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08-02-2013, 01:55 PM
Good morning, ladies! 76 degrees right now. We had a lot of thunderstorms last night and it poured. Casper and I will be going for a walk before lunch.

Faye, you'll look nice on that cruise for sure. I hate to shop but all my clothes are at least one-size too big right now so I might go this weekend and see what I can find for fall. This is back-to-school tax free weekend so that saves 5.5% besides what I can find on sale. Tobacco is more addicting than heroin. Stan could never stop and he tried all the patches. My Dad couldn't either. It's kind of like losing weight. Everyone wants to, but 95% of the folks who do gain it all back because the draw of food is too big and they keep on eating the same foods they did while overweight in the first place. Eating everything in moderation just doesn't work over the long haul.

Jean, I hope that water pipe will keep your basement from getting so flood when you have the big rains. That can't be fun. I really miss my basement but the water table is so high, we just can't have them here. It sure cuts down on storage space, which now that I think about it is probably a good thing!

Maggie, I'm glad you finally have your computer just the way you want it. With all your recipes, do you use Master Cook? I just got an upgrade notice this morning. It will now let you import recipes and pictures from any website and figure the nutritionals for you. It's only 15 dollars for the upgrade so I'll probably get it. I've used it for years.

Have a wonderful day.

08-02-2013, 06:04 PM

It is currently in the 90ļs and I all is well in the ♥-Land. I am typing this on my old computer because I kept getting kicked off the internet while using my new one. It has some glitch in it and is now back at the shop. They are going to scrape it down to the bare bones and see if they can rid it of what is bothering it. It was working fine but something was causing it to get a disconnect signal. I had my post all typed out and transferred to the 3FC site and I got a disconnect and poof my post was gone. Irritating to say the least and I donít have the inkling to re-type everything ove agan right now so I am not going to do any personals.

Have a great day MAGNOLIAS and I will type at yíall later.

08-03-2013, 12:56 PM
Good Morning! It's a sunny cool 66 degrees this morning. I've cleaned out the cat boxes , have a load of clothes washing, and need to get the vacuum going. I also wrote out checks to pay the house taxes, IRS, and state taxes in September. It would be nice to have no tax bills! I just wish we could have more say in how the government spends our money, especially the federal government.

Susan -- The new plumbing project is to keep the water off the patio and out of the main level bedroom and bath. :crossed: Bob rerouted a rain spout to the north side of the house to get it away from the patio. They buried a plastic pipe under the patio to go to the street but when it rains so hard and fast, that pipe couldn't handle it all. That's when he dug a hole for a sump pump in the yard. Now he hoping it is fixed but we won't know for sure until the next hard rain. The basement only gets a trickle (usually, unless the electricity goes off and the pumps quit) that runs to the drain.

Maggie -- I'm sorry you are still having computer problems. :( I plan to take mine to the shop on Monday and have it cleaned out. It is running slow and the wireless will disconnect when the virus scan is finished running. Frustrating!

Bob is at the farm working on his tractor. Thanks to Jason, rumor has it he bought another one *sigh* and said he plans to sell it for parts. We'll see. He has to make a road trip to the ND-SD border to pick it up.

I need to get moving or the morning will be gone. Enjoy your day and do something nice for yourself! :wave:

08-03-2013, 02:07 PM

It is in the 70ļs here this day and not expected to top 85ļs this afternoon. Will is doing a funeral service for a lady that passed away that he knew from the museum when she was a volunteer. I didnít know her so I didnít go. She and her husband are Catholic but chose Will to do the service for her. I donít suppose it really matters who does the service for the soul has already passed on and the service is for the living.

I donít suppose Iíll be getting my computer back until around Monday so I am so thankful I still have this one to use. This go round I may have to reload all my programs once again. I sure hope they get my computer sanitized this go round. With all this trouble with it sure makes me not want to use it anymore for I am paranoid that something will happen again. :yes: At least I still have this old faithful to use in the meantime.

I certainly donít have much ambition to do much of anything this day. There are a few things that I must do that will get done though if I feel like it or not. I am not cooking this day for we are going out for Chinese this evening. Iíll have some broth for lunch in a little while.

We are in for some thunder storms today and tomorrow and I hope it brings some rain along with it. The wading pond in the buffalo pen is getting quite full to overflowing. Before when they stood in it they were knee deep in water now it comes up to their bellies. It is kinda deep in the middle for the little ones. I get such a kick out of the moms when they are weaning their young for they keep moving so the babes canít get a grip. When they all get weaned they will have to separate them from the bull once again for his nature will have him challenging the male for dominance. They will probably sell off the youngsters and the little male one will bring a good price, more than the two females will.

SUSAN No, I don't use Master Cook but will certainly look into it. I do a search for a certain recipe that I can't find in any of my books on occasion and that sounds like a good source.

JEAN I try to have a good virus protection system, but alas, some things sneek through and hide in programs and when they are opened there are problems. I trust my teckie to deal with them. :p Hopefully your guy can locate what it is that is shutting yours off like that.

Have a great day MAGNOLIAS and I will type at yíall later.

08-04-2013, 11:15 AM
Good morning, ladies. Another day with storms. At least the temperature is staying down in the low 80s. My AC hardly runs at all.

I've been to church and passed on eating breakfast at Ducan Donuts. I came home and had a nice Pure Protein Frosty Chocolate shake (25 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs) and that will keep me full until around 1 pm.

