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08-01-2013, 11:20 AM
Decided to start the August Chat although it doesn't seem like we are doing much here on this thread. However, I hope we can keep this diabetic thread going to support each other.

A new month started with only a small loss this month from last month. Bouncing up and down with 5 lbs, but determined that now that I've lost the 5 lbs to keep the scale going down.

Hope everyone will have a good day and hope to see y'all back here soon.

08-02-2013, 09:11 AM
Thanks for starting us up, Patty. I have not been checking in much. When that happens, it's almost always because I'm off program. :nono: at myself.

July was a stressful month and I kind of lost track of my health priorities. No, I've still not gone for bloodwork. Had a friend visit last week and managed to see 198.8 on the scale by last Monday - 20 pounds more than two years ago and as much as before I started Victoza! :yikes: Luckily cutting carbs and being careful this week brought me down to 189 this morning. I'm sure a lot of it was water weight but not all!

I am determined to get back down to where I was two years ago. My incentive is a family wedding mid-September and I want to wear the dress I wore to a wedding two years ago when I was in the mid-170s!

Thought of doing Atkins Induction but decided to stay with South Beach and cut the carbs. Peach and corn season is not the time to cut carbs!

Now to start checking FBGL regularly.

08-02-2013, 01:39 PM
Ruthie So glad to see you here and to hear the scale is moving back down. SB is good for you as you always do so well on it. I understand about the peach season. That is one reason that I decided not to do low carb like Atkins. There are just some foods that I don't want to give up so I'm trying to learn portion control and more of a balance.

I'm learning to cook again because I want to start cooking a lot of the foods at home that we enjoy when eating out to eat like pizza and Chinese food. I still have to use some bought processed foods, but I can regulate the portions better. DH is diabetic 2 now and his has really been high so I seem to have more incentive to do it. You know how us women are about taking care of others when we won't do it so much for us.

Carol Sue How are you doing?

Bonnie, Fatmad and others Come out come out wherever you are. You are missed. :hug: PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!!!

08-03-2013, 09:34 AM
Checking in. Up a pound this morning and FBGL a tad higher than usual. I went waaaaaay off program last night with about 800 calories of pizza. Bad timing as I am scheduled for a birthday party dinner tonight. Oh well, I'll do my best.

Next week I will definitely go for bloodwork. I have a mammogram too and may be able to work it so I have just one trip to town. (I'm doing my best to make my life less stressful.)

08-04-2013, 12:45 AM
Had a really good eating day good eating day today and even did some walking. Got to beauty shop and beautician needed 15 more minutes with someone else so I walked over to the grocery store and back while she was busy. Then went over to Walmart and walked around shopping. So I'm pleased with my OP day.

08-05-2013, 09:38 AM
WI this morning was a 1 lb loss for this week. Blood work this morning. Hoping to see some improvements on some things when I get the results at next docs visit in 2 weeks.

Have a good day.

08-06-2013, 02:30 PM
Hello. I have not been on here because I am totally out of control. I am going to have to make up my mind to post here every day whether I do well or not. My eating is out of control, my blood sugar is out of control, my blood pressure is out of control..... Yesterday I weighed in at 201, but refuse to change my ticker. I need to get down below 200 again. I have a doctor's appointment on the 14th and I think I am going to cancel and reschedule in September. That will give me a little more time to get myself straightened out. I get so mad at myself when I do this. I was down to 182, so I've put back almost 20 lbs.

To make things even worse, I went to my Grandson's birthday party on Friday and there was a couple there I haven't seen for a year. The husband has lost 80 lbs and the wife lost 40 since last year. They both look so wonderful. I wanted to cry. There is absolutely no reason why I couldn't have done that, too.

I did start exercising again. Not every day, but at least twice a week. I was all keyed up to go down to my exercise room and then my BIL called and said he was coming over. He and my husband do things in the garage. He has a habit of coming in to "watch me exercise." If I wanted people watching me I'd join a gym. He will make comments that I'm not exercising hard enough, why aren't I sweating, etc. He's a jerk. He has no room to talk. He drives to his mailbox! LOL So now I didn't exercise. Tomorrow is another day. At 6 PM I totally poop out and I never exercise in the evening. I'm a morning person.

Trish, I have not tried toe jerky recipe yet. I think I will get some teryaki sauce and use that instead of worcestershire. I really don't like it. I have been looking at some of the jerky packages in the store to see what they have in them. My husband doesn't like it too hot and spicy either.

Ruth and Trish, reading about your successes should help me try to do better.

We do need to get the rest of the crowd back here.

08-06-2013, 06:01 PM
Thanks Wannabehealthy. I am glad they finally they got this site fixed the last time I came on I got a virus warning.
Well I had a lot going on here lately . Had to go to the Dr the 2000 metformin he had me on was keeping in the bathroom so he knocked me back to 500 am and then one pm and then added glipi zide. Doing ok but I am having problems with the Torn Mencius going to get a mri on it on the 19 cant believe I have to wait that long but insurance requires a pre authorization. Other then that I am cool.
My Aunt had her surgery she went in on the 13 and had a whipple done where they take a portion of her pancreas and her Lymp noids and her dule ademion . She spent 12 days in the hospital I ended up staying about a week cause she would freak out if some one wasn't their. Now she has started her on a chemo where she does it once a week for 3 weeks then off one week for 6 months. She has to go get a port put in on Monday so I will be their too. She was positive for cancer even though all the test said no signs of cancer.

Other then that I have been putting together some scrap booking for my kids for Christmas. they don't have pics of them self or their spouses so I thought this was a good idea got lots of pics from their family.

Well better be going hopefully I can jump back in here later as long as all goes well.

08-06-2013, 06:50 PM
We should just come in and post whether or not things are going fine. a :) or a :( would do.

My scale is stuck at 190.2 for two days now. (I saw 188 the day before.) I have been sticking to plan - limiting bread and absolutely no sugar. :shrug: I guess it'll leave when it's ready.

My friends who were at the cottage are back to the city now - sort of a relief not to have to join them for dinner so often. they wanted em there every night as a thank-you for dog sitting their two - starch/starch/starch made it hard.

Went with a friend today to have her dog put to sleep - made a beef stew for her and her kids which was appreciated. I did save some for myself and will have it with spinach salad.

08-06-2013, 08:39 PM
Bonnie and Carol Sue So glad to see y'all.

Bonnie You have a lot on your plate, but you are handling things very well. So good that you are there for your aunt. Looking at your ticker, it appears you are doing very well losing weight. Making the scrapbooks for your kids sounds like a really nice Christmas present. My Mama was always going to do that for us, but died before she could do it. All the pictures got lost after and now I have none. Your children will love and appreciate what your doing for years to come.

Carol Sue I know exactly how you feel about not coming here when things aren't going good, I've done that at times myself. I'm doing good right now, but like a recovering alcoholic, I know each day has to stand on its own. I've done really great before and then blown the whole thing especially in the last 3 yrs or so. I just pray that this time that I'm going to succeed and then maintain when I do. I know this is going to be slow losing the weight and I know that is better because it stays off better when it is slow, but at the same time I know I have to try not to look at how long it is going to take as that has always been what throws me off plan.

Ruthie It is so frustrating how my body reacts to weight loss at this age. I can lose a few lbs and have it bounce back for a few days and then it goes away. I've kind of learned that I'm having to just go with the flow as they say otherwise it drives me crazy. I think if we can just keep on keeping on doing what we know to do that it will finally pay off.

I agree that we need to check in here as often as possible for the support we give each other. Diabetes is a "B" and I've learned that I need to know that I'm not the only one fighting this thing. I'm hoping we can keep this thread going. Sure do miss Fatmad. The things she shared with us about this disease has really helped me to keep fighting. I sure do hope she makes it back here too. Sure hope she is okay.

I did 20 min on the bike today. I really had to make myself do it, but if I don't do it, my joints especially my hip joints hurt when I don't. I have 2 days on plan. Taking this one day at a time.

08-06-2013, 11:03 PM
HI friends: I will come back and try again.
I have been away, quite disgusted with my lack of control. In June, when my job share partner was on holiday, I really went off the rails. Didn't get back to normal in July. I am on holidays myself this month, and hope to do better.
I don't have a scale here on Manitoulin, but can eat right. I plan to walk 30 minutes a day (might be 2 x 15 min) and do some yoga. It is cool here, so swimming may not happen much.
I leant my glucose monitor to a client, but could get one if needed, but a1c's have stayed normal, so may not bother for now.

I am disappointed in myself, and want to get back on track.
Bonnie, sorry to hear about your auntie, I hope things will go ok, even if that means good palliative care for her.

Ruth, I am totally understanding your struggles. I have no off switch when it comes to food I like.

Thanks for the kick in the butt Carol Sue.

08-07-2013, 07:48 AM
I LOVE Manitoulin Island, Mad, and am also glad to see you back here.

Scale down .2 this morning - a pittance but I'll take it. The Big C has come to visit so today will be a fiber and water sort of day. I do have my regular mammogram this morning to start off my day. While in town, I plan to get some bran to make a high fiber, no sugar batch of breakfast muffins. Been baking for everyone else and should do so for me.

Hang in there, chickies. (No, I've still not gone for bloodwork!)

08-07-2013, 09:44 AM
Hi all: middle of yesterday did not stay on plan, too many carbs, but did alright. Started of on plan for breakfast at least. I crave carbs at this time of day, but if I have a carby breakfast, I crave them all day and lose any control over my eating I might have had.
Its raining and blustery here today. Will try to walk between rains, and read a lot today.

08-07-2013, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Chickies,:D

So glad to see you Mad. I really have missed you. I think we are all struggling but have to just keep at it and for me it helps to have y'all here for us to support each other. It is so hard especially when trying to do it on my own.

I'm up 2.6 lbs this morning and I'm like you were yesterday Ruthie I'm wondering why:?:? I'm doing everything right so what the heck. I think it might be because I didn't take my fluid pill last night. I know the doc said it is a mild one and that I can take it every day, but DH Mother took Lasix and it got to where it had the opposite effect on her and her doc told Tony that it was because she had taken it for so many years and too often. I don't know if that is true about all fluid pills or just the Lasix. Maybe Mad knows. Any way, I'm going to keep doing what I know to do and hope for it to all pan out. I did 20 min on the recumbent stationary bike. Strange to me how that has become my medicine for my joints. They seem to be getting better now that I'm riding it almost everyday. Was going to do 30 min 3 times a week 20 min 3, but may just go ahead and do 20 min a day 6 days a week. Main thing is consistency. I'll have to hit the water more today and maybe take a fluid pill later today. These bodies are so crazy and we just have to learn to do what we have to do to take care of them. I do know that I need more fiber. Got me some Metamucil but I can't tell that it is doing anything. I think it causes my fbs to go up instead of down like it does for other people.

Oh well, I've bored y'all enough. Y'all have a great day.

08-07-2013, 02:03 PM
Hi Bonnie - Glad you came back. I had trouble with the virus warning for a while but it has been fine lately. Just a glitch, I guess.

You are doing very well taking care of your aunt. If I ever get sick, I would want you around. {{{Bonnie}}}. My children are actually step children. Their mother passed away. There was a photo album here with all their childhood pictures which included their mother. On year for Christmas I sorted out the pictures and made an album for each of them. That was their favorite gift that year and they carried it with them everywhere, showing everyone. It's a wonderful gift. Most people have all their photos online these days.

Hi Mad - Glad you came back, too. I sent PM to a couple others so maybe they will come back too. All of us with diabetes need to stick together because our diet needs are about more than just losing weight. You will do ok even without a scale. Sometimes it just gets you in more trouble when you stress over the scale. Just go by how you feel and how your clothes fit.

