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07-24-2013, 08:24 AM
Yesterday I had a really high fever, 104 that wouldn't go down with either Tylenol or Advil. I had a little bit of yogurt for breakfast and a small cup of soup for lunch. But then the fever really hit and I was so sore and achy and miserable. I didn't want food, but I asked my husband to run out and get me chips and cookies. I ate the whole bag of chips and maybe a dozen cookies. I feel horrible about it, but it was the only thing I wanted to eat. I'm still not feeling well today but I have no attraction to those cookies anymore. I feel terrible about it but it was all I wanted while I was sick. I caved in!

motivated chickie
07-24-2013, 09:28 AM
I have battled binge eating disorder, so I am in your shoes. I am much better, but still have frequent binges. I try to learn from my experience and take preventative steps. I have certain emotional triggers - boredom, loneliness, and hopelessness and, when combined with opportunity, I will binge.

In therapy, I learned about the addiction cycle. Basically, it means the setup for the next binge happens long before you notice it. The binge triggers can be subtle, so try to learn what they are. And plan ahead how to combat it in the future.

Try not to beat yourself up. That will make you worse. Instead, focus on building your self-esteem and doing something positive.

07-25-2013, 09:01 PM
I don't know if there's ever an acceptable reason to binge but unexpectedly being put into an altered state of mind is at least a good excuse. Especially when you're in a state when you can hardly bare to move around and exercise to clear your mind. So I don't blame, you're not you when you're sick. Now that you know the feeling you can better prepare for next time, maybe take something to pass out or make yourself drink water by the liter until you're full.

07-25-2013, 09:38 PM
Actually I don't regret it at all. Now that the fever is gone I'm happy to be feeling better. It makes me realize that on a daily I basis I'm in an altered state if mind. Too much thinking, too much planning! I stay low carb on a daily basis. I'm guessing that my mind went into primitive mode when I got sick and crave carbs. I ended up within my caloric goal anyway and still lost weight the last couple of days. The rest of the cookies have been trashed. I'm alright!

07-25-2013, 11:24 PM
Glad to hear you're feeling better!