for a little cat she sure has a loud howl! She spent the night in the carrier which made me feel bad but she was here alone and acted like she was starving. I put the food in the carrier and she went right in after it. The vet didn't have anything scheduled this morning so if all went well she will go to her new home later this afternoon. I will miss her and so will Sonny; he acts just plain goofy whenever she was here. I had my nails done this morning and have been sorting through the paper pile. This afternoon I need to at least vacuum and should dust. I just read a cleaning tidbit that says it's best to dust first, then vacuum. Hmm, guess I've always done that without thinking about it. Sometimes I just vacuum without dusting too.

"Gma" -- When you were describing the gas flame, my first thought was a big flame meant too much s**t going on. ;) Which Olay product were you using? I've used the cleanser and moisturizer for a long time with no problem. I do have sensitive skin around my eyes but that doesn't seem to bother me. I didn't register for wedding gifts either; we took what we got, and that was mostly bath, bedding, or kitchen items. Times change that's for sure. I got snack sets too! Mine went on a garage sale years ago, and there were times I wish I still had them. If nothing else it was nice to have a spot to balance a cup or glass. The bracelet is very pretty!

I need to keep moving or I won't get anything done this afternoon. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and evening. :wave:

08-21-2013, 05:13 PM

It is currently 96.8°s here in the ♥-Land all is well and the temp isn't said to get any higher this day. I had another wonderful sleeping all throughout the night rest and feel great to face another day. I don’t have much out of the ordinary planned for the day except give my sour dough starter a good stir. The starter needs to be stirred each day for 4 to 7 days depending how sour you want it to get. I usually just go the 4 days for it makes a very lovely loaf that isn’t overwhelming if you know what I mean. I am so glad I put a paper plate under the crock that holds the starter for it overflowed yesterday. Sure made it easy to clean up for it didn’t run all over my counter. However, I know the yeast in the starter is working just fine.

I’ll be so glad when the rest of the flooring arrives tomorrow so we can finish the kitchen floor. It is just half done and doesn’t look so good right now. But it should be all finished by the weekend. :cp:

I have noticed since we have been leaving the back door open, with the screen storm door locked all the time, that Cecil isn’t using his butt hut anymore inside which suits me just fine for I don’t have to scoop it. The lattes style doggie door is in that screen door to the back yard. I have a bruise on my arm and one just like it on my thigh the shape of his paw so I imagine he jumped on me while I was sleeping.

I think I will boil some eggs in my egg boiler appliance to have some on hand in the fridge for all the ones I had are now gone. Boiled eggs can be used in lots of different recipes or simply just eaten. I like to dip them in lemon pepper and enjoy them with a piece of fruit and some cut up veggies for a meal. I remember when I was a child there was always a boiled egg or two in the fridge. My mother was a gourmet before her time. How she did it with 6 kids is beyond me. I remember a pair of rope sandals she made. They were so neat with the straps made of cloth and the rope foot bed. I think she got the idea out of the Sunset West Magazine. It was nice having a “home” mom for the most part ~ but she was president of the local PTA for several years. The rule in that house was it was picked up and looking presentable for company before we left for any function or out to play. Anybody could “drop in” and find it looking fine. So we were up in the morning in time to get our rooms picked up and the bed made before we were off to school. While we were gone my mother would sweep and mop and buff the floors as needed. We didn’t have carpet which made it easy to clean back in those days. My father build the house with the help of his brothers and they put windows all across the living room wall. It was a lovely sunny room which could be darkened with drapes. It was a huge 4 bedroom house on a big lot so we had a huge back yard and a large front & side ones also. We had a badmitten court set up in the back yard and a playhouse out there that my father built for us girls. Our next door neighbor had a swimming pool in their back yard and I was best friends with one of the kids over there so you can imagine how much I got to use that pool. :lol: Now that was a bit of a walk down memory lane giving you a peek of my growing up days.