Trish - I never had Shepherds Pie but decided to try a recipe I saw for dinner last night. It called for 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce but since I don't like it I left it out. Before putting it together I tasted the filling and it seemed a little bland, so I put in a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce...1 tsp or less, and it did the trick. It wasn't overpowering, but added something to the taste. So I guess I like it, but in limited quantities. I will put a dash or 2 in the marinate for the beef jerky.

Ruth - I so want to see the 180s. Instead, I'm going the wrong way. But I will get back to it. I already screwed up today because we went out for breakfast, but I will have a big salad for supper and try to do damage control.

08-07-2013, 02:20 PM
Mad Guess we were writing at the same time and I missed your post. I seem to need the carbs these days but too many does set me off for cravings. Finally took docs advice and using MyFitnessPal.com. I liked a lot of things about Livestrong better, but I found that MFP has so many more food info than LS does especially for foods we like to eat in restaurants. I think where I got this temporary gain is because I haven't kept up with the calories the last 2 or 3 days. So I'm doing that again. I am just the type of person who can estimate the cals/portions like a lot of people do. Enjoy your holiday.:hug:

Carol Sue I agree about the Worcestershire sauce. I can handle a taste of it, but I think in large quantities that it is just to overpowering for me. I make chex mix for DH because he doesn't like the pretzels etc in his. I always have to take the store bought and remove all the items he doesn't like. So I told him I would make it instead and hopefully it will be healthier too. It only called for 4 tsp of the Worcestershire and he said it was too much so he wants me to make it next time with only half. It does make a difference in the taste of some foods so I guess we have to learn to use it according to taste.

08-07-2013, 08:07 PM
I have to decide if I am going to stick with weight watchers or not. IN the spring I was going to meetings in Waterloo with a friend, instead of the Elmira meetings, which I didn't like. I did like the meetings in Waterloo better.
I get the on line stuff too, for counting points, and I could do that even here.
Perhaps if I can get back in the habit while here, it would be worth it.
Stayed on track all day today. No binges or inappropriate foods.
Well, one day won't do it, but it IS a start.

08-08-2013, 11:15 AM
The dr office called to remind me of my appointment so I took that opportunity to move the appointment to Sept 20. I had intended to be down some lbs before my appointment but I failed, so I'm giving myself another chance. I have 44 days to accomplish something. 6 weeks. Like you said, Trish, I am going to take it one day at a time. I am going to stick to my eating plan and exercise plan just for today. Then tomorrow I will do it again. I'm not going to look 44 days down the road. If I don't succeed and he has to change my BP meds, then so be it. But I want to do it on my own, and I'm going to try my best. Determination and Discipline.

See that picture <-------? That will be me for the next 44 days. LOL

People used to bring home made chex mix to work and I never liked it. It was probably because of the worcestershire sauce. I agree with cutting it back at least half. My husband loves it on his steak. That is full strength and that's probably why I don't like it. My mother used to use it in recipes and it never bothered me.

Mad, Carbs set me off, too. In fact, once I eat the first food of the day I seem to go into a frenzy, even if there's no carbs involved. So I try to delay my first meal and eat brunch instead of breakfast and lunch.

I went to WW last year but I quit after 1 month because of the cost. Also, I didn't like our leader. My DIL kept it up and is now really thin, and her neighbors have lost a lot. I can't stick to it on my own. I even did low carb on it. It's a good plan if you don't mind paying that money. The leader we had was very thin. She had lost 10 lbs 20 years ago and then became a leader. I didn't think it was right for her to become a leader after losing only 10 lbs. She really wasn't very inspiring to those of us who have so much more to lose. It's like she did it just to become a leader. Do they get paid? Maybe she just needed a job. LOL Give me a leader who has lost 50+ pounds and kept it off, and I will be inspired to do it too!

When you posted here before, you did very well and you can do it again!

Ruth - When I go to my DR appointment he will probably want me to get labs done. Maybe we can do it together! Pick a date to go and write it on your calendar. You will then have time to get yourself psyched up to do it.

08-08-2013, 12:43 PM
Well, I am convinced that fiber carbs are my friends. I have an old Prevention Diabetes book that says fiber is the key. I always liked doing Intermittent Fasting (IF) with Intuitive Eating and was trying to do a 5 to 8 hour eating window, but I didn't do that yesterday. I don't think IF is going to work for me because last night I went over the 8 hours because I got hungry for popcorn. I had a 100 calorie bag in freezer and fixed it. It tasted so good and satisfied me. So I can do the Intuitive Eating thing because you only eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. That should be the way we always eat period. It just takes learning when you are tummy hungry and when it is just emotional or taste hunger which isn't always easy, but staying with certain calories does help.

Carol Sue There was a time I used to cook a one meal dish of meat and veggies and poured lot of Worcestershire on it and added water because I was low carbing. I'm not sure why my taste buds suddenly changed and I just don't like so much of it any more. A little is fine, but not loads of it. You have a good plan and you can do it.

Mad I agree with Carol Sue. You have done this before and you have been the one who inspired me to not give up. I know you can do it again. Maybe there are just certain carbs you cannot handle that set you off. I know there are certain carbs even counting calories that I just cannot bring into the house. Example, I love WW little carrot cake, I used to think just having the taste of one was enough and it was for a long time. Then one day they became a binge food for me so I don't buy them any more. I love potato chips especially when I eat a sandwich. I'm better off not to bring them into the house because I'm like an alcoholic with them... I can't stop eating them until the bag is half gone. I tried buying the individual packs, but it is just as easy to open another one. So I've learned that they sabotage me and I can't bring them in the house ever. You will find your way again. I am praying for you. :hug:

Ruthie Hope you have a super day and that you get good news from your mammogram. I hate those things, but we have to do them. Make that appt and get the bloodwork done. Better to know what is going on. I know that there have been times that I expected things to be really bad only to find they weren't as bad as I thought. I hope it will be the same for you.

DH got his test results in the mail and doc had note at top "will discuss this at next appt." I think he may have to go on insilun because his A1c isn't coming down. He needs to make a few changes in diet and he needs to add exercise, but he is stubborn. But then he isn't that much over weight, so I don't think his has anything to do with weight. I know that if I can get my weight back down into onederland that mine goes away. I just have to continue to be as Carol Sue Determined and Disciplined.

Y'all have a good day.

08-08-2013, 08:48 PM
I did pretty good today. I had 1273 calories. I just ate my meals and no snacks. I had too many carbs, but the total calories were good. I just have to make sure I don't snack this evening. Most of the time, I go into the bedroom around 8 or 9 and watch TV because DH and I don't watch the same shows. Usually I fall asleep with the TV on and he turns it off when he comes in. If I do that, I will not eat, because I brush my teeth before I go to bed and don't want to eat after I've brushed. So I should be ok. Day one was a success!

08-08-2013, 11:02 PM
How is it going I have been sitting here for most of the day with a killer head ache I think for the most part it is from the new glasses I now have to have bi focals. Aunt went to do her chemo today and they couldn't do it her Cells and Platlets and something else was down and they had to give her potassium too so may be next week. Monday I go with her to get her port in.
Not too much going on here jest been a blah day. Yeah Me and my youngest daughter has been working on the books My oldest daughter and her husbands is first he is from brazil and it is hard getting pictures of him but his mom came threw. My son and his girl friend is living together and they are now talking about having a baby . He is already being a dad to her 6 year old daughter. She was asking me for pictures one day so this will be nice.

I know I have been having problems with my knee But I wanna look up some things I can do like may be some floor workout. Its doesn't hurt so bad now as it did a few weeks ago. I will have to check my ticker out it is probley wrong Last weigh in I was 290 I will have to check. well I better be going have to talk to my youngest before she heads to bed. Catch you guys tomorrow.

08-08-2013, 11:10 PM
It's good to see familiar faces (screen names) :)

Carol Sue thanks for the reminder ... :hug:

My fbs are still ridiculous I don't know what makes them lower some days than others

01 ~ 188.2 (-1.2) fbs 160
02 ~ 188.2 (N/C) fbs 196
03 ~ 187.6 (-0.6) fbs 152
04 ~ 187.4 (-0.2) fbs 151
05 ~ 188.0 (+0.6) fbs 148
06 ~ 189.4 (+1.4) fbs 171
07 ~ 188.6 (-0.8) fbs 161
08 ~ 188.8 (+0.2) fbs 154

I am still taking the 2000mg of Met a day but I think my timing is off. :shrug: Do you all stop eating at a certain time so that when you take your fbs it is exactly 12hours since you last ate? or how long since your last meal before you take your fbs and are you on Metformin? When do you take it? Do you take it every 12 hours? Thanks for your help

08-09-2013, 09:10 AM
Friday Fly Past! Darned scale showed me 190.0 for several days this week. I was expecting a drop today but it went UP to 190.8! I suspect it was the salt in the pre-seasoned chicken skewers because it was a very low carb day. FBS is running OK as usual and I have still not made the bloodwork appointment. Maybe next week?

08-09-2013, 10:38 AM
I am down 1 pound from yesterday, now at 200. So I guess my diligence yesterday paid off. Now to conquer today.

Rennie - My FBS is terrible, much like yours, so I can't give you any help. I take 850 Met three times a day. The first is usually when I get up, maybe around 8 AM The second is at dinner, usually around 4-5 PM. The last is at bedtime around 10 PM. That's every 8 hours. I usually have something to eat in the evening, not always at the same time, so my FBS is usually 10-12 hours after my last food. Right now I'm trying not to eat anything after dinner so that is closer to 15 hours after I eat. I honestly don't know what is correct. I have been told that I should eat a small snack before bed, but a nurse told me not to eat a snack if I'm not hungry. I think she said that because I'm already taking in too many calories and need to lose weight. I don't always follow what the medical people tell me. I experiment and try to find what works best for me. I haven't found that yet with my BS.

One person posted that per their doctor's instructions, they take all their Met at bedtime to lower their FBS. I feel as though the Metformin isn't doing anything for me, but it's all I'm on and I don't want to go on anything else. I would like to use diet and exercise to get my BS down. That is my goal, but so far I have not been disciplined enough to do it.

Ruth - Your small gain is just a normal fluctuation. Stick to what you're doing and the drop will come when you least expect it.

Bonnie - Do you wear any kind of brace for your knee? I have one that is elastic with small staves on each side. It comes in sizes and you just pull it up your leg over your knee and there is a hole where your knee cap goes to allow your knee to bend. I always wear it when I'm exercising on my treadmill or elliptical. I don't wear it throughout the day, and sometimes if I'm shopping and doing a lot of walking around my knee will start to hurt. They are not expensive and can be bought at drug stores, WalMart etc. I don't know what your budget is but I would say they are under $20.

I wear bi-focals but I hate glasses and don't wear them all the time. The only time I have a problem is when I'm going down steps. It's hard to look down to focus on the step. I don't get headaches though. I didn't need glasses until I got older and they have always been fi-focals. Maybe you just need to get used to the prescription.

Mad and Trish - How are you both doing today?

08-09-2013, 02:51 PM
Rennie I take 1000 mg Metformin once a day usually with my largest meal. I only eat snacks in the evening if I need it. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with whether FBS is high or low. I wanted to stop it at one time, but Mad shared with me that it was supposed to keep the diabetes from getting worse. So I continue to take it. I am learning by trial and error that fiber, exercise, rest and drinking water seems to help me bring down the fbs although I have a long way to go to get it down to normal as mine has finally come down to 179 after 3 months of working to learn what works for me. It was a little over 200 at last doctors appt. I also realized today that my sugar has been up just a little recently. Since I've started using MyFitnessPal and keeping up with calories etc of my diet, I realized that the only thing I'm going over on is sugar. Didn't really notice that I could watch it on MFP. Today I worked at Food Plan for the day that I needed to pull back on the sugar to get it down and I'm still over by 1 pt. Tomorrow I will adjust this by cutting back on my fruit... maybe even cut it out completely, not sure. We have to learn to work at getting control of the disease by finding out what works for us. Good luck on your journey.

