General Diet Plans and Questions - First time on a cleanse just started day 3

08-13-2013, 09:35 AM
Ok this is NOT a diet. I have been losing weight steadily on lifestyle changes since May 1. A LOT more exercise and better eating choices I can sustain forever. I feel awesome.

Well my wife and I decided to do a cleanse. She had done one before I never have. I got a Livingsocial coupon for essential eddilbes 7 day cleanse. Not sure at all if it is hogwash or not or what quality they provide. But as part of the cleanse since Sunday, so just 2 days as of this morning, nothng but two juices a day and a salad.

I was 258/259 on Sunday morning. I was 252 this morning. NEVER had anything like that. And this is NOT sustainable. I fully understand that. But beyond whether or not my particular cleanse is effective or not the biggest thing for me is how I have not gotten too hungry the past 2 days. That is huge. That will be invaluable moving forward.

I don't think it is water weight loss because I have actually been using the restroom less not more. In any event will be interesting where I am if I stick out the 7 days. But way more interesting how I use this is a springboard in the coming months and beyond.