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08-12-2013, 02:07 PM
i just started in june, and while i haven't reached my initial mini-goal yet, i am under 200 and thrilled! i'm doing ww online, and i'm trying to be realistic about it - i want to use it as a tool to help me lose weight and eat better without it being so restrictive that i won't be able to maintain it after i reach my final goal. i've been going out just as much, but making better choices (and finding things i like better!) at the places i go. and i think i'm doing a great job keeping my refrigerator stocked with fresh fruit for snacking, i already love fruit but i live alone and sometimes too much time can pass between grocery trips, and produce would always go bad and i'd have to throw it away... now any time i want to much on something, i'm using peaches, cherries, blueberries, etc. and it's been great so far! i'm not restricting any and all "unhealthy" foods, just cutting down on frequency (maybe once a week, instead of 3-5 times weekly), and i think that's one of the great things about ww - i can go out and have that fried chicken, but i'm planning ahead for it, i'm not stuffing myself while i'm there, and i'm keeping in mind that i've had it during the rest of the week. i know some people are really great with cutting out all carbs, or all dairy, or keeping a strict calorie count daily, for a certain period of time, but those restrictions also seem to result in the worst episodes of falling off the wagon, if you will. so far, i'm not missing anything, because there isn't anything i can't ever have - ww is just in my pocket helping me to keep moderation in mind. i'm down 10 lbs so far, at 199.5, and would like to get to 180... my ultimate goal is 160, and i know it will take time to get there, but i would rather have this process be gradual and permanent! so far, so good.

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Jennifer 3FC
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