I think this thread is important because we learn from each other. What works for me or someone else may not work for all or some of us, but it is helpful in helping me see how to try things to see what does. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Bonnie, Carol Sue, Mad, Ruthie and Lurkers :wave: Have a good day.

08-09-2013, 05:49 PM
Hi friends: well, what I did accomplish in the last 2 days is that I started tracking again. the ww tracker is the best I have tried, so easy, so if I track it is worth it to me. I did 30 minutes of active yoga yesterday. Today is a sleepy day, and had a huge lunch, am almost at points for the day already, so will be using extra points for supper tonight.

I will "weigh-in" :devil: about fbs and metformin etc. Overall, no matter what your bs and fbs readings are, metformin is helpful for all type 2 diabetics in keeping damage to blood vessels and kidneys to a minimum. of all the non-insulin diabetic meds it has the lowest risks and fewest side effects (other than the gastro-intestinal issues that usually get better with time) and these are usually offset by the positives. So unless you absolutely can't tolerate it and your doctor agrees, keep on it. You should talk with your doctor, or diabetic educator etc if you can't get your sugars under control with the dosage you are on. Some people need more metformin, other meds as well etc.

Some reasons for high fbs: the metformin may need a different formulation: try switching to extended release. If you are taking once a day, take late evening unless your doctor says otherwise. Your number one issue may be dumping of sugar by the liver, and this usually happens with overnight fasting. Take with a small snack with a few carbs. I found 8 peanuts was about right. Thats right 8 peanuts. The nuts have a few carbs, some fibre as well as fat and protein, but I don't need much.
Fasting is usually 8 or more hours without food. Most food has passed through the small intestine by that time, unless you had a large meal just before bed.
ok, enough of me in lecture mode.
It is time for me to go for a walk.

08-09-2013, 07:20 PM
Mad - Thanks for explaining some things about Met. I am on the highest dose of regular Met allowed. I don't know if ER would help me. I don't want to go on any addtl meds because some of the other ones wear out the beta cells too fast. At least that's what I've heard. I know if I lose weight and exercise my BS will come down and I would rather do it that way than take on more meds.

My PCP handles my diabetes and as long as my A1c is under 7 he is satisfied. I know that many doctors are stricter than he is, but I think he takes into account my age and my heart disease.

I have to log my food into FitDay to see how I did with my calories today. I didn't eat a lot, but not all my food choices were good one.

It's good that you started tracking again. That always seems to help.

08-10-2013, 10:42 AM
yes, I did go for that walk yesterday. I tracked my food, but went way high on points yesterday. We have a friend staying for the weekend, but I am doing the cooking, so any problems are of my own making.
Carole Sue: how is your A1C?
My last one was 5.7, so I have stayed steady. Of course, it doesn't reflect highs and lows. I have had a few lows in the last couple of months. They are noticeable enough that I have been moody and snapped at people, who then make me eat. (all my work colleagues and students have been told about this and what to do). I hadn't had lows for quite a while, and I think I have been getting them as my beta cells have recovered somewhat. It tends to be when I am tired and avoiding over eating, (i used to eat sweets and get lots of caffeine to stay awake for work) and somehow forget how long it has been between meals.
Well, today is sunny and bright and it is warming up. Will finish my tea lakeside. ttfn ladies

08-10-2013, 02:30 PM
Mad Thanks for sharing with us about Metformin. I knew you could explain it so much better than I. We sure do need you here and hope we can be as supportive of you as you always have been for us. You know I used to go for hours without eating. Now I am realizing that I probably need to be attentive and not do that any more.

My tracking on MFP is going to become very productive for me. I absolutely love how it shows me soooo much info on my foods... calories, carbs, fats, sodium, sugar and fiber. I'm beginning to plan my food for the day and making it into a game to see how I can work out my food each morning so as to keep my sugar etc under the recommended amounts and now working to get my sugar in a safe place for me and then get the fiber up little bit at a time. In fact, I've heard that you shouldn't raise fiber too fast so your body can adjust ,but I'm not sure how much to add at a time and if adding like 5 g a week till I get it increased to the amount needed is too fast. Mad do you know? Anyway, I plan to start the Metamucil 1 tsp a day starting tomorrow to help get the fiber up where it should be. I think if I could get it up where it should be that I could get a lot of my bloodwork numbers back to normal. I see my doc a week from Monday and maybe he can advise me on that one. Carol Sue are you still using the Metamucil? When do you take yours? I didn't see anything to tell me when to take it... wonder if I should take it before a meal. I'm thinking that fiber would also help me feel satisfied and maybe keep me from overeating. I noticed that overeating causes my fbs to be higher.

Another observation. I love cashew nuts. I admit that I did eat more than the 1oz last night, but I notice that when I eat them that my fbs is higher the next day. Maybe I cannot eat them.

I'm working to continue to lower my fbs, cholesterol and trigylcerides and get my good cholesterol up. And of course, try to get below 200.

TTM Y'all have a nice weekend.

08-10-2013, 08:50 PM
I really overate today. I had 2000 calories!!! I will get back on track tomorrow, for sure. It was just one of those days.

Mad, my last A1c was 7.8. That was when my doctor increased my Metformin to 850 three times a day. I am about due to have another one soon, but I wanted to lose some weight and get my BS reading down a bit before I get it done. I go along well for a while then I screw up and it spikes. I was reading another diabetes board where someone wrote that it's better to be diligent in your diet and keep you BS from going too high because if you're not on insulin, there's really no way to get it back down quickly. And that's true. I think I'll have 1 small amount of carbs and it leads to a binge for me. It's really a trigger and I have to be very careful.

Trish - I haven't been taking the Metamucil recently. For some reason it seems to constipate me. I had cut back to only 1/2 tsp in an effort to ease my way into it, but after a couple days I would start to get constipated a little so I'd quit. Also, the 1/2 tsp was not lowering my FBS. I was taking it immediately before a meal. It swells in your stomach and makes you feel full sooner, and it absorbs the food that you eat and carries it further down your intestinal tract where it is absorbed more slowly. I don't think it does anything for you if you take it without food. Try this, Trish. Put a teaspoonful of it in a cup of water and let it sit. In a few minutes you will see it become a very thick gel. That's what it does in your stomach. It grossed me out a bit when I saw that, but if it helps me, then I don't care. The bad thing is, we eat out a lot and I can't take it with me and drink it right before I eat. I don't know if it would work if I took it before I left the house. It would probably be at least 45 minutes before I would be eating. I also know that you have to drink lots and lots of water when you're taking it. I eat very little junk food, but my problem is keeping my portions small. I have to be very careful with that.

08-11-2013, 11:19 AM
Hi everyone: I am eating the right foods mostly, but way too much in general. Our friend staying with us is a big eater and I am letting myself get carried away. I had a little walk this morning, and its another lovely day so plan to do some yoga on the dock in a while.
Re metamucil: this may be silly, but ladies, are you taking the sugar free formulation? it has a lot of sugar otherwise! For some of us, it can cause a lot of gas and bloating. You could also consider fibre tablets, and take before meals. And of course, if you just want to increase fibre, having whole grain anything (rice, cereals, breads, pastas etc) is better and lower glycemic than the white versions. The other thing with most fibre supplements is that you must take them with lots of water or they will constipate.

Carol Sue, 7.8 is very high, I can see why your doc would be happy just to get you down to 7.0 which would be a great start. What kind of weight loss plan are you using? is it too low fat? the fat helps slow the digestion and therefore reduces spikes, and fats have no effect on blood sugar. The key is to lower carbs while increasing fats, hard for all of us.

Have a great day everyone, hope your weather is also nice.

08-12-2013, 09:58 AM
Hi everyone: won't be too hot here today. I didn't do much exercise today, so hoping to remedy that today. Having some computer problems, so if not on for a few days, don't worry

08-12-2013, 11:15 AM
Had a good weekend food wise. Didn't exercise yesterday as the plan is exercise 6 days and off one and chose Sunday as the day not to. Usually do some walking on Sunday any way, but don't count it as exercise. Too much sodium so show a 2 lb gain, so not doing a WI today.

Mad - The Metamucil that I have is sugar-free, but I'm not having to use it as I've just upped my fiber intake with food. With the increase in fiber and exercise, I suddenly am having no problems. If I ever need it, I will use it as I bought 2 big bottles at Costco; however, I don't think I will. Hope your computer issues clear up and you stay cool as much as possible. Sounds like a day to stay where it is cool.

I'm reading a book by Dr. Julian Whitaker on Reversing Diabetes and trying to improve my lifestyle to get my blood sugar under control. He teaches ho to balance the carbs, fats and protein etc. I haven't even added any of his theories yet and I am so thrilled that as of this morning, my fbs was back down to 155. This is a tremendous drop for the 201 reading at my last doctor's visit almost 3 months ago. I can honestly say that the fiber and exercise and eating healthier is paying off. I also understand more about eating whole foods and no or less processed foods is sooo much better. I still have some processed foods like my WW tv dinners that I use in a pinch, but I plan to eventually do away with those completely. As I've said somewhere before, I am learning to cook all over again but doing it healthier. My goal is to get to the place so I can eventually get off our meds and get DH either off his or at least get his lower. I'm actually looking forward to my doctor's appt next week. Haven't felt that way in a long time. Even with my little gain, it will still be a weight loss from last visit. So he will be happy with my progress just as I am. I figure if I'm consistent with what I am learning to do, THE WEIGHT WILL EVENTUALLY go down. I read of a woman once who went for months following her WW woe for almost a year, may have been a year, but she was consistent and suddenly she started losing. I heard once that the weight we have carried for so long takes a while to come off and at 70 yrs old in a few days, I've carried a lot of this weight for years. It has been 10 yrs since I was down almost to goal so I am resolved to the fact that I must just Keep On Keeping On and the reward will come.:dizzy:

Bonnie, Carol Sue, Rennie, Ruth and others:wave:

Hope everyone is doing ok and y'all have a great day... Not a blue Monday but a Marvelous Monday. :D

08-12-2013, 09:23 PM
Hi girls. I think I lost a day somewhere along the line. I did not track my food but I think I did OK yesterday. I can't even remember what I had yesterday. LOL But today I had 1300 calories, which is good for me. I try to stop before I get full and I'm avoiding snacks.

Yes, Mad, my 7.8 A1c is too high, but my doctor wants it below 7 but not too low, I think because of my heart disease. I know I have some work to do. I have to practically avoid carbs altogether to get it where I want it. Once I get my exercise back to what I was doing before it should help. I have gained back 18 lbs of what I lost so that helped raise my A1c, too. I am determined to change all this, my weight, BS and BP. Oh, and my Metamucil is sugar free, too.

Trish, I am surprised that you say you are almost 70. I don't know you, but from just talking to you in this forum you talk like a younger person. I thought you were younger than I am and I'm 67.

