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08-01-2013, 10:29 PM
I have been suffering from a gluten-dairy intolerance and have been mostly vegetarian. Recently everything I eat kills me unless it's very well cooked. Because I've been feeling unwell I have not been eating much at all. Good news is I've lost a bunch of pounds, bad news is I read about gallstones developing from loosing weight too fast. I have been trying to consume 800+ cals but if I eat more I feel bloated and fatigued. My cal intake has been between 300-800 cals and I feel completely satisfied, anymore and I just feel like I want to take a Tums and lay down.

I am so worried I'll get gallstones since I'm loosing 4-5 lb a week on average (even though I feel great!)... Should I just suck it up and stuff myself? I don't know what I'm should do... please help... :(

08-01-2013, 10:33 PM
Go see a doctor to be sure. I thought I had gallstones but it was bad acid reflux although the doc did suspect possible gallbladder spasms (I was eating a lottttt of fatty food at the time.) If you start vomiting and/or have diarrhea, definitely go to ER.

08-01-2013, 11:02 PM
You may not produce enough bile acids. If you eat to little, in particular not enough carbs, you will affect the production of sex hormones, which are, in turn, necessary for bile acid production. Low thyroid function (also carb-dependent) may enhance that effect. I would check with a doctor and take something like "Essential Enzymes" or enzymes with HCl to see whether that helps digestion.

08-01-2013, 11:03 PM
Yes, first thing is to go see a Doctor and get a diagnosis. Then you can decide how to move forward. I have gallstones and have chosen a life style change as opposed to getting my gallbladder out. The first two years were very unpleasant as I learned how to eat (gave up a lot of my favorite foods). Moving forward, I haven't had an attack in I don't know how long. I've picked up new cooking skills (LOL) and lost 50 pounds in the process. I'm losing weigh slowly and have completely gone off 'diets'. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, seafood and tempeh. On special occassions, I may pick up a peppermint patty! Take care of yourself. The attacks are just painful. If you can't manage through diet, talk to your doctor about your alternatives.

08-01-2013, 11:37 PM
Sorry I don't have gallstones

I am afraid I will get them because I don't eat enough calories

Has anyone gotten gallstones from losing weight too fast? That's my main concern... :/ (I read about this happening to weight loss surgery patients who lose more than 3 lb a week)

08-02-2013, 01:41 AM
You can get them as anyone else can. From what I've read online, the usual patient is supposedly female, fat, fair, fertile and over forty although that isn't always the case as anyone can get gallstones or have problems with their gallbladder to the point where it needs to be taken out, even teenagers/young adults just for no good reason (nonfunctioning gallbladder, etc.)

If you are truly worried that you may have issues later on then slow down your losses. What's the hurry? It isn't worth causing problems with your gallbladder and they are freaking painful! Good luck.

PS- why are you eating SO low? 300-800 calories isn't a good idea without doctor/medical supervision. You are robbing yourself of much needed nutrients. If you are anorexic or have any issues with eating over 800 calories, see a doctor of some sort, please.

08-02-2013, 02:32 AM
I eat mainly green smoothies and grass fed beef. 300-800 calories is a lot with these foods... It's because I can't eat grains rice bread all kills me so I lack those calories. I try to eat at least 800 but I feel so full and if I eat more I just feel bloated and tired... It's not like I'm trying to restrict that much

08-02-2013, 02:41 AM
Gotcha! That blows about the grains and etc. Hmm... What about (roasted if you can't have raw) nuts? Can you add peanut or any nut butter to your smoothies (you can always make your own nut butter by roasting the nuts then pureeing them in a food processor if you have one.) Chia seeds or ground flaxseeds could work (although not sure if considered grains?) Full-fat yogurt or cottage cheese (some people who have dairy issues sometimes can still have yogurt/cottage cheese but disregard if you can't have either.) Almond milk is a good milk sub. Avocados are good too (grilled, mmm!)

Sorry you're dealing with your current issues!

08-02-2013, 03:53 AM
Good ideas. Thank you. :)

08-02-2013, 05:32 AM
I have gallstones and have chosen a life style change as opposed to getting my gallbladder out. The first two years were very unpleasant as I learned how to eat (gave up a lot of my favorite foods). Moving forward, I haven't had an attack in I don't know how long.

I also had gallstones, and I was bound and determined not to have my gallbladder removed, and I did really well for 2 years after the diagnosis, but I ended up slipping up too much, and then my body kinda decided for me, since I ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 6 days, the doctors told me with the amount of gallstones I already had, it was likely for me to get Pancreatitis again, and if I got it a second time, considering how severe it was the first time, I could die, so I ended up having my gall bladder removed. I'm very glad that you have chosen to "heal" your gallbladder rather than having it removed... It definitely has more of a purpose than they make it out to seem.

As for the original poster, Tixie, I think that you should go get it checked out, because that's actually how I ended up so sick with my (already diagnosed) gallstones... I was starting to get healthier, and I had started a normal workout routine, and started running (and I actually liked it, which was crazy for me!) and felt good about myself (I lost like 20 lbs, but not super fast, just normal) But while I was in the hospital, when they were trying to figure out what and why it happened, they said it could have been the exercise... So best safe than sorry! Best of luck!