I need to do some laundry and vacuum the downstairs today. I cleaned out the fridge and restocked it yesterday. I'm loving all the fruits and vegetables that are in season now. j

Maggie, Master Cook costs $20 for the new version 14. I've had it since the 2nd version. I love it. You can add your own recipes, scan them in, load them from websites and it figures the nutrition for you (based on USDA). You can put in meals. I plan my whole week in it, print it out with the recipes I'll need and it also creates the shopping list which you can modify to remove things you have on hand or add what else you might need.

Jean, I have 3 friends whose husbands restore old cars. Bob is the only one I know who collects tractors! My friends don't mind for when when they want a new sewing machine for more fabric, etc. they have the what the husband spends on his cars to justify their purchases. LOL

Hi Faye! I hope the commissary wasn't too bad!

Have a blessed day!

08-04-2013, 03:47 PM
Good Afternoon! We started the day with cool sunshine but the clouds have taken over and the sprinkles have begun. We could use a whole day or two of gentle nonstop rain. We went to church which was longer than usual this morning. During the summer months we have different church members who provide special music, most of which is very enjoyable; a piano solo, a singer, etc. But the "dog and pony" show was also performing and sung through each one of their twangy songs three times. We had communion and the pastor took his usual time for his sermon. I can't remember if I shared this or not, but he had a skin cancer removed from his ankle, and now is facing a skin graft over the 4" x 5" hole. Then he will be in a cast to keep everything in place. Last Sunday and today he sat down through the entire service -- said he had run out of happy pills and his ankle really hurt.

Maggie -- Do you have a favorite thing to eat at the Chinese restaurant? My favorite is cashew chicken, crab rangoon, and egg rolls. We don't eat there very often but you mentioning it makes it sound inviting. :T

Susan -- I don't know about the protein part but the frosty chocolate shake sounds delicious! We are enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables too. I just wish they didn't all come at once and then nothing over the winter months. The fresh year around produce is what we missed most about living in Ohio. :yes:

I need to change clothes and do something constructive this afternoon. Sitting down with my book sounds more inviting. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

08-04-2013, 09:44 PM
Good evening gals. Yesterday was crazy with commissary shopping and today I have been working on my sweater all day and just stopped long enough to do morning chores and eat.

My dresses fit, I had to keep the top they altered for me but the material is not summer but heavy stuff and the top comes down to my knees, but like I said, I couldn't return it. Three shirts and my cute seersucker pants went back. The shirts were too big :carrot::carrot: and the pants about a foot too long as they sent talls in my size and now don't have average in my size they sold out. So I opted to get proper size in my tshirts and saved $30 on those with the size difference and the money back for the pants so I ordered another dress with the difference. I bought all sale stuff and you can't get refunds only exchanges on sale stuff, but I called the store and she gladly said I could buy a dress with the extra money so that's what I did and just got the tshirts exchanged. I told her I was sending it priority (it will be there tomorrow) and would they have enough time to get it all back to me by the end of Sept. She said she would ship it out this next week. On their return page it says 3-4 weeks but she told me to put it to her attention and she would get it right out to me.

Susan: We are sweltering here. The humidity is like 75% and very warm on top of that so it is so hot and sticky. My sister has to ask herself, do I want to struggle and quit or die because that is sure where she is at. Her oxygen level was 65% when they admitted her I think. She has been on 100% pure oxygen since they took her to the hospital. Believe me, I know it won't be easy, but she refuses to do anything to help her quit like patches, gum, that sort of thing. She is a very stubborn woman and frankly acts like a child sometimes.

Jean: I am buying Jack an Ipad for Christmas this year, big surprise. Since I pay all the bills and all he wants is money for his daily paper he will never figure it out. I am going to have it shipped to my dd's house and ask her to wrap it for me. Hope Bob has fun with his new toy. How long will it take for him to go and get it and come back?? Hope the drainage helps the patio. I know you have had trouble with it numerous times.

Maggie: Hope your day is going well.

I guess I should get out of here and get things settled for the night. Four AM comes mighty early. Have a great start to your week. Faye

08-05-2013, 10:12 AM
Good morning ladies. So far it is not too bad, but it is supposed to be in the 90's today again.

I have to get on the treadmill in about an hour then get chores done and such. I finished the back of my sweater and am getting ready to cast on the front. Hopefully, :crossed: I will get in done by the end of this month or beginning of next month. Takes a long time to knit a sweater for someone my size, but at least it is sleeveless! :lol:

I see by the USPS tracking my box to the dress shop will be delivered today so I am hoping they can ship it back out to me this week sometime. We shall see. The woman I talked to said she could.

You all have a great day today. Faye

08-05-2013, 03:20 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 79 degrees and sunshine and low humidity! A perfect day.

I went to the gym this morning for Tai Chi, Water Aerobics, Water Zumba, and Yoga. It was a lot of fun. I have a behavior modification for the research study I'm doing at 5:30 and that's it for today.

Faye, your sister is lucky to be alive with oxygen levels that low. I have and oximeter and measure mine every morning and it runs about 97% with medication. You have a lot of dresses...I have 4. Mostly I wear pants. I hope you get you things from the dress shop this week.

Jean, I'm a steamed shrimp and veggies girl at a Chinese restaurant unless they have a habachi and I can chose my meet and vegetables. I don't do breaded and fried stuff. It just doesn't taste good to me after being away from it for so long.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a wonderful day.

08-05-2013, 05:44 PM
Good Afternoon! I am on my laptop and the cursor keeps jumping around. :hyper: We had a little shower this morning but now the sun is out and it is getting hot and more humid. My computer, at church, wouldn't work this morning so I will have to go back when it is fixed. The secretary's worked fine so maybe she will do my posting. I have a "bring your date" social tonight and made a veggie pasta salad for that. I need to count the gift shop money when I finish here.