08-13-2013, 10:20 AM
hey everyone:
had a good day yesterday, but went out for supper with my brother-in-law and his lovely wife. DH and I decided it was out last night on the island for a week, we are going back early to deal with some work issues that have arisen for him, and I didn't want to stay here alone.
Unfortunately, the choices were limited at the restaurant, and I wound up have pasta. I limited my portion however, so I hope to be ok with that.
I will get back to taking my bs on occasion. Hope the weigh in tomorrow isn't too scary. Today is a travel day, and the weather isn't too great, quite cool and windy, some rain. Since we take a ferry for 2 hours and I am the WORST when in comes to motion sickness, I will be pounding the gravol, but also have to drive afterward. ack.
Have a good day everyone, hope to check in from a new computer soon.

08-13-2013, 11:53 AM
Carol Sue I can't believe that I'll be 70 next week, but so thankful that my health is as good as it is. I have now lived 5 yrs longer than my Mama did. My Daddy was 90 in June and in pretty good health himself and never looks his age. I think I'm blessed with his genes and tell him all the time that he is making it possible for me to live longer. I'm one of those people who never sees the glass empty but half full. LOL I think my positive outlook on life is what helps me. As I get older, I see more and more the importance of working toward a quality of life rather than for how I look. I was blessed to have worked and been friends with a blessed man who owned a health food store. He had been a pharmacist who hated what medicine was doing to people so he began looking for alternatives. One day when working in the office together, he turned to me and said "Never forget that there isn't any disease that cannot be reversed if you only knew what to do to change it." He is long gone no and so is his store, but I've never forgotten what he said. I do the best I can to learn what to do for the things that bother me and I work toward being as healthy as I can. I was blessed to have learned what I have learned from him and reading over the years. Now when something happens to someone in my family they will look to me to find answers for them. Working with my son now to help him eat healthier etc. My favorite saying when I was a child that drove my Mama crazy, I'm sure, was where there is a will there is a way. Still feel that way. Never give up... just keep working at it till I find it.

Mad I hate it when I have to eat at a restaurant where I have no real healthy choices that goes with my way of eating. You did the best you could and I'm sure it will show. The main problem I find eating out is the sodium although now a lot of places are letting customers season their own food at the table. I pray you will not have to much of an ordeal on your trip home. No fun being sick when traveling. Hope job issues work out for your hubby.

Well, weight is up a little from change in diet I guess, but I am really encouraged by the fact that fbs was down to 147 this morning. The fiber and exercise is bringing it down really fast. I am so thrilled and the fact that it is bringing it down keeps me on track. I am tweaking my diet a little to try to get the weight to come down with it. I found something on line that says when over 50 that I should be eating 21 g fiber per day. I don't know if that means at least or if it is all I need. Any way, I think I can keep it around 23. That way I don't have to eat so much food and therefore my calories will be less. I would like to get away from snacks and night time eating although I do love popcorn. I got the air popper out last night and popped a serving which is 3 Tbs unpopped and only added some coconut oil. May decide to keep that not sure or just decide that I can have it when I need it but not on a regular basis. Will have to see how that goes.

DGS comes back from FL tonight. Have to go to airport to get him. He moves back on campus the end of the month. I've missed him but enjoyed the break. Got to get busy to get some things cleaned up around here. Cleaning is exercise, right? LOL

Y'all have a terrific Tuesday.

08-13-2013, 03:00 PM
Trish you have a great attitude and so does Mad, and I'm really glad to have both of you to consult with, along with any others who are here from time to time.

I am down one more pound, so I guess I did something right yesterday. I am also increasing my water intake. My blood sugar is still not going down, but I am having great difficulty giving up my bread. It's the worst problem I have. I am working on it though. Like you, I will not give up.

I read this article about weight loss for diabetics. It was mostly things I already know, but I think I found a mistake in what they're saying.

Low blood sugar is common when people lose weight because cutting calories and weight loss itself affect blood sugar levels. If you don't reduce your insulin dosage or pills to match new blood sugar levels, you'll be risking high blood sugar.

Don't you think that should have said you'll be risking low blood sugar?

Here is the article.


08-13-2013, 11:43 PM
yes, the sentence doesn't make sense Carol Sue. Its funny, when I read it at first, my brain changed the high to low! My brain wanted to make sense of it too.
Had a good trip back, the gravol dose was ok, I didn't puke on the ferry anyhow. Tired now and off to bed.

08-14-2013, 07:12 AM
Good morning. Checking in after a few yo-yo days with weight. FBGL is hanging in though.

Been way to busy with accounting but am over the hump and ready for tomorrow's meeting with my newly formed finance group - all men which will either make it better or worse. :shrug: This morning I'll do some food prep for the freezer before the fruit flies take over the kitchen.

Weight has been a bit of a yo-yo lately - way up and then down with fluid retention which is discouraging. 191.2 this morning and "ouncing" back to the 18s. I've been doing some of the commercial Atkins shakes but will quit them. This morning I spotted this article on "net carbs". http://www.phlaunt.com/lowcarb/19059967.php which makes me think twice about them.

On we go with Wednesday.

08-14-2013, 09:52 AM
Ruth: I agree about the "net carbs" thing, but the shakes seem ok, but not the bars. I was 183 this am, but I had had tea and yogurt before I remembered to weigh, after being away from a scale for so long, so will be lower tomorrow. (TGLW) DId not have my monitor handy either to check fbs.
DId well yesterday, and will be awesome today! Promise.
Ruth, hope you get along well with the fellows. have a good day everyone.

08-14-2013, 10:49 AM
Good morning. Checking in after a few yo-yo days with weight. FBGL is hanging in though.

Been way to busy with accounting but am over the hump and ready for tomorrow's meeting with my newly formed finance group - all men which will either make it better or worse. :shrug: This morning I'll do some food prep for the freezer before the fruit flies take over the kitchen.

Weight has been a bit of a yo-yo lately - way up and then down with fluid retention which is discouraging. 191.2 this morning and "ouncing" back to the 18s. I've been doing some of the commercial Atkins shakes but will quit them. This morning I spotted this article on "net carbs". http://www.phlaunt.com/lowcarb/19059967.php which makes me think twice about them.

On we go with Wednesday.

Ruth, I am looking forward to the day I can hit 189. I haven't been there for so long, but that doesn't mean I can't do it. Good luck to you, too.

I have never used Atkins bars or shakes. One time I got sample bars in the mail and when I saw the total carbs in them I didn't eat them. I didn't understand about the sugar alcohols. I am not a sweet eater anyway, so things like that wouldn't interest me. I have enough trouble keeping my regular food under control. I have some Whey Protein that I sometimes make into shakes but I seem to not think about it. I think I could do very well on regular food if I could just keep the portions small.

08-14-2013, 01:51 PM
I seem to be having trouble with nausea around noon hour, has happened before, but not recently, until today, when I got hungry about noon, I also got nauseous, and puked when I got in. Not sure if its just metformin or another supplement. My B complex supplement was completely undigested 3-4 hours after taking it.
Nausea doesn't keep me from eating of course, the only non-drug way of settling my stomach seems to be having a snack. Kept it small and low carb. But eating none-the-less.

08-14-2013, 06:31 PM
Ruthie I have the same problem with weight bouncing up and down and the water retention. I didn't take my fluid pill last night, but my weight was almost back down to the 233 (233.6) after I changed the ticker to 235.2. I'm going to wait until it stays at 233 longer than a day or two before changing it back. Maybe it is because of our age:?: I am eating healthy and exercising and MFP says if I keep doing what I'm doing that I should weigh 222.5 in 5 weeks. I hope so.

Mad Sorry about the nausea. Hope you will feel better soon.

Carol Sue, Rennie and lurkers Hope you are having a good day.

Bonnie I know you are busy with your aunt's treatments. Remember to take good care of yourself. You can't be any use to others if you don't take care of yourself.

As I said above, I'm still eating healthy and exercising... staying OP. I finally found some unsalted peanuts to day. I've started eating air popped popcorn with a little bit of coconut oil on it. I've got my fiber at 23 g and my calories are staying around 1200 most of the time. I don't count my exercise calories in my eating. So my net calories are usually less than
1000. It has to pay off somewhere along the way.

08-15-2013, 08:52 AM
Mad - I don't know what could be the cause of your nausea. I get slight nausea which I blame on my increased dose of Metformin, but it's not enough to make me vomit, and doesn't interfere with eating. I was diagnosed with DM while in the hospital having open heart surgery. I left the hospital on Metformin. I had very strong nausea. After eating a very small portion of my food I would get nauseated and not be able to finish. I quickly lost 25 lbs, then the nausea subsided and I'm now struggling to maintain that loss. I blamed it on the surgery, but now I realize it was probably the Metformin. I always wished that the nausea would have continued until I was down to 145. LOL

Are you taking your B Complex with food? If you take it after your biggest meal it might work out better for you.

Trish, you are doing so good! I think you found your niche. I'm sure you are so happy with your good results!

I used to exercise 60 - 90 min. per day, M-F. After my stomach surgery I could not exercise and really had a hard time getting back to it on a regular basis. I started back at 15 min and gradually increased. Yesterday, I exercised for 75 min. That included warm up and cool down on the treadmill, and in between I worked on my elliptical, weight station and my punching bag. I only do weights 2-3 times per week. I felt so great when I finished my workout. So exhilarated! I don't work out at a high intensity. I would rather go long and slow. This is what I was doing back in 2011 right before my surgery put a stop to it. I had my triglycerides down to 125 and my A1c was 5.7. I had read that for lipid control, long and slow is better that high intensity. High intensity puts stress on the body and stress can raise lipids and also blood glucose. Since I'm doing low intensity I don't get burned out so easily. When I want to stop I just say "5 more minutes" and then I get my second wind. I want to keep this up. I don't know how long it will take me to get my bloodwork back down, but I want to get it there and keep it there. Weight loss is secondary for me. That is going to take food control....which is a much bigger struggle.

I also want to get a good recipe for hummus. If I can make it in small quantities I will eat it with my celery sticks which I love. Right now I'm using sometimes Cream Cheese and sometimes Greek Yogurt. I flavor my Greek Yogurt with a bit of Hidden Valley Dill Dip mix. Sometimes in the morning I have Greek Yogurt with a bit of Fiber One Cereal mixed in. The Fiber One adds some crunch, fiber, and just a touch of sweetness. It's very tasty. Having said that, I still need to work on my carbs and portion sizes at lunch and dinner. Many times, lunch is something I eat because my husband is having something and it looks good. I eat, even though I'm not necessarily hungry. See? I know exactly what I'm doing wrong, but breaking these bad habits is hard work. But I'm confident that I can do it. Determination and Discipline.

Ruth, hope things go well with your meeting today!

Hello to Bonnie, Rennie and others. Hope things are going well for you.

08-15-2013, 09:31 AM
I decided that I had a touch of some gastro bug, feeling better now, but both DH and I had a problem with nausea, some vomiting, diarrhea etc and with headaches etc. SO we are feeling better today, but wound up having lots of carbs yesterday, as I was a bit dehrydrated and had LOW bs with the problems.
Hope that today is normal again. Have lots of errands to do while home, so must get to them

08-15-2013, 09:44 AM
I decided that I had a touch of some gastro bug, feeling better now, but both DH and I had a problem with nausea, some vomiting, diarrhea etc and with headaches etc. SO we are feeling better today, but wound up having lots of carbs yesterday, as I was a bit dehrydrated and had LOW bs with the problems.
Hope that today is normal again. Have lots of errands to do while home, so must get to them

Mad - Are you on any other diabetes meds beside Metformin? I am only on Metformin and I have never had a low. The lowest my BS has ever gone is 85. Maybe I just never get dehydrated or go long enough without food to have it drop lower.

08-15-2013, 11:31 AM
Mad Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you and DH may have caught a bug. Hope you continue to feel better.

