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08-12-2013, 06:09 AM
Good morning hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready to face the day!!!!

Cyndi the wedding photos were beautiful!!! Perhaps you could post one of you and your daughter? I love the black and white photo, very classy. Have fun meeting Linda this week.

The scale is playing tricks on my again. I swear that thing is mischievous!!! Down 3 for the weekly weigh in. Was OP and very active yesterday. Today up 2. Me thinks hormones are to blame.

Regardless lots of healthy meals prepped and ready for the marathon work week. My days are long (on 5 am train home 8:30 pm) so going to really watch my food choices / fatigue eating this week as no time for working out. This little chick needs to be in bed by 10 if I am going to function.

What does everyone have planned today?

08-12-2013, 07:07 AM
Good morning from beautiful Downtown Delta. Jennifer is on the go in NYC and Cottage is "roughing it" in the wilds of New York State and I'm enjoying my first coffee and recovering from scale shock. It was not a good food weekend carbwise, alas. :shrug:

I seemed to spend all of yesterday counting and balancing barbecue, Mill and cafe cash. I did take one wad to the automatic teller and drove back along the back road. I saw a doe and fawn, rabbits in someone's veggie garden and had a male turkey stand his ground, tail spread while his hens crossed the road. Gotta love living where I do - so relaxing!

Laundry is sorted and ready to go and I have my week's schedule pretty well set. I seem to have become the dessert chef for the Cafe which is quite flattering but... I will get some things ready for the cafe freezer as I'm going away this weekend. :cb: I have a meeting re financials here on Thursday and will be doing coffee and cookies. Men are such little boys sometimes - two of them asked if I'd have cookies with the coffee!

So what's going on with you this Merry Monday? :cofdate:

08-12-2013, 07:34 AM
Good morning from the wonderful quiet of my desk at home :coffee2: This weekend reminded me again that I am definitely no longer a city girl. It was noisy, expensive, and crowded and it's good to be home. It was also just a wonderful weekend for DD and everyone connected. Now back to the day to day.

Jennifer - I weigh every day and look for trends but have the same crazy up and down blips. You are so smart to plan your eating ahead of a busy week. It's never good when I forget to do that.

Ruth - Rides in the country are never ordinary :)

Twynn - that's my Dad in the hat and tails. It was a very big deal for him. He hasn't traveled since the cancer 10 years ago followed by a stroke the year after. He was determined to be there and DD so wanted him to walk her down the aisle.

OKay, time to get back to the real world. First step, plan my day. Off we go into another work week.

08-12-2013, 08:10 AM
Jekel, thanks for starting us off this am. I wonder if some of your weight gain is water weight from working out? I know I get that. Good luck this week!

Ahhhh Ruth, I really must come with you. I think I told you DH agreed - I'm not allowed to go to Canada without him :). I would LOVE to be your co-pastry chef, I have a bit of a reputation at the school for the teachers!

Cyndi, the pic of you two is AWESOME!! You look fantastic! (I'm glad you're comfie at the weight you're at - you look great!) Such a sweet story about your dad.

Speaking of dads, today is my dad's birthday (he died last year after a pretty rough time). I made today Emma's now the cat is named after him (Walter, my dad's middle name) and the dog's birthday is the same as his. I'm not so sure he'd be that flattered!

I actually got my lazy bum out of bed this am and went for a run, first time in over a month (you can tell I'm not on the exercise challenge thread!). Now I won't feel guilty (actually, I'll be justified) if I get a power nap this afternoon. We have lots to do today - work, return/check out books at the library, and we're going to a 4-H meeting tonight, which the kids haven't done. I loved it when I was younger!

I'm sitting on the back porch listening to nature. Ahhhh...

08-12-2013, 08:47 AM
Good morning.

Jennifer - Oh the scale is so fickle. Hope your week goes smoothly.

Ruth - I had a similar weekend with the return of my son and a neighborhood gathering. Sigh.

Cyndi - Loved the pics; thanks for sharing.

Twynn- Sorry about your dad. I think you've chosen a fun way to remember him.

DS2 was at the lake with friends all weekend so we've hardly seen him since he's been home. But this morning starts a week of appointments for him. First up - he takes his car to be serviced and will run errands while he and DH wait for it. I'll be puppy-sitting which could be interesting since we are having a thunderstorm and this southern Cal puppy has never experienced one yet! If he's like our old dog, he'll spend the day shaking in fear and won't be willing to go out to do his business.