DONNA FAYE If you ever tried one of the stainless steel rod rolling pins you wouldn’t want to use your wooden one again. :nono: I do still have my poor little wooden one that served me well for years. I took the handles off years ago and it lives in a kitchen basket with a sad look for I now have the stainless one which lives in the fridge. :cp: Like I said the stainless ones come in 3 lengths ~ and I will get the shortest one soon. Thanks for posting the picture of your bracelet ~ it looks quite lovely. I love "color."

JEAN Isn’t that the way of it trying to catch a cat. Nice that you have found a good home for Mama Cat. Yep, dust first that way if there are any “chunks” your vacuum can deal with them. I love the Olay products for they make my face feel so good. I like to clean it first with Sea Breeze.

Hello SUSAN I hope this day is going well with you.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-21-2013, 08:26 PM
Good evening, ladies! 83 degrees right now and it didn't rain today!

When I had my gall bladder out about 38 years ago, I had morning sickness for 9 solid months afterwards and then it went away and I have had it off and one maybe once or twice a year for a few days since then. It started again Sunday and I'm just hating to get out of bed in the morning because the first thing I have to do is throw up. Not my dinner from the night before, just bile. The doctor back then and my doctor know both said its just how some people react. I think maybe it was brought on by some food that was at a covered dish after church Sunday. It looked harmless but when I ate it I realized it had more oil or butter than I ever used.

I went to the chiropractor this afternoon so my back and neck are feeling so good. I haven't been sleeping as much as I should (too may good books keep me reading after my normal bedtime) so the Kindle stays downstairs tonight.

Faye, I love your red bracelet. I can just see the f**t flame shooting up in the air. What a sight!

Jean, its good you found a home for momma cat.

Maggie, its always good to look back with good memories of our childhoods. I lived on a farm and worked like a boy but I mostly remember the good times like the afternoons we went swimming in the pond in the pasture (probably contaminated water but what did we know. We never got sick,), picking wild blackberries for my grandma to make pie or jam, riding my horse Penny. It sure was a different life. We never locked the doors, left the keys in the car, truck and tractor, and nothing was ever stolen.

Have a wonderful evening.

08-22-2013, 10:35 AM
Good morning to you all. Hot one today again, but lovely sunshine. We keep watching the hurricane reports now that we are under 8 weeks before we go on the cruise.

I got my clothing and this stuff fit a whole lot better. :lol: I laundered it and it is upstairs ready to be packed sooner or later. My last bracelet hit a snag as the pig is out of stock. I will call them later to find out what's what. The sale is over, but I found an octopus in their clearance beads for just a $1 more so maybe they can ship that out with the bracelet instead and I just pay the difference.

I have to finish some cleaning downstairs today, but got all caught up yesterday in starting a cowl to wear to dinner one of the nights with my new charcoal slacks. I am using a sock yarn in a lace pattern so it is nice and light. It will take the place of a necklace one night. It has lovely colors in the sock yarn and I didn't have enough of it to make a pair of socks except for maybe a little kid, don't have any of those anymore so I took it out of my stash and am making this. My other yarn won't get here until tomorrow anyway so I have time to finish this up.

Jean: I used the regenerist cream which really made a mess of my face in about 48 hours, then I used the total effects moisturizer, which caused the same thing but about 4 days into it. Hope momma cat enjoys her new home.

Maggie: I don't use the old wooden rolling pin. I keep it because my mil gave it to me. I have a wonderful rod style I bought from Pampered Chef years ago. Like I said it came with a silicone sheet to roll out dough.

Susan: I have to same thing sometimes and I had my gall bladder out in 1992. I never realized that is what it could be. Infrequently, but it has happened where I am up in the morning and suddenly feel the urge to vomit immediately. I have also had nausea without vomiting and it usually occurs several days then disappears. Hope you feel better soon and it goes away. No one enjoys life anymore. It is all about status and what we have, etc, etc. Like I have said many times, I grew up in a town like Mayberry where everyone knew everyone and memories of 5 cent ice cream cones at the drugstore, 4th of July parades, the squeaky floor at our dime store and the smell of it, etc.

Well girls, gotta get a move on. Have a nice Thursday. My new contacts are in, but we are going to wait until tomorrow to go get them. Faye

08-22-2013, 02:06 PM
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