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08-08-2013, 12:24 PM
If you are looking for a good dessert tea for a sweet tooth fix, you gotta try Red Rose's simply indulgent teas. These are absolutely delicious... a little higher priced than other teas, but worth it compared to buying junk food. plus they seem to be pretty easy to find in most grocery stores, no need to buy online and wait for them in the mail.

It's not too often I find a food that I think really has any wow factor and worth posting about. And I've tried many flavored teas from stash, bigelow, celestial seasonings, twinnings, etc... sure, some taste better than others although still not quite as good as the real thing, so I wasn't expecting these flavored teas from Red Rose to be really all that great compared to what I've already tried.

I have to say, they are really good if you want a sweet tooth fix. They taste very close to the real thing. I'm sure they are the best ones I've tried this far. The Cinnamon Streusel flavor hits the spot if you want the flavor of a coffee cake. The lemon chiffon is good if you like lemon flavored cakes. creme caramel is very good too. The peach one is good too, although not that great. They taste good with or without sweetener, of course they do taste a little better with some sweetener though although these could go without it.

Hopefully they never discontinue these and bring out more flavors... of course I'd love a chocolate one! If your a fan of the dessert gums these teas are worth a try if you are looking for a certain flavor.

08-08-2013, 01:00 PM
I love tea, especially teas that are sweet without added sugar. I stick with a lot of fruit infused green teas. I haven't seen the Red Rose teas yet, other than the original.

Sadly, I'm allergic to cinnamon and a lot of the flavored teas contain it. I'm not super-allergic, but its enough to make me uncomfortable. I love iced chai tea lattes and I drink them anyways, but they can make my tongue numb and my throat scratchy if it contains a lot of cinnamon.

08-08-2013, 06:20 PM
I friggin love coffee cake and crave it sometimes, so I'll give that cinnamon one a try if I can find it.