Have a great day.

08-12-2013, 09:06 AM

I have done my 45 minutes of knee/leg exercises and am sipping coffee while I ice and elevate. Soon I will get ready to go to school. I want to check on the status of my room, my supply orders, etc. I prefer to ease into this a little at a time; the start of the year is always so busy!

Jennifer, I am a compulsive daily weigher and know too well those little blips up and down. Kudos to you for planning the week's food. It is such a huge help to me.

Ruth, I didn't have any special events and still managed to find a piece or two of :censored:to eat. Have a productive day.

Cyndi, what a wonderful weekend for you! Glad it went off without major mishaps.

Tammy, my yard is noticeably quieter lately. It is quite a cacophony of birds in early spring when they are all looking for a mate!!

Karen, good luck with the pup!

Time for breakfast and coffee...

08-12-2013, 09:28 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

My morning has been consumed by chores needed to get DH off to our other home so he can tend to yardwork. I really wanted to go but mom informed me Saturday that we have a mine inspection on Friday (wish she'd tell me sooner.) Oh, well.

I've got to do my home exercises (mandatory) then head to work.

Cyndi, beautiful pics! (Especially you and DD!)

:welcome2: Lisi!

seabiscuit, one of the blessings of this forum is I can share some of those hurts along the way with others who understand. My mom has sure seemed insensitive along the way. I just keep on "my own track". (She does SBD P1-but eats ice cream every night :lol: I keep my mouth shut.)

:wave: everyone else! Gotta get going!

08-12-2013, 10:38 AM
Good morning,

On my way to the bus I noticed my brakes are acting up on my car so I will be taking it in but they do not have a loaner until Friday so trying to figure out if DS will let me take his since he has a moped he can drive.

My week is super busy (scheduled) and tomorrow is DD2 first day of school I think I am going to have to delegate a few meetings so I can see her off to school.

Sounds like everyone had a nice weekend, Cyndi loved seeing all the pics, your DD made a beautiful bride.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

08-12-2013, 01:20 PM
(She does SBD P1-but eats ice cream every night )

Debbie, I think your mom must know mine. lol

Morning all. I have today off and then it's back to work tomorrow. I've been having a pretty good week OP, just trying to keep the momentum going. I've already planned this week's work lunches so there are no glitches.

08-12-2013, 05:31 PM
Twynn and Lexxis-

Thank you so much for your support. Now, I feel guilty posting that comment. I love my family a lot, sometimes they don't understand though about the weight and that can be very frustrating.

I am moving in less than 48 hours- YIKES!! :dizzy: Fortunately, I have 'til the 28th of this month at my old place. I just want to get as much as I can on the moving truck Wed am. It is a short move but it will be a lot of work, yes I have noticed so far that it is a lot of work. I am getting rid of so much stuff, which is good.

I have to clean up my eating and start sticking to SBD, I haven't been lately. I think that I have been stressed out with the move and that is probably why.

Maybe I will go lap swimming tonight, that would be fun. I love to swim but I haven't gone for awhile.

Take care everyone :)


08-12-2013, 08:22 PM
Twynn and Lexxis-

Thank you so much for your support. Now, I feel guilty posting that comment. I love my family a lot, sometimes they don't understand though about the weight and that can be very frustrating.

Amy, I encourage you not to feel guilty about posting anything here. I'm finding it's far better to share some things here instead of internalizing (and eventually eating) about those thoughts. My mom loves me, too, but she can be pretty insensitive about things, too.

Good luck with moving!

08-12-2013, 08:38 PM
Debbie I couldn't agree more!!! Seabiscuit be kind to yourself :) Movibg is very overwhelming, right Cyndi. BTW Cyndi, thank you for posting the pic of you and your daughter. You both look beautiful and happy. So glad your dad was able to be there. Tammy my pets get "family's" birthdays too. Helps remember the good times we shared over the years.

On my train home cannot wait to put my feeties up and unwind.

08-12-2013, 11:15 PM
Seabiscuit - I'm just in awe you can even consider being on plan while you're trying to move!! Don't feel guilty about mom - every one of us has been there in one way or another sometime in our life. Life isn't a Norman Rockwell painting ;).

08-13-2013, 12:16 AM
Just saying hello. Did an hour of DanceFit today and followed it up w/ a 2 mile walk, so I've got my fitness in for the day. I'll be hitting the hay early since I've got Leadership class at 0800 hrs in the morning. Hope everybody had a great day!