Diet Blogs and Journal FAQ and Help Forum - Risking sounding like a I go

08-08-2013, 08:53 PM
If you look to the left, you can see that I have a blog, granted, I haven't posted on it in a couple years. LOL But I'd like to start up again, but *ahem* I don't know how to post! LOL ~there I said it!! hahaha I cant figure out how to create a new post!!


Suzanne 3FC
08-08-2013, 09:58 PM
It's not a dumb question, everyone asks it at some point or another :) If you are not already logged in, go to and log into your admin panel.

You'll see a link in the upper left area to write a new post or a new page. Choose to write a post because that appears on your blog front page and can also go into categories if you create them. A 'page' is something like an 'about me' page that is static.

I can't give you specifics because I no longer have access to the blogs and it uses a different version of Wordpress than I use elsewhere. However, that should get you started. If you log in and can't find the option to write, please let us know.

Good luck :)

08-09-2013, 10:00 AM
THANK YOU!!! lol