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08-02-2013, 07:16 AM
Good morning. So far it IS funtime. The dogs are really revved up this morning and are putting on a show. So funny to watch and makes me smile this morning.

Not sure what the day will bring. The cafe is open for lunch and I have my fingers crossed that the chef shows as I really do not want to have to cook. We have decided not to fire her because both Joanne and I are busy the weekend of the 17th. If she doesn't show today, we'll have to revert to Plan B - if we ever figure out a Plan B. :shrug: Unfortunately we have advertised the hours for the cafe and have to keep open or lose a lot of credibility.

We had another downpour yesterday and my flower box is drowning again. The good news is that I don't need to water; bad news is that the weeds will grow another inch or two. I've pretty much given up on the garden this year. We have more violent t-storms predicted for the next three days.

Time for another coffee and some breakfast before I tackle the day. Pop in and chat when you get a minute. It's TGIF. :cofdate:

08-02-2013, 07:43 AM
Quick flyby this morning. On the way to a doctor appointment with DH.

I'll be back later!

08-02-2013, 07:51 AM
I'm afraid I can't really say TGIF when that means the end of my vacation is nearing. I've enjoyed these past two weeks so much and it's only made me greedy for more. ;)

Ruth, I wonder if the dogs lay around at night and discuss what they're going to do the next day? I hope Miss Ann shows up and is ready to cook. :crossed:

I plan to get some housework done this morning and stop by Dad's for a visit before I catch the train into the city to meet up with my DD and GDG to spend the rest of the weekend with them. We may actually get to the shore tomorrow. :)

08-02-2013, 07:51 AM
Good morning I am back did ya miss me??? LOL We had a wonderful vacation. I could see myself retiring there. Tammy I think we passed your town (I remembered it from FB) We did not come back the same way or I would have reached out to you. Quick hello as I have a week's worth of posts to catch up on and doctor appointment for DS at 9:30

08-02-2013, 07:54 AM
You scared the crud out of me - it's the 2nd, not the 12th! (the 12th was my daddy's bday :( )

Sorry you've had such disaster weather. The rain has been fantastic for my garden, and the tomatoes finally turned red. And, I hope that chef shows up (grumble, grumble). No one else can cook if she doesn't show up?

Beth - hope the dr. appt is a good one. Have a great day!

I am off to meet a friend this AM for breakfast, then work. A wee break, and then I get to pick up my kids! I have to admit, I love them dearly, but it's been a great week having no responsibilities! (shhh....don't tell them!) I am excited to hear all their stories (hopefully, most good...). I'm not looking forward to the tired crabbies!

Anyone have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

08-02-2013, 08:03 AM
So strange. :shrug: Used Thread Edit to fix the date but guess I didn't hit save. Seems to me I made a similar error recently. Must be senility!

08-02-2013, 08:05 AM
I'm afraid I must be getting pretty senile, since I never even noticed!

08-02-2013, 08:07 AM
It's only because the date is an important one to me (never mind it's already august??!) that I noticed :).

Also, Mary Chapin Carpenter is coming to town...her tickets go on sale the 12th (daddy's bday) and the concert is Oct 19th (the weekend of my anniversary). I thought, "OH NO I have to order tickets today?!?!"

08-02-2013, 09:40 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I'm off to Homedepot to get deck paint. After more than a few years of looking the other way it's time to put a new coat on. The first year we were down we did a 5 day prep and it peeled the next year. Then we tried the prep plus some fantastic primer which peeled off the next year. Now we're going to try the Alaskaboat approach....light sand slap on some paint and accept it's going to need it again next year. Oh, well.

Still battling a cold/bug bite. I go back to work tomorrow...

Have a great day everyone!

Welcome home Jennifer!

08-02-2013, 10:05 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I never made it in yesterday, We have company camping in the yard and our schedule is all out of whack.

Yesterday took a turn for the unpleasant. We went for a hike but when I opened the little kiosk to look at the map there was a huge bees nest inside. I didn't see it right away and have stings on my face, arms, and back (at least 20, probably more). I have a localized allergy so lots of hot, red spots today but not too much swelling or itchiness. Don't need to do that again anytime soon! Today will be better.

Ohh, love Mary Chapin Carpenter! Have fun Tammy!

Time to find something fun to do today. Happy Friday

Buckeye gal
08-02-2013, 10:31 AM
Good morning everyone! New here and loved reading all your posts. CyndiM so sorry about those nasty bees but what a trouper you are! Well I'm off to eat my breakfast. Have a fantastic day everyone!

08-02-2013, 11:48 AM
Oh, Cyndi! I didn't realize you got stung so many time! I am so sorry to hear that!

Buckeye gal, welcome to our daily chat (and to 3FC)!

08-02-2013, 11:50 AM
Late good morning check in,

WFH today so get to see the storms roll in today. We are scheduled to have 1st soccer practice this evening but I think the storms might have another idea or two about that.

Ruth- fingers crossed that the cook shows up

Cottage enjoy your last weekend of vacation

Hi Beth

Jekel welcome back from vacation I hope you had a lovely time

Tywnn I enjoy a short break from the kiddos every once in a while but always miss them alot

Debbie we need to do something about our deck as well, we actually put outdoor carpet a few years ago and that worked for a couple of years but I think it does not have much longer to til we need to either replace or do something different.

Cyndi ouch you poor thing, did you have to take some meds for the reaction?

Welcome Buckeye gal.

Back to work I go lol have a wonderful day everyone

08-02-2013, 12:49 PM
Just checking in. It feels good to be back on the Beach.

Debbie, years ago when we put a huge deck on our house I told my DH in no way were we going to paint or stain it, too much upkeep! lol We apply a water sealer and that's it. Holds up great and we just mop or roll it on every other year.


08-02-2013, 03:36 PM
Cyndi - that's really scary! So glad you didn't have a reaction - with that many it wouldn't have been a surprise.

I can't wait for the concert! It's a smaller auditorium instead of one of the big arenas. I hope there's tickets left (and not TOO expensive).

08-02-2013, 06:53 PM
Cyndi- ouch! You poor thing. Hope you get feeling better quick!

We got a sheep yesterday! His name is Avis, but secretly I call him Budget or Enterprise (5 points if you get why). He's an old man sheep, and too skinny. Mom purchased him from a rescue organization. He was being picked on by two other sheep there (elder abuse!), so he was really anxious and not doing well. Poor old man.

He seems to like me, which is weird. I'm SO not a farm animal person.

Nothing exciting happened today, just more reading. Getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I'll have a legitimate reason to leave the house :lol:

:wave: Have a great weekend everyone

08-02-2013, 08:22 PM
*waves* Just saying hello, ladies.

08-03-2013, 05:43 AM
:lol: at Pen. I get the five points.