"Gma" -- I'm glad your dresses fit and hope the exchanged clothes will arrive in time. :yes: How is your sister? I'm sure Jack will enjoy an iPad. I know that I don't use it for all that it can do, but I like it. Bob said it would be about a 4 1/2 hour drive, one way, to pick up the tractor. Since there is no shopping mall close by, his farmer friend will go with him. Congrats on the treadmill effort!

Susan -- Will your behavior be modified or does the research team just check to see how you are doing? There is a Mongolian (?) restaurant in Sioux City where you walk down the line and choose your food, then watch them cook it. I never know what some of the things are unless we go with others who have eaten there several times.

I need to get the money counted. Enjoy the rest of the day! :wave:

08-06-2013, 03:16 PM
Good Afternoon! It's been partly sunny and cloudy all morning; the humidity is up so it feels kind of sticky. The air will probably come on this afternoon since I left it set from yesterday. I ran a couple errands this morning and need to take Maddy's picture to the paper this afternoon. They have a "Happy Birthday to . . ." column and the kids get a kick out of see their picture in the newspaper. I have a roast in the crockpot forgetting Bob has a 5:00 meeting which could either be 15 minutes or drag on for a couple hours.

It's too quiet here today! :(

I need to get the picture ready for the paper and head out. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

08-06-2013, 08:07 PM
Good evening, ladies! Rain all day and it only got up to 70. What weather!

I had to work today so nothing happening.

Jean, my behavior modification classes with the research study are classes where we all get together with the nutritionist, doctor or psychologist and talk about how to handle things like stress, moods, health foods, why we should avoid or include certain foods, etc. We have them every Monday from 5:30-6:30 pm. Every 2 weeks we have individual meetings with our consolor to discuss how we are doing with our individual plan, things that might be bothering us, things we need help with, etc. It's a wonderful program. Once a quarter I go to Baltimore to Johns Hopkin for more extensive testing than they do at the research center here. I'm so glad I got the low carb plan because it is very easy for me to do, I'm never hungry and I have no cravings. My breathing has improved because I have less inflammation. I'll definitely continue this way of eating on my own when the study is over next spring. Since I no longer can recommend WW with a clear conscious, I turned in my resignation last Saturday and they asked me to continue until Sept 1 and then I'll be done.

That's really neat for the kids to get their picture in the paper for their birthdays.

Hi Maggie and Faye! Hope everything is okay with you.

08-07-2013, 10:55 AM
Good morning to you all. Boy we are in for more really hot weather if the weather channel is right. They are talking mid 90's for at least the rest of this week. Hopefully Jack won't have to work anywhere outside for very long or down in the blower building which has little to no air circulation, no windows, etc.

I have been working so hard on my sweater I forgot to even come in here yesterday. I did balance my checkbook but then didn't even fool with the computer.

Clothing wise I am not working out too well. I got my JMS package yesterday which was supposed to be two swimsuits and a pair of dress pants. I got 3 pair of pull on blue jeans and not even in my size! :lol: The packing slip had the correct items but some boob in the warehouse wasn't paying attention. I called right away and she said she would send out another order 2 day so we shall see and she said she would send out a prepaid label. She got really snotty when I repeated everything back to her though and I don't know why that was. So, I still don't have the rest of my cruise clothing. Jack should get his undies and such tomorrow. We decided we got a better deal ordering them online at Target using our Target credit card. We get 5% off and free shipping besides they have a better selection of what Jack likes to wear, which is Hanes products. I told him he always was a sucker for Hanes, (my maiden name was Haynes.) :lol:

I succumbed to the sandal devil and bought another pair. These have red in them and I have been looking for something to wear with red shorts. I am done with sandal shopping for sure now. Our spare room looks like a hurricane blew through with cruise clothes and shoes and suitcases. I am just really ready for a vacation.

Susan: Last I heard about my sister is they moved her to a regular room yesterday from ICU but she will stay in the hospital until Monday. Her dd says her breathing is still difficult. The thing is, even if she really quits smoking this time, her son smokes so that house is filled with bad air as is her car so breathing in good air is going to be difficult. She is already on oxygen at home. Hope your study continues well.

Jean: There is a chain restaurant becoming very popular called Genghis Grill. I love it because you can get lots of veggies and white meat chicken and shrimp and such and don't have to eat the fattier stuff. Hope your church computer is up and working again. I really want to surprise Jack with the Ipad. I was asking him questions about it a week or so ago like what he would want and all that. He asked me why all the questions all of a sudden and I lied and told him I had seen a commercial for another brand and wondered why he wanted an Ipad. Seemed to satisfy him as he hasn't said anything else. Since I pay all the bills and stuff he will never know as he never looks at the checkbook or my budget spreadsheet though I have the Ipad savings hidden in the budget. :lol:

Well time to get hopping and get chores and such done. I have a load of laundry in the dryer but that's as far as I have gotten except for straightening up. Breakfast and unloading and reloading dishwasher is next on the agenda. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

08-07-2013, 02:07 PM


It is in the high 70 degrees with a 59% chance of rain and 69% humidity. One of those sticky type days where you feel like you need a shower all day long.

Got my computer back and it is working properly :crossed: so far and they fixed it up real nice to work friendly for me. They gutted it and checked every nook and cranny and re-installed my programs for me. There was one of the computer programs that was causing the problem this time for it hadn’t re-loaded properly and was missing something. Anyway they found the glitch and fixed it. I had to laugh for in my old machine I have tons of pictures and gifs in my program and now all I have so far saved on this one is a bag of veggies in a grocery bag.

