30-Somethings - Looking for support to help me resisting some ice cream and chocolate

07-26-2013, 08:17 AM
Hi all,

So my boyfriend just broke up with me as "we are not on the same page for being the best versions of ourselves"

So basically as I am currently over weight and even though I am working my butt off to look and feel better for me he still dumped me.

I got straight on her instead of walking around the corner to drown my sorrows in ice cream and chocolate :(

Feeling down

07-26-2013, 02:20 PM

No reason that someone gives for breaking up ever feels good--and everything about a breakup is more complicated than it's possible to put into words.

You are on this path to be the best you you can be--and that is true whether you're dating someone or not.

Good for you for not giving in to chocolate and ice cream--eating over a broken heart just leaves you off plan--and still with a broken heart.

I wish you the best as you find your new normal.

07-26-2013, 03:44 PM
He was clearly not worth your time and attention anyway.

07-26-2013, 08:50 PM
Hugs to you!

I'm so sorry to hear about your breakup. I'm very proud of you for not reaching for comfort food. I know that's the first thing I would think to do right now as well. It may not feel like it right now, but things will get better!

Missys Mom
08-15-2013, 08:18 PM
Any man who does that to a woman is a douchebag....I started dating someone and then he decided he didnt want to be with me because of the way I looked and disappeared on me, never to be heard from again. And, I was doing the same thing you were, working my *** off to make myself look and feel better and it didnt make a difference. These men are all about vanity, not about what a person is like on the inside and unfortunately most men are like that. If you dont look like a model you are not worth their time. My advice? Take some time out for yourself, do what makes you feel good. Go to the gym and work out, hang out with your girlfriends, have "me" time. I took a year and a half to myself, then tried the dating thing again....no luck. I have now been alone for approximately 8 years. I am antisocial but Im okay with that - meh, I have other issues too that I dont want anyone else to know about, so thats why I have given up on dating among other reasons. I feel for you chick and Im here if you need to chat. (((Hugs)))

08-15-2013, 09:05 PM
Hang in there girl!!! Sending a big hug all the way across the world to you!!! Breakups are the pits, but there's a big community of people here to support you.

08-20-2013, 08:00 PM
Hey. So its been a wee while since you posted but I just joined 3 fat chicks. I hope things are looking up and gotta say Whoa that's a big accomplishment in itself to jump on here instead of heading for food. Well done. Would love to know how you are doing now. :)

08-27-2013, 12:47 PM
You should be very proud of yourself for not going the "easy" ice cream-slash-chocolate route. I have to hold myself back almost daily from giving in to my very high caloric comfort foods (my achilles heel is takeout from my favorite Mexican restaurant:( Keep working your butt off for you, and only, you. I got dumped by a man who I cared very much for because I was not "perfect" like he wanted me to be. You are SO not alone with this.