Carol Sue That is great that you do all that exercise. It really makes a difference. I didn't know about the slow rather than faster although I have heard that leisure walks actually any walking is just as good if not better than fast or jogging. I think it is because it is easier on the joints.
I think I need to take that idea and go at a slower pace. I didn't do the bike yesterday because my left knee was acting funny so thought I needed to give it a break. I had done a really vigorous 25 minutes the day before. So maybe it just can't handle going that fast and that long. I use to help my joints not to injure them.

DGS is here until Sunday when he moves back to college campus. Things can get back to normal again. I plan to change my exercises up some nest week. I want to start doing the bike 3 days and my Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile 20 min dvd again. It was so good for my posture and my joints.

Ruthie Thought of you when I got on the scale this morning... up .4 lbs which is really nothing, I know, but it is just the idea of how my weight bounces back and forth. Hope you meeting goes well.

Hope everyone else is doing good. I know some are busy getting kids ready for school etc.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.:)

08-15-2013, 03:03 PM
Trish, I don't know if I could find that article again, it has been a while since I read it. It did not say that intense exercise was a bad thing, so don't think you were doing something wrong by working out at a high intensity. It just seemed that it worked for me. It could have been something else that did it, maybe dietary changes. I don't want to mislead you.

08-15-2013, 03:36 PM
I cant find the article I read about triglycerides. I did find this one but it's about raising HDL. It says to exercise longer, even if it means going at a lower intensity. So I guess it's not necessarily recommending that you go slower, but to do so if it helps you go for a longer period of time.


I don't want you to change what you're doing based on my information, which could be wrong. Do what works best for you.

08-15-2013, 08:50 PM
Carol Sue Actually, I was thinking more about my knee. I did it just a little slower, but still got the 2 miles I wanted and it was much easier on my knee. I will be adding more exercise though. Thanks for thinking of me, but you weren't misleading me. Going to be making some more tweaking on a lot of things with diet and exercise next week when DGS goes back to school and after we see our doctor for better health and hopefully better weightloss. I'll be working for the next 3 months for better blood work numbers next time.

08-15-2013, 10:46 PM
Carol Sue: i am only on Metformin. I have always had issues with low blood sugar, most of my life. (many type 2 diabetics have a history of hypoglycemia before becoming diabetic, and when I do the 2 hour blood glucose test, I have a low 2 hour and get shaky shortly afterward. )
The low sugar was likely the result of not eating and only drinking ginger ale for a while, and of course it was just diet ginger ale, so I had virtually no calories after breakfast, for about 8 hours. I am not worried about it.
Today, I had 2 good 30 minute walks. ate pretty well too.

08-16-2013, 08:09 AM
Just checking in. Delighted to see 189 again this morning - now to keep it in that decade or lower. I have my usual busy day but will be gearing down later to get ready for a whole weekend at my son's cottage with the emphasis on relaxation and chatting with my grandchild Tayler who suddenly is 13! I know the food will be good as my DIL, Wendy, is a very health conscious cook.

I hope everyone is well. See you Monday.

08-16-2013, 05:15 PM
Ruthie Glad you are back down in the 180's and pray you will be able to keep it too. I am so tired of seeing my weigh bounce. I will be so glad when my weight stabilizes and then starts going down. I think I'm going to have to start watching the foods that are too salty. I'm just retaining water too much lately. Sounds like you are going to have a great visit with your son and family this weekend and get much needed R&R. Enjoy. :)

I finally have DH working with me to get his and my bs down to normal. It will be more fun working together to plan meals etc than it is for me to do it by myself especially since he is so picky.

Y'all have a great weekend.

08-16-2013, 10:05 PM
Ruth, i am delighted for you. I need to find a way to resist when there is food I shouldn't have around. Last night I had some bread with supper. Didn't need it, but I had it anyhow because it was on the table.
Today was better.

08-18-2013, 09:05 AM
I have yet to get under 180 again, but won't do it this weekend. Today is an annual family picnic, and I will eat a butter tart and enjoy some wine. (I am not driving home.)
I did make a "potato salad" using cauliflower and used dreamfields pasta in my macaroni and tuna salad, however. I hope you all have a lovely weekend as well.

08-19-2013, 12:00 PM
Trish - I finally made my beef jerky. I watched a couple videos on U-tube showing how to cut the meat and how to marinate and arrange on the dehydrator. I marinated it overnight and put it in the dehydrator this morning. I used your marinate recipe as a guide, tweaking it a bit, using a little less of the worcestershire sauce, and changing the amounts of seasoning to my taste. I didn't use the hot sauce, but I put a shake of cayenne in it. Depending on how this turns out, I might put a dash of hot sauce in it next time, just to give it a bit of a kick, but not too much. This one is more of an experiment. My meat was London Broil. Next time I think I will try Eye of Round roast, which someone on U-tube recommended because it's really lean. I am anxious to see how it turns out.

I bought this dehydrator at a yard sale for a couple dollars, probably 20 years ago. Back then I was buying everything I saw, whether I needed it or not. I've never used it, but it doesn't look like the previous owner used it much either. It is so old, I can't even find it anywhere online. But if it works, it's ok by me!

Congratulations to you, Ruth, for getting back in the 180's. Good job! Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend with your family.

Mad, I have the same problem with bread. It just jumps right up into my hand!! I can eat a big meal, but my body still craves that bread and doesn't seem satisfied without it.

08-19-2013, 02:15 PM
Survived the picnic without totally pigging out. Drank a lot of water and diet soda, but only peed once in 8 hours. Even though we were in the shade, apparently the heat had its effects. Good time had by all. At home today, have a teleconference tomorrow and then back to the island for a last holiday week. Will have my Dad there, and hope to take him to see an aging cousin for a bit. otherwise all quiet.

08-19-2013, 03:31 PM
Oh my! DIL Wendy cooks healthy at home but not at the cottage! Ribs, corn, rolls, peach crisp - not very healthy stuff. I was glad I had brought along tomatoes! Weight up a wee bit but I know it'll go back down as soon as I low carb.

Took my friend Donna to a medical appointment this morning and then we went to lunch at Pizza Hut! I could not believe what she ate although I try very hard not to be judgemental. She made four trips to the pizza buffet and came back with three pieces each time! I had a salad with some chicken in it. Sorry but that just shocked me as we are both supposed to be dieting and eating lower carb. At least we didn't have a beer. ** Sigh **

08-19-2013, 08:56 PM
Mad I think you handle the picnic very well. Congratulations.

Ruthie Good choice at Pizza Hut.

DH and I had our 3 month doctor's appt. today. Good visit. We didn't know if he would think he had to put DH on insulin (he had mentioned it before), but his FBS was down to 7.8 from 8.3 I think not sure. His triglycerides were up, but his good cholesterol was up and bad was down some. His heart was good etc. He told him that he wants it down below 7. I told him I was learning to cook again as I was trying to get more fiber into our diet and switching to good fats.

My FBS down to 6.8 from 8.? last time. My triglycerides were down from 152 last time to 144. I told him I had been putting coconut oil in my morning coffee because I had heard that it lowers triglycerides. He said, "Well, it worked". Although my good cholesterol was up 1 pts, my bad cholesterol was still a little higher than he wants it even though it is considered in the normal range. We both had lost weight and I had lost 4 lbs since last visit. I told him that the weight comes off so slow, but I'm trying to remember that at least it is going down and not up. He said he would be happy if I lost 4 lbs each time that I come in. He said with the diet change and the exercise we're doing, that the cholesterol should continue to improve. He was extremely pleased and so was I.

Oh yes, I'm finally back down to 233. Loss has slowed down to .2 lb each day for the last 2 or 3 days. Extremely slow, but as long as it goes down that is all I care about. LOL

08-21-2013, 08:56 AM
Patty, good work on weight and bloodwork for you and DH. I'd take even .1 a day at the moment!.

I seem to be in another gaining cycle, probably carb related! I guess I have to bite the bullet and get back onto Atkins or South Beach Phase I. Yesterday I put away some summer clothes that I know are too tight. Sure hope they'll be loose next time I see them.

Been working away at stashing food for winter - so silly as we can buy fruits and veggies in winter. I think it's my pioneer ancestry! I have dried kale and other veggies for winter stews and casseroles and have peaches drying right now. I did freeze some but dried ones are good for snacking. I just have to count the slices. I did NOT dry any strawberries this year. Last year I snacked away a small bag and realized - next morning - that I'd scoffed a 4 liter basket! I don't dry bananas either - too easy to eat the equivalent of several.

Once again I've not made it to town for bloodwork! When I get up, I head for coffee first thing. I think I'll hide the Keurig tonight or tape the bloodwork requisition to it!

Happy Hump Day!

08-21-2013, 09:32 AM
Hi all, I am back on the island for one last week of holidays. I have my father here with me, so I can see how he is several days in a row. Haven't spent so much time with him since he stayed the week with me after his pneumonia in the spring. No major issues this time, although he is have a LOT of shortness of breath. I will go for a docs appt with him soon and see what we can do about that.
For my part, I really gained after the weekend. I should give up on the ticker.
Lets hope a week at the cottage means I will up my activity again and get on track.
have a good wednesday friends.

08-21-2013, 10:14 AM
OK! Today I will re-establish my ticker. Things are getting silly!

08-22-2013, 09:02 AM
ok ruth, where is the ticker?
I am not doing anything with mine until back home.
I did do a 30 minute walk yesterday, and ate well. Lots of veggies.
But still too much food.

08-22-2013, 11:21 AM
Hi ladies well sorry I have been mia but I have been so busy. Well went and had my Mri done and Their is so much going on I need a medical degree to sort threw it all. Well for starters I have a baker cyst behind my knee and then I have three different sprains in my knee muscles plus I have osteoarthritis Plus a whole lot of other things going on that I need a medical degree to go threw it all and understand it. They want me to go to PT I will have to see how it does. Hopefully knee pain will be gone so I can get back into the swing of things. well off to make some calls and see if I can find a PT place to go get back with you all soon.

08-22-2013, 11:57 AM
Ruthie Come on and do South Beach with me. I don't like doing cal counts or carb counts and although I like eating fiber, I'm not regulating that right and there are some fiber carbs that I can't handle and I don't like this retaining fluid so much. Plus the weigh is edging back up. ugh :?: So I have to change something that will help me continue my progress not go backward. So I've decided that SBD is the best way for me to go as I can get the right fiber carbs I need and not give up some things that I like. I turned 70 yrs old today and I'm tired of fighting this stuff. My health is good enough other than weight and diabetes right now and I figure I could still have years to go and I want it to be good a quality life as well. I'm already doing 20 to 25 minutes 5 days a week of exercise so for the 1st time in my life I'm doing this backwards for me. I usually start dieting and then struggle to add the exercise. Not this time. So come on girlie, lets do this together. WE CAN DO IT!!! Today is my day one. BTW Thanks for the info you put on 3fc SBD thread that made it so easy for me to print out.

Bonnie Boy you do have a lot on your plate, but hang in there. It takes some real work with the therapy and all but it can really help. Helped my DH and I watched what they taught him and even do the exercises myself most of the time before I get out of bed.

Mad Enjoy what is left of your holiday. Getting the exercise is good.

Carol Sue Hope you are doing fine.

08-22-2013, 04:46 PM
Patty, I'm a MOD in the South Beach Forum and definitely am eating that way. It seems to be the best for my BGL and my doctors support it completely. Happy Birthday to you today! :hb: I guess when we hit our seventies, we can say we are mature? I'll be 75 in January.

Here you go, Mad! I did recreate the ticker yesterday and will let it show today. I did it just for what I want to lose right now.