I am back with my WW program and did lose a couple pounds that I had re-gained and am back down to 91.6 gone. I bought a new tracker book and started using it yesterday. I need to write what I bite for the program to work for me. It doesn’t help me to miss meetings either. I was surprised to have shown 2 pounds down last weigh in.

DONNA FAYE That is too bad what happened with your order but they don't hire folks to do that kind of a job with a very high IQ now do they. Watch out so you don't have to pay extra baggage money for all those shoes on your trip. :lol: Ah, but sandals don't usually weigh that much do they.

SUSAN Behavior Mod is a wonderful program and works with a lot of areas in folks lives. I used to teach it to criminals. It's all about making proper choices. I imagine WW will hate to see you leave but you have to use what program works best for you.

JEAN My favorite things to eat at the Chinese restaurant are grilled chicken on a stick, sweet and sour pork on rice with steamed broccoli. What a nice thing the paper does by putting BD kids pictures in the paper. Those clipping will be good scrap book additions.

Nothing much happening around here this seventh day of August. Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-07-2013, 06:45 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a nice sunny cool day in my neighborhood. We keep thunderstorms in the forecast but nothing seems to happen. I had my nails done this morning and treated myself to a pedicure afterwards. I never can get my toe nails painted so they look nice. This afternoon I've been decluttering. The neighbors are putting in a new driveway so it's been noisy around here. Can't remember if I shared this yesterday or not, but I found Momma Kitty a home with the marijuana growing ex-teacher. Now the trick is to catch her; the toms have been stalking her the last few days. I called the vet to see if they would spay her if she were pregnant and the gal said they have spayed cats ready to deliver. That made me feel bad. I'm hoping we can catch her tonight.

Susan -- Are you still working a regular schedule or just filling in when needed? I'm sure the WW members will miss your positive attitude and input at the meetings.

"Gma" -- I'm so sorry about the clothes snafu, but guess that is par for the course when you have a deadline. You will have to share a picture of your new sandals! At least you can wear them longer throughout the year than I can up here. If I were living in the house with your nephew he would be smoking outside regardless of the weather! I don't understand why people even start smoking; I understand how addictive it is BUT why even start! My dad started when he was in service and they were free; he quit cold turkey in later years and ended up with lung cancer directly related. He hadn't smoked for 40 years when he got sick.

Maggie -- Congrats on losing another couple pounds. I know I do better when I write everything down, but I get lazy and quit. I'm glad you have your computer back and hope it is fixed forever 'n ever.

I have a load of towels to fold and hope they are finished drying so I can get the next load going. I swear laundry multiplies overnight! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

08-08-2013, 10:38 AM
Good morning everyone! We are gonna cook like a Christmas goose today. It was horrible yesterday and supposed to be worse today. I am just going to sit and knit. I have a "free" day from cleaning today I guess. :lol: I have about 16 rows done on the front of the sweater. I calculated if I do 20 rows a day I can get the sweater done in less than three weeks. The thing is, there are 205 stitches on the needles and it takes awhile to get through them all. :lol: I am hoping I can get it done and then hurry and get the little scarf I was knitting to wear to dinner one night. I have a pear colored top I bought a long time ago and this has the same green with gray and white, which I thought would look great together with my charcoal pants if I ever get the darn things.

Chicken fried steak for us tonight, but I scale it down a lot. I use sirloin, egg beaters, fat free milk and Pam instead of eggs, full milk and oil. Jack is going to have mashed potatoes, but I am skipping those and just have the frozen veg, whichever one I want. Haven't decided on that yet.

I bought these Lean Cuisine thai spring rolls at the commissary and boy are they good. I also bought garlic ones so we shall see how they are down the road sometime. I find Lean Cuisine has such a better variety of stuff and is tastier than WW and usually no points different.

Maggie: I would only have to pay Jack for extra baggage, we are driving to Florida! :lol: I refuse to fly unless we absolutely can't drive. They are ripping people off on ticket prices and all the fees. I talked to my son last night and he said they aren't going on their planned trip to Mexico to see his fil unless flight prices come down or they can get a deal because it is too expensive.

Jean: Posted pictures of the dresses I bought and the pair of sandals. The dresses are all the slinky material and they are so comfortable. Best of all, you cannot wrinkle this stuff. You could wad these dresses into a ball and put them in your suitcase and take them out and they wouldn't have a wrinkle on them. They material stays cool on you too. I bought all sleeveless ones because I am afraid the temps and humidity are going to be like last year. I have a black short sleeved bolero style sweater and a white one I can wear if I don't want bare arms. I have pink sandals, purple ones, yellow ones and brown ones so cover all the dress colors. :lol: Jack smoked from the time he was nineteen. He quit a couple times, but when we moved into the apartment in Indiana I told him no more smoking in the house. That was in 1990. In 1992 I had gall bladder surgery and he swore when I came home he would not be smoking anymore and he hasn't. Man quit cold turkey and hasn't smoked in 21 years. He said even after all this time once in awhile the urge will pop up usually after a meal so cigarettes have a real psychological draw to them. I can't stand going into a home where there is smoking. You come out of it smelling like smoke. When we go to the casinos, which we haven't been in about 3 years now, we come home and strip naked at the washer because I don't want the smell getting on my furniture. Best thing is not to start because giving them up can be really tough.

Well off to knitting and breakfast. Have a grand day all. Faye

08-08-2013, 10:49 AM
Good morning, ladies. High 80s and scattered thunder showers today then back into the 90s again. This respite from the heat and humidity has been so nice.