Once again I was drinking my coffee before I remembered the darned bloodwork! Grrr! Part of me is afraid my HA1C will be out of the controlled range and part of em just hates the thought of being poked three or four times. I wish they would just put in a permanent faucet!

I grilled two lovely pork chops for dinner last night and seem to have lost the one I was planning to have tonight - a Chinese dish called twice fried pork. :shrug: How can one lose a pork chop? Been through the fridge and freezer with no luck. Maybe we have ghosts.

08-23-2013, 10:04 AM
well, I got more exercise than I planned yesterday, and am very sore today. Had to get up last night and take some tylenol, as the stiffness was keeping me from sleeping.
So yesterday the lake was like glass, unlike the day before where there was lots of wind and waves. So I took the kayak out. DH last words were to remind me to take the safety kit, which I did, along with the required life vest of course.
I went a little ways, had a by the dock visit with my Sister-in-law, then went on to the big bay. Once I was out of sight of anyone I knew, I stopped to adjust the foot pedal that kept moving out of place. I leaned to the side, and magically, the kayak tilted too much and dumped me out. So there I was in the lake! With no one around, I whistled when I go myself righted, but wasn't anywhere that folks could see/hear me.
All those years of childhood swim lessons kicked in. While I am not a great swimmer, a lot of the lessons were about safety and drown proofing etc. SO I got myself situated and started out on my back kicking and towing the kayak.
Took about 30 minutes to get to shore, then I had to right the kayak and empty it of all the water. (I had tried to get back in after the dump, but couldn't do it. )
Then I paddled back. The adrenaline made me nauseous, and I was exhausted. I didn't do much the rest of the day. TOday, I will be walking, then driving to Blind River to take Dad to see my aging aunt. I guess technically she is a cousin, but she was Mum's cousin so I always called her Auntie. Dad and she haven't seen each other in at least 5 years, so they are both really excited about it.
So thats my report for today. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

08-23-2013, 12:59 PM
Happy Birthday, Trish!

I am also amazed at Ruth's posting that she is 74. You ladies make me feel so guilty. I hope to be doing as well as you are when I reach my 70's. Here I am complaining about all my aches and pains, my inability to lose weight...(I could do it if I would just knuckle down!) all my illnesses. I really have to get on the stick. Ditch the bread, etc.

I do think Mad is younger than we are, so I guess I'm in the middle at 67. Whaddya say, Mad.

08-23-2013, 02:00 PM
Ruthie I knew you used to MOD SBD thread but wasn't sure you still did until I went to check out the stickies there and read some. I knew that back when I did SBD a few yrs ago that you had posted the new info from the new book. I was so thankful that it is still there. I could have (and have in the past) made copies from the book, but the sticky made it sooo much easier. BTW I was very glad to see that even though you were seemingly having a difficult time posting here that you are still posting there. Good for you. You probably don't know or realize that back when I did SBD that you were my inspiration. I remember that you were just a tad older than me and I always hear about knew diets etc and my thought is always "Yeah, it works for younger women, but what about people around my age?" You really encouraged me back then. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I found you here on the diabetic thread and I was thrilled to see that you showed me that low carb works. Now after I have gone all the different was of controlling diabetes, I am finding that just a small modifications "tweaking", SBD will work for me. Even with the struggles you are going through, helps me to realize that the struggles happen. You sticking with SBD because you know it works is why I must do the same. Thank you ever so much for being a wonderful friend and inspiration to me. I will eventually join in with the SBD thread when I feel comfortable to do so. Right now I will just be a lurker there and learn what I can from y'all. Keep doing what you need to do my friend and in the midst of the struggle. You are a strong lady and you will be back at least 90% of the time any way. I heard someone say (about exercising) "if your doing 90% don't worry about the 10%" and right now that is what I'm doing with the hopes that eventually my 90% will be closer and closer to 100%.

Got to run, but will be back later for more sharing.

08-23-2013, 09:58 PM
Madeleine What a frightening experience. Thank God you were able to get back to shore and are okay. I would have been loads of trouble. But then I'm not much of a swimmer (haven't swam in years) so I would have been a goner. No wonder you were so sore all night long. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your Dad and cousin.

Carol Sue I haven't always handled this journey very well. Especially the diabetic part. I did fine for a while and then I got so angry with myself because I had it once before and reversed and didn't have it as long as I did all the right things and then I got it under control when diagnosed the second time, but I didn't learn anything about continuing doing what I was doing which caused me to become so mad at myself that I totally rebelled against my whole situation. I've dieted off and on for 50 yrs and I was tired of trying to find a way that I could stick with. Now I'm trying to use that anger in a positive way instead of letting it work against me. I've kind of learned to take a lot of the different things that I like about different ways to diet or whatever so I can get control that I can live with forever as a lifestyle.

I love paleo/primal way of eating. But to me it is a little more like Atkins and I have come to realize that I cannot make either of those a lifestyle for me because I don't want to cut out some of the foods that they require or suggest giving up. Example, when I realized the importance of putting fiber in any diet or way of eating for me. That does away with Paleo and Atkins for me. After trying work with the American Diabetic Diet to follow, I realized that some of the carby foods have fiber and some don't. And when trying to get enough fiber, I was holding on to too much sodium and swelling. Never sure where it comes from, but I don't retain fluid when I do low carb. As I looked at the foods on South Beach especially the Phase 2, I realized that I can eat low carb with it and keep some of the foods that Atkins and Paleo even Primal doesn't allow such as the legumes and my dairy products such as FF or 1% milk. Then I realized that I can live with South Beach as a Lifestyle. Plus I have the luxury of not having to count calorie, carbs or anything else. So I started out Day 1 yesterday on Phase 2 SBD not the Phase 1.

Y'all have a great weekend.

08-24-2013, 10:49 AM
Yesterday I took Dad to see an elderly cousin of my mother's. She and Mum were quite close friends and visited a lot. But Dad hasn't seen her for 7 years. They live in Northern Ontario, about 2.5 hours from us on Manitoulin, but 9 hours from his place, so I drove him there. Had a lovely visit. BUt the supper, as usual, was great, and I overate again, and felt uncomfortable and unhappy all the way home. I am tired of feeling this way, tired of feeling like I can't stop myself from overeating, tired of hearing myself whine about it.
SO my question friends is this: what do you do to limit food in the evening?
SHould I try switching to having my big meal at lunch time? Should I carefully measure portions and not have food on the table? (I ask this because I have been serving "family style" with dishes on the table, hence the ease of having 2nds, and the temptation to "finish" something up)
I feel like if I jump up and leave the table as soon as I have eaten, that is rude to family and guests, and keeps us from having a sociable supper.
Ideas friends?
On the brighter side, I am being good about exercise, walked yesterday and will do again today.

08-24-2013, 01:45 PM
Hubby and I measure out our portions. We went see the dietician who gave us our diet plan with the number of servings we can have in each food group, we divide that up to equal about 5 meals per day and we weigh and measure out the portions. God Bless. Tammy

After AT LEAST 3 years of gaining and losing the same weight I am at 250!!!:carrot: This is major for me:cp:!! Now there seems to be hope!! Now on to 240!!:woohoo:

08-25-2013, 08:40 AM
Tammy: I am thrilled for your loss, congrats.
I did better yesterday, oddly, at a buffet supper. it was a baby shower, and we were distracted after eating by the opening of gifts. So I wasn't disgusted with myself, and slept well and without guilt. Will be making meal plans when I get home Tuesday.

08-25-2013, 10:01 AM
Hi Trish - I commend you for realizing that certain diet plans just don't work for you and trying SB instead of throwing in the towel. I used to have the SB book but must have given it away as I can't find it now. I guess I could look at the thread and see what I think. Right now, I'm not doing so well. I just can't give up the carbs. I was having trouble with bread, now I'm craving baked potatoes! Neither of these foods are good choices for me. I lived low carb for so many years without a problem. I just don't know what the problem is now.

Tammy - Congrats on your weight loss. Sometimes it just takes something to make it all click! Keep up the good work.

Mad - Thank God you had the knowledge and stamina to get yourself to shore! That would have been the end for me!!

I am also tired of overeating, tired of feeling terrible and tired of hearing myself whine about it. Something's gotta give!

Bonnie - I am so glad you got a diagnosis for your knee. Now you know what it is and can have it taken care of. I hope you're feeling better soon. It sound like you have a lot on your plate....no pun intended! LOL

Ruth - Did you ever find the missing pork chop? If you are anything like me, you ate it so fast you don't remember! LOL

08-25-2013, 04:33 PM
I am also tired of overeating, tired of feeling terrible and tired of hearing myself whine about it. Something's gotta give!

Carol Sue This is the point I got to when I started seriously looking at what I was doing and wondering and asking myself... If I really hate feeling this way as much as I say I do, then why wasn't I changing it? I knew what to do and what has worked in the past and I knew that I could completely reverse diabetes for me... SO WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!!! There is a scripture in the Bible (sorry can't remember where it is right now) that says to know what to do and not to do it is akin to one who commits suicide. It was a real EYE OPENER for me.

I knew that it had to be something that I could do for the rest of my life. It would have to be a little flexible for those times when "life happens" things so I could be a little off without feeling guilty which would cause me to fall into one of those "I've blown it today so why bother" and quit. By modifying SBD a little bit to include a flexibility for those times... I can live with this the rest of my life and never really see it as a diet, but as just the way I eat for the rest of my life. While I liked Intuitive Eating, I don't think I can do that without some kind of structure to what I'm doing. I'm a creature of habit. Actually the because of the way I ate as a child I was automatically thin. Nothing was really off limits to me. But I only ate at certain times everyday because of my routines throughout the day and I never really planned ahead because food wasn't really on my mind, but it was a routine. This has made me realize that I am a routine personality. I get up most mornings and do the same thing everyday. Dress, make coffee, make DH cauliflower to have ready for him to eat before he goes to bed that night, fix his fruit and our pills. Then if hungry, I eat breakfast after checking fbs, bp and logging the info. Main meal is around 2-3 and I throw in another meal later in the day for myself depending on hunger (now following SBD) and may have a snack in evening if needed. I honestly believe if I just get myself into a good routine again using SBD as my basic guide that the struggle will be over for me.

Share my struggle because hopefully as I walk through this, I hope it will help someone else... especially younger people so they don't have to struggle like I have for 50 yrs. There are loads of info out there of what to do and what not to do and it gets REALLY CONFUSING. It's okay to know those things, but it comes down to taking that info and even if you have to take a basic plan to create one of your own AND MAKING IT YOU OWN IS THE KEY, YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU. Wish I could take credit for my new ideas and thoughts, but actually, I learned from a few people on a low carb site that has proven that is how they did it and have lost their weight. One lady I'm reading about right now has done this with SBD and kept her weight off for 9 yrs and she still eats the same way she did to lose her weight. Never changed it once she made goal. Can't think of it as a diet that you reach goal and can eat what you want again. Hope this helps you and others as it has me.

08-25-2013, 09:32 PM
That was a great pep talk, Trish, and I know you are right. You should be a motivational speaker. I am the one who has to do this. No one can do it for me. A friend's mother lost 50 lbs and her doctor took her off her diabetes meds. I think she is in her early 70's. It CAN be done.

I took a look at SB and I realize now why I gave the book away. It's not something I'm comfortable with. I don't do well on plans that say "eat this, but not that." I know I have to really limit my carbs. That's all I know for sure. I want to be able to eat all foods, in moderation, while limiting starchy carbs. I lost weight before, and kept it off for 10 years, so I know it works. It was no walk in the park. I had to work at it, but I did it. This was when I lived at home. My mother did not cook "diet foods" for me. She cooked delicious home-style meals. It was up to me to limit what went on my plate and in my mouth. Now I'm in a similar situation with my husband. He wants delicious home cooked meals, and he does not want low fat, or low carb or low anything. He has never had a weight problem and will never change the way he eats. So I have to go back to being in control of what and how much goes on my plate. I can do it. I can enjoy all foods.....just not eat until I'm stuffed and can't move. LOL I know I have to limit carbs and always will. I just need to get my mindset to do this.

When you said about all the information that is out there and it gets confusing....it's true. The first time I dieted I didn't know anything about nutrition, except that sweets were empty calories and real food had the nutrition. I just ate some of everything, in smaller quantities. I never put second helpings on my plate. When I was finished with what was on my plate I was finished. Period. After I started reading diet books, etc, I started trying every diet under the sun, thinking I was going to find a magic potion. There is no magic potion, is there, Trish? As you said, we all have to find what works for us and "Just Do It."

Our common denominator on this board is diabetes. That makes this journey all the more important!

08-25-2013, 09:34 PM
Did better again tonight. The difference might have been where we ate. When we are outside at the picnic table, the food is in front of me. Tonight at the kitchen table, I was at the short end, and the food was farther away. I could have more, but would have to ask someone to pass me more. I stopped eating sooner. I was also ticked with DD, but bit my tongue, and went in the bedroom to grind my teeth and not yell. She is being a stinker, didn't help with supper when asked, sat waiting to be served, not helpful, not sociable etc. Grrr. This is like the 17 year old her, and I don't like it.
We leave early tomorrow, and I don't think she will stay at the house tomorrow after we get home, I think she will leave for her place in town, but if not, I will ask her to leave. Have had enough of her and need my space. DH is staying behind at the island, a niece and grandniece will be here for the long weekend and he wants to visit, but I have to work, so will miss them.
Also taking my Dad home, that will be another 5 hours of driving there and back. Ack, so much driving, just for a nice holiday.
Its been great having Dad here, he doesn't make me grind my teeth or anything.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

08-26-2013, 05:56 PM
Carol Sue Your story sounds so much like mine. When I did gain weight, I never had a problem losing until I started trying all the different diets and even diet pills etc. My Mama always did just normal home cooked meals. I think they mostly followed the 4 food groups that was popular back then. Potatoes were not considered "bad" for you just one example of how things have changed. That is how I raised my kids. Junk foods were for special occasions only. As for me using SBD, it is only for a foundational basic guide for me. I am using some fat free foods, but I am replacing some of them with healthy fats. I use a lot of coconut oil because it actually lowers triglycerides and I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Apple Cider Vinegar in my salads. I think grains are important for me as I need the fiber so I'm using oatmeal and will be learning to use some other healthier versions. However, I will only be eating around 4 starchy grain carbs most days. Like you, I don't really like a plan that says eat this and not this etc. However, at the same time I want to eat as healthy as possible for me. As I heard one chef say, "80 to 90 percent" healthy. I cannot eat a lot of lowfat/fat free foods because they usually replace the fat with sodium and that makes me retain fluid. Like you said, "there is no magic potion", but we can take the info that we have learned and create what I like to call A PERSONALIZED PLAN that fits me, my lifestyle and my personality. No one else has to approve of it or even like what I'm doing except me as it belongs to me planned around my likes and dislikes.

Fatmad You asked earlier about what we do about night eating. I'm still working on that one. I'm trying to fit my eating within a set starting and ending time similar to Intermittent Fasting, but I haven't quite figured out my 8 hrs eating. I am hoping to have a cut off time and fit my eating within those hours. I decided that I would like to work oatmeal into my way of eating and hope that by moving that to an evening meal that it will satisfy me so that I will not need a snack at night. However, if I do need a snack, I've planned a handful of peanuts or air popped popcorn. Because I'm a snack eater at night, I know that I had better have some kind of plan that can include it or I will end up raiding the fridge. Hope you find a way to solve your problem. Share if you find it, please.

Ruthie, Bonnie and lurkers :wave:

08-27-2013, 12:50 PM
ok friends, have updated my ticker, to my shame. I am going to embrace meal planning, and plan for a 1 year time frame to see where I get. Must get back to a good life again. I am not happy with myself, my health, my sugars. And since I am happy with work, my marriage and the rest of my life, no excuses!

08-27-2013, 07:45 PM
Yesterday I had breakfast with my BFF and Co-Worker Cheryl, had a great time as always and of course talking like there is no tomorrow!:cofdate: I get homw and took out my little pill box that I keep in my pocket and realized that I did not take any of my meds!!:nono: No Metformin, No Blood Pressure Pill-no nothing! So this morning my FBS was 136, which is not bad considering that I had no meds! Too busy running my mouth and not my brain I guess!!:D:D Hope you all are having a blessed day! :hug::hug:

08-28-2013, 10:09 AM
Hey ladies Sorry MIA for a few days but we had to have my aunt admitted In the hospital. She had a fever of 103.3. she is doing better jest got home Monday. I started Pt yesterday they taped my knee and all the pain is gone I still have some popping but it will be ok.
My daughter hubby is going to Illinois for a few months to a hunting club she will be staying with us while he is gone and also my son is moving back cause him and his girlfriend is calling it quits. Thanks god they are paying for their self's to stay here and its not on me.
Well I better be going I have to go find me something to eat.

08-28-2013, 11:02 AM
Bonnie - Sounds like you are going to have a houseful. You always seem to be taking care of everyone else....and while that's commendable, don't forget to take care of yourself. I'm glad to hear that PT is helping with your knee pain.

Mad - Right now I would be very happy to weight 187, and I never expect to get to 120, like your goal. I think with my age and medical issues, 150 would be a good weight for me.

I try not to eat anything in the evening after dinner. I grew up eating 3 meals a day and nothing else, and I believe that's what we are meant to do. I sleep so much better if I go to bed on an empty stomach. It just so happens that I eat waaaaay to much at those meals, and that's why I'm overweight and have diabetes. I guess it's intermittent fasting, but I just consider it normal eating pattern.

Tammy - I forget to take my meds now and then. Usually, I realize it and take them later in the day.

Trish - I still don't consider potatoes "bad." When they aren't fried or covered with creamy sauces, they are very nutritious. But the carbs are bad for diabetics. An ideal diet for me would include a bite or two of baked or roasted potatoes. But before I can do that, I need to get my portions under control. I would like to incorporate vinegar into my diet for the blood sugar benefits, but I really don't like the bitterness of it. I have started back having a small bowl of oatmeal in the morning, sprinkling it with cinnamon. Cinnamon is supposed to be helpful with blood sugar. I also bought some apples, and will have one daily as a snack, with cinnamon sprinkled on it. Sometimes I have some plain greek yogurt with Fiber One cereal mixed in. It is great fiber and has a little bit of sweet taste...adds some crunch. Since I am not much of a fruit eater, I bought some of those little cups of mandarin oranges. They are good for fiber, too. I've also been trying to fit some beans in. I love them, but they do have their problem, ya know! LOL But they are very healthy, and I heard that things get better once your body gets used to the extra fiber. I made some bean dip for a party at my sons house and I find that I really like it with celery sticks. I used greek yogurt instead of the sour cream and topped it with some salsa. Very good! I do like healthy foods, but it seems that the non healthy foods are more convenient and we end up reaching for them. My husband eats completely unhealthy foods and he's thin. It's just not fair!

08-29-2013, 10:50 PM
I read the Stress Eating Cure by the Heller's who wrote the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet books. I understand now why I have had such a difficult time getting back onto low carb eating etc. At the same time I've found a low carb website where there are some people who have been doing the CAD/CALP way of eating successfully and getting advise on how they have made it work for them. I am now settled into my way of eating that will not only fit into my life but it will become a lifestyle rather than a diet. This is not going to be a diet that I will get off of someday when I reach goal, but it is the way I will eat for the rest of my life. This way of eating is designed to control insulin so I am thrilled to find it. On this plan, I can even do it with Intermittent Fasting and eat only 2 meals a day which was the normal way I ate back when I was thin. I've had a great day today. Ate my meal with carbs around 2. I had planned to eat the low carb meal around 6 so I could eat within a 5 hour eating window, but ended up with a 6 and a half hour window because I wasn't hungry 5 hrs later, but I was hungry 6 1/2 hrs later. I have no intentions of ever eating just because it is time to eat ever again if I'm not hungry. I enjoyed today and look forward to eating this way from now. It almost feels "normal" and done right no one would ever know that I'm dieting. I was already slowly easing into this way of eating this way beginning Monday and FBS is already coming down. Now that I'm following the guidelines of SEC/CALP, the weight should start coming down as well. The new book says it will come down steadily. I will let y'all know how it goes.

08-30-2013, 08:01 AM
Trish - I read the CAD book too. I think I have read every "diet" book out there. That is part of my problem. Information overload, and I ended up trying to combine diet plans, and you can't do that. I can eat 2 meals a day as long as one of them is breakfast. I love breakfast food. Lately I have been having 1 scrambled egg, oatmeal and a glass of milk. This is what they gave me in the hospital when I was diagnosed type II, but they added fruit also. Sometimes I have fruit if I'm still hungry. I have never been a big fruit eater. If I put off eating this meal until around 11 AM, then I don't need lunch and can usually wait til dinner to eat again. DH doesn't usually eat breakfast, but he liked starchy foods for lunch, like mac and cheese, or one of those pouch mixes with noodles and sauce. There's usually more than enough for him and I get tempted to finish the leftovers instead of throwing them out.

Trish, do you live alone? It was so much easier for me when I lived alone because I didn't have to take into consideration what someone else wanted to eat. We go out for dinner a lot because then we can each order something different. I have been getting into the habit of ordering my entree with a side of veggies and either a salad or soup, and doing away with the potato. Also, I bring a doggy bag home. When I was still working, I loved to take those leftovers for my lunch and sometimes I got 2 lunches out of it. Now, if I bring stuff home, I eat that instead of my egg and oatmeal the next day.

I have decided that eating what I want, eliminating carbs as much as possible, will be my food plan for life. I will mainly work on portion control. Knowing that the leftovers are in the refrigerator if I really get hungry will keep me from stuffing myself at meal time. Bread and portion control will always be my biggest problems. Knowing your triggers is half the battle. Right now we have tons of tomatoes ripening. I used to can them, but I get a lot, but not enough to can. I love tomato sandwiches. I could eat a couple of them every day, but there's the bread. Sometimes I slice a tomato and eat it with my scrambled egg. That's good. I also try to cut up some fresh tomatoes if a recipe calls for a can of diced tomatoes.

Another issue is exercise. My best time to exercise is between 12 and 2. During that time I watch my soaps, and if I'm going to watch them anyway, it's better to be on my treadmill or elliptical rather than sitting in my recliner. The bad part is, if I'm going to do that, I don't want to take my shower in the morning and then get all sweaty. So I wait until after I exercise, and that puts me in time constraints because that is when it's time to start dinner or get ready to go out. Since DH doesn't eat much during the day, he doesn't want to wait too long for dinner. That brings me back to living with someone else, and having to consider their needs. I feel so much better after I exercise, not only physically, but mentally, also. But sometimes it's just so easy to stay in that recliner....... Then I get angry with myself afterwards.

Today, my 5 year old grandson will be here. Mostly he plays outside with Pap Pap, but he really keeps us hopping! I told my DIL it's so nice when you can send them back home to their parents, and she wanted to know if she could send our son back home to his parents. LOL

Hello to Mad, Bonnie, Ruth, Tammy. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

08-30-2013, 03:55 PM
just a quick flyby, no time to read. What I am doing is just coming into the office to work, and have internet here but not at home. I am keeping busy though just not online much.
I have been switching it up, and am tracking again.
My breakfast is large, and sustaining me well, and suppers are lighter, and I am surviving. Looks like I may have lost some weight but will see if that lasts through the weekend before I move the ticker.