My boss has gone to Maine so I am off today and then have to work every day the next 2 weeks. $$$ will be nice but it makes it hard to get my exercise in since the classes I take part in are in the morning. I can get water aerobics in the evening but that's all. It will have to do.

Yesterday we had a substitute teacher in our power lifting class. She normally does body pump which is really heavy lifting for those serious body buildingers. I hope we never get her again because she just couldn't tone it down to our meager level (which is quite a bit more than most seniors do - I can deadlift 95 pounds). I can feel it today!

Faye, we all make mistakes, being human, so I'm glad they can correct your order quickly. As long as your nephew smokes around his mom, she'll just get worse.

Jean, I work 4 classes a week for WW. As I said, I just can't continue in good conscious when I see some of the ladies really struggling week after week and they are following the plan. The eat whatever mentality that WW condones doesn't work for long term weight loss and maintenance. The National Weight Loss Registery has been tracking successful people for many years. I'm a member and they don't just go on my word, I have to have my doc send in reports, too. They have found that those who are successful have changed the foods they eat, rarely have fast food or junk or sweets, log every BLT, and weigh daily with a plan in place to stop any weight gain if it gets to be more than a few pounds. I know in my struggles, I gain when I let the foods with little health benefits and nutrition creep back in. There just isn't a one-size-fits all plan out there. If you read up on the American Diet, the FDA came out with their first food plan in the 50s supporting more grains and starches and cold cereals in response to the food manufacturers plea. The nutrition course I've been taking through the University of California at San Francisco has been a real eye opener but they still say we need a minimum of 130 carbs a day although they also told us that the body converts fat to glucose (which is what it does with carbs) when it needs fuel and no carbs are available. There is also no disease or condition as a result of carb deficiency but there are several where protein deficiency is involved. The other thing about WW is they also say we need varying amounts of points based on our weight. That is BS. As long as we eat our BMR, we can be healthy and lose weight. When I lost all my weight with WW, there was one plan with one amount of each food and everyone ate it. All those extra points do is encourage people to eat foods that aren't necessary and can lead to binges.

Maggie, I'm glad the scale is moving in the right direction. Keep logging for it is a major part of weight loss.

Have a wonderful day.

08-08-2013, 03:37 PM

It is currently 74◦ with a thunderstorm watch. Hope it brings some rain with itís show of lightening and thunder later this day.

My computer is working so well now so all the glitches are gone. They tricked it out so neat for me for on 8 you have to sign each time you want to use your computer. They made it so that I don't have to do that ~ I turn it on and it is on and I don't have to log in. The company man had told me that feature could not be removed but they didn't know my techie guy. :p That is just one of the neat things they did for me.

I just was going through some pictures on the National Graphic website on lions. A photographer went with his crew and for 2 years and they took lots of great photos. The presentation on the site is well done in video mode so you can see them interacting. If you want to take a peek go to the Fox news site and scroll down to the Features area and click on the lionís picture.

This is the day Will volunteers at the museum and it is very quiet in here. Ragg Mopp is asleep under my desk and the Cecil and Beanie are outside.

I have been working on getting all my gifs moved over to this computer into my mail program into their proper section. I have a fly buzzing me as I type and he is staying behind me and I canít even see him to swat him. The heat outside drives them inside to drive me nuts. :lol: They donít seem to lite anywhere so I can whack them. I only have one in here that is dive bombing me but one is plenty.

SUSAN You are so correct about WW encouraging folks to eat their extra points. I try to stay away from them for I don't lose when I eat those extra 49 we are allowed for the week. Sweets now give me a stomach ache so I don't eat much of them at all anymore. Not even the lightened kind. If I want a cookie I have some BelVita nutritious energy bars in several flavors that do the trick and are low in points+ values. Also Fiber One makes some delicious Brownies and Lemon Bars that don't lay heavy in the stomach. I have some of these but rarely eat them but have them just "in case" I get the urge to have a sweet. A crutch. It has become easy now for me to pass up the delicious looking yummy dessert table at our monthly pot-lucks. Someone always brings a bowl of cut up fruit that has the dressing on the side and not poured over it so I can get some fruit and be so satisfied. I have cut way back on the carbohydrate department. I know the body needs some but not all that I was giving it. I keep celery and carrots cut and ready to eat along with some other veggies I like to eat raw like broccoli and snap beans and of course lettuce. Those items have become my "snack foods." I eat my salad without dressing and prefer it that way now. I have learned to lighten a lot of foods while going down this road to thin. Which reminds me I need to make a fresh batch of yogurt cheese.

DONNA FAY With your determination you will surely get all the knitting done in time to take on your cruise. Thanks for posting your clothing for now we can see what you will be wearing.

JEAN You will now have twinkle toes. I haven't polished mine in ages and maybe I just will and wear a pair of sandals that works with this brace. Let us know if you are able to catch Momma Kitty so she can go to her new home. Isn't it nice to have the clutter gone once again? I need to go through my catalogues and toss a bunch of them.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-08-2013, 06:19 PM
Good Afternoon! We've had sunshine, clouds, sprinkles, and now back to a bit of sunshine in between the clouds. I've been decluttering some more -- where in the world does all this stuff come from? Will chase the furry hunks around when I finish here, and call it good for the day.

"Gma" -- I haven't had a Lean Cuisine dinner for a long time. I will have to take a look. The dresses are really cute! I hope you are able to finish the sweater and all the rest of your clothes arrive in time . . . and fit! You will look pretty snazzy!

Susan -- I admire you for trying to keep up with exercise and working the two week stretch. I thought I would be covering the church office for a week in Sept. but someone else volunteered; I'm kind of glad. I don't like the WW points program and am about ready to call it quits. I did much better on the 123 plan and kick myself for not keeping the material when they switched to whatever came next. I still believe it all boils down to eat smart, eat less, and move more.

Maggie -- Do you turn your computer off at the end of the day, or do you let it "sleep?" Bob thinks FOX news is the best. Thanks for the NG suggestion. I have found that the desserts, at pot lucks, often look better than they taste, Well, so far we have caught two kittens in the live trap! One last night and another one this morning. Momma just sits and watches while Bob lets them out. One little guy is coming to eat and drink by himself and seems to be tamer than the others.

We are going to see We Are The Millers tonight. I need to keep moving. My pc is getting slower and slower so I really need to take it in and have it checked. Hope you all have a nice rest of the day! :wave:

08-09-2013, 08:59 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be miserable here today towards 110 heat index. It was 81 at 4 AM when Jack got up.

We got Jack's jury check all $33 of it, but I am holding onto it for now to see if the city wants the money back since they don't cut pay when serving on jury duty. Who's to say what they will do.

I am coming along on the front of the sweater, but it is tough on the hands at the end of the day. Since it has a intricate pattern there is a lot of hand movement and my wrists can hurt sometimes. I noticed my shoulder has been achy this morning so heating pad it is.

I contacted JMS and got a tracking USPS number as it was shipped priority, but I checked this morning and it is showing it is in Pensacola FL. Now it started in North Carolina so I am wondering why it is going south instead of west. They probably screwed it up again. Sheesh it is tough just to get some clothing. With my luck, I will have waited all this time then the stuff won't fit. :lol:

Susan: Enjoy your work time off since it sounds like you will be busy.

Maggie: Glad you finally got your computer up and running correctly.

Jean: Hope you enjoy your time off from the church office next month.

I need to get the day going. I have floors to mop and since it is already warm, want to get it done before it gets much hotter. Have a good weekend all. We are gonig to shampoo the downstairs carpets this weekend. Faye

08-09-2013, 06:13 PM
I just finished a container of blueberry Greek yogurt and it was sure yummy for all of 2 point+. I also had a toaster breakfast thing that went well with it for a nice meal.

I am so sad ~ Cuisinart is no longer producing my Convection Brick Lined Toaster Oven. They make lots of Convection Toaster Ovens but none of the brick lined ones anymore. I have had mine for so many years that the convection fan no longer works and I am searching for a new model to purchase. I have used the one I have for many years instead of heating up the house with the stove oven. This small countertop oven has done us well through the years. Maybe I can remove the brick lining and put in the new model. I know I can easily remove the bottom lining for it isnít bolted down. The side linings are hooked to the wall with a small stainless band around them and tiny screws. I will have to see how well I can install them if at all in a new oven when I get it.

It is quiet here now that Will has gone to the museum for a little while to work on a saddle that he had been fixing. He is straightening out some edges that had curled and need to deal with it today while the leather was still pliable from whatever it was that he put on it to soften it up ~ probably water. It is a very old saddle and he can repair the sheepskin lining quite nicely.

JEAN This computer is set to shut itself down if left alone for a certain amount of time with no action and no programs are open so I don't have to manually shut it down or let it sleep when I am through using it. There is the "start" button thingie at the bottom left hand of the screen where I can manually shut it down. Windows 8 doesn't come with that button but the techie gave it to me. There is an area on that same button that lists all my programs on this computer. That button doesn't come on the 8 either.

DONNA FAYE Packages don't take a direct route to the buyer anymore it seems. I have had things go to Tim Buck Too before it got here. Hopefully you will get what you ordered soon and it all fits properly.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-09-2013, 11:29 PM
Good Evening! Not much newsy from Iowa tonight. I made a grocery run this morning, had a mammogram this afternoon, then made Maddy's favorite corn salad and ice cream later this afternoon. Don't know what I did but have a "catch in my get-along" as in lower back. I'm thinking I sat with my legs crossed one way too long when I sat down after doing dishes.

"Gma" -- I've often thought or wondered who made up the routes that packages travel to be delivered. It's truly a wonder that anything gets where it is supposed to. :rolleyes: I'm also wondering how the USPS can possibly photograph the mail as it flies through the chutes. Our mailman brought a package to the door and I kidded him about being awol. He said he thought he'd better get his vacation in before it goes to 5 day delivery in Sept. Then he said if that happens they will go for 3 day delivery and no benefits so the service will really go down the tubes. I sure hope that doesn't happen. Do you like LC dinners better than Healthy Choice?

Maggie -- I hope you can figure out a way to "fix" a new oven with the old brick liner. :yes: I wonder why they quit making them.

Anyhow, I'm heading for bed to read for awhile. Hope you all have a nice weekend! :wave:

08-10-2013, 09:17 AM
Good morning to you gals. I never did get either package so am hoping they will come today, but the usps site isn't showing movement so who knows. I swear on Fridays our postwoman doesn't deliver stuff she is supposed to. We rarely, rarely get mail on Fridays ever which is weird.

I had to take two rows out of my sweater last night so decided I had knit enough and put it down. I get done here I am going to start in again. I am coming along nicely so I should get it done though don't know if I can get the scarf finished up to wear. We shall see.