08-30-2013, 05:22 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

I've been reading a little and I'll tell you ... you all are full of information and I thank you. I need to try some of the things suggested and that you all do and see if it will help me. In the last 2 weeks my fbs has been really high. I am not sure why because I haven't done anything any worse than before. My weight stayed in the low 190's or at 190 also, then today I woke up to 188.4 but my fbs was still ridiculous. I wanted to be 185 by Monday but since I just got back into the 180's I don't know whether it is possible or not and my tummy was upset after lunch yesterday so that could be it also.

I hope you all have a great weekend :hug:

08-30-2013, 07:28 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

I've been reading a little and I'll tell you ... you all are full of information and I thank you. I need to try some of the things suggested and that you all do and see if it will help me. In the last 2 weeks my fbs has been really high. I am not sure why because I haven't done anything any worse than before. My weight stayed in the low 190's or at 190 also, then today I woke up to 188.4 but my fbs was still ridiculous. I wanted to be 185 by Monday but since I just got back into the 180's I don't know whether it is possible or not and my tummy was upset after lunch yesterday so that could be it also.

I hope you all have a great weekend :hug:

My husbands FBS was hight also and they had to put him on two more different types of diabetes meds and since then his FBS has not gone over 100 and it was between 280-300 before! You should talk to your doctor asap so they can evaluate you and see what needs to be done! Congrats on the weight loss!!:hug:Tammy

08-30-2013, 07:30 PM
This week we have really done well with our eating. Still going walk at 4:15 am every morning, up to 3 laps around the street and it is so HOT!!! but we push on. Will try and alternate next week of doing 3 laps one day and 4 the next and then 3 and then 4 to work our way up to 4. Hope everyone has a blessed Labor Day weekend!! Tammy

08-30-2013, 08:51 PM
Carol Sue No I don't live alone. I have my husband and his DGS comes in on the week end. I only cook one meal a day for DH and me. We kind of do our own thing the rest of the day.

The Stress Eaters Cure book is so full of new information because the Heller's studied loads of research info seeking to learn why they were hungry although they doing everything the had learned to do before. I found you saying you like breakfast and want to eat it because in the new book they talk about all the researched they have learned about the importance of eating a really good breakfast. They learned that if you eat a big breakfast in the morning that you won't eat as much later in the day. In fact, they say you are less likely to need snacks at night.

In the new book they don't call the meals Reward Meal and Complimentary Meals. They moved the Reward Meal to breakfast and call it a Big Balanced Breakfast. However, they know everyone will not want to eat breakfast so for those they said they could eat what is now called an Alternative where a more carby meal can be eaten at lunch or dinner. What used to be Complimentary is called Balanced Protein meals. I am glad they don't call it Reward Meals any more. I never liked that name and I actually prefer to call it my carby meal and then call the others low carb meals or snacks.

The interesting thing is that I really took notice of the importance of a big breakfast, but like I said, I don't want to eat a carby breakfast because I want to eat carby meal with DH. But I just had to try it today any way. So I decided to have a big low carb breakfast. I made me 3 eggs, 3 slices of bacon (they say Canadian, but I prefer regular and this is about making this a lifestyle that I can live with), about 1/4 c mozzarella cheese and brussel sprouts. I had my regular cup of coffee with FF h & h, Stevia and Coconut oil. Amazing thing is it really works. I at breakfast around 10 or 10:30. Didn't get hungry and eat again until about 5 o'clock. I had planned to go ahead and have 3 meals, but I am amazed that I still only needed 2 meals because I'm just not hungry for more. Can have a snack of nuts later IF I need it.

I am just amazed at how this works. No willpower involved just follow the solutions they give and it is working.

I honestly think you are learning what will work for you Carol Sue because you are already doing some of what they have learned to do to correct the insulin problems. If I understand what I'm reading right, you correct the insulin problem and the other hormones that are affected will correct themselves and when they are corrected, weight will just come off.

Even they say all that they suggest isn't written in stone because each person has to personalize the plan for themselves. I've found my way and I hope that in time that you will find yours.

I hope that for all of us here at 3fc who are fighting to get control of this crazy disease.

Y'all have a very nice Labor Day weekend.

08-31-2013, 12:18 PM
Yes, Trish, I like breakfast foods, mainly eggs, and I could eat eggs for supper. But I agree that it doesn't have to be eaten first thing in the morning. I have had people tell me to eat something as soon as I get out of bed to stop my dawn phenomenon that is raising my FBS. I don't know if that's correct. One nurse at cardiac rehab told me not to eat if I'm not hungry. That applied not only to meals, but also to bedtime snacks. She probably told me that because I am overweight already and don't need to be adding food. If you think about it, the purpose of food is to fuel your body, and hunger is the body's way to tell you that you need fuel, just like the fuel guage in a car tells you you need fuel in the gas tank. So it's wrong to tell someone to eat as soon as they get up or have a snack at bedtime if they are not hungry. It might be different for someone with type I diabetes who is at greater risk for a rapid drop in glucose. But I agree that I should not be eating just because it's time to eat.

Also, it could be different for someone who works. They might not be hungry at breakfast time, but will they be able to go all the way to lunch without getting hungry? Each person needs to evaluate their needs so they will feel hungry at the next mealtime, but not so ravenous that they eat too much or grab junk food to get them through to the next meal.

The thing I didn't like about the CAD food plan is that carbs were to be eaten at the same meal every day. Most of the time I don't have carbs at breakfast, then I know I can have a small amount at dinner. But sometimes I add a small bowl of oatmeal at breakfast, so I watch the carbs at dinner. If I know I'm going to have carbs at dinner, I do not eat them at breakfast. I cannot keep them to the same meal every day.

So my best bet is to only eat when I'm hungry and keep my portions small so I only eat enough to be satisfied. That is difficult when you are used to eating until you are stuffed. It is something that has to be learned. You have to think about it, not just eat mindlessly as I have a tendancy to do. If I can keep my meals smaller, then the next time I eat I will actually feel hunger, rather than eating because my husband is eating, or because the clock says it's time to eat.

Rennie - I'm so glad that the discussions here are helping you. It's helping me, too. I'm glad I have this group where I can come and talk out my thoughts with other people who are in similar situations. I have bad habits that I need to change to be healthy. The more I express these ideas to others, the more I will think about them the next time I am eating.

Here are the rules I am developing for myself.

Eat foods that I like, but in smaller portions.
Eat when hungry and stop when satisfied, not stuffed.
Limit carbs
Exercise at least 30 min, at least 5 days a week.

And mainly I need to start putting my words into actions so I will start seeing some positive results.

Tammy - I could probably do better if I was put on more diabetic meds, but first I am going to try to improve my BS on my own, with diet and exercise. If I still can't do it, then I guess I will have no other choice but to increase meds. The mother of a friend of mine lost 50 lbs and exercised and was taken off all her diabetes meds. At this time, I haven't heard if she was able to sustain the loss and stay off the meds long term. But I would really like to do that, if possible. I don't even mind if I continue to take the Metformin, but just to have better BS reading would be welcome.

08-31-2013, 07:39 PM
Carol Sue I think what the Stress book did for me was it showed me why I was having such a difficult time of getting things under control again. Stress can really mess with us. At this point, I can tell exactly what happened that stressed me out so that I got off plan and could not for the life of me get on any plan and stay on it. Then I fell into a vicious cycle of even stressing because I knew I needed to get things under control and just couldn't do it so even dieting was stressing me out. The stress book isn't as strict as the old CAD/CALP books. While they do give a plan that they recommend, however, they also insist that you should work with your doctor's recommendations and example... they recommend drinking your coffee with your breakfast, but say that if you are used to drinking your coffee before breakfast and want to keep it then keep it. So I am using their advice more as a guideline. While the prefer carby breakfast eating, I don't except for when we go out for breakfast after church. Otherwise, I prefer the Alternative meal which can be lunch or dinner... my choice. Now they allow this carby type meal to be changed around. I like that because it gives me more freedom.

Here are the rules I am developing for myself.

Eat foods that I like, but in smaller portions.
Eat when hungry and stop when satisfied, not stuffed.
Limit carbs
Exercise at least 30 min, at least 5 days a week.

This reminds me of the Intuitive Eating rules except for the exercise and limit carbs. Can't remember all the rules but this is the basics.

1. When you are hungry, eat.
2. Eat what you really want and enjoy every bite.
3 Eat until satisfied, not stuffed and then stop eating.

So I like your rules. In fact, the way I'm doing this woe eating could very easily fall into the Intuitive way of eating because I only eat if I'm hungry and if I'm not hungry, I do not eat. When I had my carby meal today, I had gone almost 20 1/2 hrs between when I ate yesterday and when I ate today. I didn't plan it, but it just fell that way. Heller's suggest making your plan out for the day the day before. I make mine each more. I have been planning 3 meals just in case I need them... starting with a low carb type breakfast, then my main meal is always carby and then another low carb meal if I need it later. Just because it is planned doesn't mean I have to eat them, but they are there IF I need them. Didn't need the low carb ones yesterday. Haven't had one today, but one is there if I need it. I love this new found freedom.

You have a good plan of your own. Don't get hung up on slips. Just get right back OP with the next meal or snack. That may be where you are hung up. I think those hang ups are what stresses us out and causes us to fail. Good luck.

08-31-2013, 07:43 PM
I just went to update my ticker and realized that my ticker is finally correct as of today. :carrot: Whoo hoo!!!

08-31-2013, 09:39 PM
Thanks Tammy and nice to meet you :) 4:15a.m. walk. whew I applaud you :cp:. I'd be ready to pass out by 2p.m. and I don't get off until 5:30-6p.m. and my boss has scheduled me for a few classes until 8:30p.m.

Trish I like your breakfast sounds good. I'd have to get up at 5a.m. in order to make it fresh. I can't eat pre cooked eggs and if I make the bacon I know I'd eat it :) How did you prepare the brussel sprouts and could I substitute them with spinach or zucchini/squash? Why do you add the coconut oil to the coffee? Sorry for all of the questions.

Carol Sue I like your rules. I think they are sensible and they are all doable for me also. I'd love to start walking in the evening but I have the loose dog phobia. I don't know if it was you or someone else that told me about the shell-less taco. Well my son made tacos and I told him that I want mine on a plate no nachos or tortilla shell. He didn't think it was gonna be tasty but I'll tell you it was very good.

09-01-2013, 12:51 AM
Rennie You can have any veggie that you want for breakfast. I just like brussel sprouts and thought it would be a nice change. I use spinach for omelets. I just nuked the brussel sprouts. You can add butter if you like or season however you like them.at

I read somewhere that someone else put coconut oil and coconut milk in their 1st cup of coffee each day because it would lower triglycerides so I decided to try it and see how it would effect my blood work. I tried the coconut milk, but I like half and half better so I just use the coconut oil. My triglycerides went from 152 just over normal down 3 mos ago to 144 at my recent doctor's appt. So now that I know it works, I always drink it in my
1st cup of coffee. I'm using it in some foods too especially replacing some of DH butter with it now to see if his triglycerides will come down. He doesn't drink coffee so I have nothing like that to put it in. I hope this will work for him.

Tammy I admire your getting up and walking early in the morning. I don't think I would ever do that. You are doing very well.

09-01-2013, 08:45 AM
New month and new daily thread. See you in September Chat (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/diabetes-support/287017-september-chat.html#post4829659).