I have started on my vacation list. What I call my hygiene list which is anything from shampoo to sunblock, meds, to bandaids. It goes down the full side of printer paper and about a 1/3 way down the second column. I take everything just in case, zantac, bandaids, pepto, ibuphrophen, etc etc. I want to make sure if anything happens we can deal with it without using their doctors. It is a pain to come home and put all that stuff back, but I would rather do that then have to pay the exhorbitant amount they charge. The couple last year had to pay out $800 when he fell and hit his head on the coffee table. Personally I am sure he was drunk, but who knows.

Jean: The whole postal system is inept. I just hope I get the stuff today. I don't mind it going to 5 days, but it will take even longer to get your mail because there will be more of it on Friday more than likely. Have fun with Maddy and her birthday. I know you have told me the corn salad recipe, but would you email it to me again? What kind of ice cream do you make? We got rid of our ice cream bucket maker, but we do have a small electric one that I have only used twice!

Maggie: I have never even heard of a brick lined convection oven. Hope you can find what you want. We just do not have counter space to put something like that on. I have a large microwave, but it is on a freestanding bakers' rack.

Well I need to get going and get stuff done. Have a nice Saturday. Faye

08-10-2013, 10:24 AM
Good morning, ladies. Already 82 degrees and headed for the 90s with high humidity.

Today is tea so that will be nice to see my friends. Then I'll come home and do a little housework. I have chicken tenders marinating for supper and I'm making some extra for salads next week.

Faye, I couldn't get along without my convection toaster oven. I use my regular oven for storage. I have an area next to my stove that was always collecting clutter and that's where I put it. It would sure keep your house a lot cooler with your AC the way it is.

Jean, I'd just as soon they do away with the USPS and let private carriers take over. It would be cheaper and better. I don't think 5-day is going to make a huge difference over 6 because most business that use the USPS don't use it on Saturday. Monday will just be a little more.

Maggie, bummer about your oven. I guess they didn't sell enough to continue it. You and Will are very handy so I have no doubt you'll figure out how to put the liner in the new oven.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

08-10-2013, 07:35 PM

I slept in and it felt so good on this Saturday which will be topping out in the 80įs. Not much good in reading the news these days. MOS is being reported. My eyes are itching so I have the need to put some “eye itch relief” drops in them.

The apple tree out back is loaded with apples that are getting their red streaks in them and we will have a good harvest for baking and drying it would seem. We didn’t have much success with our vegetable garden but it is struggling along. There is the possibility that we will be getting some acorn squash which is great baked with some sprits of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Splendaģ brown sugar rubbed in it the cut halves.

I just received the latest WW mag and will have this afternoon to sit and read through it. AH one of the lead articles are “Get Back To Losing & Moving.” Yep there is a lot to be said about the “moving” thing. Got to keep this body moving. Some days I just don’t want to but I talk myself into it for I know it is good for me.

Oh I hate it when I get a new bank card for an account we have had for years and years and it doesn’t recognize my numbers when I go to activate it. I will call them on Monday and they will get it all straightened out. This is the bank in TN where my check is direct deposited in and we have used them for years and they are great to deal with ~ nice folks.

We just got back from our ride about the country and we also ordered a new electric stove to be delivered next Tue. Wouldn’t you just know it malfunctioned. The one in this house when we got here years ago went bonkers so we ordered one today just about like it to replace it. It has a nice glass top which is easy to keep clean. Now to replace my toaster oven for it is the oven I use most. :yes: The only oven that is in the motorhome we may be getting is a microwave convection oven combo which will suit us fine.

SUSAN What a neat idea to make more than one meal of your marinating of chicken breasts. I like to do that and make freeze ahead meals. I will be making dinner out of our freezer in a little while. :D

DONNA FAYE That is good thinking by taking along your medicine chest with items that you may need. Being prepared will certainly give you ease of peace of mind. Our microwave is also on a wheeled cart made to put an appliance on. It has a nice storage cupboard in the bottom.

JEAN They probably quit making the brick lined toaster ovens because of lack of sales of that feature. I have a baking stone to cook large sourdough loaves on in a larger oven that works great. I also have a smaller baking stone for use in my toaster oven which works great to cook biscuits on even without the convection fan working. I will be getting the Cuisinart Convection Toaster Broiler Oven soon which has 4 cooking functions: toast, broil, pizza/bake and convection bake. The convection feature bakes up to 33% faster than conventional ovens. It has defrost and reheat buttons and other great features. I really like the exact heat sensor which maintains precise oven temperatures. I can manage without the brick lining but sure liked that feature.

Have a great day Magnolias. :wave:

08-11-2013, 09:01 PM
Good evening to you all. We had a cool off a bit last night and then a nice heavy shower and thunderstorm today. For the next few days the overnights should get into the 60's which will enable me to turn off the ac at night.

We were lazy today and just sat around and did nothing. I have my sweater almost where you bind off for the neck so I imagine no later than Thursday it will be done and I can post a picture of it. It was a fun patterned knit and it turned out nice I think.

Hopefully my swimsuits and pants will be delivered tomorrow. My sandals got here on Saturday so it is just the JMS stuff and then the exchanges I hope will ship this next week.

I have my yearly eye appt on Friday and have decided to go back to Accuvue Advance and no longer wear bifocal contacts. I can see perfectly well just with reading glasses and since I seem to have to use them when it is darker in the room or the print is ultra fine, I might as well not spend the extra $20 a box.

Susan: When it is hot, I cook a lot of stuff in my crockpot and avoid the stove or oven. Right now I just do not have anywhere to put a convection oven. I have really crummy counter space and that won't improve even with changing out the countertops. We won't be able to afford any big remodel and the cabinets will have to remain exactly as they are as well as the counters.

Maggie: I have a large pizza stone and then have a chicken baker in stone and two bread loave pans and I love the stone. I got them years ago at a Pampered Chef party and really like them. I have some of that silicone baking stuff and I hate it. It has no strength to it so when you try and get it out of the oven it folds over and such. I have gotten my cast iron nicely seasoned now so use it the most if I am cooking on the stove.

Well girls I am going to try and get a few more rows done before bed. Have a great evening and start to the week tomorrow. Faye

08-11-2013, 11:28 PM
Good Evening! I just typed my two cents worth and it went to never, never land! :hyper:

It's very humid tonight; we've had a few sprinkles but nothing serious. Yesterday was a long day celebrating Maddy's birthday. We had a nice shower and afterwards the lake was smoth as glass. Ian has been asking to learn how to ski, and of course the other three wanted to try too. Ian did get up for about 30 seconds, Kolby almost, and the girls didn't have enough strength to hold the skis together and hang on to the rope too. Today was church in the park. The ticks have been bad this year so we passed on going. I wasn't excited about sitting under the trees. I've done a couple loads of laundry and that's about it.

"Gma" -- I emailed the salad recipe to you so hope it came through. We make vanilla ice cream to go with the cake. This time we had strawberries and chocolate sauce for anyone who wanted it. I can imagine how anxious you are to get your sweater done.

Susan -- Do you have lunch at a tea? I've never been to one nor heard of any being held around here. What kind of convection oven do you have? I've given getting one some serious thought but not sure if I want to give up the counter space.g

Maggie -- I think you will enjoy the smooth stove top if you've never had one. I don't cook with sugar but a friend was making candy; a few crystals fell on the hot surface and pitted it. Not knowing what happened she talked to the store manager and he asked if she had used sugar. She checked the owner's manual and there was no warning about sugar. I need to "move it" too!

I am going to read for a bit. My library book is due sometime this week. Hope you all have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! :wave:

08-12-2013, 10:46 AM
Good morning to everybody. It was cooler this morning, which was nice and the temps should be a bit better this week at least for a few days.

Weigh in day, down 3 lbs. :carrot:

I didn't sleep well last night so snoozed a bit more after Jack left for work this morning. I have to get around and get morning chores and cleaning chores done and work some more on the sweater.

Jean: Thanks for the recipe. I wonder if you can use fresh cooked corn on cob taken off the cob and or defrost frozen corn? Do you think so?? I think I would like to try it and use chopped green chiles and maybe sour cream instead of mayo and see how that would taste. I don't know. Jack wouldn't eat it except he would take the chili cheese fritos which he loves, so it would be something I would have to be willing to eat a lot of I guess and not sure my colon would thank me for all that corn. :lol: I have a ceramic cooktop stove and I am very careful with it. I really love it since there are no gas lines in the complex, but you have to be careful with it I think. I use a ceramic cleaner made especially for it but I do use a plastic scrubber on it and never have scratched it. You just have to make sure you clean it often so it can't build up anything on it because they it doesn't come off. I have to go to the library on Friday and renew my library card. The stupid things are only good year to year and I only use the library digitally. I don't ever get hardback or paperback books anymore as then I have to remember to take them back on time! :lol:

Well off to get to work. Have a good Monday all. Faye

08-12-2013, 01:36 PM
Good Morning! This is my second try at posting. I just do not do well on the lap top and the post disappeared before I was finished. That makes me crabby! :tantrum: Not much church money to count today so have the gift shop deposited, picked up Maddy's picture from the newspaper, and took my pc to the fix-it guys. Now on to the rest of the day!

"Gma" -- :congrat: On losing another 3#s that are gone forever! :cb: I don't know why you couldn't use fresh or frozen corn in the salad. You could just make a single serving then dole out the leftover chips to Jack. ;) I wonder if the library had too many books stolen and that's why you have to renew yearly.

Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

08-13-2013, 01:17 AM

We went out to have lunch after church to our favorite Mexican restaurant and took along a nice couple and their adorable 18 month old girl. I ordered some carne asada and the waiter informed me that the cook didnít make any this day. I ordered something else. Later the owner who is a good friend of ours came over to apologize for not having any carne asada and said that several other folks had also asked for it. She also said she had spoken to the cook and informed him that especially on the weekends he is supposed to make it and he retorted with the fact that she (who is his boss) wasnít there but a few days of the week and so he took it on himself to cook whatever he wanted to cook. She informed him that she was the boss and he was to cook what she had laid out to be cooked. Either do it her way or hit the highway. She is PG and the doc only wants her down there at the restaurant 3 days a week. She is such a nice lady .

JEAN The old stove we are replacing in the kitchen is a glass top one but it is used up. We need one and since we liked that one we are getting one like it only since it is newer it will have upgrades in it. I already have cleaners and know how to care for a glass top stove so getting a new one will just be that it will be spick and span clean.

DONNA FAYE Hope you have a better nights sleep this night.
Have a great day tomorrow Magnolias. :wave:

08-13-2013, 11:12 AM
Good Morning! It was a cool 53 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. The sun is shining and it's slowly warming up. We have a picnic tonight put on by Bob's county board; not too exciting but he feels obligated to go. Next week is the annual dinner meeting and Ian's first football game. Not sure which way we'll go.

Maggie -- I have no doubt you know how to take care of your new stove. ;) Do you use a stove much with all of your other cooking appliances? You are the most adventuresome cook I know.

I need to do some serious dusting and vacuuming. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

08-13-2013, 11:20 AM
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